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"Nobel, your brother echao" bad original title: "Nobel, your brother echao" bad newspaper commentator Wei Yingjie these days, a video on the Internet rather baffling fire. This is a record 5 years ago a "you" reality show, folk science enthusiast Guo Yingsen told her to get a Nobel prize dream, which referred to the recent hot gravitational waves. Guo Yingsen was mercilessly ridiculed and ridiculed by host Zhang Shaogang, guest Fang and others in the program. Recently, together with the video widely circulated saying, Guo in 5 years ago, "the first mention of" gravitational waves "concept has been mercilessly mocking the guest pressure, that may arise in the Chinese prize this". Someone else shouted, "we all owe" Nobel brother "an apology. Even micro-blog big V Chen Yao has been printed for the folk science lovers "refueling"". The so-called science fans, referred to as "crackpot", specifically refers to those without strict academic training or amateur amateur science researchers. It’s not a good word, but a sense of scorn and irony. "The public" is also a "Dan" difference, not to say researchers without formal training will not flow. But to say that Guo Yingsen "Dan", not only into the stream, but even the edge of scientific research are not touched. A junior high school mathematics do not cross the border, the lack of basic calculus ability, want to spy on the palace of science mystery, this is more than presumptuous, simply tell some fantastic tales. The program knows the absurdity, also let him on TV let guests banter, making ridiculous, exaggeration, this spoof is not honest. But Guo Yingsen has been consumed by this program many years ago, and now it has been borrowed, and its practice is even worse. Some people combed the topic spread trajectory, indicating that this is a well planned topic marketing. For example, the earlier release and forwarding of the video, micro-blog and articles, most of which are clearly marked marketing numbers. Why is this piece of video sent out, but also with sensational headlines, no less than want to ride the hype, by gravity wave hot topic to attract eyeballs. To this end, the author also deliberately fair to the program guests such as Fang, the National People’s Congress and crusade. In fact, people who know a little bit about gravitational waves know that Einstein, 100 years ago, predicted gravitational waves, and many scientists have been working on the problem for years. "First mention" and so on, is a joke. If we mention gravitational waves, that’s equivalent to research on them, and hopefully it won the Nobel prize. Isn’t that equivalent to spreading urine on the earth and announcing that the whole earth belongs to him? It’s disgusting to ignore the common sense and the common sense. As for who is going to hype the topic, as long as you think about who is the biggest beneficiary of this topic marketing, it is clear. I do not deny that "hype" is a moral critical word, sometimes inevitably with subjective color. A TV program, for the ratings and social networks to promote marketing, originally understandable. In the era of attention is productivity, a topic that can not attract attention, it is easy to be ignored. But some principles and bottom line, no 4

恶炒“诺贝尔哥”,你们太坏了   原标题:恶炒“诺贝尔哥”,你们太坏了   本报评论员 魏英杰   这几天,一段视频在网上莫名其妙地火了。这是5年前录制的一期《非你莫属》真人秀节目,民间科学爱好者郭英森讲述自己想拿诺贝尔奖的梦想,其中提到了最近的大热门引力波。   郭英森在节目中遭到主持人张绍刚、嘉宾方舟子等人无情奚落嘲讽。而近日跟视频一起广为流传的说法是,郭于5年前“首提‘引力波’概念却遭嘉宾无情嘲讽打压,本可能产生在中国的诺贝尔奖就此拱手相让”。还有人嚷嚷,我们都欠“诺贝尔哥”一个道歉。连微博大V姚晨都转帖为这位民间科学爱好者“加油”。   所谓民间科学爱好者,简称“民科”,专指那些未经严格学术训练的外行或业余科学研究者。这并不是什么好词,而是带有蔑视、嘲讽的意味。“民科”其实也有“段位”差别,不是说未经正规训练的研究者就一定不入流。但要说郭英森的“段位”,非但不入流,而是连科学研究的边都没摸着。一个连初中数学都不过关,缺乏基本演算能力的人,想要窥探科学殿堂奥妙,这何止是自不量力,简直就是痴人说梦。节目明知其荒诞,还让他上电视出乖露丑,任凭嘉宾戏谑,制造夸张效果,这种恶搞实在不厚道。   但郭英森多年前被这档节目消费了一把还不算,如今又被借题炒作,其做法更加恶劣。有人梳理话题传播轨迹,表明这是一场精心策划的话题营销。例如,较早发布和转发该视频、微博和文章的,多是一些明码标价的营销号。为何把这段视频发出来,又配以耸人听闻的标题,无外乎想搭车炒作,借引力波这个热门话题吸引眼球。为此,炒作者还故作公允地对当年的节目嘉宾方舟子等人大加讨伐。   实际上,对引力波话题稍有了解的人都知道,早在100年前科学家爱因斯坦就预测到引力波,许多科学家多年来也一直致力于研究该问题。“首提”云云,根本就是个笑话。如果提到过引力波就等于对其有研究,进而有望因此获得诺贝尔奖,那岂不相当于在大地上撒泡尿,然后宣布整个地球都属于他的了?如此不顾常识、违背常理的炒作方法,实在令人恶心。至于究竟谁在炒作这个话题,只要想想谁是这场话题营销的最大受益者,也就一清二楚了。   我不否认,“炒作”是一个具有道德批判意味的词语,有时难免带有主观色彩。一档电视节目,为了收视率而借助社交网络进行营销推广,原本也无可厚非。在关注度就是生产力的时代,一个不能吸引人眼球的话题,确实很容易被无视。但有些原则和底线,无论在何种情况下都不容践踏。这些原则底线包括通行的法律规范、公认的伦理道德,以及具体问题的基本事实。在这起话题营销中,别的且不说,如此夸大事实,恶意消费一个人,已经完全丧失了道德底线。   郭英森以为自己有能力搞科研,于是“自信”地上了《非你莫属》这档节目。但这并不意味着,这档节目的制作者、主持人以及嘉宾,可以毫无顾忌地嘲笑他、羞辱他。如果把炒作建立在对他人的侮辱之上,最终必将遭受公众唾弃。 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章:

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