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Wubao bus network transmission in the field of windows parabolic response: no bus West Yulin News Network (reporter Ma Guanghao Li Ming) after the vehicles have changed recently, Wubao County, a bus is referred to in the field of parabolic window, the vehicle information is exposed to the public. In this regard, some people in Shaanxi province Wubao county office responsible person said, Wubao County in 2015 has completed the reform of official vehicles, the establishment of the current office has no official vehicles, the previous vehicles have been handed over last year. Yinchuan City, according to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region media reports, the Yinchuan municipal Civilization Office released the November 14th third quarter reporting window parabolic related conditions, including a license plate number for the Shaanxi K0808N vehicle on the list, according to information released by the car for all of Wubao County Office of the committee. In this regard, Wubao County Office of the organization committee of the relevant person in charge said that the unit has completed the official vehicle reform in July 6, 2015, no longer equipped with official vehicles. Prior to the license plate for Shaanxi k9609J official car has been handed in according to the provisions". The person in charge said. Western network reporter today (November 15th) afternoon from Yulin traffic police detachment learned that the license plate for Shaanxi K0808N vehicles registered in July 29, 2014 in Yulin Wu Moumou personal name. Relevant officials of Yinchuan municipal Civilization Office also said that the matter was being checked.

网传吴堡公车在外地车窗抛物 回应:车改后无公车西部网榆林讯(记者 马广浩 李明)近日,吴堡县的一辆公车被指在外地“车窗抛物”,车辆信息被公开曝光。对此,涉事的陕西省吴堡县编制办相关负责人表示,吴堡县在2015年已经完成公务车辆改革,编制办目前并无公务车辆,此前的车辆去年已上交。据宁夏回族自治区银川市媒体报道,银川市文明办11月14日公布了第三季度市民举报“车窗抛物”相关情况,其中一辆车牌号为陕K0808N的车辆上榜,公布的信息显示该车所有人为吴堡县机构编制委员会办公室。对此,吴堡县机构编制委员会办公室相关负责人表示,该单位已经于2015年7月6日完成公务车辆改革,不再配备公务用车。“此前号牌为陕k9609J的公务用车已经按规定上交了”。上述负责人说。西部网记者今天(11月15日)下午从榆林市交警支队了解到,号牌为陕K0808N的车辆于2014年7月29日登记在榆林市吴某某个人名下。银川市文明办相关负责人也表示正在核查此事。相关的主题文章:

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