Li Ying Jiangsu women’s volleyball team wins in the core technology to improve the stability of the

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Li Ying: Jiangsu women’s volleyball team wins in the core technology has improved the stability of the Jiangsu women’s Volleyball Setter sina sports news Beijing time on the night of October 28th, the 2016-2017 National Volleyball League season opener ended in Shanghai Luwan stadium. Strong dialogue on season runner up and second runner up results in Jiangsu women’s volleyball team swept the end of the process of one-sided. CCTV commentary Huang Zizhong and guests of the former national champion Li Ying made comments on the game. Li Ying believes that the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team wins in the second, a heart attack. The game has just started soon, Shanghai East Portland health women’s volleyball coach Wang Zhiteng is a challenge, he also became the coach of the first challenge Hawkeye Hawkeye system into the league, with commentary as saying that the first person to eat crab. Although the Shanghai women’s volleyball team has Canada when Pawan and Czech main Javier Kurkovva back, but Hui Ruoqi did not start the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team at the Olympic champion Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu under the leadership of take the initiative. Gong Xiangyu of the Jiangsu women’s volleyball offensive hit to 25-17 before the next city. Commentary Huang Zizhong said: "the Jiangsu team in the first game prepared, better prepared, better running in the Shanghai team, they were from the storm including Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu and Xu Joia, even series than Shanghai team tacit understanding." While the guests Li Ying points out the main reason behind the Shanghai team in the second. "Ji Xiaochen thought good, but to the font of the point is too low and does not have the strength, stability and quality of the ball needs to be improved, the Shanghai team has not open so fast, she couldn’t mess the attack rhythm." Second, Shanghai women’s volleyball team and the Jiangsu team can start at the start of the stalemate. Li Ying laments: "these two teams today is the competition of the storm." But in the local Jiangsu women’s volleyball team with Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu storm gradually opened the score, Shanghai team a pass and defensive pressure behind the score too much, but also on the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team Gong Xiangyu counterattack succeeded 25-16 to gain another victory. Third, the Shanghai team is still weak and passive chase points, the Jiangsu team in the challenge of opening slightly expanded again encountered opponents external local advantages, and ultimately no suspense 25-14 victory. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team to victory in the eyes of guest commentator Li Ying in addition to Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu storm well, the second also plays a vital role. Diao Linyu in the passing of this link than last year to improve the last year is not very stable, but this year, good stability." In addition, for the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, Zhang Changning is very eye-catching. "Jiangsu is a technical core, but the Shanghai team is not. Key points can be given to Zhang Changning. Shanghai team has to defend the pass, but it is the final attack, the biggest loophole." Li Ying commented that way. (Xiao Qiu)相关的主题文章:

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