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Modern super cruise ship is also a sports city – Sohu tourism marine Voyager cruise our definition of modern super luxury cruise ship is: the city of the sea. In addition to the most basic commercial and cultural facilities, such as hotel, restaurant, bar, theatre, cinema, square, park, school, etc., there must be a fully equipped fitness facility. It is said that love, walking, running, fencing, horse riding, mountain climbing, swimming, sunbathing and other sports Francois Marley Arue (· Fran& ccedil; ois-Marie Arouet) is still at the age of 80 and friends climbing to see the sunrise. Don’t know Francois Marley · who is arue? However, he has another name: Voltaire! The famous French thinker, the phrase "life lies in the movement" is the slogan he put forward. Man is, in essence, an animal. Literally, that is something that will move. Motion is its basic form of existence, and it is not rigid. Body ground is strong, Yi is sick. In order to show our vivid vital signs, light index finger and stomach is obviously not enough. In addition, there are so many professional level sports facilities on board, it is a waste of money. At home I have the next two to a large level of physical exercise, walking or running the shuttlecock, in sports aerobics village. We also travel at least 8 kilometers a day on foot. So, of course, can not be an exception to take a cruise. Joseph is everywhere. There are a variety of sports facilities on the Voyager, almost to the point where everything is possible. The picture shows a basketball court on the 13 floor of the stern. On the 13 floor of the stern, there is a mini golf club with a small hole of the 9 hole. We are rarely exposed in the land of golf, on a ship is a piece of cake. There is also a special yoga instructor to guide heavyweights to do heavyweight sports, such devices are. The emperor said it was cool. Standard plastic runway. The emperor ran to think, but it ran in the vast sea, cattle ah. Mahjong is also on the super luxury cruise if it is with a small BB to enjoy the holiday cruise ship, there is a sea adventure youth programs to meet your request, this plan has designed a variety of unique activities for 6 months to 17 year old children of different ages. Look, this is a family of children, playing really hi. The best thing about the ship’s water facilities. There are 3 outdoor swimming pools and 6 whirlpool pools on the 11 deck. The former is active, and the latter is a passive massage device. In fact, the whirlpool pool is divided into indoor and outdoor, there is a gym. This effort, the emperor looked to stay. Pool edge can be more than just water, people can find more. .相关的主题文章:

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