National Health Planning Commission national public places tobacco control regulations are expected

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National Planning Commission: national public places tobacco control bill is expected to be introduced this year – Henan channel — original title: National Planning Commission: national public places tobacco control ordinance is expected this year, the introduction of the national health and family planning publicity Secretary Mao Qun’an said 22 days, China currently has nearly 20 City enacted laws and regulations in public places smoke-free public places, the national tobacco control bill is the legislative process, the implementation is expected to be released this year. Mao Qunan said at the ninth session of the global health promotion conference said at a news conference, public places tobacco control, reduce tobacco harm to humans, this is a global consensus, is an important project of health promotion. It is understood that the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress recently passed a new revision of the "Shanghai rules" the control of smoking in public places. In March 1st next year, Shanghai will expand the range of tobacco control in public places, prohibit smoking in indoor public places, indoor workplaces, public transport. This measure has the praise of Chen Fengfuzhen, director general of WHO. Mao Qunan stressed that in the form of legislation to strictly control smoking in public places, which itself is a health promotion. He pointed out that, along with the scientific research, we continue to find effects of tobacco on human health in many aspects. Smoking behavior to really get the correct, need the public to fully understand the dangers of tobacco smoking, to the people. No smoking people should learn to use legal weapons to safeguard public places smoke-free environment. Mao Qunan said, the government increased Chinese tobacco harm to the public propaganda, but also in the legislation and the tobacco tax price reform, to fulfill the Framework Convention on tobacco advocate of the World Health Organization requirements. The ninth session of the global health promotion conference on 21 to 24 held in Shanghai, the conference issued 21 "2030 sustainable development of health promotion in Shanghai declaration", calling on governments committed to health promotion into the sustainable development agenda. (Huang Sha, commissioning editor Ding Xiaofang)

国家卫计委:全国性公共场所控烟条例有望今年出台–河南频道–人民网 原标题:国家卫计委:全国性公共场所控烟条例有望今年出台   国家卫生计生委宣传司司长毛群安22日说,中国目前已经有近20个城市制定了公共场所无烟的法律法规,全国的公共场所控烟条例正在立法进程之中,有望今年公布实施。   毛群安在当天举行的第九届全球健康促进大会新闻发布会上说,公共场所控烟、减少烟草对人类的危害,这是全球的共识,也是健康促进的重要工程。   据了解,上海市人大常委会近日表决通过了新修订的《上海市公共场所控制吸烟条例》。明年3月1日起,上海公共场所控烟范围将扩大,室内公共场所、室内工作场所、公共交通工具内禁止吸烟。这一措施得到世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍的赞赏。   毛群安强调,通过立法的形式来严格控制公共场所吸烟,这本身就是健康的促进。他指出,随着科学的研究,我们不断发现烟草对人的健康影响是多方面的。吸烟行为要真正得到纠正,需要公众对烟草危害充分认识,需要吸烟人的自觉。不吸烟的人要学会运用法律武器,来维护公共场所的无烟环境。   毛群安说,中国政府加大对公众进行烟草危害的宣传,同时也在通过立法以及烟草制品税价的改革等方式,来履行世卫组织倡导的烟草框架公约的要求。   第九届全球健康促进大会21日至24日在上海举行,大会21日发布《2030可持续发展中的健康促进上海宣言》,呼吁各国政府承诺将健康促进融入可持续发展议程。 (责编:黄莎、丁小芳)相关的主题文章:

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