Meat eating dinosaurs can also swim in China for the first time to find dinosaur eating dinosaur – m kimi wo omou melodi

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Carnivorous dinosaur will swim: China first discovered herbivorous dinosaur – carnivorous dinosaur swimming dinosaur dinosaur footprint Town Swimming footprint dinosaur swimming bottom view of sina technology news in September 5, 2016, Chinese paleontologists announced that they in the central province of Yunnan dinosaur Town, found the first China carnivorous herbivorous and swimming dragon footprints. This footprint is currently only a few cases found in the world, Asia has only one record. Fossil research, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) scholar Dr. Xing Lida Zhang Jianping, Professor of the University of Colorado; Professor Martin lockley; geological relics protection Lufeng County Land Resources Bureau Director Wang Tao and other experts and scholars in the "ancient world" journal writing paper describes these precious specimens. This fossil scale is very small, I was walking on a rural road, roadside very clear ripples caught my attention, "discovery of dinosaur footprints, director Wang Tao told reporters," because when I approached this open and exposed area, suddenly a bright eyes, in the eyes of the unexpectedly a few extremely strange footprints, each footprint consists of three long, parallel zhaohen, distribution along the road. This type of footprint in Lufeng area was never found!" "This is a typical dinosaur swimming trail," Xing Lida recalls, "footprint into two types, including the Longyou swimming trace this is carnivorous Chinese second found this footprint, several other herbivorous dragon is likely to leave, this is the first time in Chinese, these footprints on the ancient ecological restoration of local, have the important significance of ancient behavior." Dinosaurs have long been able to swim? It is a controversial topic in paleontology. Carnivorous dinosaur has long been regarded as a "water", popular science materials are numerous reads: in the food after the dragon dragon carnivorous plant, who jumped into the river to the shore, carnivorous dragon, can only stare. It was not until 2007 that the American paleontologists found the evidence that the Dragon could swim. But these specimens are very rare. Chinese the first conclusive record is 2013, found from Sichuan Zhaojue area, its whereabouts exactly that carnivorous dinosaurs would swim. And Zhaojue found similar dinosaur town track makers through the alternating movement of hind legs, paddle like thrust, this is similar to living by bipedal animal, such as birds. It is possible and the dog can swim, this is also the bipedal dinosaur innate ability. Dr. Xing Lida told reporters that the dinosaur town of Longyou meat tracks and Zhaojue similar, but the other footprints are very special. These 3 smaller footprints are very similar to the Winton footprints found in Australia, and the footprints of Winton are now considered to be the footprints left by the birds. From the footprint to infer that the trail of the hip height of about 0.45 meters, based on bipedal dinosaur swimming, which is the approximate depth of water. In addition, we also found that these birds are likely to trace the trail left by the trail. "The region is likely to be the shallow water of a lake, dating back 100 million years ago during the Jurassic Cretaceous period.""相关的主题文章:

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