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Li Yuchun’s long legs is really beautiful   wear shorts are sexy fashion — original title: Li Yuchun’s long legs is really beautiful and handsome neutral wind wear shorts sexy Li Yuchun walked looks particularly, the tomboy did not expect to wear more feminine, the long legs actually look good don’t do! This white dress, gauze design looks looming look very sexy, the whole people feel very nice ~ unexpectedly and light put on the heart of girl pink suit looks very stylish, the long legs exposed is also very attractive! This white coat, the above letter is a street style design, more handsome striped pants mesh with a sexy denim jacket is very young. This coat suits, a thin and more see Li Yuchun’s skin especially white wear black waist, legs very slender. The printing of the leisure suit, looking at some patterns above design is very delicate and very eye-catching, plus white casual shoes is very young and lively. This piece of black and white collocation, looked very classic and very consistent with her own temperament looks very handsome, but not lose temperament. This stamp skirt can quickly catch people’s attention, coupled with the white coat looks very understanding urban women feel ~ Black Plush coat looks very aura, and collocation of black shorts looks to the leg line to show out perfect collocation! (Jiang Qi, commissioning editor: Li?)相关的主题文章:

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