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China Ping and stars: docking reunion and dream Sohu news this is a prehistoric ancient dare to imagine, the moon, the goddess patching the sky Kua people, this is a left spring in the historical and cultural genes, the moon will have a moonlit night, looked up at the moon kingdom. In September 15, 2016 22, the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is round, we put Tiangong two, again with the dream of manned docking, and explore the stars wish reunion. This is us in fission speed forward era, dare, dare to challenge the unknown, to spare no effort to catch up the natural development of innovation, passion leap new great pioneering work in the history of human society, but also for the vast universe we left in the world, the ancestors of the beautiful romantic festival, the most heroic, the most warm, one of the most courageous greetings! Tiangong two, full of expectations and dreams, to the space! This is the second Tiangong-1 Chinese self-developed second space laboratory, Chinese is the first true sense of the space laboratory. Here, the experimental project of the world’s most advanced development process, equipped with the world’s first atomic clock into space, test from space quantum key distribution, from the "seed" of the plant growth — one of the surprises is that Tiangong two not only has many Chinese manufacturing, is more China at the same time, it will also be created before building space stations in China a comprehensive verification technology, aerospace China future more people expect. In this case, the number of human spaceflight dream unremitting self-improvement, tenacious struggle, solidarity and cooperation, the spirit of the broad and deep space, but also fully embodies the Chinese strength, Chinese spirit, Chinese road. Launch No. two temple, once again set a man climb the peak of science and technology in the course of China height, fully demonstrated the China implementation of innovation driven strategy, committed to reform, Yongpangaofeng, to the Chinese nation. Extraordinary creativity in the development of human culture in the history of the ambitions. The sky two launch successfully, also to show to the world, to explore the universe, construction of space power, out of a self reliant and independent innovation Chinese development path, to create the world record in the history of China lunar exploration. This achievement is the condensation of several generations of the wisdom of the space shuttle, the convergence of the overall strength of the Chinese people, showing us to achieve the great rejuvenation of the nation’s dream of faith and determination. In this interleaving, feelings now future infinite longing. In autumn, the success of Tiangong two news of the launch, inspire the national advocate science, exploring the unknown, not afraid of danger of lofty sentiments and aspirations. As long as the full glory of the Chinese nation’s innovative talent, we will be able to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of a powerful cohesion.相关的主题文章:

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