Listed insurance companies in the first three quarters of profit growth differentiation of the

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Listed companies in the first three quarters of profit growth differentiation of the company was certified gold holdings We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Listed insurance companies in 2016 three quarterly disclosure is ending, the insurance giant four over net profit growth "is a negative three" report. In the same environment, only four of the underlying insurance sector why performance differentiation is quite distinct from each other? Base on the story behind the data, it is worth digging. Although the overall growth rate of net profit is not ideal, but listed insurance companies in the three quarterly report has revealed an important signal: over the same period, the insurance giant four have received a slight increase in the number of gold holdings in the company. The logic behind or is that although the low interest rate environment of listed insurance companies the impact is not small, but its insurance business qualification is in continuous improvement, high premium "gold content" in a way, this to a certain extent, the release of the space reserved for the future profits. Four business structure to the differentiation of the moment, the insurance industry is in a complex environment, fluctuations in the capital market, interest rates down, the gradual reform of the rate of reform and other multiple factors superimposed. All insurance companies are difficult to avoid the trend of narrowing spreads, listed insurance firms are also difficult to own, high base investment income this year rate of decline is almost inevitable. Although the environment is the same, but different individuals show the affordability is very different. From the listed insurance firms three quarterly perspective, China Ping the first three quarters of net profit grew 17.1%, in addition China life insurance, Pacific Insurance, China Xinhua insurance before the three quarter net profit fell 60%, respectively, 41.3%, 44.6%. In fact, analyze the business structure of listed insurance firms respectively, can glimpse behind the profit growth and differentiation mechanism. Investors will have listed insurance firms used as insurance giant four, but the four listed insurance firms actually follow the strategy of different paths of development, its business structure already differentiated. China life insurance, Xinhua Insurance Listed business mainly in the life insurance; China China is safe, CPIC group listed as a whole, the Chinese Pacific Life Insurance, property insurance "two legs" to walk, China peace has become a core insurance business diversified financial group, profit contribution and non insurance business than in increased year by year. Different business structure, the decision of the four listed insurance companies on the interest rate, the sensitivity of investment returns are also different, and ultimately affect their ability to adjust their profits. If the time cycle is long, it is not difficult to find, this differentiation is particularly evident in the capital market or interest rate environment is not ideal for the year: profit stability comprehensive insurance companies are more prominent than the pure life insurance company. Three companies were certified gold holdings in the national team funds into the blue chip market situation, has been concerned about the market parties. According Zhengbao reporter statistics, the five lines in the first three quarters of total net profit increase of 1.07%, gold card company is still five for the top ten most active shareholders, but the third quarter without exception was its slight reduction. In contrast to the theory of相关的主题文章:

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