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LOL6.19 test summary: Dead dragon mouth as unlimited firepower regression [Abstract]LOL6.19 version of the test summary, the 6.19 version of the test summary. The Dragon King after some relatively large changes, to his injury and blue consumption are adjusted a lot, can be regarded as strengthening. The mouth of the callback is imperative, a second five spray really want to disappear. Of course, the most exciting thing is the return of infinite fire. Are you ready to go, guys?! Heroes cryophoenix anivia E: frostbite damage decreased from 5585115145175 to 5075100125150 Star Dragon King Sol cast passive: quasi planetary damage from 20 to 97 of the original Star increased to 20 ~ 130W: Star dome soaring ascending planet damage decreased from 1020304050 to 510152025 per second the mana cost changed from 1622283440 to 22242628 30E: we removed. Fire escape velocity limit, now from the fighting at any time can be cast by the hero or tower damage will break and enter the cooling skills for a short time now not by mouse click on the ground to cancel, must once again press the E key now cast beyond cast range will immediately cast fly straight to the limit distance of magic the snake embrace Cassiopeia E: Twin fangs hit target effect in the treatment of poisoning from 510152025 to 4+ class [1x] bomber Kuqi heroic attack level increased from 2.5 to 3.5 by the doctor: E Juan madman down from 7 seconds to 6 seconds per loss maximum life 1% attack from 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.81 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.9 increase to 1.1 grams of fierce rage Knight passive cooling time: timid war potential the lizard Sigaerfei creeps and the soldier riding state of damage increased from 80% to 100%R: ah!! The maximum distance is reduced from 5000 to 350040004500. (grab in the new service) dragonfishes Kegemo base attack speed increased from 0.625 to 0.665 growth speed reduced from 3.5 to 2.65Q: new passive Kegemo corrosive saliva – Increases attack speed by 1520253035% W: biochemical Arcane Barrage cooldown increased to 17 seconds from 8.57 seconds to 1311.510 (immediately into the cooling application after the new law) effect of -8 Neikegemo increased 130150170190210 seconds distance to attack, attack causes an additional 23456 (+ 0.01AP)% maximum life magic damage star sub Soraka star infusion cooldown increased from 43.53 seconds to 86.55 seconds 2.52 3.52 plague Tucci Q: after the end of the latent sneak attack speed bonus reduced from 3040506070% to 3035404550% the alchemist Sinjid Q: highly toxic trace value now相关的主题文章:

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