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Ningbo 1 court case for incitement to kill mother-in-law daughter-in-law hate son and daughter too affectionate (Figure) Zhao was arrested in Henan pictures reporter Han Yuting in February 16th this year, Ningbo Cixi had occurred in the murder murderer frightful to the ear, in the area will be on the spot a woman stabbed to death, and then fled. The same day, Cixi police after a preliminary investigation, issued a bulletin: Dead Zhao, 34 years old, Cixi Da Hu, Department of homicide.   随后第二天,慈溪公安宣布命案告破,嫌疑人张某某(女,59岁),赵某(男,23岁)已被抓获归案,并交代了结伙杀人的犯罪事实。 And the shock was that one of the suspects was the mother-in-law of the deceased. Recently, the case was first heard in the first court of the criminal trial of the Ningbo intermediate people’s court. Her daughter-in-law thinks his daughter-in-law snatched his son before the public report, the deceased little Zhao (the pseudonym), a nurse in a hospital in Cixi. On February 16th, more than 6 in the morning, it was killed under the number 36 of the Jinshan new village in Cixi. From the video provided by the onlookers at that time, you can see that Xiao Zhao wears jeans and falls on the ground and has many blood stains. Someone heard Zhao called twice, after no voice, until 9 in the morning, a neighbor found lying on the ground after she reported to the police. His colleagues said little Zhao Pingshi was easygoing and diligent and had a good reputation. The day of the incident, the original should go to the outpatient injection room instead of the class, but she did not see it. Sadly, Xiao Zhao’s child is only 5 years old. The Spring Festival family has just come back from Nanjing. A few days ago, the husband of Xiao Zhao wrote in a circle of friends: "wife, I love you forever!" Some colleagues also said that Xiao Zhao originally lived with her mother-in-law, and a month before the incident, he had just moved home. What is the hatred between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, caused a lot of discussions in Cixi. Mother-in-law Zhang Mou, 59 years old this year, have a son, but marriage is not happy. She devoted all her feelings and energy to her only son. After his son graduated from college, he worked in a business unit. Zhang bought a set of marriage rooms for him. In her eyes, the son is handsome, tall and working, and must find a perfect girl. She asked a lot of friends to help, but the son was a bit ungrateful, therefore no less angry. After that, his son met his wife later, but Zhang was not satisfied with a daughter-in-law. She thought that the nurse’s income was low, and the age was big, and it was unmatched. To this end, Zhang Mou often persuaded his son to break up, but eventually his son insisted on marriage with Xiao Zhao. For the dependence on the son of a son and daughter-in-law Zhang moved to live together, but in the days of life, and life was not happy. Anecdotal rumors, see this pair of very loving couple, Zhang Mou is very bad, even to the hospital to find the head nurse, hoping to arrange the night shift to the daughter-in-law. The rigid relationship between the daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law, let Xiao Zhao move out to live. In August 2015, the couple spent 400 thousand yuan on an old second-hand house in the Jinshan Village in Cixi. This makes Zhang and Mou very angry, she thinks it is the woman robbed her son. Since then, some people know the murderer Zhang Zhao, also bought him new clothes and a car battery, convenient for him to Capitol crime, and pay 50 thousand yuan. After Zhang confessed, the most direct motive of incitement to murder, because to see his son and daughter to travel in Nanjing I love like. Between the mother and the murderer and incitement to a third attack that night, Zhao he was arrested in Henan. According to local media reports, Shangqiu high-speed traffic police brigade command center alarm: in Zhejiang Province, Cixi Jinshan Village murder occurred, the suspect Zhao take a bus to the west to escape, the car may be from Anhui to Henan, high-speed battalion card inventory interception. When the police officer was checking a bus, it was found that a young man in the last row was flurried and brought back to the investigation. After investigation, the man surnamed Zhao, 23 years old this year, the Department of Shangqiu city of Henan province Suixian Xiling temple town, according to the physical characteristics of contrast, is the murder suspect. He admitted that he was hired on the same day to escape the death of a 34 year old woman in Jinshan new village, Cixi. In July of this year, the Ningbo Municipal People’s Procuratorate decided to prosecute the accused with the suspect of intentional homicide to the Ningbo intermediate people’s court. According to the reporter, in addition to the court, the first defendant, incitement to mother-in-law Zhang Moumou, the second defendants suspected of murder Zhao, in the two world "act as a go-between" the role of the Henan 41 year old Shangqiu man Moumou a parity column in the dock. In addition, the families of the victims commissioned a lawyer to appear in court for criminal incidental civil action. At present, the case is under further trial.

宁波1婆婆雇凶杀儿媳案开庭 因嫉恨儿子儿媳太恩爱(图) 赵某在河南被抓 资料图片   记者 韩宇挺   今年2月16日,宁波慈溪曾发生一起骇人听闻的杀人案,凶手在小区内当场将一名女子捅死,然后逃离。   当天,慈溪公安经过初步勘查,发布通报:死者赵某,34岁,慈溪浒山人,系他杀。   随后第二天,慈溪公安宣布命案告破,嫌疑人张某某(女,59岁),赵某(男,23岁)已被抓获归案,并交代了结伙杀人的犯罪事实。   而令人震惊的是,其中一名嫌疑人正是死者的婆婆。   近日,该案件由宁波市中级人民法院刑事审判第一庭首次开庭审理。   婆婆认为儿媳抢走了儿子   据此前公开报道,死者小赵(化名),是慈溪一家医院的护士。2月16日早上6点多,在慈溪金山新村36号楼下被人杀害。   从当时围观居民提供的视频中可以看到,小赵身穿牛仔裤,倒在地上,有多处血迹。有人听到小赵叫了两声,之后就没声音了,直到上午9点左右,邻居发现躺在地上的她后报了警。   同事称,小赵平时为人随和、勤快,口碑不错。事发当日,原本应该去门诊注射室代班的,但迟迟没看到她。   令人唏嘘的是,小赵的孩子才5岁。春节一家人刚从南京旅游回来。前几天,小赵的老公还在朋友圈写道:“老婆,我永远爱你!”   也有同事爆料称,小赵原本和婆婆住在一起,事发前一个月,刚刚搬了家。   婆媳之间到底有什么深仇大恨,在慈溪当地引发不少议论。   婆婆张某某,今年59岁,生有一个儿子,但婚姻不算幸福。她把全部的感情和精力都倾注在唯一的儿子身上。   儿子大学毕业后,在事业单位工作,张某某替他买了一套婚房。在她眼里,儿子长得帅,个子高,工作好,一定要找一个十全十美的姑娘。   她托了很多朋友帮忙介绍,可是儿子却一点不领情,为此没少生气。   之后,儿子自己结识了后来的妻子,但张某某对媳妇并不满意,认为护士收入低,而且年龄大,不般配。   为此,张某某经常劝儿子分手,但最终儿子还是坚持和小赵结了婚。   出于对儿子的依赖,张某某搬家和儿子媳妇住到了一起,但在日后的生活中,婆媳生活得很不愉快。坊间传闻,看到这对小夫妻十分恩爱,张某某很不是滋味,甚至到医院找护士长,希望给媳妇安排夜班。   僵化的婆媳关系,让小赵提出搬出去住。   2015年8月,夫妻俩花40万元在慈溪金山村买了一套老旧的二手房。这让张某某非常生气,她认为是这个女人抢走了自己的儿子。   此后,张某某经人认识了凶手赵某,还给他买了新衣服和一辆电瓶车,方便他踩点作案,并支付报酬5万元。事后张某某交待,雇凶杀人的最直接动机,是因为看到儿子、儿媳在南京旅游时恩恩爱爱的样子。   雇凶的婆婆和凶手之间   还有一个第三人   行凶当晚,赵某便在河南被抓获。   据当地媒体报道,商丘高速交警大队指挥中心接警:在浙江省慈溪市金山新村发生一起命案,犯罪嫌疑人赵某乘坐一辆大巴车向西逃逸,该车可能从安徽进入河南,要求高速大队设卡盘查拦截。   执勤干警在检查一辆大巴车时,发现最后排的一名年轻小伙神色慌张,将其带回调查。   经调查,该小伙姓赵,今年23岁,系河南省商丘市睢县西陵寺镇人,根据体貌特征对比,就是命案嫌疑人。   他承认当日受别人雇用指使,在慈溪市金山新村将一名34岁女子用刀扎死后逃逸。   今年7月,宁波市人民检察院决定,对被告人以涉嫌故意杀人罪向宁波市中级人民法院提起公诉。   据记者了解,此次开庭,除了第一被告、雇凶的婆婆张某某,第二被告行凶的赵某,涉嫌在此二人间起“穿针引线”作用的41岁河南商丘男子赵某某一同位列被告席。另外,受害者家属委托律师出庭做刑事附带民事诉讼。   目前,案件在进一步审理之中。相关的主题文章:

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