Minsheng Bank for the history of the history of the four major shareholders of the largest sharehold mide-031

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Minsheng Bank power struggle history: four big shareholder returns up to 52 times the hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the following 170000, you can always keep my KONDARL after you, Minsheng Bank the competition for equity were four and. In just one month, Minsheng Bank in the past three big shareholders hope, oceanwide, Oriental shares held by all the transaction. Behind this is the new board of directors and the board of supervisors on the eve of the livelihood of the people’s livelihood, the increasingly intense shareholder game. In the Ampang line the first major shareholders under the strong promotion of people’s livelihood, the three giants of the power will be weakened, but this does not mean that they are losers in 1915. We hope the new wealth transaction system, oceanwide, Oriental Minsheng Bank invested in their initial holdings and cash dividends, and the details of their respective cost income details. Among them, hope that the Department of the Minsheng Bank’s total investment is 3 billion 989 million yuan, the total revenue of 27 billion 314 million yuan, 6.85 times the return on the sea; the total investment of 8 billion 592 million yuan, the total revenue of 22 billion 142 million yuan, 2.58 times the total investment return; Oriental Department for 223 million yuan, the cumulative total profit 11 billion 579 million yuan, return up to 51.92 times. The three factions horizontal comparison, Oriental shares of Minsheng Bank is hope and oceanwide are to be late, but the return is much higher than the latter two, one is that the East has never been involved in the initial stake after after given growth and two secondary market holdings, to avoid the shareholding is pulled high; the second is which way is not the cash holdings, and with the passage of time, the accumulation of income increasing. The Ampang line divided the holdings of Minsheng Bank shares, costing more than 60 billion yuan in the A stock market, more than HK $3 billion 300 million in Hong Kong stock market. However, even if coupled with holdings of cash dividends during the period, Fuying Ampang investment is only less than 8%. As long as the Minsheng Bank shares fell slightly, Ampang investment is in deficit. The Ampang line broke into the strong, after years of running and the balance of power between the original shareholders. From the new ownership structure, Minsheng Bank shareholders in the new board of directors of the power structure will be: 2-3 board seats in Ampang, oceanwide + Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association won 2 board seats, East China Life + 2 board seats, and hope that the Department will retain 1 board seats. The first half of 2016, the battle for the A stock market, listed companies on the control of the outbreak is Vanke (000002), as one falls, another rises, Condall (000048), *ST (600732) were caused by new cases concerned. In the second half of the year, around the first private bank – China Minsheng Bank (600016) of the power struggle, and smoke gradually. In just one month, Minsheng Bank issued 6 consecutive and dynamic shareholder announcement, the announcement of the full line relates to the history of the three aspects相关的主题文章:

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