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Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Dutch act conciliate: successful 323 new network "Dutch act – rain due to wind, down the Indus, Nanjing winter night. Connect Gulou Shimonoseki and Pukou Jiangbei Yangtze River bridge since the end of October closed repair 2 years and 3 months, no heavy traffic, in the 48 years after its completion, it ushered in the quiet winter. Seal bridge changed Chen Si’s inspection path, he changed the habit of traveling from Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge to the north and south, riding an electric car along the Yangtze River to the east coast 8 km. The Hood River, the sight of the river line, confused with white. According to incomplete statistics, through the bridge 48 years, there are more than 2 thousand people in the end of the life of the bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge has become one of the highest rates of suicide in the world. 13 years, 48 year old Chen Dutch act in 323 to those discouraging River bridge. On Saturday, Sunday, when not to go to work, Chen thought cycling from morning to evening bridge inspections. From the fifteen year old girl to seventy years old, people also have billions of dollars of rich shabby in dress, someone dressed in wedding dress, there were others who own wine, a leg tied with 18800 yuan in cash. To die for a variety of reasons, gambling, lost by industry, domestic violence, romance, deception, depression…… Chen Si said, see the sad, dross and life and death struggle. On Sunday, November 20th, Chen thought in the north side of the bridge from the eastern side of the 3 km a humble place to stop. The wire rod is tied with wire he wrote his phone number in the blue signs, "treat life every day, xinlingyizhan rescue". Go more than and 100 meters further, is an old pier, near the water depth, is a high incidence of suicide." Chen Si pointed to a reed, ten days ago, he was here out of a 29 year old man, he was a debt due to gambling. This is a bridge, Chen in the first person to quit the shore. Rescued one or two people, Chen think the minds of all others in the story of hostility. Save more people, he actually opened, "outside the world it is this little thing, life and death, is not what. People have to fear, only." November 20th, Chen riding electric car to patrol the river. Every time he went out for a whole day, he would bring a kettle. Dutch act Nanpu Bridge in the north are 100 condition number thirteenth root lampposts, is the place where most of the entire Dutch act on the bridge Chen Si know. "Look down there, it’s so big, I saved 5 people in that place." An accused’s death sister-in-law little girl told Chen, there looked down to see grandma called her in the water, let her jump, Chen Sizhao girl pounded the forehead several times, put her off the bridge; Zhejiang Lishui more than and 50 year old business, business failure, in Zhenjiang, Nanjing tour play half spent all the money, told Chen Sijiang opened a huge flower, is to meet her. Sixth days after the wedding the bride wore a please looked at the river, motionless. She wanted to die in Huashan, the results met the students, with all her money to buy a ticket to Nanjing, after landing to Yangtze River bridge. The wedding night derailed her husband, they lost more than 20 thousand dollars dowry and bride hate myself. More than and 70 year old man, a bottle of beer left hand, right hand holding a side dish, I together相关的主题文章:

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