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"Marry" fashion the perfect ending of Qiao Zhenyu’s praise for new plays will be making big fashion _22 > married >; > click to enter the Tencent video, "married" fashion watch Tencent entertainment news by Qiao Zhenyu, Yang Zi starred in the drama "marry" fashion yesterday in Liaoning satellite TV, the perfect ending, double harvest reputation ratings. In the play, Qiao Zhenyu played as a cosmetic surgeon Jin Zhihao high cold handsome, delicate feelings, access to many viewers. By Qiao Zhenyu starring costume drama IP "energy-saving" and the upcoming, costume male God back again. Love Qiao Zhenyu on the colorful striking one snag after another Yang Zi drama "auspicious clouds to marry fashion" Jin Zhihao (Qiao Zhenyu ornaments) and summer burning (Yang Zi ornaments) love is a striking one snag after another. The first two people dislike each other, but we were determined to slowly bicker in each other’s heart. However, Jin Zhihao first girlfriend, and let the feelings of the two tested, finally found true love. In the end, Jin Zhihao dressed as a joker, summer burning "hope on a sweetheart to marry the dream of colorful auspicious clouds" completed. Finally lovers. Qiao Zhenyu received the drama "energy-saving" upcoming "marry" fashion since since the broadcast, Qiao Zhenyu’s performance was well received. He played the cosmetic doctor Jin Zhihao, high cold sell adorable, wonderful interpretation of the role of charm, so many fans refer to love the old cadres. It is reported that the next, guided by the high Yijun, Qiao Zhenyu starred in the drama "energy-saving" upcoming costume, God will once again hit the stunning styling. Qiao Zhenyu plays the role of people love and hate Liu Fei, he said he liked the script, like this role, looking forward to this complex but the heart of the charm of the characters to bring everyone.相关的主题文章:

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