Men imitate network video data line into the urethra xianniang

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Men imitate network video data line into the urethral insurance stuffed tragedy now developed on the network from time to time some type of video, suggest you don’t seriously, this is not a small because learning network video, leading to their unspeakable pain. Doctor: "the whole process of operation for more than an hour, so complex as the patient, is still relatively rare." Doctor: "this is the time from patients with urethral foreign body is taken out in the." The three section mobile phone data line in the figure, you can imagine, it is taken from a guy in the urethra? Doctor: "when the patient is painful, hard hand can touch the cords in the urethra, five or six cm long." "City Express" all media reporter learned that this case is really rare. It is nearly twenty cm long data line is how to small body? The doctor: "he (the patient) was drunk, according to online video, the charging line in urethral inside, he described the charging line about twenty centimeters." It is understood that this guy was taken to hospital after emergency doctors to perform the surgery, and because the data line is forced into, the operation becomes very difficult. Doctor: "line is seventy percent off coiled in the urethra, urethral plug in the estimation when bending force plug will be discounted." Doctor: "when urethrotomy, found that there is the knot, the knot is the patient’s own account." Think of all the pain, considering the guy’s feelings, the reporter did not disturb him. Doctor: "wake up with regrets." However, look at the news, to plug urethral foreign body, this guy is not the only one, this is really a dangerous behavior. Doctor: "male urethra is slender, narrow, to cause foreign body into the mucosal injury. The online video recommends not to follow, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to myself."

男子模仿网络视频将数据线塞进尿道险酿悲剧   现如今,发达的网络上时不时一些猎奇视频,建议大伙一定别当真,这不,有个小伙因为学习网络视频,导致自己无法言说的痛。   医生:“手术整个过程一个多小时,像这个病人这么复杂的情况,还是比较少见的。”   医生:“这就是当时从病人尿道里取出的异物。”   图中这三截手机数据线,你能想象,它是从一个小伙的尿道里取出来的吗?   医生:“来的时候病人比较痛苦,用手在尿道可以摸到条索状的硬物,五六公分那么长。”   《都市快报》全媒体记者了解到,这个病例确实少见。那这将近二十厘米长的数据线是怎么样进到小伙体内的呢?   医生:“他(病人)是在喝醉酒之后,根据网上的视频,将充电线放在尿道里面了,他描述充电线有二十公分左右。”   据了解,当时这个小伙被送医后,医生紧急为其进行手术,而因为数据线被强行塞进,手术变得非常困难。   医生:“线是呈三折盘曲在尿道里,估计在塞的时候尿道有弯曲,强行塞线就会打折。”   医生:“切开尿道的时候,发现就有这个结,考虑是病人自己打的结。”   想想都疼,考虑到小伙的感受,记者并没有打扰他。   医生:“患者醒来之后也很后悔。”   不过,看看新闻,给尿道里塞异物的,这个小伙子并不是唯一一个,这可真是个危险的行为呀。   医生:“男性尿道比较细长,狭窄,异物塞进去会导致粘膜损伤。网上的视频建议大家不要去效仿,以免对自己造成不必要的伤害。”相关的主题文章:

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