No state confirmed leave OMG eager to look forward to the return of the

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No status confirmation from OMG look forward to the return of the king wants to play in the November 3rd broadcast, OMG stateless (ID:Cool) in the broadcast revealed his situation, and has said OMG team on a good, confirmation will leave OMG in the S7 season, the family has not been determined. Since Cool OMG chose to leave this moment after the 5 members of the S3 season, swept the country scenery infinite dark forces are no longer the effectiveness of OMG, OMG and Cool are in the new season ushered in a new era of their own identity in the world is Chinese single COOL state is a good, by the world the identity of China in single, after the hero alliance gaming into the mainstream, no state is all in the hands of the TOP1 radio Chinese. Yu Jun, 1994 born in Hunan, Yiyang City, is a young hundred-percent addiction youth, played a competitive game of all kinds, from DOTA to LOL, no state with high talent rapid ascent in China, smoothly into the occupation field, has become a member of the EHOME and PHOENIX team, and then enter the OMG. After Tabe and White home, a stable lineup OMG down, become after the dark forces dominate LPL. The dark OMG S3 season turned out to break the WE and IG planes to dominate the LPL situation, a dark horse to win the championship and qualify the S3 world finals, so many people were shocked by the strong rise of the OMG, each location is strong in the wild, the linkage as well as in the world will be the first tower strike tactics to the extreme interpretation of the clan, so they play with the tacit understanding, so fierce, have the whole world in view are difficult to match. No, we Cool, was named the 2013 best E-sports players, the real core of the dark forces, entering the stadium was evaluated as "that can never be suppressed in the single player", after the rise of OMG is to become the world a single player can represent China at the world arena in class. LPL OMG OMG kanghan pioneer never give up on the world arena, facing the South Korean team record is 4-10, look bad? Even so, facing the South Korean team winning the highest team OMG is all LPL team, even if it is two years of EDG, in the face of the South Korean team when the battle performance only 4-11. S3 state to the finals, and several Faker 1:1 record sheets, battle, kill the 1 anti Kill 1 times, at the time of release, no state for the use of single strong in spring, barrel and Shindelar, can say no worse than Faker, if not to find a flaw. No, the operation may be slightly inferior to the Faker spirit. S4 finals game free state was named by RIOT Dade after 20 players in second, however, the tainted milk in no state of jaszo who take group phase continuous lost, no state finally abandoned toxic jaszo, in crossing the robbery battle until the last moment, 50 blood lead FNC, no state with three hand quarter finals)相关的主题文章:

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