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Net about old cars "dumped" passengers miss the old Beijing Road residents reported the material about the car hard about reporters experience was repeatedly "abandon" platform management or problems first orders up again, the network about why more and more difficult about the car? The day before yesterday evening, the reporter received a public rebellion "eight or nine at night in Beijing road car was miss about mobile phone". The reporter went to the Beijing road network survey found that about the car first orders Zaishuang about here frequently staged. As people used to go out first about the car to form part of the platform to grab the car to join the competition upgrade, exacerbated the market barbaric growth, the final neighborhood frequency is about the car miss". Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Ranran Guangzhou Daily reporter Qiao Junwei Beijing road! Beijing road! I’m on Beijing road. I’m on Beijing road…… …… I’m on Beijing road. I’m on Beijing road…… …… Would not come! Would not come! Your love is not on the way to complain…… …… Previously, the driver to the platform of incentives and subsidies, fail many times downgrades, income directly affected. But with the increase of car platform vicious competition, especially the last drops of excellent step after the merger, and easy for private car owners to draw more and more intense competition, the platform focused on driver recruitment and management, the owners are not afraid because miss punished, passengers can only eat yabakui. A driver so that not only let me wait a few minutes in the rain, and sometimes because of the middle of the communication time is too long to be directly deducted by the platform. – a passenger on the one hand the passengers about the car hard, the driver side of the car Lanhuo difficult, the only benefit is the platform. – professional test: 2 hours only about 11 cars to squat down more than 8 points on Thursday evening, the reporter to diverge to Beijing road and Zhongshan Road, five road interchange, try about the car. My car is in Yuexiu Park, four or five km away from Beijing Road, and there is a traffic jam, or you cancel the next single." First, the reporter tried to use the car, the first single was rejected, the driver also said: pedestrian street shopping people are going out, too much demand! A car search platform can only expand the scope of these, we are far away from the car was empty to pick you up, so blocking really worth it!" A bit after the driver orders immediately cancelled, the reason given is not on the way "," drop by later now grab a single mode to send a single, the driver can not see the destination, very convenient…… I just came home from work on a single, your destination is in the opposite direction of my family, you cancel it." Reporters try to use the driver was also excellent step carpool "abandon", "road in Beijing under the single carpool have to wait for a long time Oh, I suggest to about a car." And then if not carpool, also encountered the driver asked to cancel the case, one for the waiting time of more than 5 minutes is 8 yuan more than the platform to receive "the lowest consumption costs make up". Even at 9:30, the reporter about the car also suffered 4 "serial break" of different platforms, the first single from the car to launch about fourth single driver received a refusal call for waste"相关的主题文章:

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