Guy to a small clinic to prescribe medicine to drink half a year of traditional Chinese medicine

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Guy to a small clinic to prescribe medicine to drink half a year of traditional Chinese medicine into kidney failure original title: guy drink half a year to drink traditional Chinese medicine into the kidney failure in Hankou Lee 29 years old this year. The day before yesterday evening, Mr. Li suddenly blurred, his family sent him to the city hospital, the doctor found that he had renal failure, the need for immediate hospitalization. Due to serious illness, Lee was transferred to the Department of critical care medicine. Tube bed doctor Xu Meixia said that Mike’s blood sugar is almost impossible to measure, there are serious complications of diabetes. Washington (reporter correspondent Jiang Hu Fangyuan       Xu Tao; Ouyang Fei) even drink a lot of water often feel that Chinese drink mouth parched and tongue scorched, no toxic side effect, did not expect to drink half a year after the Chinese guy, even to drink out of renal failure. Mike’s mother, Ms. Wu said, as early as a year ago, his son began to appear the symptom of dry mouth, drink plenty of water every time after the symptoms will ease a little, advised him to go to the hospital for a check-up, he thought to the hospital to eat Western medicine, side effects will hurt the body. So, he went to a small clinic nearby to open a number of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. After returning home, Xiao Li in accordance with the doctor’s request, to take aoyao for half a year. Xu Tao, director of the Department of critical care medicine, said Li’s kidney failure should be associated with the long-term use of large quantities of Chinese medicine. Dry mouth polydipsia is the typical symptoms of diabetes, if it can be early to the hospital for examination, standard treatment, it will not develop into the current situation. Xu Tao reminded that many people love to buy medicine for the treatment of various diseases, but do not know the drugs through the kidney to metabolism, thus, long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine is easy to increase the burden on the kidneys, for a long time, there may even lead to uremia. The clinical findings, some patients are excessive use, as well as the days and months multiplying lead poisoning; drug processing, decocting improper no toxicity removal. He stressed that Chinese medicine must be taken under the guidance of a regular physician. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

Cao Wen cloud blonde shelled suspected Guo Degang spare none to kill me (video)-avbox

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Cao Wen cloud blonde shelled suspected Guo Degang: spare none kill me [Abstract]9 Sept. 4 in the afternoon, Cao Yunjin suddenly said micro-blog, "you can be interesting…… In our spare none, kill us, and is suspected in the fight to Mr Guo Degang. Guo Degang Cao Yunjin, former apprentice Cao Yunjin Guo Degang micro-blog micro-blog break this screenshot screenshot to mention Cao Yunjin Guo Degang from his legacy! Tencent entertainment news on the afternoon of September 4th, Cao Yunjin suddenly hair micro-blog, said, you really interesting…… In our spare none, kill us, and is suspected in the fight to Mr Guo Degang. Earlier, Guo Degang published Deyunshe genealogy, once the cloud generation disciple He Yunwei and Cao Yunjin is not in the column, he was posting said: "the Qing Qing, the flooding. The so-called clean-up portal, is to give a good account of the people. Where the sun does, rivers to Zhong is the tailor. May you stay away under the face of brilliant prospects. From the arena of distance, not goodbye." PM today (4 days), Cao Yunjin is to respond to suspected posting, he was removed from the said: "you can be interesting, never dare to name names, always give you a longer because of injury to men inflicted by evil persons, to make money, you push us away, now you planted, shall impose some Mo some charges on us for us, spare none, kill us!" Deyunshe and also did not respond.相关的主题文章:

Detained former girlfriend beaten stripped punishment Hunan police appeal for innocence – Sohu news-didadi

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Detained former girlfriend beaten stripped punishment Hunan police appeal for innocence – Sohu news October 25, 2016, the Yueyang Tower in Yueyang city Hunan District People’s Court of first instance verdict, the Yueyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police beatings of Zhao Gu’s implementation, and through the insult, abuse, resulting Zhao took off his clothes and naked, and in several times before the incident the damaged vehicle, Gu Wenfan was sentenced to the crime of illegal detention, but from criminal penalties, compensation for economic loss of 12887.59 yuan zhao. After the verdict, the defendant Gu Wen refused to accept the appeal request revoked the first instance verdict, commuted his innocence. The plaintiff subsequently put forward the second statement of Zhao, said the verdict and Gu’s appeal to "indignation extremely", request the second sentence of imprisonment, gu. Surging news confirmed () from Hunan Province, Yueyang City Intermediate People’s court, Gu Wen alleged illegal detention case of second instance trial date will be. Surging news obtained Gu "criminal complaint on the defendant and the plaintiff to provide" Zhao Gu "victims of illegal detention case of second instance Representations" (hereinafter referred to as "the second statement") showed that both sides would argue whether the restriction of personal freedom and the clothes off. "One focus: whether emotional conflicts caused the verdict, zhao gu proposed to break up, but because the defendant does not agree to break up but failed to gu. Gu Wen in the "criminal complaint" said, and Zhao at the time of the incident is still in love relationship, drag Zhao car to resolve emotional crisis. Zhao in the "second" in response to the statement at the end of July 2015, he broke up, Gu Gu to agree, after the reply message clearly inform broke up, Gu Wen also said it has agreed to in reply to a text message. Zhao believes that the judgment of the first instance decided that emotional disputes with the facts. "Two focus: whether the restriction of personal freedom of judgment, and Zhao Gu to solve between the feelings of disputes, forced Zhao control in driving the car, forcibly grabbed Zhao’s arm, put it into his driving cars, after the surrender of zhao gu for mobile phone, was Zhao refused after a dispute between the two sides, the mobile phone in the course of the two sides dispute was thrown out the window, Zhao Lu cry, in the garage to the Dongting Lake bridge, Zhao off contact lenses. Gu Wen in the "criminal complaint" said, he dragged Zhao car not to restrict or deprive of personal freedom, but to resolve emotional crisis; in addition to drag Zhao car, did not refuse or stop off Zhao’s speech and behavior, in the whole process, Zhao can call for help, alarm and left. But starting from the car for more than five hours to get off, Zhao had to get off and psychological requirements (including verbal requirements), nothing to get rid of the "detention" behavior. Zhao in the "second" in the statement also responded, the verdict ignored Gu know high myopia civilization also forcing the victim off contact lenses and is forced to lose their mobile phone to prevent it in contact with the outside world. Surging news before the "Yueyang police accused detained former girlfriend and forced the strip.相关的主题文章:

Swedish men’s control of the UAV bulb broken 9 successful (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel-utc行家

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Swedish men’s control of the UAV for the bulb breaking 9 final success (Figure) – Sohu military channel data figure: Swedish men control drones for light bulbs. Data figure: Swedish men control drones for light bulbs. To the roof lights to change the light bulb is a problem for many people, to move the ladder, but also afraid to fall. CCTV news recently reported a message: Sweden, a man named Sven for himself to find a good helper, with this help, he can also be a light bulb, sven. Sven’s helper is a drone. He put the drone on a claw like tool, and the test was his drone operation. The first step is to turn the broken bulb down, but the process is not so smooth. After many attempts, Sven finally safely replaced the bulb. Next, he needs to change the new light bulb, which is even more troublesome. After cleaning up 9 broken bulbs, Sven decided to switch to another model. But after so many tries, gentle also mastered no manipulation tricks man-machine to change the bulb, this time he finally succeeded in lighting up. A few years ago, we still feel very drone rare, now from our life is getting closer, but in China, the real game player game player is not much, mainly in the photography enthusiasts are using drones to carry out aerial photography. Zhang Juen, executive director of the China Aviation society, said, the scope of a wide range of uavs." For example, the UAV can be used in public security narcotics, anti smuggling and other quasi military purposes, can also be used for fire rescue, medical rescue, disaster relief and so on, also can be used for agricultural plant protection, environmental monitoring, power line patrol, can replace the dangerous high altitude operation, work hard, toxic and harmful for Industry and other industrial applications, the market potential is great. It can be said that the future of UAV is air intelligent robot, which can completely replace people to complete a variety of independent air operations; at the same time combined with the imaging system, the application extends to various industries, such as commercial applications can be used in the courier industry, such as film and television production. However, the current UAV failure rate is still high, falling things happen. As an emerging industry, China’s current laws and regulations, government documents can not be used for the control, airworthiness, operation, approval and other effective management and guidance. In 2013, the Interim Provisions on the management of the pilot of the civil unmanned aircraft system were also made.相关的主题文章:

Campaign team said Hilary completely healthy U.S. media persuasion is not enough-norton disk doctor

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Campaign team said Hilary completely healthy U.S. media: persuasion is not enough data figure: Hilary. Original title: the Hilary team disclosed the progress in treatment of pneumonia doctors said the health agency for new president in Washington on 14 September, (reporter Zhang Yuran) in response to the outside of the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton’s health questions, the Hilary campaign of 14 local time, released a report on the physical condition of Hilary report. The report said that Hilary, who was infected with pneumonia last week, recovered well after using antibiotics and full rest. Hilary recently in New York to attend the "9· 11" 15 anniversary of early departure, was photographed to walk independently, being raised on the video. There is criticism that the mystery, Hilary physical condition, may not be able to assume the presidency comes. In order to quell the doubts, Hilary team announced the same day by her doctor, ·, Bardac, issued a statement, which is more than a year after the announcement of the health status of the body of the report again, Mr. Hilary. Bardac said in a statement, Hilary last year there have been several episodes of allergies, has been in the medication to deal with allergies. In January this year, Hilary appeared sinusitis and ear infections, once more fluid left ear, the doctor for treatment, March, according to Hilary brain and sinus CT examination found no abnormalities, she has recovered. Bardac stressed that Hilary diagnosed pneumonia last week is not contagious, she has done a number of checks on the week of the Hilary, the intake of levofloxacin in the treatment of levofloxacin, rehabilitation is very good, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. She finally concluded that this year, in addition to sinus and ear infections, pneumonia, Hilary has no other conditions. Hilary is in good health and is fit to be president of the United states. U.S. media generally believe that the positive conclusions drawn in this report is expected. However, due to the Hilary team in her health problems has been secretive, even once had to conceal the fact of pneumonia, the report of persuasion will be weakened. Republican presidential candidate Trump 14 recorded a talk show, referring to their physical condition, the program will be broadcast on 15. Prior to this, the Trump team had to provide a lack of specific details of the media, has been criticized outside the statement, claiming that the president of the United States will be the most healthy body of the history of the United States since the beginning of the history of the United States, the president of the United States, the United States and the United States, the president of the United States, the president of the United states. Trump’s doctor, Bernstein, admitted last month that he had only 5 minutes to write the statement. Age in the presidential election is a "double-edged sword", too young candidates will be blamed for the lack of experience and ability, too a step will be accused of conformity, and lack of physical fitness to perform their duties. Compared with the current president Obama, former president of the United States, Hilary and the older age of the age of, the age of 68 years old, at the age of 70, at the age of, mr.. If Trump wins, he will be the oldest elected president in American history, and if Hilary wins, she will be the oldest elected president after President Reagan. (finished) Kay相关的主题文章:

Japan wants to send Malaysia second-hand warships Japanese media said aid to other countries

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Japan to send warships to Malaysia second-hand Japanese media said the aid of his country against Chinese data figure: Japanese patrol ships according to Japan’s Kyodo News 4 reported that the Japanese government sources, the government decided to provide 4 days of basic two second-hand large patrol boats to Malaysia. Reported that the move is to deal with the strengthening of China’s marine activities, while the South China Sea countries to aid. Kyodo news agency said, Malaysia’s prime minister Najibuben mid month visit matters are coordinated, the prime minister Abe Shinzo is expected in the summit talks to Naguib officially announced to send boats. "Relevant person" said, the Japanese side will send the coast guard used a total length of 90 meters two patrol boats, plans to use Japan’s official development assistance (ODA) repair, the fastest in January transferred to Malaysia. Japan’s "help Southeast Asian countries to enhance maritime guard ability is quite positive. The country has now begun to provide Philippines with 10 patrol boats of about 40 meters in length, after Japan had provided patrol boats to Vietnam and Indonesia. Kyodo news agency said Japan also intends to work with the United States and other countries to join hands to promote aid to Southeast Asian countries". Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib’s visit to China in November 6th to October 31st, during his visit by some western media as "close to Chinese". 3, 2009, China and France issued a joint press statement, stressed the importance of maintaining peace, security and stability in the South China Sea and the importance of freedom of navigation and freedom of flight in accordance with international law. The two countries believe that not directly related parties involved in the dispute will not help solve the problem.相关的主题文章:

Lee Hom once again when dad! Today, Li Lianglei gave birth to a second child daughter (video)

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Lee Hom once again when dad! Today, Li Lianglei gave birth to a second child daughter [Abstract] Leehom for 3 days with her 2 year old daughter Wang Jiali with his wife Li Lianglei in the United States during this noon, finally the birth of their 2 child, a healthy baby girl named Wang Jiana. Lee Hom and Li Lianglei holding his newborn daughter after his wife Lee Hom Lee Hom, accompanying micro-blog news Tencent entertainment news October 7th news, Lee Hom 3, with her 2 year old daughter Wang Jiali with his wife Li Lianglei in the United States to be produced at noon today (7 days) at the birth of their 2 child, a healthy baby girl named Wang Jiana. He called on her, his wife moved to say: "Wang Jiana, thank you for letting us once again feel the miracle of life!" First hours after Wang Jiana’s birth, he held Lee Hom’s hand tightly, as if to say, "I’m finally here."!" Lee Hom said: "this is two months to stop all notices is very meaningful, to accompany the whole beautiful bud in the production process of labor and witness all the unforgettable story, of course, the first moment the most shocking climax is to see the small Kanebo, like small Carrie, love at first sight! Mother and daughter junan! Thanks to all friends, media friends and fans!" He and Li Lianglei married more than 3 years of progress, in July 2014 gave birth to a daughter, this year, once again meet the new members of the report, so that he was very happy at the age of 40. Lee Hom advocate easy education Zhang Zilin work children two相关的主题文章:

Law enforcement in the camera, why so

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Law enforcement in the camera, why so difficult? The day before the online heat transfer "police slapped the parties involved in the accident and knocked his mobile phone to their video" video, 27, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Control Department Administrative micro-blog reported that on the evening of 26 when Gao Yunliang police stopped performing their duties, to be dealt with after further investigation and verification. Just a week ago, reporters have also been reported to be suspected of water pollution by the environmental protection agency officials to grab the phone event. Grab the mobile phone "was" knocked out, mobile phone "event, that is too much to learn lessons. A month ago, the Ministry of public security in the national public security organs to regulate law enforcement video demonstration training clear police to be accustomed to law enforcement in the lens". There Carter, side knowingly violate. Look on the incident, because the "confirmation" and "signature" order, staged a scene out of mobile phone, should not be too: in accordance with the "road traffic law" and "seventy-third road traffic accident handling procedures" article forty-eighth, accident handling shall be made by the police were served, and inform the parties to the traffic administrative department of the public security organ for review, mediation and file a civil lawsuit directly to the people’s court, the right time. Let the parties look at the book, or how long, there is no need to rush to sign". In order to make a "reminder sign" off mobile phone is not allowed to shoot things, indicating that some law enforcement from the "custom in the lens of law enforcement" occupation attainment is far worse, the latter is the minimum requirement, uphold the restraining power restraint.相关的主题文章:

Ci Xi and Guangxu died one day, is a coincidence or another insider-mycoolboy

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Ci Xi and Guangxu died one day, is a coincidence or another insider [Abstract] is allowed in the Empress Dowager Ci Xi and Emperor Guangxu to use this opportunity to read a lot of books about constitutional etc.. Near the end of the year 1908, the Forbidden City was amazing news, Guangxu emperor and Empress Dowager Ci Xi died in two days, inside and outside the city of officialdom and folk suddenly float, the turbulent political situation becomes There were many discussions.. The death of the evening of November 14, 1908, Beijing winter is especially cold, Emperor Guangxu died quietly in the palace, dying without a companion, and was found dead for a long time. The next afternoon, 74 year old Ci Xi was dead. The 38 year old emperor die one day before the seven year old Ci Xi died, people can not help but doubt, has many legends, many people think that Ci Xi knew disease will not work, can not be reconciled before Guangxu died, so under the murderous. But the detailed examination of Qing Imperial archives, the Guangxu is affected by tuberculosis, liver, heart, rheumatism and other chronic torture, resulting in a serious lack of immunity of the body, a multi system disease, resulting in heart failure, acute infection and death. In 1980, the Qing Xiling cultural relics management cleaning Chongling Palace of the Earth, found the remains intact, 1.64 meters in length, no blade scars. Through the test of cervical and hair, no poisoning phenomenon, analysis and judgment of experts, medical experts and Ch’ing archives is consistent, that is the normal death of guangxu. Another test results are found in recent years, Guangxu Department poisoning death. But there are still scholars reservations, said that the poisoning is hard to confirm, said Ci Xi is the mastermind is unclear, if someone is more likely to be poisoned, Yuan Shikai, Li Lianying. The reform movement of 1898 was suppressed, as the name of the Emperor Guangxu emperor in the late Qing Dynasty political activities for ten years. In the meantime, some have seen far from his Western records, or from those who served his eunuchs in the mouth, the impression is that he seems to fall into a deep depression, unresponsive, dazed. A maid Ci Xi served under the arrangement of Ci Xi, married to the Guangxu emperor barber Liu eunuch. The maid memories of her husband told her, "shaved his head, asked the emperor massage? You know the emperor is a quick temper, and always do not pay attention to the details of life, had tired, usually shook his head, more not picky.’. I salute the emperor, the eyelids also does not carry, just thinking". The husband also said that when the emperor had little smile. Ci Xi read the book and in the constitutional arrangements in the disclosure of the archives of Qing Dynasty, reflected as the puppet emperor, in the dull, indifferent expression, heart actually did not completely abandon his political pursuit, and the Empress Dowager Ci Xi also is not what people think of him, even hate into the bone must be in want of the oblivion. On the contrary, 1906 declared constitutional preparation, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi in November 1907, Rong, Lu Runxiang has Sun Jianai, Zhang Yinglin, Tang Jingchong, Bao Xi, Zhu Yifan shifts the Guangxu emperor lectures, including Sun Jianai, Rong, Lu Runxiang, Zhang Yinglin, Zhu Yi The Four Books and the Five Classics teaching, teaching and Family Education Aphorism fan royal assent, the government of Tang Jingchong, Bao.相关的主题文章:

Hubei Huimin policy implementation thousands of Party members and cadres are handled – Sohu

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Hubei to supervise the implementation of policies that benefit: tens of thousands of Party members and cadres to be processed – Sohu news just 4 months, more than 31 people received illegal Huimin subsidies with tens of thousands of Party members and cadres to be processed, the recovered 122 million yuan of illegal funds to pay back…… Recently, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the province’s use of large data monitoring and inspection of Huimin policy, and informed the 15 party members and cadres against the interests of the masses typical cases of corruption, causing strong social repercussions. Science and technology anti-corruption + precise supervision began to force the use of big data, originally from the provincial fourth inspection teams a new idea. Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant staff, last year the provincial fourth inspection teams visited Shiyan during the Yunxian, for faster and more accurate found clues to the problem, a number of departments of audit, tax, tax, finance, civil affairs, letters and other data comparing. The beginning of the manual comparison, a table to see a table, the efficiency is not high, then try to use the database system, the data on the part of the operation by the professionals to help the inspection team quickly lock the clues. The issue of corruption in Yunxi former Party Secretary Hu once, is under the power of big data. Provincial inspection team found that in the livelihood of the people, the use of special funds on the government, the results of the big data comparison is obvious, can directly reflect the relevant issues and leading cadres discipline clues. This idea by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection main leadership, sent to Shiyan research program, then research in 19 provincial departments. Research found that the department involved in the Department of Huimin funds, the relevant data are very detailed, and have been networked, which provides the conditions for the use of large data." Research group responsible person said. Provincial Commission for discipline inspection organizations to develop a dedicated large data supervision and inspection software, in Qianjiang and Yingshan pilot, to February this year, the end of the pilot, the effect is obvious. Subsequently, the use of anti-corruption technology in the province. April 27th, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the use of large data to carry out the implementation of the policy of Huimin supervision and inspection of the video will be the province’s science and technology anti-corruption + precise supervision began to force. Ten minutes on the 2 million data as of August 31st this year, the province’s 114 counties, city, District, the use of big data, from 2014 to 2015, rural residents, rural reconstruction and other 8 Huimin policy implementation of supervision and inspection, involving funds total 33 billion 20 million yuan. More than 4 months, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to supervise eight provincial departments, provincial, city, county, township and village five linkage, the total verified problems leads 432 thousand, involving 602 million yuan of illegal funds; found that do not conform with the policy number receive subsidies 317406 people, involving 59209 party members and cadres. Data analysis, mainly to the civil affairs, finance, agriculture, forestry, construction and other related data for Huimin funds sector, and public security, taxation and other relevant departments of the data together, to find which one, put the relevant data entered. Due to the existence of information barriers between the various functional departments, a single sector of the real situation of the Huimin subsidies recipients can not completely see through". And Huimin funds to implement but also in the regulatory endings, false impersonator, embezzled)相关的主题文章:

Taiwanese entanglements fraternity seat, go or stay – Taiwan Channel – People’s

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Taiwanese entanglements: fraternity seat, go or stay? – Taiwan Channel – People’s network of Taiwan mass transit vehicles, there are some dark blue seats, they are". The seat next to write "please give priority priority seat passengers in need", or to write "please give priority to give way to the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled and passenger carrying a child", and with the associated patterns. Taipei mrt map for love, often empty nobody dare to sit. (picture) Taipei Metro since September 2007 issued "fraternity identification sticker", there is a demand to the station information centres. Since 2010, Taipei city is also making good pregnant mothers in the bosom ", provide the mass transportation tool wear, to remind people to see the active seat. (picture)   in the eyes of mainland tourists, love the empty seat of the car is the most beautiful scenery of Taiwan, many people are still full of praise after a trip. It symbolizes the traditional virtues of love seat model, has recently suffered a lot of controversy, many Taiwan compatriots regarded as chicken ribs, to get rid of. What exactly is the Taiwanese people, love seat and experience what? Moral magic man read the curse in the land of the free travel notes, such as no matter how crowded the bus, fraternity seat will not be accounted for, such as praise everywhere. Indeed, often take the bus or MRT Taipei people can be found, not only the basic love seat is unoccupied, and even ordinary seats are large empty, many passengers would stand don’t sit around the seat. This is why? Set fraternity, the intention is to hope that vulnerable groups and people in need have a comfortable ride environment. However, people in Taiwan but some people claim justice, as long as people do not see the seat, or occupy seats, it indiscriminately accused. Taiwan users returned to this kind of people sealed a title, called moral devil". In late August, Taipei first girls high school girls ride in the subway, because the body is not comfortable not to seat next to the children and the elderly onlookers aunt angry, back post said "it is shameful girl"! Then, a right eye only 0.02 of the Taiwan normal university students take the MRT, the staff was directed to the fraternity to sit down after the middle-aged woman was audibles brother you stand up, you can not sit in the seats". He explained that he could not see, the other party does not believe, has been waving in front of him, questioning him "pretend blind". Not long ago, a Taiwan female netizen posting said, because of their own physical pain by love seat, the halfway by an old man shake request seat. Did not expect the arrival of the car, the old man quickly got up and went to the door and shouted, "suddenly, her body may pale at the moment than I have many tough." In the "moral magic" pointing, let alone love seat, even the ordinary people generally don’t dare to take a seat. The reason is very simple, a little tired no matter, in case of being photographed onto the Internet, was charged, mental pressure can not stand. Perfect people’s "invisible demand" these phenomena so many people in Taiwan very相关的主题文章:

Marry fashion the perfect ending of Qiao Zhenyu’s new play won praise will shoot (video)-sexhu

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"Marry" fashion the perfect ending of Qiao Zhenyu’s praise for new plays will be making big fashion _22 > married >; > click to enter the Tencent video, "married" fashion watch Tencent entertainment news by Qiao Zhenyu, Yang Zi starred in the drama "marry" fashion yesterday in Liaoning satellite TV, the perfect ending, double harvest reputation ratings. In the play, Qiao Zhenyu played as a cosmetic surgeon Jin Zhihao high cold handsome, delicate feelings, access to many viewers. By Qiao Zhenyu starring costume drama IP "energy-saving" and the upcoming, costume male God back again. Love Qiao Zhenyu on the colorful striking one snag after another Yang Zi drama "auspicious clouds to marry fashion" Jin Zhihao (Qiao Zhenyu ornaments) and summer burning (Yang Zi ornaments) love is a striking one snag after another. The first two people dislike each other, but we were determined to slowly bicker in each other’s heart. However, Jin Zhihao first girlfriend, and let the feelings of the two tested, finally found true love. In the end, Jin Zhihao dressed as a joker, summer burning "hope on a sweetheart to marry the dream of colorful auspicious clouds" completed. Finally lovers. Qiao Zhenyu received the drama "energy-saving" upcoming "marry" fashion since since the broadcast, Qiao Zhenyu’s performance was well received. He played the cosmetic doctor Jin Zhihao, high cold sell adorable, wonderful interpretation of the role of charm, so many fans refer to love the old cadres. It is reported that the next, guided by the high Yijun, Qiao Zhenyu starred in the drama "energy-saving" upcoming costume, God will once again hit the stunning styling. Qiao Zhenyu plays the role of people love and hate Liu Fei, he said he liked the script, like this role, looking forward to this complex but the heart of the charm of the characters to bring everyone.相关的主题文章:

Malaysia Defense Minister the prime minister during his visit to China to buy China

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Malaysia Defense Minister: the prime minister during his visit to China to buy China frigate Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 29, Malaysia’s defense minister Hishamuddin said the release of a speech on his face in the book on the 25 day, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib proposed during the 31 days of this month’s visit to China and Chinese signed a purchase agreement offshore multi task ship. Malaysia’s defense minister Hishammuddin said the agreement, once signed, will be the first purchase agreement between Malaysia and Chinese. Ministry of defense in November 5th and China’s national defense science and Technology Industry Bureau (SASTIND) signed an agreement to purchase offshore multi mission ship (LMV). This is the prime minister (Naguib) during his visit to China, one of the important itinerary." Reported, but in the relevant speech video, Hishammuddin no mention of the information. 28, Reuters asked Malaysia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, a spokesman for comment, but Facebook Hishammuddin immediately deleted this message. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 28 at a regular press conference when answering questions that, he did not know the specific circumstances, "but in the horse in the field of keeping normal cooperation and exchanges". The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najibuben Sept. 31 to Chinese will start seven days of work during the visit, in addition to Chinese will meet with top leaders, and will also China’s relevant units to discuss the new high-speed rail long. Although the parties have not disclosed the details of the deal, but Malaysia’s strategic and military field, meaning Teng (REFSA) research center senior researcher Lan Zhonghua told the Reuters, he believes that Malaysia could spend 300 million ringgit (about 480 million yuan) to buy 10 frigates. Analysts pointed out that due to Malaysia’s national investment fund development limited company of Malaysia (a, 1MDB) political and financial storm events and disagreements with the United states. Australia Sydney think-tank (Lowy Institute) the Lloyd agency director of the international security program Graham also believes that Malaysia to do so is caused by america. He said that Malaysia is due to poor relations with the United States and turned to china. The coast guard is a new type of fast patrol ship with a helicopter and a missile. These ships are usually responsible for coastal security, maritime patrol and monitoring, but also can be used for disaster prevention and rescue operations. Malaysia was interested in buying or building such ships a few years ago. In November 2013, the Malaysian Deputy Minister of defense, Abdul Rahim Bakri said, the Department of defense will replace the patrol boats and ships offshore (Littoral Combat buy Ship, LCS), because the existing ship has been used for 20 years to 25 years, are out of date. He refers to the cost not LCSS and arms more than 9 billion ringgit. According to Xinhua news agency, held in April this year, the fifteenth Malaysia Asian Defense Exhibition, China National Defense Industry Bureau organized 3 state-owned military trade enterprises to "China defense" Pavilion form exhibition, showing Chinese manufacturing high-end military equipment, highlighting the strength of scientific research and production of military Chinese. In the first month, has just completed the Aden escort mission China naval escort fleet arrived in the twenty-third installment of Malaysia Port Klang, Malaysia began to.相关的主题文章:

Faye Wong concert 7800 yuan fare why was questioned-autobots

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Faye Wong concert 7800 yuan fare why was questioned? The Sina entertainment column boiled as a fat Luo Jun concert ticket fares more expensive than iPhone7, of course, also brought out a series of questions: This is a live webcast, try VR astronomical concert will redefine the concert mode? What is the price of the day after the actual strength of proof, or an Apple style hunger marketing? Or, "days" in the end how much money should be worth? The name that sparked all this controversy was Faye Wong. Recently, rumors have long Faye Wong Shanghai concert finally sit, Faye Wong at a press conference, announced in December 30th this year, the Mercedes Benz in Shanghai cultural center held a "Mercedes magic music a 2016" concert ticket price 1800 yuan, price of 7800 yuan, and the opening of the live webcast, causing entertainment vibration. Faye Wong said, want to try the webcast, farewell (performance) for me, especially the formalization, I will not take this way." This moment all fares, seckill king and queen of pop music, Jay Chou concert tickets exceeded more than six times, is more than three times the Zhang Youxue price of course, also hurt users nervous. However, from an economic point of view, Faye Wong concert high fares, in the end is the price bubble or the results of market pricing? Or we change a train of thought — for Jay Chou or Jacky Cheung, 4 years before the opening of a concert, will not open such a high price. In a small concert behind, perhaps it is today’s Chinese music gap and subsequent weakness, our side Tucao high fares, while in possession of a piece of tickets for the Faye Wong concert Rong, perhaps this is the paradoxical and rationality of Faye Wong 7800 yuan price ticket behind the concert. From an economic point of view Faye Wong concert ticket price is the price of the bubble or apple hunger marketing? A phenomenon of the first concern is that from 2010 to 2012 of the year after the tour, Faye Wong has more than 4 years, did not hold any personal performance, her vocals only appear in the film and television theme song, and every successful topic raised. At this time, there have been a variety of hearsay, continue to spread about the concert of Faye Wong rumors, but proved to be It is sheer fiction. These are expected to make a great contribution to the Faye Wong concert arena rumors, is one of the factors that can not be ignored Faye Wong concert tickets. This is expected to continue to pile up high consumption, it is not the best hunger marketing? If you remove the aura of music, Faye Wong concert as a completely commercial behavior, perhaps also can be understood as an apple marketing. When the advent of the new iPhone, the iPhonePlus like models is a hot spot for holidays, is always hard to find a machine". Is it important that we buy the apple itself, or is it a sense of satisfaction to be involved in this collective Frenzy? Faye Wong four years of semi retirement, also created a huge consumer market and the accumulation of expectations, so only when a concert appears, it becomes a field event, high prices seem to be hunger Marketing)相关的主题文章:

Entrance examination reform program significantly reduce the overall quality of the evaluation of ad-coscoqd

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Senior high school entrance examination reform program: a substantial reduction plus evaluation quality play a leading role in Beijing – the Ministry of Education announced the senior high school entrance examination reform program implementation of junior high school proficiency test significantly reduced the quality evaluation points play a leading role in JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) yesterday, the Ministry of Education issued "guidance" on further promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform. The details of senior high school entrance examination enrollment system reform. China will implement junior high school proficiency test in the pilot areas, will be mainly based on the academic proficiency test complete junior high school and senior high school students as a test of students, to achieve a "exam", many students reduce the burden of Pro forma. It is reported that the reform of the entrance examination will start from 2017 after the beginning of the first phase of the students. Two test one into the academic proficiency test of the basic education of two person in charge of the senior high school entrance examination, the goal of the reform is to gradually establish a "senior high school proficiency test scores and comprehensive quality evaluation of junior middle school" admission mode, change the current high school enrollment will be part of academic achievement as the only basis of the sum of admission practices overcome only on the score. He stressed that the implementation of junior high school proficiency exam is not cancelled but the senior high school entrance examination, junior high school graduation exam and high school entrance examination be made one implementation test for multiple purposes, and avoid repeated examination. The Ministry of education responsible person, the scope of national curriculum program set by the subjects are included in the academic proficiency test, namely "general examination". On the content of the test to reduce the content of pure memory and mechanical training; in the way of presenting the results, we can use the scores, grades and other forms of presentation. At the same time, the examination subjects will be changed. Language, mathematics, foreign language as a basic subject, unified admission score as subjects; sports are included in the admission score subjects, test scores or other scientific requirements, guide students to strengthen physical exercise. According to the principle of moderate burden, and simultaneously, determined by the other pilot areas into the "admission score of subjects, prevent group partial section. The reform is also proposed, in the premise of each course qualified, can also give students the right to choose, the development of students’ strengths. This also means that the students’ academic proficiency test, will be able to choose in addition to language, mathematics, foreign languages, sports other than the "admission points". At the same time, to both arts. There is no choice of subjects, not only to learn, to test, but also to achieve qualified". It is reported that around the nature and characteristics of different disciplines, to determine the specific examination methods and methods. Comprehensive quality evaluation will be recruited according to the Ministry of Education said that the reform explicitly asked the pilot areas to the overall quality of the evaluation of high school enrollment as a basis or reference, so in the past in a subordinate position ", refer to the comprehensive quality evaluation" to become the protagonist. Specifically, in the content of evaluation, it is necessary to refine and improve the ideological and moral character, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice five aspects of evaluation content and requirements. Stressed the need to do a realistic record, the selection of typical facts of the material, will be used to recruit students to use the facts of the material publicity, audit, the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the file, so rigorous procedures,.相关的主题文章:

Heavy metal content of wood flooring standards published in May 1st next year to implement – Sohu

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Determination of heavy metal content in wood flooring standard issued in May 1st next year the implementation of the Sohu news CCTV news client news October 14th, the National Standards Commission yesterday issued a "heavy metal content determination of wood floor" and other 315 national standards will be implemented next year. The national standard for the determination of heavy metal elements in the wood floor finishes provides a clear requirement for the heavy metal content in the wooden floor. The wood itself does not contain heavy metals, but after finishing, veneer, anticorrosion and flame retardant processing, may contain lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, arsenic and other heavy metals. These heavy metals may from surface dissolution or with the shedding of surface materials eaten by children, cause harm to the body. In order to promote the healthy and rapid development of wood flooring industry, it is urgent to develop a standard for determining the content of heavy metals in wood floor finishes. "Wood floor finishes of lead, cadmium and chromium, mercury and heavy metal content determination of" national standards for heavy metal elements existing in solid wood flooring, parquet, laminate flooring, PVC flooring and other decorative floor finishes in total and soluble content of heavy metal elements are put forward requirements, to fill the gaps in the wooden floor physicochemical related products index of blank, to improve the existing wood floor quality, it has important significance to protect the safety of indoor air. This standard is expected to be formally implemented in May 1st next year. Original title: "the standard for the determination of heavy metal content in wood floors will be implemented in May 1st next year"相关的主题文章:

Beijing sector three budget than the budget fell 22.3% hit the biggest decline – China

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According to Beijing Department of three accounts more than 22.3% budget drops hit the biggest decline – Beijing official reception fee of 23 million 520 thousand yuan more than the budget reduction of 62.1% has just released the municipal accounts in 2015, in 2015 the municipal government agencies and full funding institutions three financial allocation accounts for 642 million 450 thousand yuan, down 22.3% over the beginning of the budget, the largest record drop. Among them, the official reception for the largest decline, the number of accounts in 2015 23 million 520 thousand yuan, compared to the beginning of the budget number 62 million yuan fell 62.1%; going abroad (border) of about 120 million yuan, 150 million yuan compared to the beginning of the budget number reduced 30 million yuan, down 24%. According to reports, the annual municipal going abroad (border) groups 1378, a total of 4772 people, per capita going abroad (border) costs 24 thousand yuan. Last year the city’s party and government organs, the full funding of public institutions to update the purchase of 10 vehicles, official car purchase fee of $3 million 290 thousand, the car are the purchase fee of 329 thousand yuan. Last year, the purchase of official vehicles and operating maintenance costs 500 million yuan, compared to the budget to reduce the number of 610 million yuan, 110 million yuan, down by 17.9%. The main reason is the implementation of official vehicles in Beijing reform measures to strictly control the use of official vehicles, a full suspension of official vehicles to update the purchase, vehicle operating costs further reduced. Three total accounts for 642 million 450 thousand yuan, down 22.3% over budget official reception 3.65% going abroad (border) accounted for 18.65% of the bus purchase and operation of 77.70% going abroad (border) costs about 120 million yuan more than the budget down 24% (1378 group, a total of 4772 passengers, the average cost of 24 thousand yuan) bus purchase and operating costs 500 million yuan budget down 17.9% (the purchase of 10 vehicles, spent 3 million 290 thousand yuan, car purchase costs 329 thousand yuan Tourism Commission only accounts department exceed the standard Beijing morning news reporter combing found that most departments of public funds accounts were lower than the budget, but there are also individual departments over budget. For example, the Municipal Tourism Commission, in 2015, three funds budget number 4 million 138 thousand and 900 yuan, an increase of $883 thousand and 400 over the beginning of the budget of $3 million 255 thousand and 500. City Tourism Commission "that" shows that the budget is the main reason for going abroad (border) costs increase. 2015 final accounts of 2 million 362 thousand and 500 yuan, an increase of $917 thousand and 600 over the beginning of 2015 budget of $1 million 444 thousand and 900. City Tourism Commission explained that the main reason is that in 2015, three funds at the beginning of the budget is in accordance with the 2006, 2007, 2008, the average number of years abroad, the cost of compression of 20% after the compression of the approved 10%. But in 2011 the City Tourism Bureau into the Municipal Tourism Commission, the work functions also changed, to publicize the new tourism image of Beijing, the promotion of city tourism brand, increase the overseas promotion efforts to promote the innovation of forms and means, and pay more attention to the promotion of high-end tourism resources, 9相关的主题文章:

住在這裏真是棒極了 120-180平精裝別墅6萬抵10萬-rainism

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住在這裏真是棒極了 120-180平精裝別墅6萬抵10萬大北京 永恆·長城裏(樓盤資料) 120-180平精裝別墅騰訊房產訊 永恆·長城裏位於延慶石峽關景區西側,駕車從京藏高速康莊65號出口下高速即可到達。永恆·長城裏永恆·長城裏將於2016年9月16日推出120-180㎡精裝別墅產品,疊墅 聯排精裝修標准2000元 平;均贈送車位,物業費為2.5元 平*月,70年產權,預計2018年下半年交房。疊拼 聯排優惠6萬抵10萬。噹天還有老客戶答謝宴等活動。敬請關注!騰訊北京“大北京”購房群,實時討論購房熱點話題。騰訊大北京購房3群 128868262永恆·長城裏查看詳情 均價9800 元 平方米 品牌開發商生態宜居樓盤圖庫|最新動態 400-819-1111轉611208永恆·長城裏項目佔地面積23平方公裏,規劃四大功能區,涵蓋長城少林文化示範區、小鎮中心區、長城國際度假區以及東方禪修養生區。》》》》》點擊查看永恆·長城裏網友點評以上信息僅供參攷,最終以開發商公佈為准。 大北京 永定河孔雀城英國宮(樓盤資料) 享3.5萬抵7萬騰訊房產訊 永定河孔雀城英國宮位於北京大興埜生動物園以南約3公裏路東側。永定河孔雀城英國宮新機場首席大盤【觀禮】樓王即將榮耀登場。永定河孔雀城英國宮項目新品觀禮高層25層,四個單元,一梯兩戶,戶型面積為89-123㎡即將開售購房享3.5萬抵7萬優惠,入住小區可就讀北京八中固安分校。騰訊北京“大北京”購房群,實時討論購房熱點話題。騰訊大北京購房3群 128868262永定河孔雀城英國宮查看詳情 豪華社區公園地產樓盤圖庫|最新動態 400-819-1111轉611018永定河孔雀城,新一代超級宜居小鎮示範樣本。英國宮作為永定河孔雀城體係中的一顆璀璨明珠,位於京南第二機場的輻射區域,十年成熟積澱,數萬業主鑒証,建成首都第二機場、大廣高速等暢達全毬交通網絡,為業主提供一步到位的倖福生活。》》》》》點擊查看永定河孔雀城英國宮網友點評以上信息僅供參攷,最終以開發商公佈為准。 房山 房山超級蜂巢(樓盤資料)40-60平LOFT騰訊房產訊 房山超級蜂巢位於房山區地鐵囌莊站向南700米。 房山超級蜂巢公寓2號樓在售,2號樓共計10層,3梯28戶。2號樓戶型面積40-60平米LOFT,4.2米挑高,均價25000元 平米,40平產品總價100萬 套,首付50萬起;3號樓底商戶型面積50-150平米,一層均價約41000元 平米,二層均價約26000元 平米。項目樣板間已開放,2017年6月30日毛坯入住,物業費:公寓5.98元 平米*月,商舖7.98元 平米*月。 騰訊北京“房山”購房群,實時討論購房熱點話題。42136594房山超級蜂巢查看詳情 最低價100 萬元 套 改善住宅投資地產樓盤圖庫|最新動態 400-819-1111轉610408房山超級蜂巢啟動區,佔地222畝,總建築面積約32萬平米,包含SOHO辦公、寫字樓、商業三大業態,主要為超級蜂巢提供產業生活配套及商務功能補充,在項目開發上,力邀世界知名規劃設計公司、園林景觀公司進行創新型的建築與空間設計以及景觀設計,力求打造科技智能的現代化生態商務環境,樹立整個創業孵化平台的標桿形象。》》》》》點擊查看房山超級蜂巢網友點評以上信息僅供參攷,最終以開發商公佈為准。 延慶 八達嶺·阿尒卡迪亞(樓盤資料) 85-106平洋房騰訊房產訊 榮盛集團·八達嶺·阿尒卡迪亞位於八達嶺高速康莊出口(65出口)西南約3公裏。 八達嶺·阿尒卡迪亞預計2016年9月推出一期洋房、聯排和雙拼,目前正在排卡中,洋房排卡費1萬5,疊拼排卡費2萬,聯排拍卡費2萬5,排卡優惠99折。共推出969套房源,樓棟信息待定、物業費待定,主力戶型:109—121㎡聯排,85—90㎡疊拼,85—106㎡洋房,洋房價格區間為7500-8500元 平,聯排130-180萬 套,疊拼100-130萬 套。70年產權,預計2018年下半年毛坯交房。 騰訊北京“延慶”購房群,實時討論購房熱點話題。154718980 八達嶺·阿尒卡迪亞查看詳情 最低價7500 元 平方米 品牌開發商花園洋房樓盤圖庫|最新動態 400-819-1111轉610834相关的主题文章:

Corun fund-raising 1 billion 500 million behind the expansion of capacity utilization continued to d-三色网

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Corun fund-raising 1 billion 500 million: behind the expansion of capacity utilization continued to decline — energy — September 13th, Hunan corun new energy Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "corun") announced that it received the "Chinese Commission review of administrative licensing items feedback notice", to issues related to non public offering of stock raising. Make a written description and explanation, and within 30 days China Commission administrative licensing examination department submitted a written reply comments. In three months ago, corun’s non-public offering of A shares plan (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has just won the fifth session of the thirty-first meeting of the board of directors through. Plans show up in corun not less than 9.54 Yuan stock price increase is not more than 157 million shares, the total funds raised not more than 1 billion 500 million yuan, to invest for power battery industrialization projects, new energy vehicles with nickel foam industry park project and the CHS hybrid powertrain system development project. Among them, only the power battery industrialization project is planned to use 1 billion yuan to raise funds. However, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter obtained data show that near three years Keli power battery production and sales, capacity utilization continued to decline, which in 2015 the battery capacity utilization rate is only 16.36%. In this case, corun why massive fund-raising by the late new capacity and how to digest? Corun no doubts to reporters on the above issues, the company and the securities department responsible for publicity in the mail in reply to reporters, said the company is in the provisions of the Commission of the quiet period, inconvenient for non-public offering plan and related equity investment projects and other matters to accept interview. The capacity utilization rate is still low expansion fund-raising corun formerly known as Changsha Lyrun new material Limited by Share Ltd, in 2003 successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, whose business involves the storage of raw materials, battery materials to advanced batteries, automotive battery, hybrid powertrain system, micro grid distributed storage system, battery recycling industry etc. chain system. According to the plan, corun the non-public offering of shares of the total funds raised not more than 1 billion 500 million yuan, of which 1 billion yuan plan for an annual output of 518 million ampere hour vehicle power battery industrialization project (a project). The project total investment of 4 billion 218 million yuan, is divided into two projects, one for a total investment of 2 billion 99 million yuan, the design annual capacity of 216 million and 61 million ah ah battery pole piece. As of the date of the announcement of the plan, the above items have been approved for filing and approval of the EIA. The plan documents show that the project’s total investment and internal rate of return is 14.55% (after tax), the financial net present value is 457 million yuan (after tax), and the investment recovery period is 7.03 years (including 2 years’ construction period). In the first half of this year, power battery business corun’s gross margin has been reduced to negative, -2.85%, down 3.72%. Although the business realized revenue of 137 million yuan, an increase of 110.77% over the same period, its operating cost was also up to 141 million yuan, and increased by 118.69% over the same period. )

科力遠募資15億擴張揹後:產能利用率持續下滑–能源–人民網   9月13日,湖南科力遠新能源股份有限公司(以下簡稱“科力遠”)發佈公告稱,其收到《中國証監會行政許可項目審查反餽意見通知書》,需要就非公開發行股票募資事宜的有關問題作出書面說明和解釋,並在 30 日內向中國証監會行政許可審查部門提交書面回復意見。   而在三個月前,科力遠的非公開發行A股股票預案(以下簡稱“預案”)剛剛獲得該公司第五屆董事會第三十一次會議審議通過。預案顯示,科力遠儗以不低於9.54元 股價格定增不超過1.57億股,募集資金總額不超過15億元,用於投向動力電池產業化項目、新能源汽車用泡沫鎳產業園項目以及CHS混合動力總成係統研發項目。其中,僅動力電池產業化項目就計劃使用募集資金10億元。   不過,《中國經營報》記者獲取的資料顯示,科力遠近三年的動力電池產銷量、產能利用率持續下降,其中2015年其動力電池的產能利用率僅為16.36%。在此情況下,科力遠為何還大舉募資進行擴增,其後期新增產能又將如何消化?   科力遠方面沒有就上述問題向記者進行釋疑,該公司宣傳及証券部負責人在郵件中向記者回復表示,公司正處於証監會規定的“靜默期”,不便就非公開發行計劃及所涉及的募投項目等事宜接受埰訪。   產能利用率低仍募資擴張   科力遠前身為長沙力元新材料股份有限公司,於2003年在上交所成功上市,其業務涉及儲能原材料、電池材料到先進電池、汽車動力電池、混合動力總成係統、微網分佈式儲能係統、電池回收等產業鏈體係。   根据預案,科力遠此次非公開發行股票募集資金總額不超過15億元,其中10億元計劃用於年產5.18億安時車用動力電池產業化項目(一期工程)。該項目總投資額為42.18億元,共分為兩期工程,一期報批總投資額為20.99億元,設計年總產能2.16億安時電池以及0.61億安時極片。   截至預案公告日,上述項目已取得立項備案、環評批復等審批文件。預案文件顯示,該項目全部投資財務內部收益率為14.55%(稅後),財務淨現值為4.57億元(稅後),投資回收期7.03年(含2年建設期)。   而今年上半年,科力遠的動力電池業務毛利率已經降低至負值,為-2.85%,同比減少3.72%。雖然該項業務實現營收1.37億元,同比增長110.77%,但其營業成本也高達1.41億元,同比也增長了118.69%。   記者獲悉,科力遠的上述動力電池業務及項目主要由其子公司��湖南科霸汽車動力電池有限責任公司運營,該公司由科力遠100%持股,但今年上半年其淨利潤虧損達3268.82萬元。   另外,根据証監會反餽意見,科力遠近三年動力電池的產銷量、產能利用率持續下降,其中2015年度動力電池產能利用率16.36%,產銷率80.29%。在此情況下,科力遠仍然募資10億元進行擴增,証監會要求科力遠方面就新增動力電池產業化項目的必要性,新增產能預期如何進行消化等問題進行說明。   根据科力遠在9月13日發出的公告,其需要在30日內向中國証監會行政許可審查部門就上述問題提交書面回復意見。截至發稿前,科力遠尚未就此事的答復進展情況進行公告。   9月27日,科力遠宣傳及証券部部長張冬萍在回應記者埰訪時亦沒有透露太多細節,其在郵件中向記者回復稱:“因科力遠於6月15日發佈了非公開發行預案,7月29日提交了申報材料,尚未進入審核環節,目前公司正處在証監會規定的‘靜默期’,不便就非公開發行計劃及所涉及的募投項目等事宜接受埰訪。”   營增利減困侷待解   除上述業務外,科力遠一直以來堅持走混合動力路線。不過,其項目進展屢生變數,傚益尚未得以充分顯現,甚至埳入了營收增長,淨利潤減少的尷尬境地。   數据顯示,在2015年,科力遠剛剛實現扭虧為盈,微利746.38萬元。今年上半年,雖然其實現營業收入8.15億元,同比增長124.76%,但掃屬於上市公司股東的淨利潤卻虧損6448.25萬元,同比減少80.86%,其扣非後的淨利潤虧損額也高達7793.25萬元。   科力遠在2016年半年度報告中表示,上半年營業收入增長主要是因為動力電池收入、係統總成收入、貿易業務收入增加所緻,但其並未就淨利潤虧損原因作出詳細說明。   財証券分析師王傳曉認為,科力遠上半年錄得虧損6400多萬元,較去年虧損3600萬元有所擴大,主要原因一是去年同期政府補貼較多,二是豐田業務尚未達到盈虧平衡點,尚未有利潤貢獻。   眼下國內新能源汽車產業市場集中爆發,但與科力遠不同的是,同行業企業更多的是選擇走插電式混動以及純電動路線。科力遠混合動力技朮有限公司(以下簡稱“CHS公司”)副總經理兼首席技朮官張彤表示,與前兩種技朮路線相比,賭混合動力技朮路線的企業顯得非常孤單。据其介紹,最艱難的時候,公司高層也曾出現分歧,主張轉向插電式混合動力或者純電動線路,最終還是堅持了下來。   但在實際發展過程中,科力遠的混合動力項目進展卻是一波三折。早在2014年11月,科力遠就與吉利公司共同出資設立了CHS公司,以建設中國混合動力機傳動係統總成技朮平台項目(以下簡稱“CHS項目”)。彼時,科力遠與長沙高新區筦委會簽訂了《項目投資合同》,約定CHS項目總投資100億元。長沙高新區筦委會將通過固定資產投資、提供研發資金、配套資金、貸款貼息等方式給予CHS公司總額不超過15億元的政策支持。   記者獲悉,上述CHS項目於2015年1月立項,整個項目開發預計用時4年。但與長沙簽約後該項目一直未能落地,直到今年8月又不得不由長沙遷址佛山。科力遠方面沒有具體解釋遷址原因,只是稱“攷慮到CHS公司項目的長遠發展及實際情況”。   根据規劃,項目分兩期投資建設,一期投資46.5億元,於2017年12月底前投產;二期投資約53.5億元,最遲於2020年啟動。科力遠官網消息顯示,該項目一期工程已經於9月25日在佛山市禪城區正式開工建設。 (責編:杜燕飛、王靜)相关的主题文章:

Detective Conan heavy plate first episodes of PV published a new and a

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"Detective Conan", "heavy plate making" first episodes, PV announced the new one and got a stick. The detective Conan decided to launch the 20th anniversary special animation and it is known as the real first words. This will be the original author Aoyama comprehensive supervision. And 2 hour special this time not only is the weight of large TV animation of the first set, and there will be a new drama debut. What were the surprises of the official PV announcement in September 17th? Come and see it together. (broadcast animation industry, a new turn to gin rattan stick.) "Detective Conan" really, the first word detective work rattan PV: a new high school and ran in the amusement park and found two strange actions of black men, then track them unexpectedly filled the mysterious poison a "APTX4869", but because of the side effects of the drug, a new body was returned to the status of children. To make the people around him were implicated, the pseudonym "Conan Edo", live in the home of Mao Lilan, with watch Agasa Hakase invented a tranquilizer gun get Kogoro sleeping, then use bow changer to imitate his voice for reasoning, solve a number of cases, and has been looking for a black organization man’s whereabouts, hope some day in the future will be brought to justice, and return to their original appearance. "Detective Conan" true. First words PV screenshot: [source: Anime starry]

《名偵探柯南》“重制版”第1集PV公佈 新一又挨一棍子   先前《名偵探柯南》決定推出20周年特別動畫並且號稱是誰也沒看過的真・第1話!本劇將由原作者剛昌全面監修。而且本次的2小時特別篇不光是重寘TV動畫的第1集,還有將有大量的新劇情登場。   9月17日真・第一話的官方宣傳PV公佈,究竟有什麼驚喜出現呢?一起來看一下吧。(動畫播出後,工籐新一又會挨琴酒一棍子。)   《名偵探柯南》真・第一話PV:   高中生偵探工籐新一與毛利蘭在游樂園游玩時發現兩個行動詭異的黑衣男子,便跟蹤他們,不料被灌下一種“APTX4869”的神祕毒藥,然而因為藥物副作用,新一的身體竟回到孩童狀態。為不使周圍的人受到牽連,他化名為“江戶柯南”,寄住在毛利蘭傢中,用阿笠博士發明的手表型麻醉槍讓毛利小五郎睡著,接著用蝴蝶結變聲器模仿他的聲音來進行推理,解決了許多案件,並一直尋找著黑衣組織的人的下落,希望有朝一日將其繩之以法,並變回原來的樣子。   《名偵探柯南》真・第一話PV截圖:   [來源:動漫星空]相关的主题文章:

A British helicopter was shot by poachers in Africa pilots killed – International People’s We-cad2012序列号和密钥

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A British helicopter was African poachers fired   pilots were killed – International – Tanzania officials confirmed in January 31st, a British pilot in a helicopter anti poaching mission in Tanzania, was shot on the ground of poaching staff. Tanzania then searching for the murderer, has arrested 5 suspects. [this] suddenly shot the pilot named Roger? Al Gore, aged 37, worked at the headquarters located in Texas Friedkin conservation fund. In the Tanzania government and the foundation of a joint action to combat poaching in January 29th over Gore driving a helicopter hovering in Tanzania near Serengeti National Park Ma Su watts sanctuary, trying to track and prevent poachers carrying ivory escape. At the time, the poachers had shot two elephants, and Al Gore found that they had just shot third elephants. On the day of the Puladike antipoaching? Patel told the Broadcasting British Corporation reporter: "when Roger found out (elephant) dead, he began to hover in the poachers, and then in the vicinity of the area to start search. He found evidence of ivory, and flew over the return to poachers." "At this point, a poacher stole out of the bushes and opened fire on Roger," Patel said. A bullet penetrated the helicopter floor, shot through Roger’s legs, body and shoulders, then hit his face, and finally hit the top of the helicopter cabin." It was learned that another man in the helicopter followed the emergency operation of a helicopter to crash and land, only slightly injured, while Al Gore was seriously injured. Scene photos show the helicopter cabin tail broken, multiple bullet holes, with bullet holes, and besmeared with blood on a chair. The British Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that Al Gore had been shot by poachers in Tanzania. "At this difficult moment, we are providing assistance to the families of the dead". Tanzania Vice Minister of natural resources and the Ministry of tourism marcartney January 31st Ramone? Said, the police have started searching for the murderer, has arrested 5 suspects. According to Patel, poachers use big caliber guns to fire at Al Gore, probably the gun they use to hunt elephants". The Prime Minister of Tanzania, Niyalandu? On twitter that poachers are using AK 47 automatic rifle. Nia Landu, who served as Minister of natural resources and tourism in Tanzania, flew together with Al Gore to perform the task of protecting wildlife. Nia Landu wrote on Twitter: "life is precious."…… A good man goes too early, and we feel heart broken." "The poachers who shot Roger were cowardly, evil and pathetic," Nia Landu said. "We have to do everything to bring them to justice." Dan Dan, founder of the nature foundation, said: "this tragedy highlights the enormous risks and risks of protecting wild animals in Tanzania." Animal protection groups say poaching in Tanzania has surged to industrial scale in recent years". A survey shows Tanzania elephants. 英国一直升机遭非洲偷猎者开火 飞行员遇害–国际–人民网   坦桑尼亚官员1月31日证实,一名英国飞行员驾驶一架直升机在坦桑尼亚执行反偷猎任务时,遭地面上的偷猎人员开枪射杀。坦方随即搜捕凶手,已经逮捕5名嫌疑人。   【突遭射杀】   这名飞行员名为罗杰?高尔,现年37岁,供职于总部位于美国得克萨斯州的弗里德金自然保护基金会。   在坦桑尼亚政府与该基金会的一次联合打击偷猎行动中,高尔1月29日驾驶一架直升机盘旋在坦桑尼亚塞伦盖蒂国家公园附近的马苏瓦禁猎区上空,试图追踪并阻止几名偷猎者携带象牙逃离。当时,这些偷猎者已经射杀两头大象,而高尔发现他们刚刚又射杀了第三头大象。   参与当天反偷猎行动的普拉蒂克?帕特尔告诉英国广播公司记者:“当罗杰发现几具(大象)死尸,他开始盘旋在偷猎者的上空,随后在附近区域展开搜索。他找到象牙证据,于是驾机返回到偷猎者的上空。”   “这时,一名偷猎者偷偷走出灌木丛,朝罗杰开火,”帕特尔说。“一枚子弹击穿直升机地板,射穿罗杰的腿部、身体和肩膀,接着击中他的面部,最终射穿直升机舱顶。”   据了解,直升机内另一名男子随后紧急操纵直升机碰撞着陆,仅受轻伤;而高尔伤重身亡。现场照片显示,直升机尾翼折断,机舱多处有弹孔,其中一个座椅上有弹孔、且血迹斑斑。   【搜捕凶手】   英国外交部在一份声明里证实,高尔在坦桑尼亚遭偷猎者射杀,“在这个艰难的时刻,我们正向死者家属提供援助”。   坦桑尼亚自然资源与旅游部副部长拉莫?马卡尼1月31日说,警方已着手搜捕凶手,目前已逮捕5名嫌疑人。   据帕特尔推测,偷猎者使用“大口径枪支”朝高尔开火,很可能是“他们用来猎捕大象的那把枪”。坦桑尼亚总理拉扎罗?尼亚兰杜在“推特”微博客上说,偷猎者使用的是AK-47自动步枪。   尼亚兰杜曾任坦桑尼亚自然资源与旅游部长,多次与高尔共同飞行,执行保护野生动物任务。尼亚兰杜在“推特”上写道:“生命很珍贵……一位好人走得太早,我们感到心碎。”   “射杀罗杰的那些偷猎者很懦弱、邪恶和可悲,”尼亚兰杜说,“我们必须采取一切措施将他们绳之以法。”   弗里德金自然保护基金会创始人丹?弗里德金说:“这起悲剧凸显保护坦桑尼亚野生动物要冒着何等巨大的风险,付出何等惨重的代价。”   动物保护组织说,坦桑尼亚的偷猎行为近年来激增至“工业规模”。一项调查显示,坦桑尼亚大象数量从2009年的11万锐减至2014年的4.3万多。相关的主题文章:

Half a year ago, drug dealers created ecstasy at home – Sohu

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The first half of test at home to create ecstasy – Porter pharmaceutical Sohu news of the case is Guangzhou in Conghua seized the largest number of drug cases, and seized about 40 kilograms of the drug a man when the porters in the factory, after the self-study and for drug manufacturing, drug sales and referrals by his girlfriend for distant relatives. Yesterday, in Guangzhou Conghua Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference, vice mayor of Conghua, public security bureau director Liu Gang informed of the above case. According to the briefing, Conghua police after six months of careful investigation, recently destroyed a large system of drug manufacturing dens, arrested 3 drug trafficking suspects, seized the drug about 40 kilograms, 88 kilograms of raw materials such as precursor. The case is the largest number of drugs seized in Conghua in recent years. Express reporter Chen Haisheng correspondent from the public for 100 thousand ecstasy tablets Cen Bohan last September time, Conghua police get an important clues: there is a man who tried to enter Conghua drug sales, and a huge number, can supply 100 thousand grains of ecstasy. After two months of investigation, the task force successfully mastered the true identity information of drug traffickers: suspect Liang Yijun (male, 53 years old, Guangzhou city), was due to multiple drug use was compulsory treatment, 2006 due to drug was sentenced to 8 years in prison, released at the end of 2013. "Liang" a number of drug trafficking each large, more than thousands of grains, less also have hundreds of grains, and frequent activities." Police investigators said, they judge Liang has suspected drug manufacturers, or behind the presence of supplies home. Then the panel decided not to act rashly and alert the enemy, long-term operation, the gang caught. As soon as the drug gang uprooted, the task force deployed police file for investigation, the suspect Liang supply home Dongmou (male, 56 years old) surfaced. Haizhuqu District home was stolen goods and was police investigators around the Dongmou carried out careful investigation, in-depth collection of the activity rules, found Dongmou drug shipments, the girlfriend pingmou (female, 36 years old) and two beams of a drug sold off the assembly line, and often to some medical equipment and chemical shop buy some normal life with the chemical raw materials and equipment and tools, great suspicion of drug manufacturing and trafficking. "To confirm that they live in a residential building in Guangzhou, Haizhuqu District, we will consult with the local police and arrange special personnel to monitor them." In March 25th, police found Dongmou tracking his girlfriend pingmou out out suspected drug dealing, decisive attack, in one fell swoop Dongmou and pingmou, and Dongmou home in Haizhuqu District seized the drug is about 40 kg, 88 kg of precursor powder, tablet machine, dryer, mixer, sealing machine, electronic weighing and packing bag manufacturing tools group. Subsequently, another group of police officers rushed reinforcements, in one fell swoop arrested liang. In his spare time and pharmaceutical workers often chat after the interrogation, confessed Dongmou, he worked as a porter pharmaceutical, in his spare time often have a chat in the workshop and pharmaceutical factory workers. And then he came up with his own idea of trying ecstasy." Police investigators said. In March 2014, Dong bought a batch of his own.

试验半年 药厂搬运工在家造出摇头丸-搜狐新闻   该案是广州从化近年现场缴获毒品数量最多的案件,共缴获毒品摇头丸约40公斤   一男子在药厂当搬运工,后自学制毒,并通过女友及远房亲戚作为下线销售毒品摇头丸。昨天,在广州从化市公安局召开的局长新闻发布会上,从化市副市长、公安局局长刘岗通报了上述案件。   据通报,从化警方经过半年的缜密调查,近日捣毁了一个特大制贩毒窝点,抓获制贩毒嫌疑人3名,缴获毒品摇头丸约40公斤,制毒原料88公斤等。该案是从化市近年来现场缴获毒品数量最多的案件。   新快报记者 陈海生 通讯员 从公宣 岑柏瀚   一次可供10万粒摇头丸   去年9月,从化警方获取一条重要举报线索:有一名男子试图进入从化销售毒品摇头丸,且数量巨大,可一次性供货10万粒摇头丸。经过两个月的侦查,专案组成功掌握了毒贩的真正身份信息:嫌疑人梁某(男,53岁,广州市人),曾因多次吸毒被强制戒毒,2006年因制毒被判处有期徒刑8年,于2013年底刑满释放。   “梁某每次贩毒数量较大,多则几千粒,少也有几百粒,且活动频繁。”办案民警说,他们判断梁某有制毒嫌疑,或背后还存在供货上家。于是专案组决定先不打草惊蛇,长线经营,力争将该团伙一网打尽。   为尽快将这个制贩毒团伙连根拔起,专案组加派警力深挖细查,嫌疑人梁某的供货上家董某(男,56岁)浮出水面。   海珠区家中被人赃并获   办案民警围绕董某展开了缜密侦查,深入收集其活动规律,发现董某的毒品摇头丸出货量巨大,有其女友冯某(女,36岁)及梁某两名转卖毒品下线,且经常到一些医药设备和化工用品店购买一些正常生活中用不到的化学原料和设备工具,制贩毒品的嫌疑很大。“确定他们住在广州市海珠区某住宅后,我们就与当地警方协商,安排专人对其进行监视。”   3月25日,跟踪民警发现董某与其女朋友冯某出门,疑似外出进行毒品交易,果断出击,一举抓获董某和冯某,并在董某位于海珠区的住处内缴获毒品摇头丸约40公斤,制毒原料粉末88公斤,压片机、干燥机、搅拌机、封口机、电子秤和包装袋等制毒工具一批。随后,另一组专案民警火速增援,一举将梁某抓获归案。   业余时间常和制药工人聊天   经审讯,董某供述,他曾是药厂的一名搬运工,在业余时间常在车间内和制药厂工人聊天。“后来他萌生了自己尝试做摇头丸的想法。”办案民警说。2014年3月许,董某自行购买了一批器械与原材料,在家中辟出了一个小房间,开始尝试制毒。   “制毒房间约为20平方米,窗户封闭,不让气味传出惹人怀疑。”民警介绍说,历经半年的试验,董某真的制成了摇头丸。“主要原料是苯丙胺和氯胺酮,成功后,董某就开始寻找贩毒的下线。”   2013年底,董某曾因制毒入狱的远房亲戚梁某,恰好刑满释放,两人一拍即合。而董某也和女友冯某一起,开始销售摇头丸。目前,董某等3名犯罪嫌疑人对制、贩毒品摇头丸的事实供认不讳,已被警方依法刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审查中。相关的主题文章:

Huaian man kindly took stray dog bites eventually because of rabies killed (video)-ca1834

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Huaian man kindly took stray dog bites eventually because of rabies killed the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhang Haifeng Gui Zhong) a month ago, Huaian city Xuyi County GUI Wu Zhen Liu Qiao Cun villagers Taomou at home, a stray dog came to the house for food. In the feeding, see a poor stray dog, Taomou for adoption of the dog, as he pulled the puppy’s neck rings, the dog bite hard Taomou leg does not relent, after with the help of the crowd, the dog only loosen the mouth, and fled the scene. The family is the funeral photo reporter Zhang Haifeng learned that his brother was bitten, Taomou brother rushed to the scene, after the process of being bitten by a stray dog. After being bitten, his brother has a strong sense of prevention, and took the initiative to the local hospital injected rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, Tao did not know that biting him was a mad dog, so he did not take this seriously after the bite, and did not seek medical treatment in time. In September 16th, Tao rabies attack, after 3 days of rescue invalid, died in September 19th. Modern Express reporter learned that the stray dog, on the day of biting pottery, was executed by the local villagers. Extended video: unrelated to the original, residents were bitten by dogs, dog owners shouted: "you have to alarm the use of fart."

淮安男子好心收留流浪狗被咬 终因狂犬病发作身亡现代快报讯(记者 张海峰 通讯员 张桂忠)一个月前,淮安市盱眙县桂五镇六桥村村民陶某在家时,一条流浪狗来到他家觅食。在给其喂食时,看到流浪狗比较可怜,陶某欲收养该狗,就在他拉住小狗脖子上铁环时,小狗狠狠咬住陶某的腿不松口,后在众人的帮助下,小狗才松开了嘴,并逃离了现场。这户人家正在办丧事 记者 张海峰 摄得知弟弟被咬伤,陶某的哥哥赶到现场,在追赶该流浪狗过程中也被咬伤。被咬伤后,哥哥防范意识较强,主动到当地医院注射了狂犬疫苗。不幸的是,陶某并不知道咬他的是一只疯狗,故而在咬伤后并没有将此当回事,也未及时就医。9月16日,陶某狂犬病发作,经过3天抢救无效,于9月19日死亡。现代快报记者了解到,那只流浪狗,在咬伤陶某的当天就被当地村民处死。扩展视频:与原文无关 居民接连被狗咬 狗主人叫嚣:你报警有屁用相关的主题文章:

A 37 year old man in Shenzhen loves a 18 year old girl to murder him for money. (video)

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Shenzhen 37 year old man in love with a 18 years old girl because of money from the mouth to kill Nandu news reporter Li Yakun in April 20th this year, only 18 years old girl Zengmou died in Shenzhen Bantian street, a rental. The 37 year old suspect Li Mouji today (November 10th) trial in Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court, Li Mouji from 2014 continue to pursue Zengmou, the day of the incident, because the girl ask for 4000 yuan of money, two people from a quarrel, he murdered in hatred. Mouji suspects Lee, aged 37, from Henan, before the incident in Buji Industrial Zone restaurant. Li Mouji confessed that around November 2014, Zengmou and she met while working in a hotel, then began to pursue zengmou. But since then two people work at the same place, two people meet less. Before the incident, the girl in the work of Li Mouji is Sakata, work in phuket. According to Li Mouji’s confession, as before the incident two people met only seven or eight times, and never had sex. Daily two people mainly through the network connection. The prosecution presented two people chat records show that in court, Lee Mouji enthusiastic pursuit of the girl, but the girl is more lukewarm attitude, but often for various reasons to ask for money, red. The afternoon of April 20th, Li Mouji to Bantian girl rental rental. Two people first to the market to buy food, cook returned to the rental, after the meal, Li Mouji in bed. The girls are playing mobile phone on the sofa. The incident at 21 pm. According to Li Mouji’s confession, the girl said the sisters children full moon feast, she will go home, ask for 4000 yuan to the time, because not enough money, the girl was ordered to leave the room. It was raining heavily, she still want me to go." Li Mouji said, plus the night to drink some wine, in anger, the girl down on the bed, first grabbed his neck, and then the girl’s bag bag chain reined in the girl’s neck, see the girl lost reaction. He also got a stick from the kitchen, on the girl’s neck, then use the knife cut the girl neck two knife. After the incident, Lee Mouji fled the scene, returned to work in the dormitory, a bath to drink to sleep. The girl was found dead friend. Department of forensic identification showed the girl asphyxia complicated with neck arteriovenous injury in hemorrhagic shock and death. In May 2nd, the suspects were arrested. In court yesterday, Li Mouji admitted that the prosecution allegations of intentional homicide, he pleaded guilty, more said it wanted to comfort the dead the spirit of the deceased. Stringing people: Chen rebellion prize: $100 [] related men’s pursuit of female neighbor kuangkan failed its dozens of knives

深圳37岁男子恋上18岁少女 因钱起口角将其杀害南都讯 记者李亚坤 今年4月20日,年仅18岁的女孩曾某死于深圳坂田街道某出租屋内。37岁的嫌疑人李某记今天(11月10日)在深圳市中级人民法院受审,李某记从2014年持续追求曾某,案发当日因女孩索要4000元钱,两人起了口角,他在愤恨之中杀人灭口。嫌疑人李某记,现年37岁,河南籍,案发前在布吉一工业区餐厅工作。李某记供述称,2014年11月左右,她和曾某在某酒店打工时相识,自此开始追求曾某。不过由于此后两人不在同一个地方工作,两人见面比较少。案发前,女孩在坂田工作,李某记则是在布吉工作。根据李某记的供述,截止案发前两人见面不过七八次,且从未发生过性关系。日常两人主要通过网络联系。检方在法庭上出示两人的网络聊天记录显示,李某记热情追求女孩,但女孩态度较为冷淡,不过时常以各种理由索要钱财、红包。案发4月20日下午,李某记到坂田女孩租住的出租屋。两人先是到市场上购买了食材,回到出租屋做饭,吃过饭之后,李某记在卧室休息,女孩则在沙发上玩手机。事发在夜间21时许。根据李某记的供述,当时女孩称有姐妹孩子满月摆酒,她要回一趟老家,向其索要4000元钱,当时因为钱不够,被女孩责令离开房间。“当时雨下得很大,她还要赶我走。”李某记称,加上当晚喝了点酒,愤怒之下,将女孩压倒在床上,先是掐住脖子,再用女孩的挎包包链勒住女孩的脖子,见女孩失去反应。他还从厨房找来棍子,压住女孩的颈部,随后还用菜刀砍了女孩颈部两刀。事发后,李某记逃离现场,返回工作的宿舍,洗澡喝酒睡觉。次日女孩被朋友发现时,已经死亡。法医鉴定显示女孩系窒息合并颈部动静脉损伤失血性休克死亡。5月2日,嫌疑人落网。昨日在法庭上,李某记承认检方指控的故意杀人罪,他表示认罪,更称希望以死慰藉死者在天之灵。报料人:陈先生 报料奖:100元 【相关阅读】男子追求女邻居未果狂砍其数十刀相关的主题文章:

The cold air is coming again. Today’s warm sunny day will be at the highest temperature. Diving 10 d-huangshexiaoshuo

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The cold air is coming again. Today’s warm sunny day will be the hottest day. "Diving" is really hot at 10 degrees centigrade! Jiangcheng sunshine over enthusiasm, at noon yesterday many friends hot winter coats and go outdoors be taken by surprise, his sweat. Today, Jiangcheng yesterday or heat, but today on the face of God — tomorrow Jiangcheng temperature will drop 7 degrees Celsius, remember to wear winter clothes when you work out. Yesterday, our province sunshine rush, 10 in the morning, Wuhan area temperature reached 18.3 degrees, more in the afternoon to 24 degrees, many people rush to strip, just wear a shirt shopping. The netizen "dust morning city" sends micro-blog exclamation: "this day of Wuhan doesn’t know what is called transition, so hot that I am too lazy to speak Mandarin.". Although the afternoon there is a taste of summer, but autumn is the autumn, look at the blue sky and white clouds, the sky is red, really let everyone in the "early spring" in the feeling of a "autumn drunk". But as Wuhan netizen micro-blog said: cherish every sunny day in Wuhan, because I do not know tomorrow will drop to a few degrees. Indeed, Wuhan’s days as the seesaw, the temperature fluctuated, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. Central Meteorological Observatory issued a weather reminder yesterday: 5 night to 8, there will be a strong cold air from west to East affect most parts of our country, Wuhan and even Hubei province will be affected. Today is the province, Hubei lead to drizzle, other areas still sunny, the temperature fluctuation is small; the rain tomorrow with large cooling, Hubei cloudy with rain locally heavy rain, other areas cloudy with light to moderate rain, north wind gust to level 5, had a magnitude of 6, the province’s high temperature to 12 DEG -18 DEG the day after tomorrow; the falling rain, the northerly wind gust is still 5, the temperature will fall further to 11 DEG -14 deg. In Wuhan area, it is still warm and sunny today, and the temperature is 14 -24 C. Tomorrow turned to small to moderate rain, northerly wind 4-5, cold air cold rain, the temperature dropped to 13 -17 -13, the highest temperature within a day dropped by more than 7 degrees, after the day although the light rain turned negative, but there are still 5 northerly winds, the temperature continued to fall to 10 degrees C. The weather changes quickly, tomorrow, we must remember to wear warm clothes! (reporter Chen Xi) today, we can enjoy the autumn sun tomorrow, cold air will bring rain to Wuhan sent cold, 5 north of the city, the highest temperature may be diving 10 degrees within two days. Yesterday, my city is a fine day, sunny afternoon under boost, the highest temperature to 23 degrees celsius. During the day, the sun will continue to accompany you, more suitable for travel, fun, laundry, sun. However, the new cold air has begun to invade our province from west to East today, and it will appear moderate to moderate rain, decrease in temperature and increase in wind force in the west of Hubei province. The fastest tonight, slow tomorrow, the cold air will arrive in Wuhan, our city will usher in a small to moderate rain, the north wind will gradually increase to 4-5. After the day after tomorrow, although the precipitation will gradually weaken to stop, but the cold air is still in effect, it is estimated that the gust is still about 5. Although the duration of this rainfall is not long, but the cooling is relatively fierce, tomorrow the maximum temperature dropped to below 20 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is expected to be only about 13 degrees Celsius, please pay attention to timely change according to the temperature change clothes. Wuhan is expected to be cloudy and sunny during the day.

冷空气又来袭 今日暖晴明天最高温“跳水”10℃ 真热!江城的暖阳热情过度,昨日中午不少朋友热得措手不及,穿冬装走在户外捂出了汗。今天,江城还是昨天的热度,但过了今日老天可就变脸了——明日江城气温将直降7℃,您上班时可要记得再穿冬装出门。昨日我省阳光奔照,上午10时武汉地区气温达18.3℃,下午更上冲到了24℃,不少市民热得赶紧脱衣,只穿件衬衣逛街。网友“尘晨城”发微博感叹:这武汉的天都不知道什么叫做过渡,热得我普通话都懒得说了。虽说中午有了夏天的味道,但秋天就是秋天,放眼望去,蓝天白云,红霞满天,确实也让大家在“小阳春”里感受了一把“秋醉”。但正如有武汉网友发微博所言:珍惜在武汉的每一个晴天,因为不知道明天又会降到几度。确实,武汉的天就如跷跷板,气温忽高忽低,忽冷忽热。中央气象台昨发布天气提示:5日夜间至8日,将有一股较强冷空气自西向东影响我国大部分地区,武汉乃至湖北全省都会受到波及。就全省来看,今日鄂西会率先转小雨,其他地区还是保持晴天,气温波动不大;明天全省风雨伴大降温,鄂西阴天有中雨局部大雨,其他地区阴天有小到中雨,偏北风呼呼转到5级,阵风有6级,全省高温降至12℃-18℃;后天全省飘洒小雨,偏北风阵风仍有5级,气温会进一步下跌至11℃-14℃。武汉地区,今天还是暖晴天,气温14℃-24℃。明天转为小到中雨,偏北风4-5级,冷风冷雨中,气温降为13℃-17℃,一天之内最高温直降了7℃之多,后天虽然小雨转阴,但仍有5级北风,气温继续下跌至10℃-13℃。天气变化快,明天起,大家可要记得重新穿上冬衣保暖!(记者 陈希)今天大家还能享受一下秋日暖阳,明天冷空气就将携秋雨来给武汉送寒,5级北风中,我市最高气温两天内可能会跳水10℃。昨天,我市又是一个晴朗天,在阳光的助推之下,午后最高气温冲到了23℃左右。今天白天,阳光还会继续陪伴大家,比较适合出游玩乐、洗衣晾晒。不过,新的冷空气今天已经开始自西向东入侵我省,鄂西会出现小到中雨,气温下降,风力增强。最快今夜,慢则明天,冷空气就会抵达武汉,我市会迎来一场小到中雨,北风会逐渐增大到4-5级。后天,降水虽然会逐渐减弱转停,但冷空气影响还在,预计阵风仍有5级左右。这次降水持续时间虽然不长,但降温比较厉害,明天最高气温就跌至20℃以下,后天最高气温预计仅13℃左右,请大家注意根据气温变化及时添衣。预计武汉今天白天晴天到多云,气温13℃-23℃,湿度45-95%,偏东风2到3级。今晚到明天白天阴天有小到中雨,气温13℃-17℃,偏北风3到4级转4到5级。明晚到后天白天小雨转阴天,气温10℃-13℃,偏北风3到4级,阵风5级。(记者 符樱)另据长江日报报道:下周重回阴雨天 降温大风同时来这个周末继续云淡风轻、秋阳绽放的好天气,武汉的秋天终于展现出她温柔可人的一面,今日最高气温将继续回升至23℃左右,市民朋友们要抓紧晾晒冬衣冬被,下周就要派上用场了。因为,下周又一波冷空气来袭,武汉最低气温会再次下跌到7℃。昨天早晨,武汉最低气温8.9℃,随着秋阳露脸,到了上午10时人就感到暖融融了,午后气温直接到24.2℃,这是武汉入秋来难得的温暖周末。对许久不见阳光的人们来说简直太美好了,秋游、洗晒、运动……中央气象台预计,5—8日,将有一股较强冷空气自西向东影响我国大部分地区,到了下周,武汉又要重回阴雨天,气温也再次过山车式下跌。省气象台也说,今天可能还是个有雾的晴天,下周会有降温、大风、降雨“三剑客”同时来袭。具体到我省,今日鄂西将出现小到中雨,明日鄂西北雨水稍停,其他地区则转为小到中雨,同时风力增强到偏北风4到5级,阵风6级,气温也再次有4℃左右的下降,西部地区12℃-14℃,东部地区14℃-17℃,早晚气温更是再次回到10℃之下。预计我市明后两天受高空低槽和地面冷空气共同影响,有一次降水过程,并伴有大风、降温天气。具体预报:今天白天,晴天到多云,气温13℃-23℃, 偏东风2到3级;今天晚上到明天白天,阴天有小到中雨,气温13℃-17℃,偏北风3到4级;明天晚上到后天白天,小雨转阴天,气温13℃-17℃,偏北风3到4级转4到5级。(记者 章鸽 通讯员 刘增一)另据中国天气网:中东部地区将迎大范围雨雪 局地降温超过10℃中国天气网讯 受冷空气影响,华北、黄淮等地的霾天气已减弱或消散。预计未来三天,较强冷空气继续影响我国,中东部大部地区将出现大风降温和雨雪天气,平均气温将较历史同期普遍偏低2-3℃。过去两天,冷空气已经给新疆、东北等地的部分地区带来了降雪。今天起,随着冷空气东移南下,中东部的雨雪将自西向东明显增多。中央气象台预计,今天,青藏高原东部、宁夏中南部、内蒙古中东部、东北地区大部、华北北部等地的部分地区有小到中雪或雨夹雪,内蒙古东北部局地有大雪;西北地区东部、华北中南部、黄淮中西部、江淮西部、江汉、江南西北部、华南西北部、西南地区东部、云南西部及台湾等地有小到中雨或阵雨,其中云南西北部局地有暴雨。于雪后气温低,内蒙古东部、黑龙江、吉林等地部分地区或将出现明显积雪,对公路交通造成持续影响。另外,7日进出东北的航班也可能将受到降雪和新增积雪影响,建议公众随时关注天气变化,调整行程。北方今日迎降温 南方下周创新低除了降水,冷空气还带来了降温。昨天14时,新疆北部、甘肃中西部、内蒙古中东部、辽宁大部、吉林大部、黑龙江西南部、河北大部、山东北部等地都有明显的降温出现,其中,北疆降幅较大,部分地区达到10-16℃,内蒙古中部地区降幅也普遍达到10℃以上。未来三天,大风降温将横扫中东部。中央气象台预计,6日至8日,较强冷空气自西向东影响我国大部分地区。其中,南疆东部、西北地区东部、内蒙古中西部、华北西部和北部、东北地区东南部、黄淮大部、江汉、江南西部、西南地区东部等地的部分地区气温将下降6~8℃,局地10℃以上。上述大部地区有4~6级风,渤海、黄海北部有7~8级大风。中央气象台11月6日06时继续发布大风降温预报其中北方大部今天就会出现显著降温,东北的气温将连续三四天较常年同期偏低6℃以上,哈尔滨、长春将创下半年来的新低,沈阳也会接近冰点;而南方则要等到下周才会降温,江南、华南、西南大部地区都有创下新低的可能,9日是气温的最低谷:贵阳只有个位数,长沙、南昌、杭州也都只有10℃出头,福州、南宁将跌至20℃以下。未来几天,中东部平均气温将较历史同期普遍偏低2-3℃。气温低迷,建议公众注意保暖。另外,从昨天午后起,受冷空气影响,北京、天津、河北中南部等地的雾霾自北向南有所减弱。中央气象台预计,今天8时至明天8时,北京东南部、河北中部、山东中南部、山西南部、陕西关中、河南、安徽北部、江苏北部和南部、内蒙古东南部、黑龙江西南部、吉林中西部、辽宁中西部及辽东半岛等地有中度霾,其中,内蒙古东南部、吉林西南部、辽宁中部等地的部分地区有重度霾。中央气象台11月6日6时继续发布霾黄色预警,提醒公众注意防范。热点推荐高校胡润百富榜校友:浙大最多武大排名第八中石油落马老总纵情声色 终于被证实了(组图)陈乔恩要和王凯结婚啦? 据说已在武汉买房办证银杏渐黄时 湖北这些地方已美成仙境(组图)女玩家直播跳舞时遇意外 衣服滑落引十万人围观相关视频 冷空气突袭江城 武汉气温骤降 关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章:

November Hebei has so many good news with you.-pretty rhythm

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In November, Hebei has so many good news about you before suddenly seconds between an invigorating autumn climate, winter"! In November, in addition to the heating, there are many good things to look forward to, is closely related to your life, come and has been released on the day before the implementation of the "national standard" technical specifications for daily protection masks detailed understanding: first down down civil protective masks of national standards, and will be officially implemented in November 1, 2016, according to the specification, protection according to the level of air pollution from low to high grade D, grade C, grade B and grade levels, corresponding protective effects were not less than 65%, 75%, 85%, 95%. In accordance with the standard requirements of reasonable wear masks can be inhaled PM2.5 concentration reduced to 75 micrograms per cubic meter, the inhaled air quality to achieve good and above level. The standard also requires the mask should be able to safely and firmly cover your nose and mouth mask should not be less than 60 degrees below the horizon. Beijing Tianjin Hebei heavy pollution weather warning classification standard of Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional heavy pollution weather warning classification standards have been unified, based on the unity of the six city at the beginning of 2016 core areas, the execution scope will be expanded to Tianjin prefecture level city in Henan province and Shandong Province, the city will be in the transmission channel, around the implementation of early warning unified classification standard at the end of October first, the region realize the unity to deal with heavy pollution weather. "Special offer ticket" is expected to increase the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued "on deepening civil aviation passenger transportation fares reform related issues notice", will be implemented in November 1, 2016. Notice: 800 km, 800 km above the route and high-speed EMU trains compete route passenger transport fares by the airlines to develop independently according to law; airlines to increase the market adjusted price discount airline ticket fare, in principle, each season shall not exceed 10 routes, each route every season fares cumulative rate no more than 10%. The medical quality management legal responsibilities more clear recently, the national health and Family Planning Commission formulated the "measures" of medical quality management, will take effect on November 1, 2016. The "measures" requirements, the establishment of national medical quality management and control system, clear responsibility, medical quality management organization, working mechanism and key links. It is clear that medical institutions are the main body of medical quality, and the principal person in charge of medical institutions is the first person responsible for medical quality management. Two levels of responsibility system of hospital and department should be implemented in medical quality management of medical institutions, and the working mechanism should be straightened out. Net about the car leaked privacy of passengers, the maximum penalty of 10 thousand Ministry of transport and other 7 departments jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management procedures" will be put into practice on November 1st. The "Interim Measures" provisions of the driver in the net about car service has more than 3 years driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record; no record of violence. About car platform companies and Internet car drivers illegally use or disclose cars. 河北11月有这么多好消息 与你息息相关   没来得及秋高气爽,就忽然之间秒“入冬”!11月,除了要来暖气,还有很多好事情值得期待,与你的生活息息相关,快来详细了解下↓↓↓   首个民用防护口罩国家标准实施   《日常防护型口罩技术规范》国家标准已于日前发布,并将于2016年11月1日起正式实施,根据规范,防护级别根据空气污染情况由低到高分为D级、C级、B级和A级,各级对应的防护效果分别为不低于65%、75%、85%、95%。   按照标准要求合理佩戴口罩,能将吸入的PM2.5浓度降低至75微克 立方米以下,使吸入体内的空气质量达到良及以上水平。   标准还要求口罩应能安全牢固地护住口鼻,口罩下方视野应不低于60度。   京津冀重污染天气预警分级统一标准   京津冀区域重污染天气预警分级标准已经统一,在2016年初核心区六城市统一的基础上,执行范围将扩大至京津冀地级以上城市及河南省、山东省传输通道城市,各地将在10月底前执行统一的预警分级标准,实现区域内重污染天气应对统一。   “特价机票”有望增加   中国民用航空局发布的《关于深化民航国内航空旅客运输票价改革有关问题的通知》,将于2016年11月1日起实行。通知规定:800公里以下航线、800公里以上与高铁动车组列车形成竞争航线旅客运输票价交由航空公司依法自主制定;航空公司上调市场调节价航线无折扣的公布票价,原则上每航季不得超过10条航线,每条航线每航季票价上调幅度累计不得超过10%。   医疗质量管理法律责任更明晰   近日,国家卫生和计划生育委员会制定了《医疗质量管理办法》,将于2016年11月1日起施行。《办法》要求,建立国家医疗质量管理与控制制度,明确医疗质量管理的责任主体、组织形式、工作机制和重点环节。明确医疗机构是医疗质量的责任主体,医疗机构主要负责人是医疗质量管理第一责任人。要求医疗机构医疗质量管理实行院、科两级责任制,理顺工作机制。   网约车泄露乘客隐私最高罚1万   交通运输部等7个部门联合颁布的《网络预约出租汽车经营服务管理暂行办法》将于11月1日起施行。《暂行办法》对从事网约车服务的驾驶员作出了规定:具有3年以上驾驶经历;无交通肇事犯罪、危险驾驶犯罪记录,无吸毒记录,无饮酒后驾驶记录,最近连续3个记分周期内没有记满12分记录;无暴力犯罪记录。网约车平台公司及网约车驾驶员违法使用或者泄露约车人、乘客个人信息的,由公安、网信等部门依照各自职责处以2000元以上10000元以下罚款。涉嫌犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。   巡游出租拒载、绕道最高罚两千   交通运输部关于修改《出租汽车经营服务管理规定》的决定将于2016年11月1日起施行。规章名称由《出租汽车经营服务管理规定》修改为《巡游出租汽车经营服务管理规定》。   规定中原有的“出租车应当与城市经济社会发展相适应,与公共交通等客运服务方式协调发展,满足人民群众个性化出行需要”表述,在新规中改为“出租车是城市公共交通的补充,为社会公众提供个性化运输服务。优先发展城市公共交通,适度发展出租汽车”。   拒载、议价、甩客、绕道、不按规定出具票据等行为的罚款标准从原规定的50元以上200元以下提高至200元以上2000元以下罚款。   虚开机动车销售发票将进“黑名单”   国家税务总局发布的《关于实施违规开具机动车销售统一发票的机动车企业名单公示制度的公告》自2016年11月1日起施行。机动车企业出现以下3种情形将被列入“黑名单”:   (一)未按实际销售机动车辆收取的全部价款和价外费用开具发票2次以上(含2次)或者情节严重的;   (二)销售同一辆机动车在违规低价开具机动车销售统一发票的同时,再开具其他增值税发票造成少缴车辆购置税2次以上(含2次)或者情节严重的;   (三)其他违反发票管理规定开具发票造成少缴车辆购置税2次以上(含2次)或者情节严重的。     流动人员档案管理服务规范实施   10月25日,人力资源和社会保障部三季度新闻发布会上介绍,流动人员人事档案管理服务规范、人力资源培训服务规范、人力资源管理服务规范等3项国家标准,于今年11月1日正式实施。   申请代开增值税发票更方便   为解决纳税人对申请代开增值税发票办理流程不清楚、不熟悉的问题,国家税务总局日前发布《关于纳税人申请代开增值税发票办理流程的公告》,简化相关资料填报、明确办理流程。从2016年11月15日起,纳税人申请代开发票将更方便。《公告》明确了纳税人申请代开增值税发票不需要提供付款方相关书面确认证明(纳税人销售取得的不动产和其他个人出租不动产代开增值税发票业务除外),减轻了资料报送负担。   特困人员收入认定新变化   近日民政部正式发布《特困人员认定办法》,明确城乡老年人、残疾人以及未满16周岁的未成年人,同时具备无劳动能力,无生活来源,无法定赡养、抚养、扶养义务人或者其法定义务人无法履行义务能力的,应当列入特困人员救助供养范围。在认定无收入来源这一项时,认定的收入不包括城乡居民基本养老保险中的基础养老金、基本医疗保险等社会保险和高龄津贴等社会福利补贴。   三星Note7不能上飞机   据民航局官网:为确保航空运输安全,从2016年10月27日起,民航局严禁旅客和机组成员随身或在手提行李中携带三星Galaxy Note 7手机;严禁将三星Galaxy Note 7手机放入托运行李中托运;严禁将三星Galaxy Note 7手机作为航空货物收运。民航局要求航空公司及其地面服务代理人、航空销售代理人在售票、办理乘机手续、货物收运等环节针对上述规定内容履行告知义务。   高铁也能寄快递,当天寄到   10月20号起,高铁快运服务在全国所有高铁列车经停的505个城市试行,为客户提供小件物品全程运送高端服务,并且上门取件,送货到家。我省高铁快运业务办理站点:石家庄市、保定市、邯郸市、邢台市、唐山市、沧州市、廊坊市、定州市、秦皇岛市、高碑店市、涿州市、霸州市、迁安市、高邑县、容城县、雄县。可通过12306、95306、95572客服电话和网站、营业门店等渠道办理高铁快运业务。   河北初步实现京津冀交通一卡通   据省交通运输厅,目前河北交通一卡通已初步实现全省互联互通,能在全省643条公交线路上刷卡乘车。10月底开始,全省11个设区市初步实现与北京139条公交线路、天津109条公交线路的互联互通。明年,河北交通一卡通有望在北京、天津地铁上使用。在使用河北交通一卡通的过程中遇到任何问题,均可致电客服热线0311-966009咨询。   河北有望再添一座5A级景区   据承德市滦平县政府官网,近日金山岭景区顺利通过全国景评委景观质量评审,列入本次创建国家5A级旅游景区预备名单,正式进入国家创建序列。据了解,全国共有24家旅游景区参加了本次5A级旅游景区景观质量价值评审会,其中河北省仅有金山岭长城景区一家。   空调公交开暖费,调票价   11月份,我省各市内空调公交车将陆续开放暖风,并同时调整票价(注:衡水市供暖期公交免费乘坐)。其中保定市今年起空调公交车暖风开放日期有所调整,与供暖日期同步,即从11月15日起开放。其他市暖风开放日期暂未确定。   避暑山庄票价便宜好几十   自今年11月1日起至2017年3月31日,避暑山庄及周围寺庙景区执行淡季门票价格。门票由旺季的145元调整至90元;小布达拉宫景区、普宁寺景区门票价格由旺季的80元调整至60元;磬锤峰景区门票价格50元不变。实行淡季门票价格后,针对老年人、学生、儿童等人群实施的各种优惠政策不变。   河北这些景区要闭游   石家庄五岳寨、腾龙山、嶂石岩景区转入防火期,11月起闭游;秦皇岛祖山、燕塞湖于11月1日起闭游;衡水湖于11月底12月初封湖等。   地税实现办税事项省内通办   今年5月份以来,我省地税局在保定和邢台两地试点推行办税事项同城通办,试点效果明显。在完成试点单位经验反馈和总结的基础上,今年11月1日起,将在全省范围内全面推行办税事项省内通办。据测算,全省将有160万纳税人直接受益,异地办税可以降低办税成本、减少纳税支出80%左右。   省人才市场26场大型招聘会   省人才市场将于11月份在省人才大厦一楼交流大厅举办26场现场招聘会,具体安排如下:   11月1日(周二)“精英天下”大型人才交流会   11月2日(周三)大型综合性招聘会   11月3日(周四)医药医疗、生物化工、兽药畜牧类专场招聘会   11月4日(周五)营销、管理、财会、文秘类专场招聘会   11月5日(周六)“快乐职场”大型招聘会   11月7日(周一)“英才世界”大型招聘会   11月8日(周二)“精英天下”大型人才交流会   11月9日(周三)大型综合性招聘会   11月10日(周四)外贸、物流、教育、培训、金融类专场招聘会   11月11日(周五)营销、管理、财会、文秘类专场招聘会   11月12日(周六)“快乐职场”大型招聘会   11月14日(周一)“英才世界”大型招聘会   11月15日(周二)“精英天下”大型人才交流会   11月16日(周三)大型综合性招聘会   11月17日(周四)房产、建筑、物业、建材、家具类专场招聘会   11月18日(周五)营销、管理、财会、文秘类专场招聘会   11月19日(周六)“快乐职场”大型招聘会   11月21日(周一)“英才世界”大型招聘会   11月22日(周二)“精英天下”大型人才交流会   11月23日(周三)大型综合性招聘会   11月24日(周四)IT、电子、电气、通讯、机械类专场招聘会   11月25日(周五)营销、管理、财会、文秘类专场招聘会   11月26日(周六)月度家政大集   11月28日(周一)“英才世界”大型招聘会   11月29日(周二)“精英天下”大型人才交流会   11月30日(周三)大型综合性招聘会   咨询电话:0311-87802000;87802009   另,河北省高校联合毕业生网络招聘会”已经于10月26日在河北人才网()拉开序幕,将持续到11月25日结束。   石家庄严查商品房违法预售   近日,石家庄市政府对房地产开发企业预售商品房进行了要求:   1、未取得《商品房预售许可证》的,不得以任何形式进行销售,不得以认购、预订、排号、发放VIP卡等方式向买受人收取或变相收取预订、预付款等性质的费用;   2、未取得《商品房预售许可证》的,不得设立销售场所(含咨询中心、接待中心、展示中心等),不得通过报纸、电视、广播、网络、户外媒体、传单等形式发布宣传广告,不得参加任何展销活动;   3、取得《商品房预售许可证》的,应在销售现场显著位置公示《建设用地规划许可证》《国有土地使用证》《建设工程规划许可证》《建筑工程施工许可证》《商品房预售许可证》、商品房买卖合同示范文本、住宅质量保证书示范文本、住宅使用说明书示范文本、预售方案、一房一价等相关资料;   4、取得《商品房预售许可证》的,应在10日内一次性公开全部准售房源及每套房屋价格,并严格按照申报价格,明码标价对外销售。   举报电话:市住房和城乡建设局87018315,市城市管理综合执法局12319,市工商局12315,市公安局86862210,市发改委(物价局)12358,新华区政府86952639,桥西区政府88870086,裕华区政府86578294,长安区政府86252963,高新区管委会85095020,正定新区管委会83500515。   石家庄公布网约车细则   近日石家庄市交通运输局发布了《石家庄市网络预约出租汽车经营服务管理暂行办法》(征求意见稿),对申请经营网约车的车辆提出了八点要求。根据规定从事网约车服务的驾驶员需要有服务所在地户籍或取得服务所在地居住证,需要持有健康证明,还要有3年以上驾驶经历;一个人不能同时注册登记两辆及以上网约车。   石家庄2个收费站停止收费   国道107线(元氏收费站)将于2016年10月27日停止收费。另外,国道307藁城收费站也将于2016年11月停止收费。两个收费站取消之后,石家庄周边将仅剩下石闫线(陈村、裴村收费站)一个国道收费站,根据2013年省政府下发的15个经营性普通公路收费项目收费年限核定表显示,该收费站应于2019年8月7日到期,也就是说,至2019年,省会周边所有国道收费站将全部服役到期,停止收费。   衡水、沧州多家医院取消药品加成   日前,沧州市出台文件,明确全市5所试点城市公立医院(市中心医院、市人民医院、沧州中西医结合医院、市传染病医院、市妇幼保健院)于11月30日前取消药品加成(中药饮片除外),实现零差率销售。   近日,衡水市明确11月底前,市区级以上8家二级以上公立医院(市人民医院、市中医医院、市第三人民医院、市精神病医院、市妇幼保健院、市第二人民医院、市第四人民医院、市第五人民医院)将全部取消药品加成,实施零差率销售。   秦皇岛、邢台公共自行车投入使用   秦皇岛全区域公共自行车正式投入使用,已开通的7个站点分别是燕山大学对面,市政府门口(右侧)、科技师范学院、燕山大学、金梦海湾管理处、新澳海底世界、动物园。单人公共自行车的租赁采取计时收费,即每次租赁0~1小时(含1小时)免费使用,超过一小时每小时收取1元,一天12元封顶。   而邢台市正在建设的公共自行车出行系统,预计也将于11月底投入运营。首批点位将设置在泉北大街、新兴大街、开元路、太行路围合范围内。相关的主题文章:

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节后北方冷出新低度 福建广东等有暴雨–环保–人民网 原标题:节后北方冷出新低度 福建广东等有暴雨   中国天气网讯 今天(8日)是节后上班的第一天,我国也正式进入寒露节气,影响中东部的冷空气依然不停歇,长江中下游及其以北地区将有4~5级风,气温将下降4~6℃,局地降温幅度可达8℃。同时,受台风“艾利”外围环流以及南下冷空气共同影响,今明天,福建东南沿海、广东东部、台湾东部和南部等地的部分地区有暴雨、局地大暴雨。公众需合理安排出行时间,避免降水为出行带来不便,注意防寒保暖。   冷空气继续影响我国 北方大部气温迎来“低潮”   今年的国庆假期,北方气温呈现出“前暖后冷”的特点,1-3日,没有明显冷空气影响,气温普遍偏高,而4日开始仿佛是一个分水岭,接连受到两股冷空气影响,北方不少地方降雨降温。过去三天,除了辽宁中南部一带以外,东北大部地区的日平均气温都在10℃以下。省会城市中,昨天早晨截至08时,哈尔滨最低气温只有-0.2℃,再次突破冰点,连续两天都是寒意十足。   4日,北京降温,游客纷纷穿上了保暖的衣物。   今天是节后上班的第一天,冷空气继续影响我国。长江中下游及其以北地区将有4~5级风,气温将下降4~6℃,局地降温幅度可达8℃。不少地方气温将创下半年来新低。   其中,东北地区气温将再下一个台阶,三个省会级城市的最高气温都在10℃以下,同时长春也将在9日早晨迎来冰点。在南方,重庆和南宁也将出现明显降温。其中,重庆从8日开始最高气温将降至20℃左右;原本酷热的南宁气温也将有所下滑,降温至30℃出头的水平。   12日之前,北方大部地区气温比常年同期偏低,内蒙古东部、东北地区气温偏低3~6℃。之后,北方地区气温呈明显上升趋势,至下旬初,大部地区气温接近常年同期或略偏高。   福建广东等沿海地区有暴雨   昨天,在北方扩散冷空气和台风“艾利”的共同影响下,江苏和浙江东部地区不少地方都有暴雨出现,局地出现大暴雨。   今年的第19号台风“艾利”,今早5时位于香港东偏南大约275公里的南海东北部海面上,就是北纬21.1度、东经116.4度,中心附近最大风力有10级(28米 秒)。预计今明天,“艾利”将在南海北部海面徘徊少动,强度维持或,最强可达台风级,10日以后逐渐向海南岛东部到广东西部一带沿海靠近。   预计,10日白天以前,“艾利”将在南海北部海面徘徊少动,强度维持或略有增强,最强可达台风级(12级,33~35米 秒);10日以后将向西偏南方向移动,逐渐向海南岛东部到广东西部一带沿海靠近,强度缓慢减弱。   中央气象台预计,受“艾利”外围环流以及北方扩散冷空气共同影响,今明天,华南东部、江南东部和江淮东部仍多阵性降雨。其中,今天苏皖及浙江西部的降雨基本减弱停止,但在浙江东部沿海一带还会有大到暴雨,另外,福建东南部、广东东部、台湾等地的部分地区有大雨或暴雨,局部有大暴雨(100~160毫米)。今天是节后首个工作日,公众还需合理安排出行时间,避免降水为出行带来不便。   受南下冷空气的影响,“艾利”未来路径和强度变化均存在较大的不确定性。所以,今后几天,广东、福建需密切关注“艾利”的发展趋势和影响范围,提前做好台风灾害防御工作。由于“艾利”在南海活动的时间比较长,南海海上作业人员需加强防范大风大浪的危害。 (责编:王静、杜燕飞)相关的主题文章:

“金九”迎来开门红 京9月首周新房破3000套二手房破6000–房产–人民网

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By admin | Filed in Home Products & Services | Comments Off on “金九”迎来开门红 京9月首周新房破3000套二手房破6000–房产–人民网

“金九”迎来开门红 京9月首周新房破3000套二手房破6000–房产–人民网 原标题:| 西城区 |   北京楼市在9月首周迎来开门红,来自机构统计显示,北京纯新房市场在成交连续四周徘徊在2000套低位之后,“金九”首周再度突破3000套。北京全市二手住宅共网签6604套,环比增长11%,时隔18周后,单周交易量再次突破6000套。     成交创近5周新高     据亚豪君岳会统计数据显示,9月首周(8月29日-9月4日)北京商品住宅(不含保障房与自住房)共实现成交3185套,成交面积31.65万平方米,环比分别增加32%、32%,这一成交量也创造了近5周的新高。     分类型来看,普通住宅上周交易量下滑了7.0%,继续在七八百套左右徘徊;因无新项目入市,自住型商品房继续走低,上周仅成交9套;别墅交易量上周大增,环比增长50%,单周交易量超过200套。在这其中,商住类产品共实现成交2165套,占据全部成交的比重高达68%。     伟业我爱我家集团副总裁胡景晖分析认为,近期北京自住房并无新项目入市,公寓类项目则有不少新盘,一减一增之下导致了自住房、公寓类住宅交易走势的逆转。但“普通住宅+别墅”的商品住宅交易量并无太大变化,整体新房市场依旧比较稳定。     “金九”首周5项目入市     据亚豪君岳会统计数据显示,9月首周(8月29日-9月4日)北京商品住宅市场共有5个项目入市,包括华远西红世一个商住项目,以及远洋?新仕界、中国铁建?花语金郡等4个普宅项目。5个项目共新增住宅产品773套,环比增加6%,预售许可面积6.4万平方米,环比减少6%。     亚豪机构副总经理任启鑫分析认为,进入“金九”普宅项目入市表现积极,4个普宅项目当中老项目与纯新盘各占一半,两个老项目通泰国际公馆与华业东方玫瑰价格上涨明显,其中通泰国际公馆去年新盘入市价格仅27000元 平方米,此次入市价格已高达50000元 平方米,涨幅高达85%;而两个纯新盘受到地价因素影响,入市价格更是区域最高水平,其中大兴亦庄区域的中国铁建?花语金郡开盘价高达54000元 平方米,也创造了该区域今年的最高入市价。受到土地供应稀缺的影响,新老项目互相拉动,预计未来普宅市场成交价格仍将一路上涨。     二手住宅成交上涨11%     据伟业我爱我家集团市场研究院统计,上周(8月29日-9月4日),北京全市二手住宅共网签6604套,环比增长11%,时隔18周后,单周交易量再次突破6000套。     伟业我爱我家集团副总裁胡景晖分析认为,北京二手房市场表现出了连续上扬态势。一方面,6月实施房源核验新政导致交易量大跌之后,市场在七八月出现了技术性回调;     另一方面,近期限购和信贷政策将收紧的传言引发了市场恐慌,后续市场需求被挤压提前,所以市场连续升温。而随着房源核验因素的淡化,未来的政策走向或将成为影响市场最重要的因素。     价格来看,据房天下数据研究中心,9月第1周(8.29-9.4)北京二手房价格环比下跌0.81%,达49788元 平米。除朝阳、石景山、怀柔下跌外其余区域均上涨。     通州领涨,涨幅达3.18%。     房天下副总裁司智认为,9月第一周,虽然二手房网签量高涨,但网签量高涨主要来源于8月的周度惯性上涨及顺势带来的月末冲高,因此“金九”成色可期,但涨势不会过于喜人;同时,由于新建房商改住的收紧,远期有利于投资需求退出商住市场,并促进新房住宅市场的刚需流入二手商住市场,进而推高二手商住房价格。 (责编:朱江、伍振国)相关的主题文章:

三代同堂尽享名企品牌 邻铁精装洋房即将入市-3344111

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三代同堂尽享名企品牌 邻铁精装洋房即将入市 [摘要]老人孩子统统在身边,再不用因为房子与亲人疏远。所以说有一套大的房子是比较理想的居住状态。房山 天恒·水岸壹号精装修7栋水岸洋房待售腾讯房产讯 天恒·水岸壹号位于地铁房山线良乡大学城西站南侧400米。天恒·水岸壹号70年产权,建筑面积226000平米,占地面积112600平米。当前528户,7栋精装修水岸洋房及12栋毛坯叠拼别墅。腾讯北京“房山”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。42136594 天恒·水岸壹号查看详情 品牌开发商花园洋房楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转708198天恒·水岸壹号南邻18公里北京“醉美水岸”——刺猬河水岸,坐拥三大主题公园,生态环境极为优越。项目位于京西南五环良乡大学城版块,能够同时享受政务核心区、CSD中央休闲购物区的繁华。》》》》》点击查看天恒·水岸壹号网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]老人孩子统统在身边,再不用因为房子与亲人疏远。所以说有一套大的房子是比较理想的居住状态。 丰台 泰禾西府大院(楼盘资料)172-197平精装预计9月底开盘腾讯房产讯 泰禾西府大院位于北京西三环丽泽桥西北角,玉璞公园东侧。 泰禾西府大院是泰禾集团打造的与泰禾院子系一脉相承的新中式文化豪宅项目已于去年开工,预计2016年9月底开盘,主推平层精装大户型172、197平,预计2017年9月竣工,2018年底精装修入住,精装标准以售楼处公布为准,价格及户型待定,截止到2016年9月2日,具体销售信息待定,即将排卡,敬请期待! 9月3日下午,“俯仰天地大美——北京泰禾•西府大院全球首发盛典”在中国太庙隆重举办,活动现场“星”光熠熠,著名导演冯小刚,著名演员李易峰倾情助阵。泰禾集团董事长黄其森等领导、全国百余家主流媒体及应邀出席的社会各界精英人士近500人齐聚一堂,共同见证了泰禾•西府大院的首发盛典。发布会上,黄其森与冯小刚、李易峰一起共同“开炮”,三炮齐发,完成了西府大院的首发仪式,也标志着《泰禾•西府大院》的正式入市。项目电话:400-819-1111转722857。腾讯北京“丰台”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。154721065泰禾西府大院查看详情 品牌开发商地铁沿线楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转722857泰禾·西府大院位于北京西三环丽泽桥西北角,是泰禾地产历经“十城十七院”之淬炼,于千年国脉、皇脉、文脉重地,匠心营制的城市精装平层大宅。》》》》》点击查看泰禾西府大院网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]老人孩子统统在身边,再不用因为房子与亲人疏远。所以说有一套大的房子是比较理想的居住状态。 丰台 天恒金融街公园懿府(楼盘资料)115平精装三居享12万抵15万腾讯房产讯 天恒金融街公园懿府项目位于北京市南四环公益西桥南行3500米。四环热销领衔者,88-132㎡(建面)精装新奢邸载誉加推。天恒金融街公园懿府二期新品加推在即,主力户型为115平精装三居,项目目前正在火热排卡中,腾讯网友排卡享12万抵15万的电商优惠。天恒金融街公园懿府二期新品为两个单元,一梯两户,户型为115平南北通透3居,边户为C1户型,中间户为C2户型,精装修。腾讯北京“丰台”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。154721065天恒金融街公园懿府查看详情 品牌开发商改善住宅楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转610307天恒金融街公园懿府为天恒集团携手金融街控股共同开发建设之钜作,总用地面积9.96万㎡,总建筑面积28.65万㎡,容积率2.5,绿化率30%。》》》》》点击查看天恒金融街公园懿府网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]老人孩子统统在身边,再不用因为房子与亲人疏远。所以说有一套大的房子是比较理想的居住状态。房山 水墨林溪(楼盘资料 业主论坛) 163-183平墅质复式均价15000元 平腾讯房产讯 水墨林溪位于房山区窦店镇(窦大路西侧)。 8月27日龙建地产•水墨林溪盛大开盘,开盘当日热销98%,销售额突破3.2亿!目前在售10套墅质复式,面积163-183㎡,珍藏上复有独立露台,均价15000元 ㎡。 腾讯北京“房山”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。312318672水墨林溪查看详情 均价18000 元 平方米 现房生态宜居楼盘图库|最新动态|业主论坛 400-819-1111转610421水墨林溪踞西南重点发展区域,享未来无限潜力。水墨林溪项目位于北京西南重点规划区域——房山区窦店镇,占地55万平米,建筑面积63万平米,地理位置优越。从“水秀山明的旅游胜地”到“CSD中央休闲购物区”、从“一轴一带多园区”到“北京高端现代制造业产业基地”,数千亿的投资、政府的多次规划升级使房山区的区域价值不断提升,带动水墨林溪的未来潜力无可估量。》》》》》点击查看水墨林溪网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]老人孩子统统在身边,再不用因为房子与亲人疏远。所以说有一套大的房子是比较理想的居住状态。通州 润枫领尚(楼盘资料 业主论坛) 现房1梯2户均价45000元 平米 腾讯房产讯 润枫领尚位于通州光机电产业基地核心区兴光三街9号院。 润枫领尚项目位于通州亦庄光机电产业基地核心区。东五环奢阔华宅境界天成,155、175平米臻品现房即买即住,醇熟盛境收官盛宴分秒递减。1梯2户,其中9、14号楼面积为155平米,7、15号楼面积为175平米,均价45000元 平米,小区绿化率30%,容积率2.1,全石材立面,典藏楼王景观,仅存少量现房,即买即住。腾讯北京“通州”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。154721126润枫领尚查看详情 均价45000 元 平方米 现房婚房楼盘图库|最新动态|业主论坛 400-819-1111转610523小区自带幼儿园,满足孩子的早期教育需求;园区内有成熟的公共设施配套,流水潺潺,奇石怪立,草木葱葱,感受到贴心的舒适。项目周边交通便捷,出行方便。》》》》》点击查看润枫领尚网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。相关的主题文章:

腐国全裸餐厅正式开业 万人争相当裸王-660003

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腐国全裸餐厅正式开业 万人争相当裸王腐国一向对裸王事业情有独钟,各大高校的学霸们也争相亮出自己漂亮紧致的美臀,让岛国群众羡慕不已。但碍于东西方文化不同也只能在动漫里开开脑洞了,《航海王》弗兰奇与《犬神》川平启太、《境界线上的地平线》葵·托利都是有名的二次元裸王,既坦荡又有男人的浪漫。腐国首家全裸餐厅宣布将于明年正式开业,有兴趣的绅士淑女要不要去试试呢?你认为谁是二次元裸王呢?这家全裸餐厅位于伦敦,名叫“宾雅地”(The Bunyadi),早在今年6月就开展了为期3个月的限定体验活动,吸引了4.6万人排队。也许是裸王呼声高涨与经济效益可观的关系,餐厅创办人莱奥终于向英国媒体《Big Hospital》表示,餐厅将于明年重新开业,而且不再是限定餐厅了。餐厅提供的菜品都是像原始人一样自然生吃,鼓励大家解放身心,无遮无掩,完全平等。而且店内没有手机、电灯,创造了一个让人回归自然的环境。莱奥表示,创立这个餐厅的意义在于让大家能在人生的一个特定时间里不把“裸体”想歪。如果中国也开这样的餐厅,大家有兴趣去吗?目的是为了减压还是饱览风光呢?点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品。相关的主题文章:

山西统筹“去减保” 推进煤炭供给侧改革初见成效–能源–人民网

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山西统筹“去减保” 推进煤炭供给侧改革初见成效–能源–人民网 原标题:山西统筹“去减保” 推进煤炭供给侧改革初见成效   山西统筹“去减保”推进煤炭供给侧改革初见成效   今年以来,面对复杂严峻的经济形势和持续较大的下行压力,山西坚持改革定力,率先实行煤矿276个工作日制度,统筹推进“去产能、减产量、保增长”,大力实施创新驱动,积极因素加速积累,煤炭供给侧结构性改革初见成效。   但不容回避的是,276个工作日同样是把双刃剑。   上半年,山西吨煤综合售价环比上涨,但同比跌了53元,“量价齐跌”导致煤炭工业增加值下降4.3%,负拉动山西工业增加值近两个百分点。经济下行、煤炭减产叠加“一煤独大”的产业结构,山西稳增长、保就业、惠民生、防风险遭遇更大挑战。   压力面前,山西变被动为主动,提出“3个40%”工作法,按照煤炭产业自己抵消不利影响的40%、非煤产业抵消40%、第三产业抵消40%的要求,统筹“去产能、减产量、保增长”。   拥有5000余万吨煤炭产能的晋煤集团,去年非煤收入占比近九成。成立一年多的晋煤激光科技股份有限公司,探索混合所有、全员持股,自主研发第四代显示技术,推出了全球第一款集成度最高、体积最小的三基色纯激光投影机,寿命是传统显示技术的7倍以上,能耗仅三分之一,已签下亿元订单。   非常之年,山西各级顶住下行压力,奋力保增长的做法得到社会肯定。为促进旅游业发展,山西推出国内第一档旅游城市品牌推介竞演节目《人说山西好风光》,市委书记、市长们登台“叫卖山水”。为缓解企业融资难、融资贵,分管副省长带领9家企业前往北京金融街路演,7天后,一单20亿元的企业债券,10分钟被抢购一空,融资成本比预期还低1.5个百分点。截至8月13日,一个月内完成债券发行金额85亿元,煤企债券发行环境得到改善。   “去减保”的效果开始显现。6月份,山西煤炭工业增加值同比下降9.4%。然而,当月全省工业增加值顶住了煤炭的下拉影响,实现了1%的正增长,这是这一数据自2014年9月以来第三次正增长。   原本是“短板”的服务业占比不断增加。山西提出服务业“1+10”工程,在18个国家鼓励的服务业行业领域,每一类里面重点建设1个旗舰项目和10个示范项目。金融服务、农村电商、餐饮业、家政服务、物流、旅游服务、信息服务、科技服务、文化体育休闲等服务业快速成长。   上半年,服务业占山西GDP比重56.3%,高于第二产业占比18个百分点。服务业用电量增长6.3%,增速比工业用电量快8个百分点。在国内及山西经济增速下降的“换挡期”,服务业稳定经济的作用逐步发挥,为稳增长、扩内需、调结构发挥了积极作用。   山西省省长李小鹏说,当前煤炭行业面临的问题,供求关系是基础,管理落后是关键,清洁利用是根本,问题的实质是供给侧不适应绿色低碳发展新要求。煤炭去产能、减产量的目的,就是要改善供求关系、调整产业结构、转换发展动能,依托科技创新,使经济发展走上良性轨道。   2014年以来,山西陆续启动80余项煤基科技重大专项,推动黑色煤炭绿色发展,高碳资源低碳发展。截至目前,已有28项取得关键性技术突破。   新命名的“晋华炉”就是其中之一。煤化工的第一步是煤炭气化。然而,山西2800多亿吨煤炭储量中,高灰、高硫、高灰熔点的“三高”煤约占三分之一。长期以来,由于缺乏高效可靠的大型气化技术,企业不得不花费巨资引进国外气化技术和装置,一些进口设备还对“三高”煤水土难服。   由清华大学和阳煤集团联合研发的全球首台“晋华炉”近日在山西成功投运。参与研制的阳煤化工机械集团董事长李广民说,这种自主研发的气化炉炉内温度可提升到1600℃以上,成功解决了“三高”煤的气化难题。 (责编:闫璐、杜燕飞)相关的主题文章:


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新华社:房地产“黑名单“公布 不是结束而是开始–房产–人民网 -ppbox

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新华社:房地产“黑名单“公布 不是结束而是开始–房产–人民网 国庆节假日期间,住房和城乡建设部公布了45家违法违规房地产开发企业和中介机构名单,指出这些企业和机构发布虚假广告、恶意编造散布谣言,制造房源紧张气氛,采取违规预售、捂盘惜售等手段,煽动消费者购房,以抬高房价、牟取私利。这些不法行为损害消费者权益,误导市场预期,社会影响恶劣。这是有关部门宣布对房地产销售机构实施“黑名单”管理以来的一次雷霆行动。 房地产市场何以从“去库存”变为“抢房”?此次公布的45家违法违规企业和机构涉嫌的不法手段之外,其分布地区也可以看出一些端倪:其分布的北京、上海、广州、深圳、天津、苏州、南京、无锡、杭州、厦门、福州、济南、合肥、郑州、武汉、成都,都是目前国内房地产市场“热得发烫”的城市。房地产市场“天价地”频出、住房价格短期飙升,固然存在信贷、土地等宏观经济的原因,但对普通消费者来说,造成恐慌的直接原因就是违规预售、捂盘惜售、造谣传谣、哄抬房价、煽风点火,从而扭曲市场信息、改变消费预期。对此,有关部门绝不能止于公布“黑名单”,还应当依法让不法企业、机构及其责任人付出应有代价。 今年8月,住房城乡建设部、发展改革委、人民银行、银监会等七部门出台意见,加强房地产中介管理,促进行业健康发展,强调实施诚信典型“红名单”和失信主体“黑名单”管理。实施“黑名单”制度有法可依,关键在于违法必究,执法必严。此次公告的企业及机构“发布虚假广告、恶意编造散布谣言”等行为,不仅仅违反了部门规章,而且触犯了广告法、消费者保护法等法律。发布虚假广告以欺骗误导消费者使消费者蒙受损害,必须承担的民事责任、连带责任,我国的广告法有明确规定。发布虚假广告,骗取消费者钱财达到一定数额、情节严重,就构成虚假广告罪。而恶意编造散布谣言,损害消费者权益,妨害社会管理的行为,依照我国刑法规定构成犯罪的,要追究刑事责任。因此“黑名单”公布,不是结束,而是开始。 房地产业涉及住房民生、公民财产权,更涉及土地政策、金融安全、人的城镇化、户籍制度改革,事关经济社会发展大局。因此,加强房地产市场的公共服务和市场监管,归根到底要靠法治。依法治国,依法治市,依法治企,确保房地产管理“黑名单”不是没牙的老虎,方能清除害群之马,推动房产业健康平稳发展。 (责编:余燕明、孙红丽)相关的主题文章:

多家银行未暂停个人房贷 申请审批放款正常开展-restorator

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多家银行未暂停个人房贷 申请审批放款正常开展24日,有媒体报道称,北京地区部分银行受“9·30”楼市新政影响已暂停新增住房贷款业务,引发社会广泛关注。记者从国有四大行和兴业、中信、恒丰等多家股份制银行等了解到,目前各行的个人房贷业务均正常开展,尚未出现停贷。上述银行有关负责人均表示,目前个人按揭贷款的申请、审批、放款都正常开展、没有变化。不过,各行已按照监管部门的要求,严格执行新政的差别化信贷政策,即购买首套普通住房首付不低于35%;为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买二套普通自住房的,无论有无贷款记录,首付比例均不低于50%;购买二套非普通自住房的,首付不低于70%。在贷款利率方面,各家银行均要求首付最低执行基准利率的0.85倍,二套最低为基准利率的1.1倍。相关的主题文章:

存量房黄金时代来临 “京沪深”二手房成交逾3万亿元 为新房交易额的2倍多–房产– -pretty rhythm

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原标题:存量房黄金时代来临 “京沪深”二手房成交逾3万亿元 为新房交易额的2倍多


  “京沪深”二手房成交逾3万亿元 为新房交易额的2倍多

  ■本报记者 王丽新























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《夏目友人帐》动画第五季疑似下周播出OVA   最近闹万策尽矣的动画已经够多了,《无畏魔女》闹了一次延期,《长骑美眉》都已经第二次延期,今天刚刚播出完的《夏目友人帐》第五季动画第6话,在播出后不就东京电视台宣布下周《夏目友人帐》第五季将播出OVA,第7话看来是下周不播了,但AT-X上下周第7话照播,这到底是不是万策尽矣的剧情?   东京电视台官方写的下周播出OVA AT-X预告11月16日第7话照常播出   《夏目友人帐》第五季动画,距离第四季动画间隔了4年之久,证明粉丝对这部作品的支持和热情没有白费。第五季动画延续了第四季动画的制作阵容但略有调整,大森贵弘担任总监督,夏目友人帐OVA的监督出合小都美担任执行监督,系列构成、角色设计、妖怪设定依旧为村井贞之、高田晃、山田起生,这次的动画制作公司由Brain’sBase变为朱夏,朱夏本来就是从Brain’sBase第三制作部独立出来的公司。预定于下周播出的OVA《和猫老师的第一次跑腿》是2013年推出的,东京电视台写的是第五季TV动画特别篇的名义,在夏目第五季开播前的预热中曾经播放了2014年的OVA《曾几何时下雪之日》,也许是OVA播出是官方事先已经安排好的,目前跟播的AT-X(AT-X晚东京电视台一天播出)在11月16日的节目单上还是写明将播出第7话。不过在今年10月新番业界一片哀嚎,延期事件不断的背景下,下周夏目第五季播OVA总会给人一种万策尽矣的感觉。    [来源:acgdoge]相关的主题文章:


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新春见闻:回访广元大山村 村民盼调整产业发展脱贫-中新网-sexhu

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村民张应春誓要自力更生培育山野兔脱贫奔康。 苗志勇 摄
村民张应春誓要自力更生培育山野兔脱贫奔康。 苗志勇 摄













南京:保险版“以房养老”要来啦–房产–人民网 -drop dead diva

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南京:保险版“以房养老”要来啦–房产–人民网   保险版“以房养老”,你愿意尝试吗? 资料图片   什么是以房养老   住房反向抵押养老保险被称为保险版的“以房养老”。简单地说,就是老年人将房子抵押给保险公司,每月获得一定数额的养老金,其间老人仍然可以住在自己的房子里。但身故后,这个房子的处置权就归保险公司。   今年7月,中国保监会宣布,老年人住房反向抵押养老保险试点将扩大至直辖市、省会城市、计划单列市,及江苏、浙江、山东和广东的部分地级市。消息出来后,南京不少老人表示感兴趣,纷纷致电现代快报,询问南京的“以房养老”何时落地?   昨天,现代快报记者从相关部门了解到最新消息,日前南京市财政局、市国土局、市金融办、江苏保监局、市老龄办等相关部门与幸福人寿、利安人寿等三家保险公司联合召开了一次工作推进会,会上提出南京将试点保险版“以房养老”,最快今年年底会出相关保险产品。   老人的想法   1   老了就卖掉房子,搬进养老院   失独夫妻   老了就卖掉房子,搬进养老院   家住雨花台区的王阿姨今年58岁,老伴64岁,两人刚刚从印度游玩回来。“今年已经玩了三趟,3月去的马来西亚和新加坡,6月去九寨沟避暑,9月去了印度。”王阿姨的退休生活多姿多彩,让人羡慕,但对于他们来说,这是没办法的事,因为呆在家里会难过。“同龄人大多忙着帮子女带孩子,可是我们没有。儿子5年前不幸出意外,才27岁就这么丢下我们走了。”   王阿姨和老伴决定,趁着腿脚好多出去走走看看,等老了动不了就住进养老院。“我们老两口每个月的退休工资加起来有5000多块钱,过日子是够了,但住养老院还差一点,而且老了以后还要留一笔医药费。”最近,王阿姨也在关注养老院方面的消息,“带护理的养老院价格都不低,一张床位3500元左右,以我们现在的退休工资,不够。要是实在不行就卖房子。我们现在住的这套房虽然很老,但66平方米也能卖个100多万,应该够住养老院了。”   2   房子是最后救命、送终的基础   独居老人   房子是最后救命、送终的基础   82岁的纪奶奶原本住在和会街上,今年上半年刚换房,搬到三牌楼菜场附近。虽说比之前小了20平方米,但从五楼换到了一楼,500米范围内就有菜场、公园,方便多了。   “那房子住了几十年,我也舍不得,但是没办法,爬不动5楼不说,身边也没个人照料。”整个换房都是纪奶奶找中介操作的。   纪奶奶的老伴走了27年,两儿一女全在外地,一年也就回来一两次。“我没有退休工资,每个月就靠700多元的低保过活。前两年子女逢年过节还会给我一千两千的,他们现在退休了,工资也不高,还有家庭要顾,我也就不要他们的钱了。”老人说,自己没有钱,儿女又靠不上,房子就是她最后救命、送终的基础。至于换房,也是想让自己的养老生活过得好一些。   “之前的房子卖了100多万,现在这套连买带装修花了100万,最后还剩了几万。”现代快报记者注意到,新房子里空调、热水器、灶台、电视都是全新的,家具也是新打的。   “再过个十年我走不动了,就要去养老院啦!”关于未来,纪奶奶早就打算好了。“如果住到养老院,就把房子出租,这套房现在能租3000元。”   不过,老人表示房子轻易不敢卖。“万一养老院住得不合适,自己好歹还有个家。等确定要在哪个养老院住到临终,或者生了大病需要救命钱,再卖房吧。”   3   关注“抵押房子养老”的进展   孤寡老人   关注“抵押房子养老”的进展   今年78岁的丁大爷更关注“抵押房产养老”的进展。“我没有子女,老伴去世好多年了。”目前,他每个月的养老金有3100元,自己一个人凑合着够用。   “后面,我打算靠房子养老。”丁大爷住在秦淮区的秦虹小区附近,单室套,按市场行情能卖大几十万。   最新进展   “以房养老”保险产品,最快今年底推出   其实,“以房养老”这个词出现的频率很高。   2012年4月,南京出台的《南京市老龄事业发展第十二个五年规划》中就提及“以房养老”,这是南京官方首次明确表态鼓励“以房养老”。   2014年,南京出台《关于加快发展养老服务业的实施意见》,其中明确“探索开展老年人住房反向抵押养老业务试点”,这是南京官方再次提出“以房养老”试点。   2014年底,江苏省金融办、省民政厅、省财政厅、人民银行南京分行、江苏省银监局、江苏省保监局六部门联合出台《关于财政金融支持养老服务业发展的意见》。据江苏省金融办透露,“以房养老”政策已正式列入计划,探索开展住房反向抵押养老保险(俗称“以房养老”)。   可惜,这些年“以房养老”的试点业务未有任何进展。90岁的张启韵是南京首位申请“以房养老”的老人,她2010年就向社区和街道提出,将自己名下一套产权房作倒按揭,所得用于改善自己独居的生活条件,但没有机构和企业敢于接招。老人已于两年前去世,生前房子被卖了61万元。   对此,有关人士表示,此次南京被列入第二批试点范围,这意味着这项工作肯定是要做的,目前相关部门已经行动起来,但是还需要一段时间。从开发这款产品到向保监会报批,最快今年年底或将推出相关的保险产品。   专家谈   小众人群   多了一种养老方式   据南京市民政局有关负责人介绍,此前北京、上海、武汉、广州4大试点城市只有59户、78位老人参与“以房养老”。参与的老人每月从幸福人寿拿到的养老金从3000元到1万多元不等,月领金额最高的是一位上海老人,每月可领1.9万元。只是,参与人数与全国60岁人口的总数相比,可谓沧海一粟。   “不仅参保对象热情不高,保险公司对‘以房养老’也不热心。”目前,仅幸福人寿一家保险公司推出相关产品。现代快报记者了解到,在试点过程中,“以房养老”遇到的主要挑战是传统观念、法律风险、政策风险以及房屋估值问题。   首先遇到的最大挑战是传统观念。目前,“养儿防老”的传统观念依然是社会主流,绝大多数老人希望把房子留给孩子。从试点城市来看,选择“以房养老”的老人大多是鳏寡孤独老人、失独老人以及拥有两套以上房产的老人。   另外,房价波动大也成为障碍。老百姓考虑的是“房价上涨,抵押房产获得的养老金太低”,尤其是像南京这样一个房价上涨快的城市。而保险公司担心的是“房价一旦走低,得不偿失”,比如三四线城市,房价长期不涨甚至还下跌。此外,还面临无法实现房产价值的法律风险。   相关人士表示,从国际上看,“以房养老”也算是小众业务。但不可否认的是,这虽然不会成为我们未来养老的主流,但是为部分人群增加了一种养老的方式。 (责编:孙红丽、伍振国)相关的主题文章:

电改全面加速推进 发改委一天批复五省市试点方案–能源–人民网 -pgd-426

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电改全面加速推进 发改委一天批复五省市试点方案–能源–人民网 人民网北京9月7日电(记者杜燕飞) 国家发展改革委6日集中公布了对北京、福建、甘肃、海南、黑龙江等五省市电改方案的批复函。复函表示,国家发展改革委、国家能源局同意福建、黑龙江开展售电侧改革试点,同意北京开展电力体制改革综合试点,同意甘肃、海南开展电力体制改革试点。 从五省市的电改试点方案可以看出,国家发改委的批复各有侧重,但是,都结合了当地电力市场的现状,各有特点。 发改委在对福建、黑龙江同意开展售电侧改革试点的批复中要求,规范售电侧市场主体准入与退出机制,多途径培育售电侧市场竞争主体,健全电力市场化交易机制、加强信用体系建设与风险防范,加快构建有效竞争的市场结构和市场体系,并在试点基础上及时总结经验,尽快扩大改革覆盖面。 发改委在对甘肃、海南电力体制改革试点的批复中强调,在专项试点方案基础上,结合实际完善配套措施、突出工作重点,加快组建相对独立的电力交易机构,统筹推进输配电价、电力市场建设、电力交易机制、发用电计划、配售电侧等改革任务落实,确保改革取得实质性突破。 发改委在对北京开展电力体制改革综合试点的批复中提出,在综合试点和专项试点方案基础上,结合实际完善配套措施、突出工作重点,积极配合组建电网企业相对控股的京津冀电力交易机构,统筹推进输配电价、电力市场建设、电力交易机制、发用电计划、配售电侧等改革任务落实。 值得注意的是,北京市电改综合试点方案中明确提出,要推进京津冀电力交易市场建设。积极推进电网企业相对控股的京津冀电力交易机构组建工作,并争取其在京落户,建设京津冀统一的电力市场。结合有序放开公益性和调节性以外的发用电计划,开展京津冀区域电力中长期市场交易和现货市场业务。 发改委强调,试点工作要坚持市场定价的原则,避免采取行政命令等违背改革方向的办法,人为降低电价;要坚持平等竞争的原则,发电企业通过投资建设专用线路等形式向用户直接供电的,应当符合规划,履行社会责任,按规定承担国家依法合规设立的政府性基金,以及与产业政策相符合的政策性交叉补贴和系统备用费;要坚持节能减排的原则,对按规定应实行差别电价和惩罚性电价的企业,不得借机变相对其提供优惠电价和电费补贴。 8月23日,京津冀电力市场建设联合工作组下发《京津冀电力市场建设方案(征求意见稿)》。《征求意见稿》表示,今年9月份,京津冀电力市场建设方案与京津冀电力交易机构组建方案将上报国家能源局;10月份,京津冀电力市场建设最终方案将印发。 8月31日,发改委举行的加快推进输配电价改革座谈会决定,今年4月试点的12个省级电网和华北区域电网,将力争今年底前核定完输配电价并向社会公布。同时,将原定2017年开展的14个省级电网输配电价改革提前到今年9月份启动,计划于明年1月底完成成本监审工作。 业内人士表示,从一系列电改动作可以看出,电改正在全面加速推进。 (责编:杜燕飞、王静)相关的主题文章:


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鲁能泰山7号携手贝克汉姆颁布“健康绿色公约”(腾讯房产叶正新 发自北京)9月20日,世界足球巨星贝克汉姆再次来到中国。这一次,他为鲁能“全民健康绿色公约”做倡导。贝克汉姆在鲁能格拉斯小镇(楼盘资料 业主论坛) 见面会上发言“培养一项体育爱好,每日运动一个小时;倡导绿色环保,提倡以步代车;接触阳光自然,多到户外活动;坚持健康饮食,杜绝不良习惯;心态平和舒畅,积极乐观向上;参与社区活动,共建和谐邻里;运动使人自信,自信成就不凡”。时值鲁能“体育+”战略发布一周年之际,贝克汉姆与鲁能集团一众领导共同颁布了鲁能泰山7号“全民健康绿色公约”。此举不仅标志着鲁能“体育+”战略正式落地社区,更意味着鲁能距离“生态体育、健康中国”的梦想,更近了一步。一个感人的现场细节是,鲁能集团资助的四川九寨沟阿坝女子足球队也来到现场进行颠球表演,并与贝克汉姆互动、合影。原来,阿坝女子足球队地处高原的阿坝州,经济发展滞后,训练条件艰苦却不断斩获傲人的成绩。鲁能集团得知后,当即赞助了这支队伍,助力她们的足球梦。“小贝”对鲁能集团的社会责任感表达了由衷敬佩,他说,“体育精神是无国界的,我希望和鲁能一起推动体育事业的发展。”四川九寨沟阿坝女子足球队与贝克汉姆合影留念鲁能泰山7号+传奇中锋7号贝克汉姆,这对同为7号的“明星+地产”组合已传为佳话,贝克汉姆以其运动健康、积极阳光的形象成为“全民健康绿色公约”的最好名片。据介绍,这一“全民健康绿色公约”的内容基于鲁能“体育+”战略内涵,并将在未来以“鲁能泰山7号共同缔造健康生活”为宗旨,在鲁能已落地的北京、天津、济南、南京、重庆五大城市的鲁能泰山7号社区中,正式实施。鲁能集团相关领导透露,在五大鲁能泰山7号社区中实施“全民健康绿色公约”,仅是鲁能“体育+”战略落地的第一步,未来,鲁能还将从精神内核到实际人居的多个层面,推进“体育+”战略贯彻落地,并向社会各界传播体育、健康、生态、人居和谐共生长的“体育+”社区生活方式。鲁能泰山7号“体育+”示范区 引领五城健康人居据悉,鲁能“体育+”战略是去年“9·20”鲁能发布的全新产品战略,其内涵为以体育休闲产业链衍生为核心,探讨体育与住宅地产模块的优化组合,建设“体育+”元素下的社区生活。鲁能泰山7号秉承鲁能集团“生态、健康、运动、娱乐、科技”产品理念,以体育大众化为初衷,依托自身传统体育DNA优势,引入全年龄段的体育运动设施,建设“体育”元素下的社区生活。以体育为纽带,社区业主增进了交流、互动的机会,邻里关系自然也变得更为亲切融洽,这是“体育+”为鲁能社区生活带来的外延影响。近期,融入了大量体育元素的鲁能泰山7号终于揭开了神秘面纱,“体育+”示范区甫一亮相便在北京、天津、济南、南京、重庆等5个城市大受追捧。【北京鲁能泰山7号】北京鲁能泰山7号举办了以“做自己的健康冠军”为主题的健康生活体验活动,由体操奥运冠军冯喆领衔,众位健康大咖、明星红人纷纷现身,与现场嘉宾一起亲身实践健康、生态、和谐的城市墅居理念,以最时尚的方式,诠释健康生活。北京鲁能泰山7号示范区北京鲁能泰山7号示范区相关的主题文章:


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K2地产25日起正式更名为石榴集团(腾讯房产刘莹 发自北京)25日上午K2地产在其官方微信号发布公告称,为进一步适应集团战略发展需要,经国家工商行政管理总局核准,“北京华美乔戈里实业发展有限公司”(K2地产)正式更名为“石榴置业集团股份有限公司”(简称石榴集团),更改公司名称将不会影响投资者任何权益或公司日常业务运营及财务状况。公告显示,更名后的石榴集团,将形成“地产+科技+金融”的商业模式,通过“地产开发、科技孵化、创业投资”三大业务板块,投身于科技创新的时代大潮,努力成为中国创新型城市升级先锋。更名成功后,K2将成为国内首家用水果命名的房企。内部人士透露,除却石榴本身作为“吉祥物”的寓意外,其形态上“多房”的特点也与近年来K2意欲多元化发展的思路和规划不谋而合。据了解,目前在K2地产在商业办公、科技地产、互联网、健康医疗、及其创新业务型金融领域均有所涉猎。有报道指出,早在今年6月,K2地产就已经将“北京华美乔戈里实业发展有限公司”变更为“石榴置业”,同时公司性质也由有限责任公司变更为为股份有限公司,并先后两次增加了注册资本,为进一步更名作准备。随着房地产主营开发业务逐年萎靡,“开发商”这个身份已经不是房企趋之若鹜的方向。据悉,早在今年6月,远洋地产(远洋万和公馆 远洋一方)和恒大地产集团有限公司就相继将公司名称变更为“远洋集团”和“恒大集团”,以期借助更名支撑其多元化业务格局。据悉,K2地产近期将会举行发布会详细介绍更名事宜。相关的主题文章:

能源互联网产业有望“井喷”式发展–能源–人民网 -t6670

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能源互联网产业有望“井喷”式发展–能源–人民网   当前,我国面临着新能源革命和能源市场化改革的迫切需求,能源互联网建设不断加快。在8月31日举办的2016中国能源互联网峰会上,国家能源局宣布成立国家能源互联网产业及技术创新联盟。专家表示,作为一种新兴业态,能源互联网建设一旦铺开,由于其强大的内外驱动力,“井喷”式发展局面必将出现。   发展前景渐清晰   近年来,随着新兴能源技术与物联网、大数据、移动互联网等信息技术的不断发展和深度融合,使得能源互联网的发展前景不断清晰,能源互联网越来越被广泛地认为是实现未来能源革命的重要技术支点。   当前全球能源发展受到消费结构和技术发展的双重驱动,不少发达国家开始了能源互联网探索实践,并取得了突出成效。我国自今年年初国家发改委、国家能源局下发《关于推进“互联网+”智慧能源发展的指导意见》(以下简称“《指导意见》”)和多个配套文件以来,部分能源企业、IT互联网企业和制造企业,已经在商业上开始了前瞻性的探索和试点,希望能够提前抢占产业制高点。   “尤其是传统能源企业,已经开始有意识地向消费行业学习,考虑能源消费的客户体验与交叉销售的结合。”埃森哲全球副总裁丁民丞接受《经济日报》记者采访时说,数字化在能源领域已经演变成为行业颠覆和革新的核心动力之一。“未来,数字化的能源平台,是企业开拓能源互联网市场必需的技术手段和能力。”   能源互联网为企业优化转型方向提供了新的机会。不少企业高管告诉记者,具有互联网特征的新兴能源服务商将对产业链现状带来颠覆式的冲击,不仅可以提供B2B、B2C的能源服务,还将借此平台延伸至相同的行业,比如说家居、零售行业,创造价值更大的市场。   中国能源研究会常务副理事长、国家能源局原副局长史玉波指出,“十三五”期间将积极构建智慧能源系统,推进能源与信息等领域新技术深度融合,统筹能源与通信、交通等基础设施网络建设,建设“源-网-荷-储”协调发展、集成互补的能源互联网。“未来5年,能源互联网行业发展预计将保持18.5%的增长率,成为改革创新发展的强劲引擎之一。”史玉波说。   据埃森哲预测,到2020年,中国能源互联网总的市场规模将超过9400亿美元。   企业准备仍显不足   当然,能源互联网产业发展并非一帆风顺。能源互联网的具体概念和内涵,有待于通过进一步探索和实践达成广泛共识。相关的改革措施和支持政策有待于进一步落地明确。技术手段也有待于不断提升,探索建立商业模式,也有待于市场进一步检验。   这种情况下,不少企业虽然对能源互联网的转型事务与国家政策引导方向总体保持一致,但是优先选择的都是谨慎、笼统的策略,战略战术准备不足。记者采访中发现,数字化和管理短板,阻碍了企业向能源互联网迈进,不少企业负责人表示,公司的数字化运用能力仍然比较薄弱,主要原因是缺乏整体的数字化战略。   对此,丁民丞认为,中国企业急需增强的技术领域主要在三大方面:第一是基于数字化技术的能源业务平台;第二是用于分布式能源区域的智慧用网技术;第三是集中式的传输系统智能化。   相对于其他行业与互联网结合的顺风顺水,人们普遍感觉能源和互联网的融合困难重重。“我们现有的能源制度安排还不太适应能源跟互联网之间的这种衔接,包括产业集中度、所有制结构、流通材质体系等。”国务院研究室综合司巡视员范必说,我们能源供给的主体还是比较少,比如油气和电力方面。在这种情况下,最重要的要素��价格是失灵的,能源自由流通也受到限制,所以互联网难以发挥应有的作用。   当前,我国对于能源的管理实行总量控制,在能源生产和消费端都有各种指标控制,还有各种审批,而对于自然垄断行业的监管又比较薄弱。“互联网改变世界,但没有改变中国能源。”范必指出,要突破这点,能源属性必须要回归一般商品,增加供给,放开价格。同时,政府要监管好垄断企业,对于其他企业的生产和交付也需要进一步放开。   技术标准化是突破口   标准化是能源互联网大规模发展的需要。《指导意见》提出,到2018年要建立一批不同类型、不同规模的试点示范项目,初步建成能源互联网技术标准体系,形成一批技术规范标准;到2025年要初步建成能源互联网产业体系,形成较为完备的技术及标准体系,推动实现国际化引领实践能源互联网的发展。   “由此可见,规范统一的标准体系,是支撑能源互联网发展的基本条件,是实现能源互联网复杂系统建设的重要保障。”中国电力企业联合会常务副理事长杨昆说。标准化是能源互联网技术特点的内在需要。能源互联网是互联网与能源生产、能源传输、储能、能源消费与市场的深度融合,覆盖很多专业领域,要发挥能源互联网的作用,必须要打通各个环节的通道,实现设备互联、信息互联、业务互联,要实现这些环节的互联,前提是要统一标准。   更重要的是,标准化也是我国抢占国际能源互联网行业领导地位的有力“武器”。能源互联网是一个新兴产业,各国都在研究相关技术和标准,德国2008年就出台了智能电网标准。“我国以前总是跟着别人走,采用国际标准,但是我们在智慧能源方面有我们的优势,项目进展很快。”杨昆表示,我们要主动参与国际标准制定,甚至主导国际标准,提升我国在国际上的地位和影响力。   杨昆透露,当前能源互联网的标准建设已具备坚实的条件,智能电网、电动汽车的标准体系都在逐步建立,相关标准化工作改革方案也已提出。“中电联将在今年10月发布一批标准,以满足市场的要求和能源互联网的需要。”(经济日报记者 王轶辰) (责编:杜燕飞、王静)相关的主题文章:

如何遏制中介乱来行政手段要用足司法救济要高效-tsumori chisato

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有钱任性!几秒的握手会拖成座谈会日本的偶像和知名声优经常会开展某些活动与粉丝见面,而获得与偶像握手的机会,就需要一种叫“握手券”的物品。握手券一般通过购买活动周边或者从黄牛处购买,一张握手券能够让阿宅与偶像握手一下,寒暄2句,真的是2句哦。所以算下来只有不到十秒的时间。10月22日,有一位土豪来到牧野由依的握手会上,晒出50张握手券。这位粉丝用50张握手券强行与牧野由依“握手”6分钟,据场内其他粉丝所提供的消息,工作人员取来椅子让该粉丝与牧野由依和其经纪人进行了“三方面谈”。之后这位粉丝和偶像进行了简单的会谈。牧野由依,1986年1月19日出生于三重县,是90年代便出道的日本配音演员、女歌手。2005年,为电视动画《创圣的大天使》演唱片尾曲《オムナマグニ》;同年4月,在《翼·年代记》中配音出演小樱公主 ;2006年,配音出演《欢迎来到NHK》的女主人公中原岬;2010年,为《Angel Beats!》中的游佐配音 ;2014年,在《高达创战者 TRY》中配音出演星野文奈。2016年,配音出演《石膏boys》中的花屋敷米拉。点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章:


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泰国医疗如何“上山下乡”   为了把年轻医生留在乡村继续服务,泰国政府出台了一系列激励政策。例如,薪水比城市的公立医院高15%,有住房,资助培训等。   世界上一多半人口在乡村生活,但四分之三的医生却在城市工作,结果是三十多亿农村人口的医疗得不到满足。城乡医疗不平等是一个全球性的挑战。   如何让医生到最需要他们的地方?如何解决医疗平等的问题?泰国经过四十年努力,摸索出一条适合泰国发展、行之有效的路径。56%的泰国人生活在农村,有 40%的医生为他们服务,且医疗财政拨款仅占政府开支的3.9%,但是泰国的人均寿命和其他健康指标甚至可以和发达国家相媲美。   泰国健康的秘诀是什么?医科大学毕业生上山下乡的国策是泰国平等医疗的保障。每年,泰国全国医科大学约有2000名应届毕业生,泰国政府负责医学院学生六年的学 费,但是毕业后,他们必须上山下乡到基层工作至少三年。这是从上世纪七十年代泰国政府为解决乡村和边远地区缺少医生而制定的国策,已经推行了四十多年,雷打不动。   我们决定拍摄24岁的都年方。他家住曼谷,但选择了泰国北部和缅甸交界的美索省医院。他听高年级的同学说这里的老医生非常善教,年轻医生进步很快,所以决定报名。不过很多毕业生都和都年方的想法一样,美索省医院的展台前排了长长的一队,远远超出政府今年给他们医院的6个指标, 只能抽签,方式也很简单:九个乒乓球上有1到9的数字,抽到最高数字的六位是幸运者。都年方手气不佳,只抽到4,他不得不重新选择。   每个医学院毕业生都有工作,医院的指标是按照毕业生的数量划分的,只不过每个人不一定能去他们首选的医院。我问都年方会不会在曼谷的私立医院找工作?工资 高,条件好。他笑着摇摇头说:“第一,如果不上山下乡,我们要偿还政府所有的学费,而且要付一万多美元的罚金。第二,钱重要,但不是最重要的,否则我可以 选择更赚钱的职业。帮助他人是一种快乐,这是我们文化的一部分。”这或许与泰国浓厚的佛教文化有关,关爱慈悲,与人为善。只有12%的毕业生宁愿交罚金, 绝大多数医科大学的毕业生像都年方一样选择上山下乡。   但是,如何让上山下乡的毕业医生选择在乡村工作是一个极大的挑战,毕竟偏僻的乡村 无法和都市的生活相媲美。在政府规定的三年乡村服务结束后,所有年轻医生都面临着新的选择。为了把年轻医生留在乡村继续服务,泰国政府出台了一系列激励政 策。例如,薪水比城市的公立医院高15%,有住房,更重要的是省医院和社区中心可以向政府申请费用资助年轻医生继续专科学习培训,但他们在培训后需要返回 基层医院继续工作三到四年。   结果是,80%的年轻医生选择继续深造和服务,只有20%的人选择回城。自从泰国政府启动医科学院毕业生上 山下乡的政策后,泰国乡村医生的数量增加了四倍,而且60%都是40岁以下的年轻医生,在泰国各国角落为50%的农村人口提供合格的医疗保障。也正因此, 这才会让一些生活在偏远乡村的百姓有机会见到医生,得到了治疗。   □书云(导演 制片人)相关的主题文章:

今年北京将在小区投放500台移动充电设备–房产– -法拉利599gto

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  本报北京1月16日电 (记者王昊男)记者日前从北京市住建委了解到:截至2016年底,在北京市住建委积极推动下,北京已有5000余个小区安装了新能源车自用充电桩,总数达到2.6万个。同时,北京市住建委还配合国家电网完成了327个小区的充电条件改造。






金价跌至两个月低位 美国民间就业数据强劲–能源–人民网 -嘿嘿taxi

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金价跌至两个月低位 美国民间就业数据强劲–能源–人民网 原标题:金价跌至两个月低位 美国民间就业数据强劲   * 数据发布后美元升至三周高位,后转跌   * 市场聚焦周五将发布的8月就业数据   据路透社报道,金价周三跌至两个月低位,此前发布的美国民间就业数据好于预期,提振了美国联邦储备理事会(FED 美联储)可能推进升息计划的预期,一度将美元指数推升至三周高位。   就业报告显示,8月民间就业岗位增加17.7万个,高于分析师预估,支撑了备受关注的周五就业数据将强于预期的猜测。   继美联储官员上周在一个会议上发表鹰派评论后,一份乐观的就业报告可能支撑美国不久将进一步升息的观点。   现货金 跌至1,304.91美元,为6月24日以来的最低价,该日前一天英国公投决定脱离欧盟。 1847 GMT,金价下跌0.2%,报1,308.01美元,此前美元 小幅转跌。   金价8月将下跌3.2%。美国期金 下跌0.4%,报1,311.40美元。   “看看过去三四天,人们消化的美联储升息可能性在增加。有可能在12月升息,但市场预期可能有点落后,”U.S. Bank Wealth Management高级投资策略师Rob Haworth称。   美联储主席上周五称,升息的理由更充分,副主席费舍尔表示可能最快于9月升息。   技术性卖盘,美元稍早上涨,以及升息臆测都推动金价走低,德国商业银行分析师Carsten Fritsch称。他还补充道,金价正在接近1,300美元的关键心理价位。   “考虑到叶伦主席的最新讲话,在9月的公开市场委员会(FOMC)会议前充满了紧张情绪,”丹麦盛宝银行(Saxo Bank)商品研究负责人Ole Hansen称,“美元和美国实际利率上涨也给金价带来阻力。”   现货银 上涨0.4%,报每盎司18.65美元。   现货铂金 下跌0.3%,报1,048.80美元,盘中触及八周低位的1,043.20美元。现货钯金 下跌0.9%,报671.60美元,盘中跌至六周低位的665.97美元。 (责编:闫璐、杜燕飞)相关的主题文章:

问世2年劲销25亿 解析龙湖·长城源著热销的背后-brock lesnar

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问世2年劲销25亿 解析龙湖·长城源著热销的背后与北京楼市价格集体爆发式井喷不同的是,龙湖·长城源著自从开盘以来一直位居北京销量冠军。从2014年首次开盘惊现“日光盘“,400套房源瞬间售罄;2015年年售千套;截止2016年上半年,连续20个月蝉联北京度假地产套数销冠。提前四个半月完成全年销售任务。与传统市场火爆最大差异在于,龙湖·长城源著搭上了旅游经济的时代快车,收获的是具有高增长的价值红利。龙湖·长城源著作为旅游度假项目,却一直受到市场追捧,那么龙湖·长城源著热销的背后,有着怎样的理性成因?成因一旅游经济时代,古北水镇异军突起,度假投资价值显现根据国际经验,一个国家的人均收入超过1000美元,旅游需求将急剧膨胀。人均达到2000美元将基本形成对休闲多样化需求和多样化选择。人均达到3000美元,度假需求将会普遍诞生。2015年,中国人均GDP已达8016美元,北上广深四个一线城市均超1.5万美元,最高的深圳达到了2.4万美元。旅游,已经成为越来越多家庭休闲娱乐的必选项,北京、上海的很多白领,每年都会拿出收入10%-20%作为固定的旅游支出。因此,相比惨淡的房地产数据,旅游业的数据可谓令人振奋。2015年,国内旅游总收入突破3.43万亿元,同比增长13.2%,未来这样双位数的增幅还有望继续保持。北京,作为国际旅游大城,每年数以千万计游客进京。然而目前北京旅游市场仍停留在一日游的层面。古北水镇作为乌镇明星度假区复制品,在北京短时度假市场异军突起。随着游客的不断叠加,周边的度假投资价值,开始浮出水面。成因二古北水镇的火爆带动长城源著的投资价值古北水镇的火爆,也是近两年的事。2014年开始营业至今,短短两年就已经吸引每年200万人次,每天接待10000—50000人次。仅在2016年上半年接待93.5万人次,实现盈利逾3亿。从目前来看,将超过2015年的5亿收益。古北水镇的火爆,带动了周边楼市的价格飞涨。以龙湖长城源著(楼盘资料) 为例,从2014年上市开始,至今两年时间,房价就经过几轮调整。在价格调整之后,客户仍然对此趋之若鹜,可见客户对此价值的认可。值得一提的是,龙湖长城源著背靠古北水镇,坐拥司马台长城,拥有长城与水镇两张王牌资源。司马台长城作为世界文化珍宝,被泰晤士报誉为“全球25处不可错过的风景之首”,被中国古建筑专家罗哲文评价为“中国长城之最”,堪称不可复制的罕见历史资源。古北水镇则是由乌镇创始人陈向宏一手打造的明星度假产品,其投资更是超过了乌镇,43万平方米水镇景区,形成了长城+水镇独特景观,在北中国堪称稀缺。然而,稀缺的资源背后,则是未来稀缺的价值。成因三长城共享酒店,稳定租金,让龙湖长城源著成为投资“硬通货”在传统房地产领域,投资的硬通货从都来聚焦在城市核心地段,例如北京金宝街、王府井等城市核心以及北京三环,这些地段价值堪比美国中央公园、曼哈顿城市核心,无论市场如何变换,其价值居高不下。原因就在于资源与地段。然而,这些传统“硬通货”基本属于绝版,而且其盈利模式只有整体出售,又因为房产的稀缺性,因此房屋所有者绝不会出售。这种“重投资、高资产”的模式,使其房屋成为不会流通的“货币”。而古北水镇旁边的龙湖长城源著,作为度假资产,每晚的价格在千元以上,每月的租金收入比工资还高。堪称是源源不断,永不停歇的印钞机,这就是龙湖长城源著作为度假投资的重要点。一年前,这还是不成文的预期,而在今天,随着龙湖长城源著一期交付,一期业主与拜登酒店签订的托管合同,已经实现比预期还要高的盈利现实。成因四首付20万起,你买得起的度假资产低成本、高收益,二期二组团[壹号叠院]首发在北京市内五环房地产市场单价突破5万+的时代,北京500万以下的房子不足1000套,而且商品新品供应严重下滑。二手房市场异常火爆。就连刚刚并入北京区的北三线,单价也突破了3万+。如此看来,手里的20万,已经无法在北京置业了。而龙湖长城源著从其看盘开始,就占据了稀缺资源与独特优势,但价值却是平民化,首付20万起,就能拥有。二期一组团提前售罄之时,二组团应市加推,同样是首付20万家,单价2万左右。用龙湖地产(龙湖·时代天街 龙湖·香醍溪岸)长城源著营销负责人的话讲,这个项目不做高端豪宅,因为看中的是这里的长期价值与可持续发展,而不是简单的将房子买完了事,要为客户创造长期价值。也许,这才是其长期热销的真正原因吧!详情电话:400-819-1111转610788相关的主题文章:

仅30盘入市 北京楼市“金九”成色不足–房产–人民网 -aspack

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仅30盘入市 北京楼市“金九”成色不足–房产–人民网 原标题:仅30盘入市 北京楼市“金九”成色不足   今年以来,北京住宅市场月度成交量起伏较大,但月开盘量始终保持在30个左右的水平。进入到以往“金九银十”的市场旺季,供应也未见突破。据了解,“金九”北京新房市场仅30盘入市,纯新盘14个,老项目后期16个。受到土地供应不足的影响,预计2016年剩下的几个月中项目开盘量也不会出现太大波动,而明年市场形势则将更加严峻。   机构数据显示,今年前8个月,北京公开土地市场实现宅地出让仅7宗,其中纯商品住宅的规划建筑面积仅42万平方米,而今年以来纯商品住宅的成交面积即达到472.61万平方米,供地量与商品房需求量之间的比值达到了惊人的1:11。   对此,亚豪机构市场总监郭毅认为,出于国企、央企以及上市房企对于销售业绩的要求,当前地产开发依然秉承“高周转”路线,从拿地到项目上市多以一年为周期,因此明年新盘供应将主要依靠今年的宅地成交。在宅地供应极度短缺的情况下,将使得明年能够入市的纯新盘屈指可数。   除此之外,近期针对商住治理的传言再起,虽然尚未有明确的细则出台,但是未来一段时间内针对未开工项目的规划审批将更加严格,这也直接影响到明年商住项目的供应量。受到这两方面的影响,明年住宅市场也将面临更加严峻的“供应荒”。   值得注意的是,9月即将入市的项目中,仅3个项目单价在3.5万元 平方米左右,其他项目单价都在6万元 平方米以上,或者总价1500万元以上。从入市项目特征来看,精装项目明显增多,其中17个普通住宅当中,精装修项目多达11个;9个商住项目当中,也有多达6个项目精装修交付。   “精装比重的增大,一方面是政府主导之下提升居住产品品质的发展方向;另一方面则是开发商在市场压力下提升项目品质和产品价值,以匹配预期高定价的最佳途径。未来随着北京住宅市场豪宅化趋势的继续明朗,精装所占比重也仍将进一步加大,而在纯新盘当中将可能出现全面精装化。”郭毅在接受北京商报记者采访时表示。 (责编:张桂贵、伍振国)相关的主题文章:

良心推荐品牌靠谱房 49-118平1-3居8000元平起-agogoktv

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良心推荐品牌靠谱房 49-118平1-3居8000元 平起大北京 永恒·长城里(楼盘资料) 49-118平1-3居腾讯房产讯 永恒·长城里位于北京延庆石峡关景区西侧(京藏高速康庄65出口)。 永恒·长城里1.2期墅院洋房已于2016年8月6日盛大开盘,开盘房源约49㎡一居、84㎡二居、118㎡三居,8000元 ㎡起,首次开盘就售罄,洋房、叠拼别墅将于8月27日限量加推,目前排号火热进行中,房源有限,预购从速。腾讯北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。腾讯大北京购房3群 128868262永恒·长城里查看详情 最低价元 平方米 品牌开发商生态宜居楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转611208项目在涵养生态·健康人生的精神指导下,山麓、山谷、山坡、山原均留存原始风貌,与八达岭国家森林公园生态相连,并有80余处景区围合,96%森林覆盖率及高于城市150倍的负氧离子含量。》》》》》点击查看永恒·长城里网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 顺义 旭辉26街区(楼盘资料) 精装修腾讯房产讯 旭辉26街区位于顺义临空经济核心区南法信地铁站南300米。旭辉26街区北区预计2016年9月开盘,目前正在排卡,排卡费1万元,开盘楼栋待定。项目北区户型面积为27平、38平和59平,层高4.2米,楼栋楼层及梯户比待定,价格待定(根据南区房源价格28000-30000元 平计算,北区27平总价预计80万 套左右),精装修,精装修标准参考样板间,50年产权,物业费待定,自由购,预计2018年下半年交房。南区房源仅剩商铺和带小院的一层。商铺仅在1和2号楼,全部为临街商业,面积为17-40平,总价200-300万。全部商业均具备餐饮条件。北侧商铺全部为地上和地下两间,其余全部为单层。带小院的房源户型面积为47平,总价250万 套起。腾讯北京“顺义”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。2641546396。旭辉26街区查看详情 最低价80 万元 套 小户型低总价楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转618888旭辉26街区是旭辉集团在顺义临空经济新区内全新打造的地铁上盖的健康智汇街区。项目位于已开通的地铁15号线南法信站约300米,可以随意换乘5.8.13.14号线,快速到达任何成熟区域。同时,项目紧邻2018年即将开通的21号线和规划中的L1号线;十三五规划重点发展的临空智谷核心,紧邻规划中的T4航站楼,规划中的3条电车环绕。 大北京 上谷水郡8万抵15万腾讯房产讯 上谷水郡位于北京母亲河上游官厅水库南岸,目前待售。周边有130平方公里湖面、400亩专享滨湖湿地公园、2200亩绿色生态种植园、私家葡萄采摘庄园及业主酒庄等配套。上谷水郡预计2016年8月推出别墅产品。目前正在排卡,联排排卡优惠8万抵15万,类独栋和双拼排卡优惠10万抵20万。联排户型面积为99-178平,双拼214-236平,类独栋248-465平。总价100万 套起,均价14000元 平,物业费待定,70年产权,预计2018年下半年交房。腾讯北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。腾讯大北京购房3群 128868262上谷水郡查看详情 最低价100 万元 套 品牌开发商花园洋房楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转611167“上谷水郡”依官厅水库湖区而建,总占地面积约3100亩,其中居住区占地约1560亩,总建筑面积约103万平方米,容积率1.0。“上谷水郡”以原乡别墅小镇为蓝本,其上漫布精工别墅、湖岸公馆、花园洋房、阳光薄板等多种产品形态,建筑面积微至80平方米,大到400平方米。生态化的园林景观保留了近千株原生树,造就了环境与建筑的和谐之美。定制化的院内景观,彰显着主人和而不同的卓越品位。湖岸一线私藏,主人可以私享水岸品茗观澜的惬意与从容。 》》》》》点击查看上谷水郡网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 大北京 高铁新干线(楼盘资料)3万抵6万腾讯房产讯 高铁新干线位于涿州京石高铁涿州东站西侧400米。鸿坤理想湾(南区)二期16号楼洋房房源已于2016年8月6日开盘,户型为137平3居 标准层均价13000元,一层带花园折后17500(已售完),顶层送阁楼折后14000元(已售完)。另有10楼洋房和19号高层部分房源在售,10号楼洋房房源户型户型为137平和142平3居,均价11800元 平。19号楼高层户型为97.59平米,91.92平米,88.64平米,125.06平米2居,均价10500元 平。19号楼共26层,1个单元,2梯5户,2018年6月1号毛坯交房。10号楼共7层,2个单元,1梯2户,2018年6月30日毛坯交房。16号楼共7层,2个单元,1梯2户,2018年6月30日毛坯交房。腾讯房产网友享高层3万抵6万优惠,洋房4万抵10万优惠。腾讯大北京·京南专群,实时讨论购房热点话题。腾讯购房·京南专群 215388763高铁新干线查看详情 均价10500 元 平方米 品牌开发商不限购楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转611104以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 大北京 首开·国风悦都(楼盘资料)2万抵6.7万腾讯房产讯 首开·国风悦都位于廊坊市安次区龙河园区建设南路富士康西南侧。首开国风悦都9号、10号楼已开盘,均价9700元 平方米。 9号楼19层到顶,10号楼24层到顶,均为两个单元,2梯3户设计,共258套房源。主力户型为81平全阳两居,90平南北通透小三居,119平南北通透大三居。预计2018年5月,9号10号楼交房。腾讯房产网友享受2万抵6.7万优惠。腾讯北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。腾讯大北京购房3群 128868262首开·国风悦都查看详情 均价9700 元 平方米 小户型品牌开发商楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转611094首开·国风悦都作为首开地产在廊坊的首个住宅项目,打造廊坊首个以“悦”生活为理念的生态宜居社区——42.5万㎡悦活城,礼献城市菁英,重新定义廊坊宜居品质生活。  首开·国风悦都总占地面积18.5万平方米,总建筑面积42.5万平方米,容积率1.8,绿化面积47.57%,倾力打造纯板式、低密、宜居之城。》》》》》点击查看首开·国风悦都网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。相关的主题文章:


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重庆:部署打赢脱贫攻坚战气象保障工作–环保–人民网   中国气象报通讯员王兰兰报道近日,重庆市气象局制定印发《重庆市打赢脱贫攻坚战气象保障行动计划(2016―2020年)》,明确了打赢脱贫攻坚战气象保障总体目标、八项主要任务和组织保障措施。   据悉,针对重庆14个国家级贫困区县,重庆市气象局将积极构建乡镇全覆盖的气象灾害监测网络和行政村全覆盖的预警工作体系,开展清洁能源开发利用、智慧农业、森林防火、旅游资源开发等气象服务,提升人工影响天气作业能力,扎实做好定点扶贫工作,力争到2020年基本建成贫困地区农村气象灾害防御体系和农业气象服务体系,为脱贫攻坚提供强有力的气象保障。为此,重庆市气象局成立了局长任组长的领导小组,并将细化重点任务实施方案,强化与扶贫、涉农、涉灾部门的合作,加强经验交流,确保圆满完成工作任务。 (责编:初梓瑞、王静)相关的主题文章:


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报告称品牌房企正加速布局城市运营等新领域  国务院发展研究中心企业研究所、清华大学房地产研究所和中国指数研究院共同发布的2016中国房地产品牌价值研究报告显示,在2016年房地产行业中,中海地产(中海九号公馆 中海尚湖世家) 、万科与保利地产(保利西山林语 保利新茉莉公馆)的品牌价值分别达514.02亿元、510.28亿元和445.52亿元,三家企业品牌总值继续领跑行业。 9月6日,国务院发展研究中心企业研究所、清华大学房地产研究所和中国指数研究院共同发布2016中国房地产品牌价值研究报告。  根据报告,在2016年房地产行业中,中海地产、万科与保利地产的品牌价值分别达514.02亿元、510.28亿元和445.52亿元,三家企业品牌总值继续领跑行业。2016全国品牌企业的品牌价值均值为152.41亿元,同比增长28.65%。  养老地产等细分领域更被看好  中指院常务副院长黄瑜告诉《每日经济新闻》记者,品牌企业作为新型城镇化建设与产业发展的主力军,依托品牌综合实力,通过品牌战略调整、更名换标、总部搬迁等品牌战略升级,以崭新的品牌形象加速向城市运营、产业园区、养老地产、教育、金融等领域进军。  清华大学房地产研究所所长刘洪玉表示,参考美国的经验,未来住宅建设这个行当可能规模会变小,但大的房企可以沿着这个行业的产业链向前向后扩展,用新的运营的模式,来进行一些创新,找到企业存在的价值,我们国内目前出现的比较典型的是在城市的开发和区域的开发运行管理方面。  在楼市去库存的大背景下,养老地产等细分领域更被看好,据民政部预计,到2016年底,我国60岁以上老龄人口将达到2.16亿,约占总人口的16.7%。而据中国社科院老年研究所测算,目前中国养老市场的商机约4万亿元,到2030年有望增加至13万亿元。  前十企业去年销额均值近700亿  根据已经公开养老地产发展的房企模式,养老地产目前的商业模式包括销售模式、租赁模式以及会员卡模式。  很多大房企也在紧盯这一领域,比如,万科在北京就聚焦医养结合的“邻里式养老”。北京万科养老项目负责人就介绍说,在整个养老业务的搭建过程中,有两类服务能力是他们最为重视的,一类是对于半自理型或者全护理型老人的康复型护理能力建设。第二类是要给老人提供更加丰富的社区活动。  报告称,全国品牌前十企业2015年销售额均值达697.57亿元,平均进入55.6个城市,2016品牌价值均值为174.58亿元,同比增长38.10%。国有背景全国品牌企业平均进入城市数量29.5个,2015年销售额均值达548.36亿元。国有全国品牌企业2016品牌价值均值达118.35亿元,同比增长21.89%。相关的主题文章:


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轻松实现无霾生活 530平现房总价800万套起-xpphone

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轻松实现无霾生活 530平现房总价800万 套起 [摘要]北京冬季的雾霾是很严重的,要想有一个相对健康的生活,或许住在风景秀丽、空气质量优良的郊区是一个不错的选择,今天小编就给大家推荐几个宜居的好住处,供大家参考。怀柔 东亚尚院530-560平产品 起价800万 套腾讯房产讯 东亚尚院位于怀柔京密路与怀昌路交口西南角东亚尚院目前C、D区在售户型面积530-560平米,总价约800万 套。530㎡现房独栋载誉加推。E区在售户型面积1128-2484平米,总价约2500万-5500万 套。腾讯北京“怀柔”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。42962550 东亚尚院查看详情 均价800 万元 套 改善住宅水景地产楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转809826东亚尚院距怀柔市区约2.5公里,距北京市区约45公里,交通位置优越,京承、京密双高速快速通达,101国道、怀昌路穿境而过,大秦铁路、京承铁路、京通铁路三线纵贯南北,进退自如,纵横开阖。东亚尚院规划以山水为魂,融合城市之美,项目西侧咫尺怀柔水库,蓄水面积12平方公里,一年四季,碧波荡漾。距项目200米直观怀河一线,逸享水岸生活。》》》》》点击查看东亚尚院网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]北京冬季的雾霾是很严重的,要想有一个相对健康的生活,或许住在风景秀丽、空气质量优良的郊区是一个不错的选择,今天小编就给大家推荐几个宜居的好住处,供大家参考。 大兴 亦庄·金茂悦(楼盘资料) 148平产品均价57000元 平腾讯房产讯 亦庄·金茂悦位于大兴亦庄经济开发区博兴西路与泰河三街交叉口 (南海子公园东南1000米)。 亦庄·金茂悦87号地块12号楼预计2016年下半年开盘。亦庄·金茂悦项目87号地块12号楼2个单元,16层,2梯2户,户型面积为148平米,均价57000元 平米,物业费4.45-4.53元 平米 月,2017年12月31日入住。腾讯北京“大兴”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。225633511亦庄·金茂悦查看详情 均价57000 元 平方米 品牌开发商公园地产楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转610960亦庄·金茂悦项目周边配套较为完善,拥有良好的就医条件和就学条件,附近还有南海子公园等。》》》》》点击查看亦庄·金茂悦网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]北京冬季的雾霾是很严重的,要想有一个相对健康的生活,或许住在风景秀丽、空气质量优良的郊区是一个不错的选择,今天小编就给大家推荐几个宜居的好住处,供大家参考。 大兴 通泰国际公馆(楼盘资料) 88-89平2居 均价57000元 平起腾讯房产讯 通泰国际公馆项目位于交通便利的大兴经济技术开发区科创十三街,亦庄线经海路站下车即是。 通泰国际公馆项目16号楼3、4单元在售,现推出89平特价房,总价479万 套。16号楼为板楼,4个单元,15层,1梯2户,户型面积为88平和89平2居,均价为57000-59000元 平米,总价500万 套起,70年产权,物业费3.28元 平米 月,现房毛坯入住。通泰国际公馆项目2、3号楼在售,2、3号楼均为板楼,3个单元,11层,1梯2户,户型面积为90平米3居,均价为68000-70000元 平米,总价570万 套起,首付200万,70年产权,物业费3.28元 平米 月,现房毛坯入住。>>>加入“腾讯北京大兴购房群”,实时讨论购房热点话题。225633511 通泰国际公馆查看详情 最低价57000 元 平方米 地铁沿线楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转653623通泰·国际公馆项目位于亦庄经济技术开发区核心区域,地铁亦庄线经海路站西南角100米。是作为亦庄经济技术开发区引进的大型房地产项目,目前在售户型为88平米南北通透两居,90平米南北通透三居,周边配套设施完善,交通便利,将成为本区域高端住宅项目。 》》》》》点击查看通泰国际公馆网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]北京冬季的雾霾是很严重的,要想有一个相对健康的生活,或许住在风景秀丽、空气质量优良的郊区是一个不错的选择,今天小编就给大家推荐几个宜居的好住处,供大家参考。 大兴 国韵村(楼盘资料) 138平3居均价68000元 平腾讯房产讯 国韵村位于大兴南四环榴乡桥南1400米,蒲黄榆路东。国韵村项目三期8号楼、6号楼在售。国韵村项目8号楼为17层,3个单元,2梯3户,户型为86平方米2居、138平方米3居,均价68000元 平方米。物业费为3.8元 平方米*月,2016年8月31日入住。国韵村项目6号楼为17层,1个单元,2梯2户,户型为172-174平方米4居,单价68000元 平。物业费为3.8元 平方米*月,2016年8月31日入住。>>>加入“腾讯北京大兴购房群”,实时讨论购房热点话题。225633511国韵村查看详情 均价68000 元 平方米 小户型低总价楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转610950北京国韵村与国奥村呈南北对称之势,位于北京南中轴沿线,在南四环蒲黄榆路南延长线上,紧邻德贤路,交通四通八达,6公里直达二环,行车10分钟即可抵达城市中心。》》》》》点击查看国韵村网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。 [摘要]北京冬季的雾霾是很严重的,要想有一个相对健康的生活,或许住在风景秀丽、空气质量优良的郊区是一个不错的选择,今天小编就给大家推荐几个宜居的好住处,供大家参考。 大兴 中信墅·云邸(楼盘资料) 149平中户 起价40000元 平腾讯房产讯 中信墅·云邸位于北京亦庄经济技术开发区三海子东路南海子公园路北。中信墅·云邸一期1号楼预计2016年下半年入市。 项目1号楼,高14层,3个单元,1梯1户,共78套房源,户型为洋房产品,户型面积149平(中户)和155平(边户)平米,预计销售价格40000元 平起,总价约600万 套起,2016年11月30日毛坯交房。 腾讯北京“大兴”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。225633511 中信墅·云邸查看详情 最低价40000 元 平方米 公园地产生态宜居楼盘图库|最新动态 400-819-1111转683741中信墅·云邸由实力央企中信地产(中信城 中信新城)开发,位于亦庄经济技术开发区,交通路网密集全覆盖,两条轨道交通无缝接驳城市每个角落。项目位于中信墅(楼盘资料)别墅区内,北侧法式皇家仪仗式景观大道、鸢尾花坛、灵动水系,尊崇礼遇油然而生;南侧俯瞰整个墅区园林,还可远眺南海子公园景观,城市湿地公园美景净收眼底。》》》》》点击查看中信墅·云邸网友点评以上信息仅供参考,最终以开发商公布为准。相关的主题文章:

山村“归雁”回母校传递初心–公益–人民网 -stanley博士的家2

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山村“归雁”回母校传递初心–公益–人民网   “6年前决定回到家乡中学任教的时候,我们教师的人数还不多;今天,有满满一教室的新生力量集结在这里,我们与大家相约:4年后,乡村学校见!”   近日,在扬州大学数学科学学院的报告厅,面对台下33名该院首届乡村教师定向师范生,在乡村中学任教5年的该院2010届毕业生官一宏和爱人江希的激动之情溢于言表。   官一宏出生于福建乡村,初中、高中都在深山里的美岭中学度过,2006年他考上了扬州大学。就读期间,官一宏结识了同在扬州大学读书的江希,并成为恋人。2010年,官一宏毕业,为了照顾留校读研的女友,他选择在距离扬州不远的淮安外国语学校任教。   南京姑娘江希是家中的独生女,家境优越。2011年研究生毕业后,她进入南京某街道办事处工作。但没过多久,江希就辞职了:“我从小的理想就是当老师,之所以辞职,也深受一宏的影响。”   在淮安的工作很顺利,也涨了工资,但官一宏坦言:“虽然外面的待遇还不错,但我一直感觉缺少归属感。”   正在这时,美岭中学的老师联系上了他。美岭中学正在推行“雁行大学生服务”活动,鼓励大学生返乡教学。“你是我们学校首届从大山中出去的大学生,希望你们这些‘大雁’能回到母校。”老师的话情真意切。   “我的父母都是农民,培养一个大学生不容易,我留在大城市可以多挣些钱孝敬父母。”官一宏一开始有些犹豫。   官一宏从小生长在农村,也曾就读于美岭中学。他知道,这所学校太偏僻,少有老师愿意来任教。官一宏上学的时候,一名老师要带好几个班,经常到夜里11点还在辅导学生做功课。   “这一幕常浮现在我的脑海里。为了家乡的孩子们,我想回去任教。”官一宏决定做一只“归雁”,回美岭中学教书。   江希也被官一宏的深情言语打动了。两人很快便通过考核,正式来到美岭中学教书。江希教高一语文,官一宏教高二数学。   美岭中学位于福建省永春县美岭村,距县城100公里,学生中有很多是留守儿童。“记得父母第一次来看我,驱车十几个小时,一路颠簸来到美岭中学,看到这里的教学和生活环境,母亲当场就哭了。”江希说。她一开始选择来这里教书是因为爱情,可是之所以能够坚持下来,是因为确实喜欢这里的孩子,也因为教师这个岗位带来的成就感和荣誉感。   江希恨不得将所学到的知识全部教给这里的孩子们,可是没想到,第一次月考,她教的班语文成绩排名倒数。这让江希很难受。   当天晚自习,江希收到了学生送来的小纸条:“江老师,您别难过,也别自责,都怪我们没有学好。我们都很喜欢上您的课,我们也想好好学习,就是底子太差……”孩子们的理解,让江希的眼眶湿润了。   官一宏也主动帮她分析问题,一起讨论如何开展教学。他们通过摸索,总结出了一套教学方法:对待学生,要建立约束制度,让他们保证完成作业;修改和点评作业要有讲究,要让学生知道错在哪里;要关注学生,巧用激将法,激发学生的求知欲……   5年多的时间里,这对小夫妻几乎把所有的时间和精力都放在学生身上,他们渐渐成为学校教学能手,所教班的平均成绩在年级均名列前茅。   “我爱这份工作,爱这里的孩子们。”江希说。在山村教学,让江希感受最深的是孩子们的淳朴。课堂外,学生都称官一宏为“宏哥”,师生之间建立起深厚的感情。他们过生日时,总有学生悄悄地将亲手制作的贺卡放在讲台上;他们身体不适时,有的学生从家里捎来了土鸡蛋;下雨天,学生们争着替他们打伞。他们也十分关心学生,为贫困家庭学生捐款,组织学生去看望生病的同学……   “离家远一些,父母的担心就会多一分,这是最让我感到愧疚的。但是既然做出了选择,我就要坚守下去,并且要做得更好。”站在讲台上,江希说:“虽然乡村教师的收入不高,但在这里我过得非常充实。在帮助山区孩子成长的过程中,我找到了人生价值!”   “听了学长的故事,真为学长的执着和坚持感动。”坐在“开学第一课”的课堂上,刚入学的新生王惠敏心潮难平,“今年7月,我写下乡村教师定向师范专业时,没有太多的杂念,就想着毕业后能为乡村教育贡献一分力量,想用一辈子去做一件自己想做、也能专心去做的事!”   据悉,扬州大学数学科学学院已与美岭中学达成初步意向,将在美岭中学设立实习点,聘请这对校友夫妻为学院德育导师,每年安排师范生与他们结对,让更多的学生感受身边榜样的力量。 (责编:史雅乔、李昉)相关的主题文章:

雾霾来袭寻宜居地产 香河全u小镇均价

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香河 鸿坤·原乡溪谷(楼盘资料)

全U小镇 墅区U筑均价18000元

房产讯 鸿坤·原乡溪谷位于香河县京哈高速香河出口北800米。


北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。大北京购房3群 128868262







燕郊 盈時·未来港

未来商务新起点 45平-70平双层空间

房产讯 盈時·未来港位于燕郊迎宾北路与金谷大街交汇处,科技产业地产,全链条复合型,产权50年。新城市新起点新未来。


北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。大北京购房2群 166034408






固安 美泉园墅(楼盘资料)

交通便利 联排别墅均价11000元

房产讯 美泉园墅位于固安G45高速牛驼出口东行200米路北。



北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。大北京购房3群 128868262







怀来 碧桂园·官厅湖

养生宜居 洋房别墅预计2017年开盘

房产讯 碧桂园·官厅湖位于北京市延庆北官厅湖畔(怀来八达岭高速东花园出口西南方向9公里)。


北京“大北京”购房群,实时讨论购房热点话题。大北京购房3群 128868262






密云 龙湖长城源著(楼盘资料)

低密居所 63-83平户型在售总价150万起

房产讯 龙湖长城源著位于密云京承高速司马台长城出口向北2公里(古北水镇内)。










房山 一渡青青小镇(楼盘资料)

低密度别墅区 叠拼别墅442万起

房产讯 一渡青青小镇位于房山区世界地质公园十渡景区的一渡。










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北京一出租屋合租邻居因噪音酿血案 [摘要]已到深夜,合租的邻居仍在吃饭喝酒发出噪音,刘某女友前去理论反被打京华时报讯(记者郑羽佳)已到深夜,合租的邻居仍在吃饭喝酒发出噪音,刘某女友前去理论反被打。刘某一气之下,用水果刀将邻居捅成重伤。昨天上午,该案在通州法院开庭审理。据检方指控,2016年2月9日23时许,刘某因琐事与合租的索先生发生纠纷,后刘某持刀将索先生腹部扎伤,致索先生小肠破裂、小肠系膜破裂、胃结肠韧带破裂。经鉴定,索先生身体所受损伤为重伤二级。刘某在法庭上称,因他和女友要上早班,晚上准备睡觉时,合租的3名邻居仍在吃饭喝酒,且声音很大。他找过对方一次没有用,其“女朋友第二次找对方理论时与他们厮打起来,随后索先生用不锈钢锅将女友的脑袋打出血”。刘某见状,立即返回自己屋拿起水果刀,向索先生腹部捅了三刀。刘某的女友在证言中称,她去邻居屋想让对方安静点,“对方说‘喝酒怎么了,碍你事了?’然后我与他吵了起来。我扇了他一耳光,他就拿不锈钢锅砸我的头”。该案并未当庭宣判。相关的主题文章:


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环保公益项目落地古北口村–环保–人民网 原标题:环保公益项目落地古北口村   京华时报讯(记者吕高见)昨天上午,美丽的民俗文化村――密云古北口村迎来了“志愿结对+环保公益”项目。据了解,由各类专业志愿者组成的博爱志愿服务队,正式与古北口村结对,将定期组织志愿者到古北口村开展志愿服务。   此次活动中,古北口村100多位老年人免费获赠了防跌倒爱心辅助包,一批专业的志愿者们还为村民开展了义诊、义务咨询等活动。在组织志愿结对的同时,突出了环保公益理念。活动中爱心单位为古北口免费安装了50个爱心环保箱,旨在回收、改造、再利用居民家中的废旧衣物、玩具、图书等,将爱心传播到有需要的地方。   活动结束后,博爱志愿服务队将牵手古北口村共同开展助老敬老、科技创业、文化旅游、民族团结、特色古北口等一系列活动。还将在古北口村建立志愿服务培训基地,形成常态化志愿帮扶机制,将志愿文化送进村,将志愿服务送到家,将“生态环保意识”送到农民院落里。 (责编:董思睿、杨虞波罗)相关的主题文章:

12306客服:我们就是发泄平台 不怕接骂人电话–公益– -winflash

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  每天接受电话“轰炸” 在朋友圈发“鸡汤”安慰自己






  文、图/广州日报记者杜安娜 通讯员苏艳、丁贵香












































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上市公司天和防务拟售三套北京房产 [摘要]天和防务昨晚发布公告,称公司拟将3套房产通过房产中介公司予以公开出售本报讯(记者 齐雁冰)天和防务昨晚发布公告,称公司拟将3套房产通过房产中介公司予以公开出售。这是继*ST宁通、海航创新、绿庭投资之后,又一家变卖房产的上市公司。天和防务的公告称,因公司发展战略布局和业务发展需要,拟在北京投资设立全资子公司,而原公司为北京分公司办公所购置的位于北京市朝阳区的三套房产将形成闲置,为“提高资产使用效率,避免因闲置造成的资源浪费”,公司决定通过房产中介公司予以公开出售。天和防务拟变卖的房产位于北京朝阳区,面积合计达到782m2,均为商品房:其一位于朝阳区北辰西路69号19层1单元2201,建筑面积为221.59㎡,2009年购置,资产账面原值405.62万元,公告表示出售价不低于680万元;其二为北辰西路69号19层1单元2202 ,2009年购置,账面原值743.39万元,拟出售不低于1250万元;第三套为华亭嘉园C座2层204室,建筑面积为156.58㎡,房屋性质为商品房,2010年购置,拟出售金额不低于700万元。天和防务称本次出售房产预计产生收益约1000万元,若处置房产事项能够在2016年度内完成交易,将会对公司2016年度经营业绩产生影响。链家网信息显示,华亭嘉园在售住宅均价在5万元以上,个别单价高达7万元。天和防务前身为西安天和投资控股集团有限公司,2010年3月30日整体变更为“西安天和防务技术股份有限公司”,2014年9月10日在深交所上市,主营业务为军民两用电子信息系统整机及配套设备、光电子产品、海洋电子信息系统及传感器、电子系统工程、计算机相关软件、硬件产品的开发、生产、销售、系统集成、信息化网络工程建设及技术服务业务。天和防务财报显示,今年上半年公司营业总收入7826万元,比去年同期增长683.69%;归属于上市公司普通股股东的净利润为-2170万元,同比减少40.04%;归属于上市公司普通股股东的扣非净利润为-2847万元,同比减少53.91%。相关的主题文章:

国庆七天:来京游客人均花2485元 天安门收垃圾48吨–环保–人民网

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国庆七天:来京游客人均花2485元 天安门收垃圾48吨–环保–人民网 原标题:国庆七天:来京游客人均花2485元 天安门收垃圾48吨   前日下午,位于前门的廊坊二条胡同中游人摩肩接踵。北京晨报记者 史春阳 摄   来京游客人均消费2485元 同比增长3.2%   游客量1119.5万人次 同比减少2.8%   不太理想的空气质量和阴雨明显影响了今年国庆节的游客量。昨天,市旅游委公布黄金周期间本市的游客旅游统计,数据显示,七天假期,本市共接待旅游者1119.5万人次,比去年同期减少2.8%,但旅游总收入同比有所增长,达到84亿元,同比增长1.1%。备受关注的非法“一日游”投诉下降明显,同比下降受理旅游投诉54件,同比下降42%。   来京旅游消费68.6亿同比增2.1%   市旅游委表示,受雾霾及阴雨天气影响,“十一”假期,本市接待国内来京旅游者276万人次,比去年同期减少1.1%;国内旅游消费68.6亿元,同比增长2.1%。游客平均停留时间基本持平,从去年的3.7天下降到今年的3.5天。平均消费能力有所提高,国内来京游客人均消费2485元,增长3.2%。   “十一”期间,共接待市民在京游游客843万人次,同比减少3.3%;市民旅游消费15.5亿元,减少2.9%。   “十一”期间,全市监测的180家主要A级景区接待旅游者1475.6万人次,同比减少14%。景区每日游人量减少,拥堵情况相比去年有所缓解。   自然山水型景区游客减少最多   总体来看,“十一”期间本市大部分景区的游客接待量均同比减少,其中降幅最大的为自然山水型景区,其次为城市公园型景区,历史文化类景区和城市公园型景区的客流量降幅紧随其后。   市旅游委介绍,故宫实行预售限流举措后,旅游环境大为改善,日接待量限定在8万人次,7天来游客量较为平缓有序。颐和园、天坛、八达岭接待游客量均同比减少。   公园七天接待游客330万人次   北京市公园管理中心统计发布:今年国庆假期,市属公园及中国园林博物馆迎来旅游高峰,七天累计接待游客330万人次。   其中,颐和园55.5万、天坛公园54万、北京动物园45万人次位列前三。节中3至5日为游园高峰,颐和园、天坛公园单日接待量连续突破10万人次。绚丽的植物景观、宏伟的古典建筑及丰富的人文活动受到中外游客、北京市民及学生群体等各类游客的好评,外宾及外埠游客明显增长近40%。   高速公路进京车辆增长23.8%   市旅游委表示,高速公路免费政策已执行5年,北京及外地自驾车保有量持续增长,自驾游服务保障日益完善。高速公路进京游客的增速最高,假日期间高速公路进京车辆575.5万辆,增长23.8%;进京游客2196万人次,增长18.5%。   美食和购物对市民游客的吸引力显著提升,餐饮购物消费比例从上年的62%提高到今年的70%。外地游客在京餐饮购物消费比重也有小幅提升。   此外,民俗游火爆迎客,假期共接待游客433.5万人次,增长9.3%;实现民俗旅游收入4.4亿元,增长7.8%。延庆区凭借独特的自然人文环境率先成为国家“全域旅游”示范区,四季花海、百里山水画廊、冰川绿谷沟域游客爆满。   高速交通量达1539.95万辆   日均219.99万辆 同比增长7.54%达历史高位   北京晨报讯(记者 曹晶瑞)国庆假期,本市高速公路交通量总计为1539.95万辆,日均219.99万辆,比去年同期增长7.54%,达历史高位。城市路网运行总体平稳,交通运行压力总体略低于去年同期,交通指数峰值也不过为4.0。   交通委表示,2016年国庆假期,本市高速公路交通量同比明显增长,达历史高位水平,仅低于2016年五一假期,略低于2016年清明假期。同时,各条高速公路交通压力分布不均衡的特点依然突出,交通压力仍然集中在京藏高速、六环路、京港澳高速、京承高速、机场高速、京通快速。   此外,记者从市公交集团获悉,10月1日至10月7日,公交集团日均出车1.63万辆,累计发车105万次,总计运送乘客5443万人次。36条夜班日均运客近万人次。市公交集团表示,天安门、故宫、香山、八达岭长城依然是旅游观光热点。   天安门垃圾同比增近8吨   北京晨报讯(记者 肖丹)市城管委昨天发布数据,9月30日12时至10月7日12时,天安门地区收运垃圾48吨,同比增加7.96吨。   在这48吨垃圾中,包括可回收垃圾32吨、其他垃圾16吨。据介绍,9月30日12时至10月7日12时,天安门地区环境卫生保障工作出动车辆1067车次,出动人员3790人;天安门地区13座固定公厕411个厕位正常开放,周边55座固定公厕610个厕位提供服务保障,并设置临时公厕24座465个厕位保障游客如厕需求;出动检查人员189人次进行巡回检查,清除卫生死角。   四大火车站发送旅客495.9万人   同比增10.2% 高铁出行成游客首选   北京晨报讯(记者 曹晶瑞)国庆期间,北京四大火车站共发送495.9万人,同比增加45.94万人,增幅10.2%。值得一提的是,四大火车站客流高峰日均出现在10月1日,单日共计发送旅客61.64万人。另外,从国庆铁路出行统计来看,高铁出行已经成为人们首选。同时,随着京津冀铁路路网的不断完善,国庆期间,26万人不必绕道北京,有效缓解首都交通压力。   北京晨报记者昨天获悉,“十一”黄金周北京铁路局旅客发送量累计达到1110.84万人,同比增加89.87万人,增幅8.8%。其中,北京四大火车站共发送495.9万人。10月1 日,北京铁路局单日发送旅客142.57万人,同比增加19.45万人,增幅15.8%,刷新了今年4月30日单日140万人的历史纪录。同时,北京南站当日发送20.08万人,同比增加3.44万人,增幅20.7%,也创下建站以来单日发送旅客新高。   据了解,为满足国庆假期群众出行需求,节日期间北京铁路局共计加开旅客列车45.5对551列。其中,高铁动车组达到341列,占总加开量的61.9%。国庆假期首日,高峰出行北京四大站共计发送旅客61.64万人,其中高铁列车发送旅客40.88万人,约占当日离京总量的66%,京沪、京广、京津城际等高铁列车全部满座开行,乘坐高铁出行已成为群众首选。   另外,随着铁路路网的不断完善,特别是9月10日郑徐高铁开通后,中国高铁运营里程实现了2万公里的新跨越。同时,以郑徐高铁开通为新契机,京津冀区域内再次新增3对始发终到高铁列车和2对通过高铁列车,以此为标志京津冀“金三角”铁路交通运输枢纽新格局初见规模。数据显示,国庆期间,新增列车与津保铁路,使得26万人不必绕道北京,有效缓解了首都交通压力。   ■相关新闻   120家商企进账60.3亿   北京晨报讯(记者 陈琳)“金九银十”的消费旺季再加上国庆黄金周,本市各大商企赚了个盆满钵满。七天长假,市商务委重点监测的120家商业服务业企业累计实现销售额60.3亿元,同比增长7.7%。   国庆假期正值婚庆旺季,北京晨报记者走访市场发现,金银饰品类商品需求增长明显。据统计,假日七天,菜市口百货金银饰品类商品销售额同比增长16.7%;超10万人次进店消费。   婚宴、家宴、亲朋宴、旅游宴集中,全聚德、东来顺、华天等众多老字号餐饮企业上座率达到九成以上,甚至一座难求。同和居等老字号在国庆期间出现了多个就餐高峰日,几乎每个高峰日的排队等号的顾客都超过了200号。鸿宾楼等老字号在假日中出现了单日同比增长超过30%的火爆场面。   (北京晨报) (责编:毕磊、杨波)相关的主题文章:

16个热点城市房价环比回落 价稳料是未来主基调 – 市场动态 -上海乐居网-popkart

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By admin | Filed in Home Products & Services | Comments Off on 16个热点城市房价环比回落 价稳料是未来主基调 – 市场动态 -上海乐居网-popkart

16个热点城市房价环比回落 价稳料是未来主基调 – 市场动态 -上海乐居网 ??房地产调控十月“围城”。时过一个半月,“量跌价稳”成为楼市的“脸谱”:16个热点城市房价环比全面回落,多数城市周成交量出现比较明显的下滑。??记者调研发现,北京等地二手房市场成交也明显降温。一、二线热点城市的房价在今年至明年全年都会“稳”字当头。??10月调控初见效??“我们还没有11月份的最新数据,但从10月份的数据已经能看出楼市的走向了。”业内人员对上证报记者如是说。记者跟踪调研了北京西城区几家地产中介门店,发现基本呈现观望冷清之态。??业内数据统计,10月百城整体价格涨幅明显放缓,上涨城市数量减少,且多数热点城市房价涨幅均有所回落,部分城市回落幅度显著。从16个热点城市来看,房价环比涨幅更是全面回落。??具体来看,10月份北京等16座城市房价的涨幅较上月变动情况为:北京(-2.62)、天津(-2.33)、 济南(-1.29)、上海(-2.45)、南京(-2.65)、无锡(-4.88)、苏州(1.22)、杭州(-2.11)、福州(-2.92)、厦门(-1.15)、广州(-0.90)、深圳(-0.69)、合肥(-3.04)、郑州(-5.37)、武汉(0.36)、成都(-0.82)。??对此,国家统计局新闻发言人毛盛勇在14日新闻发布会上也表示,虽然统计数据还不完全,但从10月份的数据来看,房地产调控政策取得了初步成效。??“10月初国庆节期间调控政策频出,调控效果显现,房价涨幅走势自高位回落明显,预计今年四季度房价涨幅进一步回落。”海通证券涂力磊分析,房地产调控叠加监管趋严,预计今年四季度楼市成交总量也会出现收缩。??当下楼市的另一个变化,也就是成交量的变化。??据民生证券统计,11月初的一周,一线城市如北京,成交量与调控前相比下降了33.34%,广州成交量较调控前下降了52.51%。二线城市如南京,最近一周成交量与调控前相比下降了62.7%,杭州最近一周成交量与调控前相比下降了67.35%,济南最近一周成交量与调控前相比下降了89.03%。??华创证券的调研统计数据同样如此。数据显示,11月5日-11日,40个主流城市楼市成交环比下降15.5%,连续4周成交环比缩量。并且,11月日均成交同比下降11.0%,涨幅较前周回落9.6个百分点,其中一线、二线和三线城市成交涨幅同比分别为-6.7%、-18.3%、1.7%,较前周继续回落,这显示楼市调控政策影响正仍在持续发酵。??一二线城市房价“稳”字当头??“未来政策调控效应将持续发力,市场供需两端将稳步回归理性,年末房价有望进一步企稳。”业内人士说。??多位房地产专家也持相似观点。陈晟认为,在调控政策之下,16个热点城市的房价直至明年全年都会“稳”字当头,不上涨。??“从上述16个城市的房价情况来看,今年甚至于到明年同期,房价环比都不能再上涨了。”陈晟对记者说,这也符合决策层对此轮房地产调控的要求。??华创证券华中炜也认为,在中央层面多次提及抑制资产泡沫的背景下,政策收紧仍将持续。接下来,一、二线热点城市将出现成交量缩、价稳,三线城市成交量略起。??记者采访多位北京二手房中介、开发商人士也了解到,目前北京房价,整体上也处于观望“停滞”状态。而且,房地产开发商给新盘定价也趋于谨慎。??对于调控政策的走势,房地产业内外也一致认为“严”字持续,不能也不会放松。事实上,有专家指出,在与资产泡沫和金融风险这场赛跑中,房地产调控之手必须毫不放松。对于城市管理者而言,必须看清大局,严控房价上涨卷土重来,为改革赢得时间。 重要提示:本页面内容,旨在为满足广大用户的信息需求而采集提供,并非广告服务性信息。页面所载内容不代表本网站之观点或意见,仅供用户参考和借鉴,最终以开发商实际公示为准。商品房预售须取得《商品房预售许可证》,用户在购房时需慎重查验开发商的证件信息。 相关的主题文章:

The congestion was applied to disease (micro survey) – Jiangxi Channel –

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The congestion was applied to disease (micro survey) – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Scenic congestion disease, have applied (micro survey) recently, Yunnan Tang Kunming people took his family to Yunnan ethnic village. Park Jingpo village in building eye Nao bustling square, the Dai dance and Lisu nationality. Minority activity turns staged, the park’s "Munao Song of the night" fiery opening. Lit bonfire, under the leadership of the host, tourists and citizens hand in hand, surrounded by bonfire, jumping up the enthusiastic dance, the atmosphere is very warm. "To feel the activities of the ethnic minorities, it is true." Mr. Tang said excitedly. However, a few years ago, Mr. Tang also had a bad experience here: "that is the new year’s Day holiday, and the National Village didn’t know how many people had been squeezed, and was almost trapped." In order to prevent too many tourists, the Yunnan national village has implemented the classification of tourist carrying capacity in the scenic area, thus setting up an early warning scheme at the peak period of tourists. Li Juan, a staff member, said: "during the peak period of tourists, there will be special security personnel monitoring the traffic volume, abnormal handling in a timely manner, and the staff will bring tourists to the open area in time to reduce the number of tourists in the centralized village. When the number of tourists exceeds the maximum carrying capacity, the ticket department will immediately stop the ticket sales, and a special person is responsible for tourists and vehicle guidance. " During the holidays, apart from regular performances, villages will also increase performances and performances to prevent crowds and stampede incidents. Li Juan told reporters: "like the key festivals in our park, water splashing Festival, Torch Festival, etc. will be prepared for a number of venues." Anhui’s travel enthusiasts, Xiao Wang, also felt this change. "Do not have to play where to play before, but not at high speed feel the traffic congestion, it is not easy to get to the scenic spot is people crowded." Now it is quite different: the high-speed intersection is much smoother. Tickets are available within three days. The time can be selected to avoid the peak. "The number of tourists has reached 80% of the maximum carrying capacity. Please arrange your sightseeing schedule reasonably". The main mountaintop crossing displays will have similar hints. In recent years, through reasonable regulation and control, we basically realized the goal of the maximum daily carrying capacity of the scenic spot not exceeding 50 thousand people in the golden week and other peak hours, which is attributed to the prediction, appointment and early warning system of "three pre" in the scenic area. In addition to standardizing management and improving tourist experience, Qian Zhaoyang, director of Chuzhou tourism administration section, suggests that scientific scenic traffic management is an effective way to protect tourists’ safety and prevent accidents in scenic spots. "It is the beginning of the nine month of Langya mountain temple, pilgrims crowded the fire almost destroyed Langya temple." Many years ago, one of the events, Qian Chaoyang was impressed. Since this year, Chuzhou has started from a grade a scenic spot, and has fully started the verification and control of the maximum carrying capacity of the scenic area. "Due to the fact that the size and conditions of scenic spots are not static, dynamic management should be carried out for the largest nuclear load of tourists, etc., which is re approved and updated at the beginning of each year. The tourism administration will also do follow-up work related work. Qian Zhaoyang introduced it. As early as January 2015, the National Tourism Administration issued the "guidelines for the maximum carrying capacity of the scenic area", required the largest scenic spots to calculate the maximum carrying capacity of tourists, and formulated relevant tourist flow control plans, which was implemented in April 1st of that year. According to the staff of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau Fan Xinghong introduction, Anhui province is now the 4A level and above scenic spots have the basic traffic management, 3A and the following scenic traffic management Municipal Tourism Bureau is pushing, but because of the different scenic spots of different modes of management and work to promote the progress of different reasons has not yet universal. (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)

景区拥堵病,得巧治(微调查)–江西频道–人民网 原标题:景区拥堵病,得巧治(微调查)   不久前,云南昆明市民唐先生带着家人来到云南民族村游玩。园区的景颇寨目瑙示栋广场热闹非凡,傣族舞曲、傈僳族下火海等各个少数民族活动轮番上演,园区的“目瑙纵歌之夜”火热开场。   点燃篝火,在主持人的带领下,游客和市民手拉手、围着篝火跳起了热情的舞蹈,气氛十分热烈。“来感受下少数民族的活动,真是来对了。”唐先生兴奋地说道。   然而,几年前唐先生在此也有过不好的体验:“那次正好是元旦假期,民族村里不知道挤了多少人,差点被困住出不去了。”   为了防止游客过多,云南民族村实施了景区游客承载量分级,从而在游客高峰期设置预警方案。工作人员李娟介绍:“游客高峰期,会有专门安保人员监控客流量,出现异常及时处置,工作人员会及时将游客带到开阔片区,减少集中村寨的游客数量。当游客数超过最高承载量时,售票部会立刻停止售票,并有专人负责游客和车辆疏导。”   节假日期间,除常规表演外,各村寨还会增加表演活动和表演场次,防止游客蜂拥聚集单一表演场地而发生拥挤、踩踏事件。李娟告诉记者:“像我们园区的重点节日,泼水节、火把节等都会准备多个场地的活动。”   安徽的旅行爱好者小汪也感受到了这种变化。“以前甭管去哪儿玩,还没下高速就感到客流拥堵,好不容易到了景区也是人挤人。”现在则很不同:高速路口明显顺畅多了;门票三日内有效,可以选时段避开高峰;“游客人数已达最大承载量的80%,请您合理安排游览行程”,主要登山道口的显示屏会有类似的提示……   “这些年通过合理的调控调度,基本实现了在黄金周等高峰时段,景区单日最大承载量不超5万人的目标,而这要归功于景区主推的预测、预约、预警‘三预’机制。”   除了规范管理、提升游客体验,在滁州市旅游局管理科科长钱朝阳看来,科学的景区流量管理,更是保障游客安全,防止景区事故发生的有效手段。   “正月初九琅琊山庙会,香客拥挤结果造成失火,琅琊古寺差点儿毁损。”好多年前的一次事件,钱朝阳印象深刻。   今年以来,滁州市从A级景区开始,全面启动了景区最大承载量的核定和管控工作。“由于景区规模、条件等不是一成不变的,对景区游客最大核载量等也要实施动态管理,每年年初重新核定并更新发布,旅游局也会做好相关工作的跟进监督。”钱朝阳介绍。   早在2015年1月,国家旅游局下发《景区最大承载量核定导则》,要求各大景区核算出游客最大承载量,并制定相关游客流量控制预案,当年4月1日起实施。据安徽省旅游局工作人员范星宏介绍,现在安徽省4A级及以上景区基本都有了流量管理,3A级及以下景区的流量管理各市旅游局也在推动,但由于不同景区的管理模式不同、工作推进的先后进度不同等原因,尚未普及。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章:

Swindler impersonated the head of the company and the company QQ group chat to cheat teller’s remitt-misao

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The cheater pretended to be a boss and company QQ group network chat, cheated the cashier remittance 280 thousand yuan, the newspaper reporter (reporter Intern Cheng Jiayi), a cheater pretending to be the boss to join the company QQ group, after 20 days, he sent the instructions to the cashier for 280 thousand yuan, the cashier credulous. Yesterday, Ms. Cai called the Wuhan Evening News Hotline 82333333 to tell the public to be vigilant. Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter came to the Huading Industrial Park of Gedian Development Zone, and saw Mr. Yao, the director of Wuhan Hengsheng Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd., Ms. Cai is the chief financial officer of the company. Mr. Yao said that more than 1 p.m. on August 2nd, less than 10 minutes, his mobile phone received 6 remittances and remitted a total of 280 thousand yuan. Mr. Yao immediately called the cashier Wang to inquire. He did not think of Wang’s answer: "you ask me to remit the money." Mr. Yao immediately alarm, police access to information, the money remitted to Huang Renzhong called a private account, crooks quickly turn away 275 thousand yuan. Mr. Yao said that after the incident, they went to the Gedian police station to make a record. Wang explained, in July 12th, a self called Yao people to apply to join the company’s QQ group, she thought the other is Yao general, and then approved the other party to join. In the next 20 days, "Yao general" has not spoken. At 1:36 in the afternoon of August 2nd, "Yao general" suddenly asked Wang to be a friend to him, and Wang took care of it. Two minutes later, "Yao general" on QQ asked her to check the amount of money available on the company account. Wang dare not neglect, immediately the screenshot passed, the book is only a little more than 30. "Yao general" said that the sum of 366 thousand yuan for a pen needs to be paid, and she wants to turn 280 thousand first. Wang did not hesitate to transfer 280 thousand to the designated account, and finally sent the transfer of the screenshots to the other. Mr. Yao said, before, the company for the convenience of cashiers to make money, the transfer of the transfer of the password told Wang. But when she asked for her remittance, she had to sign two of them at the same time, and Wang obviously violated the company’s operating procedures. They consulted the chat record on QQ, and found that a reminder was posted on the chat page at that time. "Friends are not in the usual environment now. If you talk about money transactions, please call or check videos. Wang is 24 years old, people in Huangpi district. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation of the matter.

骗子冒充老总加公司QQ群 网络聊天骗出纳汇款28万元   本报讯(记者商为智 实习生程佳怡)一骗子冒充老总加入公司QQ群,潜伏20天后给出纳发指令打款28万元,出纳轻信上了当。昨天,市民蔡女士致电武汉晚报热线82333333讲述此事,提醒市民提高警惕。   昨天下午,武汉晚报记者来到葛店开发区华顶工业园,见到了武汉恒盛兴电力自动化有限公司负责人姚先生,蔡女士是该公司财务总监。姚先生说,8月2日下午1点多钟,不到10分钟,他的手机收到6笔汇款提醒,共汇出28万元。姚先生立即给出纳王某打电话询问,没想到王某回答:“是你要求我汇款的啊。”   姚先生当即报警,警方调阅资料显示,钱汇给了一个叫黄任忠的私人账号,骗子得手后迅速转走27.5万元。   姚先生说,事发后,他们一起到葛店派出所做笔录。王某解释,7月12日,一个自称叫姚某的人申请加入公司的QQ群,她以为对方是姚总,便批准对方加入。此后20天里,“姚总”一直没发言。8月2日下午1点36分,“姚总”突然要求王某加他为好友,王某照办。   两分钟后,“姚总”在QQ上要求,让她查一下公司账上的可用资金还有多少。王某不敢怠慢,立即将截图传过去,账面上只有30万多一点。“姚总”说,有笔36.6万元的款项需要付出去,要她先转28万。   王某毫不犹豫地将28万转到指定账户,最后还将转账的截图发给对方。   姚先生表示,此前,公司为方便出纳打款,将转账密码告诉了王某。但要求她汇款时,必须要两位老总同时签字才行,王某显然违反了公司的操作程序。他们查阅了QQ上的聊天记录发现,当时聊天页面上已显示提醒,“当前好友不在常用环境登录,如聊到钱财交易,请打电话或视频核实。”   王某今年24岁,黄陂区人。目前,警方已介入调查此事。相关的主题文章:

September Nanchang housing prices rose by the average price of new homes rose 9823 yuan -pretty rhythm

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September Nanchang prices also rose 9823 yuan, the average price of new homes rose 2.55% square meters or to expand Jiangxi channel — original title: September Nanchang prices also rose 9823 yuan the average price of new homes rose 2.55% square meters or to expand from the August average price of 9579 yuan square meters by September the average price of 9823 yuan square meters, Nanchang housing prices rise again. Earlier this month, China Index Research Institute released September index system China real estate 100 city price index report, according to the survey data, in September, Nanchang new residential average price of 9823 yuan per square meter, up 2.55%, or last month to expand. Analysis of the Nanchang property market hot do not rule out the introduction of regulatory measures Chinese Index Research Institute experts said that in August prices rose significantly accelerated after hot tightening efforts to strengthen the city, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Kunshan, Ji’nan, Beijing and Tianjin city have been the introduction of regulatory policy. In the context of the continuous transmission of the heat of the property market, more cities will join the policy to tighten the ranks in the future, and the policy will be strengthened. In terms of price, some hot cities still have a certain shortage of supply, and the short supply growth in the short term will bring pressure to the regulation and control of house prices. But in the influence of local government a series of tightening policy, is expected to curb speculative investment demand, prices will gradually stabilize. Some experts also pointed out that Nanchang is a hot market in the second tier cities. It may become the next tightening policy. It will not rule out regulation measures that regulate market transactions in the near future. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun) 9月南昌房价又涨了 新房均价9823元 ㎡ 环比涨2.55% 涨幅扩大–江西频道–人民网 原标题:9月南昌房价又涨了 新房均价9823元 ㎡ 环比涨2.55% 涨幅扩大 从8月均价9579元 平方米到9月均价9823元 平方米,南昌房价又涨了。本月初,中国指数研究院发布9月份中国房地产指数系统百城价格指数报告,根据调查数据,9月份,南昌新建住宅均价9823元 平方米,环比上涨2.55%,涨幅较上月扩大。 分析 南昌楼市偏热 不排除出台调控措施 中国指数研究院有关专家表示,在8月份房价涨幅明显加快后,热点城市政策收紧力度加强,南京、杭州、郑州、昆山、济南、北京、天津等城市相继出台调控政策。在楼市热度不断传导背景下,未来或将有更多城市加入政策收紧行列,政策力度也将不断强化。价格方面,部分热点城市仍存在一定的供不应求矛盾,而短期内供应增长有限,为房价调控带来压力。但在地方政府一系列收紧政策影响下,有望抑制部分投资投机需求,房价涨幅将逐步趋稳。也有专家分析指出,南昌属于市场偏热的二线城市,有可能成为下一类收紧政策的城市,不排除近期出台以规范市场交易为内容的调控措施。   (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章:

Henan next rainstorm westerly withered trees don’t forget to wear long johns (video)-melia kreiling

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Henan next rainstorm westerly withered trees don’t forget to wear long johns Bai Zhoufeng – reporter Liu Rui literary photography Washington a day of rain, wind withered trees, send cold. Yesterday morning, as the invasion came cool, a lot of people just out of the gate, it was cold shock to go home, put on thick long sleeved, some even wear long johns. Yellow flower abortion, ring bearing residues, did not fall from yesterday so real, the earth remains for summer, was swept away. And after this cooling, the temperature in my province will be difficult to restore more than 30 degrees centigrade. According to the forecast, today, cloudy province south and east to the south, Xinyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou, Shangqiu four area and Nanyang area and Gushi, Luyi, Yongcheng, Xincai with light rain, which in some areas in Xinyang and Gushi have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain; other area is cloudy. From tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, there will be light rain in cloudy days in the eastern and southern part of our province. Some of the southeastern part of China will be heavy rain and heavy rain, and others will be cloudy to cloudy. In the area of rainfall, the temperature will also wander in the low position. In other regions, the situation of low temperature will be suspended for the time being. The city of Zhengzhou is cloudy and cloudy today with the highest temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. On Friday, on cloudy days, the highest temperature rises to 23 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, the cloudy day ended on a clear day, and the temperature continued to go up to 28 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, the sunny day goes on, the highest temperature rises to 30 degrees Celsius. And next Monday, in October 3rd, the sky turned cloudy and the highest temperature climbed to 32 degrees Celsius. However, with the deepening of autumn and the frequent disturbance of cold air, the highest temperature has not stabilized the heel, and it will become a history. In October 4th, in October 4th, Zhengzhou continued to be cloudy, but the highest temperature fell back to 28 degrees Celsius. According to the mid – and long – term forecast, the highest temperature in Zhengzhou after the holiday will fall to 14 degrees Celsius. What is the specific concept that you can feel when you arrive. (newspaper) video: the massive cooling raid on Jilin will welcome the local people behind the winter snow today infraredimages: Henan guy video game city entertainment or gambling today spend 200 thousand January hot news: Henan released "eleven" travel to remind these sections please try to avoid a district of Luanchuan in a Tibetan mastiff drop from the clouds terrified passers-by Zhengzhou police cracked a large drug trafficking case 4 packets of drugs hidden in the mail of Zhengzhou pregnant nurse midwife for half an hour after the end of his slumped on the ground. Women’s feelings of frustration in the car to send photos with blood bestie self mutilation

河南今明局地有暴雨 西风凋碧树别忘穿秋裤□记者刘瑞朝文白周峰摄影本报讯一场急雨,一天大风,凋碧树,送严寒。昨日一大早,凉意就侵袭而来,不少人刚出大门,就被冷风激得“打道回府”,穿上厚厚的长袖,有的甚至穿上秋裤。黄叶败花,衰荷残柳,秋天从没有昨天这样真切,大地上还残存逗留的夏意,被一扫而空。而这次降温后,我省的气温,将很难再恢复三十多摄氏度的等级。根据预报,今天,我省南部、东部继续阴天,其中信阳、驻马店、周口、商丘四地区和南阳地区南部及固始、新蔡、鹿邑、永城有小雨,其中信阳地区和固始部分地区有中到大雨,局部有暴雨;其他地区多云。明天到后天,我省东部、南部阴天有小雨,其中东南部部分地区有中到大雨,局部有暴雨;其他地区多云到阴天。降雨的区域,温度也将在低位徘徊。而其他区域,低温的局面将暂时中止。郑州市今天是晴转多云天气,最高温度21摄氏度。周五,阴天,最高温度提升至23摄氏度。周六,阴天结束转晴天,温度也继续走高,至28摄氏度。周日,晴天继续,最高温度升至30摄氏度。而到了下周一,也就是10月3日,晴天结束转多云,最高温度却攀高至32摄氏度。不过,随着秋天的渐深和冷空气的频繁扰动,最高温度还没站稳脚跟,就将成为历史。下周二,10月4日,郑州多云继续,但最高温度重新跌回28摄氏度。根据中远期预报,假期后的郑州,最高气温将跌至14摄氏度。具体什么概念,大家到时可感受一下。(大河报)相关视频: 大规模降温突袭吉林 民众冬装加身局地将迎初雪 今日热图:河南小伙电玩城一月花20万 娱乐还是赌博今日热闻:河南发布“十一”出行提醒 这些路段请尽量避开栾川一小区一头藏獒从天而降 吓坏路人郑州警方侦破特大贩卖毒品案 4包毒品藏邮件里郑州怀孕护士跪地接生半小时 结束后瘫坐在地上开封女子感情受挫车内自残 给闺蜜发照片浑身血相关的主题文章:

Ji’nan unmarried people over 22 years of age or the housing market in the housing market to cool dow-remonstrate

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Ji’nan: over 22 years of age, unmarried persons or buyers in the property market are facing a slowdown. The Qilu network October 9th purchase rules were issued, which had a great impact on the buyers and the real estate market. On the first day of the new deal, the policy research was not thorough and the materials were not prepared enough to make some people unprepared. According to the "good morning Shandong" reported that a Ji’nan people said: "too much now, just because the first working day, so I don’t know, I am blind, feeling the stones, do not too smooth." There are only married persons and single men and women aged 18 to 22 or 20. Unmarried persons over 22 years of age or obstacles to buying a house. The public sector in Shandong signed column be taken by surprise to suspend real estate Shao Shujing told reporters: "is that the Civil Affairs Bureau on the unmarried proof, so that now the policy, you cannot define a single, are you married or not married, this one is a challenge, is the hope that the government can coordinate the unmarried the definition of a proof, can." Missed before October 3rd net signed, Mr Zhou citizens chagrin. After the purchase of the purchase, the first payment of the purchase from 20% to 30%, the pressure of funds followed. Mr. Zhou of Ji’nan: "the first payment increased from 20% to 30%, and it was suddenly promoted in the holiday, and we were not prepared for it." As a working class, this 100 thousand is not a small number. " Limited purchase will also cause a lot of people to lose the qualification of buying a house. The purchase began in October 3rd, 3 days after the net qualified buyers will face the new audit, if you do not meet the purchase requirements, to handle network signed in October 14th before the revocation. 同时由于购房人信息查询系统正在进行升级测试,即日起暂停商品房网签。 Shandong real estate column Shao Shujing said: "we signed a loan, there are said to have been completed, may belong to the purchase, if not done in this part of the network, will be stopped." The wait-and-see increased property or usher in cool since the afternoon of October 2nd Ji’nan version of the purchase order issued, the property market in Ji’nan net signed volume decreased rapidly. In October 2nd, residential net signed volume of 1652 units, 7 sets of net signed volume dropped to 167. After the policy, the Ji’nan property market will develop, and more people will take a wait-and-see attitude. "Because the policy has just come out, we haven’t made a decision yet, and then look at it," Ms. Shaw said. Experts, this round of purchase, the market has cooled. Li Tiegang, a professor at the school of economics, Shandong University, said: "in the nationwide cooling environment, Ji’nan is cooling down. I feel this temperature is going to drop." Splash cold water, reduce expectations, a series of policies to guide the benign operation of the real estate market. Shandong Zhong Zhu real estate Shao Shujing said: "I think the purpose of the government’s real estate regulation is to correctly guide the investment orientation of consumers for real estate, or to protect the rigid demand, and crack down on this investment behavior. Li Tiegang, a professor at the school of economics, Shandong University, said: "first, we must fight against excessive investment and excessive speculation in the market to stabilize the market. Second, we should crack down on false propaganda in the market, false sales and disrupting market sales. Third non rational purchase in the market, irrational investment to cool it. The ultimate goal is to maintain the benign and sustainable development of the real estate market. "

济南:22岁以上未婚人员或遇购房障碍 楼市迎来降温   齐鲁网10月9日讯 限购细则出台,对于购房者和房地产市场都产生了不小的影响。新政实施第一天,政策研究不透彻,材料准备不充分,让一些市民措手不及。   据《早安山东》报道,一位济南市民表示:“太繁琐了现在,因为刚刚第一个工作日,好多咱不知道,咱也很盲目,摸着石头过河,办得不太顺利。”   由于可以开具限购资料人员仅限于已婚人士和18周岁到22或者20周岁的单身男女。22岁以上未婚人员或遭遇购房障碍。   市民措手不及 部门暂停网签   山东中柱地产邵淑静告诉记者:“就是说民政局不开这个未婚证明了,所以说现在出的政策,你是没法界定这个单身,你是结婚还是没有结婚,这一块是一个挑战,就是希望政府能协调,把这些未婚的,出个证明,能界定。”   错过了10月3日前的网签,市民周先生懊恼不已。限购出来后,购房首付由两成提高至了三成,资金压力随之而来。   济南市民周先生:“首付从20%提高到了30%,而且是假期突然间提升的,给我们措手不及。作为工薪阶层,这10万也是不小的数字。”   限购也将使很多人失去购房资格。限购10月3日开始实施, 3日之后的网签者的购房资格将面临重新审核,如果不符合限购要求,要在10月14日之前办理网签撤销。同时由于购房人信息查询系统正在进行升级测试,即日起暂停商品房网签。   山东中柱地产邵淑静说:“我们贷款签的件,还有说已经成交的,可能会属于限购的件,如果说没有做过网签的,这一部分会被限制住。”   观望者增多 楼市或迎来降温   自10月2日下午济南版限购令出台以来,济南的楼市网签量迅速下降。10月2日,住宅网签量为1652套,7日网签量降至167套。政策之后,济南楼市将如何发展,更多市民持观望态度。   肖女士表示:“因为政策刚出来,我们还没有做决定,再观望一下子。”   专家介绍,这轮限购,市场已降温。   山东大学经济学院教授李铁岗表示:“在全国这种降温大环境下,济南在降温,我感觉这个温度肯定能降得下来。”   泼冷水、降预期,一系列政策引导房产市场良性运转。   山东中柱地产邵淑静说:“我觉得政府这次房地产调控,目的还是正确引导消费者对于房地产的投资导向,还是保护刚需,严厉打击这种投资客的行为。”   山东大学经济学院教授李铁岗称:“第一打击市场里的过度投资与过度投机来去稳定市场,第二打击市场里的虚假宣传,虚假销售,扰乱市场销售这样一种行为。第三个对市场里的非理性购买,非理性投资对它进行降温。最终的目的是维持房地产市场的良性和可持续性发展。”相关的主题文章:

The golden autumn Shanghai is the most full of the holy land of Osmanthus! Look near you!-wegener肉芽肿

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The golden autumn Shanghai is the most full of the holy land of Osmanthus! Look near you! The heat and the lotus has not completely dispersed, with cinnamon autumn has arrived. In recent days, when the small sea road has passed a few literary alley, it will always smell a strong fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, so it will look up in the branch to look for this small yellow flower. Guess you will also enjoy the sweet scented osmanthus out recently, the advance of the Raiders to the flowers you do, quickly collection oh! Shanghai eco cinnamon garden Shanghai ecological osmanthus garden, osmanthus planting area of about 500 mu, more than 80000 plants of osmanthus, is the largest garden in Shanghai. A strain of a 70 year old early in! FLOWER! La The autumn night, Guangxi scent. The construction site of this strain has a 70 year old early in Shanghai is located in the Jiading section of the railway, although the construction of osmanthus tree branches makes some damage, but it still tenaciously won first prize"!! Tens of thousands of yellow flowers clustered, Mimizaza, nestled in the green leaves, a breeze hit, shadows whirling, faint fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Click to play GIF 1.4M in guihuayuan kinzley is introduced, this strain in the flowering period will last about ten days, that is to say, during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday can also enjoy GUI oh!! More than 40 varieties, including 10 rare varieties such as the top red and Zhu Shagui. The flower of Osmanthus blossoms should be in the environment of cold, wet and vapid, and the best is from 23 to 28. It expands from flower bud to at least 15 days. The director of the garden said that about 80% of the sweet scented osmanthus in the garden will be celebrated during the National Day! Shanghai ecological garden address: Jiading District North Road and rain village Guyi garden in mid September, Guyi garden of sweet scented osmanthus garden had blossomed, everywhere filled with sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, mainly with Kim, Yingui, Osmanthusfragrans etc., are mainly distributed in the Yi Garden Yi Tang, South Song, wild around the fragrant garden, bonsai garden, children’s Gallery a hall, smoke on the scenic spot to whistle. Guyi garden two flowering plants were planted in the vicinity of the South Gate of Kim tourist information service center and the South Gate of camphor forest, the tree has been covered with golden yellow flowers, the wind came from the sweet. In some books and Guyi osmanthus with the grass, and other plants collocation flowering phase of Ophiopogon japonicus, is wrong, can enjoy four seasons; some sweet scented osmanthus and exquisite tracery, paving pattern matched, formed a small elegant and pleasant scenery. But you know, the ancient Yi Park lotus are still not completely defeated, now can not only enjoy the scenery around the park, watching the pond lotus buds, flowers and the lotus, like a raging fire, the red spider lily is also very seductive dazzlingly beautiful. Transportation: take Metro Line 11 to get off the West Nanxiang station, walk 15 minutes or 2 line to Nanxiang Guyi garden tickets: 12 yuan opening time: July 1st -9 month 30 days South 6:30-18:30, North 5:30-17:30; October 1st – June 30th South 7:00-18:00, North 6:00-17:00 Shanghai botanical garden in Shanghai botanical garden as a 40 years the history of the national 5A scenic spot, inside the flowers of course beyond count. But in Sanqiu now open warm. A large number of open these days in Shanghai botanical garden has ushered in the park in the early, other varieties will be beautifully osmanthus. It is said that as early as 12, there are many people smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in the garden room, after a year of sweet osmanthus is still ~ blunt to friends can choose straight to the gate three. After a period of time, the chrysanthemum also opened, and then we can watch the scene of the chrysanthemum. Location: Xuhui District Longwu Road No. 1111 tickets: 15 yuan ticket 40 yuan opening hours: 7:00-17:00 Jinshan acres of Osmanthus Lin Feng Jing Town Xingta village of Osmanthus Lin already early blooming, passing bursts of sweet osmanthus Lin can smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. A total of more than 6000 osmanthus trees were planted in the garden. At present, about 1000 gold laurel has been flowering in the park, everywhere can smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. Osmanthus fragrans in Fengjing town include Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, 4 varieties osmanthusfragrans. The difference from the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, gold osmanthus osmanthus flower fragrant; Yu, but the flavor is less than golden osmanthus osmanthus flowers thin, relatively thick; in the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance again; four light, four kinds of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in the light of A. The flowering of the whole osmanthus will continue to the national day of this year. Address: Jing Zhen Xing TA Cun Sheng Feng Ting Road New Road intersection drunk white pool park drunk white pool full of golden tree fragrance filling, small petals and pretty branches, refreshing. Drunk white pool were Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, osmanthus and other varieties, a total of more than 200 strains distributed in the park hall and glasses, usually in the florescence 9-10 month, flowers usually two to three times, the golden laurel has become one of the characteristics of park garden activities. Location: Songjiang District people’s Road No. 64 tickets: 12 yuan (from now until September 18th at half price only 6 yuan) garden of Dianshan Lake Garden was built in accordance with the "dream of Red Mansions" in the description of the classical gardens, with "red courtyard" and "Xiaoxiangguan" and "Daguanlou" more than 10 groups construction site. The sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in the "Red Mansion" is hidden in the southeastern corner of the Grand View Garden, "the fragrance of gold snow" in the osmanthus garden. Light yellow or yellow Suihua inclusion among the green leaves, the aroma filled always attracted visitors can’t help stand up. In the "golden snow fragrance osmanthus osmanthus garden of more than 60 acres of forest, with Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, Osmanthusfragrans etc. more than 3000 strains, the early varieties have been blooming in guangxi. Location: Jin Shang road Qingpu District No. 701 tickets: 60 yuan (from now until September 18th at half price only 30 yuan) Guilin Park, Guilin park with sweet scented osmanthus features, laurel tone, planted Kim, Yingui, osmanthus and Osmanthusfragrans 4 species and 23 varieties were more than 1000 lines, density phase, formation "sit Ting GUI tours", "labyrinth for Guangxi", "sunny autumn Xi" landscape. The old Shanghai people to the lunar new year in August to go to Guilin park enjoy the sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus tea, drink, to a bowl of bean soup or sweet osmanthus osmanthus taro. It is suggested to bring home a sweet scented osmanthus with a special bottle of garden, or send a sweet sweet osmanthus friendship to friends and relatives. Location: Xuhui District Caobao Road No. 188 tickets: 2 yuan Dongfangluzhou Dongfangluzhou on the first Shanghai Lake Dianshan Lake, "Luzhou GUI tours" is different from the traditional paper, fashion, leisure. With more than 8000 osmanthus tree, with Kim, Yingui, Yingui, late seed hill Yingui etc.. The age of more than 100 years old GUI there are dozens of lines, simple appearance, elegant fragrance, with a little golden wind in the demeanour of a transcendent being, 3.4 kilometers of Guihua Road, Anxiang floating. The 35 friends sat in the sweet scented osmanthus trees, a pot of fragrant osmanthus tea, carry a dish osmanthus cake, the leisure should be, will spread out to go to the leisurely. Now at the beginning of September has been part of the early Guangxi golden flower bloom in the branches, dotted with. Eleven golden week is expected to osmanthus bloom period and lasted to the early November. Location: Qingpu district Shanghai Qingping Road No. 6888 ticket: 50 yuan sweet scented osmanthus food is about national day, now the sweet scented osmanthus, full of fragrance in the city. Clear the dust, concentrated far overflow, is a must. These beautiful and fragrant osmanthus can also be used as medicinal and dietary, the today is to introduce some food made of sweet osmanthus. Sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus glutinous rice lotus Huang Lin burn crisp sweet scented osmanthus cake sweet scented osmanthus Osmanthus fragrans intestinal Almond Jelly bean porridge osmanthus fermented sweet osmanthus tea into autumn, Shanghai is really a Shanghai dream city, golden magic. While the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance season, be sure to go to the flowers Oh, do not delay the time! The material picture originates from the network copyright to the original author all. 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金秋上海最全赏桂花圣地!看看离你近不近!暑气与荷香还未完全散去,伴着桂香的秋天已经悄然来到。近几日,小海路过几条文艺小巷时,总会隐隐闻到浓郁的桂花香,于是就会抬头在枝头寻找这种嫩黄色小花。估摸着最近你们也会出去赏桂花,小海就提前把这份赏花攻略给你做好了,赶紧收藏哦!上海生态桂花园上海生态桂花园,桂花种植面积约500亩,80000多株桂花,是上海最大的桂花园。一株有着70年树龄的早银桂开!花!啦!一夜秋风,桂香袭人。这株有着70年树龄的早银桂正好位于沪通铁路嘉定段的施工现场,虽然工程施工使得桂花树的部分枝干受损,但它仍然顽强地“拔得头筹”!!数以万计的淡黄色小花密密匝匝、团团簇簇,掩映在碧绿的叶片中,一阵微风袭来,花影婆娑,淡淡的幽香沁人心脾。点击播放 GIF 1.4M桂花园园长介绍,这株银桂的盛花期将持续十天左右,也就是说,中秋小长假期间也能赏桂哦!!40多个品种,其中包括状元红、朱砂桂等10个珍稀品种。桂花开花要在冷湿闷蒸的环境,23℃至28℃最佳。从花芽膨大到开花至少15天。园长介绍,园内八成左右的桂花都将在国庆期间迎来盛花期!!上海生态桂花园地址:嘉定区北和公路雨化村古猗园9月中旬,古猗园的桂花早已绽放,园内处处弥漫着桂花香,主要有金桂、银桂、四季桂等,主要分布在猗园景区逸野堂四周、曲香廊南侧、儿童园、盆景园、君子堂、幽篁烟月景区等地。古猗园开花的两株金桂分别植于南大门游客咨询服务中心附近和南门香樟林处,树上已经挂满了金黄色的花团,随风送来阵阵甜香。古猗园内的桂花有的与书带草、麦冬等植物相搭配,花期相错,四季可赏;有的桂花与精致的漏窗、铺地花纹图案相映,构成了一个个清雅宜人之景。不过你知道吗,古猗园的荷花现在还没有完全落败,现在逛园赏景,不仅可以赏看塘内荷花的花苞、花朵和莲蓬,如火如荼、鲜艳夺目的石蒜也十分养眼。交通:乘坐轨道交通11号线至南翔站,下车后向西步行15分钟或南翔2线可至古猗园门票:12元开放时间:7月1日-9月30日南门6:30-18:30,北门5:30-17:30;10月1日-次年6月30日南门7:00-18:00,北门6:00-17:00上海植物园上海植物园作为有着40多年历史的国家5a级旅游景区,里面的各种花当然数不胜数。而三秋桂子在现在也正开着热烈呢。这几天上海植物园已迎来园内早银桂的大量开放,丹桂等品种也将陆续粉墨登场。据说,早在12日,便有不少市民在植物园兰室外闻到了桂花的清香,阔别一年依旧甜~冲着桂花来的朋友们可以选择直奔三号门哦。再过段时间,菊花也开了,到时候可以观赏菊争香的热闹场面。地点:徐汇区龙吴路1111号门票:15元 联票40元开放时间:7:00-17:00金山千亩桂花林枫泾镇兴塔村的千亩桂花林早已经提前盛开,路过桂花林就能闻到阵阵甜腻的桂花香。园内共种植了6000多棵桂花树。目前,约1000棵金桂树现已开花,在园内处处都能闻到桂花香。桂花在枫泾镇主要有金桂、银桂、丹桂、四季桂4大品种。从香味上区别桂花,则金桂花香浓;银桂花香郁,但香味不及金桂花浓;丹桂花香薄,相对银桂其花香再次之;四季桂花香淡,为四种桂花中香味最淡的一种。今年整个桂花的花期将持续到国庆节。地址:枫泾镇兴塔村亭枫公路盛新东路路口醉白池公园醉白池内,幽香沁心,满树金黄细小的花瓣俏丽枝头,使人心旷神怡。醉白池内共有金桂、银桂、丹桂、四季桂等多个品种,共计200余株,分布在园内各厅堂和花镜处,花期一般在9-10月,通常开花两到三次,金秋赏桂也成为了公园特色游园活动之一。地点:松江区人民南路64号门票:12元(即日起至9月18日半价优惠仅6元)大观园淀山湖大观园是按照《红楼梦》中的描述而建造的古典园林,内有“怡红院”、“潇湘馆”、“大观楼”等10余组建筑景点。“红楼”的桂花香就藏在大观园的东南角��“金雪飘香”桂花园。淡黄或金黄的碎花夹杂在绿叶间,香味缭绕总会引得游人不由自主地驻足抬头。在“金雪飘香”桂花园60多亩的桂花林中,有金桂、银桂、丹桂、四季桂等3000余株,目前早桂品种已经盛开。地点:青浦区金商公路701号门票:60元(即日起至9月18日半价优惠仅30元)桂林公园桂林公园内以桂花为特色,桂树为基调,遍植金桂、银桂、丹桂和四季桂4大种群23个品种共1000余株,疏密相间,形成了“坐亭赏桂”、“曲径寻桂”、“香溢秋溪”等园林景观。老派上海人到了农历8月一定要去桂林公园赏桂花,喝桂花茶,来上一碗桂花赤豆汤或桂花糖芋艿。建议带一瓶园内特制的桂花香水回家,或送给亲戚朋友,传递一份甜美的桂花情谊。地点:徐汇区漕宝路188号门票:2元东方绿舟东方绿舟倚上海第一湖淀山湖,“绿舟赏桂”区别于传统,着重时尚、休闲。拥有8000余株桂花树,有金桂,籽银桂、山银桂、晚银桂等。其中树龄百年以上的古桂就有几十株,古朴的外形,淡雅的清香,别具一派道骨仙风,点点金黄迤俪于3.4公里的桂花大道,暗香浮动。招三五好友散坐于桂花树下,泡上一壶桂花香茶,端上一盘桂花香糕,那份闲宜,便悠悠荡荡的散开去了。目前9月初已有部分早桂盛开枝头,金黄的花蕾点缀其间。预计十一黄金周为桂花盛放期,并一直延续至11月初。地点:青浦区沪青平公路6888号门票:50元桂花美食快要国庆节了,现在桂花怒放,满城飘香。清可绝尘,浓能远溢,堪称一绝。而这些美丽芬芳的桂花也可以作药用和膳食,今天小海就给大家介绍一些桂花做的食品。 桂花糯米藕\ 桂花黄林酥\ 桂花糕\ 烧桂花肠\ 桂花杏仁豆腐\ 桂花小豆粥\ 桂花甜酒酿\ 桂花茶\一到金秋,上海就真的变成了魔都,金色具有魔力的梦幻城市。趁着桂花飘香时节,可千万要去赏花哦,不要耽误良辰美景!素材图片来源于网络版权归原作者所有,如有侵权请及时联系删除动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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泉州安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員–福建頻道–人民網 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員    9月30日,安溪縣公安侷公開通緝囌志陽、汪海波、李銀輝、陳小青、囌春蓮等48名電信網絡詐騙犯罪在逃人員(本通緝令中的在逃人員陳清泉已於通緝令發出後落網)。公安機關要求,凡是實施電信網絡詐騙犯罪的人員,必須立即停止一切違法犯罪活動。自本通緝令發佈之日起至2016年10月31日,主動投案、如實供述自己罪行的,依法從輕或減輕處罰,在此規定期限內拒不投案自首的,將依法從嚴懲處。公安機關希望,社會各界和廣大人民群眾提供有關線索,同時檢舉、揭發電信網絡詐騙犯罪活動。發現有關情況,請及時撥打110報警。對提供線索的舉報人以及檢舉、揭發有功人員,公安機關將按炤每名3000元至5000元的標准發放獎金,並依法保護舉報人的個人信息及安全。(記者 陳祥木 通訊員 囌全才 黃朝宏 陳志偉 文 圖)    在逃人員信息   囌志陽,男,漢族,1991年9月10日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉玉美村村中8號。   身份証號碼:350524199109105578   汪海波,男,漢族,1982年4月6日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣感德鎮霞庭村內堀59號。   身份証號碼:350524198204066015   李銀輝,男,漢族,1991年4月23日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣蓬萊鎮新阪村內官53號。   身份証號碼:35052419910423109X   陳鐵樹,男,漢族,1978年10月23日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉飛亞村嶺腳39號。   身份証號碼:350524197810235013   陳小青,女,漢族,1986年12月27日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉山格村山格172號。   身份証號碼:350524198612275545 (責編:張?、吳舟) 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員   囌春蓮,女,漢族,1998年2月5日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉小西村暗香林76號。   身份証號碼:350524199802055548   陳文進,男,漢族,1967年2月15日出生。戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉南斗村洋中63號。   身份証號碼:350524196702155513   林劍輝,男,漢族,1989年12月25日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉雲二村東山5號。   身份証號碼:350524198912255597     林計強,男,漢族,1992年5月13日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣西坪鎮龍地村苗豐80號。   身份証號碼: 350524199205134010   黃金地,男,漢族,1988年2月12號出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣尚卿鄉科洋村第四選區19號。   身份証號碼:35052419880212713X (責編:張?、吳舟) 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員   囌雲土,男,漢族,1982年1月30日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉衡陽村大山尾20號。   身份証號碼:350524198201305519   許東海,男,漢族,1981年6月5日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖頭鎮郭埔村祖厝77號。   身份証號碼: 350524198106051514     鍾偉慶,男,畬族,1985年8月7日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉盛富村宮仔尾52號。   身份証號碼:350524198508075017   李文進,男,漢族,1990年10月26日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉飛亞村福卿10號。   身份証號碼: 350524199010265010   李萬泉,男,漢族,1980年6月15日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉飛亞村福卿31號。   身份証號碼:350524198006155017 (責編:張?、吳舟) 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員   李電能,男,漢族,1976年3月7日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖頭鎮美溪村下溪5-1號。   身份証號碼:350524197603071511     王貴海,男,漢族,1986年10月2日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉華美村石橋35號。   身份証號碼:350524198610025534   許坤重,男,漢族,1983年3月24日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖頭鎮郭埔村下厝33-3號。   身份証號碼:35052419830324151X   囌未明,男,漢族,1990年2月15日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖頭鎮橫山村下科13號。   身份証號碼:350524199002151590   囌清桂,男,漢族,1975年2月21日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉雪山村東卿24號。   身份証號碼:350524197502215010     黃書林,男,漢族,1972年6月9日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣參內鄉鎮東村半旂46號。   身份証號碼:350524197206096598   囌進昌,男,漢族,1991年12月10日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉上路村路東15號。   身份証號碼:350524199112105034   囌金城,男,漢族,1989年12月15日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣湖上鄉上路村路東11號。   身份証號碼:350524198912155019 (責編:張?、吳舟) 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員   上官寶中,男,漢族,1982年5月4日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣祥華鄉河圖村洋中21號。   身份証號碼:350524198205048337     陳麗芬,女,漢族,1994年3月10日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉月眉村松柏兜20號。   身份証號碼:350524199403105544   吳雲龍,男,漢族,1987年6月18日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣祥華鄉中山路83號。   身份証號碼:350524198706188354   黃木慶,男,漢族,1987年8月24日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣尚卿鄉黃嶺村三?4號。   身份証號碼:350524198708247119   囌青桂,女,漢族,1977年8月9日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉南斗村石牌18號。   身份証號碼:350524197708095560   (責編:張?、吳舟) 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員   陳炳福,男,漢族,1991年11月23日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉月眉村松柏兜20號。   身份証號碼:350524199111235558   陳亞才,男,漢族,1991年12月17日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉南斗村梧林120號。   身份証號碼:350524199112175518   陳土城,男,漢族,1976年7月2日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣長坑鄉南斗村石牌18號。   身份証號碼:350524197607025539   囌鴻振,男,漢族,1975年5月24日出生,戶籍地址:福建省安溪縣鳳城鎮龍發路66號404室。   身份証號碼:350524197505245514     郭偉成,男,漢族,1964年9月6日出生,戶籍地址:台灣省台北中和市圓通路289號五樓。   入出境通行証:0005073102(B) (責編:張?、吳舟) 原標題:安溪縣公安侷通緝48名電信網絡詐騙網上在逃人員   馮振華,男,漢族,1987年8月8日出生,戶籍地址:福建省永春縣一都鎮光山村218號。   身份証號碼:350525198708080511   楊銘,男,漢族,1987年8月7日出生,戶籍地址:福建省惠安縣輞鎮輞村標美頂108號。   身份証號碼:522123198708072078   唐治友,男,漢族,1962年1月18日出生,戶籍地址:四省樂至縣通旅鎮光明花書房村6組。   身份証號碼:511022196201182274     楊黔英,女,漢族,1964年2月12日出生,戶籍地址:貴州省綏陽縣風華鎮風華村永紅一組32號。   身份証號碼:522123196402124083   陳碧燕,女,漢族,1977年10月14日出生,戶籍地址:福建省廈門市集美區寧海六裏112號2902室。   身份証號碼:35052419771014558X   陳陽法,男,漢族,1984年6月29日出生,戶籍地址:福建省泉州市鯉城區德泰路2號錦繡江南12幢1106室。    身份証號碼:350524198406295510 (責編:張?、吳舟)相关的主题文章:

Nanning manhole Avenue and South Avenue to the East, the main line opened in 15 minutes-segotep

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Nanning manhole Avenue and South Avenue to the East, the main line opened as long as 15 minutes of Nanning engineering body of the largest overpass overpass south – manhole manhole Avenue and South Avenue to achieve the main line opened! Buddies just along the South Avenue – Baisha Avenue – gourd Ding bridge – Zhuxi road – Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, a "zero light" smoothly, only 15 minutes to reach the East, oh. It is reported that the "Nanning’s largest" sand well south station interchange includes 7 main bridge, 14 ramp bridge, 4 pedestrian overpass and 3 closed railway frame bridges under the railway. The highest point of the whole bridge reaches 103 meters, which is equivalent to 30 stories tall. After the bridge opened, after starting from either to the manhole, Qingxiu, or go to the five as the new district is very convenient. At present the project the largest volume of traditional city overpass overpass for the symmetrical shape, but from a height overlooking the manhole station interchange, and other asymmetry of it, like a flower in early puberty. It is reported that the sand well south station interchange is a single alfalfa leaf and semi directional ramp combined three level interchange, the largest volume of the project in Nanning’s existing interchange, including the main line bridge 7, the ramp bridge 14, the pedestrian bridge 4, and the under crossing railway closed frame bridge 3. The main line of South Station Avenue is about 1808 meters long and two-way 8 lanes, and the design speed is 80 km hours at the top floor. The main line of Sha Jing Road is separated. The main line is 1524 meters long and the design speed is 80 km. It is located on the second floor. Among them, the west main line runs northward to the south, and the right way is used to arrange the straight lane and the turning lane. While the east main line is on the east side of the existing railway interchange, a new one way line from south to north is launched, and the east railway line is under the railway line and the one-way 3 lanes. The highest point of the whole bridge is 103 meters, which is equivalent to the height of 30 stories. The completion of the interchange of Nanning Southern China City Economic Tengfei Sha well south station will become the most important part of the economic takeoff of the district section of Southern China city. It not only improves the convenience of the neighborhood residents, but also alleviated the traffic pressure in the area. It also greatly improved the bottleneck that restricts the development of infrastructure in the area of Jiangjing district. Seamless connection station overpass manhole manhole Avenue and South Station Road two main roads, and the backbone network Hong Road, Zhuang Jin Avenue, fuller Road, Roman Tam Avenue, village Avenue consists of manhole area, which is part of the manhole Avenue planning to Expressway in Nanning city at the same time connecting things, two-way 8 Lane Nalilu station. Is the same road connectivity plan for Nanning City Expressway road – Baisha Avenue, mastery of such City Express Ring Road "artery", will be able to achieve the new exhibition District, south of the airport economic zone, West District, lake facies, South Central Business District, Chaoyang District, the ASEAN business district area residents can be seamlessly connected in series through the Express Ring Road "zero light rapid access, and Xingning District, Qingxiu District, XiXiangTang District, as the District five districts of the city, will greatly improve the film The district traffic environment is convenient for the residents to travel. With the development of the city and the expansion of the south area, the traffic volume of the area will be bigger and bigger. The interchange of Sha Jing south station will also become an important transportation hub for the well area and even Nanning connecting the big cities. The last link of the north and South docking of the traffic network was completed. In addition, the Southern China city of China ASEAN Expo Center will be highlighted and promoted because of the improvement of traffic network. The citizens are quicker to experience the two major event, Sha Jing – Nan station interchange, improve road traffic efficiency, effectively improve the node and regional traffic conditions. It is also the two grand event that opened in September in Southern China city of Nanning — "2016 Nanning ·, Southeast Asia international tourism Gourmet Festival" and "thirteenth China ASEAN Expo Light Industry Exhibition". At the appointed time, convenient transportation allows people to experience the glamour of gluttonous feast more quickly. Road travel Nanning Southern China city road network developed a tiger with wings added how developed buddies follow Xiaobian to count it: North Qingchuan Bridge, up to Xiangsihu University City; to the northeast, after Yonghe Bridge, up to the city center; to the southeast over Baisha Avenue, go up to the top hoist bridge, Nanning the Mixc; the south, five elephant Avenue, up to five as the District Sports Center; in addition to the project near the Nanning Railway Station, Wu Wei airport is also very fast, business is very convenient. The surrounding planning "five overpass, three bridge across the river" has been started, after the completion of the whole exhibition area Xinhui will achieve no traffic lights, all the way, really flying general feelings.

南宁沙井大道和南站大道主线通车 去埌东只要15分钟   南宁工程体量最大的立交桥——沙井-南站立交实现沙井大道和南站大道主线通车啦!小伙伴们只要沿南站大道—白沙大道—葫芦鼎大桥—竹溪大道—南宁国际会展中心,一路“零红灯”畅通无阻 ,只需15分钟即到达埌东哦。据悉,“南宁第一大”的沙井-南站立交包括主线桥7座、匝道桥14座、人行天桥4座及下穿铁路闭合框架桥3座,全桥最高点达到103米,相当于30层楼高。立交桥通车之后,以后从沙井出发,无论是去青秀区、还是去五象新区都很方便。   目前工程体量最大立交传统的城市立交桥多为对称造型,但从高处鸟瞰沙井-南站立交,它的造型并不对称,如同一朵含苞待放的花朵。据悉,沙井-南站立交为单苜蓿叶与半定向匝道组合式三层互通立交,为南宁市现有的立交中工程体量最大的,包括主线桥7座,匝道桥14座,人行天桥4座及下穿铁路闭合框架桥3座。立交南站大道主线长约1808米,双向8车道,设计速度80公里 小时,位于顶层。沙井大道主线分离,主线长1524米,设计速度80公里 小时,位于第二层。其中,西主线北向南单向行驶,利用现状孔洞桥布置直行车道和转向车道;而东主线则在距现铁路立交东侧另辟一条由南向北单向主线,下穿铁路线,单向3车道。全桥最高点达到103米,相当于30层楼高。助力南宁华南城经济腾飞沙井南站立交的建成通车,将成为华南城助力沙井片区片区经济的腾飞的最重要一环。不仅能提高周边居民出行便利性、缓解片区交通出行压力,也极大地改善了制约江南区沙井片区开发的基础设施建设“瓶颈”。沙井南站立交无缝驳接沙井大道和南站大道两条主要干道,与那洪大道、壮锦大道、富乐路、罗文大道、新村大道共同组成沙井片区的骨干路网,其中沙井大道规划为南宁市东西向快速路的组成部分,同时驳接双向8车道的那历路,南站大道则连通同样规划为南宁市快速路的主干道——白沙大道,这样的城市快速环道“大动脉”的融会贯通,将能够实现新会展商圈,南空港经济区、相思湖、西大商圈、江南核心商圈、朝阳商圈、东盟商圈无缝串联,片区居民可以通过快速环道“零红灯”迅速通达青秀区、西乡塘区、兴宁区以及五象新区等多个城区,将大大改善片区交通环境,方便片区居民出行。随着城市的发展,南扩以后,这个地区的交通量会越来越大,沙井南站立交,也将成为沙井片区乃至南宁连接各大城区的重要交通枢纽。完成了交通路网南北对接的最后一环。另外中国-东盟博览中心定址华南城,都会因为交通路网的完善而价值得到凸显和提升。市民更快亲临体验两大盛会沙井-南站立交通车之后,提高道路通行效率,有效改善了节点及区域交通状况。更为9月在南宁华南城开幕的两大盛会——“2016南宁·东南亚国际旅游美食节”以及“第13届中国—东盟博览会轻工展”倍添光彩。届时,便捷的交通,让市民可更快地亲临现场体验饕餮盛宴的魅力。   路网发达出行如虎添翼南宁华南城的路网到底有多发达,小伙伴们跟随小编来细数一番吧:往北过清川大桥,可达相思湖大学教育城;往东北,过永和大桥,可达市中心;往东南过白沙大道,走葫芦顶大桥,可达南宁万象城;往南,过五象大道,可达五象新区体育中心;另外项目临近南宁火车站,往吴圩机场也很快,商务往来十分便捷。周边规划的“五座立交桥、三座跨江大桥”部分已开工,建成后整个新会展片区将实现无红绿灯,一路畅通无阻,真是“飞”一般的感受呢。相关的主题文章:

Ningbo 1 court case for incitement to kill mother-in-law daughter-in-law hate son and daughter too a-htc802w

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Ningbo 1 court case for incitement to kill mother-in-law daughter-in-law hate son and daughter too affectionate (Figure) Zhao was arrested in Henan pictures reporter Han Yuting in February 16th this year, Ningbo Cixi had occurred in the murder murderer frightful to the ear, in the area will be on the spot a woman stabbed to death, and then fled. The same day, Cixi police after a preliminary investigation, issued a bulletin: Dead Zhao, 34 years old, Cixi Da Hu, Department of homicide.   随后第二天,慈溪公安宣布命案告破,嫌疑人张某某(女,59岁),赵某(男,23岁)已被抓获归案,并交代了结伙杀人的犯罪事实。 And the shock was that one of the suspects was the mother-in-law of the deceased. Recently, the case was first heard in the first court of the criminal trial of the Ningbo intermediate people’s court. Her daughter-in-law thinks his daughter-in-law snatched his son before the public report, the deceased little Zhao (the pseudonym), a nurse in a hospital in Cixi. On February 16th, more than 6 in the morning, it was killed under the number 36 of the Jinshan new village in Cixi. From the video provided by the onlookers at that time, you can see that Xiao Zhao wears jeans and falls on the ground and has many blood stains. Someone heard Zhao called twice, after no voice, until 9 in the morning, a neighbor found lying on the ground after she reported to the police. His colleagues said little Zhao Pingshi was easygoing and diligent and had a good reputation. The day of the incident, the original should go to the outpatient injection room instead of the class, but she did not see it. Sadly, Xiao Zhao’s child is only 5 years old. The Spring Festival family has just come back from Nanjing. A few days ago, the husband of Xiao Zhao wrote in a circle of friends: "wife, I love you forever!" Some colleagues also said that Xiao Zhao originally lived with her mother-in-law, and a month before the incident, he had just moved home. What is the hatred between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, caused a lot of discussions in Cixi. Mother-in-law Zhang Mou, 59 years old this year, have a son, but marriage is not happy. She devoted all her feelings and energy to her only son. After his son graduated from college, he worked in a business unit. Zhang bought a set of marriage rooms for him. In her eyes, the son is handsome, tall and working, and must find a perfect girl. She asked a lot of friends to help, but the son was a bit ungrateful, therefore no less angry. After that, his son met his wife later, but Zhang was not satisfied with a daughter-in-law. She thought that the nurse’s income was low, and the age was big, and it was unmatched. To this end, Zhang Mou often persuaded his son to break up, but eventually his son insisted on marriage with Xiao Zhao. For the dependence on the son of a son and daughter-in-law Zhang moved to live together, but in the days of life, and life was not happy. Anecdotal rumors, see this pair of very loving couple, Zhang Mou is very bad, even to the hospital to find the head nurse, hoping to arrange the night shift to the daughter-in-law. The rigid relationship between the daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law, let Xiao Zhao move out to live. In August 2015, the couple spent 400 thousand yuan on an old second-hand house in the Jinshan Village in Cixi. This makes Zhang and Mou very angry, she thinks it is the woman robbed her son. Since then, some people know the murderer Zhang Zhao, also bought him new clothes and a car battery, convenient for him to Capitol crime, and pay 50 thousand yuan. After Zhang confessed, the most direct motive of incitement to murder, because to see his son and daughter to travel in Nanjing I love like. Between the mother and the murderer and incitement to a third attack that night, Zhao he was arrested in Henan. According to local media reports, Shangqiu high-speed traffic police brigade command center alarm: in Zhejiang Province, Cixi Jinshan Village murder occurred, the suspect Zhao take a bus to the west to escape, the car may be from Anhui to Henan, high-speed battalion card inventory interception. When the police officer was checking a bus, it was found that a young man in the last row was flurried and brought back to the investigation. After investigation, the man surnamed Zhao, 23 years old this year, the Department of Shangqiu city of Henan province Suixian Xiling temple town, according to the physical characteristics of contrast, is the murder suspect. He admitted that he was hired on the same day to escape the death of a 34 year old woman in Jinshan new village, Cixi. In July of this year, the Ningbo Municipal People’s Procuratorate decided to prosecute the accused with the suspect of intentional homicide to the Ningbo intermediate people’s court. According to the reporter, in addition to the court, the first defendant, incitement to mother-in-law Zhang Moumou, the second defendants suspected of murder Zhao, in the two world "act as a go-between" the role of the Henan 41 year old Shangqiu man Moumou a parity column in the dock. In addition, the families of the victims commissioned a lawyer to appear in court for criminal incidental civil action. At present, the case is under further trial.

宁波1婆婆雇凶杀儿媳案开庭 因嫉恨儿子儿媳太恩爱(图) 赵某在河南被抓 资料图片   记者 韩宇挺   今年2月16日,宁波慈溪曾发生一起骇人听闻的杀人案,凶手在小区内当场将一名女子捅死,然后逃离。   当天,慈溪公安经过初步勘查,发布通报:死者赵某,34岁,慈溪浒山人,系他杀。   随后第二天,慈溪公安宣布命案告破,嫌疑人张某某(女,59岁),赵某(男,23岁)已被抓获归案,并交代了结伙杀人的犯罪事实。   而令人震惊的是,其中一名嫌疑人正是死者的婆婆。   近日,该案件由宁波市中级人民法院刑事审判第一庭首次开庭审理。   婆婆认为儿媳抢走了儿子   据此前公开报道,死者小赵(化名),是慈溪一家医院的护士。2月16日早上6点多,在慈溪金山新村36号楼下被人杀害。   从当时围观居民提供的视频中可以看到,小赵身穿牛仔裤,倒在地上,有多处血迹。有人听到小赵叫了两声,之后就没声音了,直到上午9点左右,邻居发现躺在地上的她后报了警。   同事称,小赵平时为人随和、勤快,口碑不错。事发当日,原本应该去门诊注射室代班的,但迟迟没看到她。   令人唏嘘的是,小赵的孩子才5岁。春节一家人刚从南京旅游回来。前几天,小赵的老公还在朋友圈写道:“老婆,我永远爱你!”   也有同事爆料称,小赵原本和婆婆住在一起,事发前一个月,刚刚搬了家。   婆媳之间到底有什么深仇大恨,在慈溪当地引发不少议论。   婆婆张某某,今年59岁,生有一个儿子,但婚姻不算幸福。她把全部的感情和精力都倾注在唯一的儿子身上。   儿子大学毕业后,在事业单位工作,张某某替他买了一套婚房。在她眼里,儿子长得帅,个子高,工作好,一定要找一个十全十美的姑娘。   她托了很多朋友帮忙介绍,可是儿子却一点不领情,为此没少生气。   之后,儿子自己结识了后来的妻子,但张某某对媳妇并不满意,认为护士收入低,而且年龄大,不般配。   为此,张某某经常劝儿子分手,但最终儿子还是坚持和小赵结了婚。   出于对儿子的依赖,张某某搬家和儿子媳妇住到了一起,但在日后的生活中,婆媳生活得很不愉快。坊间传闻,看到这对小夫妻十分恩爱,张某某很不是滋味,甚至到医院找护士长,希望给媳妇安排夜班。   僵化的婆媳关系,让小赵提出搬出去住。   2015年8月,夫妻俩花40万元在慈溪金山村买了一套老旧的二手房。这让张某某非常生气,她认为是这个女人抢走了自己的儿子。   此后,张某某经人认识了凶手赵某,还给他买了新衣服和一辆电瓶车,方便他踩点作案,并支付报酬5万元。事后张某某交待,雇凶杀人的最直接动机,是因为看到儿子、儿媳在南京旅游时恩恩爱爱的样子。   雇凶的婆婆和凶手之间   还有一个第三人   行凶当晚,赵某便在河南被抓获。   据当地媒体报道,商丘高速交警大队指挥中心接警:在浙江省慈溪市金山新村发生一起命案,犯罪嫌疑人赵某乘坐一辆大巴车向西逃逸,该车可能从安徽进入河南,要求高速大队设卡盘查拦截。   执勤干警在检查一辆大巴车时,发现最后排的一名年轻小伙神色慌张,将其带回调查。   经调查,该小伙姓赵,今年23岁,系河南省商丘市睢县西陵寺镇人,根据体貌特征对比,就是命案嫌疑人。   他承认当日受别人雇用指使,在慈溪市金山新村将一名34岁女子用刀扎死后逃逸。   今年7月,宁波市人民检察院决定,对被告人以涉嫌故意杀人罪向宁波市中级人民法院提起公诉。   据记者了解,此次开庭,除了第一被告、雇凶的婆婆张某某,第二被告行凶的赵某,涉嫌在此二人间起“穿针引线”作用的41岁河南商丘男子赵某某一同位列被告席。另外,受害者家属委托律师出庭做刑事附带民事诉讼。   目前,案件在进一步审理之中。相关的主题文章:

雲南開展專項督導 推動招商引資工作取得新成傚–雲南頻道–人民網

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雲南開展專項督導 推動招商引資工作取得新成傚–雲南頻道–人民網 原標題:雲南開展覆蓋16個州市及部分重點園區的專項督導 推動招商引資工作取得新成傚   為認真貫徹落實雲南省委書記、省長陳豪關於加強招商引資工作的重要批示精神,按炤省招商委專題會議安排部署及省委督查室《關於第4屆南博會暨第24屆崑交會期間重大簽約項目推進落實督辦的情況報告》有關要求,日前,我省開展了覆蓋全省16個州市及部分重點園區的招商引資專項督導工作。   省招商委辦公室聯合省政府督查室,會同省發改委、省工信委、省國土資源廳、省住建廳、省農業廳、省林業廳、省商務廳、省衛計委、省旅發委、省台辦、省僑辦、省金融辦等10余傢省招商委成員單位,組成5個督導組,赴各州市及部分重點園區進行督導。   督導組通過召開片區工作會議、重大項目推進點評、座談交流、實地調研等方式,充分了解各州市貫徹落實全省招商引資工作安排部署、南博會簽約項目推進落實、省級重大招商項目協調推進以及世界500強企業引進等有關情況,認真分析研究存在的主要問題,督導各州市以問題為導向,以簽約項目落地為重點,明確責任及事權,強化要素保障,切實提升招商引資工作成傚,為全省產業結搆調整作出貢獻。   省招商委辦公室要求,各級各有關部門要進一步提高認識,切實抓好省委、省政府關於全省招商引資工作重大決策和重要安排部署的落實;要進一步明確目標任務,增強信心,確保全面完成全年工作目標;要進一步聚焦工作重點,聚焦八大重點產業發展和“五網”建設,進一步突出外資、民資和工業項目的引進,圍繞大企業、大項目和世界500強企業引進工作,優化投資環境,落實民營企業支持政策,狠抓已簽戰略合作框架協議落實,把協議轉化為具體合作項目;要進一步發揮好重大項目協調推進機制的作用,建立“一個重大項目、一位主抓領導、一個推進小組、一套配套政策”的項目推進機制,進一步明確責任,細化分工,推進落實;要進一步提升工作成傚,務實創新,做到“保投入、保進度、保質量、保服務”,加快推進簽約項目落地,實現招大引強新突破。(張子卓) (責編:木勝玉、徐前)相关的主题文章:

Weak cold air brings a slight decrease in the temperature of Guangdong-viper12a

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Weak cold air brings a slight drop in the air temperature in Guangdong. It should be sunny and dry in the sun, and the air is dry. The two innocence is a good time to wash. Of course, there is still a cool morning and evening. No matter walking or running, even sweat is much less. It’s really a word "cool". Of course, there are relatively strong ultraviolet rays. You should still be good at sunscreen. The good news is that this morning and evening coolness will not only continue, but also further improve, because there is weak cold air. The bad news is that the cloud is increasing and there are partial showers, but most of the time is fine. The meteorological department predicted that, affected by the weak cold air, the temperature of Guangdong province dropped slightly from 19 to 20. 19, eastern Guangdong and Leizhou Peninsula cloudy, local showers, the rest of the city and county clear to cloudy; 20 to 21 days, a large part of the cloud, some cities and counties have showers. Guangzhou is clear to cloudy today, with a temperature ranging from 25 to 32 degrees, with a slight northward wind. It’s cloudy and partly showers, with a temperature ranging from 23 to 31 degrees, and a slight northerly wind. On the 21 day, it’s cloudy and the temperature is between 23 and 31 degrees. Huang Xi lights

弱冷空气带来广东气温小幅下降 早晚清凉需防晒   天气晴朗,空气干燥,这两天真是洗晒的好时机!当然了,还有早晚的清凉,无论步行还是跑步,连汗水都少了许多,真是一个字“爽”;当然了,还有相对较强的紫外线,各位出行仍要做好防晒。   好消息是,这种早晚的凉爽不仅会持续,而且程度还会有所加深,因为有弱冷空气来;坏消息是,受弱冷空气影响,云量增多,局部有阵雨,不过大部分时间天气还算很好。   气象部门预测,受弱冷空气影响,19日至20日,广东省气温小幅下降。19日,粤东和雷州半岛多云,局部有阵雨,其余市县晴到多云;20日至21日大部多云,部分市县有阵雨。   广州今日晴到多云,气温介于25℃到32℃,吹轻微的偏北风;明日多云,局部有阵雨,气温介于23℃到31℃,吹轻微的偏北风;21日,多云,气温介于23℃到31℃。黄熙灯相关的主题文章:

National day long holiday freeway small passenger car entrance free of charge (video)-三色网

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The National Day holiday highway minibus free entrance issuing reporters from the city traffic Commission informed the Council road, the National Day holiday this year the city expressway continues to implement the following 7 (including 7) small passenger toll free measures, toll free time: October 1st 00:00 to October 7th 24:00, the vehicle from the highway exit toll Lane time is. Freeway entrance to free vehicle to take "entrance without card, export no charge" fast traffic management model. Is the national day 7 day total scale will reach 8 million 850 thousand times or so, will present the local road congestion, should be ahead of the planned path, reasonable travel peak. The total size of up to 8 million 850 thousand times the city traffic bureau network monitoring center is expected during the National Day this year the city road traffic overall will continue to rise. Highway seven is expected to total flow, crane scale will reach 8 million 850 thousand times around (good weather conditions), the average daily traffic of 1 million 260 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9% last year. In case of rain weather, seven days total traffic size may be reduced to 870-875 million vehicles around. Expressway, seven crane flow is expected to reach 12 million 600 thousand times, average 1 million 800 thousand times, with the same period last year, compared with the normal working days decreased by 10%, the overall operation of a good state in normal working day. During the National Day this year, is expected to import 6 million 30 thousand provincial highway crossing Shanghai traffic vehicles, an increase of 12%. In the first half of the festival, the traffic flow in Shanghai is much more than that of the Shanghai traffic flow. The spatial distribution of expressway network traffic is still continuing last year. Most of the characteristics are concentrated on the provincial highway. The traffic volume in Jiangsu is 67%, and the Zhejiang direction is 33%. The top three of them are G2, Beijing, Shanghai, G15, Shenhai and G60 Shanghai Kunming. The day before the local congestion from the daily traffic analysis, is expected before the day of the size of the highway traffic will have greater growth, reaching 1 million 230 thousand times, an increase of 6.9%, growth of 12.3% over the normal working day. The first day of the holidays highway traffic is expected to reach 1 million 260 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9.1% last year, increased by 14.7% than the normal working day. After the half holiday (since October 5th) return traffic gradually increased, is expected to return peak appeared in October 6th, traffic can reach 1 million 310 thousand times; in October 7th, the last day of the holiday traffic is expected to scale 1 million 210 thousand; the return traffic peak is expected to appear at 14-18, part of the highway into the city section of the ray peak time may continue until around 20 p.m.. In particular, the Road Administration Department reminded us that September 30th and October 1st were two days of high traffic and running pressure. On the first day of September 30th, there will be congestion during the afternoon to late evening peak hours. The traffic volume of the urban expressway and part of the expressway will increase gradually, and the local line may reach 2-3 kilometers. In October 1 Shanghai Morning Sunrise traffic in large scale, 8-12, G2, G40, G50, G15, G60 and other provincial highway may appear longer, larger and more serious congestion, the provincial highway linking Yanan elevated road, central, Xiangyin road tunnel, humin elevated local congestion section. The G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Jiangsu direction congestion will affect the central ring of interchange to Wuning interchange, G40 Shanghai and Shaanxi Chongming high-speed direction will lead to severe congestion in the inner national road to G1501 long time congestion, G50 Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed Jiangsu direction will lead to congestion viaduct in Yanan on the north side of Hongqiao hub to Huashan road long time congestion, G60 Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Zhejiang the direction of congestion will affect to humin viaduct Caoxi interchange. This is the first National Day holiday ushered in the Disney Park, is expected to refresh since the opening of new passenger flow peak, possible degree of extreme peak passenger flow, then the resort area overhead and the outer ring expressway South Park direction around the road congestion will occur. Targeted measures to alleviate local congestion during the holiday season, more than 10000 road industry employees will stick to their posts, ensure road safety and orderly operation, and take targeted measures to alleviate congestion. G2 S20 to Jiangqiao toll station of Beijing Shanghai high speed Jiangsu is often the phenomenon of vehicle queuing. In order to alleviate the congestion in this section, the measures of changing 2 lanes to 3 lanes are carried out, the original hard shoulder is adjusted to a small bus lane, and the speed limit is adjusted to 60 kilometers. At the same time, for the ease of G2 direction of Jiangsu Cao Road, Wan Town Road ramp traffic congestion, take G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Wuning road ramp vehicles, prohibited by the Cao Road, Wan Town Road exit "management measures, subject to the vehicle through Wuning road road from true north interchange or Cao’an highway into the ground Zhenlu, 000. During the holidays, a large number of citizens went to Chongming and Jiangsu, Qidong, Haimen, G40, Shanghai and Shaanxi high-speed as the only high-speed passageway. Traffic flow has been nearly saturated, including the Yangtze River tunnel, Changxing Island service area, Gao Dong toll station and Chen Hai highway exit and entry is the main congestion node. In the construction of Chen Hai highway overhaul project, two ramps were temporarily opened in from October 1st to 7th to ensure that two lanes and two lanes were added to the G40 Chen Hai highway entrance and exit to improve traffic efficiency. "" "cicada national writing contest billion yuan investment for the change of knowledge open with you" "" today recommended: Shanghai National Day holiday overtime on at least 7 days to get 1711 Yuan Hotel guest female rat bite compensation agreement is not reached a 3 yuan food cause tragedy shop owner beaten dead cat food street tens of thousands of students to Shanghai to work wages dashuipiao black intermediary rogue 44 driver hit the elevated column caused 2 dead and more injured trial was sentenced to 4 years by the pro team for fear of missing so auspicious retrograde red high speed full deducted 12 points (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time check traffic violations! Sweep a two-dimensional code below, pay attention to the Tencent. Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

国庆长假高速公路小型客车免费 入口不发卡 记者从市交通委路政局获悉,今年国庆假期本市高速公路继续实行7座以下(含7座)小型客车免费通行的措施,免费通行的时间范围是:10月1日00:00时至10月7日24:00时,以车辆驶离高速公路出口收费车道的时间为准。各高速公路道口对免费车辆采取“入口不发卡、出口不收费”的快速通行管理模式。预计国庆7天车流总规模将达到885万辆次左右,局部路段将现拥堵,应提前规划路径,合理错峰出行。车流总规模达885万辆次市路政局路网监测中心预计,今年国庆期间本市道路交通流量总体将继续呈现上升趋势。高速公路方面,预计七天车流总规模将达到885万辆次左右(天气良好情况下),日均车流126万辆次,同比去年增长9%。如遇下雨天气,则七天总流量规模可能降至870-875万辆次左右。快速路方面,七天车流规模预计达到1260万辆次左右,日均180万辆次,与去年同期持平,较常态工作日下降10%,总体运行状态好于常态工作日。今年国庆期间,预计高速公路省界道口进出沪流量603万辆次,同比增长12%。节日前半程出沪车流大大超过进沪车流,节日后半程进沪车流多于出沪车流。高速公路网流量空间分布仍延续去年特征,多集中于出省射线高速公路,江苏方向车流占67%,浙江方向占33%,其中流量前三位是G2京沪、G15沈海、G60沪昆。节前一天将现局部拥堵从每日流量分析,预计节前一天高速公路车流规模会有较大增长,达到123万辆次左右,同比增长6.9%,比常态工作日增长12.3%。假期第一天高速公路车流预计达到126万辆次,同比去年增长9.1%,比常态工作日增长14.7%。假期后半程(10月5日起)返程车流逐渐增加,预计返程高峰出现在10月6日,车流可达到131万辆次;10月7日假期最后一天车流规模预计121万;返程车流的高峰预计出现下午14-18时,部分射线高速公路入城段高峰时间可能持续至晚间20时左右。路政部门特别提醒:9月30日和10月1日是高速公路流量和运行压力较大的两天,请市民尽量避峰出行。9月30日节前一天,午后至傍晚晚高峰时段将会出现拥堵,城市快速路以及部分高速公路出城方向流量逐步增加,局部路段排队可能达到2-3公里。而10月1日出沪车流规模较大,上午8-12时,G2、G40、G50、G15、G60等出省高速公路可能会出现较长时间、较大范围拥堵,与出省高速公路衔接的延安高架、中环、翔殷路隧道、沪闵高架局部区段拥堵比较严重。其中G2京沪高速江苏方向拥堵将影响中环外圈共和立交至武宁立交,G40沪陕高速崇明方向拥堵严重将导致中环内圈国定路至G1501长时间拥堵,G50沪渝高速江苏方向拥堵将导致延安高架北侧虹桥枢纽至华山路长时间拥堵,G60沪昆高速浙江方向拥堵将影响至沪闵高架路漕溪立交。今年国庆节是迪士尼开园迎来的第一个长假,有望刷新开园以来客流新高峰,可能出现度极端高峰客流,届时度假区高架和外环高速南段入园方向等周边道路将出现拥堵。针对性措施缓解局部拥堵节日期间,万余名路政行业员工将坚守岗位,保证道路安全有序运营,同时采取针对性措施缓解拥堵。G2京沪高速江苏方向S20至江桥收费站时常出现车辆排队现象。为缓解该段拥堵情况,实施2车道改为3车道的措施,将原硬路肩调整为小客车车道,限速调整为60公里 小时。同时,为疏解G2江苏方向曹安公路、万镇路下匝道处的交通拥堵,采取“G2京沪高速武宁路上匝道的车辆,禁止由曹安公路、万镇路出口驶出”的管理措施,受限车辆可通过武宁路地面道路由真北路立交或者地面驶入曹安公路、万镇路。节假日期间,大量市民前往崇明以及江苏启东、海门,G40沪陕高速作为唯一的高速通道,车流量已近饱和,其中长江隧道、长兴岛服务区、高东收费站、陈海公路出入口是主要拥堵节点。正在施工中的陈海公路大修工程,10月1日至7日临时开放两处匝道,确保G40陈海公路出入口上下匝道各增加两根车道,提高通行效率。》》》知了全民创作大赛 亿元投资寻找改变知识打开方式的你 》》》今日推荐:上海国庆长假加班费怎么算 7天全上最少可拿1711元酒店女住客被老鼠咬伤 赔偿金额未达成一致一把3元猫粮引发悲剧 猫粮店老板当街被殴身亡学生来沪打工数万工资打水漂 黑中介耍无赖44路驾驶员撞高架立柱致2死多伤 一审被判4年 接亲车队怕误吉时故逆行闯高速 全被扣12分 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

Did your alma mater go to the list of the oldest 22 middle schools in Jiangxi-gigolos

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Did your alma mater go to the list of the oldest 22 middle schools in Jiangxi? Source: the headline Jiangxi public number in the long history may be only a short flash in one hundred years, but for a school, one hundred years recorded the vicissitudes of the years, remembering pride and pride, entruing deep feeling and expectation. One hundred years of school, most people first reaction is in fact University, Jiangxi also has such 22 schools, what is more, the most senior school history has nearly a thousand years, not only gave birth to a group of outstanding talent, it is a witness to the history of Jiangxi, since ancient times, today, Xiaobian take you to see. What are these school Jiangxi more than 100 years of high school ~ (hereinafter in alphabetical order) in Jiujiang (955 years) predecessor: create: Lian college founded in 1061: Jiangxi province Jiujiang first middle school (referred to as Jiujiang one) is an excellent point of middle school in Jiangxi Province; 1957 was designated as "the key middle schools in Jiangxi province"; in November 2000, was awarded the "national modern education experimental school" title. History: Jiujiang No. 1 enjoys a reputation as "a thousand – load school and a hundred year famous school". It has a history of nearly a thousand years. It has been formally established in 1902 and has a direct history of 114 years. In 2011, the eight Li eight Li Lake campus was completed and put into use. Jiujiang first entered the era of "one school and two districts", the school has been in history for nearly a thousand years. Ji’an Bailu Zhou high school (775 years) predecessor: Bailu Chau academy founded: introduction in 1241: Bailu Zhou high school was founded in 1241, formerly known as egret Zhou academy. Although after renamed times change, but here is still running, string pillar chanting incessant, for our country the longest continuous history of middle school at the site. History: the Bai egret Chau middle school is the alma mater of Wen Tianxiang, a national hero. Although after renamed times change, but here is still running, string pillar chanting incessant, for our country the longest continuous history of middle school at the site. The profound cultural background and the glorious tradition of running a school are the unique treasure of the people of the heron Chau, which has nearly 800 years of history. One in Guixi (829 years) Xiangshan academy created: 1187 predecessor: Introduction: the first middle school of Jiangxi city in Guixi province is located in the south of Guixi city are emerging, is a garden style campus. Guixi one middle school is one of the four famous academies in the Southern Song Dynasty, one of the Xiangshan Academy. History: the predecessor of Guixi is the Xiangshan Academy (1187), one of the four famous academies in the Southern Song Dynasty. The Southern Song set four years Tixing Yuan Guangwei Jiangdong relocation in the Tianshan Vihara, before and after the 350 calendar years, is the most prosperous period of Xiangshan academy. The first middle school in Guixi, founded in 1945, is the longest middle school in Yingtan. The school was approved by the people’s Government of Jiangxi Province as the provincial key middle school in 1980, and it has been more than 800 years old. Ningdu middle school (103 years old), formerly the ninth school in Jiangxi Province in 1913 to create: Introduction: Ningdu middle school was founded in 1913, 1980 as the first batch of 18 key middle school, is a centuries old provincial outstanding key middle school, one of the 2004 list of 54, 5 key construction quality of key senior high school. In 2007, it was designated as the "Jiangxi new curriculum experimental sample school". History: the school since the school has trained more than 40 thousand junior and senior middle school graduates, the resumption of college entrance examination in 1977, transporting more than 20 thousand freshmen for all levels of colleges and universities, of which 16 people admitted to the Tsinghua University, Peking University, 18. From 1992 to 2001, the school has created a brilliant achievement in the number of colleges and universities at all levels in the city’s key middle schools for ten consecutive years. Wanzai middle school (109 years) predecessor: Dragon River academy and Dragon River School created: 1907 introduction: Wanzai middle school is the key middle schools in Jiangxi Province, is located in the territory of Jiangxi Province, Yichun Wanzai county middle school in 2007, Wanzai usher in their Centennial, the excellent educational tradition by the people of praise. History: Wanzai middle school was founded in 1907 (Guangxu 33 years), formerly known as the Dragon School College and the long river in the river. In 1936 the government of Jiangxi Province, Dongzhou Dragon River middle school and primary schools merged into junior high school occupation "Wanzai county". In 1943, high school, renamed as "Jiangxi province Wanzai middle school". Over the past hundred years, change school 10 times, migration site 6 times, after the new Chinese was established, especially the more than 20 years of reform and opening up, the old students Wanzai vitality, Spring is in the air. High middle school (109 years) predecessor: create a school: 1907: Rui state with a long history of high school in Jiangxi Province, the campus beautiful environment, complete facilities, strong teachers, teaching excellence. History: 100 years, school number three fall, the ten move, all the achievements of countless magnificence, only Jun Yanshuo’s dream, talent dream, cultivate the former director of the Political Department of the Whampoa  military academy, revolutionary Xiong Xiong, mathematician, educator, former vice president of Beijing Normal University Fu Zhongsun, one of the founders of modern physics, Chinese original China science vice president Wu Youxun, former People’s Republic of China Vice Minister of foreign trade Jia Shi and a large number of students, outstanding national elite. Nanchang Yuzhang school (109 years): formerly run by the Church of Nanchang private middle school founded: 1907 Yuzhang introduction: Nanchang Yuzhang middle school is Nanchang Education Bureau directly under the full-time high school, a long history of hundred schools. In January 2007, the city government of Nanchang was awarded the "Nanchang famous school". In 2009, it was approved by the Jiangxi provincial government as the key middle school of Jiangxi province. History: Yuzhang high school is one of the oldest famous middle school in Nanchang City, was founded in 1907, formerly known as Nanchang City Private Yuzhang middle school, church run in 1952, the people’s government took over the school, its name several times, in 1958 for the seventh middle school of Nanchang City, Nanchang City in 1991 to resume the Yuzhang school. Nanchang one middle school (115 years) predecessor: Jiangxi Great Hall Building: 1901 introduction: Nanchang No.1 middle school is the first public school in Jiangxi. As a hundred years old school, through the wind and rain, several changes, in 1953 formally renamed the first middle school in Nanchang. History: the first middle school in Nanchang was built in the twenty-seven year of Qing Guangxu (1901 AD), which was reorganized by the provincial capital Academy in Jiangxi. In the past century, Nanchang one has experienced three kinds of social types, two new and old societies, which have gone through the vicissitudes of the wind and the wind, and have nurtured numerous outstanding talents. Nanchang II (115 years) predecessor: Xin Yuan school: 1901: the second middle school of Nanchang city is the first batch of Jiangxi Province demonstration senior high school, Jiangxi province is the national civilized unit, harmonious and civilized schools, the education system in Jiangxi province advanced collective. History: Nanchang City second middle school founded in 1901 (Guangxu twenty-seven years), the beginning of a "happy English school"; in 1903, changed to "Nanchang private school English Xiong Xin Yuan"; in 1907, renamed the "school" in 1912, Xinyuan; renamed "Nanchang school" in September 1949 far Xiongshi private heart; second, renamed Jiangxi provincial union high school; in 1953, renamed the second middle school of Nanchang city. Nanchang third (114 years) predecessor: prefectural Hongdu academy created: 1902 introduction: Nanchang city third middle school is a provincial and municipal outstanding key middle school, founded in 1902 (Guangxu twenty-eight years). 1953 is more of the present name. History: Nanchang is a hundred year famous school and a provincial key middle school in Nanchang city. It has a long history of running a school. Used the names "Nanchang house Hongdu school, Nanchang nine county public Hongdu middle school and the Nanchang city high school, in 1953 changed its name to" Nanchang III ", still in use. The school has been rated as the "national red flag school" for eight years, and shares the reputation of "the four South Three North" with the fourth of Beijing. Nanchang ten (114) predecessor: Nanchang Bao Ling female academy created: 1902 introduction: Nanchang ten is a century old school, in 1961 named the tenth Middle School of Nanchang city. Nanchang ten in Jiangxi province in 1978 as the first batch of key middle school, Jiangxi Province in 1994 was named the outstanding key middle school, 2003 by the Nanchang Municipal People’s government as the first batch of Nanchang city schools, is the advanced school of the national education system. History: 1981, Nanchang ten proposed "education reform, scientific research school, the first school in the" sub unit training "language proficiency test. From 1984 to 1987, the school assumed the central Jiaoke national junior middle school mathematics teaching experiment training, which makes Nanchang ten in Jiangxi province has become the first undertaken by the national task test school, at the time of education in Jiangxi province has aroused a great shock. One in Shangrao (114 years) Shangrao Xinjiang Academy predecessor: create: 1902 introduction: Shangrao city first middle school is a full-time senior high school in Jiangxi Province, the first batch of outstanding key middle school, modern education technology demonstration school in Jiangxi Province, the national Ministry of Education Experimental School of modern educational technology, green schools in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province moral education demonstration school Jiangxi Province, traditional sports school. History: Shangrao city first middle school is the earliest universities in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, is the European wind blowing, the product of schooling yucai. More than one hundred years, the school trained a large number of outstanding talents for the country, the revolutionary pioneers: Shao Shiping, the famous scientist Zhou Hangjian metallurgy, academician Huang Jiasi, Liu Youmei, Cheng Shujun, writer and poet Chen Yunhe, Lin Yu, National Excellent Communist Party member Xu Xiaogang, China’s own culture first, Dr. Huang Zhaoshang, Dr. Liu Rihe, of Harvard, the famous film star Chen Hong is an outstanding representative of them. Nancheng a (114 years): create a school built in the county formerly: 1902: Jiangxi province Nancheng is located in the southeast of the show in Magu mountain, the beautiful Xu water lake, is a senior high school history, school effectiveness was 100 years. History: Nancheng was founded in the 28 years of the Qing Dynasty, in 28 years (1939), easy to access its Nancheng county junior high school; in 1954 it was renamed as Jiangxi provincial Nancheng middle school, and started to become Fuzhou area high school, second high schools. In 1979, it was renamed the first middle school of Nancheng County, Jiangxi province. In 1980, it was listed as the key middle school of Jiangxi province. In 1996, it was appraised as the outstanding key middle school of Jiangxi province. Yichun high school (114 years) predecessor: Yuanzhou school building: 1902 introduction: Yichun middle school is located in the first batch of eco cities in the country and the Fifth National Peasant Games held in Jiangxi Yichun, which was built in the early twentieth Century. History: Yichun middle school since 1902, Zhao from Yuanzhou, site is located at the Tang Dynasty writer Han Yu founder of the Changli academy. From Changli academy to the Yuanzhou middle school, from the test site to shed new Fang temple, Conghua foothills rock to jujube village, Yuan Shan although several relocation, despite wind and rain, but never gave up, the rapid development of. In 1974, the school was officially named "Yichun middle school in Jiangxi province" and has been used to this day. Pingxiang middle school (114 years) predecessor: Ao Zhou academy created: 1902 introduction: Jiangxi province Pingxiang middle school in Jiangxi province is outstanding key middle school, located west of Pingxiang Ao hill, and the ripples of Lushui off the southwest. The school is known as "cultural Ganxi Fort Lushui reputation knowledge cradle". Formerly known as the "Wanzhou academy" in Ming Dynasty, it is one of the earliest modern public schools in China. It is also one of the first nine secondary schools in China. History: the Pingxiang middle school in Jiangxi province entered "the famous school of Chinese middle school" in 1991 and was awarded the title of "excellent key middle school" in Jiangxi Province in 1995. Over the past hundred years, although the name has changed to "Pingxiang public school", "Pingxiang Zhongshan school", "Pingxiang County School", "Pingxiang city first middle school", but the full-time ordinary high school system has been followed so far. Shangrao County Middle School (114 years) predecessor: create a school GITIC: in 1902: Shangrao county middle school is a key middle schools in Jiangxi Province, was founded in 1902 in Shangrao City, the original Xinjiang college site, Xinjiang Academy is the oldest institution of northeast jiangxi. In 1983 the school moved to the town with the county government Man Shan xiang. History: twenty-eight years of the Qing Dynasty (1902), Xinjiang Academy was renamed the school so far in guangxin. In 1912, the school was renamed Xin Jiang Guangxin school. The autumn of 1914, the provincial government to close the letter, Hu fourth normal normal, because not to close the letter. The spring of 1916, said the county seven simultaneous recalibration Guangxin Xinjiang Middle school. In 1919, it was renamed the province of Xinjiang Middle School. In the autumn of 1922, it was renamed the tenth middle school in Jiangxi province. Poyang middle school (114 years) predecessor: create a school in 1902: Rao state of Jiangxi province Poyang middle school was founded in 1902, the school is located in the beautiful scenery of the Raohe River, west of Poyang County in the slope, May 27, 1992, approved by the Poyang Provincial Education Commission as the provincial key middle school secondary recovery. History: Poyang middle school history is long, the culture is flourishing, pass the torch to the five generation, ten by name. The new China first chemical minister Peng Tao once attended, the former Politburo Standing Committee, the Commission Secretary Wu Guanzheng, 1959 from here to the mathematical chemistry score was admitted to the Tsinghua University, Shiping China Academy of engineering, Central Committee, deputy secretary of the CPC Hebei provincial Party committee, Huang Dingyuan, Chen Xuanda, Liu de Peng Dingan, a large number of scientists and government officials, the experts and scholars, celebrities are registered in the negative period, Wei Yucheng. In different historical periods, a batch of outstanding talents have been trained for the motherland and the people. Fuzhou one middle school (115 years) predecessor: Xinglu academy founded: introduction in 1901: Nanchang No. 1 middle school was built in the twenty-seven years of Qing Guangxu (AD 1901), and the Jiangxi school was reorganized by provincial capital Academy. Nanchang City, the first secondary school formerly known as the Nanchang first union middle school, its present name in 1953, is the first public high school in Jiangxi province. History: the school originated from the Xinglu academy, which was founded by the famous Song Dynasty writer Zeng Gong of the Song Dynasty in the middle of the Eleventh Century. Known as the "cradle of talent" and "junior college" cradle "East Jiangxi education" Pearl "Linchuan talent source and reputation. Zhangshu middle school (115 years) predecessor: Linjiang government official school established: introduction in 1901: Zhangshu middle school was founded in 1901, and in 1940 it was called Jiangxi Zhangshu middle school. 1953, approved by the State Ministry of education, identified as one of four national key schools in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province in 1978 was listed as one of the province’s Education Department of the first batch of 19 key middle school, the first in 1994 to assess acceptance by the provincial key middle school, won the "Jiangxi Province outstanding key middle school" said no.. History: Jiangxi province camphor middle school was founded in 27 years of the Qing Dynasty (1901 AD), the site in the Linjiang Town contains ru. In thirteen years (1924 AD), moved to the current site in Zhangshu City East Gate Jade Spring mountain (No. 3 this Yaodu North Road). The names of the official Linjiang palace founded in school, have been renamed provincial (thirteen in the first year, in 1912, twelve (provincial) in twelve years, in 1923), the provincial nine (in the sixteen years of the Republic of China, 1927). In the twenty-nine year of the Republic of China (1940 AD), it was named as Jiangxi Zhangshu middle school. Jiujiang middle school with the predecessor (149 years): the private middle school with the private school and Confucian Li creation: 1867, 1873: middle school with the middle school with the (also known as Jiujiang, the second middle school of Jiujiang), is a famous school in Jiangxi of Jiujiang province. History: Jiujiang Tong Wen middle school enjoys the reputation of "famous schools in the south of the Yangtze River". In the past 149 years, Tong Wen middle school has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the state, including the proletarian revolutionist Fang Zhimin. One in Ganzhou (118 years) to create the school formerly: 1898 introduction: the first middle school in Ganzhou was the highest school in Jiangxi Province, July 1953 was approved as one of the thirty schools in the national Ministry of education key link, in 1995 was named "Jiangxi Province outstanding key middle school". History: Ganzhou No. 1 middle school is an outstanding key middle school with 117 years’ history of running a school. Founded in 1898, he was the highest school in Gannan, and was approved as one of the thirty middle schools in China in July 1953. In 1995, she was selected as the "excellent key middle school in Jiangxi". Since its inception, 58 people were admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Hongkong University, Chinese University Hong Kong, 29 people received the college entrance examination provincial champion, tens of thousands of people admitted to colleges and universities, general Chen Qihan, Guo, Huang Kezhi, Lin Gao vigorously, Zhang Jia et al four academicians from here to start. The school has received nearly 200 national, provincial and municipal honors. Yongxin Ren Bishi middle school (204 years): Wo Chuan school predecessor: 1812 introduction: Ren Bishi middle school in accordance with the requirements of the provincial key middle school, three years of junior high school began to peel in 1999, the only high school, a total of 54 classes, about 2700 students in the school. History: his middle school’s history can be traced back to the Qing Jiaqing seventeen years, in the current middle school when the school created a selection of Bute scholar Kao peng. 1921 Yongxin community leaders Xiao Huijin on the basis of established Wo Sichuan middle school. In July 1949, the Yongxin middle school, the four – dimensional middle school and the Southern China middle school were merged into the Yongxin union middle school on the basis of the He Chuan middle school. In 1950, the provincial government, approved by the provincial government, was named the Yongxin high school in Jiangxi province. In 1959, it was determined by the Education Department of Jiangxi Province as the provincial key middle school. In August 7, 1984, it was proposed by Wang Zhen, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice chairman of the State Council. On April 1985 3, approved by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s government, it decided to name it as Comrade Ren Bishi, a proletarian revolutionist, and renamed Yongxin middle school as Ren Bishi middle school. In 2003, it was appraised by Jiangxi provincial education department as a modern educational technology demonstration school. Source a little Jiangxi

江西最古老的22所中学一览 你的母校上榜没?   来源:“头条江西”公众号   在漫长的历史长河中,或许一百年只是短短的一瞬,但对于一所学校而言,一百年记录了岁月的沧桑,铭记了自豪和骄傲,寄托着深情与期望。   一说起百年名校,大部分人第一反应就是大学,其实江西也有这样22所中学,更有甚者,最年长学校历史已近千年,不仅孕育了一批批优秀人才,更是见证了,江西从古至今的历史,今天,小编就来带你看看,江西这些建校百年以上的中学有哪些~   (以下排名不分先后)   九江一中(955年)   前身:濂溪书院   创建:1061年   创建:江西省九江第一中学(简称九江一中)是江西省优秀重点中学;1957年被定为“江西省重点中学”;2000年11月,被授予“全国现代教育实验学校”称号。   历史:九江一中享有“千载学府、百年名校”美誉,间接历史近千年;正式立校于1902年,直接历史114年。2011年九江一中八里湖校区落成并投入使用,九江一中跨入了“一校两区”时代,这所学校历史已近千年。   吉安白鹭洲中学(775年)   前身:白鹭洲书院   创建:1241年   简介: 白鹭洲中学创建于1241年,前身为白鹭洲书院。后虽几经易名,时代变迁,但此地依然为办学砥柱、弦诵不绝,为我国在原址上连续办学历史最长的中学。   历史:白鹭洲中学是民族英雄文天祥的母校。后虽几经易名,时代变迁,但此地依然为办学砥柱、弦诵不绝,为我国在原址上连续办学历史最长的中学。深厚的文化底蕴,光荣的办学传统,是鹭洲人特有的宝贵财富,至今已近800年的历史。   贵溪一中(829年)   前身:象山书院   创建:1187年   简介:江西省贵溪市第一中学坐落在新兴铜都贵溪市城南,是一座园林式校园。贵溪一中前身是南宋著名四大书院之一的象山书院。   历史:贵溪一中前身是南宋著名四大书院之一的象山书院(1187年)。南宋绍定四年江东提刑袁广微应天山精舍迁建于此,前后历350年,是象山 书院最为鼎盛时期。现制贵溪市第一中学创办于1945年,是鹰潭市办学历史最长的中学。学校1980年被江西省人民政府批准为省重点中学,至今已有超过 800年的历史。   宁都中学(103年历史)   前身:江西省立第九中学   创建:1913年   简介:宁都中学创办于1913年,1980年列为全省首批18所重点中学之一,是一所传承百年的省级优秀重点中学,2004年列为省54所、市5所重点建设的优质重点高中之一。2007年定为“江西省新课程实验样本学校”。   历史:办校以来,学校共培养了4万多名初、高中毕业生,1977年恢复高考后,为各级高校输送了2万多名新生,其中考入清华大学16人,北京大学18人。学校曾在1992年至2001年创造过连续十年升入各级高校人数位居全市重点中学第一的辉煌成绩。   万载中学(109年)   前身:龙河书院和龙河中学堂   创建:1907年   简介:万载中学是江西省重点中学,位于江西省宜春市万载县境内,2007年,万载中学迎来自己的百年校庆,其优良的教育传统受到了人民的称赞。   历史:万载中学始建于1907年(清光绪33年),前身为龙河书院和龙河中学堂。1936年奉江西省政府令,将龙河中学、东洲初级职业中学合并 为“万载县初级中学”。1943年,增设高中,改称为“江西省万载中学”。近百年来,更改校名10次,迁移校址6次,新中国成立以后,尤其是改革开放二十 多年来,古老的万载中学生机勃勃,春意盎然。   高安中学(109年)   前身:瑞州府中学堂   创建:1907年   简介:江西省的一所具有悠久历史的高中校,校园环境优美,设施配套齐全,师资力量雄厚,教学成绩优秀。   历史:百年来,学校三落数起,十次搬迁,历尽铅华,成就了无数才俊彦硕的求学梦、成才梦,培育了原黄埔军校政治部主任、革命家熊雄,数学家、教 育家、原北京师范大学副校长傅仲孙,中国近代物理学奠基者之一、原中国科学院副院长吴有训,原中华人民共和国对外经济贸易部副部长贾石等一大批佼佼学子、 民族精英。   南昌豫章中学(109年)   前身:教会办的南昌私立豫章中学   创建:1907年   简介:南昌市豫章中学是南昌市教育局直属全日制完全中学,一所历史悠久的百年名校。2007年1月被南昌市政府授予“南昌市名校”。2009年被江西省政府批准为江西省重点中学。   历史:豫章中学是南昌市历史最悠久的著名中学之一,创办于1907年,前身为教会办的南昌市私立豫章中学,1952年,人民政府接管学校,几易其名,1958年名为南昌市第七中学,1991年恢复为南昌市豫章中学。   南昌一中(115年)   前身:江西大学堂   创建:1901年   简介:南昌市第一中学是江西省第一所公办学校。作为一所百年老校,历经风雨,几经变迁,于1953年正式改名为南昌市第一中学。   历史:南昌市第一中学始建于清光绪二十七年(公元1901年)由省会书院改组而成的江西大学堂。一个世纪以来,南昌一中经历了三种社会类型,新旧两个社会,历尽风雨沧桑,也培育了无数优秀人才。   南昌二中(115年)   前身:心远中学   创建:1901年   简介:南昌市第二中学是首批江西省示范普通高中,也是江西省文明单位、全国和谐文明学校、江西省教育系统先进集体。   历史:南昌市第二中学创建于1901年(清光绪二十七年),初名“乐群英文学堂”;1903年,改为“南昌熊氏私立心远英文学塾”;1907 年,改名为“心远中学堂”;1912年,易名为“南昌熊氏私立心远中学校”;1949年9月,改名为江西省立第二联合中学;1953年,更名为南昌市第二 中学。   南昌三中(114年)   前身:府立洪都书院   创建:1902年   简介:南昌市第三中学是一所省、市优秀重点中学,创办于1902年(光绪二十八年)。1953年更为今名。   历史:南昌三中是一所百年名校,也是一所位于南昌市区的省级优秀重点中学,有着悠久的办学历史。曾用校名“南昌府洪都中学堂”、“南昌九县公立 洪都中学”、“南昌市立中学”,1953年更名为“南昌三中”,沿用至今。学校曾连续八年被评为“全国红旗学校”,与北京四中共享“南三北四”的美誉。   南昌十中(114年)   前身:南昌葆灵女子书院   创建:1902年   简介:南昌十中是一所具有百年历史的学校,1961年定名为南昌市第十中学。南昌十中1978年评为江西省首批重点中学,1994年被评为江西省优秀重点中学,2003年被南昌市人民政府评为南昌市首批名校,是全国教育系统先进学校。   历史:1981年,南昌十中提出“教育改革、科研兴校”,在学校首先进行了“语文能力分项单元训练”试验。1984年至1987年,学校承担了 中央教科所全国初中数学教材试验训练,这使南昌十中成为江西省第一所承担国家级课题试验的学校,当时在江西省教育界引起了极大的震动。   上饶一中(114年)   前身:上饶信江书院   创建:1902年   简介:上饶市第一中学是一所全日制高级中学,江西省首批优秀重点中学,江西省现代教育技术示范学校,国家教育部现代教育技术实验学校,江西省绿色学校,江西省德育工作示范学校,江西省体育传统项目学校。   历史:上饶市第一中学是赣东北最早学府,是清末欧风东渐,兴学育才的产物。一百余年来,学校为国家培养了一大批杰出的人才:革命先驱者黄道、邵 式平,著名冶金科学家周行健,两院院士黄家驷、刘友梅、程书钧,作家林予,诗人陈运和,全国优秀共产党员徐效刚,我国自己培养的首批博士黄朝商,,哈佛博 士刘日河,,著名影视明星陈红,就是他们之中杰出的代表。   南城一中(114年)   前身:建郡中学堂   创建:1902年   简介:江西省南城一中位于秀出东南的麻姑山下、风光迤逦的盱水之滨,是一所具有百年历史、办学效益显著的高级中学。   历史:南城一中始建于清光绪28年,民国28年(1939年),易址创办南城县立初级中学;1954年更名为江西省立南城中学,并开始创办高 中,成为抚州地区第二所完全中学。1979年更名为江西省南城县第一中学。1980年被列为江西省重点中学,1996年被评为江西省优秀重点中学。   宜春中学(114年)   前身:袁州中学堂   创建:1902年   简介: 宜春中学坐落于全国首批生态城市、第五届全国农民运动会举办地-江西宜春,始建于20世纪初。   历史:宜春中学自1902年肇起于袁州,校址设于唐代大文豪韩愈创办的昌黎书院。从昌黎书院到袁州中学堂,从考棚旧址到新坊庙宇,从化成岩山麓到袁山枣树村,虽栉风沐雨,几度迁建,然弦歌不辍,发展迅速。1974年学校正式定名为“江西省宜春中学”并一直沿用至今。   萍乡中学(114年)   前身:鳌洲书院   创建:1902年   简介:江西省萍乡中学是江西省优秀重点中学,地处萍乡西城鳌头山上,渌水荡漾过此而折向西南。学校素有“赣西文化堡垒,渌水知识摇篮”之美誉。前身为明万历年间的鳌洲书院,系中国创办最早的现代公立学校之一,也是中国最早的具有保送资格的九所中学之一。   历史:江西省萍乡中学1991年录入《中国中学名校》,1995年被授予江西省“优秀重点中学”称号。近百年来,校名虽先后改为“萍乡公立中学”、“萍乡中山学校”、“萍乡县立中学校”、“萍乡市第一中学”等,但全日制普通中学建制一直沿袭至今。   上饶县中学(114年)   前身:广信中学堂   创建:1902年   简介:上饶县中学是江西省重点中学,于1902年创建于上饶市原信江书院旧址,信江书院是赣东北的最早学府。1983年学校随县政府搬迁至旭日镇馒山巷。   历史:清光绪二十八年(1902年),信江书院改称广信中学堂迄今。1912年,广信中学堂更名为信江中学校。1914年秋,省府欲合信中、鹅 湖师范为第四师范,信中因不从而停办。1916年春,复校称广信七县联立信江中学。1919年,改称省立代用信江中学。1922年秋,改称江西省立第十中 学。   鄱阳中学(114年)   前身:饶州府中学堂   创建:1902年   简介:江西省鄱阳中学始创于1902年,学校坐落在风景秀丽的饶河河畔,鄱阳县城西高门坡上,1992年5月2 7日,省教委批准鄱阳中学恢复为省重点中学。   历史:鄱阳中学校史悠久,人文鼎盛,传薪五代,十易其名。新中国首任化工部长彭涛曾在此就读,原中共中央政治局常委、中纪委书记吴官 正,1959年从这里以数理化三科满分考入清华大学,中国工程院院士石屏,中央候补委员、中共河北省委副书记刘德旺、黄定元、陈选达、彭定安等一一大批科 学家和党政要员、专家学者、社会名流均负籍于期,伟器玉成。在各个不同历史时期,为祖国和人民培养了一批又一批杰出人才。   抚州一中(115年)   前身:兴鲁书院   创建:1901年   简介:南昌市第一中学始建于清光绪二十七年(公元1901年),由省会书院改组而成的江西大学堂。南昌市第一中学前身为南昌第一联合中学,1953年更为现名,是江西省第一所公办中学。   历史:学校源于11世纪中期的宋代著名文学家曾巩创办的兴鲁书院。素有“才子摇篮”“少年大学生摇篮”“赣东教育明珠”“临川才子之源”等称誉。   樟树中学(115年)   前身:临江府官立中学堂   创建:1901年   简介:樟树中学创办于1901年,1940年定名为江西省樟树中学。1953年经国家教育部批准,确定为江西省的四所全国重点中学之 一,1978年又被江西省教育厅列为全省首批19所重点中学之一,1994年首批通过省重点中学评估验收,荣获“江西省优秀重点中学”称号。   历史:江西省樟树中学创办于清光绪27年(公元1901年),校址在临江镇茹真堂。民国十三年(公元1924年),迁至现校址樟树市东门玉泉山 (今药都北大道3号)。校名由创办时的临江府官立中学堂,相继更名为省立十三中(民国元年,公元1912年)、省立十二中(民国十二年,公元1923 年)、省立九中(民国十六年,公元1927年)。民国二十九年(公元1940年)定名为江西省樟树中学。   九江同文中学(149年)   前身:私立同文中学和私立儒励女子中学   创建:1867年、1873年   简介:同文中学,又名九江市同文中学(九江市第二中学),是江西省九江市的一所著名学校。   历史:九江市同文中学享有“江南名校”之美誉。149年来,同文中学为国家培养了大批杰出人才,其中有无产阶级革命家方志敏等。   赣州一中(118年)   原名:致用中学堂   创建:1898年   简介:赣州市第一中学曾是赣南的最高学校,1953年7月被批准为教育部重点联系的全国三十所中学之一,1995年被评为“江西省优秀重点中学”。   历史:赣州市第一中学是一所具有117年办学历史的省优秀重点中学。她创建于1898年,曾是赣南的最高学校,1953年7月被批准为教育部重 点联系的全国三十所中学之一,1995年被评为“江西省优秀重点中学”。自创办以来,有58人考入北京大学、清华大学、香港科大、香港中文大学,29人次 获高考省市区状元,数万人考入高等院校,陈奇涵将军,郭大力、黄克智、林皋、张家铝等四位院士就是从这里启航的。学校先后获得近200项国家、省、市荣 誉。   永新任弼时中学(204年)   前身:禾川中学   创建:1812年   简介:任弼时中学按照省重点中学的要求,于1999年开始分三年剥离初中,现只有高中部,共54个教学班,在校学生约2700人。   历史:任弼时中学的历史可以追溯到清嘉庆十七年,在现任弼时中学的校址创建了选拔秀才的考棚。1921年永新社会贤达肖辉锦在此基础上创办了禾 川中学。1949年7月以禾川中学为基础,将永新县中、四维中学、华南中学合并为永新联合中学。1950年,经省政府批准,定名为江西省立永新中 学,1959年被江西省教育厅确定为省重点中学。 1984年8月7日由原中共中央政治局委员、国家副主席王震提议,1985年4月3日经江西省人民政府批准,决定以无产阶级革命家任弼时同志的名字命名, 将永新中学更名为任弼时中学。2003年被江西省教育厅评为现代教育技术示范学校。   来源 一点江西相关的主题文章:

Depression or a stealth killer (video) that threatens human health to rank second.-thinkpad s230u

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Depression or the news that Qiao Renliang, 28, a "stealth killer", which threatens human health second, recently died of suicide in depression, shaking the network. At a time, all kinds of expressions of regret and regret are all over the ear. A lot of people difficult to understand why such a good family, Yan bright, promising actors will use this extreme way to death, "what good?" It’s the same question. In order to solve this problem, since the media broadcast program, specially invited parenting experts ChunZi, psychological research center of Fudan University professor He Lingfeng, and psychologist, Shanghai dear Health Promotion Center Deputy Director General Mao Ding guest studio, to uncover the truth behind the depression. The unfortunate death of a star in the two days has led to the attention of the people in the subject of depression again. Amazed, the netizens suddenly found a "terrible" fact that depression is really not far away from us. According to the WHO and the school of public health at the Harvard University in the United States, depression will become the second largest disease of human being second only to cardiovascular disease in 2020. Statistics show that the number of suicide deaths worldwide is 1 million per year. In 2009, an epidemiological survey in the lancet estimated that there were 90 million people in China. There are no real and accurate figures on the number of Chinese depressive patients, but there are tens of millions. This number is really a bit of a scare. Because, the recent small editor is also not able to eat bad sleep, a control online self-test, the more like the more like, do I really depressed? Ding Mao: I think this name is very interesting, depression, or depression, depression is unhappy, he is in peacetime, he is not the unhappy things to show depression in an important psychological process early, anger, sadness, depression, he often do not, this is especially easy to accumulate in the depression in early days, the accumulation of excessive energy burst out. In this regard, Professor He also let small drink hot water pressure Yajing, don’t scare yourself all right. Although most of the online topics are reliable. But – He Lingfeng: you know, many of the problems here are a criterion for diagnosing people who think they have depression. That is to say, when you are sick, you can measure it, it can determine your depression level, but you have no problem. If you go to the test, it may detect strange things. Depressive symptoms and depression are two different things. In fact, the diagnosis of depression is not easy. Unlike a cold, a blood test can be taken, and there are no specific examination items that can be used to diagnose depression. Popularly speaking, the diagnosis of depression is in addition to the standard of symptoms and the standard of disease. If it lasts for more than two weeks, and the severity standard, such as patient’s pain, life and work are seriously affected, even self mutilation and suicidal thoughts or behaviors occur. In addition, there is a diagnostic standard that needs to be tested for the patient to remove the problem of physical disease. In this way, the little editor can put down the heart of fear for the time being. But curiosity rose again. Arguably, we are now running in a well-off society to Sunshine Avenue, I have ample food and clothing and all kinds of rich and colorful cultural life. How much stronger than I didn’t know in the past, and how could it be depressed? To answer this question, we have to start from the source, where does depression come from? The professional statement is – from the future. We conceive a beautiful world, imagine how others accept me, but finally find that when that thing is not enough, there will be self frustration. So his blow came from his heart, from the world he imagined and built. Well, in other words, "dreams never come into reality." He Lingfeng: the development of depression in the world is like this. The more developed the region or the country is, the higher the incidence of depression. With the development of society, the rise of individualism has led us to face ourselves more and more. Many people are not prepared for this matter, so these internal entanglements are very important sources of depression. So, is depression just "too much"? "Heartless" would be far away from disease? The answer is negative. Experts say depression is not a purely psychological problem, but a organic disease based on a certain biological basis. For example, there was a study that found that the hippocampus experienced atrophy in patients with depression, but the atrophy could be slowed or reversed through drug treatment. In fact, the cause of depression is still a mystery in the medical field. But it can be sure that the cause of depression is very complex, involving multiple biological, psychological, and external social environment. "A more consistent consensus is that five serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and other brain cell neurotransmitter dysfunction, resulting in the clinical manifestations of depression. In addition, the disorder of the body’s endocrine axis will also appear to be depressive symptoms. " Although the cause of depression remains to be further studied. But the obvious fact is that one group seems to have a relatively high incidence of depression – a performing star. For example, Leslie Cheung, and the mainland singer Chen Lin is because of depression and Dutch act, and in the world, the famous Hollywood comedy star Robin Williams also because of suffering from severe depression and the choice of Dutch act; plays the famous British comedy actor Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean is also suffering from depression, it is said that Chaplin is a patients with depression. Is this a coincidence or a rule, which will be the key to unraveling the mystery of the cause of depression? For this, three experts in the same voice – little editor, you think more! Because according to the statistical results, in fact, the highest rate of suicide should be the doctor, especially the male doctor. We can cite a lot of premature death of the brightest star, just because they are the star, will be more concern. Moreover, depression is really not equal to going on the way to suicide. Haruko: it should be said that one of the 9 criteria we determine in depression is the idea of suicide, or the way it has been committed. But not all depression must reach this one. There are 5 of his 9, we can determine that he is a depression, so not all of the depressive patients have suicidal thoughts. So, which people are more likely to be depressed? In fact, depression has a preference for women. Compared to men, the incidence is 2:1. This is associated with a woman’s lifetime experience of menstrual, pregnancy, and menopause. Depression is not divided by age. In recent years, with the advent of the aging society, the elderly with chronic chronic diseases have a trend of increasing depression. Data show that depression is a non motor symptom of Parkinson. 13 of Parkinson patients are accompanied by depression. In the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, 20%-30% also has depression and anxiety. At least 12 to 23 of patients with stroke will experience depression. Since depression is a disease, will it be contagious? After all, everyone says that emotions can infect each other. Ding Mao: depression sometimes resonate, but to become a disease, a disease, this is a long-term stability of an emotional reaction mode, is not so easy. Finally, it’s also a must for everyone of us. When we find someone with depression, how should we help him or when someone finds out that he may have a little depression, where should I go for help? He Lingfeng: the first one I think is the company. If we find that there are such people around us, the first thing we have to do is to accompany him, and then support him to a professional organization to diagnose. And then I think this is the most scientific way to do it according to this way of diagnosis. "Today" "recommended: 30 provinces to cancel the agriculture expert accounts: you don’t have to give up their land child gave birth to twins of a family of seven living in 43 square meters of ordinary public houses by the airport porters stole 20 iPhone7 police arrested the suspects in 9 hours" Snake Husband "ordered his followers to murder pianbao 3 million sentenced to death her husband unto the bed to take evidence for the mobile phone his wife fell downstairs and death of postpartum depression is terrible, the mother from a child’s face (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep a two-dimensional code below, pay attention to the Tencent. Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

抑郁症或成威胁人类健康排名第二的“隐形杀手” 28岁的艺人乔任梁近日因抑郁症自杀去世的消息,震动网络。一时间,各种表达惋惜、遗憾的言论不绝于耳。很多人难以理解,为何这么一位家境好、颜值高、前途光明的演员会用这种极端的方式离世,“有什么想不开呢?”是一致的疑问。为了解开这个问题,自媒体联播节目,特意邀请亲子教育专家春子,复旦大学心理研究中心教授贺岭峰,以及心理咨询师,上海亲爱健康促进中心副总干事茆丁做客演播室,一同揭开抑郁症背后的真相。这两天一位明星的不幸离世,再次让抑郁症这个话题引发众人的关注。惊愕之余,网友们忽然发现一个“可怕的”事实—— 抑郁症真的离我们并不遥远。据世界卫生组织和美国哈佛大学公共卫生学院预测:2020年,抑郁症将成为人类仅次于心血管疾病的第二大疾病。资料显示,全球每年因抑郁症自杀死亡人数高达100万人;2009年《柳叶刀》上一篇流行病学调查估算,中国抑郁症患者已达9000万人。关于中国抑郁症患者的数据究竟是多少,目前并没有一个真实准确的数字,但数以千万级是肯定了的。这个数字,让小编着实有些吓丝丝了。因为,最近小编也是吃不下睡不好,一对照网上的自测方法,越看越像,难道我真的抑郁了吗?茆丁:我觉得这个名字还是很有意思的,抑郁,抑是压抑,郁是郁郁寡欢,他是在平时,他就是不把跟郁郁寡欢的东西呈现出来,抑郁症在前期的一个重要的心理过程,愤怒、悲伤、低落,他往往不表现,这是抑郁症在早期的时候特别容易积攒的,积攒的过多了能量就爆发出来。对此,贺教授也让小编喝点热水压压惊,别没事儿吓唬自己。尽管大部分网上的题目本身是靠谱的。但是——贺岭峰:你要知道,这里边的很多题,是用于那些认为自己得了抑郁症的人做诊断的一个标准。就是说,你生了病,你去测它,它能够确定你的抑郁程度,但是你没有问题,你去测,它可能会测出很奇怪的东西来。抑郁症状和抑郁症是两回事。其实,抑郁症的诊断并不轻松。不像感冒可以抽个血化验一下,目前并没有可以诊断抑郁症的特异性检查项目。通俗来说,抑郁症的诊断除了症状标准,还有病程标准,如要持续两周以上,以及严重程度标准,如患者自觉很痛苦,生活、工作受到严重影响,甚至出现自残、自杀的念头或行为。另外,还有一个排除诊断标准,需要对病人抽血化验,排除躯体疾病问题。如此看来,小编暂且可以放下忐忑之心。不过,好奇之心又不禁升起。按理说,我们现在奔跑在通往小康社会的阳光大道上,丰衣足食之余还有各类丰富多彩的文化生活。比过去不知道强出了多少了,怎么还会抑郁了呢?要回答这个问题,还得从源头说起,抑郁从何而来?专业的说法是——来自未来。我们构想出一个美好的世界,想像别人如何的接纳我,但是最后却发现那个东西达不到的时候,就会有自我的挫败感。所以他的打击是来自于他的内心,来自于他想像的、构建的那个世界。嗯,换句话说,就是“梦想永远照不进现实”。贺岭峰:从全世界抑郁症的发展是这样的,地区或者国家越发达,抑郁症的发生率就越高。随着社会越来越发展,个人主义的这种兴起,导致了我们自己越来越要单独的面对我们自己,很多人没有为这件事情准备好,所以内在的这些纠结,我觉得是抑郁症的很重要的来源。如此说来,抑郁只是“想太多”的心病吗?“没心没肺”是否就能远离疾病呢?答案是否定的。专家表示,抑郁症并非单纯心理问题,而是有一定生物学基础的器质性疾病。比如,有研究发现抑郁症患者的海马体会出现萎缩,但通过药物治疗,这种萎缩有可能被减缓或逆转。事实上,抑郁症的病因至今在医学界仍是未解之谜。但可以肯定是的,抑郁症的病因非常复杂,涉及多生物、心理以及外部社会环境等多重因素。“比较一致的共识是,五羟色胺、去甲肾上腺素、多巴胺等脑细胞神经递质功能紊乱,从而产生了抑郁的临床表现。此外,人体内分泌轴的紊乱,也会出现抑郁的症状。”尽管抑郁症的病因还有待进一步的研究。但是,一个明显的事实却是,有一个群体好像是抑郁症发病率相对比较高——演艺明星。比如说,张国荣,还有内地女歌手陈琳都是因为抑郁症而自杀,而在国际上,著名的好莱坞喜剧明星罗宾•威廉姆斯同样也是因为患了严重的抑郁症而选择了自杀;著名的英国喜剧演员憨豆先生的扮演者罗温•艾金森也是患有抑郁症,据说卓别林也是一个抑郁症患者。这是巧合还是规律,这会是解开抑郁症成因之谜的钥匙吗?对此,三位专家异口同声——小编,你又想多了!因为按统计的结果,其实自杀率最高的职业应该是医生,尤其是男医生。我们能列举出一大堆英年早逝的各路明星,只是因为他们是明星,会比较受人关注而已。况且,抑郁真的不等于就会走上自杀这条不归路。春子:应该说抑郁症我们判定的9条标准里面有一条是有自杀的想法,或者是已经实施过自杀的方式的。但是不是所有的抑郁症动必须达到这一条。他9条里面有5条,我们就可以判定他是抑郁症,所以不一定所有的抑郁症患者都会有自杀的念头。那么,究竟哪些人会比较容易抑郁呢?其实,抑郁症对女性有偏好,相对于男性来说,发病率是2:1。这跟女性一生要经历经期、孕期、更年期等激素大起大落的波动有关。抑郁症不分年龄,近年来,随着老龄化社会的到来,长期慢性疾病缠身的老人抑郁患者有增多的趋势。有数据显示,抑郁症是帕金森的一个非运动型症状,1 3的帕金森病人伴有抑郁;老年痴呆的病人,20%-30%早期也会有抑郁焦虑的表现;而中风的病人中,起码1 2到2 3会发生抑郁。既然抑郁是种病,那么它会传染吗?毕竟,大家都说,情绪是可以互相感染的。茆丁:抑郁的情绪有的时候会产生共鸣,但是要变成一个症的话,变成一个病的话,这是一个长期稳定的一个情感反应的模式,不是那么容易的。最后,也是我们每个人都应该了解的——当发现我们身边有抑郁症的倾向的人,我们应该怎么样去帮助他,或者说有人发现自己可能会有一点点小抑郁的时候,应该到哪里去寻求帮助?贺岭峰:第一个我觉得就是陪伴。如果我们发现身边有这样的人,第一件事情我们就要陪伴他,然后支持他去专业的机构去诊断。然后根据诊断的这种方式来处置,我觉得这是最科学的一种方式。》》》今日推荐:30省份取消农业户口 专家:农转非不一定要放弃土地二胎诞下龙凤胎 一家七口住43平方米普通公房机场搬运工偷走20部iPhone7 警方9小时抓获嫌犯“蛇蝎丈夫”指使同伙杀妻骗保300万 被判死刑丈夫捉奸在床拍下证据 妻子争夺其手机摔下楼死亡 产后抑郁症太可怕了,妈妈咬掉孩子的脸 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

China’s inbound tourism annual report issued a tour service trade surplus of 9 billion 150 million U-e3300

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The annual report released Chinese inbound tourism: tourism service trade surplus of $9 billion 150 million — Jiangxi channel — original title: China released annual inbound tourism: tourism service trade surplus of $9 billion 150 million in September 30, Beijing by China Tourism Research Institute and Visa company jointly organized the "China inbound tourism development annual report 2016" conference in Beijing at. Dai Bin, the president of China Tourism Research Institute and Yang Wenming, vice president of Visa in China, delivered keynote speeches respectively. The representative group of Li Chuangxin of China International Tourism Research Institute released the core idea and main data of the report. The "report" that, gradually realize the national economic and social development and the "Chinese dream", the implementation of visa, customs clearance, tax, traffic rights facilitation policy, China and South Korea, India, China – East European tourism, especially the innovation efforts of the national tourism administrative departments in the global promotion and destination marketing, continued growth for the inbound tourism market to provide a basis for protection and new energy. In 2015, China’s inbound tourism began to step into a new normal growth. The report shows that in 2015, China received 133 million 820 thousand and 400 inbound tourists, an increase of 4.14% over the same period. In 2015, China’s foreign exchange income for inbound tourism was $113 billion 650 million, and the trade surplus of tourism services was $9 billion 150 million. In 2015, China received 56 million 885 thousand and 700 overnight visitors, an increase of 2.30% over the same period, and the total market size ranked fourth in the world, behind France, the United States and Spain. According to the report, in 2015, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan remained the main force of the mainland (mainland) entry tourism market, accounting for 80.58% of the total market share. The top ten travelers to China are: Korea, Japan, Vietnam, USA, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore and India. Among them, the tourism of Vietnam to China increased by 26.40% year on year, and the increase was the most significant. The report shows that the hierarchical and close range characteristics of the inbound passenger flow are significant, and the path of the passenger flow diffusion continues to diversify. In 2015, the overall evaluation of the tourist service quality of the inbound tourists was significantly higher than that in 2014. The "report" survey of 10 domestic tourist city typical results show that inbound tourists in the first visit to China mostly tourists, understand the special culture and the main purpose of China sightseeing is inbound tourists visit, travel expenses, travel and transportation, travel safety is the most concerned about the decision-making factors of inbound tourists, landscape scenery, culture the art of cooking, delicacy is the most favorite tourist items for inbound tourists. The "report" that, for organic complementary inbound outbound and domestic three markets, continue to promote the visa, air traffic rights, shopping and tourism facilitation policy, relying on inbound tourism data and global tourism development to promote the reform of the supply side, with well-known research based on the optimization of national and local tourism image marketing. "The annual report" Chinese inbound tourism development as Chinese Tourism Research Institute "1+8+X" series of annual report data analysis, always adhere to the forward-looking policy oriented, solid market research, rigorous perspective, in-depth focus is currently on the market China inbound tourism for the most authoritative, the most abundant annual research report the amount of information. The report has long been highly concerned by the national and local administrative departments of tourism administration, related travel enterprises, tourism universities and scientific research institutes. Conference, the World Tourism City Association Deputy Secretary General Yanhan, "Tourism Tribune" executive editor Zhang Lingyun, China Institute of Geographic Sciences and natural resources research institute researcher Zhong Linsheng, Beijing City Tourism Commission Public Service Director Wang Qing, School of tourism management Beijing International Studies University President Li Xinjian on the "Chinese inbound tourism facilitation and quality improvement" the theme of the in-depth discussion. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)

中国入境旅游年报发布:旅游服务贸易顺差91.5亿美元–江西频道–人民网 原标题:中国入境旅游年报发布:旅游服务贸易顺差91.5亿美元   人民网北京9月30日电 由中国旅游研究院与Visa公司联合主办的“《中国入境旅游发展年度报告2016》发布会”在京举行。中国旅游研究院院长戴斌、Visa中国区副总裁杨文明分别发表专题演讲,中国旅游研究院国际所李创新代表课题组发布了该报告的核心观点和主要数据。   《报告》认为,国家经济社会的发展和“中国梦”的逐渐实现,签证、通关、免税、航权便利化政策的实施,中韩、中印、中国-中东欧旅游年,特别是国家旅游行政主管部门在全球推广和目的地营销方面的创新努力,为入境旅游市场的持续增长提供了基础保障和全新动能。2015年,我国入境旅游开始步入稳步增长的新常态。   《报告》显示,2015年中国接待入境游客13382.04万人次,同比增长4.14%。2015年中国入境旅游外汇收入1136.5亿美元,旅游服务贸易顺差91.5亿美元。2015年中国接待入境过夜游客5688.57万人次,同比增长2.30%,市场规模总量位居世界第四,仅次于法国、美国和西班牙。   《报告》显示,2015年中国香港、澳门、台湾仍然是是内地(大陆)入境旅游市场的主力,占全部市场份额的80.58%。排名前十的旅华入境客源国分别是:韩国、日本、越南、美国、俄罗斯、马来西亚、蒙古、菲律宾、新加坡、印度。其中,越南赴华旅游同比增长26.40%,增幅最为显著。   《报告》表明,入境客流扩散的等级性与近程性特征显著,客流扩散的路径持续多样化。2015年入境游客对我国旅游服务质量的整体评价较2014年有明显增长。   《报告》对国内10个入境旅游典型城市的调研结果显示,入境游客中首次到访中国的游客居多,了解中国特色文化以及游览观光仍是入境游客访华的主要目的,旅行费用、旅游交通、旅行安全是入境游客最为关注的决策参考要素,山水风光、文化艺术、美食烹调是入境游客最为喜爱的旅游项目。   《报告》建议,寻求入境、出境和国内三大市场的有机互补,持续推进签证、航权、购物等旅游便利化政策,依托入境旅游大数据与全域旅游发展推进供给侧改革,以知名度调研为依托优化国家和地方旅游形象营销。   《中国入境旅游发展年度报告》作为中国旅游研究院“1+8+X”年度报告书系之一,一贯坚持前瞻性的政策导向、扎实的市场调研、严谨的数据分析,深入的热点透视,是目前研究中国入境旅游市场方面最为权威,信息量最为丰富的年度性研究报告。该报告长期以来受到国家和地方各级旅游行政主管部门、相关涉旅企业、旅游类高校和科研院所的高度关注。   发布会上,世界旅游城市联合会副秘书长严晗、《旅游学刊》执行主编张凌云、中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所研究员钟林生、北京市旅游发展委员会公共服务处处长王清、北京第二外国语学院旅游管理学院院长厉新建等围绕“中国入境旅游便利化与品质提升”主题展开了深入研讨。 (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章:

The number of divorces on the first day of the purchase order of Nanjing has increased by three time-tonya mitchell

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The first day of the Nanjing purchase order, the number of divorces increased by three times. The original title: the first day of the Nanjing restriction order, the number of divorces increased by three times. The Yangtze Evening News Network September 26th (reporter Dong Wanyu) the house purchase order was introduced, which led many people to think about getting divorced. Will the number of divorced people in Nanjing be more than the phenomenon of the recent shaking sign in Shanghai? Up to 5:00 this evening, the Yangzi Evening News reporter learned from the municipal civil affairs department that there were 320 couples divorced in the city, which was 3 times the normal number of normal divorces. It is wordless that some divorced couples have not been able to prepare for divorce because they are not ready to prepare for the divorce. The marriage registration department says the number is invalid and it will have to come back tomorrow. In good days, divorce is three times as common as usual. Yesterday morning, many people in Jiangning District of Nanjing’s marriage registration area had to deal with the restriction order for divorce. As of the morning, nearly 80 couples got the number. According to the director of the Department, a little more than the other working days were registered on Monday, usually 20 couples were divorced. Up to the time of commuting, only 40 of the 80 couples were divorced. The main reason is "the material is not uniform". The divorce is also related to the registration of children’s resettlement and property distribution. However, because the purpose of "false divorce" is too obvious, these couples are considering the failure. The reporter learned that among the divorced couples, more and more middle-aged and young people aged 35 and 45 years old. Similarly, in the marriage registration office in the Gulou District, more than 50 couples are divorced today, usually more than a dozen. Some readers have seen that a couple of couples who have been divorced have been smiling and amiable, and there are no painful expressions of divorce. "Today is a good day to get married in marriage registration. The Gregorian calendar is September 26th, the lunar calendar is August 26th, but in the double good days, the number of divorces in each district is generally over the number of marriages. Municipal Civil Affairs Department related people introduced, last September 26th is Sunday does not deal with, the previous day 25 Saturday, the city has 114 couples divorced. On the same day, the first day of the same day, the number of divorces was three times that of the same period of the previous year, while in normal times, the average divorce was 100 pairs each day. High housing price plus fake divorce is a double risk. Wu Yiming, a professor of social development College of Nanjing Normal University, reminds people who believe that housing prices will continue to be strong: the high price of funds entering the present housing price is itself risk, and then going on a false divorce is a double risk. "Restriction is very necessary for restraining excessive speculation. The unilateral and high price of housing has impacted the economic structure of the real economy and the city. It is not a legend to sell a school district housing to save a listed company. "Professor Wu said that the restriction policy is very necessary, but there are policies. In recent years, the phenomenon of loopholes in property policy through divorce is common. It is not new. In the previous period in Shanghai, the number of divorced people led to the need to shake the registration office every day to be able to handle it. Many people take divorce as a means to meet the needs of their own speculation. It doesn’t seem to be illegal, but they don’t know enough about the risks. "High housing price has brought excessive risk, and divorce has brought family risk again. In such a situation, a family has to pay high costs for speculative needs." Wu Yiming reminded people who are in the process of preparing for the fake divorce: housing prices will not always be strong, and they should not be too optimistic about high housing prices. The bitter lesson of Japan’s bubble breaking up in 90s of last century has not gone far.

南京限购令实施首日离婚人数激增三倍   原标题:南京限购令实施首日离婚人数激增三倍   扬子晚报网9月26日讯(记者董婉愉) 房子限购令出台,让很多人想到去办理离婚。南京离婚人数会不会多到像上海近期出现的摇号现象?截至到今天傍晚5:00,扬子晚报记者从市民政部门了解到,全市共有320对夫妇离婚,是平日正常离婚人数的3倍。令人无语的是,一些来离婚的夫妻,因来不及准备离婚材料而没能办理。婚姻登记部门表示:过号无效,得明天重新再来。   好日子里,离婚是平常的三倍   昨天一早,南京市婚姻登记“大区”江宁区已经有不少人来应对限购令办理离婚。截至到上午,共有近80对夫妻拿到号。据该处负责人介绍,平时周一比其他工作日登记的人略多一点,一般是20几对夫妻办理离婚。截至到下班时间,80对夫妻中仅有40对办理离婚,主要原因是“材料不齐”,协议离婚也涉及到子女安置、财产分配登记本材料,然而因为“假离婚”的目的过于明显,这些夫妻考虑失全。记者采访了解到,在这些来离婚的夫妻中,又以35岁―45岁之间的中青年为多。   同样,在鼓楼区婚姻登记处,今天有超过50夫妻办理离婚,平时是十几对。有读者看到,其中有夫妻俩办离婚时一直搀着手笑容和蔼如常,并没有离异所带来的痛苦表情。   “今天是婚姻登记中结婚的好日子,阳历是9月26日,阴历是8月26日,但这个双重好日子里,各区离婚人数普遍超过了结婚人数。”市民政部门相关人士介绍,去年9月26日是周日不办理,前一天25日周六,全市有114对夫妻离婚。今年同一天限购令出台后第一天,离婚人数是前一年同期的三倍,而在平时,每天正常办理离婚的也就是100对左右。   高房价+假离婚是双重风险   南京师范大学社会发展学院教授吴亦明提醒那些认定房价将继续坚挺的市民:资金进入眼下的高房价本身就是风险,再去办理假离婚无异于双重风险。   “限购对于抑制过度炒房行为很有必要,房价单方面虚高已经冲击实体经济和城市的经济结构,卖出一套学区房能挽救一个上市企业并不是传说。“吴教授说,限购政策出台显得非常必要,但有政策就有对策,近年来通过离婚钻房产政策漏洞的现象,在各地都司空见惯,不是新鲜事。前阵子在上海,离婚人群之多导致婚姻登记处每天需要摇号才有能力办理。很多人把离婚作为一种手段满足自己投机的需要,看上去并不违法,但对于其中的风险却认识不够。“高房价已经带来过度的风险,离婚又再次带来家庭的风险,这样的情况下,一个家庭出于投机的需要,铤而走险付出了高额成本。”吴亦明提醒正在办理和准备办理假离婚的人:房价不会始终坚挺,不要对高房价过度乐观,日本上世纪90年代房价泡沫破碎的惨痛教训还没有走远。相关的主题文章:

Ningbo Paralympics Rio Rio won 7 gold, 1 silver, 6 copper, 14

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Ningbo Paralympic athletes Rio won 7 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze and 14 medals. At the fifteenth Rio Paralympic Games closed in Beijing yesterday morning, 10 disabled athletes from Ningbo fought bravely and won 7 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze medals. Yesterday, the Municipal Committee and the municipal government once again sent greeting messages to the Chinese Paralympic Committee and the Chinese sports delegation. The message said that, in the fifteenth session of the Rio Paralympic Games, I disabled athletes courageously fighting, unremitting self-improvement, following Chen Yi, Wang Yinan scored 20 points were mixed 450 meter freestyle relay, men’s S8 class 100 meter freestyle 2 gold medals, Wang Yinan once again won the men’s S8 class 50 meter freestyle and 34 men 4100 the 2 meter medley relay gold medal, Zhou Jiamin in the composite bow mixed groups of open class and women’s open class in the tournament even won 2 gold; Chinese sports delegation youngest player Xu Jialing S9 in the women’s 100 metre butterfly, with 1 minutes 07 seconds 90 won the gold medal and broke the Asian record. My city 10 participating athletes won 7 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals for 14, represents the highest level of competition and good spirit, won the honor for the motherland, to add luster to Ningbo. On this occasion, I would like to convey my high respect and cordial condolences to the Chinese sports delegation and to you athletes and coaches and staff members of Ningbo Paralympic athletes. Look forward to your triumph!

宁波残奥健儿里约出彩 共夺7金1银6铜14枚奖牌   在北京时间昨天上午闭幕的第15届里约残奥会上,宁波参赛的10名残疾人运动员奋勇拼搏,夺得7金1银6铜共14枚奖牌。昨天,市委、市政府再次向中国残奥委会及中国体育代表团发去贺电。   贺电说,欣闻在第15届里约残奥会上,我市残疾人运动员自强不息、奋勇拼搏,继陈懿、王益楠分别取得20分男女混合4×50米自由泳接力、男子S8级100米自由泳2枚金牌后,王益楠再次夺得男子S8级50米自由泳和34分男子4×100米混合泳接力2枚金牌,周佳敏在复合弓混合团体公开级和女子公开级淘汰赛中连获2金;中国体育代表团年龄最小的运动员徐佳玲在女子S9级100米蝶泳比赛中,以1分07秒90的成绩夺得金牌,并打破亚洲纪录。我市参赛的10名运动员勇夺7金1银6铜共14枚奖牌,展示了高超的竞技水平和良好的精神风貌,为祖国赢得了荣誉,为宁波增添了光彩。值此,谨向中国体育代表团并通过你们向宁波残奥健儿以及所有参赛的运动员、教练员和工作人员致以崇高的敬意和亲切的慰问!期待你们凯旋!相关的主题文章:

Xi’an small Gang owners of Internet cafes fled to Shanxi and were captured by the police (video)-t6570

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Xi’an guy stole the cafe owner business fled to Shanxi police arrested the newspaper news (chief reporter Xie Bin) this is the cafe staff on duty during the evil heart, holding the key to open the boss’s office theft million yuan of business models after fleeing. Recently, due to theft, Man Wang was sentenced to 10 months in prison. At 1 a.m. on August 23, 2015, Wang Chao (the pseudonym) was on duty in the Internet cafe of his work, and the mechanical work of the beginning of the week made Wang Chao feel tired. Wang Chao from the office staff on duty to the 3 floor of the key back to the dorm to sleep, at this time, the hand holding the keys of all the rooms about Internet cafes, empty bleak, evil heart, want to go to the office manager for "". 1时51分许,王超趁网吧3楼无人之机,用钥匙打开经理办公室的门,从办公室一个绿茶箱子里的黑色塑料袋内盗走人民币11000多元,回到宿舍将钱款包装后,遂从消防通道离开,王超将全部赃款挥霍,直至2015年10月被山西省运城市警方抓获。 The people’s Court of Xincheng District thought that Wang Chao had stolen property from others for the purpose of illegal possession, and the amount of theft was huge. His behavior constituted theft. Because Wang Chaoneng, the defendant, actively compensated the economic losses of the victims and made understandings. He also truthfully confessed his crime. He had a confession plot. He was given a lighter punishment according to the law. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison by the defendant Wang Chao, and a fine of 5000 yuan was fined. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. The stolen thieves of the wheel leave two dimensional code for money

西安小伙偷网吧老板营业款 逃至山西被警方抓获   本报讯(首席记者谢斌)本是网吧员工,值班期间,心生邪念,拿着钥匙打开老板办公室盗窃万余元营业款后逃窜。近日,因盗窃罪,男子王某被判有期徒刑10个月。   2015年8月23日凌晨1时许,王超(化名)在其工作的网吧值班,周而复始的机械工作让王超心感疲惫。王超从值班人员处要了3楼的钥匙回宿舍睡觉,此时,手拿着网吧所有房间的钥匙,想想空虚渺茫的前途,心生邪念,想去经理办公室“不劳而获”。1时51分许,王超趁网吧3楼无人之机,用钥匙打开经理办公室的门,从办公室一个绿茶箱子里的黑色塑料袋内盗走人民币11000多元,回到宿舍将钱款包装后,遂从消防通道离开,王超将全部赃款挥霍,直至2015年10月被山西省运城市警方抓获。   新城区人民法院经审理认为,王超以非法占有为目的,盗窃他人财物,且盗窃数额巨大,其行为已构成盗窃罪。因被告人王超能积极赔偿被害人的经济损失并取得了谅解;又能如实供述自己的罪行,具有坦白情节,对其依法从轻处罚,判处被告人王超有期徒刑10个月,并处罚金人民币5000元。(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 车轮被偷 小偷留下二维码要钱相关的主题文章:

Sixty mother-in-law at the school gate to move bricks to pave the way into Wanghong cited many paren-foldercure

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Sixty mother-in-law at the school gate to move bricks to pave the way into Wanghong cited many parents praise 19, a photo in the town mirror Hill Primary School vice president Li Zhi to capture the fire all over the school’s parents and parents of each group of friends, a photo in front of the school for the children before paving brick grandma, suddenly became a "red", moved by a congregation of parents. Li Zhi told reporters, 19 at 2 pm, she went to work in school, saw the door of an old woman sitting in the children often go to the channel before the jagged pebbles to the side, put more than 20 pieces of square brick road is, let the children through smoothly. She learned that the old man often paved the way at the school gate, and many parents knew her. "The old man said," put the stone in order to avoid the child’s insecurity, the teachers’ parents were unsafe. " Li Zhi said, the school gate is BRT construction, the school gate traffic inconvenience, some low grade children go easy on the gravel in the broken ankle, move the elderly made her very touched, so she quickly took a photo to the circle of friends, school teachers and parents group group. For a time, many parents praised the old man. In the afternoon, the reporter contacted the old man in the picture. Her name is Guo Meixiang. He is 62 years old. He lives in the Yellow River Road Academy garden, and is usually a hot hearted person. He often volunteers to sweep the entire building. On the phone, the old man said in the phone, "it’s a little thing, just hoping the children are safe and safe." Scavenging "big Chu Yichang", understand the latest local information!

六旬婆婆校门口搬砖铺路成网红 引众多家长点赞19日,城区镇镜山小学副校长李智抓拍的一张照片,火遍了该校的各个家长群以及家长朋友圈,照片中一名在校门口为孩子们摆砖铺路的奶奶,一下子成了“网红”,感动了一众家长。李智告诉记者,19日下午2时许,她上班进校门时,看见门口有一名老婆婆蹲在孩子们经常走的通道前,把高高低低的小石子扔到一边,摆上二十多块方方正正的路砖,让孩子们平稳通过。她了解到,老人经常在校门口铺路砖,不少家长都认识她。“当时这位老人说,‘把石头摆平,以免孩子不安全,老师家长们不安心。’”李智说,学校门口正在进行BRT施工,校门口交通有些不方便,有的低年级孩子走在碎石子路上容易崴脚,老人的举动令她十分感动,于是她赶紧拍下一张照片发到朋友圈、学校的班主任群和家长群。一时间,众多家长为这位老人点赞。当天下午,记者联系上了照片中的老人,她叫郭梅香,今年62岁,家住黄河路学府花园,平时就是个热心肠,经常义务扫整栋楼的楼道。对于自己的举动,老人在电话中表示:“这是小事,只希望孩子们出入安安全全。”扫码“大楚宜昌”,了解本地最新资讯!相关的主题文章:

Thanksgiving Chinese filial piety culture, for free vegetarian lunch point of praise! – public welfa-quickchm

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Thanksgiving Chinese filial piety culture, for free vegetarian lunch point of praise! August 27th – public channel news, near three Cao Road, Anhui province Qiaocheng District of Bozhou City, there is such a restaurant: every noon, many elderly people have gathered the house to sit, sit on the line at the door waiting quietly, to the restaurant people, mostly low-income people. They come here to enjoy a free vegetarian meal. The restaurant is a few retired old people that are obligated to service their retirement pay out, coupled with the sponsorship of medicine in an individual boss opened the restaurant, and their purpose is to carry forward the traditional culture China, refused to sale and killings, provide free vegetarian lunch for the low income who. The picture is the volunteer Han aunty, who donated her monthly salary to a low income person. The restaurant was quiet, and volunteers were walking in the middle of the crowd with a sign of "stop language". The elderly people who came early looked at the projection quietly in the restaurant. Some people who showed filial piety showed some people in the projection. Most of them were low income people. They wore various kinds of cultural shirts. Everyone has to eat the dishes in the bowl, and the volunteers are also in the crowd, propagandizing the brand of food. The old people are eating. There is nothing left to eat. The children are also experiencing free vegetarian lunches and quiet meals. In their heart, Chinese traditional culture of filial piety has been deeply remembered. Source: Chu Lang rain

感恩中国孝道文化,为免费素食午餐点赞!-公益频道   8月27日消息,安徽省亳州市谯城区三曹路附近,有着一家这样的餐馆:每到中午时分,好多老年人纷纷云集,屋里坐不下,就排队坐在门口安静地等着,去这个餐馆的人,大多是低收入者。他们来这里,是享受一顿免费的素食中餐。   餐馆是几个退休的老年人开的,都是义务来服务,他们把自己的退休工资都拿出来,再加上个体中药材老板的赞助,开了这家餐馆,他们的目的就是弘扬中国传统文化,拒绝买卖和杀戮,为低收入者提供免费的素食中餐。图为义工韩阿姨,她为低收入者捐出了她每个月的工资。   餐馆里很安静,义工们打着“止语”的牌子,悄无声息地在人群中游走。提前来到的老年人在餐馆里静静地看着投影,投影里放映着一些弘扬孝道的片子 来餐馆的人,大都是低收入者,他们穿着各式各样的赠送的文化衫。 每个人都把碗里的饭菜吃干净,义工也在吃饭的人群中,宣传着爱惜粮食的牌子。 老人们在吃饭。吃的一点不剩。   孩子们也在体验免费的素斋午餐,安静地打饭。在他们的心中,中国传统的孝道文化已经深深记在心中。   来源:西楚朗雨相关的主题文章:

Extension of new employment staff in Dalian-jcuv是什么车

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Dalian has extended the new employees’ application time to apply for the affordable housing. Since August 30th, the application and acceptance of the new employment staff’s family housing security qualification has been launched for a month in Dalian. The day before, the number of college graduates in the public opinion online message, on the one hand, fear not to miss the residence time of reporting, on the other hand, whether for the purchase of public housing and public rental housing conflicts, how to adjust the standard questions. Reporters learned that the city has extended the time for college graduates to apply for housing security. From the original September 30th to October 21st. In addition, the conditions for college graduates to apply for public rental housing are further relaxed. If a residence permit is not reached before the deadline, the receipt can be used as an alternative to residence permit. It’s too late to do a residence permit. The receipt of the return receipt can be accepted as the application of the housing security qualification for new employment workers in Dalian since August 30th. The new employees’ family, refers to college graduates in four districts of independent living or the new family of new employment or self employment, should comply with the following four: one with full-time diploma and above, graduates under the age of 5 years; and the two is four City employers to sign labor contract for more than 1 years or entrepreneurial the three is continuous; pay social insurance premiums for more than 6 months in the four district city before the date of application; four is the date of application of 5 years ago, for family members in four City (including high-tech park) and not have no housing (including public housing tenant). Families need to bring the following materials declaration: one is for family members promised declaration; two is "Dalian city public rental housing security application form" (new employees family); the three is to apply for family identity card, residence booklet, residence, proof of marriage (single person needs to provide a single statement, personal recognizance ensure the signature and fingerprints); four is the human resources and social security departments identified for approval; five is the applicant and family members of the household housing certificates (only four city and district hi tech Park domicile). Before that, some netizens who met the requirements of the application were leaving messages on the Dalian public opinion website, indicating that they were still in the stage of processing the residence permit procedure. They feared that they could not finish the residence permit procedures before the deadline for accepting the application. The city housing security center issued a notice that the deadline for the new employees’ family housing security in the new year is postponed from September 30th to October 21st. At the same time, this city has relaxed the requirements of the formalities of residence permit. Dalian City Housing Security Center said that in October 21st before the residence permit procedures but are still unable to obtain a residence permit applicants can submit the receipt for the residence permit department as a substitute of residence permit. How does the subsidy standard calculate? This year, the application for the implementation of new treatment is understood, and the protection of the eligible families can be guaranteed area standard: 40 square meters per household. The subsidy time limit is 5 years. A netizen surnamed Xie in Dalian public opinion online consultation: 2016 graduate housing subsidies to 600 January, after applying for subsidies to 300 January, according to prior to the signing of the agreement: if the security policy adjustment, according to the implementation of the new policy. So, whether the original graduate students belong to the new policy scope, what procedures need to be refunded to enjoy 600 yuan of housing subsidies? Reply to city land and Housing Bureau, according to the "Office of the Dalian Municipal People’s Government on resolving the inventory of real estate to promote the healthy development of the real estate market opinion", for graduates under the age of 5 years, even in college graduates rental housing new employment or entrepreneurial, included in the annual housing security plan, can receive 5 years of rent subsidies. Subsidy standard is: in the mountainous area, Xigang District, Shahekou District, housing, 900 yuan per person per month subsidy subsidy 600 yuan per person per month, master, undergraduate and post-secondary education subsidy 300 yuan per person per month; rent in Ganjingzi District, Bo Shi subsidy 720 yuan per person per month subsidy 480 yuan per person per month, master, undergraduate and junior college education subsidy 240 yuan per person per month. The document began to be issued in June 7, 2016 and began to enjoy the housing subsidy for college graduates in 2016. An anonymous user consultation, this year to apply for new college graduates employment personnel housing rental subsidies, if the guarantee period is 5 years, what is the impact on the purchase of housing subsidies? The Municipal Bureau of land and housing has replied that if the housing is purchased, the applicant must give up the public rent subsidy. Peninsula morning news network reporter Su Lin, Haili

大连市延长新就业职工申请保障房受理时间8月30日起,为期一个月的大连市新就业职工家庭住房保障资格的申请受理工作正式启动。日前,一些高校毕业生在民意网上留言,一方面担心拿不到居住证错过申报时间,另一方面也对购房与公租房资格是否冲突、公租房保障标准如何调整等提出问题。记者了解到,本市延长了高校毕业生申请住房保障受理时间。从原定的9月30日延至10月21日。另外,大学毕业生申请公租房的条件也进一步放宽——如果在截止时间之前拿不到居住证,可以凭回执单作为居住证的替代材料。来不及办居住证?回执单可当“替补”8月30日起,大连市正式启动新就业职工家庭住房保障资格的申请受理工作。新就业职工家庭,是指市内四区独立生活或新组建家庭的新就业或自主创业的高校毕业生,需要符合四项:一是具有全日制大专及以上学历,毕业未满5年;二是与市内四区用人单位签订1年以上劳动合同或自主创业的;三是申请之日前在市内四区连续缴纳6个月以上的社会保险费;四是申请之日前5年内,申请家庭成员在市内四区(含高新园区)没有且未曾拥有住房(包括承租的公有住房)。申请家庭需携带以下申报材料:一是申请家庭成员承诺声明书;二是《大连市公共租赁住房保障申请表》(新就业职工家庭类);三是申请家庭居民身份证、户口簿、居住证、婚姻证明(单身人员需提供个人具结保证的单身声明,签字并手印);四是市人力资源和社会保障部门认定申请核准表;五是申请人及家庭成员户籍地房屋证明(仅限市内四区及高新园区户籍提供)。此前,一些符合申报条件的网友在大连民意网上留言,表示还处于办理居住证“走程序”阶段,担心自己无法在受理申请的截止时间前办理完居住证手续。市住房保障中心发布通知,本年度新就业职工家庭住房保障的社区受理工作截止时间由原9月30日延期至10月21日(含)。对于本轮本市同时放宽了居证手续要求。大连市住房保障中心表示,对于10月21日前已办理居住证手续但仍无法取得居住证的申请人,可提交居住证办理部门的办理回执作为居住证替代材料。补贴标准咋算?今年申请按新待遇执行据了解,获得保障资格的家庭可获得保障面积标准:每户家庭40平方米。补贴时限为5年。一位谢姓网友在大连民意网上咨询:2016年研究生住房补贴增至600元 月,而之前申请的是补贴300元 月,按照之前签订的协议书:如保障政策发生调整,按新政策执行。那么,原来办理的研究生是否属于新政策范围,需要补办什么手续才能享有600元 月的住房补贴?市国土房屋局回复,根据《大连市人民政府办公厅关于化解房地产库存促进房地产市场健康发展的意见》,对于毕业未满5年、在连新就业或自主创业的高校毕业生租赁住房的,纳入年度住房保障计划,可领取5年租房补贴,补贴标准为:在中山区、西岗区、沙河口区租房的,博士每人每月补贴900元,硕士每人每月补贴600元,本科及大专学历每人每月补贴300元;在甘井子区租房的,博士每人每月补贴720元,硕士每人每月补贴480元,本科及大专学历每人每月补贴240元。该文件自2016年6月7日颁布下发开始执行,2016年度开始享受高校毕业生住房补贴的按此待遇执行。一位佚名网友咨询,今年申请新就业高校毕业生人才住房租金补贴,若在保障期限内即5年内购买房屋对补贴有什么影响?市国土房屋局回复,如果购买房屋,申请人则必须放弃公租补贴。半岛晨报、海力网记者苏琳相关的主题文章:

四各地現中秋月 來看何地月亮顏值最高(視頻)-ca1806

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四各地現中秋月 來看何地月亮顏值最高 最佳賞月時間:15日20時到21時月上中天時:15日晚23時30分月亮最圓時:17日凌晨3時5分今(15)日是中秋節,四多個地方出現了月亮,朋友圈曬月亮大賽正在進行!成都商報客戶端各路記者從四東西南北中發來八月十五月兒炤,往年月亮最亮的西昌選手,今夜意外啞火!》》延伸閱讀俗話說"十五的月亮十六圓",可今秋的月亮卻不一樣。14日,記者從廣州天文壆會獲悉,今秋"十五的月亮十七圓",今年中秋月,月亮最圓時出現在農歷八月十七,即9月17日凌晨3時05分,我國各地都可觀賞到最圓的中秋月。廣州天文壆會透露,我國各地可目睹到少見的今年中秋半影月食全過程。9月17日凌晨,半影月食從0時53分開始;2時54分食甚,最大食分為0.933;4時56分結束,歷時4小時03分。半影月食,肉眼較難覺察,借助數碼相機長焦鏡頭分階段拍懾,可以觀察到陽光對月毬表面的亮度變化狀況。中秋期間我國可見月全食。上兩次分別出現在1997年9月17日和1978年9月17日;下兩次將發生在2061年9月29日和2062年9月19日。今秋月亮還有一特色:即中國的月亮比外國的圓。今年中秋期間,我國各地均可目睹到最圓的中秋月。但在西半毬的墨西哥、祕魯和阿根廷等國傢就看不到最圓的中秋月。天文專傢提醒,賞月可選擇地勢較高視埜開闊的地區,如果能遠離城市燈光則觀賞傚果更好。最佳的賞月時間是15日20時到21時,此時"月上柳梢頭",很容易讓人心生感慨。如果用肉眼細觀月亮,可以看到月亮表面有些地方較明亮,有些地方較暗淡。隨著時間的推移,月亮也越來越亮。到了晚23時30分,一輪圓月"走"到天頂附近,這就是所謂的"月上中天頂空炤"。這時月亮的地平高度達到整夜最高,由於月光穿過的大氣層最薄,因此月亮看起來也最晶瑩剔透。据南國都市報 今年中秋“十五的月亮十七圓”相关的主题文章:

成都足毬場館很多處於虧損狀態 業余毬隊噴丼式出現-beef怎么读�

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成都足毬場館很多處於虧損狀態 業余毬隊噴丼式出現   有的毬場運營得特別好,但也有很多毬場一直沒人踢毬   足毬火了麼?恆大的異軍突起,國足預選賽進入12強,仿佛讓毬迷們看到了中國足毬崛起的希望,但在6日晚進行預選賽12強賽中,以0∶1負於敘利亞隊,三戰僅積1分,出線形勢岌岌可危,讓人揪心。   在職業足毬回暖的同時,足毬運動其實也在民間也越來越火熱。比如,据成都市足協有案可查的數据表示,在去年,成都市一共舉行了12458場比賽!從數据上來看,不論是參與足毬比賽的人數,足毬場的數量,還有關於足毬話題的新聞,都有成倍的增長。經過了一年的足毬改革,成都市的足毬從業者們到底是怎樣的生存狀態呢?天府早報記者進行了調查。   經營情況:很多一直處於虧損狀態   2015年成都市體育侷、成都市財政侷印發了《成都市示範性足毬場建設驗收和獎勵補助辦法(暫行)》的通知。示範性足毬場埰用政府財政投入或企業、個人融資建設模式,建成後通過驗收,給予市財政補貼,按炤既定標准,每建設一個5人制場地補貼7.5萬元,7人制補貼20萬元,標准場補貼50萬元。   “因為政府的大力扶持,過去一年成都毬場的數量成倍的在增長,確實很以往很不一樣了。”以李伯清為標志,成都最出名的民間足毬俱樂部皇傢貝裏斯足毬俱樂部總經理徐楊表示,雖然毬場的數量急劇增加,但是足毬場經營也存在問題,“很多毬場一直處於虧損狀態,誇張一點說,基本沒有什麼能盈利的足毬場館,因為政策的扶持很多人盲目地建造毬場,要知道政府的補貼是有質量上的要求的,比如說燈光、草地,很多投資者是無法拿到補貼的。”徐楊認為,五人制足毬場的大量建造,也導緻成都地區足毬場種類上的嚴重失調。   就場毬的預定情況來看,存在著嚴重的兩極分化,確實有運營得特別好的毬場,但是也有很多毬場一直沒人踢毬。目前成都最火爆的業余足毬聯賽、宇任拓超級聯賽的組織者楊牧埜表示,“就我所知道的成都毬場預定的情況,通常星期二、三、四還挺不錯,星期一、五很差。”但其實,從根本上來說,這不過是市場的自主選擇而已,足毬場多了,市民自然會有自己的選擇,交通、毬場質量等等都是他們的攷量點。   毬場數量:預計5年內達到飹和   從在足協的公佈的數据來看,截至去年年底,成都市共新建毬場200余片,而在今年,毬場和草皮的數量仍然在陸續增加中,預計從2015年到2017年五人制、七人制毬場會再增加300余片,“預計五年內,成都市主城區的毬場的市場會達到飹和。”足協相關工作人員表示,“但隨著校園內喜愛足毬運動的壆生踏入社會,預計10年左右,毬場數量供不應求,會再次出現一個丼噴式的發展。”   對於目前很多的場館經營狀況不佳,該工作人員表示市場化的經營只有交給市場來決定,淘汰一批服務不佳,質量不高的場館也是一種必然,“要想得到更多的客戶,毬場經營者就應該集中精力於毬場質量與服務的提升。”   業余比賽:各類比賽層出不窮   据成都市足協發佈的文件表露,目前成都市已初步搆建了由少兒至老年11個年齡段共18項36個組別的城市足毬競賽體係。比賽場次從2013年的4367場,2014年的6356場,到2015年的12458場。越來越多的足毬公司也參與進來,各類足毬比賽層出不窮。   對於大部分的足毬愛好者而言,成都市區的足毬比賽數量和質量是改變最為明顯的方面。“因為我們紅牛爭霸賽每年都是32個隊伍,數量上我感受不到變化,但是就聯賽的專業程度和比賽的服務質量而言,確實是有很大的提升。”紅牛能量7人制足毬爭霸賽執行方負責人李飛如此表示。持同樣觀點還有徐楊,“成都的各種足毬比賽、聯賽確實越辦越好,無論是數量還是規範,最令人興奮的是校園聯賽也真正的辦起來了。”   成都市足協相關工作人員提到這個問題也露出了笑容:“我們和法國的職業俱樂部以及勝利聯盟菲戈足毬壆院都有相關的合作,期間培養了足毬教師1000多人;一、二級裁判員300多人;國傢級裁判12人,其中有五個是五人制比賽的裁判。”就規格、制度、專業性而言,成都足毬的進步確實是巨大的。“就我所知,好像市足協也和很多高校保持有聯係,現在足毬的特長生能夠進入高校,他們好像也在聯係一些職業俱樂部吧”,李飛說:“制度更規範了,服務質量上去了,對於經營者來說也更好筦理,這些都是很好的改變。”   ■追問   “足毬情懷”能消費多久?   也正是由於去年成都足毬開始改革,在加上“足毬情懷”四個字,成都地區噴丼式的湧現了大量的業余足毬隊。不得不說,毬迷為了自己的“足毬情懷”,是願意投入的,願意為了足毬產業進行消費。但是其實毬隊的收支是無法達到平衡的。“業余的毬隊現在肯定是沒有盈利的,就算有讚助商也只能勉強維持收支平衡。”楊牧埜表示,“組建毬隊的原因真的就是因為喜懽足毬這個項目。”而李飛也對業余毬隊的生存持有各種擔心:“業余毬隊想盈利現在就只能通過成勣,打進職業聯賽才會有穩定的收入。”“情懷”能夠消費多久呢?現在正是成都足毬的蜜月期,但這個問題將來肯定是會出現的,其實國傢提倡足毬改革,其實就是希望各地能夠擴大自己的體育消費需求,體育產業的消費要提上去。   針對這個問題,成都市足協相關工作人員也給出了自己的看法:“其實我個人認為足毬的主要群體是壆生,要拉動體育產業的發展,一定要立足於壆校,大壆在其中應該起到主導作用。我們需要的是全方位的體育人才,他們需要經過係統、專業的壆習,我們要多向足毬產業發達的地區壆習,完善我們的校園足毬制度,大壆也應該是我們足毬人才的輸送基地,我們要把比賽質量弄好了,把比賽制度完善了,這些是基礎所在,基礎打好了,接下來的也都好去實施了。”   ■數据盤點   1。目前,成都市現有的19個區(市)縣和成都高新區、天府新區成都片區,已全部登記注冊為成都市足毬協會會員協會,同時注冊業余足毬俱樂部26個。   2.2012年12月,經國傢體育總侷批准,成都與大連、廣州、青島、武漢成為首批中國足毬發展試點城市,並簽署《中國足毬發展試點城市合作協議》。   3。目前成都市參與校園足毬活動壆生數達到15萬人,佔壆生總數的11%,全年參與校園足毬各類活動的壆生人群達到200萬人次。   4.2015年,經全國青少年校園足毬領導小組攷評,命名了我市“全國青少年校園足毬特色壆校”151所,金牛區為全國校園足毬試點區。   5。目前,在成都市足協的主導下,基層培訓中心已遍佈各區(市)縣,通過精英模式培養的市足協青少年培訓中心現有01-04年齡段隊伍男子4支、女子2支,男足81人、女足33人,教練17人。   6。近年來,先後輸送了160余人次到國外進行培訓,另派出教練員、校長及筦理人員200余人次。   ■天府早報記者譚中微相关的主题文章:

The people’s livelihood invested 673 billion 400 million yuan during the period of 12th Five-Year in-gamelink

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Shenzhen’s "people’s livelihood" invested 673 billion 400 million yuan during the "12th Five-Year" period — the Shenzhen channel, the original title of the people’s website: people share the livelihood benefits of "cake", increase the degree and inpatient beds, increase housing security and improve traffic. During the "12th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen continued to increase investment in the people’s livelihood, and the citizens shared the dividend of urban development. According to the 2015 final accounts, the municipal financial committee’s final accounts in 2015, and the 12th Five-Year Shenzhen investment in people’s livelihood, Shenzhen’s expenditure on the people’s livelihood reached 673 billion 400 million yuan during the 12th Five-Year period. Statistics show that education, health care, social security and employment and other nine kinds of people’s livelihood expenditure accounted for the proportion of public expenditure in Shenzhen. From 51% in 2010 to 67.48% in 2015, the expenditure of urban finance for the nine categories was 673 billion 400 million yuan, an average annual growth of 25%. In 2015 alone, Shenzhen’s "Ninth category" expenditure was 237 billion 636 million yuan, accounting for 67.48% of the public expenditure, up 63.37% from the previous year. During the "12th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen increased investment in education, and the city increased 132 thousand public primary and secondary school degrees. The number of students in ordinary primary and secondary schools increased from 950 thousand to 1 million 250 thousand, and the total number of actual academic degrees increased by 300 thousand. In 2014, Shenzhen launched the "basic education project", as one of the 12 major livelihood projects to promote, plan 2014 to 2017 the city’s new expansion of public high school, compulsory education school more than 100, a total investment of over 10 billion yuan, the new public schools more than 140 thousand degree. In the health service, "12th Five-Year" Shenzhen’s total investment of 59 billion 900 million yuan, an average annual growth rate of 17.5%, is 3 times the 11th Five-Year "period; completed a total of 57 medical institutions in the new construction, renovation and expansion project, adding 15 thousand and 300 beds, the total number of the city’s medical and health institutions reached 2985, 141 hospitals, 33 thousand and 800 beds" 11th Five-Year ", a final increase of 67%; the resident population per thousand 3.4 beds per thousand people, the number of doctors 2.6 people, an increase of 54.5% and 26.8% respectively. Is expected to "13th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen each district (District) has more than 1 municipal public hospital. In order to solve the problem of shortage of high quality medical resources, the city government implemented "three medical and health projects" from 2014. One is to take the way of entrusted management and technical cooperation, the introduction of 6 domestic and foreign famous medical team to hospital Shenzhen cooperation hospital, the Shenzhen hospital, Shenzhen Hospital of University of Hong Kong, Southern Medical University China Academy of Medical Sciences Shenzhen tumor hospital has been put into operation. The two is to introduce 72 high level medical disciplines to develop the key disciplines and guide the clinical, scientific and teaching work. The three is to strengthen the coordinated development of medical, teaching and research. During the "12th Five-Year" period, the number of tertiary hospitals increased from 4 to 10, the teaching hospitals in medical colleges reached 33, and 12 key national and provincial key disciplines reached 12 and 66 respectively. At the same time, and actively promote the equalization of public health service construction, greatly improve the basic public health service subsidies, improve residents average life expectancy from 78.01 to 79.7 years old (end of 2014), the maternal mortality rate dropped from 154 thousand and 110 to 61 thousand and 810, better than the national average, the infant mortality rate dropped from 2.35 per thousand to 2.02 per thousand. It is one of the key points of financial investment that the construction of the affordable housing and the construction of human resources. During the "12th Five-Year", the capital level of the city was arranged by 22 billion 277 million yuan, which ensured the capital demand for the construction of guaranteed housing. At the same time, the city will be housing special funds, the annual net income of the land transfer is not lower than some financial arrangements, cut by the national development and Reform Commission funds 10%, unified into affordable housing expenditure category, issued the "Interim Measures" Shenzhen city affordable housing funds management, formed a comprehensive coverage of affordable housing funds. In addition, a total of 2 billion 280 million yuan in 12th Five-Year was arranged in the budget of the financial level to ensure the construction of the project. The financial input in traffic has created a new situation in the construction of the Shenzhen bus system. "12th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen rail transit backbone network status to obtain the promotion, benefit form, the "Rail + bus + bicycle network integration continues to increase, a rail bus connection rate of 75.2%. At the same time, the scale of new energy bus continues to expand, and Shenzhen has become the largest city with the largest number of new energy buses and the most homogeneous vehicles in the world. By the end of 2015, a total of 6638 new energy vehicles were put in all kinds of new energy vehicles. The total energy consumption was 88 thousand and 400 tons of standard coal and 82 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced. The municipal finance has also increased investment in energy conservation and environmental protection. In 2015, the energy saving and environmental protection expenditure amounted to 8 billion 320 million yuan, which ensured the water environment management, garbage harmless treatment, air quality improvement, energy saving and emission reduction. In recent years, the development of special funds budget increase year after year, provide a strong guarantee for flood control and drought, water resources allocation, protection and improvement of water environment, water capacity building; leverage saving special funds, promote the whole society to continuously improve and popularize water-saving awareness, boost the construction of water-saving city sewage treatment; fiscal subsidy continue to increase, the city sewage treatment significantly expanded the size of funds; atmospheric environmental remediation frequently "overweight", and continuously improve the air quality in our city. Statistics show that Shenzhen’s financial subsidies for the treatment of industrial waste gas and the renovation and elimination of yellow label cars are 300 million yuan per year since 2011, and 2014 has increased to 1 billion yuan, and 810 million yuan has been arranged in 2015. The average concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in our city dropped from 40 micrograms per cubic meter in 2013 to 29.8 micrograms in 2015. The number of excellent days of air quality increased from 267 days in 2013 to 340 days in 2015. (reporter Duan Linyun) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Chen Yuzhu)

深圳“十二五”期间民生投入6734亿元–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:市民共享民生福利“蛋糕” 增加学位和住院床位、加大住房保障力度、改善交通……“十二五”期间,深圳在民生领域持续加大投入,市民共享城市发展红利。根据近日陆续公布的2015年本级决算、市财政委员会2015年度部门决算情况、“十二五”期间深圳民生投入情况,深圳“十二五”期间民生领域支出高达6734亿元。 统计显示,教育、医疗卫生、社会保障和就业等九大类民生支出占深圳公共财政支出的比重,从2010年51%升至2015年67.48%,市财政用于“九大类”的支出6734亿元,年均增长25%。仅2015年,深圳“九大类”支出就有2376.36亿元,占公共财政支出的67.48%,较上年增长63.37%。 “十二五”期间,深圳加大教育投入,全市新增13.2万个公办中小学学位;公民办普通中小学在校生人数从95万增至125万人,实际提供学位总数增加30万个。2014年,深圳启动“基础教育工程”,将其作为12项重大民生工程之一加以推进,计划2014至2017年全市新改扩建公办普高、义务教育学校超过100所,投资总额超过100亿元,新增公办中小学学位14万个以上。 在医疗卫生事业方面,“十二五”深圳财政总投入599亿元,年均增长17.5%,是“十一五”期间的3倍;共完成57家医疗机构的新建、改建和扩建工程,新增病床1.53万张,全市医疗卫生机构总数达到2985家,医院141家,病床3.38万张,较“十一五”期末增长67%;常住人口每千人床位数3.4张,每千人医生数2.6人,同比分别增长54.5%、26.8%。预计“十三五”期末,深圳每个区(新区)都有1家以上的市属公立医院。 为解决优质医疗资源短缺问题,2014年起市政府实施“医疗卫生三名工程”。一是采取委托管理、技术合作等方式,引进6个国内外名院名校名医团队来深合作办院,目前香港大学深圳医院、南方医科大学深圳医院、中国医学科学院深圳肿瘤医院已建成运营。二是引进72个高水平医学学科团队来深合作发展重点学科,指导临床、科研和教学工作。三是加强医教研协调发展,“十二五”期间,三甲医院从4家增加至10家;高等医学院校教学医院达到33家;国家级、省级重点学科分别达12个和66个。同时,积极推进公共卫生服务均等化建设,大幅提高基本公共卫生服务财政补助标准,居民平均预期寿命从78.01岁提高到79.7岁(2014年末),孕产妇死亡率由15.41 10万降到6.18 10万,优于全国平均水平,婴儿死亡率从2.35‰下降到2.02‰。 保障性住房建设、人才安居工程是财政投入的重点之一。“十二五”期间,市财政本级共安排资金222.77亿元,确保了保障性住房建设资金需求。同时,我市将住房专项资金、年度土地出让净收益不低于10%的部分、财政切块由发改委安排的部分资金,统一纳入保障性住房收支范畴,出台《深圳市保障性住房专项资金管理暂行办法》,形成了覆盖全面的保障性住房专项资金。此外,每年在财政本级预算中安排人才安居工程补贴资金,“十二五”共安排22.8亿元,保障人才安居工程建设。 交通方面的财政投入,开创了深圳公交体系建设的新局面。“十二五”期间,深圳轨道交通骨干地位得到提升,网络化效益初显,“轨道+常规公交+自行车网络”的融合度不断提高,轨道-常规公交一次接驳率达75.2%。同时,新能源公交规模不断扩大,深圳成为全球新能源公交车应用规模最大、车型最齐的城市。至2015年底,全市累计投放各类新能源公交车辆6638辆,累计节约能耗8.84万吨标准煤,减少二氧化碳排放8.2万吨。 市财政还加大节能环保投入,仅2015年节能环保财政支出就达83.2亿元,保障了水环境治理、垃圾无害化处理、大气质量提升、节能减排等经费。几年来,水务发展专项资金预算连年大幅增长,为防洪防旱、水资源配置、水环境保护与改善、水务能力建设等提供了有力保障;节水专项资金的杠杆作用,带动全社会节水意识不断提高和普及,助推节水型城市建设;污水处理财政补贴的持续增加,则使城市污水处理规模显著扩大;大气环境整治资金频频“加码”,不断改善着我市空气质量。统计显示,深圳对工业废气治理和黄标车更新淘汰的财政补贴,2011年起每年安排3亿元,2014年安排猛增至10亿元,2015年安排了8.1亿元。我市细颗粒物(PM2.5)平均浓度由2013年的40微克 立方米下降到2015年的29.8微克 立方米,空气质量优良天数由2013年267天提高到2015年的340天。(记者 段琳筠) (责编:袁俪芸、陈育柱)相关的主题文章:

The price of the name package is the transformation of buyer system in the 40 percent off Wuhan depa-dachiyouxiang

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The price of the first package is 40 percent off, while the Wuhan department store tries to buy water. After the Wuhan group supermarket tried the supermarket’s fresh global direct picking, another group of Wuhan began to test the "cross border purchase" of the water department store. National Day holiday, the first luxury luxury collection store offline experience store in Wuhan is located in Wuhan. This marks a trial run of "buying system" transformation in the department store. At present, Wuhan department stores are basically the form of sales of brand agents, dealers and shopping malls. The same brand is the biggest problem. The so-called "buying shop" market usually exists in the form of "small theme department store". It takes the form of store in store and is in sharp contrast with traditional department store. It is a common way for foreign department stores. According to the introduction, the cross-border purchase by the United States company overseas procurement, Hongkong company Express customs clearance. "COACH, MICHAELKORS, MARCBYMARCJACBOS package here are sold, the price is about 40 percent off of the domestic cabinet price, and foreign cabinet products synchronous line." In addition to the light luxury brand, the product category of the store in Wuhan, in charge of the Ministry of merchants, said that the products of the store were collected from clothing, accessories, bags to household items. Daily consumer goods such as Levi’s jeans enjoy local retail prices locally. A shopping mall in Wuhan, deputy general Ziqin Bell said, the traditional department stores need to upgrade, as cross-border shopping platform entities online, let the goods visible and tangible, you can try, security, rather than online shopping have better experience. It is reported that, in recent years, NOVO, I.T and CPU department store brands, Thailand retail giant is still under Taiqi boutique department store ZEN hand-made retailers have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou city shop enclosure.

名包价格为专柜6折 武汉百货试水“买手制”转型继武汉一集团超市尝试超市生鲜全球直采之后,武汉另一集团也开始试水百货“跨境购”。国庆长假,全国首家轻奢品牌集合店线下体验店入驻武汉,此举标志着武汉百货开启“买手制”转型的试冰旅程。目前,武汉百货商场基本上都是品牌代理商、经销商与商场联营的销售形式,品牌雷同是最大的问题。所谓“买手制”商场,通常以“小型主题百货”的业态存在,采取店中店的形式,与传统百货店形成鲜明对比,它是国外百货企业通行的方式。据介绍,该跨境购由美国公司境外采购,香港公司快递通关。“COACH、MICHAELKORS、MARCBYMARCJACBOS的包这里都有卖,价格是国内专柜价的6折左右,和国外专柜产品同步上线。”武汉一商场招商部负责人称,除了轻奢品牌,该店产品品类从服装、配饰、箱包到家居物品一站集合。像李维斯牛仔裤这样的日常消费品,本地享受国外本土零售价。武汉一商场副总钟子钦表示,传统的百货需要升级,作为跨境购在线下实体店平台,让商品看得见、摸得着、可以试、有保障,比起在线上购物有更佳的体验感。据悉,近几年,NOVO百货、知名品牌I.T和CPU、泰国零售业巨头尚泰旗下精品百货ZEN等买手制零售商,已纷纷在北京、上海、杭州等城市开店圈地。相关的主题文章:


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評:對“百強高中”榜單,僅有辟謠是不夠的–安徽頻道–人民網 近日,有關“教育部發佈2016年全國百強高中名單”的消息在網上熱傳。教育部辟謠稱,教育部及其相關司侷沒有開展過全國百強高中、高中排行榜等類似評選和排名活動,也沒有發佈過此類信息。教育部認為對這些壆校進行排名,不符合實施素質教育的要求,不利於普通高中多樣化、有特色發展。 這樣的“百強高中”排名,僟年前就有了。以前,發佈“百強高中”的機搆,還會直接說自己是民間機搆,因此,這樣的排行榜,並沒有引起太多關注。而現在,“百強高中”變為“教育部發佈”,性質就不同了,這代表的是官方認定和評價,假如真是教育部發佈,這是十分嚴重的問題。一方面這屬於對高中的行政評價,與教育筦辦評分離的改革要求揹離;另一方面把各省升壆率、名校率高的高中作為高中強校,傳遞很壞的辦壆導向。這是教育部進行及時辟謠的原因。而需要進一步追問的是,民間機搆做的“百強高中”排行榜,是怎樣變為教育部官方發佈的? 教育部在辟謠時希望“高中壆校自覺抵制此類具有商業性質、沒有科壆評價標准的評選和排名活動,潛心辦壆,精心育人,扎實推進素質教育”。這是有所指的:民間機搆將各地升壆率,尤其是北清率(北大清華錄取比例)靠前的高中,作為目標“客戶”,告訴這些高中將進行排行,為提升排行榜的權威性,民間機搆會把排行與教育部掛鉤,稱得到教育部認可,並做出在排行榜出來之後,會用教育部名義發佈、宣傳榜單之類的承諾,或者暗示高中,在榜單出來後,會利用新媒體平台,模糊具體的發佈機搆,讓公眾認為這是教育部發佈,這噹然令有的名校心動,因為雖然在各地名氣很響,但這些高校也多埳入應試教育爭議,壆校也急需教育部官方對辦壆的“認可”。而有的高中,也會主動把民間機搆的排行榜,說成是教育部組織進行的全國性排行,以此作為壆校的辦壆業勣。 (責編:劉穎、張磊) 教育部與其提醒高中要抵制這樣的排行榜,不如做三件事:一是明確宣佈教育部不會進行任何高中和大壆的排行,這屬於社會評價範疇,凡是教育發佈的所謂百強高中、最佳大壆排行之類,都一律為假;二是報警,由司法機搆查處,究竟是誰在冒用教育部之名,進行排行和發佈,是排行機搆一手操作,還是有的高中在轉發排行機搆的排名時,把機搆改為了教育部,這是對教育部的侵權行為,也是對公眾的欺詐行為;三是從推進辦壆社會評價和專業評價出發,培育、規範社會評價和專業評價,明確排行機搆的資質、准入門檻,不是任何人、任何機搆都可以制作、發佈排行榜,同時把排行機搆的違規違法行為(諸如假借政府名義發佈、篡改數据、搞排名錢名交易等)納入行政監筦和司法監筦。 與此同時,民間排行機搆,要規範排行,不要走排行的歪門邪道。從社會和專業評價角度說,社會機搆對高中、大壆辦壆質量進行評價,按炤自己設寘的指標體係,對壆校進行排行,這是未來對壆校辦壆進行評價的趨勢。也是促進壆校辦壆的重要力量。排行機搆應該樹立自己的品牌,通過完善排行指標,為壆校辦壆、受教育者選擇壆校提供服務、指導建立自己的公信力。而不是把迎合壆校的畸形排行需求作為商機,不是做真正有社會影響力、對教育有推動作用的教育專業性評價,而是利用現在監筦存在的灰色地帶進行暗箱操作謀利,這會誤導社會和專業評價,也影響我國教育筦辦評分離改革的深入推進��既然社會機搆還要借教育部之名發佈排行,說明社會機搆對自己的權威和公信力沒有信心,那還要社會評價乾啥,不如就進行行政評價,公眾也會對“亂七八糟”的社會評價失去信任。(冰啟) (責編:劉穎、張磊)相关的主题文章:

古城一早煙霧朦朧是霧不是霾 今秋天氣晚來到-音羽かなで

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古城一早煙霧朦朧是霧不是霾 今秋天氣晚來到       古城一早煙霧朦朧是霧不是霾,今秋天氣晚來到。   西部網訊(陝西廣播電視台《都市快報》記者 陳佩 張妙研 衡洋)這眼瞅的國慶了,今天(9月26日)的一點小雨才讓大伙有了一點秋天的感覺,到底西安的秋天,何時才會來呢?   氣象工程師:“今年確實比往年同期入秋要晚13天左右,只有長安和臨潼最早准時進去了秋天。”   氣象工程師說,這平均溫度到22懾氏度以下,才能算真正意義的入秋,今年的秋天才剛剛開始,而大伙一早起來看到的煙霧朦朧的古城,可並不是霧霾天氣。   氣象工程師:“是因為空氣濕度大,近地面風速小,所以並不是霧霾。”   原來如此,害的很多人都嚇的帶起了口罩,我們在街上發現,大伙也都適時的添加了衣服,在這我們也要提醒您,這僟天出門,最好給包裏裝把傘。   氣象工程師:“未來三天都將是陰雨天氣,只有到了30號左右,才會逐漸轉晴。”相关的主题文章:

The female netizen was sick and fainted in the bed for 20 minutes to hit

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Female friends burst disease faint in the bed for 20 minutes before they hit the 120 man for man comes home with a female netizen, the female netizen said unwell, drink a few slobber after sudden heart disease faint in the bed, the man did not immediately call 120, but to their friends in 2 calls, a more than 20 minute delay is. The ambulance finally died, nvwang. The family of female netizens brought the man to the court and asked for it to take responsibility. The court finally decided that the man was responsible for 20% and the compensation of more than 24 million yuan. In the first two days, the Ningbo court of court revealed such a case. The female netizen suddenly fainted in the men’s house last January, and Mr. Pan, the citizen, suddenly received a bad news, saying that his wife, Ms. Liang, died. He could not believe it, because he had never heard of any discomfort in his wife. He sent his wife to the hospital, a net friend that his wife had known on the Internet in the previous period. His wife fell to Chen’s house on the night of the incident. Chen said, that night he told Ms. liang from Jiangbei back to his home downstairs two people go upstairs, Ms. Liang called "sick", so he let her in the corridor waiting for him, then quickly returned to the room to get the charger, Ms. Liang also came up, still shouting uncomfortable, so he gave her a glass of water, did not think she drank a few mouth, fainted on the bed. Because Ms. Liang died in a strange way, 2 days later, the police made an autopsy. Police told Mr. Pan that his wife died of acute heart failure caused by coronary atherosclerotic heart attacks. Doctors who are involved in first aid say the disease is dangerous, and in serious cases, there may be no chance of survival after 5-10 minutes. Though he ruled out homicide, Mr. Pan still felt that his wife’s death could not be related to Chen’s death. Especially after that, he found out that two people had frequent phone calls on his back. Police investigation also showed that after Ms. Liang’s physical discomfort, Chen didn’t dial the 120 time for the first time, and even made a 2 phone call with a friend of her, after more than 20 minutes’ delay, he was able to dial 120. "My wife is usually healthy and never has a history of heart disease. There is no special cause for a sudden heart attack. After my wife’s physical discomfort, his house was only a few hundred meters away from the hospital. It didn’t take much time to carry it back, but it didn’t fulfill the obligation of timely rescue, so that it delayed the best time to save my wife. Mr. Pan said. The family claims more than 60 yuan. In June of last year, Mr. Pan and his parents, 5 of them, took the court to court. They thought that for Chen’s death, Chen should bear 50% responsibility and claim 60 yuan for him. However, Chen believed that after his illness, his rescue was timely, and he also paid the corresponding cost of salvage and fulfilled the corresponding obligation of rescue. There was no fault. He wanted to dismiss Mr. Pan’s lawsuit request. Ms. Liang did not have the first time to dial 120 after her sudden physical discomfort. It’s a focal point of controversy to call a friend first, which is related to whether he has made timely rescue obligations. Chen’s friend is a taxi driver. In the process of hearing the case, the judge found the brother and made a record of inquiry. The elder brother said he received 2 calls from Chen on the same night. The first phone was at 7:53 in the evening, the second phone was 8:16 at that night, and the interval between the two phones was 23 minutes. The first phone Chen tone very anxious, said he was in trouble, but did not specifically say what it is, so he quickly drove over to help; second calls to tell him that a friend fainted at his home. Chen received the first phone call, he told Chen, his car stuck in the Ningbo Airport, that is someone fainted after he let Chen hurried to find our own way. After the second call 3 minutes later, Chen finally hit 120, 6 minutes after the ambulance arrived Chen home downstairs, 16 minutes later, she was sent to the hospital, but the doctor has irretrievable. The court held that the man took 20% responsibility. The court held that Liang died of heart disease and did not have the highest duty of care for his health. First of all, I should take the main responsibility. In the evening, Mrs. Liang and Chen came into Chen’s family. When she had serious symptoms, Chen’s family was a relatively independent place. As a person who may not be able to carry out the rescue at the time of the dangerous situation, Chen has a positive relief obligation, and also has the conditions and ability to fulfill the relief obligation. Although her specific onset time cannot be ascertained, but can be identified to hit the first call to a friend ‘s brother Chen, Ms. Liang has serious symptoms, because Chen does not have the professional knowledge of first aid, in accordance with the law of daily life experience, Ms. Liang appeared in severe symptoms, Chen should promptly call 120 for help. To a professional organization with emergency and first aid equipment. But Chen had been calling for help for nearly 26 minutes before calling for 120. The improper and delayed rescue method delayed the rescue time of Ms. Liang, which led to the fact that she could not be sent to the hospital in the shortest time, and reduced her chances of survival. Therefore, Chen didn’t perform the duty of rescue timely and properly. There was a fault. Although it had no direct causal relationship with Liang’s illness, it had a certain causal relationship with the consequences of death, and it should take some responsibility to deal with the death of Liang. Combined with the merits of the case and taking into account the judicial value guidance of the kind of social kindness, the court finally decided that Chen was responsible for 20% of the compensation, that is, more than 24 yuan.

女网友突发病晕倒在床上 男子耽搁20分钟才打120男子带着女网友回家,结果女网友说身体不舒服,喝完几口水后突发心脏病晕倒在床上,男子没有马上拨打120,反而给自己朋友打了2个电话,耽误了20多分钟才叫了急救车,最终女网友不治身亡。女网友家属把男子告上法庭,要求其承担责任,最终法院判决男子承担20%的责任,赔偿24万余元。前两天,宁波法院网披露了这么一起案件。女网友在男子家中突然晕倒去年1月,市民潘先生突然接到噩耗,说他老婆梁女士死了。他简直不敢相信,因为他平时从未听妻子说起身体有任何不适。送他妻子去医院的,是他妻子前段时间在网上认识的一名网友陈某。事发当晚,他妻子倒在陈某家中。陈某说,那晚他跟梁女士一起从江北回来,到他家楼下两人一起上楼时,梁女士就喊“身体不舒服”,于是他让梁女士在楼道等一等他,赶紧回房拿充电器,这时梁女士也走了上来,仍然喊难受,于是他给梁女士倒了一杯水,没想到她喝完几口后,就晕倒在了床上。因为梁女士死得蹊跷,2天后警方做了尸检。警方告知潘先生,他妻子死于“冠状动脉粥样硬化心脏病发作致急性心力衰竭死亡”。参与急救的医生称,这种病发起来凶险,严重情况下,可能5-10分钟之后就没有生存机会。虽然排除他杀,但潘先生仍觉得妻子的死跟陈某脱不了关系,尤其是事后他通过妻子的手机通话记录查到,事发前一段时间,两人背着他有频繁的通话记录。警方调查也显示,在梁女士身体突发不适后,陈某并没有第一时间拨打120,而跟自己一个朋友连打2个电话,耽搁20多分钟后,才拨120。“我老婆平时身体健康,从来没有心脏病史,没有特殊诱因是不可能突发心脏病的。在我老婆出现身体不适后,他的家明明离医院只有几百米,背过去也要不了多长时间,却没尽到及时救助的义务,以致耽误了我老婆的最佳抢救时机。”潘先生说。家属索赔60余万元去年6月,潘先生以及女儿和梁女士的父母5人将陈某告上法庭,认为对于梁女士的死,陈某至少应承担50%的责任,向他索赔60余万元。但陈某却认为,梁女士病发后他的救助是及时的,而且还垫付了相应的抢救费用,尽到相应的救助义务,并不存在过错,要求驳回潘先生一家的诉讼请求。梁女士身体突发不适后,为什么陈某没有第一时间拨打120,而要先跟自己的一个朋友打电话,关系着他有没有尽到及时的救助义务,成了庭审中争议的一个焦点。陈某的朋友是一名出租车司机,案件审理过程中,主审法官找到这名的哥,做了一份询问笔录。的哥称,当晚他接到陈某2个电话,第一个电话在晚上7点53分,第二个电话在当晚8点16分,两个电话之间间隔了23分钟。第一个电话陈某语气挺着急,说自己闯祸了,但没具体说是什么事情,让他赶紧开车过来帮忙;第二个电话才告诉他,有个朋友在其家中晕倒。接到陈某第一个电话,他就告诉陈某,他的车堵在栎社机场,在得知是有人晕倒后,他让陈某赶紧自己想办法。打完第二个电话3分钟后,陈某最终打了120,6分钟后救护车赶到陈某家楼下,16分钟后,梁女士被送到医院,但医生已回天无力。法院判男子承担20%的责任法院认为,梁女士死于心脏病,没有对自己的健康状况尽到最高注意义务,首先,本人应承担主要责任。当晚梁女士与陈某一同进入陈某家中,当她出现严重不适症状时,陈某的家是一个相对独立的场所,当时也只有陈某一人在场。作为危险情况发生时非他莫属的可实施施救的人,陈某具有积极的救助义务,且也有条件和能力履行救助义务。虽然梁女士具体发病时间无法查明,但可以认定在陈某给的哥朋友打第一个电话时,梁女士已出现严重不适症状,因为陈某不具有专业的急救知识,按照日常生活经验法则,在梁女士出现严重不适症状时,陈某应及时拨打120,向具有急救能力和急救设备的专业机构求助。可陈某却在向的哥求助后将近26分钟才拨打120,这种不当的、迟延的救助方式,延误了梁女士的抢救时间,导致梁女士无法在最短时间内被送到医院就医,减少了她的生存机会。因此,陈某未及时、妥善履行救助义务,存在过错,虽与梁女士的病发无直接因果关系,但与死亡后果具有一定的因果关系,应对梁女士的死亡承担一定的责任。结合案情,同时兼顾倡导社会善良风尚的司法价值导向,法院最终酌情认定陈某承担20%的赔偿责任,即24万余元。相关的主题文章:

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武漢房產市場亂象:提價再打折 擅自售抵押房產在上一輪房價“瘋漲”過程中,湖北省武漢市的房價也一路飆升,房地產市場的熱度持續走高。然而,與火熱市場伴生的,則是房屋銷售的各類亂象。武漢市的房地產銷售市場存在哪些問題?這些問題揹後究竟是什麼原因?《法制日報》記者就此展開調查。“開發商既然能賣,証件肯定都是齊全的,現在人多房少,你不買還有其他人買,再說做了誠意登記也不一定能搖上號。”“光穀滿庭春MOMΛ”項目售樓處工作人員的一句話,頓時讓挑房的湖北省武漢市市民陳先生語塞。眼看著房子一天一個價,不少樓盤的交房期甚至排到了2020年,咬咬牙,陳先生還是決定“先下手”。《法制日報》記者近日調查發現,房價“瘋漲”揹後,未取得預售許可先行預收費用、不公示價格或不按申報價格明碼標價、擅自出售抵押或查封房產等成為房地產交易市場廣受詬病的僟大主因。無証預售情況非個例“噹時是因為認籌,周邊的所有樓盤都被罰過,包括綠地、朗詩、中建也都這樣,這很正常。”聽記者提及樓盤被扣分一事,“光穀滿庭春MOMΛ”項目售樓部工作人員解釋道。按炤規定,開發商售房前,必須先取得《國有土地使用証》《建設用地規劃許可証》《建設工程規劃許可証》《商品房預售許可証》等“五証”。今年8月17日,武漢噹代節能寘業有限公司開發建設的“光穀滿庭春MOMΛ項目二期小高層”,因未取得商品房預售許可,向買受人提前收取預訂款性質的費用,被武漢市房筦侷扣除3分信用分數並公示。10月25日上午,記者在“光穀滿庭春”項目二期小區內看到,該小區已經有居民搬入,部分住宅正在裝修,單元樓棟大門及消防栓等位寘處,張貼有不少“裝修公告”“裝修許可証”等,裝修時間顯示大多為今年6月到10月期間。售樓部工作人員告訴記者,一年多前,該樓盤每平方米售價為七八千元,如今均價約1.3萬元,只有3幢樓還沒開盤,有意購買需先做誠意登記,“不然就沒房了”。“‘五証’方面您不用擔心,我們現在要賣的這一批也沒有取得預售許可,等拿了預售我們才會通知您過來認籌,目前不需要交任何費用。”在武漢市江漢區賀傢墩村城中村改造K1地塊(中城悅城)售樓部,工作人員鮑女士表示。不過,今年7月22日,K1地塊(中城悅城)9號樓也曾因項目未取得商品房預售許可証擅自向買受人收取預定性質費用而遭武漢市房筦侷點名。武漢市房筦侷查詢信息顯示,K1地塊(中城悅城)所屬樓棟取得售房許可証的時間最晚為4月19日,至今沒有9號樓相關信息。事實上,房地產企業因未取得售房許可先行收取費用上榜武漢市房筦侷不良信息記錄,並非個例。今年3月,武漢將“房地產開發企業違規銷售商品房問題整改”列入2016年政府部門和公共服務企業履職儘責突出問題整改公開承諾的內容之一。此後,武漢市房筦侷作出包括加強商品房預售行為監筦,規範商品房銷售現場信息、公示筦理,強化房地產開發企業信用筦理等五項重點承諾。截至目前,武漢市房筦侷已在官網公佈102條房地產企業不良信用信息記錄,涉及房地產企業90傢。《法制日報》記者梳理發現,在90傢房地產企業中,有22傢因“未取得商品房預售許可証,擅自向買受人收取預定性質費用”而上榜,佔比近四分之一。業內專傢認為,噹前,開發商提前收取一定費用的情況較為普遍,購買沒有預售許可的商品房,一旦出現糾紛,消費者的利益很難得到保障。“明碼標價”成空文走進售樓部大廳,商品房價格公示表上一排排“已售”字樣難免讓人心慌;剛開盤的樓房,一眨眼就銷售一空……開發商未明碼標價售房、囤積房源、捂盤惜售等行為,一直廣受詬病。由武漢萬達東湖寘業有限公司開發建設的“武漢中央文化旅游區一期K9-2地塊(萬達御湖世傢)”項目,由於“未按預售申報價格對外銷售、哄抬房價、未在銷售現場公示商品房價目表”,被扣減4分信用分。此前,前述項目因“發佈不實價格信息,哄抬房價,擾亂房地產市場秩序”,於今年3月首次上榜。10月25日下午,記者在萬達御湖世傢售樓部大廳看到,大廳公示有各地塊“五証”信息並立有多張價格表。價格表上,標注有房號、面積、認購單價、認購總價等內容。認購單價、認購總價兩欄下,貼滿了“已售”字樣的紅色標簽,僅少數房產顯示在售價格信息。“您正常買房,我們正常給您辦手續,這個是不存在任何問題的,只是之前我們售樓部沒有進行價格公示,現在哪些樓可以賣、價格多少我們全部都有公示,只是對我們項目扣了兩分而已,其他的沒有任何問題。”武漢萬達東湖寘業有限公司萬達御湖世傢售樓部工作人員解釋說。“扣分這個事情很正常,任何一個開發商都是一樣的,比如給房筦侷報備價是1.2萬元,我們公佈出去的時候就可能會寫1.3萬元,因為還有一些折扣體係,報備和公佈的不一緻,但最後的成交價格還是1.2萬元。”“光穀滿庭春”售樓部工作人員此前也表示。武漢市房筦侷官網公佈的信息顯示,今年3月份以來,武漢噹代節能寘業有限公司、武漢萬達東湖寘業有限公司、武漢朗華寘業有限公司等26傢房地產企業因“未按預售申報價格對外銷售,哄抬房價”“未按規定一次性公開全部准售房源”“未在銷售現場公示商品房價目表”等上榜武漢市房筦侷不良信息記錄。“房價節節攀升,今天還是1萬元,過兩天就變成了1.5萬元,但這房子到底值多少錢,消費者其實並不知情。”華中科技大壆力壆與土木工程壆院退休教授趙憲堯直言。房產遭抵押半路停建“花半輩子積蓄買的,現在合同約定交房期過了一年多房子還沒建起來,怎麼能不著急!”原本讓人心裏“有著落”的買房,讓到武漢打工的老黎滿是無奈。拖傢帶口在武漢打拼半輩子,2014年,老黎決定在武漢市東西湖區金銀潭附近買房穩定下來。反復攷慮後,老黎一傢看中了由傢美天晟武漢寘業發展有限公司開發建設的“國際麗都”項目,為了少還房貸,不到100平方米的房子首付花了近40萬元,約定交房期為2015年5月31日。不曾想,自2014年年底開始,“國際麗都”項目因資金問題陸續停工,800多戶購房業主至今未能拿到房產。兩年多來,五十多歲的老黎隔三差五就會到項目工地前看看。“‘漢口印象’的業主比我們好些,他們主體工程已經基本完工,好多業主提前搬了進去。”指了指相隔僟百米遠的“漢口印象”,老黎告訴記者,該項目開發商,也是傢美天晟武漢寘業發展有限公司。在“漢口印象”A區二樓一間毛坯房商用門面內,《法制日報》記者見到在這裏居住了好僟個月的李純(化名)。“一傢三口在外租房每個月得一兩千元,再加上每個月兩千多元的房貸,壓力太大,所以乾脆搬了過來,掽到施工停水停電只能乾著急。”從湖北宜昌到武漢工作的李純說,由於“漢口印象”項目有很多小戶型房產,總價相對較低,所以買房的很多都是像她一樣的年輕人。今年7月28日,因“‘國際麗都’和‘漢口印象’項目資金鏈斷裂,擅自出售已抵押房屋,導緻項目停工,無法按期交付,並造成購房人群體性上訪。”傢美天晟武漢寘業發展有限公司被武漢市房筦侷一次性扣除20分信用分數。在武漢市房筦侷官網公佈的信息中,同樣存在擅自出售已抵押或是法院已查封房產行為的,還有武漢交發金煒寘業有限公司、武漢東順房地產開發有限公司、凱信時代地產武漢有限公司等。“買房的時候這個項目是周圍所有樓盤中賣的最好的,所有証件都是全的,不知道為什麼還會發生這樣的事情。”老黎覺得,房地產公司和銀行之間,或是房地產公司內部之間的糾紛,不應該由無辜的購房者買單。執法不嚴緻亂象頻出在中南財經政法大壆法壆院副教授王永強看來,噹前的房地產行業,實際上是一個“怪胎”,不筦是政府部門、開發商還是普通消費者,都對行業亂象心知肚明,但痼疾卻遲遲不能解決,說到底還是執法不嚴。“廣告有廣告法,不正噹競爭有不正噹競爭法,土地筦理有相應的土地筦理法,有關房地產筦理方面的法律法規其實已經很完備了,但是真正依法辦事的房地產公司有多少呢?”王永強認為,各方利益糾葛導緻法律在房地產行業面前缺位。“原本有一百套房,只說有五十套,用營銷的方法把價格炒起來,炒房的人不在乎,但是瘔了真正有購房需求的老百姓。”趙憲堯認為,房地產商投機性盈利,不誠信,埰用投機方式盈利是導緻房地產行業亂象的重要原因。趙憲堯認為,國傢有關建房、售房方面的規定很嚴格,房地產行業諸多亂象,實際上是政府部門不作為的表現。同時,政府部門在調控房價過程中,應真正將房地產土地出讓價格、建設成本以及開發商利潤等房產價格組成進行公開,讓群眾了解樓盤的實際價值。王永強也建議,應建立完善相應懲罰追責機制,進一步加強法治政府建設,落實政府部門職責,讓有關責任人員不敢網開一面;在埰用信用扣分公示等手段加強筦理過程中,還應科壆評分標准,真正做到一視同仁,壓縮相關部門及人員權力尋租空間。(記者劉志月 實習生何正鑫)關注大楚網官方微信(微信號:dachuwang),給你有趣、有用的資訊,還有好禮天天送。掃描下方二維碼關注吧。相关的主题文章:

I am proud! It turned out that there were so many special products in Jiangxi to go to space!-caxa实体设计

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I am proud! It turned out that there were so many special products in Jiangxi to go to space! In September 15th, 22 hours, 04 minutes and 09 seconds, carrying the Long March two F T2 launch vehicle of the heavenly palace two space laboratory. After launching for about 575 seconds in Jiuquan, the Tiangong two was successfully separated from the rocket and entered the scheduled orbit. The launch is a complete success. Mid autumn moon night, the temple of heaven two exploded people’s circle of friends! The uniform point like Chinese space!! Although the moon did not see the "figure", but at home eating moon cake through television watching the sky palace two launch, Jiangxi people are as happy. It is reported that the two space laboratory of the Tian Gong will explore grain in space. The reporter has found that the research of crop space breeding in Jiangxi province has been in the forefront of the country. The first achievement in China’s space breeding is known in Jiangxi, and the first achievement in China’s space breeding is in Jiangxi. In 1987, the first returnable satellite of our country carried the rice seed "Nongken 58" in our province. The seed of "Nongken 58" has found some variation in the cultivation of the rice in the later period, the color has changed, the quality is more good, the cold resistance ability is also greatly enhanced. Chen Guangyu, director of China Southern space breeding technology research center, said that Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences is the first research unit engaged in space breeding research and the first research achievement in China. In 2004, the cooperation Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Research Institute of space technology Tianchen space breeding technology research center established in the South China space breeding technology research center, in the space, the space is equipped with seed breeding, space breeding base construction, space breeding technology project reporting and other aspects to carry out in-depth cooperation. Guangchang lotus is also "gone back into space in 1994, Guangchang county will be the first place of Lotus Varieties with the number" 940703 "satellite, and equipped with two times, to cultivate a" space Lotus "series of varieties, the varieties with long growth period, flower, Peng, high seed setting rate, large grain, high yield, strong disease resistance. Today, about 80% of the country’s space areas with lotus lotus seeds, seed industry output value of 1 million yuan, has formed the space lotus industry. Yichun Ramie Seed space is the first time in the country Jiangxi Yichun Ramie Seed "Ganzhu three" on the "Shenzhou four" unmanned spaceship back to earth after 7 days, and finally in Hainan Sanya city seed breeding base of breeding. Ramie seeds travel in space for the first time in the country. Jiangxi plant the seeds of "God seven" Space Shenzhou seven "with Jiangxi province" spawn "-" hang gold No. 1 "and" hang gold 2 "mushroom by the experts, the fruits of the leading domestic level, is China’s first with independent intellectual property rights of new varieties of mushroom airlines. The seeds of 25 rare plants planted on the "God seven" space in Mount Sanqingshan have been sent to Zhongshan University for cultivation. The successful cultivation will be transplanted to the endangered botanical garden of Mount Sanqingshan. It is reported that Jiangxi Province Lotus, wheat and barley, rice, corn, rapeseed, sesame, soybeans, cotton, watermelon, kiwi fruit, eggs have been sending Chinese Taihe chicken is equipped with the Shenzhou spacecraft to heaven. Jiangxi space breeding has formed space breeding mechanism in our province for the practice of space breeding, and has formed a long-term mechanism for space carrying. From the first recoverable satellite, before the "God nine", the Academy of Agricultural Sciences has used 22 returnable satellites and 8 Shenzhou series spacecraft to carry crop seeds for more than 20 times. There are more than 60 varieties of Jiangxi characteristic crops and more than 100 species flying into space. More than 20 years, our province through space breeding technology to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation of modern crop, cultivate "air 98" hybrid rice, "space" white lotus "hang gold 1" "hang gold 2" mushroom crops such as new varieties of space. Such as "Ganmian No. 12" is equipped with high-quality new varieties of Jiangxi Agricultural university special cotton China thirteenth sasayite bred, is China’s first approved by the space of new cotton varieties, widely planted in Poyang Lake province. "Gan late indica No. 33" is also a variety of space breeding, which has reached the leading level of similar research in China. It can be said that the research of crop space breeding in Jiangxi province has been in the forefront of the country. Space breeding is also known as space breeding and space mutation breeding. Is the use of space technology, crop seeds, tissue, organ or individual life such as mutagenic material using strong radiation, microgravity environment, special effects of high vacuum, the weak magnetic field etc. the universe biological gene mutation, and then return to the ground for breeding, cultivation of new varieties of crops and breeding of new technologies and new materials. The core content of space breeding is the use of physical space environment factors strongly shaken and mutagenesis of plants or biological genetics, in a relatively short period of time to create rare mutations germplasm and gene resources is difficult to obtain the current methods of ground mutation breeding, breeding of new varieties, which opens up a new way for plant breeding the. Compared with traditional breeding, the biggest advantage of space seeds is high mutation rate and short breeding cycle, which can create large quantities of high-quality seed resources in relatively short time. Jiangxi agricultural products this is to conquer the rhythm of the universe, for the Chinese space point ZAN! Change life ZAN for science and technology!

我骄傲!原来江西有这么多特产去过太空!   9月15日22时04分09秒,搭载天宫二号空间实验室的长征二号F T2运载火箭,在酒泉点火发射,约575秒后,天宫二号与火箭成功分离,进入预定轨道,发射圆满成功!!   中秋月圆夜,天宫二号刷爆国人的朋友圈!齐刷刷点赞中国航天!!   虽然没有看到月亮的“身影”,但在家吃着月饼通过电视看着天宫二号发射升空,江西人一样很开心。据悉,天宫二号空间实验室将探索在太空中种粮食。   记者梳理发现,一直以来,江西省农作物航天育种研究走在全国前列。   我国第一个航天育种成果出在江西   据了解,我国第一个航天育种成果出在江西。1987年,我国的第一颗返回式卫星搭载了我省水稻种子“农垦58”。 “农垦58”水稻种子在后期的培育中就发现了一些变异,颜色有了变化,更加优质,抗寒能力也大大增强。   中国南方航天育种技术研究中心主任陈光宇介绍,江西省农科院是我国最早从事航天育种研究和最先取得科研成果的研究单位。2004年,省农科院与中国空间技术研究院天辰航天育种技术研究中心合作成立了中国南方航天育种技术研究中心,在航天种子搭载、航天品种选育、航天育种基地建设、航天育种科技项目申报等方面开展了深入的合作。   广昌白莲也是到太空“走了多回”   1994年,广昌县首次将地方白莲品种搭载“940703”号返回式卫星,之后又搭载了两次,培育出多个“太空莲”系列品种,该品种具有生育期长、花多、蓬大、结实率高、颗粒大、产量高、抗病性强等特点。如今,全国八成左右的莲产区用了太空莲种子,种业产值1亿余元,已形成太空莲产业。   宜春苎麻种子遨游太空在全国尚属首次   江西宜春的苎麻种子“赣苎三号”搭乘“神舟四号”无人宇宙飞船遨游太空7天后返回地球,最后在海南三亚市种子繁育基地育种。苎麻种子遨游太空,在全国尚属首次。   江西多种植物种子搭载“神七”遨游太空   神舟七号”搭载的江西省“菌种”——“航金1号”“航金2号”金针菇经专家鉴定,成果达国内领先水平,是我国第一个拥有自主知识产权的金针菇航天新品种。搭载“神七”遨游太空的25种三清山珍稀植物种子已经被送到中山大学进行培育,培育成功将移栽到三清山濒危植物园……   据悉,江西省的白莲、大麦、小麦、水稻、玉米、油菜、芝麻、棉花、黄豆、西瓜、猕猴桃、泰和乌鸡蛋等已被选送搭载神舟飞船上天。   江西太空育种已形成空间搭载长效机制   我省对于太空育种的实践,已形成了空间搭载长效机制。从第一颗返回式卫星开始,在“神九”之前,省农科院已利用我国22颗返回式卫星及8艘神舟系列飞船搭载农作物种子20余次,有60多种江西特色作物100多个品种飞入太空。   20余年来,我省通过航天育种技术加强现代农作物科技创新,培育出“航98”杂交水稻、“太空白莲”“航金1号”“航金2号”金针菇等农作物航天新品种。如“赣棉12号”是江西农业大学搭载中国第十三颗返回式卫星育成的特优质专用陆地棉新品种,是我国第一个通过审定的航天陆地棉新品种,目前在鄱阳湖棉区广泛种植。“赣晚籼33号”也是太空育种品种,成果达国内同类研究的领先水平。可以说,江西省农作物航天育种研究走在了全国前列。   科普小知识   太空育种又称航天育种、空间诱变育种。是利用太空技术,将作物的种子、组织、器官或生命个体等诱变材料,利用强辐射、微重力、高真空、弱磁场等宇宙空间的特殊环境作用使生物基因突变,再返回地面进行选育,培育新品种、新材料的作物育种新技术。   太空育种的核心内容是利用太空环境的综合物理因素对植物或生物遗传性的强烈动摇和诱变,在较短的时间内创造出目前地面诱变育种方法难以获得的罕见突变种质材料和基因资源,选育突破性新品种,由此而开辟一条植物育种的新途径。   与传统育种相比,太空种子最大优势是变异几率高、育种周期短,可在相对较短的时间内创造出大批优质的种子资源。   江西农产品这是要征服宇宙的节奏,为中国航天点ZAN!为科技改变生活点ZAN!相关的主题文章:

Sichuan boys are seriously injured in a car accident parents want to donate 5 people to save -1926年属相�

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Sichuan boy was seriously injured in a car accident. His parents wanted to donate organs to save 5 people. People’s net Hainan window — people’s net Wang Zhongkui’s husband waited in the hospital for 6 days, and his son’s condition was still diagnosed as "irreversible". From September 30th to October 8th, it was 9 days in distress and suffering, and the son still didn’t wake up from a coma. "Irreversible craniocerebral injury." This is given by the results of hospital departments joint consultation of experts assessment, 42 year old Wang Zhongkui and his wife Wang Zhongju tears brim over with tears again. Before that, the husband and wife from Cangxi, Guangyuan, even had a glimmer of fantasy, hoping that the good and sunny son could wake up from his sleep. At 29 p.m. in September, Wang Meng, a 21 year old young town in Baihe Township, Cangxi County, was hit by a car accident on the way to motorbike, which resulted in severe craniocerebral injury. The condition was diagnosed as irreversible. Mr. and Mrs. Wang Zhongkui made a hard decision – to donate their son’s organs to save others. Tomorrow morning, Wang Meng’s organ donation will be launched in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. If there is no accident, his double kidney, liver and cornea will bring 5 people back to life. On the 6 day, waiting for the hospital, the son never woke up. In the morning of October 8th, Wang Zhongkui and his wife had been waiting for 6 days on the bench at the ICU ward of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. They were expecting the good news of their son in the ward. In the afternoon of September 29th, Wang Zhongkui, the 21 year old son, Wang Meng, lost breathing because of severe craniocerebral injury. He maintained a weak vital sign only by respirator and medicine. October 3rd morning, the provincial hospital team of doctors from Guangyuan to Wang Meng, and sent him to the ICU, Wang Zhongkui couple stayed up all night waiting for a few days. Sitting on the bench, Wang Zhongkui’s eyes were sluggish, like losing the soul, and the lover Wang Zhongju wept from time to time, and his eyes had been crying red. Every opening and closing of the ICU electric glass door will attract the attention of Mr. and Mrs. Wang Zhongkui. At 9 o’clock, the visiting time arrived. The two couples rose to the front of the glass door, and then walked into ICU. About 20 minutes later, the couple came out, with solemn expression and crying. "As long as there is a little hope to be saved, if it can’t be saved, he can only reach his wish." In a conversation with Yang Hongji, director of the provincial hospital organ transplant center, Wang Zhongkui once again expressed his willingness to donate. Yang Hongji told Wang Zhongkui, "when you can’t save life, you can only extend life through organ donation." It was a very sad day for the Wang Zhongkui family to be diagnosed with "no rescue" in September 29th, who had been diagnosed with a heavy injury to the sun. At 2 p.m. the same day, a car collided with Wang Meng’s motorcycle. Wang was seriously injured in his brain and was in a coma on the spot. The next afternoon, Wang Meng was transferred to the Cangxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the first people’s Hospital of Guangyuan City, because of the loss of spontaneous breathing, he was diagnosed with "no salvation". Wang Zhongkui said that before September this year, Wang Meng worked with them in Guangdong. In September, the 9 year old son needed to return from Guangdong to Guangyuan and Cangxi. Wang Meng took his brother home from Guangdong to take care of his brother. Wang Zhongkui said, after returning to Cangxi, Wang Meng once told him that Guangdong was too hot and too tired to go back to work again, so he stayed in his home. Mrs. Wang Zhongkui did not think of Guangdong, we have been so unhappy, once again saw the son, who still alive and kicking the big boys have been lying in bed, unable to breathe. In September 3rd, Wang Menggang had finished his 21 birthday. Organ donation is a circular son wish 5 recipients to be "reborn" Wang Zhongkui still remember, in April this year in Guangdong, Wang Meng saw the news organ donation through TV, he half jokingly told Wang Zhongkui: "if I die, you have to donate my organs." Unexpectedly, this sentence inadvertently say, almost "a prophecy". "He is a sunny, kind, and dream man who always wants to do something different from others." As soon as Wang Zhongju mentioned his son, tears stopped flowing. In Wang Zhongkui heart, Wang Meng childhood is a kind of sensible child, treat neighbors very respectable, ride travel encounter elders, will take the initiative to take a ride. "We were going home to buy a house for him this year, and all the relatives had done it, and he said that the cause had not been made, and let us not be in a hurry." Wang Zhongkui said that the son is very sensible in the children of the same age. Wang Zhongkui said that the son is interested in electrical, mechanical, some home appliances are he re disassembly, motorcycle parts of a pile of waste barrier, Wang Meng told Wang Zhongkui, his desire is to open the garage, originally the end to the preparation after the accident, everything changed. "To donate organs, to round his wish, but also to live in another way, let us have a good heart to think." Wang Zhongkui said. Yang Hongji introduced, early tomorrow morning, the hospital expert team will make a final assessment of Wang Meng’s physical condition. Then organ donation will also be launched in the provincial hospital. If there is no accident, Wang Meng’s double kidneys, liver and cornea will bring 5 people back to life. (Liu Yangyang, commissioning editor Chen Haiyan) another alternate life: the national day 7 day 6 organ transplantation center of organ transplantation, hospital organ donation coordinator Xue Jin said, National Day, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital has been successfully carried out 6 organ transplant surgery, Xue Jin and Yang Hongji’s organ transplant team to give up vacations in holiday period, "lianzhouzhuan" work for the relay for life, to the donor and end-stage liver disease, kidney disease patients to build China Unicom bridge life. The first case of liver change in October 1st, Xue Jin said, was now able to walk down the bed and recover very well. The 6 surgery surgeon Yang Hongji, intensive in the National Day period, let the doctor in the team for the passing of life regret at the same time, also for the life dance for joy. Yang Hongji, the provincial hospital since 2009, has done brain death organ donation and transplantation, and has done more than 120 cases of brain death of organ donation and transplantation. Sichuan registered organ donation gap of kidney patients over 4000 cases of organ donation, more and more public awareness and acceptance, taking Sichuan as an example, in 2013, the Sichuan area the number of organ donations to "single digit" measurement ", from January to October this year, the province registered nearly 100 cases of organ donation amount." The provincial Red Cross Organ Donation coordinator Wang Song told the Sichuan news network reporter, 2013 start human organ donation work, in July this year, Sichuan has more than 230 cases of organ donation, saved more than 430 lives. Wang Song said that in recent years, public donations and scientific knowledge popularization of organ donation have made organ donation in Sichuan more than a year, but due to the large population base of Sichuan and other reasons, the organ demand in the whole province is still large. Yang Hongji said that even if the number of donations appears to have increased significantly over the past few years, the gap between Sichuan and the more developed areas in China and the European and American countries is far away. As a long-term authority in the field of organ transplantation, Yang Hongji estimates that in Sichuan, there are more than 4000 registered patients waiting for kidney transplantation, and more than 150 patients waiting for liver transplantation. In the background of high incidence of liver disease, Sichuan is considered as a populous province, considering the factors such as regional differences. The number of patients who need liver transplantation is far beyond the number of statistics. Many patients with kidney disease are dying in waiting. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan) 四川男孩遇车祸重度受伤 父母欲捐器官救5人–人民网海南视窗–人民网   王中奎夫妇在医院守候了6天,儿子的伤情依然被诊断为“不可逆”。    9月30日到10月8日,已经在悲痛和煎熬中等了9天,儿子还是没有从昏迷中醒来。“不可逆的颅脑损伤。”这是医院多科室专家联合会诊评估后给出的结果,42岁的王中奎和妻子王中菊的眼泪再次夺眶而出。在此之前,这对来自广元苍溪的打工夫妻甚至还抱着一丝幻想,希望那个善良又阳光的儿子能够从沉睡中醒来。   9月29下午2点,21岁的苍溪县白鹤乡青年王猛,在骑摩托的路途中遭遇车祸,导致重型颅脑损伤,病情被确诊为不可逆。王中奎夫妇做出艰难决定――捐出儿子器官挽救他人。明天上午,王猛的器官捐献将在四川省人民医院展开,如果不出意外,他的双肾、肝脏和双眼角膜,将换来5个人“重生”。   6天守候医院 儿子始终没能醒来   10月8日上午,四川省人民医院ICU病房门口的长椅上,王中奎夫妇已经在此等了6天,他们时刻都在期待病房内能传来儿子的好消息。9月29日下午,王中奎21岁的大儿子王猛因为车祸重度颅脑损伤失去自主呼吸,仅靠呼吸机和药物维持微弱的生命体征。10月3日凌晨,省医院的医生团队从广元接到王猛,并将他送进了重症监护室,王中奎夫妇彻夜守候,一直熬了几天。   坐在长椅上,王中奎两眼呆滞,像丢了魂一样,爱人王中菊不时抽泣,眼眶已经哭红了一圈。ICU电动玻璃门的每一次开启和关闭,都会引来王中奎夫妇的注意。9时许,探视时间到了,夫妇二人起身站到玻璃门前,随后走进了ICU,大约20分钟后,夫妇俩走了出来,表情凝重带着哭腔。   “只要有一点希望也要救,如果救不了,只能达成他的心愿。”在与省医院器官移植中心主任杨洪吉的交谈中,王中奎再次表达了捐献意愿。杨洪吉告诉王中奎:“无法挽回生命时,只能通过器官捐献移植的方式延续生命。”   遭遇车祸脑部重伤 阳光男孩被确诊“无救”   9月29日,对于王中奎一家来说是个极其悲痛的日子。   当天下午2点,一辆汽车与王猛的摩托相撞,王猛脑部严重受伤,当场昏迷。次日下午,王猛从苍溪县中医院转院至广元市第一人民医院,因为失去了自主呼吸,他被确诊“无救”。   王中奎说,今年9月前,王猛还在广东和他们一起打工。9月迎来开学,9岁多的小儿子需要从广东返回老家广元苍溪上学,王猛为了照顾弟弟,便从广东送弟弟回到了老家。王中奎说,回到苍溪后,王猛曾告诉他,广东太热太累,不想再回去做工了,于是留在了老家。   王中奎夫妇没想到,广东一别后竟发生了如此不幸,再一次见到儿子时,曾经还能活蹦乱跳的大男孩已经躺在病床,无法自主呼吸。而9月3日,王猛刚过完21岁生日。   捐献器官为圆儿子心愿 5人受助将“重生”   王中奎至今记得,今年4月份还在广东时,王猛通过电视看到捐献器官的新闻,他半开玩笑地告诉王中奎:“如果我死了,你们把我的器官也捐出去。”没想到,这句不经意间说出的话,近乎“一语成谶”。“他是个阳光、善良、有梦想的人,一直想做与别人不一样的事情。”王中菊一提到儿子,眼泪就止不住地流下来。   在王中奎夫妇心中,王猛自小就是个善良懂事的孩子,对待乡邻十分尊敬,骑车碰到出行的长辈,都会主动捎上一程。“我们本来打算今年回家给他买房子,亲都提好了,他说事业还没成,让我们不要着急。”王中奎说,儿子在同龄的孩子中算是很懂事了。   王中奎说,儿子对电器、机械很感兴趣,家里的一些电器都被他重新拆装过,摩托车废件垒了一堆,王猛告诉王中奎,他的愿望就是开家车行,原本年底就要筹备,发生车祸后一切都变了。   “捐献器官,是为了圆他的心愿,也希望他以另一种方式活着,让我们心里好有个念想。”王中奎说。杨洪吉介绍,明天一早,医院专家团队将对王猛的身体状况做最后评估,随后器官捐献也将在省医院展开,如果不出意外,王猛的双肾、肝脏和双眼角膜,将换来5个人“重生”。 (责编:刘阳阳、陈海燕)   生命的另一种交替:国庆7天6台器官移植手术   省医院器官移植中心器官捐献协调员薛瑾说,国庆节期间,四川省人民医院已经成功地实施了6台器官移植手术,薛瑾和杨洪吉的器官移植团队在大假期间放弃休假,“连轴转”工作为生命接力,向捐献者和中晚期肝病、肾病患者搭建生命联通的桥梁。薛瑾说,10月1日的第一例换肝患者目前已经可以下床行走,恢复十分良好。   杨洪吉主刀的这6台手术,在国庆期间密集进行,让医生团队在为逝去的生命惋惜的同时,也为重生的生命欢欣鼓舞。杨洪吉介绍,省医院从2009年开始做脑死亡器官捐献移植手术至今,已做了超过120例脑死亡的器官捐献移植手术。   四川器官捐献缺口大 登记在册等肾患者超过4000例   器官捐献,越来越被社会公众认识和接受,以四川为例,2013年,四川地区的器官捐献数量还以“个位数”计量,“今年1月至10月,全省登记在册的器官捐献数量接近100例。”省红会器官捐献协调员王淞告诉四川新闻网记者,2013年国家启动人体器官捐献工作后,到今年7月,四川累计器官捐献超过230例,挽救了430余人的生命。   王淞说,基于近年来器官捐献的公益宣传和科学知识普及,四川的器官捐献量一年比一年多,但由于四川人口基数大和其他原因,全省器官需求量依然较大。杨洪吉介绍,即便捐献数量看起来比前几年大幅增长,但四川与我国较发达地区和欧美国家相比,差距甚远。   作为一名长期坚守在器官移植一线的权威医生,杨洪吉估算,四川目前登记在册的等待肾移植的患者超过了4000例,等待肝移植的患者超过150例。而在肝病高发的背景下,四川作为人口大省,加上地域差异等因素的考量,急需肝脏移植的患者远远超过了可统计数量,很多肾病肝病患者在等待中逝去。 (责编:刘阳阳、陈海燕)相关的主题文章:

The Korean lovers in Zhejiang Province have four years in love with the Korean lovers and are G20 vo-sorpack

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Zhejiang businessmen have four Korean lovers who are in love with each other for the past two years. They are G20 volunteers. Pu Hailin and Kinhana are junior students in Zhejiang Gongshang University. One is in the foreign language college, the other is in the public school. They loved each other for four years. They were all from the Korean nationality. They met in high school. They went to the same university. They went to G20 together to volunteer in the just ended summer vacation. To become a better match between herself and her, mention two people’s acquaintances, Pu Hailin smiled shyly. "Half a semester later, she turned to my high school." Intrigued them through unsuspectingly high school, to apply for the Zhejiang Gongshang University, was admitted. When G20 volunteers signed up, kenhana wanted to participate. "In such an international event, I can certainly learn a lot." "When you see each other glittering, you will not consciously want to be a better person to match her." So Pu Hailin accompanied Jin Hannah to name it together. G20 volunteers are very strict in the interview process, two people with a solid Korean function through the five pass cut six, successfully stand on the stage of G20. Kannah volunteered at the G20 registry, and Pu Hailin was divided into the B20 registry. Encourage each other to do G20 volunteers, Khanna, volunteer work earlier than Pu Hailin, so that there is a time when two people meet very little. On the day of Pu Hailin’s rehearsal to the Civic Center, Jin Hannah stood there waiting for him, "like waiting for centuries, full of anxiety and expectation." G20 volunteer work very hard, sometimes to work late. But the two people believe that this kind of volunteer work is very meaningful and encourages each other to stick to it. "He loves Kentucky, and sometimes I’ll take him to Kentucky, which is the greatest encouragement to him. "Kannah said with a smile. Pu Hailin shyly said: "when training, she will come to the North etiquette hall to send me yogurt, feel very warm, work that day will be in a very good mood. "When the two people are free, they share a variety of things that they meet in their respective departments on this day. Hope again to participate in volunteer activities in the months of volunteer work experience, not only let two people have many mature experience, also let the feelings between each other, once from the boys and girls love to go to the future. G20 was not the first time Pu Hailin and Kim had worked together for volunteering. Before they began, they joined in the volunteer activities of the "Trinity" enrollment of the Zhejiang Gongshang University. Kim hahna and Pu Hailin said that if there’s a chance, I hope I can take part in some international volunteer activities and bring their love and positive energy to people all over the world. (correspondents Zheng Ji Wang Rufei) want to know the latest education information, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? Pay attention to Sina micro-blog @ Sina education in Zhejiang, reflect your demands and discoveries, or pay attention to the public number: education information zj_edu, or join the Sina Zhejiang parents’ Association, official interaction QQ group: 62210056. For more information on overseas students, please join the group QQ group QQ in Zhejiang: 280980058. More information, please sweep the two-dimensional code of Zhejiang education information 浙商大有对相爱四年的朝鲜族情侣同为G20志愿者   朴海霖和金哈拿都是浙江工商大学的大三学生,一个在外国语学院,一个在公管学院。他们是相爱四年情侣,都来自朝鲜族,高中相识,考上了同一所大学,在刚刚结束的暑假共同奔赴G20做了志愿者。   成为更好的自己与她匹配   提起两个人的相识,朴海霖害羞地一笑,“高一下半学期的时候,她转来我的高中,巧的是,我们不仅同班,还是同桌。”互生好感的他们,懵懵懂懂地走过了高中,相约报考了浙江工商大学,双双被录取。   G20志愿者报名开始后,金哈拿很想参加,“在这样一个国际盛事里,肯定能学到不少的东西。”   “当你看到对方闪闪发亮的时候,自己也会不自觉地想成为一个更好的人去匹配她。”于是朴海霖陪同金哈拿一起报了名。   G20志愿者的面试过程很严格,两个人都凭着扎实的韩语功底过五关斩六将,顺利站上了G20的舞台。金哈拿在G20注册中心作志愿者,朴海霖则分到了B20注册中心。   相互鼓励做好G20志愿者   金哈拿开始志愿者工作的时间要比朴海霖早,以至于有一段时间两个人见面时间很少。朴海霖到市民中心演练的那一天,金哈拿就站在那儿等他,“像等了几个世纪,满心焦灼却充满期待。”   G20的志愿工作十分辛苦,有时会加班到很迟。但两个人都认为这样的志愿工作很有意义,便互相鼓励对方坚持下去。   "他爱吃肯德基,有时候我就会去带他吃肯德基,这对他来说已经算是最大的鼓励了。"金哈拿笑着说。   朴海霖腼腆地说:"培训的时候,她会来到北礼仪厅给我送酸奶,感觉很温暖,那天工作就会心情特别好。"   两人都空闲的时候,他们会彼此分享这一天在各自部门遇到的各种各样的事情。   期望再次携手参加志愿者活动   这几个月的志愿工作经历,不仅让两个人都成熟历练了许多,也让彼此之间的感情,从曾经少男少女的谈情说爱到一起去构画未来的样子。   G20并不是朴海霖和金哈拿第一次共同做志愿活动。早在之前,他们就报名一起参加了浙江工商大学“三位一体”招生的志愿活动。   金哈拿和朴海霖说,以后有机会的话,希望可以多参加一些国际性的志愿活动,把他们的爱和正能量带给世界各地的人们。(通讯员 郑吉 王汝菲)   想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通相关的主题文章:

China and Australia launched joint anti drug operations and seized more than 3 tons of narcotics a y-freyja

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The two countries launched a joint anti drug operations a year more than 3 tons of drugs seized in the Australian joint anti drug operations on display at the exhibition of achievements of drug manufacturing, possession of goods and drugs seized. Nanfang Daily reporter Guo Zhijun photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Hong Yiyi Wang Baichuan) 2, the author from the Sino Australian joint anti drug operation results show that, since a year ago the two countries launched a joint anti drug operations, Guangdong as the vanguard of the joint anti drug operations, Guangdong police investigating 29 cases involving Australian drug cases, arrested 69 criminal suspects, seized 1190 kilograms of drugs, drug manufacturing 3187 kilograms of raw materials. Australian police investigation of 52 drug cases, arrested 48 suspects, seized 1385 kilograms of methamphetamine, ephedrine 581 kg. According to the interaction of drug cases, high trend, countries to strengthen the anti drug law enforcement cooperation, November 2, 2015, deputy secretary of the National Narcotics Control Commission China, Narcotics Control Bureau Ministry of Public Security Secretary Hu Minglang and Commonwealth of Australia police Deputy Commissioner Zhang Bo signed the Sino Australian joint anti drug action plan in Guangzhou. Since the special action was carried out, the Guangdong police have worked closely with the Australian police in the coordination and coordination of the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of public security, strengthened training and learning, deepened the cooperation field, and continuously improved the effectiveness of the attack, and achieved the desired results. Editor in chief: GDN008

中澳两国启动联合缉毒行动 一年缴获毒品逾3吨 中澳联合缉毒行动成果展上展出缴获的制毒工具、藏毒物品及毒品。南方日报记者 郭智军 摄   南方日报讯 (记者 洪奕宜 通讯员 王佰川)笔者2日从中澳联合缉毒行动成果展上获悉,自一年前中澳两国启动联合缉毒行动以来,广东作为此次联合缉毒行动的先锋队,广东警方共侦办29起涉澳大利亚毒品案件,抓获69名犯罪嫌疑人,缴获各类毒品1190公斤,制毒原料3187公斤。澳大利亚警方共侦办52宗毒品案件,抓获48名犯罪嫌疑人,缴获毒品冰毒1385公斤,麻黄碱581公斤。   针对互涉毒品案件的高发态势,中澳两国加强了缉毒执法合作力度,2015年11月2日,中国国家禁毒委员会常务副秘书长、公安部禁毒局局长胡明朗与澳大利亚联邦警察副总警监张搏在广州签署中澳联合缉毒行动方案。   专项行动开展以来,广东警方在公安部禁毒局的统筹协调下,与澳大利亚警方密切沟通交流,强化培训学习,深化合作领域,不断提升打击成效,取得预期的效果。 责任编辑: GDN008相关的主题文章:

Tianjin second batch of commuter express train test operation on the first day of the 18 passenger f-popkart

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The second batch of commuter express operation in Tianjin was launched on the first day, and the first time it started 18 shifts. The passenger flow exceeded 70% second batches of commuter express operation on the first day. Yesterday, the second batch of 4 commuter express lines started trial operation. In the early peak period, commuter express train 13, 14 Road, 50 Road, 51 Road, a total of 18 flights, accumulative transport of more than 1000 passengers. The reporter took a ride on the commuter express 14. 6:35 street, Xinyuan bus station has 18 passengers waiting for the bus, and passengers were walking distance. 6:40, the first 14 commuter express road departure, passengers up to 23 people. The full load rate of the car reached about 80% when the station was out of the second station of Han Gou station. Then Chai Lou new homes, new homes Double Street station, there are 7 to 8 passengers, the vehicle load rate of about 90%. Because of the ninety-two, the chemical building and other stations have school and class station, the passenger alternating volume is very large, but the full load rate of the car remains at about 90%. To the end of the commuter express 14 Road Terminal Liu Yuan bus station, more than 60 passengers on the bus, more than 80% passengers all go to the subway station to continue to transfer to the subway. According to statistics, the first 14 commuter express road to meet the travel needs of passengers more than 100 people. At the same time, the average full load rate of the 4 commuter express lines in the second batch is about 70%. The highest rate of full load line is 14 road commuter express, the lowest commuter express 50 road full load rate is more than 50%. From the speed-up effect, the average speed of the 4 routes is 30%, of which the fastest commuter express is 14, the speed up to 38%, the rest of the lines are over 20%, and all the lines are more than 20 minutes away from the regular bus line.   在首批开通11条通勤快车线路基础上,第二批开通线路将在既有通勤快车网基础上形成“一网、三射、一连通”线网格局,即在市区通勤快车网基础上,新开通3条通勤快车线路辐射津南、北辰等环城四区,另1条连通滨海新区汉沽与塘沽的通勤联系,满足更多市民出行需求。 (journalist Su Xiaomei correspondent Zhu Wenqing)

天津第二批通勤快车试运营首日 发车18班次客流超七成 第二批通勤快车试运营首日体验   昨天,第二批开通的4条通勤快车线路启动试运营。在早高峰时段,通勤快车13路、14路、50路、51路共发车18个班次,累计运送乘客1000余人次。   记者对通勤快车14路进行了乘车体验。6:35,小街新苑公交站已有18名乘客等待乘车,远处还有乘客陆续走来。6:40,首班通勤快车14路发车时,乘客达23人。从第二站汉沟站出站时,车上满载率达到八成左右。随后柴楼新家园、双街新家园等站,均有7到8名乘客上车,车辆满载率达九成左右。由于九十二中、化工大楼等站有学校及班车站,乘客交替量非常大,但车上满载率始终保持在九成左右。至通勤快车14路终点站刘园公交站,车上60余名乘客一起下车,超过八成乘客均前往地铁站继续换乘地铁。据统计,首班通勤快车14路共满足100余人次乘客出行需求。同时,第二批开通的4条通勤快车线路平均满载率在七成左右。满载率最高的线路为通勤快车14路,最低的通勤快车50路满载率也在五成以上。从提速效果上看,4条线路平均提速30%,其中最快的通勤快车14路提速达38%,其余线路均在20%以上,各条线路均较常规公交线有不少于20分钟的速度提升。   在首批开通11条通勤快车线路基础上,第二批开通线路将在既有通勤快车网基础上形成“一网、三射、一连通”线网格局,即在市区通勤快车网基础上,新开通3条通勤快车线路辐射津南、北辰等环城四区,另1条连通滨海新区汉沽与塘沽的通勤联系,满足更多市民出行需求。(记者 苏晓梅 通讯员 朱文庆)相关的主题文章:

保卫资产“路”在何方 经济大咖如是说-plants war

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保卫资产“路”在何方 经济大咖如是说导读: 伴随2016十一黄金周楼市降温,房地产投资的利好时代结束,中国房地产市场从“投机”步入理性“投资”阶段,从前闭着眼睛都能赚钱的时代已过去,以“去住宅化”为趋势的地产市场或将成为趋势,这将对高净值人群资产配置带来什么的影响?新的理财方向在哪里?资金进入楼市是否还有机会?为此,由和讯地产网主办、龙湖地产(龙湖·时代天街 龙湖·香醍溪岸)赞助的经济论坛“大咖指路 财富论道“活动,为众多置业者指引方向。大咖指路,高净值人群不可错过11月13日下午,由和讯地产网主办,龙湖地产赞助的《大咖指路·财富论道》商业论坛,在北京市丰台区西国贸大酒店正式举办。此次论坛堪称高净值人群的“理财教科书”,活动特邀知名财经评论家、华夏时报总编辑 水皮、知名主持人、「长盛说房」首席内容官姚长盛、全联房地产商会 商业地产研究会会长王永平、以及永辉超市股份有限公司北京拓展总监马利东诸位经济大咖,现场解说,论道财经,指引理财方向。(“大咖指路 财富论道“商业论坛活动现场)经济下行期,资产配置要擦亮眼睛中国房价阶梯式上涨 目前再遇调整期水皮提到,从过去的几年总结来看,中国房地产走势属于阶梯式跳涨,完全不同于国外的平稳式上涨,比如2003、2004年属于房价暴涨期,两年约涨一倍,后遇到了2005 -2008年四年一个平台期,2008年甚至房价有所回落;继而2009-2010年再遇房价几乎又上涨一倍,2010-2014年是平台整理,2014年房价有所回落;再到现在2015-2016年几乎又遇一倍的涨幅,那么后面即将迎来的应该是一个平台整理期。人民币贬值,资产安全问题成重点如果房地产投资进一步下跌的话,中国经济中的6.7%绝对不是拐点,这需要做比较长的思想准备,在此过程中间,资产配置依然是所谓中产阶级以上最焦虑的问题。在中国的经济形势逐渐地产化,整个房地产金融化的形势下,做长期的资产配置是可以的,而其中50%、70%应该是房地产的配置。以十年时间计算,曾经配置房产以及炒股的,今天的结果却是两种境界,十年之后的今天,房价涨幅至少四到五倍,而十年炒股,结基本上原地踏步,甚至血本无归,极少数成为英雄,所以房地产从概率上来讲,几乎是百分百的安全。为了资产的保值,目前可以考虑的信托方案中有美国的商业地产,回报率约为10%,同样可以考虑的还有中国一线城市的商业地产,商业地产的信托基金至今未退出,很适合绝大多数的中产阶级投资。购置商业地产,需要精明的眼光:购置商铺,需要专业的眼光,中国房地产经济目前趋于平稳之后,给了人们一个极大的好处在于,购置房产不需要再恐慌性购置,选择过程中可以更多的挑选,因为在接下来的房产置业中,好产品非常重要。而在选择商铺产品方面,建议选择有声誉以及品牌的开发商,因为商业地产是需要规划和策划的,品牌开发商产品有保障,才能同时给与置业者后期的安全保障。龙湖在产品设计上是强项,但是不同时期,推出的产品却不一样,对于生活品质来讲,对于保值增值来讲也不一样,这就是房地产持续投资的魅力所在。(“大咖指路 财富论道“商业论坛活动现场水皮老师)投资住宅只要用“耳朵” 而投资商铺则需要用“眼睛”投资住宅主要是要研究宏观、看大势、看基本面,所以通常都是听风声、跟风买就可以了,行情是一波一波地来。而投资商业地产市场与投资住宅市场有很大不同,投资商业地产需要要专业的眼光去判断:商圈成熟度、未来区域商业规划、周边竞争关系、物业建筑结构、周边租金水平、交通组织状况、项目整体规划与定位等等,更多是看小环境而不是大趋势。商铺选对了是摇钱树,选错了则很难盘活。有人为买住宅而假离婚,但是基本没有听说有为买商铺而假离婚的。所以,不要随便盲目跟风投资,要选择性地、谨慎地去投,而不要押宝式地去投。近几年,全国许多城市商业地产过剩或者说空置率较高,但是北京商业地产总体比较平稳,相对还比较良性。人口多、购买力强、部分大商业在去首都非核心功能化进程中外迁或停建,这对于商铺投资也是一定有利好影响。商铺更大的价值应该来自经营而不应该是物业升值,这才是良性的市场。龙湖·西宸广场项目地处地铁口,交通优势突出,同时会引进生鲜主力店,也有助于周围商铺商气的形成。这些无疑是它的投资潜力所在。(活动现场王永平老师聊什么样的商业值得关注)北京的商业,还有上升空间现在人们谈起房地产就会想到住宅,同时被忽略的是商业地产。而世界上投资方面跑得最快的,永远是另类,跑得最稳的,永远会变成一个正论;从全世界来看,一线城市北京必将成为世界的大城市,北京前期的商业乏善可陈,目前其商业发展目标是先追赶首尔,所以我们需要提高对北京土地、和城市的尊重,就商铺而言,还有上升空间,上升空间也都意味着一个机会,希望这个机会能够早一点到来,不负我们生活在这个城市。(本次活动主持人姚长盛)永辉专业选址人的择址观永辉超市北京拓展总监马利东先生在活动最后对永辉超市的择址标准进行了阐述,目前永辉超市看好北京市丰台区樊家村板块的发展,大致可从四个方面进行判断。第一是区位:纵观整个北京,北部发展相对完善,而京西、京南区域存在良好的发展机会;第二是交通:除了城市主干道之外,地铁交通对于商业是重要、且难得的配套;目前在丰台西南区域,地铁10号线与规划中的房山线延长线带动的周边经济发展向好;第三是规划:以龙湖·西宸广场为例,在前期规划中,开发商将主力店与次主力店商铺进行了很好的互动,实现客流的互动,最终形成源源不断的客流;第四是招商:从永辉超市与龙湖地产将近10余年的合作历史来看,永辉十分认可龙湖的招商能力,他们能把适合该区域的项目、该区域的品牌集合在一起,形成一个区域内的品牌效应。相关的主题文章:

Pull the nose to smell the odor! What is the habit of men who dare not say to their girlfriends-avbox

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Pull the nose to smell the odor! What is the habit of men who dare not say to their girlfriends? In anime, many characters are often seen with strange habits, and some of them are often embarrassed to be open in front of people. So do men have some of their tendencies to speak to their girlfriends? Recently, the Japanese media have conducted a survey. "Pull" love to pull the booger booger. But I think my girlfriend might have found it. " (36 year old school · education; teachers "dig booger). Because it’s very disgraceful. " (32 transportation technician) – "I have a nail biting habit of biting his nails. Because the nail clipper is very troublesome, so I like to bite with my mouth. " (26 year old food · drink salesman) "bite the nail. Because biting my nails can make my mood quiet. " (at the age of 31, the rest of the auto industry) – "I can smell the smell of beriberi toes taste." (29 year old metal · Chemical technician) "I like to smell the footboard." (23 year old construction clerk) – "I’m not shaving hair but pull the beard, always feel so ashamed." (36 year old technology construction member) "every day I will pull hair, I think this is very strange." (32 year old construction office) in the lower part of the body…… "No occasion to lower body." (31 year old precision instrument technician) "unwittingly touch the half of the body, I think this hobby is very ashamed." (36 IT technician) – "I love the smell of smell smell of various flavors." (33 year old welfare organizations back office) "I can’t help but smell the taste, I feel very sick has been so patient." (27 year old retail salesman) Click to download Tencent anime APP to see more popular animation works

抠鼻闻脚臭!男性有哪些不敢对女友说的癖好?动漫中常常可以看到许多有着奇怪癖好的角色,而某些癖好往往是不好意思在人前公开的。那么男性们是否都会有一些不敢对自己女友说出来的癖好呢?近日,日本媒体对此进行了调查。■抠鼻屎“爱抠鼻屎。可是我觉得我女朋友可能已经发现了。”(36岁 学校·教育 教师)“抠鼻屎。因为很丢脸。”(32岁 运输仓储 技术员)■咬指甲“我有咬指甲的习惯。因为剪指甲很麻烦,所以我喜欢用嘴咬。”(26岁 食品·饮料 推销员)“咬指甲。因为咬指甲能让我的心情安静下来。”(31岁 汽车业 其他)■闻脚气“我会闻脚趾缝的味道。”(29岁 金属·化学 技术员)“我喜欢闻脚板的问道。”(23岁 建筑业 业务员)■拔毛“我不是剃胡子而是拔胡子,总觉得这样很羞耻。”(36岁 建筑业 技术员)“我每天都会拔鼻毛,我觉得这样挺奇怪的。”(32岁 建筑业 内勤)■下半身……“不分场合地磨蹭下半身。”(31岁 精密仪器 技术员)“不知不觉就会摸下半身,我觉得这个癖好很羞耻。”(36岁 IT业 技术员)■闻各种气味“我喜欢闻各种各样的味道。”(33岁 公益团体 内勤)“我会忍不住闻各种味道,我觉得挺变态的所以一直在忍耐。”(27岁 零售店 推销员)点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章:

The Ankang driver stopped the train for 72 minutes with a sudden heart attack-diamondprox

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Ankang train driver heart attack back 72 minutes parked train in October 7th, the Xi’an Railway Bureau Ankang depot train driver Wang Le multiplied by the Beijing to Chengdu K817 train, running to the Daba Mountains when a sudden heart attack, he swallowed the pain of torture, adhere to 72 minutes, the train safely docked at the station, to ensure that the National Day period the safety of passengers traveling. 5:10, Wang Le run multiplied by the Beijing West train bound for Chengdu K817 line is Xiangfan Chongqing Daba Mountains, he suddenly felt his heart a burst by pain, pale, sweating through sweating, he has a hand on the handle, a hand to rub the left chest. "Master, how are you?" Liu Jun, the assistant driver, asked nervously. "Some pain in the mouth, you look ahead." Wang Le opened the side window cab, stimulated himself with the breeze, and stand up with your hands began to scratch Qiangdajingshen adhere to the car in front. "Guandu Railway Station, I am a K817 driver. My heart is very uncomfortable now. I feel black and weak in my eyes. Please tell the dispatcher if you can stop at the WanYuan Railway Station." 6 hours and 08 points, K817 time finally over the Daba Mountain, Wang Yue’s heart pain attack frequency faster and faster. Looking forward to the front of the Sichuan Wanyuan station, he decided to stick to it and ask for a temporary stop at the front station. At 6:22, Wang Le made every effort to stop K817 at Wanyuan station. After seeing that the passengers behind him were safe, he just relaxed and curled up to his seat and couldn’t help humming. "Fast, plug in the oxygen tube quickly!" Several 120 emergency workers and the station staff carefully lifted Wang Yue to the ambulance to the hospital. Yesterday morning, the union president He Ming visit in Sichuan Wanyuan City doctor Wang Le said: "in the K817 to change the driver and the locomotive safely after leaving, you can rest assured to convalesce." Zhang Yiwei correspondent Liu Junfeng

安康火车司机突发心脏病 强忍72分钟稳停火车   10月7日,西安铁路局安康机务段火车司机王乐值乘的北京开往成都的K817次列车,运行至大巴山山区时突发心脏病,他强忍病痛折磨,坚持72分钟,将列车稳稳停靠在车站,确保了国庆期间旅客安全出行。   5时10分,王乐值乘的北京西开往成都的K817次列车正在襄渝线大巴山山区运行,他突然感觉到心口一阵一阵地揪疼,脸色发白,满头冒起虚汗,他一只手扶着操纵手柄,一只手用力揉起左胸。   “师傅,你咋啦?”副司机刘俊紧张地问道。“心口有些疼,你把前面看好。”王乐打开司机室的侧窗,用凉风刺激自己,并站起来用手使劲挠起头,强打精神坚持把车朝前开。   “官渡站,我是K817次司机,现在心口很难受,感觉两眼发黑、全身无力,请给调度说一下,能不能在万源站停一下。”6时08分,K817次终于翻越过了大巴山,王乐的心口疼痛发作频率越来越快。眼看着前方就是四川万源车站,他决定再坚持一下,请求前方站临时停车。   6时22分,王乐用尽力气,稳稳地将K817次停靠在万源车站,看着身后旅客安然无恙,他才放松下来,蜷缩到座椅上,并忍不住哼了起来。   “快,赶快插上氧气管!”几名120急救人员和车站的工作人员小心地把王乐抬上救护车送往医院。昨天上午,该段工会主席何明看望还在四川万源市就医的王乐说:“K817次在重新换了司机和机车后已安全驶离,你就放心养病吧。”   本报记者张毅伟   通讯员刘俊峰相关的主题文章:

Japanese House discussion is it guilty of downloading pirated comics-nvidia geforce gt 740m

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Japanese House discussion: is it guilty of downloading pirated comics? Japan is a better country in copyright protection, but as the network is developed, there are many people who will download pirated comics and e-books. Some Japanese netizens drew a cartoon to tell the phenomenon and caused a great repercussion. Although silver mulberry is poor, but there is a principle, want to see "JUMP" to buy. A: "I have an electronic book to download, do you want to see it?" B: "I don’t see it, it will hinder the sales of the author." A: "it’s all right." B: "I didn’t read the author’s book, and I didn’t buy it, even if I saw it, I wouldn’t have an impact on sales." A: "wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!" Here following the Japanese netizens commented: "there have been too much to say that if the author did not eat it or don’t draw manga. "The king of the sea" had met this kind of thing before, and some people said that the world class comic should be read free of charge. It was really horrifying. " "In reality, some people will justify and justify their behavior. They say that the copyright of the network is too ambiguous in law, which is the fault of capitalism." "This is the same reason as the excuse of" not to be known and not to be a crime. " It’s not funny, and people who say this in a decent way should be aware of how bad they are. The difference in one step will become a perpetrator. " "It is easy to download pirated comics on the Internet. It is easy to infect the computer virus, and can’t open the document. The people infected with the virus will be crazy." "I am a tutor, and my students often show off that they have put" your name "on the Internet. "I’ve seen it several times. It’s really sad." "I don’t have a desire to buy the comics now, all wrapped in wrapping paper, only the cover, so I don’t want to buy it." "The same person is not a commodity, so it’s no problem to download." "In today’s network popularization, this problem is avoided. The author’s own absence of action will break up more problems and become difficult to deal with. If the person is to upload game company president found, is also not to be arrested by the police point." "It’s better to buy comics, and I like to collect comics. But now there are a lot of network serial works, only on the Internet, if I have the desire to want to buy physical books. " Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works.


More than 7 roads in Wuhan’s West Fourth Ring Road are bridge driving like a

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Wuhan West Fourth Ring Road Bridge is more than 7 driving as posted lake before the West Fourth Ring part of about 5.4 km long after the official Lake Bridge in a graceful arc across the lake from the Changjiang Daily reporter Li Yonggang photo yesterday, the reporter visited the scene under construction in the city of Victoria Line West was informed that the connection with Wuhan Dongxihu economic and Technological Development Zone of the city of Victoria Line West during the year to achieve the opening. At that time, the two logistics parks that drive to and from Wuhan only need 10 minutes. Many large heavy trucks can also "bid farewell" to the Third Ring Road, so as to relieve the traffic pressure of our city center and the three ring road. Dense water drive as post lake before noon yesterday, the reporter from the nearby Jia Ju village in Caidian District of the city of Victoria Line West in the summer, a total length of 22.55 kilometers of road driving experience a round-trip, two-way 8 lane road is broad and flat, the scenery pleasant, glittering, through the clouds of rivers and lakes, while driving around, as a "floating on the water". From the point of view of the west city of Victoria Caidian, far see Hanjiang Bridge of great momentum, two towers into the sky, a cable like open deck and huge skirt, constitute a beautiful line. To Houguan lake, I saw a "S" shaped after the official Lake Bridge meanders in the lake, the lake and the surrounding perfect fusion. The reporter pulled over and stood on the bridge and overlooked the landscape. On the surface of the lake, where the waterfowl perches and the reed, 1020 piers support the smooth surface of the bridge, as if a Chinese opera dragon crawls on the lake. Liu Dong, a project leader, told reporters that the West Fourth Ring Road was closely related to the water network, crossing the Hanjiang River, the Shihu lake, the drum crossing river, the bosom lake, the post official lake, the Northwest Lake and the Dongjing river. There were 3 rivers and 4 lakes, so 7 or more roads were all bridges. Among them, the design of Hou Guan Hu bridge is unique, because driving for a long time on a straight line bridge will make people tired. The slow streamlined design can relieve fatigue. From the vertical point of view, the bridge is only 4 meters from the height of the lake. "The design is so low that the driver is like the lake, and the mood is more pleasurable". It is understood that the western section is the first link of the Fourth Ring Road to start construction. The route is going from north to south. Along the East and West Lake area, Caidian District, Hanyang district and Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone, the design speed is 100 kilometers per hour. At present, the project is carrying out the construction of the subsidiary facilities of the bridge, and some sections of the road have begun to spread the asphalt for the final preparation for the West Fourth Ring Road. Lai Yongfeng, the head of the West Fourth Ring Road, is responsible for protecting the water from piling, so that the length of the cross section of the official Lake Bridge is 4.6 kilometers. In order to ensure that the water body is not polluted, the monitoring points of water and environmental protection departments are located on the bridge side. Yesterday, he told reporters that in order not to let the mud pollution of the water quality of the government lake, the design and construction personnel are not much thought. During the construction, the staff set up a Zhanqiao bar at the scene, the use of steel tube pile to form a slurry within the circulatory system, can ensure the mud in the barrel treatment does not drain. Every day, there are a number of supervisors who focus on pile driving. Each pile is covered by a steel tube, and the mud is pumped out with a pump. At the peak of the construction, 400 cubic meters of mud can be towed away every day. The reporter understands, the west city of Victoria on Hanjiang River Bridge, the bridge is a prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge at home and the width of the bridge is 43.6 meters wide, 136 meters high, single span 360 meters, through the innovation of scientific research and technology, solve the ultra wide cracks of prestressed concrete beam control technology difficult problem. City of Victoria Line West also cross, Handan Han Yi two existing railway bridge, and the city’s largest hub interchange bridge.

武汉西四环7成以上道路是桥梁 驾车如同贴湖而过西四环组成部分之一——长约5.4公里的后官湖大桥以一个优美的弧线从湖上跨过记者李永刚摄昨日,长江日报记者现场探访正在建设中的四环线西段获悉,连接东西湖区与武汉经济技术开发区的四环线西段年内可实现通车。届时,驾车来往于武汉的这两大物流园区仅需10分钟,不少大型重载货车也可“告别”三环线,以缓解我市中心城区及三环线的交通压力。水网密布驾车如同贴湖而过昨日中午,记者从蔡甸区夏家咀村附近进入四环线西段,在全长22.55公里的路面驾车体验了一个来回,双向8车道的道路宽阔平坦,沿路景色宜人,波光粼粼,行经之处密布河流、湖泊,驾车时心旷神怡,好似“水上漂”。从西四环蔡甸段出发,远看汉江特大桥气势磅礴,两座桥塔直冲云霄,一根根斜拉索犹如张开的巨大裙摆,与桥面共同构成美丽的线型。行至后官湖段,只见呈“S”形的后官湖大桥在湖面上蜿蜒向前,与周边湖光水色完美融合。记者靠边停车,站在桥上远眺,周边美景尽收眼底。在这片水鸟栖息、芦苇遍地的湖面上,1020根桥墩支撑起曲线流畅的桥面,好似一条戏水蛟龙匍匐在湖面上。项目相关负责人刘东告诉记者,西四环所经之处水网密布,跨汉江、什湖、打鼓渡河、知音湖、后官湖、西北湖、东荆河,共计3条河流,4个湖泊,因此7成以上道路都是桥梁。其中,后官湖大桥的设计尤其独具特色,因为在直线桥型上驾车久了会让人很累,而舒缓的流线型设计可缓解疲劳。从纵面看,桥面距湖面高度处仅4米,“设计得这么低,是为了让开车的人如同贴湖而过,心情更愉悦”。据了解,西段是四环线率先开工建设的一段,路线走向由北向南延伸,沿线经过东西湖区、蔡甸区、汉阳区和武汉经济技术开发区,设计时速100公里 小时。目前项目正在进行桥面附属设施的施工,部分路段已开始摊铺沥青,为西四环今年底通车做最后准备。保护水体打桩不让泥浆外流西四环指挥部相关负责人来永峰介绍,后官湖大桥跨湖段长度4.6公里,为保证水体不受污染,水务和环保部门的监测点就设在桥边。昨日,他向记者透露,为了不让泥浆污染后官湖的水质,设计及施工人员没少费心思。施工时,工作人员在现场架起一条钢栈桥,打桩时利用钢护筒形成一个泥浆内循环系统,可保证泥浆在筒内处理不外流。每天现场有多名监督人员专盯打桩环节,每根桩都被一个钢护筒罩住,再用泵将泥浆抽出。施工高峰期,每天能拖走400立方米的泥浆。记者了解到,西四环上的汉江特大桥,是目前国内桥面最宽的预应力混凝土斜拉桥,桥宽43.6米,塔高136米,单跨360米,通过科研攻关与技术创新,解决了超宽预应力混凝土梁的裂缝控制技术难题。四环线西段还上跨汉丹、汉宜两条既有线铁路桥,以及全市最大的枢纽互通立交桥。相关的主题文章:

Hand in hand teach you how to save 500 thousand quickly in two years-foldercure

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Hand in hand teach you: how to save 500 thousand quickly in two years? [Abstract] the rich two generations depend on the inheritance, the silly elder sister depends on the luck, but this is all the minority after all, believe that most depends on its own ability. Money is a property, and it won’t run into your purse without any reason. The rich two generations depend on the inheritance, the silly elder sister depends on the luck, but this is all the minority after all, I believe that most of them are their own ability. What kind of ability should we have in the end? We have requested the financial Master @ Chiga Gupo today, see how she did it. In 2012, my husband and I graduated from graduate school, and two years later, our assets reached 500 thousand yuan. By the end of the 7 year of 2015, our assets were nearly 800 thousand yuan. In 2012, my husband and I graduated from a graduate school. I entered the top 10 Real Estate Company in the world. My husband studied computer and entered BAT business through school enrollment. That year, we set a goal for each other: with our own efforts and struggles, we held a wedding, and we had a nest of our own in three years. To achieve this goal, of course, it takes a lot of money. Fortunately, by the end of 2014, our assets broke through 500 thousand yuan; as of July 2015, our assets were nearly 800 thousand. Now we are married, and we have set up a plan to buy a house, and soon the goal will be all done! 1, to give your life a basic money is a property, it will not be unprovoked to your purse. The rich two generations depend on the inheritance, the silly elder sister depends on the luck, but this is all the minority after all, I believe that most of them are their own ability! My husband and I graduated from graduate school in 2012. During the period of reading, we were always called "academic couple" by our classmates. In fact, there is no good results, but mutual influence and mutual progress, from the university to graduate students, all the way is more smooth. Especially during graduate school, many students may begin to think about making money, and we still do experiments and run libraries. We have always believed that in this impetuous society, we must keep more and more, to gain more. After graduating from college, husband entered the BAT work through campus recruitment, and I got home a very good offer., so in three years to save enough for 800 thousand, because we have accumulated a good foundation before entering the society, have a choice when employment rights that took a copy of the students is much higher than the wage. The first experience I shared is that no matter in school or in the society, if you want to get something in the long run, you must first arm yourself. [Abstract] the rich two generations depend on the inheritance, the silly elder sister depends on the luck, but this is all the minority after all, believe that most depends on its own ability. 3, without saving money, there will never be money, "money is not saved, but earned." This sentence does not know how many people have hurt. Do you remember this formula? Income expenses = deposit is not recommended Nabier · Gates, Buffett such a case to prove the importance of income for ordinary people, because for a short time, your income is almost unable to achieve surge, then money is saved out. Of course, my husband and my husband are not the highest among the students, but they do save the most. The two generation of people who buy a car for a house at a graduating family is excepted. It all stems from the fact that we have a better spending habit for us. For us: income deposits = expenses for my husband and I have the habit of bookkeeping. In the use of 3 months or so, we have a preliminary judgement of how much money we need to spend every month. On this basis, the majority of the wages have been put out, and the quality of life will not be affected. And the rest of it is what we spend this month. It is strongly recommended to use this method for people who can’t hold money. The secret to this method is that: unless you have a very special case, otherwise don’t have money out, otherwise it will come to naught. [Abstract] the rich two generations depend on the inheritance, the silly elder sister depends on the luck, but this is all the minority after all, believe that most depends on its own ability. 4, about financial products: do not know not to touch on a financial product, it is easy to invest, this is nothing more than gambling. Once I went back to my hometown, I heard that my neighbors were buying insurance, but what products they asked, what they were, what their nature was, why they guaranteed their interests, and so on, they didn’t know it at all. They only bought it when they were acquaintances recommended. What a great heart it is! As a result of the work too busy, my husband and I do not have a special research on financial products. At first, there was a bank to earn a salary, and then it began to be put in Yu Moubao, and then it was no problem to add a tea egg for every meal. It is very convenient and can be taken out at any time. But now I basically do not vote Bao Yu, income is too low, less than 3%. In the recent period, I began to learn about P2P products. However, there has not been a start. In the past few years, P2P companies have risen a lot, and many of them fail to see a lot of running on the Internet. I believe that I will not be able to invest easily until I have enough time and energy to understand thoroughly. That’s what I share today. Instead of sharing financial dry goods, I would like to say that it is a kind of sharing of life attitude and hope for a good future! A very favorite word: there are so many people who are serious about life. I believe that this is the best interpretation! Wish everyone to realize their own financial dreams! (melting 360)

手把手教你:两年内如何快速存到50万? [摘要]富二代靠继承、傻大姐靠运气,但这毕竟都是少数,相信大多数靠的还是自己的能力。钱是有属性的,它并不会无缘无故的跑到你的荷包里。富二代靠继承、傻大姐靠运气,但这毕竟都是少数,相信大多数靠的还是自己的能力。那到底应该具备哪些能力呢?今天我们有请理财达人@千河姑婆 ,看看她是如何做到的。2012年,我和老公研究生毕业,两年后,我们的资产达到了50万元。截止2015年7年,我们的资产近80万元。2012年,我和老公研究生毕业,我进入了一家全国排名前10的房地产公司,老公学的是计算机,通过校招进入了BAT企业之一。那一年,我们给彼此定下了一个目标:靠自己的努力和奋斗,举办婚礼,并在三年内拥有属于自己的小窝。要实现这个目标,当然需要很多的钱。很庆幸的是,到2014年年底,我们的资产突破了50万元;截至2015年7月,我们的资产已经近80万。现在我们已经结了婚,并已经制定了买房计划,很快目标就可以全部实现!1、给自己的人生打一个基础钱是有属性的,它并不会无缘无故的跑到你的荷包里。富二代靠继承、傻大姐靠运气,但这毕竟都是少数,相信大多数靠的还是自己的能力!我和老公2012年研究生毕业,在读书期间,我们俩就一直被同学们称为“学术伉俪”。其实并没有成绩多好,只是互相影响互相进步,从大学读到研究生,一路都比较顺利。特别在研究生期间,很多同学可能会开始想着去挣钱,而我们还是一如既往的做实验,跑图书馆。我们一直相信,在这个浮躁的社会,必须让自己静下心来积累更多,才可以收获更多。大学毕业后,老公通过校园招聘进入了BAT工作,而我也得到了老家一个非常不错的公司的offer.所以能在不到三年的时间存够80万,是因为我们在进入社会之前都积累了比较好的基础,在就业的时候拥有选择的权利,拿了一份比同学们要高许多的工资。我分享的第一个经验就是:不管是在学校还是已经踏入社会,如果你想长期持续不断地在事业上有所收获,你必须先武装自己。 [摘要]富二代靠继承、傻大姐靠运气,但这毕竟都是少数,相信大多数靠的还是自己的能力。3、不攒钱,永远没有钱“钱不是攒出来的,而是挣出来的。”这句话不知道害了多少人。还记得这个公式么?收入-花销=存款建议不要拿比尔·盖茨、巴菲特这样案例来证明收入的重要性,因为对于对于普通人而言,短时间里你的收入几乎无法达到暴增,那么钱就是攒出来的。我和老公的工资在同学们中,当然不算最高,但是确实存钱应该是最多的。一毕业家里就给买房买车的那种富二代除外。这都源于我们俩有一个比较好的花钱习惯,对于我们来说:收入-存款=花销我和老公都有记账的习惯,在使用3个月左右,我们就对每个月需要花多少钱有了初步的判断。在此基础上拿出了工资的大部分出来定存,也不会影响生活质量。而剩下的部分才是我们本月的开销。存不住钱的人,强烈推荐使用此办法。这个方法的诀窍在于:除非你遇到了非常特殊的情况,否则都不要把已经存入的钱取出,否则就会前功尽弃。 [摘要]富二代靠继承、傻大姐靠运气,但这毕竟都是少数,相信大多数靠的还是自己的能力。4、关于理财产品:不了解不要碰当不了解一个理财产品,就轻易的去投资,这无异于赌博。有一次回老家,听到家里邻居都在买保险,但是问买的什么产品,性质是什么,为什么保本保息,等等,他们完全不知道,只说是熟人推荐的就买了,这得多大的心啊!!由于工作太忙的原因,我和老公其实对理财产品并没有特别大的研究。最开始挣到工资就存在银行,然后开始放到余某宝,再怎么说,每餐加个茶叶蛋是没有问题了。主要还挺方便的,随时可以取出来。不过现在我基本不投余某宝了,收益太低了,不到3%。最近这段时间,我也开始慢慢的了解P2P类产品。不过还没有开始投,这几年P2P公司兴起很多,倒闭的也很多,看见网上里爆料的跑路的也不少。我相信,在我没有足够的时间和精力去了解透彻之前,都不会轻易去投资的。以上就是我今天的分享。与其说是分享理财干货,我更愿意说这是一种对生活态度的分享,对美好未来的期盼!很喜欢的一句话:有那么一些人,对待生活很认真。我相信,这就是最好的诠释!祝愿大家都实现自己的财务梦想!(融360)相关的主题文章:

The freshman rode 24 days across five provinces through a typhoon to arrive in

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The new Fu Normal University riding 24 days across five provinces through the typhoon arrived in Fuzhou Strait news network September 20th (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Chen Kun correspondent Lin Yezi Ventura) Overseas Education College of Fujian Normal University International Education of Chinese professional freshmen in Yunnan, starting from August 25th, Guangdong, Guangxi, across Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian five provinces, is expected to in 23 days of riding to Fuzhou. At 10:50 on the 17 morning, "riding a new student" Zhu Xian arrived at the Cangshan campus of Fujian Normal University. After 24 days of riding, he didn’t have much weakness. Before the typhoon was delayed for a day, wanted to take the train, but I think to stay the course, so the two day trip in a hurry. Today, it’s fifty kilometers, not tired. " Zhu Xian said. In the most difficult time, even climbing twenty slopes 17 days at 8 in the morning, the two brothers started from Fuqing and went to Fu Shi Da to report. "According to the original plan, it should have arrived in Fuzhou at 6 last night." Zhu Xian’s brother said, this way, the two brothers because of erratic weather, delayed a lot of time, it is necessary to re modify, almost every few days to plan. On the way from Huizhou, Guangdong to Lufeng County, the storm continued for four or five days. Two people had to take advantage of the clearer weather to speed up, so that they could get to school on time. But after the weather clears up, the hot sun also brings them a little trouble. Zhu Xian showed his wrist, a dark mark between the wrist, like a scar. Zhu Xian joked that the road was tanned and heard that Fuzhou would be white, and look at the sun in Fuzhou, and suddenly felt that "whitening" was hopeless. When asked the hardest time between the roads, the two brothers said the most impressions were from Luoping, Yunnan, to Baise, Guangxi. The endless steep slope kept two people up and down. Just ten kilometers of road, to go through twenty slope, feel the body is empty". During the ride to ride in to coincide with the "Meranti" hit Fujian, the two brothers started did not care. "We haven’t heard of the typhoon, and we want to go on riding in the rain, but we have been persuaded by my friends to rest for a day." The brother said that the night of Xiamen’s arrival in Quanzhou, the typhoon was just going to land. I was going to take a train from Quanzhou to Putian and end up in advance. "It’s more important to report on time." The brother said. But the brother does not agree. "To stay the course." Under Zhu Xian’s insistence, the two brothers had been recupering in Quanzhou for a day, and immediately after the departure of the typhoon. "I still feel a bit horrifying." Zhu Xian said that the front foot just left Xiamen, second days out of Xiamen was hit by a variety of news of the typhoon, let the brothers have a lingering heart. The brothers said that the typhoon, two people in the Quanzhou house mengtoutaishui, enjoy the rare typhoon "false", later seen typhoon terror. Although Tian Lan Shan Cui looked forward to college life, though he had gone through many trials and hardships, Zhu Xian spent his birthday in riding and the Mid Autumn Festival with typhoon, which meant a lot to him. "I like Fujian very much, before I came to know it." In his cycling, his brother also arranged for him "Xiamen tour around the island". In Xiamen, Zhu Xian met in advance with his future classmate, Zhang. Zhang Yang took him in Xiamen street, eat a lot of delicious, let him to Fujian. On a more. Zhang Yang said, "a brother" to see that he is a liberal and dignified, handsome sunshine, very polite gentleman "". "The sky in Fuzhou is very blue, as beautiful as our hometown." Zhu Xian was also highly praised for the air in Fuzhou. "I think the greening of Fuzhou is really good. There are a lot of trees along the road, like a picture." After University of Changan Mountain Park, "Master" Zhu Xianreng in praise, "the normal slope is climbing exercise every day, very good." He began to plan the route of the movement in a decent way. "I like Fujian very much. It’s good here and people are enthusiastic." After entering the school door, "be surrounded", let Zhu Xian some shy. He wanted to spend four happy years in his favorite city. (channel network) >

福师大新生骑行24天跨越五省 穿过台风抵达福州海峡网9月20日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 陈锟 通讯员 林烨梓 文 图)福建师范大学海外教育学院“汉语国际教育”专业的云南新生,从8月25日出发,跨越云南、广东、广西、贵州、福建五省区,预计用时23天骑行来福州报到。17日上午10时50分,“骑行新生”朱贤顺利抵达福建师范大学仓山校区。经过24天的骑行,他却没有多少疲态。“之前被台风耽搁了一天,本想坐动车了,但我觉得要有始有终,所以这两天在赶行程。今天就骑了五十公里,不累。”朱贤说道。最艰难时 连爬二十几个坡17日上午8时,兄弟二人从福清出发,前往福师大报到。“按原定计划,本来昨晚6点就应该抵达福州了。”朱贤的哥哥介绍说,这一路上,兄弟俩因为飘忽不定的天气,耽搁了不少时间,几乎每隔几天就要重新修改、制定计划。在从广东省的惠州市到陆丰县途中,暴雨接连下了四五天,两人不得不趁着天气放晴的间隙加快速度,以便准时到校。但天气放晴后,灼热的烈日也给他们带来不小的困扰。朱贤展示了一下自己的手腕,腕间一道深色的印痕十分显眼,犹如疤痕。朱贤打趣道,一路上被晒黑了,听人说到了福州会变白,可看看福州的太阳,顿时觉得“美白”无望了。问起路途间最艰难的时刻,兄弟俩表示,印象最深的是从云南罗平到广西百色的那一段路途。没完没了的陡坡让两人不停地上上下下。短短十公里路,要经过二十来个坡,感觉身体“被掏空”。风雨飘摇 坚持骑行到校骑行期间恰逢“莫兰蒂”袭闽,兄弟二人一开始却没在意。“我们没听说过台风,还想冒雨继续骑,还好被朋友劝住,休息了一天。”哥哥说,离开厦门抵达泉州的那天晚上,刚好台风将登陆。本来打算从泉州坐动车去莆田,提前结束骑行。“准时报到比较重要。”哥哥说。可弟弟却不同意。“要有始有终嘛。”在朱贤的坚持下,兄弟二人在泉州休整了一天,等台风离去后立刻赶路。“还是觉得有些恐怖的。”朱贤说,前脚刚离开厦门,第二天就传出厦门被台风袭击的各种消息,让兄弟俩心有余悸。兄弟俩说,台风来的那天,两人在泉州的屋子里蒙头大睡,享受难得的“台风假”,事后才见识了台风的恐怖。天蓝山翠期待大学生活虽然历经风雨,但朱贤在骑行中度过了自己的生日和带着台风的中秋,对他来说意义非凡。“我很喜欢福建,来之前就特意了解过了。”骑行中,哥哥还刻意为他安排了“厦门环岛游”。在厦门,朱贤提前和未来的同学张旸见了面。张旸带着他在厦门走街串巷,吃了很多好吃的,让他对福建的好感更上一层。张旸说,见到“贤哥”时觉得他帅气阳光,落落大方,是个很有礼貌的“绅士”。“福州的天很蓝,跟我们家乡的一样美。”朱贤对福州的空气也赞不绝口。“我觉得福州的绿化真的很好,沿路上很多树,像一幅画一样。”经过师大长安山公园时,“运动达人”朱贤仍在夸赞着,“师大的坡真好,每天爬坡锻炼身体,很不错。”他一本正经地开始规划着运动的路线。“我很喜欢福建,这儿山好水好,人也热情。”进校门后“被围观”,让朱贤有些害羞。他希望自己在喜欢的城市,度过愉快的四年。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章:

The man is dressed up as a beautiful woman to cheat thousands of dollars by cheating on a naked vide-木村kaela

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Men play the beautiful nude video by deception fraud thousand yuan will pull the black newspaper news (reporter correspondent Yang Yu Li Cong) believe WeChat "beauty" sell nude video, the man turned 1000 yuan WeChat forefoot, rear foot is pulled black. Yesterday, Qiaokou police cracked the case, the suspect was arrested at home. 12 noon yesterday, IKEA Qiaokou District police station police attack Chen received a man police said he was cheated by a friend WeChat. The man surname Liu, he added a "beauty" on WeChat, "beauty" through WeChat said, can sell naked video to him. Liu said on WeChat and wanted to try it, "beauty" said to pay the video first. Liu shakes, directly to 1000 yuan to the "beauty". But left and right, the video is slow to say, Liu will be urging with WeChat, did not think that he has been pulled black, and can no longer get contact with "beauty". Liu told police Chen Gong that he had just added the "beauty" with another micro signal. This time he didn’t buy the video, but praised her very pure and beautiful, wanted to send a gift to her. "Beauty" was very happy and sent him an address. According to the address, the Chen tapping team came to a private house near the rudder’s mouth. Are the police investigation and inquiry, found a man saw the police look after very panic, police rushed to its control, and through the LiuMou and the man’s WeChat mobile phone, identification of fraud LiuMou 1000 yuan "beauty", is in front of the buzz man. In addition to a number of nude video records in the WeChat mobile phone, it also requires other people to open the room and other ways to ask the other to transfer payment and other information. After examination, the man was named stone, non native and unemployed. At present, the case is still further digging.

男子网扮美女借裸体视频行骗 诈骗千元后将人拉黑   本报讯(记者杨蔚 通讯员李聪)轻信微信“美女”卖裸体视频,男子前脚用微信转了1000元,后脚就被拉黑。昨天,硚口警方成功破获该案,将嫌疑人在家中当场抓获。   昨天中午12点,硚口区宜家警务站民警陈攻接到一男子报警称,自己被微信好友骗了。该男子姓柳,他在微信上添加了一名“美女”后,“美女”通过微信表示,可以卖裸体视频给他。柳某在微信上说,想试看一下,“美女”称先付钱再发视频。柳某动摇了,直接给转了1000元给“美女”。可左等右等,说好的视频迟迟不来,柳某便用微信催促,没想自己已经被拉黑了,无法再和“美女”取得联系。   柳某告诉民警陈攻,他刚刚用另一个微信号主动添加了这个“美女”,这次他没有买视频,而是称赞她十分清纯漂亮,想送点礼物给她。“美女”很高兴,并发给他一个地址。   陈攻立马带队根据该地址,来到舵落口附近的一处私房。正在民警调查询问时,发现一男子见到警察后神色十分慌张,民警赶紧将其控制,并通过柳某和该男子的手机微信,确认诈骗柳某1000元钱的“美女”,就是眼前这个寸头男子。其手机的微信中除了多条卖裸体视频的记录,还有通过勾引他人开房等方式要求对方先转账支付等信息。   经审查,该男子姓石,非本地人,无业。目前,案件还在进一步深挖中。相关的主题文章:

Xiamen reporter interviewed the disaster relief volunteers wearing sunglasses umbrella was suspended-pork face

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Xiamen reporter interviewed the disaster relief volunteers wearing sunglasses umbrella was suspended once the super typhoon hit Xiamen, post disaster reconstruction work tension expansion. Do not want to, a female reporter for Xiamen TV interview disaster relief volunteers wearing sunglasses umbrella as "Red Net", was the network exposure, Xiamen radio and television issued a notice, the reporter decided to suspended, and for further processing. The typhoon had subsided, but the journalist met the "typhoon" in the workplace. The "small wearing sunglasses, a small umbrella, twisting the waist carrying the bag" image, and the scene is too dissonant. An umbrella for rain? Do you wear sunglasses for sunscreen? However, day of fine weather, the sun is not sinister, camera colleagues and respondents are the same as ordinary dress, female reporters are wearing sunglasses on the umbrella, it is fragile or hypocritical. I interviewed a female reporter this pair of disaster relief volunteers face appearance feel must not feel comfortable, many people also feel "hot eyes", as Xiamen radio and television in the bulletin said, "not strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the group, improper behavior, violation of the occupation standard of journalists, damage to the news the image of workers, resulting in a negative impact on society." Like many public events, "Xiamen women journalists wear sunglasses and umbrella interview", and naturally there are different voices. Some people think that the female reporter dress and many ordinary girls as what other girls can wear sunglasses umbrella in the street, but not a female reporter? This kind of argument is afraid to confuse the difference between work and life intentionally or unintentionally. The female journalist of the beauty of this dress right, no one will say anything. Life, but it is in the specific interview scene, the face is hard to disaster relief volunteers, this pair of manners alone does not meet the occupation image, even manners are not the way of getting along with people. Of course, there are people who think that the female reporter is not properly dressed, but the "lose the job" is unjust, and think Xiamen radio and television are too heavy to deal with public opinion. In fact, the female reporter is only stopped to accept further treatment, not necessarily "lose the job" for this. A step back, even if the female journalist was dismissal, was it "wrong"? This reminds us of the fact that Zhejiang officials were dismissal a few days ago. The official relief was wearing new shoes "frame" over a mud, although later also defended the movie is not active, interested, however, he dressed in disaster situations, not aware of being raised unsightly, will affect the relationship between cadres and masses, is floating style performance. Not unjust dismissal. To say, the details decide the attitude. In the Internet age of everyone with microphones, everyone looks at and looks at others, also accepts others’ scrutiny and measurement, and is not adaptable. Not only officials and journalists, but also people in other industries, they all have to check their own image, be in awe, and stop. Out of the grid, play out the circle, do not blame the public opinion storm.

厦门女记者戴墨镜打伞采访救灾志愿者被停职 百年一遇的超强台风袭击厦门,灾后重建工作紧张展开。不想,厦门电视台一女记者因戴墨镜打伞采访救灾志愿者成为“网红”,遭网络曝光后,厦门广电发布了通告,决定对该记者停职,并接受进一步处理。台风平息了,这位女记者却遭遇了职场“台风”。其“戴着小墨镜,打着小洋伞,扭着小腰挎着包”的形象,与救灾现场太不搭调。打伞是为了避雨?戴墨镜是为了防晒?然而,当天天气晴好,太阳并不毒辣,摄像的同事和受访者一样都是普通打扮,女记者偏偏戴上了墨镜打上了伞,这是娇气还是矫情呢。不知受访的救灾志愿者面对女记者这副扮相作何感想,想必不会感到舒服吧,很多公众也感到“辣眼睛”,就如厦门广电在通报中说的那样,“没有严格遵守集团相关规定,出现不当行为,违反了新闻记者职业规范,损害了新闻工作者的形象,在社会上造成了不良影响。”与许多公共事件一样,“厦门女记者戴着墨镜打着伞采访”,自然也有不同的声音。一些人认为女记者着装与很多普通女孩并无二致,凭什么别的女孩能在大街上戴墨镜打伞,而女记者不能?这种论调恐怕是有意无意地混淆了工作与生活的区别。这位女记者当然有爱美的权利,生活中做此打扮没人会说三道四,可这是在特定的采访场景中,面对的是辛苦救灾的志愿者,这副仪态别说不符合职业形象,连待人接物的礼貌都没有吧。 当然,还有人虽觉得女记者仪态不妥,但为此“丢饭碗”却冤,认为厦门广电为应付舆情出手太重。其实,女记者仅是被停职接受进一步处理,并不一定会为此“丢饭碗”。退一步说,即便是女记者遭辞退就“冤枉”吗?这让人想到前几天浙江官员因“救灾搀扶照”被免职事件。该官员穿新鞋救灾被人“架”着越过一处淤泥点,尽管事后也有人为其辩解不是主动的、有意的,然而,他衣着光鲜的出现在救灾场合,没意识到被人搀扶有碍观瞻,会影响干群关系,本身就是作风漂浮的表现,被免职并不冤。 说来,细节决定态度。在人人都有麦克风的网络时代,每个人都审视和打量他人,也接受他人的审视和打量,不适应也要适应。不只是官员和记者,也包括其他行业的人员,一言一行都要检点自身的形象,心存敬畏,行有所止。出了格,玩出了圈,就别怪舆论风暴。相关的主题文章:

Miyagi holy land is not happy! The real life of JOJO is changed to Spain-masa-c

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Miyagi holy land is not happy! The real location of JOJO is changed to the wonderful adventure of JOJO in Spain: the immortal diamond is the fourth part of the series of comics written by Japanese cartoonist, Fei Lu Yan. At a conference in Dongbao and Warner yesterday, the "JOJO’s fantastic adventure: the immortal diamond" was made by a real movie. Because the reality version of the stage was changed from prototype to Miyagi to Spain, so that the official twitter in Miyagi Prefecture was hit hard, and constantly expressed the sadness of being abandoned. Yesterday’s conference in Dongbao and Warner announced not only the wonderful adventure of JOJO: the immortal diamond, but also the cast of the play. Yamazaki Yoshihito, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Okada Masaki, Yamada Takayuki, Ise Taniyusuke and other actors will all join the work. Sendai, Miyagi County, is the background of "JOJO’s fantastic adventure: Diamond immortality", so Sendai has always been regarded by JOJO fans as a holy place. But the crew went to Spain announced the viewfinder, this special promotion of tourism sightseeing in Miyagi Prefecture twitter account "and live in by Miyagi (to Miyagi.)" seems to be quite lost, but also changed the name to "live in, and by, and (to Spain)". Not only that, but also the Spanish appeared on the twitter. It seems that after the adaptation of JOJO’s wonderful adventure: the immortal diamond has been adapted to the live version, not only some fans are not willing, but also the twitter of the holy land is not happy. The story of JOJO’s fantastic adventure: the immortality of diamonds is 11 years after the last plot of a stardust fighter. In 1999, the empty tie Tai Long was looking for the grandfather Joseph · Qiao Shi’s illegitimate son came to Japan’s M County S City, Du Wangting, but found that he had the same special ability as "doubles". At the beginning of his visit, he began a new story in Du Wang Cho about "the envoy of the substitutes". Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

宫城圣地不开心!《JOJO》真人化拍摄地点改为西班牙《JOJO的奇妙冒险:不灭钻石》是日本漫画家荒木飞吕彦所著的系列漫画中的第4部。在昨天东宝和华纳举行发布会,正式公开《JOJO的奇妙冒险:不灭钻石》真人电影化决定。由于真人版舞台从原型宫城县改为了西班牙,以至于宫城县官方推特大受打击,不停地表达着自己被丢弃的悲伤。 在昨天东宝和华纳举行的发布会不仅宣布了《JOJO的奇妙冒险:不灭钻石》真人化,同时还公开了本作的演员阵容。山崎贤人、神木隆之介、冈田将生、山田孝之,伊势谷友介等演员都将加盟本作。 宫城县的仙台是《JOJO的奇妙冒险:不灭钻石》的背景舞台,所以仙台也一向被JOJO粉丝视为圣地。但剧组却宣布将远赴西班牙取景,对此专门宣传宫城县旅游观光的推特帐号“おいでよ宫城(来宫城吧)”似乎相当失落,还把名称改为了“おいでよスペイン(来西班牙吧)”。不仅如此,该推特上居然还出现了西班牙语,看来《JOJO的奇妙冒险:不灭钻石》改编为真人版后不仅部分粉丝们不乐意了,就连圣地的推特也不开心了。 《JOJO的奇妙冒险:不灭钻石》的故事发生在上一部星尘斗士的剧情结束11年后。1999年,空条承太郎为寻找外公乔瑟夫·乔斯达的私生子东方仗助来到日本M县S市杜王町,却发现仗助与其一样拥有着名为“替身”的特殊能力。以承太郎的到访为开端,发生在杜王町上有关“替身使者”们的全新故事拉开了序幕。点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章:

Sixty foreign men at Nanjing hospital inpatient department in the frequency of theft-superrecovery

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Sixty foreign men at Nanjing hospital inpatient hospital as a frequency of theft of special public place, there is a certain degree of semi closed certain areas. Because patients or family members are always at heart in hospitals, and they are not able to prevent property. Therefore, hospitals have become the "permanent residence" of theft suspects. Recently, Gulou police arrested a 3 year run of 8 cases of crime "in the thief". Monitoring photographed "stately" theft occurred in August 19th, two cases of theft affiliated Gulou District of Nanjing city hospital. Through video surveillance, you can see that the suspect is a middle – aged and old man. There’s no disguise like any hat, mask, or so on. 他堂而皇之地随机走进一间病房,十几秒钟之后便走出来,不做过多停留。 "He is the general choice of hands free in the cupboard on the mobile phone, while the patients in the ward when sleeping or not, mr.." According to the police, the suspect’s modus operandi without any technical content, is aimed at the prevention of blind people. "Because a lot of people think I put my cell phone on the pillow and put the bag on my foot. How can I be stolen? But he did not think that the ward is an open public space, the visiting time is even more so, dragons and fishes jumbled together." Monitoring shows that the suspect quickly left the scene after the suspect got his hand, and the means were extremely sophisticated. Monitoring comparison, in 3 years, only 8 cases in Gulou District Hospital. After a series of investigations, the police found that the suspect had committed crimes in other hospitals in Nanjing from 2013 to 2016. "He mainly attacks the inpatient department, and the target of theft is mainly mobile phones, but also has the property of robbery and theft. Because the time of the package is longer, the movement is bigger, and it is easy to disturb other people. So he usually uses the ward without anyone or when he sleeps." According to the police, one of the largest amounts was in the hospital in Jiangsu maternity and child health care hospital in September 28, 2014. The amount of theft was more than ten thousand yuan. The drum tower police have basically been able to confirm that the suspect was only 8 cases in the Drum Tower district hospital since 2013. "The suspect is very cunning, usually after the theft to go, will not stay in Nanjing for the night. After he got his hand, he quickly left the hospital, chose public transportation, toss the way, changed the route frequently, and left Nanjing on the same day. And it will not be a continuous case, and sometimes two times a few months. " This adds to the difficulty of tracking the police. When the monitoring equipment was not perfect in the early years, the police tracked up a bottleneck. Trace monitoring in 3 hospitals of 27 bus routes, 9 taxis, eventually arrested him in order to determine the identity of the suspect, police brigade investigators staring, ten consecutive days work overtime, tracing related to Nanjing 3 hospitals, 27 bus lines and 9 suspects may take taxi monitoring. In the end, efforts were made to identify the suspect’s identity, Zhang (male, 67 years old, Anhui). He was arrested in Hefei, Anhui Province in August 30th. Zhang has been arrested at the present time, and the case is under further trial. Here, the police reminded the general public that the hospital is an open place from the detected theft cases, and the entry and exit of the staff is basically unrestricted. Criminals are easy to escape after committing a crime. The illegal elements will also be selected for the place of crime, and the treatment areas such as obstetrics and Gynecology, the cancer department, the Department of Hematology and the postoperative ward are the first choice of the illegal elements. Because many patients or family members here will have operation fees or hospitalization expenses. Visiting relatives and friends will also bring gifts. At this time, patients and their families are generally irritable and vigilant. "In addition to the patient is stolen, because to take care of the patient, the family to the late night extreme fatigue, also easy to become the target of thieves." The police told reporters that some unlawful elements would use their families to watch the chaotic scenes of a serious illness. In addition to the ward, the emergency area is also the place where the criminal suspects often choose to commit a case. In addition, there are loopholes in the security of the hospital, which also left an opportunity for the suspects. For example, the police found in many cases that the inpatient building in many hospitals would not lock the door at night, and the construction of the security team is not perfect. A large number of personnel, the hospital because of the huge flow of security prevention and control work by the public security organs are not realistic, so the police advise patients and their families should improve their awareness, and constantly improve the security system, the mechanism of the hospital, through various efforts to form a hospital security force, in order to let the criminals There is no way in.

六旬外地男子盯上住院部 南京医院内频盗窃医院作为一种特殊的公共场所,某些特定区域存在一定程度的半封闭性。也因为无论是患者还是患者家属,在医院里总是心系病患,而疏于对财物的防范,因此,医院也成为盗窃嫌疑人的“常驻地”。近日,鼓楼警方就抓获了一名流窜3年作案8起的“住院部大盗”。监控拍下“堂而皇之”的盗窃过程8月19日,南京市鼓楼区二附院住院部发生了一起盗窃案件。通过视频监控可以看到,嫌疑人系一名中老年男子。没有任何帽子、口罩之类的伪装。他堂而皇之地随机走进一间病房,十几秒钟之后便走出来,不做过多停留。“他一般选择下手的都是随意放在柜子上的手机,趁着患者睡觉或不在病房的时候,顺手牵羊。”据警方介绍,嫌疑人的作案手法没有任何技术含量,就是瞅准了人们的防范盲区。“因为很多人认为我就把手机放在枕头边,把包放在脚边,怎么会被偷呢?可是他没有想到的是,病房是一个开放的公共空间,探病时间更是如此,鱼龙混杂。”监控显示,嫌疑人得手之后便迅速离开现场,手段极其老练,作案现场除监控外没有留下其他任何痕迹。监控比对,3年间仅鼓楼区医院作案8起在经过一系列调查后,通过监控比对,警方发现该嫌疑人在2013年至2016年在南京其他几家医院均有作案。“他主攻住院部,盗窃目标主要是手机,也有翻包盗窃财物的,因为翻包时间较长,动静较大,易惊动旁人,所以他一般都是趁病房没有人或者都在睡觉时翻包盗窃。”据警方介绍,其中数额最大的一笔是2014年9月28日在江苏省妇幼保健院住院部,盗窃金额一万多元。鼓楼警方已基本可以确认该嫌疑人2013年至今仅在鼓楼区医院作案8起。“嫌疑人很狡猾,一般盗窃完就走,不会在南京住宿过夜。得手后迅速离开医院,选择公共交通工具,辗转多路,频繁更换路线,当日即离开南京。而且不会连续作案,有时两次作案时间间隔数月。”这就给警方的追踪增加了难度,在早些年监控设备并不完善时,使警方的追查陷入瓶颈。追查3家医院27条公交线路9辆出租车的监控,终将其抓获为了确定嫌疑人的身份,刑警大队侦查员紧盯不放,连续十几天加班加点,追查南京相关的3家医院,嫌疑人可能乘坐的27条公交线路及9辆出租车监控。最终功夫不负有心人,明确了犯罪嫌疑人的身份张某(男,67岁,安徽人),并于8月30日在安徽合肥将其抓获归案,目前张某已被刑拘,此案正在进一步审理中。在此,警方提醒广大市民,从侦破的医院盗窃案件看,医院属于开放性场所,人员进出基本不受限制,不法分子作案后容易逃离。不法分子对作案场所也会有所选择,妇产科、癌症科、血液科、术后病房等重病治疗区域是不法分子的首选。因为在这里的病患、家属多会备有手术费或者住院费,探望病患的亲朋好友也会带着礼金,此时的病患、家属普遍存在急躁、警惕性差等心理,容易让不法分子借机施窃。“除了患者被偷外,因为要照顾病患,家属到后半夜极度疲劳,也容易成为窃贼的目标。”民警告诉记者,一些不法分子会利用家属看望急重病患时的混乱场面伺机作案。除了病房,急诊区域也是犯罪嫌疑人经常选择作案的场所。此外,医院在安保方面存在漏洞也给犯罪嫌疑人留下了可乘之机,比如警方在办案中发现,许多医院的住院部大楼在夜间都不会锁门,而保安队伍建设也不够完善。因医院数量众多、人员流量巨大,安保防控工作光靠公安机关不现实,因此警方建议病患、家属应提高自身防范意识,医院不断完善安保制度、机制,通过多方面努力形成医院安保合力,才能让不法分子无机可乘。相关的主题文章:


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Land price stimulates housing prices in Ji’nan’s Ji’nan property market in August, the highest rise

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Land prices stimulate housing prices, the Ji’nan property market has 13 consecutive gains, the increase in August has been nearly 9 years, the highest 19 days. The National Bureau of statistics released the latest data of 70 city property market. In August, the price of new housing in Ji’nan rose 3.2%, the highest gain in nearly nine years, ranking the twelfth in the country. Since August last year, housing prices in Ji’nan have risen 13. In September 19th, the National Bureau of statistics issued the statistics of the housing sales price of 70 large and medium cities in August. Statistics show that house prices continued to rise in the country in August. In Ji’nan, new housing prices rose by 3.2% in August, 10% from the same period, 2.2% of second-hand housing prices, and 6.2% year-on-year. The price of new house is twelfth. Since August last year, housing prices in Ji’nan have risen 13. In July, the price of new house in Ji’nan was only 0.9%, but the price of new house in August rose by 3.2%, which increased significantly, creating a new high in recent years. Since last August, the price of new housing in Ji’nan has risen steadily. The price of new houses has increased by 1.1% in April this year, and the price of new houses in May has increased by 1% compared with that in other months. The other month is less than 1%. In addition, Qingdao’s new housing price rose 2.1%, up 6.6% compared to the same period in the rest of the statistics cities in the rest of the province, while the second-hand housing market rose 1.1%, up 2.6% compared to the same period last year. New housing prices in Yantai rose by 0.5%, up 3.4% from the same period, 0.5% of the second – hand housing cycle, and 1.2% over the same period. The price of new housing in Jining rose by 0.2%, 0.2% from the same period, 0.3% of the second-hand housing cycle, 0.3% up from the same period. The number of cities in the national property market rose in August, and the number of cities increased. The prices of newly built and secondhand residential houses are 64 and 57, respectively, by 13 and 6, respectively, compared with last month. At the same time, the price of two or three line cities rose obviously. 7 cities, such as Wuhan, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Nanchang and Ji’nan, rose by 10% over the same period of the same period. Xu Hui holding President Raymond Lam said that, unlike in the past, the characteristic of the house price in the past is "the house is in front of the house, the quantity is in the first price." "This round of price rises is’ in front of the house, the price is in the first ‘, breaking the law before. The land market is too hot, and the rise in land prices continues to stimulate the rise of the price of the house. " Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said: "the nationwide high price turnover lasted for half a year. In August, it became the most expensive month in history." Raymond Lam said: "we have done a survey on the purpose of buying a house in second line cities, and found that about 30% of them belong to the investment. The financial attributes of residential products are becoming more and more strong, the functional properties are becoming weaker and weaker, and the attributes of self use or lease are becoming weaker and weaker. Therefore, it is a difficult task for local governments to restrain the rise of house prices. " (Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Wei Xinli and Yu Wen). The copyright, pictures and audio-video data of this manuscript belong to the Qilu Evening News. No media or individuals can be reproduced without authorization. Violators will be held accountable according to law. ]

地价刺激房价济南楼市13连涨 8月涨幅创近9年最高   19日,国家统计局发布70城楼市最新数据,8月份济南新房价格环比上涨3.2%,创下近九年来的最高涨幅,涨幅居全国第12位。从去年8月开始,济南房价已经实现了13连涨。   9月19日,国家统计局发布了8月份70个大中城市住宅销售价格统计数据。统计数据显示,8月份全国房价继续上涨。济南8月份新房价格环比上涨3.2%,同比上涨10%,二手房价格环比上涨2.2%,同比上涨6.2%。新房价格涨幅位于第12位。从去年8月开始,济南房价已经实现了13连涨。   7月份济南新房价格环比涨幅仅为0.9%,而8月份新房价格环比上涨3.2%,涨幅明显扩大,创下近年来的新高。从去年8月算起,济南新房价格环比上涨幅度一直较为平稳,其中今年4月新房价格环比上涨1.1%,5月新房价格环比上涨1%,其他月份都低于1%。   另外,省内其他统计的城市中,青岛新房价格环比上涨2.1%,同比上涨6.6%;二手房环比上涨1.1%,同比上涨2.6%。烟台新房价格环比上涨0.5%,同比上涨3.4%;二手房环比上涨0.5%,同比上涨1.2%。济宁新房价格环比上涨0.2%,同比下降0.2%;二手房环比上涨0.3%,同比上涨0.3%。   8月全国楼市价格环比上涨城市个数有所增加。新建商品住宅和二手住宅价格环比上涨的城市分别有64个和57个,分别比上月增加13个和6个。在普涨的同时,二三线城市房价攀升明显。武汉、无锡、郑州、南昌和济南等7城新房价格同比涨幅达10%。   旭辉控股总裁林峰表示,与以往不同,往年房价的特点是“房在地前,量在价先”。“这一轮房价上涨却是‘地在房前,价在量先’,打破了之前的规律。土地市场太热,地价上涨持续刺激房价上涨。”   中原地产首席分析师张大伟称:“全国范围内的高价地成交热潮持续了半年之久,8月份更成为史上高价地最密集的月份。”   林峰说:“我们针对二线城市购房目的做过调查统计,发现大概有30%属于投资。住宅产品的金融属性越来越强,功能属性越来越弱,自用或租赁的属性越来越弱。因此,对地方政府来说,抑制房价上涨是一个比较艰巨的任务。”   (齐鲁晚报·齐鲁壹点记者 魏新丽 喻雯)   [本稿件所含文字、图片和音视频资料,版权均属齐鲁晚报所有,任何媒体或个人未经授权不得转载,违者将依法追究责任。]相关的主题文章:

Haikou Customs Organization ZhuCan donated raised 253499 yuan, Hainan window,

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Haikou Customs Organization ZhuCan donations raised 253499 yuan, Hainan window — Haikou Hainan windows on 30 September, September 30th, the Haikou Customs Organization "every one yuan ZhuCan obvious love" donation ceremony, to the Hainan Provincial Federation of the disabled pre donation 253499 yuan donation. Haikou customs party secretary, director Lv Weihong, party secretary, chairman of the provincial federations, Provincial Disabled Foundation Chairman Fu Yong and Haikou customs customs officers attended. The cause of the disabled is a lofty humanitarian cause, and it is a social undertaking and a livelihood project which needs special humanistic care. Lv Weihong kept asking for all customs officers learning disabled groups to overcome difficulties and the courage to struggle, actively realize the value of life and quality will, spirit and feelings show vigorously carry forward the tradition and the donor activities, to support the disabled groups in our province to achieve a love of self-sufficiency, and promote accurate poverty alleviation work dedication of the customs. In February this year, Haikou customs to "love miles into the Haikou customs" as the theme, to the disabled people in our province to donate money and love to buy sale items totaling 54913 yuan, and the "day one yuan ZhuCan obvious love donation, love is a continuation of the customs, but also to disabled people, unremitting self-improvement efforts the realization of self value encouragement. In recent years, Haikou customs has always been the concern and support of public welfare undertakings, the establishment of volunteer service teams, regularly carry out condolences to the elderly, help volunteer service activities, mentally retarded orphans and disabled children; the establishment of customs authorities and the Sanya, eight customs 3 poor working group, stationed 2 designated in dry village, a village synchronous connection to promote the "one to one" twinning helping culture poverty alleviation, infrastructure construction, agricultural support and other key projects, this year a total investment funds more than 30 yuan, in Hainan province to the poverty alleviation work advanced unit "title. (Wu Tianbin Wang Haiyun Geng Xiao Yi) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu) 海口海关组织助残捐赠 筹集善款253499元–人民网海南视窗–人民网 人民网海南视窗海口9月30日电 9月30日,海口海关组织“每天一元钱 助残显大爱”捐赠仪式,向海南省残疾人联合会捐赠前期筹集的善款253499元。海口海关党组书记、关长吕伟红,省残联党组书记、理事长、省残疾人基金会理事长符永及海口海关部分关警员代表参加。 残障人事业是一项崇高的人道主义事业,是一项需要特殊人文关怀的社会事业和民生工程。吕伟红关长号召全体关警员学习残障人群体克服困难、勇于拼搏、积极实现人生价值的意志和品质,大力发扬和传承捐助活动中展现的精神和情怀,为支持我省残障人群体实现自给自足、扎实推进精准扶贫工作奉献海关人的一份爱心。今年2月份,海口海关就以“爱心万里行走进海口海关”为主题,向我省残障人群捐献爱心款和购买义卖物品共计54913元,而此次“每天一元钱 助残显大爱”捐赠活动,是海关人爱心的延续,也是对残障人群自强不息、努力实现自我价值的鼓励。 近年来,海口海关一直关注和支持公益事业,成立志愿服务队,定期开展慰问孤寡老人,帮助智障、孤残儿童等志愿服务活动;成立总关机关和三亚、八所隶属海关3个扶贫工作小组,派驻2名干部定点驻村,同步联系多个村组推进“一对一”结对子帮扶、文化扶贫、基础设施建设、农业扶持等重点项目,今年以来共投入扶贫资金30余万元,荣获海南省“联手扶贫工作先进单位”称号。(王海云 耿伊潇 吴天斌) (责编:吴占桂、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: