Married two months liabilities of the five million groups are calling on the reconstruction of matri

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Married two months liabilities of the five million groups are calling on the reconstruction of matrimonial debt rules – Sohu news volunteers call for revision of the "24", to avoid the risk of uncertainty in marriage drawing: Li Kaihong 24 pre marital debt shared their presumption of debt for the former spouse Similarly afflicted people pity each other., deep debt crisis, the amount from 550 thousand to tens of millions of houses; be carried out, become "Lai"; there are professors, doctors, civil servants, judge them, women and children are the most vulnerable groups. They set up heating QQ group, WeChat group, abandon the case thinking, all together, want to modify the "24", under the legal framework to solve the "marriage of a party in improper debt, the other party shall bear joint liability issues. Canadian returnees Ms. Dong’s experience is quite absurd: Wang and her marriage after crazy debt, and married two months on foot. Just two months of marriage, Ms. Dong need to be jointly liable for about $5 million of debt. Parents are executed in premarital buying houses, she also became the "old lai". Chengdu Daily reporter depth survey found that "the Supreme People’s Court on the application (People’s Republic of China marriage law) interpretation of several issues (two)" article twenty-fourth (hereinafter referred to as "24") created a special group — although they have been in law and the previous spouse over personal attachment but because they improper ex spouse debt and debt crisis. Experienced a common trauma, they have done this thing through the QQ group WeChat group want to reconstruct the law of the family debt obligations, the legal framework to solve this problem." The same fate of Ms. Wang published an article "marriage at risk, need to be cautious in the light of" licensing, Sina micro-blog reading volume has reached more than 600 divorce after more than 5 years, who lives in Sichuan, Dazhou Ms. Chen because of debt problems associated with her ex husband. Last June, Zheng a paper petition, Ms. Chen Shu together with her ex husband to court, for the debt of 550 thousand yuan. As early as January 13, 2010, Ms. Chen has been divorced and comfortable. Dazhou Ms. Chen 550 thousand joint liability claims that a 2015 origin ex husband Shu write. The note, Shu Mou said that in July 23, 2009 he Jeong father borrowed 550 thousand yuan for the delivery of the project zhibaojin. During the trial, Ms. Chen submitted a notice of the successful bid of the project, the notice shows that the aforementioned works until 2011 was successful. Finally, the trial court finds that, although Ms. Chen Shu and have been divorced for 5 years, but due to two people during the marriage and the engineering occurrence time and money transfer is not necessarily related to form of debt, Ms. Chen should bear joint and several liability for the debt. Since last October, his ex-wife disappeared after a Yibin state-owned enterprise staff Mr. Zhao all the energy, in responding to and dealing with his creditors. Mr. Zhao ex-wife owed tens of millions of dollars of foreign debt. Up to now, there are 3 creditors will be sued as a joint defendant Zhao, 1 creditors apply for enforcement. Three lawsuits, including Mr. Zhao’s ex-wife, sister, uncle and other witnesses, Zhao Xiansheng)相关的主题文章:

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