Li Yuchun back to imagine savage detonated 919 fans carnival night, entertainme-g-area meru

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Li Yuchun back to imagine   "savage" detonated 919 fans carnival night, entertainment channel, Li Yuchun   Music Video Co Jiangsu TV to create "919 fans carnival night gathered including singer Jolin Hua Chenyu, will sing and popularity of digital stars franchise, has audience expectations index Baopeng, 6 Japan has exposed from the" 2016 barbaric "tour from Li Yuchun also confirmed to join the" 919 fans carnival night ", further lead to ecological party global fans on the network station linkage, entertainment and business in one of the guests to help out of the imagination, let the passion carnival night, not the opening has been absorbing enough the audience. Help Li Yuchun music video to imagine! "Why Me" is one of Li Yuchun’s early lyrics and singing a song, "unbridled imagination" is one of the popular lyrics. Later, the formation of the brand’s Li Yuchun WhyMe concert, both Li Yuchun and thousands of corn annual grand gathering of the music Party, but also the media and performances of the common focus of elite music event. The grand Li Yuchun "WhyMe ten concert" is the largest China live music platform music music was broadcast live around the world, and to achieve the video through the music video APP, music as a super TV, music as a super mobile phone LETV full screen terminal live, the whole concert uses a very clear 4K +360° shooting panoramic live + Dolby; surround sound + panoramic sound broadcast and other high-tech playback technology to create a visual feast for many corn personally on the scene. Technology + superstar cross-border combination, so that the attention of the conference and the actual number of people to reach an unprecedented height. The first half of the music video "in the year 413 ecological shared night", Li Yuchun and music as music CEO Yin Liang jointly announced the 2016 "barbaric" tour will be organized jointly by the music as music and Yongle performing arts, not only means that Li Yuchun will continue to try to subvert the Internet technology + traditional music experience, large concert this is the music as music star will be organized for the first time, marking the music as music began to transition towards upstream industry. The two sides will how to model innovation, experience the innovation of the contents, the concert will bring "Internet plus era", leading the music industry change, really exciting. Li Yuchun has 2016 barbaric growth concert tour in Beijing in 8.20 gorgeous start, not only to the music as music fans with a musical feast, the number of online global exclusive broadcast also refresh at 5 million 660 thousand highs. Based on a series of cooperation between the two sides, there had been hope Li Yuchun in the music video fans chanted "919 fans carnival night, today announced in advance is not a negative answer, the expectations of fans. 919 fans carnival night "lineup and content beyond imagination? In addition to Jolin and Hua Chenyu’s starting lineup is announced, red net Ceekay also in 5 micro-blog revealed will attend the event, and today Li Yuchun is tipping the audience to join star lineup of unlimited expectations and imagination. Music as the music相关的主题文章:

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