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No backstage foreign troops are to entertain? Sohu – Comments   we still remember this drama "the sun fire seed" and finally the captain Liu Xu Sergeant how to interpret the enthusiastic fans like? In fact, this is not uncommon in the South Korean army in the South Korean military organization, recently popular girl group TWICE to the Army soldiers show sympathy, scene emotion, followed by a member of the women’s team together dance, several soldiers watching the show whirlwind tears. The South Korean government in 2013 to cancel the wenyibing system, but there are still many countries is not China, North Korea, Japan and other countries have backstage military system, the armed forces of these countries is how to arrange the condolences activities of the military? But there is no backstage band according to the official definition of China’s Art Troupe is refers to under the leadership of the party, the Red Army Propaganda Team inherited the tradition of singing, dance, drama and use various forms to carry out promotional activities of the comprehensive art team, its role is through the art form of the condolences to front-line troops, in order to boost morale, relieve soldiers the effect of psychological pressure. In addition, North Korea, Russia, Vietnam Chinese Chinese, Taiwan and a few other countries and regions have the army art troupe, most countries in the world and no army art troupe. If you put aside the military propaganda, starting from the broader perspective of military literature and art, simply from the morale, the band is unique within the military art groups. From the historical point of view, the first band in 1798 the United States Marine band. "The caogui controversy" had done in one vigorous effort, again declined three and an argument, but if you can from a broad perspective to look at the role of the military, Chinese ancient drumming practice also can be regarded as a forward early prototype of the military literature. The band commitment is more ceremonial work, such as when foreign leaders played national anthems, or in major national activities to play performance. Such as the United States presidential inauguration, after the presidential oath, the United States Marine Corps Band will perform 4 "drums, Qi Ming (Ruffles and Flourishes)", followed by "Hail to the chief (Hail to the Chief"). In addition, with taxpayers’ money, U.S. military band also need many condolences to the people of free performances. But in the Taiwan area Chinese, artistic performance project military honor guard has become a major scenic tourists to watch the. A variety of forms of condolences to the army in 2013, South Korea has a special literary and military system, a lot of South Korean star after the application to become a literary and artistic soldiers. But there are a lot of corruption and abuse of the soldier system, wenyibing privilege also repeatedly criticized, but also on their own literary soldiers suffered discontent, literary soldiers a year performances up to 300 times, and in the literary soldier’s star does not have the copyright and portrait right. 2013 after the 7 literary and military discipline incident, South Korea completely abolished the literary and military system, after the Korean star soldiers can only start from ordinary soldiers. No South Korean troops after wenyibing system, also no other art troupe of foreign troops, officers and soldiers.相关的主题文章:

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