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Meter home new grocery is a bit expensive, but you can only rely on the fog and haze burst PM2.5 detector is not a new product. The first time it basically belongs to the commercial and industrial equipment, dragging a heavy shell, LCD screen and a di o often have fried days. Haze detector later, because we are beginning to pay attention to haze, care haze, this product began to gradually put into the consumer market. Is the beginning of Hanvon launched a "haze", is about the style of the son: what later products will become necessities of life table Hanvon haze, such as the style of children: the appearance change the style of decoration can be:   when the haze table also has the style of the son:   more and more small haze table four hundred or five hundred of these PM2.5 detector is expensive, cheap, only more than and 100 dollars, but are not allowed, how much money is accurate, we did not mind what standard, who had no leisure to two different price products to compare. The truth of the matter is that it’s cheap…… Then this says – this m home PM2.5 tester said today is also a cheap products, in fact it needs 399 yuan.. M home haze table products also okay, for the health of the baby bear, buy buy buy. But the question is, is it right? Meter home PM2.5 detector using a high-precision laser sensor, it can be said that there is no use of this sensor, basically PM2.5 detector has no effect on the watershed. M home haze table inside the fuselage has a small micro fan, the surrounding air pumping in for inspection. Through the comparison with the professional equipment, we found that the data of PM2.5 meter is very accurate. Only relatively high price of the PM2.5 detector, meter home this product sampling rate is relatively low, reflected in the screen display is a relatively large change in the value of time interval. Compact shape but for the daily use of the family, this is not too much of a problem. Meter home PM2.5 detector should be in the quasi that part of the product, the smallest volume. Standing on the table is not particularly humble, but large enough to allow people to see half of the room to read it. The tester has only one button on the body, short press the boot, press the shutdown, logic is very simple. The utility model is also provided with a lithium battery which can be used at home, and can also be used to carry out the air situation at any time. Here to say, is the most important point: if you are the first two generations of millet air purifier users, then in terms of the purchase of PM2.5 tester you basically have no other choice. Table PM2.5 detector Haze Meter meter home can access through the Wi-Fi millet smart home (m home) App, and millet air purifier air purifier linkage, such as millet 1 generation the detection function not super products, with m home PM2.5 tester can adjust the speed at any time according to the air condition. Of course, if you want to play, you have to consider the cost: millet air purifier 1 at that time the price is $899, meter home PM2.5 detector 399 yuan, plus…相关的主题文章:

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