Oil price or ninth stranded in the year; more land festival will enjoy low price country five 9c8814

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The ninth oil price or years stranded   many will enjoy the festival at the "country five" oil – people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn data figure: China News Agency Luo Yunfei photo today, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window opens again. Many institutions predict that domestic oil prices or the ninth year aground. But analysts believe that the eleven holiday owners still enjoy the benefits of low oil prices. Since the current round of price adjustment cycle, influence around the U.S. crude oil inventories and reduce OPEC freeze production agreement, international crude oil futures prices fluctuated. The 28 day, the New York Mercantile Exchange in November delivery of light crude oil futures closed at $47.05 a barrel, up 5.33%. 11 month delivery in London Brent crude oil futures closed at $48.69 a barrel, or 5.92%. According to media reports, 28 members of OPEC have reached an agreement to cut output, each member will determine the number of cuts in November the official OPEC meeting. That information, WWW, Longzhong JOYOU and many other organizations, the news to promote the 28 international oil prices rose. In the current measuring range, the corresponding price adjustment will shrink to 50 yuan per ton, the domestic oil prices 30 stranded probability is very large. In 2016 the international crude oil price chart. Source: JOYOU information on a round of price adjustment window (September 18th), domestic gasoline and diesel prices were down 155 yuan per ton and 150 yuan. Adjustable equivalent to 8990 gasoline 0.11 yuan per lift; No. 9293 gasoline 0.12 yuan per liter; 97 gasoline 0.13 yuan per lift; No. 0 diesel 0.13 yuan per lift. Longzhong information oil analyst Li Yan believes that even if the current round of price adjustment aground, eleven holiday owners still enjoy the benefits of low oil prices. The current weakness in the domestic supply of oil resources, excess consumption, gas station has been competing for promotions, some private gas station preferential has reached 0.4-1.2 yuan or so, and the oil’s part of the gas station is also limited preferential measures. Www oil analyst Wang Neng said, the owners are still happy after the National Day "". 10 month, many will continue to "5" replacement of oil; and in accordance with past practice, at least during the exchange, the high standard oil retail price will not be adjusted. At that time, in addition to the eastern eleven provinces and Shaanxi have implemented the national five standard areas, most of the country will be "four" "Five" oil prices to enjoy. Data figure: since Zhang Yun taken in 2016, the domestic refined oil price has been a "six up four down eight stranded" pattern. The oil price adjustment aground in 8 to 2 times the normal run aground, 6 times for a floor price deal without adjustment; raised 6 times, a total increase in petrol prices 985 yuan per ton, the price of diesel 955 yuan per ton, equivalent to about 0.7-0.8 yuan; a total of 4 down, a drop in gasoline prices 670 yuan per ton, the price of diesel 650 yuan per ton. Equivalent to about 0.5-0.6 yuan. The next round of domestic oil price adjustment window will open on October 19th 24. Www oil analyst Li Ye expected) 油价或年内第9次搁浅 多地节后将享受低价“国五”油–人民网海南视窗–人民网   资料图:中新社骆云飞 摄   今日,国内成品油调价窗口再次开启。多家机构预测,国内油价或出现年内第九次搁浅。不过分析师认为,十一长假广大车主仍能享受到低油价的福利。   本轮调价周期以来,围绕美国原油库存降低及欧佩克冻产协议的影响,国际原油期货价格宽幅震荡。28日,纽约商品交易所11月交货的轻质原油期货收于每桶47.05美元,涨幅为5.33%。11月交货的伦敦布伦特原油期货收于每桶48.69美元,涨幅5.92%。   据媒体报道,欧佩克成员国28日已达成一项减产协议,各成员国减产数量将在11月的欧佩克正式会议上决定。   隆众资讯、卓创资讯、中宇资讯等多家机构认为,这一消息推动了国际油价28日的大涨。以当前测算幅度来看,对应调价幅度将收缩至50元 吨之内,国内油价30日搁浅的概率非常大。   2016年国际原油价格走势图。来源:中宇资讯   上一轮调价窗口(9月18日),国内汽、柴油价格每吨分别下调了155元和150元。调折合89 90号汽油每升降0.11元;92 93号汽油每升降0.12元;97号汽油每升降0.13元;0号柴油每升降0.13元。   隆众资讯油品分析师李彦认为,即便本轮调价搁浅,十一长假广大车主仍能享受到低油价的福利。目前国内成品油资源供应过剩、终端消费疲软,加油站一直在竞相优惠促销,部分民营加油站的优惠力度已达0.4-1.2元 升左右,且部分中石油旗下的加油站也有限时优惠措施。   卓创资讯成品油分析师王能表示,车主们国庆过后仍有“喜事”。10月份起,多地将陆续置换“国五”油品;且按照以往惯例,至少置换期间,高标准油品零售价将不做调整。到时,除东部十一省份及陕西等已经实施“国五”标准的地区外,全国大部分地区将以“国四”油价享受“国五”油品。   资料图:张云 摄   2016年以来,国内成品油调价已呈现“六涨四跌八搁浅”的格局。成品油调价8次搁浅中2次正常搁浅,6次因地板价新政而不作调整;6次上调,共计上调汽油价格985元 吨,柴油价格955元 吨,折合约0.7-0.8元 升;4次下调,共计下调汽油价格670元 吨,柴油价格650元 吨,折合约0.5-0.6元 升。   国内油价下一轮调价窗口将于10月19日24时开启。   卓创资讯原油分析师李烨预计,由于冻产预期在11月底的欧佩克年会前会继续为原油市场背书,这会对油价形成一个托底。国际油价或冲高回落,然后再度维持震荡局面,但整体水平会较目前小幅上涨。 (责编:吴占桂、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章:

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