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Master: log index 7 Lianyang hidden worries time shares the main Shenglang open   welcome the delivery order and operation record on our fist column "hailun master log" there will be a real master of the. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange. Scanning the two-dimensional code to watch in real time last night rehabilitation, carefully study the concept of AMC, feel the plate and the September PPP plate is more and more similar, so I will not judge so soon, choose some good targets such as the two wave of resurgence should also be a good choice. Night because of busy writing some dry cargo to you, is only half an hour of the start of the shares. See the shrinking market is quite obvious, Hyde shares as the representative of the debt to equity swap today must face plate differentiation, if the following brother down the magnitude too large, it is easy to Hyde shares. Hyde shares directly set the stage and sealed the word, after 10 began selling. The other debt stocks to follow suit at the faucet so strong, are ascribed to good performance, even more than the real estate XinDa Hyde shares performance. After, the sub sector shares is still the main market Shenglang, Honghui new material limit sealing stability. In fact, is the earliest uomnilamp red limit, only the amount of energy is not enough strong funds not sealed, waiting for a handoff after the afternoon before the capital ignition seal plate, driven by the number of entertainment assists Tianrun tianquan. The hero is a market in the afternoon to go V Chinese Unicom, quite a hundred responses to a single call momentum, the reform of state-owned sector index pulled homeopathy, turned the corner, but is the stock index unless otherwise ambush, also difficult to make quick money, they might be harvested. Overall, the index today is the next morning to kill, is out on Monday that gap of fear, the gap is not covering, a lot of money is not assured of doing market. I don’t have any operation today, the hands of the stocks are suocang, feeling these stock risk is not large, there should be some room to rise. Market outlook: time shares have been the focus of attention by November, on Monday to determine the new shares is the main wave. But there is a place that is difficult to grasp the new times without a fixed tap, almost all round up, so it is suitable for the low standard did not start the layout is still low. Xing introduction: 12 years of age. In any private company as a trader, investment company as a researcher. Now engaged in the development of Internet stocks, financial products. Good subject stock speculation. Could not find a hot, catch Niugu? WeChat public number hailun master log [CAOPANRIZHI], micro signal: 2 million years to make every firm catch Niugu cattle scattered and fried demo monster, you change the miserable history of the stock market!   access can attack, retreat can defend. Do the risk of speculative market goers, you need a tool for risk hedging. As in the micro signal [sea] or [futures-hero] big coffee相关的主题文章:

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