Man handglide WeChat wrong turn four thousand yuan seconds to pull into the blacklist is beautiful govos

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Man "handglide" WeChat wrong turn four thousand yuan seconds by our blacklist [review] a man in Chongqing WeChat search for beauty and as a friend, hot chat when another friend call transfer, man "handglide" will be four thousand yuan wrong to beauty, want to recover but being pulled into the blacklist. Video capture at present, mobile payment with its fast and convenient features are accepted by more and more citizens, but in the payment process should not be careless, otherwise it will bring more trouble to themselves. October 22nd 15 am, Chongqing Shapingba District 110 quick team police received public warning, said he transferred money to strangers when WeChat transfers, hoping to recover the money. Police immediately arrived at the University City hee street scene, see the alarm man, Mr. mo. On the same day, Mr. Mo just used WeChat search "nearby people" to add a friend, from the head of the other side, is a beautiful young girl. The other side said he was doing mobile phone business, think of his recent period of time is to buy a new mobile phone idea, Mr. Mo will chat with each other. Hot chat, Mr. Mo friend Xiao tan from WeChat, called Mr. Mo turn four thousand yuan money for my own. In the moment, when someone transfers money, he slips his hand and transfers the money to the newly added beauty account. When Mr. Mo realized that he had turned the wrong account, he immediately became silly and asked the other party to return the money to himself, but the other side pulled him into the blacklist. After understanding the situation, the police criticized Mr. Mo’s carelessness. Subsequently, the police will be brought to the police station, Mr. Mo Xiyong for further investigation. In this regard, the police reminded the public when dealing with money, we must be careful, careful, not careless. Related news: WeChat car play grab 2 red corner hit the pole 1000 yuan for today’s hot: a "Chongqing night" 5 infringement photographer self-study law wins parcel express company: strange disappearance of ghosts know website experienced what Chongqing first fat half lose 180 pounds eight hundred pounds of glass fell instantly Chongqing woman to run can’t run

男子“手滑”微信转错四千元 秒被美女拉入黑名单 [导读]重庆一男子微信搜索美女加为好友,聊得火热时另一朋友喊转账,男子“手滑”将四千元错转给美女,想追回却被对方拉入黑名单。视频截图当前,移动支付以其快捷方便的特点被越来越多的市民接受,但在付款过程中切莫大意,否则会给自己带来更多的烦恼。10月22日15时许,重庆市沙坪坝区110快处队民警接到市民报警称,自己在微信转账时,不慎把钱转给了陌生人,希望能将该笔钱追回。民警立即赶到位于大学城熙街的事发现场,见到了报警人莫先生。当日,莫先生刚用微信搜索“附近的人”添加了一个好友,从对方头像看来,是一个年轻漂亮的女孩。对方称自己是做手机生意的,想到自己近段时间正有买新手机的想法,莫先生便与对方聊了起来。聊得火热时,莫先生的朋友小谭发来微信,叫莫先生转四千元钱给自己。一时大意的莫某在转账时,不慎手滑,将钱转到了刚添加的美女帐上。当莫先生意识到转错账时,顿时傻了眼,请求对方将钱返还给自己,对方却把他拉入黑名单。了解情况后,民警对莫先生的粗心大意进行了批评。随后,民警将莫先生带到西永派出所做进一步的调查处理。在此,民警提醒市民在涉及金钱交易时,一定要小心慎重,切莫粗心大意。相关新闻:开车耍微信抢2角红包 撞上电杆赔偿1000元今日热点:一幅“重庆夜景”5次遭侵权 摄影家自学法律打赢官司包裹离奇消失 快递公司:鬼知道官网经历了什么“重庆第一胖”半年减掉180斤八百斤玻璃瞬间倒下 重庆女子跑都没法跑相关的主题文章:

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