One week after menstruation to lose weight best achieve twice the result with half the effort

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A week after menstruation weight   to achieve a multiplier effect – Net – original title: a week after menstruation is the best weight loss "21 day diet", "NFAM diet", and a way to lose weight "new period diet" in young women quickly hot up. Many readers to the 309th Hospital of PLA (PLA General Hospital) this new topic nutrition director Zuo Xiaoxia consulting. What is the "energy-saving"? On the network that different phases is each one sticks to his argument. Zuo Xiaoxia pointed out that if you want to menstrual women’s physiological cycle and weight loss, it mainly in the menstrual cycle and menstruation after the end of a week to play a role, and the rest of the time effect of weight loss and menstrual cycle is not too much correlation. Zuo Xiaoxia explained that the menstrual period of women fat ability higher than usual 10%~20% combustion, the period after the end of the week, women’s mood is more stable, the body also significantly accelerated the speed of The new supersedes the old., weight loss is most needed to grasp the time, can be called the best time. Good use of this period, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. You can think of some of the more intensive ways, such as swimming, running, aerobics, etc.. However, fat only starts to burn after 40 minutes of exercise, so it takes a lot of willpower and long-term persistence to see the effect. During the menstrual period, the body may be relatively weak, temper is also more irritable, diet should try to be light, full nutrition, you can properly increase some of the food of Qi and blood; three days before menstruation can choose a meal after walking and other relatively gentle movement. To avoid or eat less cold food, "the cold here is not just temperature, but also includes cold food, such as summer ice watermelon, and autumn crab, etc., menstrual women must not only covet taste." But director Zuo Xiaoxia also reminded the beauty of women, whether a weight-loss method was bragging about how it can possibly be as if it were raining flowers, for everyone, we still have to find the most suitable way to hold the mouth and taking the legs, is the key to weight loss. In addition, weight loss should also control the speed, should not blindly seek fast. "There was a patient who was proud to tell me that she had lost more than 10 kilos a month. I told her it was unhealthy to lose weight. Rapid weight loss is easy to cause metabolic rate decline, affect gastrointestinal function, resistance weakened, irregular menstruation, etc.. Once you cut too much, everyone’s physical response will be disrupted. Personally, I think it’s healthier to lose 4 to 6 pounds a month." (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Xu Caihong) 经期后一周减肥最佳 达到事半功倍效果–河南分网–人民网 原标题:经期后一周减肥最佳   继“21天减肥法”、“过午不食减肥法”之后,又有一种新的减肥方法“经期减肥法”在年轻女性中迅速火爆起来。不少读者向解放军第309医院(总参总医院)营养科主任左小霞咨询这个新鲜话题。   到底什么是“经期减肥法”?网络上的说法各不相同,阶段的划分也是各执一词。左小霞指出,如果非要将经期女性的生理周期与减肥相联系的话,它主要在月经期和月经结束后的一周内发挥作用,其余时间的减肥效果和月经周期并没有太大相关性。   左小霞解释,月经期女性燃烧脂肪的能力比平时高出10%~20%,月经结束后的一周,女性情绪更为稳定,身体的新陈代谢速度也显著加快,这是减肥最需要把握住的时间,也可以称作最佳时间。利用好这个时期,可以达到事半功倍的效果。   可以考虑一些强度较大的方式比如游泳、跑步、健身操等。不过,脂肪只有在我们运动40分钟之后才逐渐开始燃烧,因此需要很好的毅力以及长期的坚持才能看见效果。   经期时身体可能比较虚弱,脾气也比较暴躁,饮食上要尽量做到清淡、营养全面,可以适当增加一些益气补血的食物;经期前三天可以选择饭后散步等较温和的运动。要避免或少吃凉的食物,“这里的凉不只是温度,还包括凉性的食物,比如盛夏的冰西瓜还有金秋的螃蟹等,经期女性千万不能只顾贪图口感。”   但是左小霞主任也提醒爱美的女性,不管一种减肥方法被吹嘘的多么天花乱坠,它都不可能适合每一个人,我们还是要找到最适合自己的方式,管住嘴和迈开腿,是减肥的关键。   此外,减肥时还要控制好速度,不应该盲目求快。“原来有个患者很自豪地跟我说,她一个月减了十几斤。我跟她讲其实这样的减肥是不健康的。快速减肥容易造成代谢率下降、影响肠胃功能、抵抗力减弱、月经不规律等。一下子减太多,人各方面身体反应会被打乱。我个人认为,一个月减4到6斤是比较健康的减肥。” (责编:杨晓娜、徐彩虹)相关的主题文章:

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