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"Mission impossible" today launched secret five aspect "mission impossible" 1-46 set the whole plot self Zheng Yu interpretation of all possible Zheng Yu Zihan Chen Yin Zhusheng 1 Tencent entertainment news by cattle static screenwriter, actor famous film directed by Zheng Yu, Zihan Chen, Yin Zhusheng, and hand in hand, Wei Chunguang Xin month Lv Zhong, Du, source of three generations of the strength of the actors were co starred in the TV series "mission impossible" 19:30 landing Jiangsu TV happy theater tonight. Today, the film side exposed a group on the poster, the four protagonists respectively by the way of describing the character lines and mission, but also opened the five aspect drama brilliant. Anti Japanese war drama King escort Zheng Yu when the director first crafted for the role of many viewers for having heard it many times themes of war drama, Zheng Yu was dubbed the "war drama king" title. As the Beijing people’s art of the strength of the actors, many types of the script and the role of Zheng Yu received, but over the years, he always still love the drama of the war, "I think I can play the love scene is a very happy thing, carrying forward the national spirit and I am very happy to do, I think the national spirit is very important." Because of this love and perseverance, Zheng Yu’s name in the hearts of a lot of love war drama audience has become a quality assurance. For the first time served as director, Zheng Yu directed the impossible task is still the theme of the war. As a director, from the preparatory stage, to the middle of the shooting, and then to the production of the late, Zheng Yu carefully controlled the play carefully, does not allow a detail defective. The script, he and screenwriter static communication, carefully crafted cattle; hand props is not ideal, he asked to make; even some scenes have been filmed, for excellence, he will stick to remake. Many competing forces rescue death VS dead snipe drama "mission impossible" tells the story of three underground Yin (played by Zheng Yu) to escort the mathematical genius Sky City, launched a desperate struggle with the Japanese, the KMT forces such as undercover story, is a "rescue of life and death" and "Death Strike" brutal competition. Different from the general war drama, the drama in a thrilling story runs through the main line as the core of global architecture works is very rare, it is difficult to play, and the ability to tell the story of the extreme test director. The "impossible task" is to create a different experience of the artist to the audience with a different viewing experience. "Impossible task" is also unique and unique in character setting. Actor Yin San is the identity of the Japanese security team captain, this position appeared in countless of war drama, but almost invariably portrayed as a traitor, never as a main character of the play, breaking this law, or from this man. From the security team captain has implicated the Japanese military police officials, a hotel owner, arena bully, and bureaucratic rivals…… Such figures are interwoven into the drama of a high-energy fusion, information warfare, anti war and many other elements of the password. The new American story structure closed concept of time and space on the screen now war drama, the story mostly in 1931 -1945 in the background of the time, the fate of the characters and the Anti Japanese War closely linked.相关的主题文章:

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