Out of the electronic waste recycling gray with China University of Petroleum students bottom kasey chase

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Out of the electronic waste recycling gray with   China University of Petroleum students bottom secondary market — energy — people.com.cn original title: out of e-waste recycling is gray with China University of Petroleum students bottom secondary market "young man, you and aunt said that the problem of pollution of waste household appliances, that we don’t waste household appliances to vendors who give us? Who is the formal business? Where is the formal Enterprise?" Social practice has come to an end, but the first day of research aunt has been plagued by the question of captain Ge Zhenyou. As captain, he was thinking, we have been looking for e-waste recycling road, but how to build this road? China produces about 6000000 tons of electronic waste each year, and electronic waste disposal companies have ‘no rice pot’, where is the e-waste?" August 19th, this is the ninth day of the China University of Petroleum (Hua Dong) LAN-STAR escort research. 8 days of research did not allow them to get the desired results, electronics manufacturers, small traders and dismantling enterprises should be in what way coexist in society? With such a question they embark on a journey of pathfinder. As the seller, the secondary market penetration of players make unannounced visits to the secondary market. Chinese youth network correspondent Yin Xiaolong in advance to discuss the method, as players to get more information about sellers of recycling used household appliances. But when the practice team uniform clothing, portable SLR camera into the secondary market, but attracted a different vision. Shop owners are on the alert, and even returned to the recycling of waste appliances are a little cover. Lu Zhengchuan, a member of the team went to Qingdao to ask, "boss, we have a batch of old refrigerator to deal with, how much money do you see?" When I heard that to deal with air conditioning, the boss’s eyes shine, "waste or old? What type? How many litres? Single door or double doors?" A series of questions to the practice team, after repeated thinking, the captain decided to the boss and Tao Ming had come true. After learning that the practice team is a student, the boss relaxed vigilance, without scruple to chat up. This year is not good, although we are collecting second-hand refrigerators, but we abandoned or rejected, hands down to small traders still has a bit of profit." The boss said, "we like this in the secondary market, ‘home’ is not fixed, sometimes to small traders, sometimes sold to regular business, you will understand the truth, who give money to whom i." Team Lu Zhengchuan asked e-waste end up when the boss stammers that he didn’t care, as long as the money, which is sold and they did not have much relationship. The players looked shop, they found the home appliance recycling is relatively simple, mainly four brain (TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, computer), formal e-waste recycling businesses, such as mobile phone copiers, printers are not, they will be less involved. After the acquisition of a number of second-hand business, the practice of the team found that the acquisition of second-hand home appliances market is uncertain, most sold to small traders, and sometimes will be sold to the regular business, but not as good as selling相关的主题文章:

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