More than 7 roads in Wuhan’s West Fourth Ring Road are bridge driving like a

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Wuhan West Fourth Ring Road Bridge is more than 7 driving as posted lake before the West Fourth Ring part of about 5.4 km long after the official Lake Bridge in a graceful arc across the lake from the Changjiang Daily reporter Li Yonggang photo yesterday, the reporter visited the scene under construction in the city of Victoria Line West was informed that the connection with Wuhan Dongxihu economic and Technological Development Zone of the city of Victoria Line West during the year to achieve the opening. At that time, the two logistics parks that drive to and from Wuhan only need 10 minutes. Many large heavy trucks can also "bid farewell" to the Third Ring Road, so as to relieve the traffic pressure of our city center and the three ring road. Dense water drive as post lake before noon yesterday, the reporter from the nearby Jia Ju village in Caidian District of the city of Victoria Line West in the summer, a total length of 22.55 kilometers of road driving experience a round-trip, two-way 8 lane road is broad and flat, the scenery pleasant, glittering, through the clouds of rivers and lakes, while driving around, as a "floating on the water". From the point of view of the west city of Victoria Caidian, far see Hanjiang Bridge of great momentum, two towers into the sky, a cable like open deck and huge skirt, constitute a beautiful line. To Houguan lake, I saw a "S" shaped after the official Lake Bridge meanders in the lake, the lake and the surrounding perfect fusion. The reporter pulled over and stood on the bridge and overlooked the landscape. On the surface of the lake, where the waterfowl perches and the reed, 1020 piers support the smooth surface of the bridge, as if a Chinese opera dragon crawls on the lake. Liu Dong, a project leader, told reporters that the West Fourth Ring Road was closely related to the water network, crossing the Hanjiang River, the Shihu lake, the drum crossing river, the bosom lake, the post official lake, the Northwest Lake and the Dongjing river. There were 3 rivers and 4 lakes, so 7 or more roads were all bridges. Among them, the design of Hou Guan Hu bridge is unique, because driving for a long time on a straight line bridge will make people tired. The slow streamlined design can relieve fatigue. From the vertical point of view, the bridge is only 4 meters from the height of the lake. "The design is so low that the driver is like the lake, and the mood is more pleasurable". It is understood that the western section is the first link of the Fourth Ring Road to start construction. The route is going from north to south. Along the East and West Lake area, Caidian District, Hanyang district and Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone, the design speed is 100 kilometers per hour. At present, the project is carrying out the construction of the subsidiary facilities of the bridge, and some sections of the road have begun to spread the asphalt for the final preparation for the West Fourth Ring Road. Lai Yongfeng, the head of the West Fourth Ring Road, is responsible for protecting the water from piling, so that the length of the cross section of the official Lake Bridge is 4.6 kilometers. In order to ensure that the water body is not polluted, the monitoring points of water and environmental protection departments are located on the bridge side. Yesterday, he told reporters that in order not to let the mud pollution of the water quality of the government lake, the design and construction personnel are not much thought. During the construction, the staff set up a Zhanqiao bar at the scene, the use of steel tube pile to form a slurry within the circulatory system, can ensure the mud in the barrel treatment does not drain. Every day, there are a number of supervisors who focus on pile driving. Each pile is covered by a steel tube, and the mud is pumped out with a pump. At the peak of the construction, 400 cubic meters of mud can be towed away every day. The reporter understands, the west city of Victoria on Hanjiang River Bridge, the bridge is a prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge at home and the width of the bridge is 43.6 meters wide, 136 meters high, single span 360 meters, through the innovation of scientific research and technology, solve the ultra wide cracks of prestressed concrete beam control technology difficult problem. City of Victoria Line West also cross, Handan Han Yi two existing railway bridge, and the city’s largest hub interchange bridge.

武汉西四环7成以上道路是桥梁 驾车如同贴湖而过西四环组成部分之一——长约5.4公里的后官湖大桥以一个优美的弧线从湖上跨过记者李永刚摄昨日,长江日报记者现场探访正在建设中的四环线西段获悉,连接东西湖区与武汉经济技术开发区的四环线西段年内可实现通车。届时,驾车来往于武汉的这两大物流园区仅需10分钟,不少大型重载货车也可“告别”三环线,以缓解我市中心城区及三环线的交通压力。水网密布驾车如同贴湖而过昨日中午,记者从蔡甸区夏家咀村附近进入四环线西段,在全长22.55公里的路面驾车体验了一个来回,双向8车道的道路宽阔平坦,沿路景色宜人,波光粼粼,行经之处密布河流、湖泊,驾车时心旷神怡,好似“水上漂”。从西四环蔡甸段出发,远看汉江特大桥气势磅礴,两座桥塔直冲云霄,一根根斜拉索犹如张开的巨大裙摆,与桥面共同构成美丽的线型。行至后官湖段,只见呈“S”形的后官湖大桥在湖面上蜿蜒向前,与周边湖光水色完美融合。记者靠边停车,站在桥上远眺,周边美景尽收眼底。在这片水鸟栖息、芦苇遍地的湖面上,1020根桥墩支撑起曲线流畅的桥面,好似一条戏水蛟龙匍匐在湖面上。项目相关负责人刘东告诉记者,西四环所经之处水网密布,跨汉江、什湖、打鼓渡河、知音湖、后官湖、西北湖、东荆河,共计3条河流,4个湖泊,因此7成以上道路都是桥梁。其中,后官湖大桥的设计尤其独具特色,因为在直线桥型上驾车久了会让人很累,而舒缓的流线型设计可缓解疲劳。从纵面看,桥面距湖面高度处仅4米,“设计得这么低,是为了让开车的人如同贴湖而过,心情更愉悦”。据了解,西段是四环线率先开工建设的一段,路线走向由北向南延伸,沿线经过东西湖区、蔡甸区、汉阳区和武汉经济技术开发区,设计时速100公里 小时。目前项目正在进行桥面附属设施的施工,部分路段已开始摊铺沥青,为西四环今年底通车做最后准备。保护水体打桩不让泥浆外流西四环指挥部相关负责人来永峰介绍,后官湖大桥跨湖段长度4.6公里,为保证水体不受污染,水务和环保部门的监测点就设在桥边。昨日,他向记者透露,为了不让泥浆污染后官湖的水质,设计及施工人员没少费心思。施工时,工作人员在现场架起一条钢栈桥,打桩时利用钢护筒形成一个泥浆内循环系统,可保证泥浆在筒内处理不外流。每天现场有多名监督人员专盯打桩环节,每根桩都被一个钢护筒罩住,再用泵将泥浆抽出。施工高峰期,每天能拖走400立方米的泥浆。记者了解到,西四环上的汉江特大桥,是目前国内桥面最宽的预应力混凝土斜拉桥,桥宽43.6米,塔高136米,单跨360米,通过科研攻关与技术创新,解决了超宽预应力混凝土梁的裂缝控制技术难题。四环线西段还上跨汉丹、汉宜两条既有线铁路桥,以及全市最大的枢纽互通立交桥。相关的主题文章:

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