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Olympic athletes lit "Hong Kong passion" – Hong Kong – people.com.cn Rio Olympics Olympic delegation to the mainland elite in August 27th 29 day visit to Hongkong, launched a series of exchanges and demonstration activities. On the morning of 28, the delegation is divided into several road, respectively demonstration of badminton and table tennis and diving, uniformed groups communicate with teenagers, some went into the Hongkong community, visiting schools, homes for the elderly. Afternoon, all the athletes participated in the "elite Olympic extravaganza agreed to you.". They interact closely with the people of Hongkong, to share the joy of victory and successful experience, its superb skills, confident smile, to the people of Hong Kong impressed and beautiful memories. Warm applause everywhere in the interaction, the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, from Tuen Mun students Deng Zhiming told reporters that he loves to play table tennis, most love, Malone Zhang Jike, to see the table tennis demonstration, he day to go out, 3 hours ahead of time in the hall outside the line, want to fight for the first row: "the closer the better, the best can hold!" In table tennis, badminton demonstration exchange, Elizabeth Stadium prolonged applause. The national anthem, solemn people standing to sing the national anthem. The effect of sound and light to create a warm atmosphere, the screen playing the Olympic highlights segment. When the Olympic champion who appeared on the scene, the reporter saw, some young eyes the tears. Haicheng Olympic women’s volleyball team in Kowloon on the morning of 28 attended the event, a large number of people came to the morning news to occupy a position. The event people zhengdu style of women’s volleyball players huge crowds of people. 28 morning, Tongluowan Vitoria park swimming pool, Wu Minxia, Chen Aisen, Cao Yuan, Ren Qian and other 8 diving champion turns to play, or reverse somersault tuck, or jump into the water, graceful and precise, let stand nearly 2000 people in Hongkong came. With 11 year old child to see the demonstration of diving Chen said that the scene watch sports, is the hope that children learn athletes perseverance spirit, to develop her interest in sports. She said that during the Olympic Games to watch a number of events, the most impressive is the China women’s volleyball Olympic gold medal again after a lapse of 12 years. In a stadium in Ma’anshan, Long Qingquan and other 7 weightlifters and athletes with more than 1000 uniformed youth groups team communication, hand in hand together to play the game. Athletes also send Autographed t-shirts. One of the boys said: "not willing to wear it, afraid to spend the above signature." In the afternoon of Wan Chai, "Olympic elite agreed your" theatrical extravaganza held. Before entering, made a "Zhang Jike refueling card Li Huiyi told reporters, she began to look forward to the mainland to Hong Kong athletes, has caught up the three" Olympic star". The show started, 45 Olympic Games and 45 elite athletes were Hongkong youth twinning, hand in hand into the hall. Zhang Mengxue, Zhao Shuai, Lin Yue, Sun Yang, Lin Dan, Malone, and Fu Yuanhui…… When the girls volleyball team China finale, the audience of more than 2000 spectators boiling! Reporters around a gray haired old man stood desperately forward, press the shutter hands, don’t stop saying "good, good!" Inspiring emotion, leaving good memories of Hongkong Special Administrative Region相关的主题文章:

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