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Mengniu became the domestic exports of products "in the same line with the standard homogeneous dairy enterprises — food channel — Mengniu for September 28th, Mengniu products (export processing base and base of three factory, four factory production), Qingyuan Department of state through the export of domestic products" in the same line with standard homogeneous "audit and national publicity become the domestic dairy enterprises to obtain this certification. This is the Helingeer mengniu dairy exports to become the base for the demonstration of quality and safety of dairy products, domestic and international agencies to re recognition of the international quality of Mengniu, Mengniu, Inner Mongolia will further enhance the competitiveness of the brand. AQSIQ this year, the National Commission for the supervision of the export of food enterprises in the export of the same line with the same standard project. "The same line with the standard homogeneous" refers to the export of food enterprises in the same production line, production and export of domestic products in accordance with the same standards, so that the supply of the domestic market and international market supply products meet the quality standard of the same. This project aims to adapt to the domestic consumer demand, and guide domestic related product quality and upgrade. According to reports, Mengniu’s exports of products with the same brand in the country has been in the same production line production, the implementation of the same quality standards, in full compliance with the national line with the same standard requirements. From the beginning of June, and the base of production and processing base – Mengniu overseas region together based products at room temperature three factory, four factory, Qingyuan – enterprise production and processing base and low priority C products, through the same line with the standard homogeneous "public information service platform formally to the State Quality Inspection Administration, CNCA apply after the field certification and assessment of the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau. Currently there are 378 companies, more than 1500 kinds of products through certification and publicity. Mengniu as China’s leading dairy companies, has been committed to the construction of the system from the source to the terminal industry chain, the plant has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OSH18001 and HACCP four system certification. Through the whole industry chain, a more comprehensive food safety construction, Mengniu has become the first domestic export products to implement the sampling of dairy enterprises, the first national export dairy quality and safety demonstration zone enterprises. Among them, the evaluation of dairy products quality and safety demonstration base, the Chinese brand better go out far-reaching significance. Mengniu has experienced numerous assessment, assessment team on-site assessment of the actual production and operation situation of Mengniu export products production base, production and management of quality and safety management system, improve the quality of Mengniu strict operating procedures, intelligent fully affirmed. At present, Mengniu Deluxe, excellent benefits C and ice product series has been exported to Hongkong, Macao, Mongolia, Singapore, Burma and other countries and regions, and continue to promote exports of Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada etc.. Over the years, by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Inner Mongolia, the pass rate of 100%. This has become the only one with the same line with the standard milk prices, for its quality and brand once again made a strong endorsement. (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章:

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