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Online " Gao fushuai " the swindlers young girls become handsome spent million yuan Xi’an News Network (the cosmetic intern reporter Wang Tao Shi Chen) the thought met online rich handsome boyfriend, the girl and the other appointment property was cheated. September 21st, the high tech police informed that, after several months of investigation, and finally arrested the name of the girl met on the Internet to meet the implementation of fraud suspects in Iraq, the police found that even in Xi’an did not work. Several girls with rich handsome male friends cheated belongings dating at the beginning of this year, hi tech Zone, a young woman Xiaofang (a pseudonym) by WeChat met a strange man, each claiming to be called "Qiu Jiaze", for the family to take care of the building materials business. During the exchange, she found that this man is likely to be the father of the eyes of the rich handsome boyfriend. Both sides of the date, the man dressed in fashion, conversation seems polite, but also from time to time to talk about the trouble encountered when building materials for their parents to do business, the girl also relaxed vigilance. At this time, the man suddenly on the phone without electricity on the grounds, borrow the girl Apple phone, the results did not wait for the girl to react, the other side has been holding the phone missing. Found deceived, Xiaofang immediately to the police high-tech branch of High Road police station. 21, high road police station deputy director Dang Wei introduced since January this year, they received more than young female police station police said, met a man named "Qiu Jiaze" male users, mobile phone, cash, jewelry and other belongings being cheated. After the incident, the man will disappear, no longer contact. Female boss also fell into the gentle trap after the incident, the police immediately launched an investigation. According to the city’s public security organs like the victim to report the case review, the police found early in October 2014 there is a shop in the hamlet of unmarried female boss called the police, and under the name "Qiu Jiaze" male friends after the appointment, found the shop stolen property. Originally, in September of that year, the young female boss, WeChat met Qiu cg. After nearly a month of the exchange, the evening of October 4, 2014, they agreed to meet in the Hamlet. That evening, after drinking two, the female boss will this male friends stay in the store. She did not expect that, second days more than 7 in the morning after getting up, found that her boyfriend has left her mobile phone, camera, tablet computer, bank cards and other belongings take wings to itself. When she tried to contact with male friends, only to find that they know each other’s micro signal, and has been pulled black, simply can not contact. For the more handsome fraud man spent million yuan plastic surgery as soon as possible in order to solve the case, high-tech police after several months of investigation, finally in Yanta District after the village found the suspect’s trail. September 20th, the police in a small village in the village, the suspect arrested in iraq. The investigation, a 25 year old Henan Luoyang, not "handsome", in Xi’an there is no legitimate occupation. "Qiu Jiaze" is just a network of young women on the Internet to lure the young woman’s name. From the beginning of 2014, Iraq began to live in Xi’an for a long time, however, the police found in 2013, Iraq in Xi’an, a similar means to defraud the girl. Life, a Mercedes Benz, wearing fashion, claiming to be in Beijiao相关的主题文章:

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