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Home-and-Family The most popular old wives tales surrounding professional carpet cleaning is that a new carpet doesnt really need to be cleaned. This is a big mistake to make as if not cleaned properly it could cost you some serious cash. If the dirt, oils, allergens and other pollutants that live at the bottom are left alone for too long, they start to break down the fibres (no matter how good quality it is) and create a fluffy and fuzzy appearance. Once this damage is done there is no turning back so dont fall for this one and make sure you have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis no matter how new or old the carpet is. Another .mon mistake in carpet cleaning is using your own bought or hired carpet cleaning machine. Although these steam cleaners may boast about how clean they can get your carpets, they can cause serious damage. This machinery is probably quite effective at the actual cleaning process but it is unable to extract the water and cleaning solution well. This means that it is left in your carpet for a longer period of time, encouraging the growth of mould and re-soiling. A professional carpet cleaner will have high-end equipment which is able to extract the fluids from the carpet at extremely high pressures, substantially reducing drying times. Using a hired or bought carpet cleaning machine not only leaves your carpet vulnerable to serious damage due to damp, you could also ruin the carpet by using the wrong solution. Unlike a professional carpet cleaner who knows exactly which solution suits each type of carpet, it is unlikely that you have an expert knowledge in this area. Using the wrong cleaning fluid could leave your carpet looking far worse off than it did before the cleaning. We are so eager to get these misconceptions over to you carpet owners because they can lead to costly damage, and this third one is no different. Stain removal products from supermarket shelves can not do the same job as a professional cleaner. Although they might be very effective at removing the stain from your carpet whatever it may be- we are quite confident that they will also strip the colouring from your carpet along with it. To ensure that stains are dealt with correctly, always contact a professional carpet cleaning .pany. The last extremely .mon misconception is that steam cleaning should be avoided. In truth, you should listen to the exact opposite! Steam cleaning (or hot water extraction) is the ONLY method you should use on your carpets. This method is re.mended by carpet industry bodies and all carpet manufacturers. Other methods can cause damage and do not clean your carpets properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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