Liangbo exposure to good voice with a script read manuscript cosmax

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Liang Bo sound good exposure to "draft" the script read liangbo about former in "The Voice of China" is to "draft" talk "in the former experience liangbo The Voice of China" is to "draft" talk "in the former experience liangbo The Voice of China" is to "draft" experience liangbo talk about the past "in The Voice of China" is to "draft" through Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Zhejiang TV show "signs, The Voice of China" since the launch of high ratings, even later because of copyright issues, and changed its name into "new song" Chinese, is still a topic and continues, the mentor Na Ying [micro-blog "as a" 5 Korean veterans ", so the program can be said to be red again, and she brought out the 3 quarter total champion, is all the tutor of the crown, she also often take this as a cause of recruiting students, but Many netizens questioned her new tricks, always liking to sing love songs of the trainees, and recently "good voice" to share the first quarter champion game history, Na Ying’s troops in the way of hot lead method. "The sound" first quarter Champions liangbo [micro-blog], the day before on the show "every day" in the "champion King night" theme, the sharing process and other talent show champion, talk to "sound good" students played before the game, there are many stories to share, host Wang Han asked, "have you come straight to the point, director, the writers say to you, the Taiping (story) can not be said of the light, not something in the house?" Liang Bo said, indeed, said he was very happy to receive a birthday of the guitar, he received the "Manuscript" to read the content for him to get a gift after "trembling", "I am dumb", let his heart full of doubt, say "I cannot say that I did not. What problem, what I ma?" He said at the time with Champions Na Ying, Liang Bo bluntly "I feel she is the best teacher", because Na Ying never interfere with themselves, "she said I don’t care you, what you do I will support you, although liangbo think it is good, but after the broadcast, causing more netizens questioned Na Ying" the tutor competency ", she will only let the soldiers laugh acid washed themselves, how to fight? That she would not bring people, the hands of the 3 champion is the students themselves really capable, she did not have any merit. In fact, the "new song" students this season Li Peiling, once in the interview revealed that Na Ying did not teach in the finals to win her secret, she is to sing songs on the line. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章:

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