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MS Lagarde called for "strong measures" low end growth stocks market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 4 days the Financial Times reported   the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said after the summer holiday welcome the world’s major economies head back work, and warned that they need to take "strong measures" on the world economy, in order to get rid of low growth situation. Low growth has exacerbated widespread concern about globalisation. A briefing document released Thursday — this is IMF this weekend at the China meeting of the group of 20 (G20) meeting — referred to global growth and international trade, the U.S. economic slowdown and weaker than expected growth in emerging economies is not stable, and the British in June after a sharp slowdown in the referendum back in europe. The document, which will be presented to G20 leaders, said that when IMF released a new global growth report in October, it seems likely to adjust the current global growth rate of 3.1% downward adjustment. The document also called on the G20 government to take more measures to find a reason to support globalization, to resolve the situation exacerbated protectionism. Protectionism is one of the reasons for the growth of international trade has fallen to historic lows. "The direction toward the political pendulum may swing against the economic opening, do not adopt strong policy actions," IMF President Christina (Christine Lagarde) said? She subsequently published in the blog article. IMF said that low growth one disaster after another is the fact that "growth has bypassed many low-income persons" and "increased people for global concerns, deteriorated the political climate". In an effort to end the slump and boost the economy, IMF has been urging policymakers to take a more active role in the use of three carriages, monetary policy, structural reforms and fiscal measures. IMF said on Thursday, 2014 G20 leaders made in 2018 will increase the total amount of GDP 2% promises are dashed, "if not quickly execute all announced measures, and take great efforts to enhance the productivity of additional (especially in the developed economies), then this goal will not be achieved". IMF G20 expects emerging economies as a whole, the growth rate of 1990 to 2007 years will be restored to the level of around 5.5%, while the medium developed economies of the G20 growth rate is expected to average value is 2.5% in the history of a full percentage point less. The developed economies decline, partly because of some factors such as the start to evident to anyone, the change of population structure and productivity in 2008 before the crisis to reduce. But IMF said that another factor is to reduce investment, if this situation continues, it will cause a "feedback loop" — the cycle will impact the growth of international trade and investment, and will lead to further reduce and curing cycle. IMF said that in that case, the global economy is still facing significant downside risk. Among these risks 3相关的主题文章:

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