Men drug driving clone car collision forced police arrested 5 injured puritans pride

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Men drug driving clone car collision forced police arrested 5 injured original title: drug driving clone car injured 5 police Chinese daily news (reporter Li Xiaobo) and the police deadlocked after more than and 20 minutes, drug driving personnel suddenly drove collision forced to escape…… The evening of October 13th at 10:10 PM, Changan Traffic Police Brigade police in Changan District Huamei cross set up the card check drunk driving, alcohol detection on a Chang’an Avenue traveling from north to south along the north of the license plate number A836UA Shaanxi white small car driver, the driver refused to cooperate with the inspection in the car, and a look of excitement. After more than and 20 minutes of stalemate and the police, the driver of the car suddenly drove collision forced to prepare to flee, after the people in the field with the help of their uniforms, the accident caused a local vehicle and a police car damaged, 5 police officers suffered minor injuries in different degrees. Subsequently, the police drove the car driver to the Changan branch of the police station Qu Qu conducted a test of its driving test, the test results are positive, belonging to the drug driving. After investigation, the car driver Wei (male, 34 years old, Changan District people) vehicle deck department of vehicle driving, driving a motor vehicle after the drug on their own confessed. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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