Micro-blog has done well this year, the share price has soared 171%-ravbin

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Micro-blog is doing a good job this year, the stock has soared 171% U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 14, Bloomberg News Beijing reported at first glance, twitter and micro-blog seems to have a lot in common. For example, most of the revenue comes from advertising, has added flexibility to the 140 word limit, and has been the acquisition of the object of speculation. However, there is a huge difference between them: their share price. Twitter has fallen by more than 20% this year, but micro-blog’s share price has nearly doubled, as the company has a dominant position in the Chinese market, providing support for its sales outlook, said. The Beijing based social media platform is now valued at around $11 billion, quickly approaching Twitter’s $12 billion 600 million. Unlike micro-blog, which was worth $34 billion last year, it is now facing growing competition from companies such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Marie Sun stock analyst Morningstar investment services company in Hongkong said, because there is no like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as local rivals, micro-blog is the only Chinese social media platform. Due to strict censorship, foreign social media can not enter the Chinese market. Therefore, micro-blog seize the opportunity to develop rapidly. Although Facebook and other international social networks in some emerging market countries to accelerate growth, but most are still banned in mainland china. Micro-blog was founded in 2009, and in 2014 from the network portal Sina spin off. Micro-blog’s quarterly net profit and revenue exceeded analysts’ expectations. Its stock market in the United States is based on the dynamic earnings ratio for the next 12 months earnings of $51, more than the global average of peers, including twitter, including the price earnings ratio of 36 times. Micro-blog monthly active users growth also makes twitter the June average daily active users be cast into the shade, for 282 million households, an increase of 33%. Although WeChat’s Tencent has more than 806 million active users per month, but the platform provides different functions. WeChat is a multifunctional software mainly used for a private letter, the equivalent of Faceboo, Uber, integrated Paypal, Tinder and many other software. Micro-blog is the first choice for the public to find and share information on the account. At the same time, micro-blog’s advertising revenue grew 45%. Alibaba holdings earlier this year, micro-blog shares, micro-blog showed growing confidence. Micro-blog shares in the United States listed on Monday reached the highest level since the company’s listing in 2014, twitter fell below the IPO price of $26 in 2013, due to declining revenue growth and user growth tends to slow. Analysts now expect twitter to earn $2 billion 850 million in 2017, down from $4 billion 300 million a year ago. The company’s monthly active users rose 3% in the previous quarter. Twitter closed down 1.4% in New York on Thursday, at $17.79. Micro-blog closed down 1.3相关的主题文章:

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