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Men suffering from disease see property theft to steal – Beijing Chen 5 years after the theft of 14 surrendered the initiative was lenient Guangzhou daily Shaoguan news (reporter Bu Yu correspondent Wang Cian, Liu Sanrui) the Yangtze River town Renhua county, Shaoguan city residents Chen suffering from a rare disease "habit and impulse disorder (pathological steal)". See the possessions of others could not help but want to steal. 5 years, he stole a total of 14 times, in addition to the theft of goods can not be identified, the cumulative stolen cash of $22100. The court of first instance to the Renhua county theft and sentenced him to imprisonment for 11 months, and fined 5000 yuan. According to the case of the judge, the defendant was born in 1988, Chen theft crime has several characteristics: first, not only steal someone else’s loved ones also steal. If one day in October 2012, the defendant Chen see him eldest sister-in-law Lee was not at home, sister-in-law will enter the room, the sister-in-law stored in the room of a gold necklace, a gold ring, a gold bracelet and other jewelry stolen. Two is to see the cash is not stolen, only part of the theft. Of all the crimes, 6 are. Such as May 2013, one afternoon, the defendant Chen fled to the town of the Yangtze River Gold dam victim Liu Moujia, found in a computer room with a nylon bag containing 50 thousand yuan, then stole one of the $10 thousand. The three is the victim found stolen home to find the door, as long as he stole, he will admit. There are 3 of all his crimes. In August 29, 2015, the Shen found home room closet in a bag filled with 3000 yuan gone, report to the public security organs. In September 22nd of the same year, the defendant Chen initiative to Yangtze River town police station to surrender, and confessed their years of theft crime. The defendant Chen justice, by the spirit of the third people’s Hospital of forensic forensic identification, with habit and impulse disorder at the time of the incident, (pathological steal) to identify the ability to maintain integrity, but weakened ability to control. According to the medical department, suffering from pathological theft of patients, often repeated can not contain the impulse to steal. Before the theft of patients often accompanied by the accumulation of tension, theft or just steal a sense of satisfaction. Renhua court made the above decision according to the situation of chen.相关的主题文章:

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