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OFO yellow car lock away Mobell way this is the legend of the big move? Sohu, science and technology Texun November 14th news: wants you to have my ofo whenever and wherever possible the small yellow car to open the conference, November 17th, Beijing coordinates. The theme of the conference is in the city – ofo shared bicycle city strategic conference". In fact, the biggest difference in the mode of ofo and Mobell, did not experience in the car’s expensive and cheap and ride quality, which we will gradually tilt the same, is mainly used in different locks and the different usage and management mode. With the v-mobile intelligent lock, there are GPS modules for the position, but also for the service and maintain the GPRS communication module, the module may have a gyroscope like. In short, the vehicle can be real-time positioning, and through the communication module will be reported to the server system, but also accept the server system to send commands. Accordingly, the use of relatively simple mobell. When the user scans the code, APP sends the vehicle number information to the server, and the server sends the unlock command to the specified vehicle. At the end of the end of the user’s manual lock, the vehicle will be locked to the end of the information sent to the server, the server end of the user’s travel orders and billing. In this process, the user only need to use the app in the code to unlock the app, while the completion of the ride does not need to operate, like the same as the ordinary bicycle lock on the line. The use of the process from product logic is simple, self consistent and closed loop. Ofo into the 3 era, the whole vehicle hardware upgrade details a comprehensive report, as a shared bicycle is the most important part of the upgrade, but did not mention the lock. But ofo users are aware of the small yellow car has two kinds of locks, a disk type press button, a cylindrical rotary lock, the latter compared to the former, the exponential growth of the unlock password option, the possibility to guess the password was significantly lower. With its newly launched similar luggage lock turntable mechanical lock models, for example, it is designed, the expected user behavior is: 1) the user through the app input license plate number, from the server to get the lock of the vehicle. 2) adjust the lock to the corresponding password. 3) click on the end of the ride on the app, the end of the server to ride orders and billing. 4) a few users to toggle mechanical lock, lock the password on the position out of confusion. When the lock, more than one step to operate the behavior of the password lock it, the main problem is the third step. Because between the car and server system is not communication, riding is not the end users rely on app to take the initiative to inform, by the way, using the same way Bluetooth unlocking Xiaoming cycling. This way, in the end when riding need to bring users more operation inconvenience is on the one hand, more serious is that the user can use less credit behavior, to end the riding on the app, but in fact continue to ride, its system is absolutely ignorant of the. Let people laugh is the fourth step. The user has been riding on the end of the lock, can leave. But this is the case.相关的主题文章:

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