Men’s parking 1 hours parking fee of $180, said the computer error zhongguorentiyishu

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Men HanKou Railway Station parking 1 hours charge 180 yuan parking lot called a computer error report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Ping) parking lot usually charge 1 hours not more than 10 yuan, however, Mr. left readers yesterday but encounter the wonderful parking fees, less than 1 hours, but need to pay 180 yuan. Mr. left to the newspaper news hotline reflect, call too unbelievable. Mr. left, yesterday morning, he took a friend to the HanKou Railway Station, about 6:15 will be parked in the HanKou Railway Station underground parking lot, about 6:50, a friend after leaving, the toll would receive 180 yuan parking fees. Clearly displayed on the billboard charges are 1 hours 3 yuan, how to become a $180? Parking charges explained that the computer is displayed 180 yuan. Mr. left said, had asked to see their car into the parking lot monitoring, but did not get the consent. After a period of stalemate, Mr. left to call the police. Yesterday morning, the Yangtze River Daily reporter came to HanKou Railway Station underground parking lot, left mr.. Parking staff explained that this is a misunderstanding, because the computer has made a mistake. He said Mr. left 14 days into the parking lot parking. Yesterday Mr. left again into the parking lot, the number is at the beginning of the computer record Hubei A, however, when left to take the car out of the parking lot, because the camera is not clear, "the word is fuzzy, computer recognition, fault into" Ning ". The license plate number of mantissa is correct, the computer automatically connected with the left, 14 days into the parking lot of the record, which display left parking for 4 days in the parking lot. The staff said that the parking lot one day cap price is 45 yuan, 4 days is 180 yuan. He said that because the toll collector’s computer has no right to find a historical record, so you can not give mr.. The office staff after work, quickly identified the reasons, left Mr. apology, from the day parking fee.相关的主题文章:

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