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My mother’s boyfriend touched me in the middle of the night, my mother, my boyfriend, in the middle of the night, touching my room. I was very young when my mother passed away, and then my father married my stepmother. I think this will continue to go well, but when I was in junior high, happy end. My father died of illness. I lost my loved ones. But my aunt uncle, they are not willing to adopt me, all kinds of reasons to shirk. This time the stepmother stood up and said that since I call her a mother, she would not have no matter what I say. That’s why I’m with my stepmother who doesn’t have any blood. My stepmother said to do, not only to take care of my life, but also to make money for me to read, from high school to college, stepmother did not let me worry about money. I am now two years old, I will be able to make money after two years of graduation, my heart secretly determined to be good to my stepmother. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival, I would like to do a part-time job, stepmother gave me a call to let me go home, said the family more than a person, I hope to go back and see. I can hear the stepmother on the other end of the phone. I also hope that the stepmother can find a partner, since the stepmother said, of course, I do not have to go back to the truth. The day when I got home, I saw her stepmother and a middle-aged man busy in the kitchen. Two people laughing and talking. When I came back, she was very happy. She introduced the man to me. Zhang Shushu and stepmother are colleagues. I politely and Uncle Zhang said hello, and then what to eat, stepmother, as always, to me, give me food, but also concerned about my school. Watching TV at about ten in the evening, we went back to the room to rest. Uncle Zhang would have thought to go, but did not want to hit her into my stepmother’s room. But I don’t know what may be the first night back, I did not sleep soundly at night, I felt someone off my quilt, I thought it was a stepmother, but no, I subconsciously wrapped in a quilt, and then get out of the action, I have heard the other voice, went away from the vaguely see figure of a man, the man in this time, in addition to the Uncle Zhang who, then I recall, cold sweats. Look at the phone, it is more than 2 in the night. The second day I thought I decided to tell her stepmother, but did not think the stepmother heard what I said, not to regard it as right said, I put you as a daughter, he is also a natural daughter when you are hurt, you may be afraid of cold night, go to tuck you in it, I next time and he said, he will pay attention to, after all, our daughter. My stepmother is playing a joke on me, but I am an adult girl now. I think it’s not that simple. I really think that women in love are zero iq. I really worry for her stepmother, so good to me, the way for me to read now, I know I’m afraid of her hard work, she was married to a bad husband, but she has enjoyed the situation now, how should I do? I don’t know what to do about her. Nixia reply: you’re supposed to sleep in the bedroom if not locked, should also be closed, as the stepmother’s boyfriend, meet for the first time, he in the middle of the night to tuck you in, what.相关的主题文章:

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