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One thousand open the flashlight, palm size, before the hard shell also hit the walnut – Sohu of science and technology, great fruit to Jun buddies introduced many flashlights, design all have strengths, some concealed mystery, and small stature. However, today very gentleman to buddies introduced is a pure torch — lumintop TD16. The advantages of this flashlight that is quite obvious, a word, light! The maximum output intensity up to 1000 lumens, the effective range of 310 meters. It has 6 kinds of lighting modes, respectively. The maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, a brightness of 220 lumens, low brightness of 35 lumens, and flash, flash, slow flash. The tail button is a switch, the front button for mode adjustment. TD16 using CREE XM-L2 U2 LED lamp lens and super high transmittance, less light attenuation. So life is quite impressive, but the maximum brightness of 2.2 hours, the minimum brightness can be used for 40 hours. The lamp life of 50 thousand hours, very durable. Flashlight shell for aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel tail after strengthening, outdoor activities, do a temporary hammer, a little problem is not what a walnut. Waterproof grade of IPX8, can be used in the water two meters, if the next rain, it is not called. At present this flashlight is sold in Asia, priced at $100, about 667 yuan. ————END————— hydropower does not feature? Then look at this flashlight, add water to light 72 hours of WeChat search and the number of public concern: fruit net reply: flashlight field word of urine · · ·相关的主题文章:

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