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Marry "Phoenix man", are you ready for the original title: "marry Phoenix man", are you ready recently, a well-off family in Shanghai this year with the Jiangxi female netizen, boyfriend back to his rural home new year, the first meal to see it, and her boyfriend broke up and immediately decided to return to Shanghai. The rural diet and realistic conditions gave her too big fall and blow, but attracted netizens hot discussion, seems to poke in the social pain point – marry "Phoenix man", are you ready? Love is always beautiful, and every young person has a yearning for freedom of love. But marriage is real. Absolute equivalence does not exist completely, always need to run in between each other, generally "quite", the fit and running in between two people are more conducive to the progress of marital relations. From here it can be seen that in the past, "equal" is often limited to economic conditions, in modern society, its meaning may be more widely. Of course, everyone has his or her own right to choose, and it’s not good to blame who is right or wrong. However, this experience will be sent directly to the Internet, so that all users to comment, for the man and his family, I’m afraid it is also a kind of naked psychological harm, and affixed to the geographical label, but also more likely to be magnified. Hu Bo (teacher) editor: Huang Rui SN224

嫁给“凤凰男”,你准备好了吗   原标题:嫁给“凤凰男”,你准备好了吗   近日,一位小康家庭的上海女网友,今年跟江西男友回农村老家过年,结果见到第一顿饭就后悔了,决定和男友分手并立即回上海。农村的饮食和现实条件给了她太大的落差和打击,却引来网友们热议,似乎戳中了这个社会的痛点――嫁给“凤凰男”,你准备好了吗?   恋爱往往都是美好的,每个年轻人都有对恋爱自由的向往。但婚姻却是现实的。绝对的对等并不完全存在,总需要彼此之间磨合,大体上的“相当”,两个人之间的契合度和磨合度更有利于婚姻关系的进展。从这里也可以看出,过去,“门当户对”往往仅限于经济条件,在现代社会,其含义可能更加广泛。   当然,每个人都有自己的选择权利,也不好去责怪谁对谁错。不过,将这样的经历直接发到网上,让网友都来品评,对男方以及其家庭来说,恐怕也是一种赤裸裸的心理“伤害”,而且贴上地域标签,也更容易被放大化。   □胡波(教师) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章:

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