Ningbo Paralympics Rio Rio won 7 gold, 1 silver, 6 copper, 14

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Ningbo Paralympic athletes Rio won 7 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze and 14 medals. At the fifteenth Rio Paralympic Games closed in Beijing yesterday morning, 10 disabled athletes from Ningbo fought bravely and won 7 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze medals. Yesterday, the Municipal Committee and the municipal government once again sent greeting messages to the Chinese Paralympic Committee and the Chinese sports delegation. The message said that, in the fifteenth session of the Rio Paralympic Games, I disabled athletes courageously fighting, unremitting self-improvement, following Chen Yi, Wang Yinan scored 20 points were mixed 450 meter freestyle relay, men’s S8 class 100 meter freestyle 2 gold medals, Wang Yinan once again won the men’s S8 class 50 meter freestyle and 34 men 4100 the 2 meter medley relay gold medal, Zhou Jiamin in the composite bow mixed groups of open class and women’s open class in the tournament even won 2 gold; Chinese sports delegation youngest player Xu Jialing S9 in the women’s 100 metre butterfly, with 1 minutes 07 seconds 90 won the gold medal and broke the Asian record. My city 10 participating athletes won 7 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals for 14, represents the highest level of competition and good spirit, won the honor for the motherland, to add luster to Ningbo. On this occasion, I would like to convey my high respect and cordial condolences to the Chinese sports delegation and to you athletes and coaches and staff members of Ningbo Paralympic athletes. Look forward to your triumph!

宁波残奥健儿里约出彩 共夺7金1银6铜14枚奖牌   在北京时间昨天上午闭幕的第15届里约残奥会上,宁波参赛的10名残疾人运动员奋勇拼搏,夺得7金1银6铜共14枚奖牌。昨天,市委、市政府再次向中国残奥委会及中国体育代表团发去贺电。   贺电说,欣闻在第15届里约残奥会上,我市残疾人运动员自强不息、奋勇拼搏,继陈懿、王益楠分别取得20分男女混合4×50米自由泳接力、男子S8级100米自由泳2枚金牌后,王益楠再次夺得男子S8级50米自由泳和34分男子4×100米混合泳接力2枚金牌,周佳敏在复合弓混合团体公开级和女子公开级淘汰赛中连获2金;中国体育代表团年龄最小的运动员徐佳玲在女子S9级100米蝶泳比赛中,以1分07秒90的成绩夺得金牌,并打破亚洲纪录。我市参赛的10名运动员勇夺7金1银6铜共14枚奖牌,展示了高超的竞技水平和良好的精神风貌,为祖国赢得了荣誉,为宁波增添了光彩。值此,谨向中国体育代表团并通过你们向宁波残奥健儿以及所有参赛的运动员、教练员和工作人员致以崇高的敬意和亲切的慰问!期待你们凯旋!相关的主题文章:

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