There are 12 international exposure to strong competition force left for the World Cup dream

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There are 12 international exposure to strong competition force left for the World Cup dream [Planning] at desperately waizhao "master" hanguoguo foot to be alert to speak with their feet China team (ranked Seventy-eighth) and South Korea (ranked forty-eighth), Iran (ranked thirty-ninth), Syria (ranked 105th), Uzbekistan (ranked fifty-fifth) and Qatar (ranked ninetieth) in group A in 12 of the race. South Korea and Iran are the top 12 teams in the world, the country has undoubtedly entered the group of death". However, the charm of sports, it is not improbable, constantly surprises. To be sure, no matter what the national team play, the players fighting attitude should be no doubt that the game, no one dare to walk. "Chinese players high income for the country," do not contribute labor ", which seems to have become the people’s impression of China soccer. The 12 game came quietly, this team is changing people’s views. Chinese Football Association July will race super tight compression, fatigue, and many clubs disabled full camp, even some of the main international. According to informed sources, many players in the first month after the injury, in the league with 12 strong match, chose the latter, in order to save power, for the country, for the World Cup dream desperately. Chinese soccer team has been 15 years since I had to go with the world cup so close". For international, the 12 race is likely to become their occupation career only a "ultimate challenge". As for the next opportunity, only heaven knows. "The 12 season as the World Cup", this is not only the players’ heart. For every Chinese football people, the journey has a different meaning, including the Chinese football association. The German team to dominate the world in Rio, in the last session after the world cup, Chinese Football Association and the Ford company began to learn advanced preparation and logistical support to germany. This time the top 12 games, the country has a sound security system, whether it is charter, diet, golf courses and other aspects have been carefully arranged to prepare for the World Cup finals mentality of the top 12 games. 15 years ago led China soccer team into the world cup the exploits of Marshal Milutinovic said, attitude is everything. The Chinese soccer team, is the positive attitude to meet the challenges of the race 12.相关的主题文章:

Deb Law Hei Katari and Jose Mourinho did not understand why I was so young (video)-bree daniels

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Deb Law Hei Katari and Mourinho: Why did I think about the past young Guardiola ace de bruyne new season goal assists show de bruyne laugh Manchester (data) bright future sports news from Tencent in October 25th to 10 wins in 5 matches, the new city of Guardiola recently state declined significantly, the new play the Spanish coach with the it has been questioned, while accepting the "Daily Post" interview, Manchester City Star Deb Law Hei Ley is Guardiola, saying it will bring success to Manchester city. In the last round of League 1-1 draw with Southampton, Guardiola after the game the players off the lecture training in the locker room for more than and 40 minutes, de Blau Hei disclosed Guardiola said that at the time: "he just told us to keep the faith, he didn’t want us to doubt their own way of playing, he wanted to make sure that we know we play now right, that’s what he wanted to convey the contents. Of course, it’s a big risk to play like this, and we know that." "This is not a world full of patience, but we are trying new things, the process will have ups and downs, the other team will come to meet us, but in the end everything will be okay, we know that we must make good use of the new tactics in order to completely digest. Not all of the team can play this way, you have to make great efforts and hard training, some people may not love it, but the best team in the world will be able to do so, and will not lose many goals, that would be great." De Blau Hei also pointed out that now the game is too frequent, leading to Manchester City players don’t have much time to drill new play: "we always have a game, so we have almost no real training course, it will be very difficult, our goal is to make fewer mistakes as soon as possible. If the coach changes his style now, he will fail." "Why does he want to change? Just because he came to England? It is his belief that he is right, he has made many successful on this play, so I can understand why he would insist, if we lose, criticism will be more and more, but in addition to draw with Southampton and Tottenham, other games we played is not wrong. In football, there are always new challenges, only to adapt in order to survive, otherwise you will fall behind, you just have to leave." Replace the Joe – Hart Bravo recently also frequently criticized because of mistakes, de Blau Hei said: "now for Bravo is very difficult, because his style is very different with Joe, everyone knows that a large number of love coach to participate in the competition of the goalkeeper, so if Bravo’s mistake, people will say no his footwork special. Why did he buy? But he and Joe Hart did not leave any contact, obviously, he is still a good goalkeeper, mistakes can hardly be avoided, we still believe in him." For with Mourinho news, de Blau Hei again explained and insists he no grudges and Madman: "if he had said at a news conference on what people will believe, because that is the only source of information, I did not publish my idea, but I don’t think I like he says, I have been I want to play, playing in Chelsea (data) has played hundreds of games, I am now 25 years old, so I think I)相关的主题文章:

2016 Paris auto show new Nissan GT-R NISMO debut-freelander2

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The 2016 Paris auto show: the new Nissan GT-R NISMO unveiled the Phoenix Automotive News held in the days before the 2016 Paris auto show, Nissan officially released a new version of GT-R NISMO. The new car is based on the new GT-R to build, but apparently the new car is more combat. Nissan GT-R NISMO at this year’s New York auto show, Nissan released the new GT-R models, the new car in appearance, interior and power on the car in front of the upgraded models. The launch of the NISMO version is based on the new GT-R upgrade. The new GT-R NISMO with more aerodynamic, especially the front spoiler details design using carbon fiber components, lightweight building and provide better performance at the same time in the success, also bring stronger visual impact. Interior, NISMO version of the continuation of the new GT-R changes, the new car with a black theme color style, while the seat and other places to highlight the dynamic elements of red decoration. The top of the console using the Alcantara material looks very upscale, the control of the operation button reduced from 27 to 11, and the introduction of a 8 inch display, a substantial increase in technology. NISMO exclusive Recaro seat also illustrates the distinctive new car. In addition, the NISMO version of the suspension system for the transformation, which uses an upgraded shock absorber system and stabilizer bar, while the body steel has also been improved. Power, the new car is equipped with a 3.8T engine, a continuation of the previous power output of the NISMO model (600 horsepower 652 nm), transmission system, the matching between engine and 6 speed dual clutch transmission, and a 4WD system.相关的主题文章:

How does the Mars colonization plan play This article will help you.-shishangqiyi

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How does the Mars colonization plan play? This article will help you catch musk plans quite bold colonization of Mars Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 28th news, according to foreign media reports, said today’s headlines, musk announced his plan is absolutely one of the colonization of mars. At the press conference, he spoke for a long time a copious and fluent, the audience’s reaction is even less than the apple press conference. Here we come to the common sort of shocking super plan: Interplanetary transport system in the musk stage before the speech, SpaceX first put a video, unveiled their mysterious interstellar transportation system. The system consists of two key components, namely BFR – Super rocket and BFS – Super spacecraft. Stand on the launcher, this system than the existing Falcon 9 is much larger, the height of up to 122 meters, is almost two times the Falcon 9. BFR thrust up to 28 million 730 thousand pounds, the Raptor engine single thrust only 500 thousand pounds, so the system of the rocket will reach 50-60. The BFS sent to earth, the whole BFR system will return to earth as the Falcon 9, and then wait for fuel spacecraft in outer space. BFS is also the key to the system, in the process of flying to Mars, it will expand the solar panel to generate a steady stream of 200kW power. At close to Mars, BFS speeds up to 62 thousand miles an hour, the spacecraft surface temperature will rise to 1650 degrees. Then BFS will open a super recoil engine, landed on the surface of Mars, the completion of the Mars landing mission. Mars only $100 thousand musk believe, as the technology matures, Mars will greatly reduce the cost, maintain at about $200 thousand. If the traditional way to Mars, the price is Arabian Nights, because some statistics, the traditional way of sending people to Mars, everyone should spend at least $10 billion. In addition, if landing Mars can form a scale effect, such as a 100-200 person, then the next $100 thousand will be able to travel to mars. Make money in order to colonize Mars is the goal of human musk become more planet species, while Mars colony is just the beginning. This is an extremely complex task, a lifetime may not get musk. However, he believes that the only reason for his efforts to make money is to achieve this goal. Therefore, electric vehicles, solar energy and return to the Rockets is a stepping stone to his goal. Spend 40-100 years to establish a self-sufficient community of Mars musk believes that Mars to Mars to complete the human community, takes 40-100 years. Speaking of the capacity of the Martian community or the city of Mars, musk is also very bold, he will set the upper limit of around 1 million. If you ship 100 people per flight, the SpaceX spacecraft will perform at least 10000 missions. It takes only 80 days to fly to Mars and the time it takes to fly to Mars, Mask said to look at the technical level, ranging from 80-150 days, and in the future, this time may be shortened to 30 days. During the flight, musk prepared rich entertainment for the crew, you can)相关的主题文章:

The baby’s delicate stomach, need to take care of the heart!

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The baby’s delicate stomach, you need to care! – maternal baby’s digestive function of Sohu is very delicate stomach not development special needs I have taken care of millet is rich in B vitamins containing dietary fiber properties of soft, easy to digest this bowl of porridge yam with millet as spleen and stomach Aochu with their spleen and stomach. Very suitable for gastrointestinal function is weak baby food Oh hard to do the cooking, you are afraid of the baby does not love to drink? With two red dates, natural sweet taste, make rice more sweet baby easily drink a bowl of red dates to 1 tips for making skin? The method used is usually full of mother, pour boiling water to soak for 20 minutes of red dates, red dates bubble open, skin and flesh will leave, then it is very easy. 2 when congee, easily on pot, in addition to pay attention to use small fire to cook, don’t forget to put a small spoon in the pot, it is not easy on the spot. Small menu highlights 1 love mother collocation this bowl of red dates yam xiaomizhou, there are a lot of ingenuity in it. Yangwei yam, millet, oats contain beta glucan, boiled porridge, add a little on the inside, can let the porridge taste thick, Bang Bang Da ~ 2 month old baby for relatively small, if not drink porridge, can transform into paste, is very simple and convenient, taste super good. Yam congee recipe: yam red dates 50g, 30g, 12g, millet and Oat 3 red dates, 470ml water seasoning: no cooking methods: Cooking reference month: 8 months or more difficult: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * * * * * * * * * * 1 ready ingredients: yam 50g, millet 30g, oat 12g, red dates 3, clear water 470ml. PS: in the selection of porridge ingredients for your baby, we must pay attention to whether the baby allergic to food ingredients. To ensure that the food is not allergic, and then used together with porridge Oh ~ 2 oats, millet soaked in advance for 30 minutes. PS: oats are not easy to cook, so it is best to soak 30 minutes in advance. Millet soaked in advance, will allow millet to absorb more water, save the time to cook, stirring in a direction to turn. 3 red dates soak in boiling water for 20 minutes. PS: soak red dates with boiling water, not only can remove the dust is not easy to clean, but also allows dates to absorb water, so that the skin and pulp separation, peeling easier. I am in a bowl of red dates above again, the purpose is to let red dates floating in the water, soaking effect will be better. 4 red dates, peeled. 5 to go nuclear, dice. 6 yam peeled. PS: when the skin is covered with gloves to prevent skin and yam contact caused by allergies. If you feel itchy, can be hand washed with vinegar, then in the hand, while the itching will gradually disappear. 7 bar相关的主题文章:

Chinese medicine regimen fall by more than a life point – People’s Health Channel – People’s network-msvbvm60.dll

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TCM: Autumn according to a "life insurance point" — Health Channel – original title: TCM: Autumn according to a "life insurance point" in the palm to palm, thumb, skin color white, thenar muscles bulge, called thumb and wrist, root the midpoint is, thenar points. Don’t underestimate this point, it can have a "life insurance point", especially in the dry autumn weather, multi massage thenar acupoint is conducive to good health. This is because, pay attention to autumn Yangfeihuoxue, while Chinese medicine of wet lung thenar points, with spleen heat, can alleviate respiratory illnesses, such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, etc.. The old man often appear in water deficient conditions, can also be of thenar acupoint percussion. In addition, massage thenar points, due to the excessive use of electronic products caused by the "mouse" has very good curative effect. At the same time, with the other massage point can treat cough, sore throat, mouth parched and tongue scorched. Massage, can promote with the other hand thumb hole near the thenar on, or hands each other percussion of thenar point to the palm side of the heat. The number of massage according to the physical condition, generally 1 to 2 times a day, time control in about 10 minutes. Jiubingtixu and suffering from chronic diseases, can increase the number of appropriate massage, massage strength should be moderate, not anxious. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章:

A midsize car battle Passat MAGOTAN; Lacrosse comparison — car —法拉利599gto

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A midsize car battle   Passat MAGOTAN; Lacrosse comparison — car — original title: Car Passat MAGOTAN a brother battle Lacrosse is a joint venture car who contrast brother? First look at the data, last year car sales charts in 206 thousand car Passat MAGOTAN car to 156 thousand way ahead, followed by. But to some changes in 2016, MAGOTAN surpassed the monthly catch up from behind, Passat, the two brothers look so much like, secretly rivalry for many years, has not been able to win. The new MAGOTAN listed, let the balance of power of two car tilt, MAGOTAN upgrade is worth affirmation. While Buick Lacrosse as flagship model, positioning is slightly higher than the joint venture car common market. But the new LaCrosse active weakness, the introduction of 1.5T models, also want to end on the market in the car come along, so the new MAGOTAN launched, more and more people compare lacrosse and magotan. Three cars were put together for this reason, to make a comprehensive comparison. – who is more decent decent? There are two meanings, one is looking at a feel good, others feel good, they have a face. With regard to the question of what kind of car is more decent, I think it involves the understanding of the brand and design, so everyone may have different answers. For these three public business car, I feel good is important, but others feel good, their face is more important. So anyway, we have to break the decent thing to eat clear, who is more decent? Design step 2017 380TSI DSG flagship of the three car all followed the family design language, MAGOTAN and Passat though not the same generation, but also looks quite like the new MAGOTAN only in the details of the deal has improved, looks better than the old MAGOTAN dynamic young, but for a the new generation models, the design of the upgrade is somewhat conservative, so did not achieve stunning results, not even feel much better than the Passat strong. Lacrosse is a new generation of models, body length of more than 5 meters, the wheelbase is more than 2.9 meters beyond the other two cars a lot. Compared with the old models, the new LaCrosse design promotion is quite obvious, the net shape, headlights tail have obvious difference, Bimaiteng and Passat upgrade easier to see. The design style of the vehicle tends to be younger, the front and rear of the vehicle is not so heavy, the momentum does not seem old enough, but still feel the aura than the other two Taiwan Volkswagen stronger. Look at the configuration of the lighting, the test of the three cars are the top models, using LED far and near light, are equipped with LED daytime driving lights. On line lamp effect should be said MAGOTAN and Passat slightly better, more obvious personality, more recognition. MAGOTAN LED headlight lamp dynamic auxiliary system (Dynamic Light Assist), a city, country and high-speed three lighting mode, the range can be adjusted automatically according to the road lighting conditions; Passat headlights are not so complicated, but the functionality is not bad, the steering assist and adaptive distance light there is)相关的主题文章:

Pacquiao left the Senate back Boxing Ticket sales dismal rookie War (video)-7470d

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Pacquiao left the Senate back Boxing Ticket sales dismal rookie war [Abstract] until last week, Philippines champion Manny Pacquiao is still trying to restore the death penalty in their government, and now he has to re focus on boxing, held in Las Vegas in November 5th to prepare for the battle back. Pacquiao admitted that a drug addict voice support for Philippines comprehensive anti drug Tencent until October 25th last week, Philippines champion Manny Pacquiao is still trying to restore the death penalty in their government, and now he has to re focus on boxing, held in Las Vegas in November 5th to prepare for the battle back. Pacquiao, as the new senator in Philippines, said that while training in the Senate is not easy to work, you have to manage time, this is what I need to do when preparing for war." This time the Philippines Senate is in recess, so Pacquiao does not need to complete two jobs in turn. Pacquiao arrived in Losangeles over the weekend, hoping for a return to the war. Pacquiao’s rival Jesse Vargas was a little-known boxer, winning is not difficult. How much enthusiasm are there for the audience? However, the game promoter Bob Arum replied: "you can say what you want from Pacquiao and Vargas in the race. I think the game is competitive, but others don’t think so. That’s their point of view." On Monday, Pacquiao and Arum on a conference call, around the two topics on politics and boxing. As a new member, Pacquiao’s two biggest goal is to set up a boxing Commission in Philippines, as well as the abolition of the abolition of the death penalty system was abolished 30 years ago. He said, I like to work hard in the Senate, on the other hand, I continue my boxing career. I like the two jobs." At the beginning of this year, Pacquiao was abandoned by Nike, a sponsor of a series of anti gay remarks, and he didn’t seem to be worried that the comments would make him lose his. Because Pacquiao has to participate in political activities every day, most of the training courses are arranged in the evening. His coach Freddy – Roach said, Pacquiao is all very well, he is still fresh on it in April of this year’s "retired" battle with Timothy Bradley contest the third round match on the court, Philippines occupied the initiative. He also revealed that Pacquiao has spent weeks in Philippines preparing for the game against Vargas. "This is the best Pacquiao I’ve seen in a long time. Pacquiao was back." Since the lost and Mayweather’s World War, Pacquiao’s stardom seems to have faded. And he and Vargas’s ticket sales are not optimistic. Arum has increased three Championship Boxing match, according to the number of spectators trying to sell pay way. He said that if Pacquiao beat Vargas, and he will also be junior welterweight champion Terrence Crawford in the spring of next year to play another game. (winter wheat)相关的主题文章:

15 square meters of garret frozen nearly 20 thousand pieces of treasures (video)-t6670

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15 square meters of garret "frozen" nearly 20 thousand pieces of "treasures" of the game player is often on Xiao geography, knowledge of history and culture, from trifles, proficient in calligraphy and painting, have a certain economic strength and professional experience of the. Should be rich, there is room, exhibition hall, the strength of names". However, there was a private collection in a narrow garret Shanghai Beijing road in the "shiraai people", 15 square meters in the garret "frozen" nearly 20 thousand pieces of "treasures", is a collection of all kinds of collectibles, a superb collection of beautiful things, Tingzijian "shiraai people" You Jianrong. "Small" is the typical structure of Shanghai old residential alley, is the master before the reception room "auxiliary" room towards the north, the area is relatively small. To Tingzijian "Collection House" to enter from the alley door, walk across the floor of the public kitchen, set foot on the narrow dark wooden stairs on both sides of the corridor piled up and hanging plastic packages are not commonly used for miscellaneous items, accidentally hit the head hanging. Narrow stairs can only accommodate one person walking, two people meet in turn can only avoid. The two floor of the garret "Collection House" surprising, 15 square meters of the room is occupied by various collections, a small space to accommodate 3 people at the same time standing. On one side of the wall of the rosewood showcase inside and on top of the "full" teapot, ceramics, jade carving, old wine and all kinds of ornaments. The other wall hanging shelf filled with different shapes, ceramic, stone, gourd, walnut shaped miniature bonsai ornaments, paintings, bronzes and so on, the little garret is dazzling, as will be a superb collection of beautiful things, all of them are spread out to accommodate a medium-sized museum. In numerous collections teapot "enjoy" a "citizen" treatment, he is also the most proficient and favorite "baby", the teapot is basically "home" in the rosewood cupboard. The teapot has a red clay teapot pot is not very conspicuous, but delicate, the kettle body is provided with a row of copper nails, like a "fence" through the ups and downs of the pot body and the pot body all blend into one harmonious whole. The original is the teapot is broken, please repair the ceramic craftsmen "hit the copper nail repair, not only restore teapot function, and make the teapot with a history of more old and distinctive. In the garret "treasure house", You Jianrong not only "playing" all kinds of collectibles, kept 2 can mimic human speech mynah and 1 cats, 1 dogs, the roof of the "terrace" planting a variety of flowers and bonsai, can be regarded as the authentic Shanghai "shiraai people". Every morning, he watered the flowers, bonsai after with the bird cage to the park in the terrace to liuniao song and laughter, and "bird mimic human Gracula" words, make him out. Incredibly, the narrow garret also adopted a cat and dog, they never noisy, and the cat and the dog never jump to the collection shelf, nor break a collection of treasures. The cat was a stray cat in which he had been taken, and he had 6 children who had no difficulty with the master, who seemed to know the master’s love, without destroying the master’s favorite collection. Decades ago, You Jianrong joined the field of a strange combination of circumstances, therefore, he quit smoking and wine for investment)相关的主题文章:

Nanjing real estate North Sea Fu Shang city fined 400 thousand – Jiangsu windows —

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Nanjing real estate North Sea Fu Shang city fined 400 thousand – Jiangsu window – original title for illegal sales: North Nanjing developers illegal sales fined 400 thousand Nanjing City Housing Authority yesterday informed the punishment of market chaos, real estate North sea power construction is still the city for illegal sale of Fu, punished by authorities 400 thousand yuan. The notice said, Nanjing City Real Estate Bureau received the masses, the development and construction of Nanjing bay water Star Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. the sea Fu Shang city project, in the sets of commercial housing did not terminate the contract for the sale, illegal resale to others. After receiving the report, the housing department immediately launched an investigation, after investigation and verification, the violation of the "measures" sales of commercial property management thirty-ninth "before the lifting of commercial housing sales contracts, will serve as the subject matter of the contract re sale of commercial housing to others, a warning, and ordered rectification, in addition to the 20 thousand yuan fine of 30 thousand yuan". Housing management department said that in the case of conclusive evidence, the company made an administrative penalty, given a warning, ordered deadline for rectification, and impose a fine of 400 thousand yuan. In the future, the Housing Authority will continue to increase the intensity of the investigation and punishment of illegal activities, standardize the market order, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the market. (reporter Ma Zuobo) (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen in the construction of 56 buildings assembled – Shenzhen Channel – People’s network-htc802w

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Shenzhen in the construction of prefabricated construction reached 56 – Shenzhen channel — original title: Shenzhen in the construction of prefabricated construction reached 56 yesterday, the guests visited the Shenzhen construction technology with prefabricated construction of low-income housing projects in the fifteenth "China Housing Fair". After the balcony, the outer wall after the industrial prefabrication, on-site assembly can be made into a building…… Today in Beijing, the opening of the fifteenth China Expo, the exhibition hall of Shenzhen assembly construction technology to attract the public eye". Chen Yiming, chief engineer of the State Ministry of housing, visited the exhibition hall in Shenzhen, and gave full recognition to the development of Shenzhen’s development of prefabricated buildings. Shenzhen Pavilion is the twelfth consecutive Exhibition "China international housing industry and the industrialization of construction products and equipment exhibition, this exhibition is the theme of" assembly building, green livable, showcase in Shenzhen to accelerate affordable housing, prefabricated construction, green construction and other aspects of the results. The city built in prefabricated construction projects amounted to 56 as the first national housing industry comprehensive pilot city, in recent years, Shenzhen adhere to the "Shenzhen quality" and the concept of sustainable development, the development of prefabricated construction, promote the industrialization of residential building as the important work of the Shenzhen standard, create Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen to forge the brand "to promote a strong, continuous innovation in policy support, standard construction, demonstration and other aspects, and achieved positive results. 2016, the introduction of the development of Shenzhen to accelerate the development of prefabricated building support policies, clearly on the use of prefabricated construction of residential projects to be given in advance and 3% of the construction area of pre-sale incentives. What is the current situation of the city building, the city has completed prefabricated concrete structure building a total of 13 projects, total construction area of 1 million 40 thousand square meters has been completed; assembled steel structure construction area of over 10 million square meters. In the construction of the assembled concrete structure of a total of 39 projects, with a total construction area of more than 4 million square meters; in the construction of the steel structure of a total of 17 projects, with a total construction area of 2 million 660 thousand square meters. Prefabricated construction technology can effectively eliminate the quality problem of the reporter saw, Shenzhen Pavilion crowded, Pingshan a low-income housing project due to the construction of the industrialization, attracted the attention of the guests. Construction units through the project to build a model of the industry, to show the guests how to prefabricated walls, laminated plywood like building blocks will build the house. The affordable housing project for the country’s first EPC general contracting mode of residential industrialization pilot project, the rate of up to 50%, the assembly rate of up to 70%. Also on display in the construction of the science and technology Yu Jing happy homes, sea deer Dan Ming Yuan, Yuncheng Vanke, Pengcheng construction projects are built using prefabricated construction technology, become a major highlight of the show. Shenzhen Vanke Yuncheng prefabricated building landmark projects. This project adopts the new assembly technology system, exterior wall precast, inner wall adopts lightweight concrete precast wall panels, PC wall combined with aluminum mold construction, new attachment type integral lifting frame, greatly accelerate the construction schedule, shorten the construction period. Assembly construction technology, effectively eliminate the traditional相关的主题文章:

China upset Muhammad Saihou humility captain Liu Wei against tough prairie negative – Sohu Sports-super bass

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China upset Muhammad Saihou humility captain Liu Wei against tough prairie negative – Sohu sports   the evening of October 30, 2016, the top China boxing tournament "Chinese boxing match second games to continue fighting in Guangdong city of Zhongshan stadium, intense competition events climax, constantly exciting, and there are four grades of" China. "The main title. Compared with the first day of competition, four battle scenes on the evening of the 30 is more intense, more than the old rivals in the ring again to start again and gave birth to a popular showdown. Finally, Shi Guojun, Mou Haipeng and Wang Hong Hu Bi Li GREE checked on their opponents "China top champion", the first game is a game between brothers of the same master dialogue, 64 kg and 19 year old Hu’s humble Nova Wanggang from police Tigongdadui boxing team, two fighters on the flat together the training is very understanding of each other, so the more famous Hu did not win the grasp of humility. After the match began Wanggang with a sharp jab before hand open, fast convergence straight right clear hit, showing his young mature. Hu Qianxun punches very suddenly, a shot right abdominal counter effect is good, the overall view of the round Wanggang play a more active. The second leg of Hu humility to strengthen the attack, the King Kong to play on the counter attack, including a left uppercut and blew the boiling point. But Hu modest immediately to the color, the left uppercut also hit the King Kong chin. The last ten seconds, Wang Gang combined pursuit of success. The third round of the scene stalemate, the two sides had hit. Wang seems to be more active, and Hu modest does not seem to achieve the best excitement. The fourth round after the start of King Kong actively Chuquan, close the hook combo, attack the opponent after the combined counter attack has achieved a certain effect. A minute ago Hu humble almost didn’t blow completely at a disadvantage. The fifth round of Wanggang to start strong, a round and round, even for modest Hu chasing. Hu modesty is not in the state, out of the punches, defense also has loopholes. The last round of Wanggang Yuezhanyueyong, humility is slightly negative all walk hu. After the six round of the game, Hu modest right eye has been completely swollen, the height of his arms in the game did not play the advantages of long. The final three referees given 60-54, 59-55, 58-56 score, consistent with the king of Hong Kong win. As the youngest of the participating fighter, Wanggang performance themselves, this year has just become the new national champion, the Olympic victory and humble eight players Hu, the 19 year old rookie of the future is limitless. The second game was a repeat of 81 kg class final national championship last year, young veteran Shi Guojun Huang Jiabin battles. The first round of military application continuous play before the hand swings, shows the strong desire to attack. Huang Jiabin in the fast-paced attack take time for his punches, good continuity and placement is changeable, hand fist repeatedly hit back. The second round punches Huang Jiabin to speed up the frequency of application of military repeatedly made substantial power in both hands, both offense and defense conversion speed is very fast, the scene is very wonderful. The next two rounds, the application continues to onslaught, straight left several clear hit each other head. Yellow.相关的主题文章:

James said Slide Show publicly behind Jr contract we all support

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James? Slide Show open behind JR contract: we all support you no Knight JR sina sports news Beijing time on September 23rd, the Cavaliers star Lebron – James in IG drying out of a knight players in training after the end of the photo, he also did not forget to open behind and has not completed the renewal of the Cavaliers good brother JR. Yesterday, the Knights of the mini camp officially started in California, which has been held for third consecutive years James similar training camp. The free agent JR was absent from the mini camp because he had yet to sign a contract with the Cavaliers, but his brothers were obviously missing him. "Hard training! Play hard! #Swish (JR’s nickname) we all support you, brother James drying out on IG with the Cavs, and wrote. In addition, Tristan – Thompson also in the social media, said the lack of JR to make the Cavaliers become incomplete. In addition to JR, veteran guard Mo – Williams also missed the training camp, but little Mo has announced that it will continue to play a season for the cavaliers. Since July of this year, the negotiations between the JR and the Cavaliers have reached an impasse. Earlier this week, JR said in an interview that he hopes to renew his contract with the Cavaliers as soon as possible. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

The wonders of the pool! 200 meters from the horse won the remaining 7 is full of progenitor Chinese-webquest

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The wonders of the pool! 200 meters since Hoss won the remaining 7 is the progenitor Chinese Joe Hoss Phoenix sports news Beijing standard time on the evening of September 30th, Beijing Railway Station for short course swimming world cup, in the women’s 200 metres freestyle, staged 7 player PK Chinese Hungarian player of the war, eventually, Hungary’s win, of course, the Hungarian people can not in general, she is about 3 gold medalist Hoss progenitor. The 7 Chinese players against 1 foreign players, this game is very rare in the finals, today’s short course swimming world cup women’s 200 appeared since the Beijing Railway Station in this scene, in the final, AI Yan Shen Duo led 7, containing Chinese players battle, the only foreigner is Hungary people horse progenitor. 2-8 are Chinese players of course, horse progenitor of the superior strength, even staged 1V7, Hoth eventually won easily in the progenitor, since the 200 finals, Hosszu scored 1 points 53 seconds 89, Ai Yanhan won the runner up, the result is 1 minutes and 55 seconds 18, than a second slower than horse progenitor. He won progenitor is also reasonable, in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Hosszu won the women’s 400 meters individual medley, the 100 meter backstroke, 200 meter individual medley champion three, and broke the 400 metres individual medley world record and 200 meter individual medley Olympic record. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章:

The car parked the bus station one thousand yuan police rumor bus station 30 meters Road parking fin-3344111

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The car parked the bus station one thousand yuan police rumor: bus station 30 meters Road parking 200 yuan fine morning news recently, a "reminder" spread rapidly in the Hefei people’s WeChat circle of friends said: "from tomorrow, after all the bus station 50 meters from the social vehicle stops, including upper and lower off and go, was shot once the maximum penalty 1000 yuan." Such severe punishment triggered a lot of discussion. The news also said that the automatic monitoring machine installed on the windscreen of the bus, can carry out real-time traffic illegal catch, continuous capture 3, synthesized encryption for wireless transmission to the traffic control department, after artificial entry verification of illegal system. Reporters combed the information found on the Internet, the source of this news is not in Hefei, but in Shenzhen. According to a notice issued by the traffic police in Shenzhen, Shenzhen bus station 30 meters before and after a private car parked fined $1000. It is understood that the illegal occupation of bus lanes in Shenzhen, but also a fine of 1000 yuan. Yesterday, Hefei Police Department official responded: Hefei has not yet issued such regulations. "These days it was a matter of consultation. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the city bus station does not allow other vehicles, a video capture is really part of the bus, but a fine of 1000 yuan is Weakness lends wings to rumours.." Hefei police responsible person, according to the "Regulations" the implementation of the People’s Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law: bus station, first-aid station, gas station, fire hydrants and other locations, within 30 meters of the road, in addition to some special vehicles, are not allowed to stop, the punishment standard for 200 yuan. At the same time, the traffic police department also reminded, often on punishment standards, new standards and new points of drunk driving and other news spread on the Internet or circle of friends, I hope you see this information, do not blindly believe, from the online search related news can identify the information true and false, to avoid the spread of false information. Morning news reporter Li Wenjing editor: Yin Ru相关的主题文章:

50 of the most influential philosophers in the world, how many do you know-winlinez

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50 of the most influential philosophers in the world, how many do you know? When you hear the word "philosopher", people immediately think of Socrates, Platon, Confucius, Descartes these sages. How many do you know, living philosophers? Recently, the United States Education website TheBestSchools named the world’s 50 most influential philosophers alive. Although all foreigners, but many of the works of philosophers have simplified Chinese version. 1 step Kui Anthony · · (Kwame Anthony Appiah) Apia Kui Mai · Anthony ·; born in London at Apia, Ghana via tema. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from University of Cambridge and is currently a professor of philosophy and law at New York University. In 2010 he was named "foreign policy" magazine, the world’s top thinkers list, 2012 by the United States President Obama awarded the National Humanities medal. The representative "code of Honor: moral revolution is how it happened" (The Honor Code How Moral Revolutions: Happen) Chinese version compiled by the Central Press, "identity" (The Ethics of Identity Ethics) Chinese version by Yilin press. 2 Alan · DIO (Alain Badiou), French philosophy thinker Alan · Pakistan DIO is Paris college professor emeritus, one of the left thinkers is today’s Europe and the United States the theory of the most representative, the ideological works have been translated into Chinese publishing, such as "St Paul", "Declaration", "little Pantheon philosophy" and so on. 3 Simon · (Simon Blackburn) Simon · in 1970, he received a doctorate in philosophy from the school of philosophy, Professor Emeritus of philosophy at the University of Cambridge (). In philosophy, he is most interested in meta ethics. 4 Robert · (Robert Brandom) representative: Making it Explicit · Blanton in 1977 to obtain a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University, currently a professor of philosophy at University of Pittsburgh. He is a pragmatist of philosophy, including the philosophy of language, philosophy and logic. 5 Taylor (Tyler Burge) Pakki · Taylor · 1971, Pakki graduated in Princeton University, University of California distinguished professor of philosophy at Losangeles. He was famous for his research in the field of philosophy of mind, and he also made great achievements in the fields of logic, epistemology and philosophy. 6 Judith · Butler (Judith Butler) Judith · Butler was born on 1956 in the United States, in 1984 received his Ph.D. from Yale University, University of California at Berkeley and the current rhetoric.相关的主题文章:

Red is 4 even Shuangseqiu 8 note 7 million 840 thousand and 2 note 12 million 840 thousand prize-easeljs

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Red is 4 even Shuangseqiu 8 note 7 million 840 thousand and 2 note 12 million 840 thousand prize ball lottery Beijing time on November 15, 2016, the double chromosphere 16134th lottery lottery, the following is a detailed process: 21:15  Shuangseqiu lottery prize number 21:18  began; all produced, this period award number: 111213141833 red blue 13. 21:30  the current red number size is 4:2, three is 1:4:1, the parity ratio is 3:3. Current red ball out of a repeat number 33; a group of four numbers 11, 12, 13, 14; a slant even 14; a group with tail number 13, 33. Basketball is out of 13. 22:20  double chromosphere current open prize 8 note, 6 note for multiple bets, not to participate in the awards, single note bonus of 7 million 840 thousand yuan, the 6 note first prize 3 non double bet flowers, among them, 3 in Shanghai, 2 in Guangdong, 1 in Sichuan, 6. Another 2 notes for the double bets, single note bonus of more than $12 million 840 thousand (including bonus plus $5 million), including Jilin, the 1 note, Zhejiang, a total of 2 notes. The double chromosphere current six prize out of more than 7 million 710 thousand note, more than 3 million 80 thousand note for multiple bets, participate in the awards, the prize money for each note 10 yuan (including 5 yuan prize). The current two prize out of the 107 note, a single injection amount of more than 260 thousand yuan. The double chromosphere 2016134th national sales volume is 356 million yuan. Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen) period Shuangseqiu sales of 30 million 960 thousand yuan, ranking first in Zhejiang, 27 million 950 thousand yuan to 21 million 510 thousand yuan sales ranked second, Jiangsu ranked third, Shandong ranked fourth in 20 million 470 thousand yuan, 17 million 110 thousand yuan in Sichuan, ranked fifth. Total prize, the prize pool of 1 billion 57 million yuan. This period special award 45 million yuan prize prize sent 10 million yuan, the remaining 35 million yuan, according to the rules of School Awards, the remaining prize money to send to the automatic roll into the 2016135th period, the double bet was the first prize by winning note sharing 55 million yuan. After the end of this award, the first prize special award surplus award amount of $215 million, six prize special award surplus award amount of more than 247 million yuan. Due to the single injection of prize money to send up to a maximum of 5 million, the lottery friends will have the opportunity to get 15 million yuan in 4 yuan. Lottery friends remember, can participate in multiple betting Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan awards. The double chromosphere winning 2016134th provincial sales and sales provinces (yuan) winning note (note six) prize five prize four prize third-prize award first prize two prize six double double bet betting Beijing 12688636 Tianjin 3888974 Hebei 13128280 Shanxi 5839272 Inner Mongolia 6428646 Liaoning 13008056 Jilin 4785338 black)相关的主题文章:

Yancheng, a woman was more than a car rolling driver thought it was a piece of cloth (video)

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A woman in Yancheng was rolling a car driver thought that piece of cloth is 7 points about the morning of November 14th, near a traffic light in the territory of Binhai County, Yancheng City, a woman whose body was found in a van, had suffered multiple car rolling. Modern Express reporter learned from the police department, because the fog can not see clearly, some drivers think the road crossing is a piece of cloth, the result of careless rolling. The site is located in Binhai County, Binhuai dongzeng 226 (Chen Lilu) and G228 traffic light intersection. According to several cars parked on the roadside of the driver, as the morning mist is too big the view is not clear, the car was rolling several times, passing drivers all thought it was a piece of cloth, finally a white van from the 228 national road traveling from east to west to highway 226 right found lying on the ground is a corpse, it car alarm. From the screen shot of the users, the modern express reporter saw a white van parked on the roadside with double jump, many people around the van after a person lying There were many discussions., and various parts of the body can even see the bones, badly mutilated, because the cloth is wearing clothes, so be very careful to see a corpse. It should be at the accident, the fog is not clear, the dead after accidentally knocked by other vehicles rolling, the specific number of cars is not clear. Binhai police said the dead woman, about 50 years old, is the local villagers, the scene has been dried blood, the specific time of death has yet to be investigated. Expand the video has nothing to do with the original old was no help were the four car rolling scene more than onlookers相关的主题文章:

Dinosaur returns, Hollywood blockbusters, or cartoons Sohu –homefront

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Dinosaur returns, Hollywood blockbusters, or cartoons? My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice introduces the dinosaur picture in front of 100 thousand mum here and exchange experience of enlightenment? Do not know what is the mother’s favorite? Honestly, I love most is the If the Dinosaurs Come Back. it was included in Liao Caixing’s list. This picture of magical imagination, let me look at each turn are shocked. At the same time, which contains a sense of humor and makes me smile. This book is suitable for 3-8 years old baby. Let’s take a look at the music! Children who like dinosaurs always want to live in the same world as dinosaurs. Now it’s time to start thinking about what would happen if the dinosaurs came back Will they trample our city? Will they destroy the car? Will not be as easy as blowing off dust to the destruction of human beings? Wake up! If the Come Back By Bernard Most in this book, a little boy with his imaginary world to tell you, and the coexistence of dinosaurs is not so terrible. Don’t play Hollywood blockbuster star wars! People, you need to add a little child! Now with this book, let you know if dinosaurs reproduce, the world will become Meng da!! If they come back, they can carry people to work. So they don’t have to get into the subway or bus! (I really did not expect this benefit (B::)) if the dinosaurs back, paint workers no longer need the ladder. Because when they can Diplodocus ladder. If the dinosaurs back, farmers plow becomes easier! Because the Triangle dragon will help them plow their horns oh! If the dinosaurs come back, the thieves will be scared away. Because we have a ferocious Stegosaurus oh! If the dinosaurs come back, they can help the children to take off the kite in the tree. If the dinosaurs come back, the circus will be much more fun! You see, the actors in the picture can hang on the Dinosaur ‘s neck! If the dinosaurs come back, they will help the librarian to take the books from the shelves. This reduces their troubles! – – – this book has 32 pages, the content is quite rich, every page to tell you: you see, if the dinosaurs back, they will help the world become very beautiful! Many foreign art teachers are using this picture books to the children in class. Because it not only cultivate the child’s imagination, it is very suitable for the line and let the children to draw their own minds and the dinosaur. Let this book let the children take the dinosaurs to modern society! At the end of the book, all the dinosaurs!相关的主题文章:

Faq! Commercial housing and ordinary residential in the end what to buy-9c8947

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Faq! Commercial housing and ordinary residential in the end what to buy? In recent years Beijing scarce land resources, residential land is scarce, affected by this, the less ordinary residential products are on the market, and the purchase of housing demand is more and more, in order to meet the housing needs of the growing, previously overlooked commercial products gradually taken seriously by people, now taking the housing has occupied half of the country’s property market in Beijing. However, in real life to buy a house, we will always be entangled in the end is to buy commercial housing or ordinary residential? How to choose between the two? Xiao Bian today to help you analyze which of the two most suitable for you? Commercial housing advantages: advantages and disadvantages of the general loft products are generally over two floors and room rate; mostly large-sized apartment products, low price; from the purchase of Beijing policy restrictions, the housing threshold is low; the interior design and fashion, apartment layout optional. Disadvantages: Shangshui business electricity, cost of living is higher; only 50 years of property rights, property rights expire follow-up period is unknown; most of the gas can not be connected; the loan period is different, and can not apply for housing provident fund loans. Recommended items: the first page: Taihe Central Plaza (real estate information) project is located in Daxing District Xinghua street and Xinyuan Street Interchange northeast, the main push 30-100 square hardcover loft, 4.5 meters high, 180% high usage rate, equipped with intelligent Home Furnishing, row card to enjoy 70 thousand against 100 thousand discount. Page second: Beijing urban construction · Beijing code (real estate information) project is located in Longjiang Daxing Weishanzhuang Town Road on the north side of 200 meters, the main push 45-80 square hardcover loft, buyers enjoy 30 thousand against 5% off discount, the total price of 1 million sets. Advantages: the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary residential property for 70 years after the expiration of the automatic renewal; civil public water electricity, low cost of living and the gas can be home; can apply for housing provident fund loans; is a large-sized apartment South transparent products, daylighting is good. Disadvantages: mostly large Huxing products, the total price slightly higher; restricted by the purchase of Beijing policy, buy a high threshold; new projects less selective low. Recommended items: third pages: one product Jiayuan (real estate information owners forum) project is located in Daxing South Road on the north side of the main push Weishanzhuang middle school, 140 flat 3 in the elevator house, a staircase two households, the average price of 30000 yuan, the purchase Xianfang buy namely live, enjoy 30 thousand against 150 thousand discount. Page fourth: Yizhuang · Jin Maoyue (real estate information) project is located in Daxing southeast of the South China Sea son Park 1000 meters, only a 190 square hardcover apartment layout in the sale, 2 staircase 2 households, low-density houses, the average price of 54000 yuan. Finally, Xiao Bian to remind everyone, whether it is commercial or ordinary residential housing, should be combined with their own financial resources and their own needs to buy, do not impulse, blind! Taihe Central Plaza Tencent real estate news thaihot Central Plaza (real estate information) is located in Daxing District Central Business District No. 4 subway line Yihezhuang to North 100 meters. Taihe Central Plaza launched the latest upgrade of new products: the new Chinese 30-100 square loft products free purchase, decoration, the height of 4.5 meters, 3.9 meters high ceiling living room, 180% high usage rate, equipped with intelligent Home Furnishing system, PM2.5 monitoring equipment, a comfortable home.相关的主题文章:

Jim Huangzhu Jr Happy birthday every day to you for early fight (video)-mmhouse

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Jim Huangzhu JR Happy birthday: every day to you for early crazy fight! JR combat staged a 360 degree swivel empty dunks Tencent sports news September 11th Lebron James and update their social networking sites, but also for his brother Smith JR-. In JR- Smith 31 years old birthday, James not only publicly congratulated the Happy birthday, but also said he every day, miss JR, can’t wait with him. Happy birthday congratulations congratulations James Wong JR my brother JR- Smith Happy birthday! I don’t miss you one day! I am proud of what you have achieved in the past years. When you first came to Akron, I was a high school student, but since then, I have always trusted you, trust you more than yourself, and never wavered." James wrote on the social networking site, because I know everything about you, loyalty, motivation, love, misunderstanding, passion and trust, etc., the most important thing is true! Enjoy the day that belongs to you, I can’t wait to get back to the field with you, fighting side by side! Refueling!" James is a text to congratulate JR- Smith’s birthday, thus it can be seen that the relationship between them, in fact, this summer, although JR is a free agent, and the knight has yet to renew, but James this summer and JR often training together, not even light, JR James and the Cavaliers, almost everyone think JR will renew and Cleveland, everything is just a matter of time. Because of this, in this case the free player auction, as a knight champion JR has not been looting. However, the Cavaliers have not yet signed a contract with JR, the two sides still have differences in the details of the contract, I hope everything can be settled earlier, after all, the new season will be kicked off next month. It is worth mentioning that the Cavaliers also sent to the JR through social networking sites birthday wishes, congratulations JR happy birthday, you are unique." JR- Smith was traded to Cleveland in the middle of the 2014-15 season and became one of the most trusted players around James. JR last season for the Cavaliers played 77 regular season games, the games are played 30.7 minutes, with 12.4 points and 2.8 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.1 steals. In the playoffs, JR- Smith played 21 games, averaged 34.8 minutes can cut down 11.5 points and 3.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1.2 steals. (Deqing) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章:

Obama’s third visit to the White House, James, the, the Sohu Sports-cosmax

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The knight! Double 11 James third Obama visited the White House meeting –   sports Sohu; Beijing on November 5th news, according to the ESPN, the White House spokesman announced today that President Obama will be on next Friday (November 11th) interview on NBA Championship cleveland. In June this year, the Cavaliers became the first team in the history of NBA in the finals a total score of 1-3 behind the case, eventually winning 3 games to complete the comeback team. The total score 4-3 win 73 regular season win warriors, Cavaliers team won the first in the history of the championship, Cleveland is also the first 52 years occupation sports championship. The Cavs win, Obama had personally called coach tyronn Lue, in addition to send congratulations, also invited him to visit the White House in Cleveland before retiring. It is interesting that Obama met the Cavaliers in the United States after two days of the general election, and the outgoing time is local time in January 20, 2017. According to the practice, each NBA team will go to the White House in the new season, to accept the U.S. president’s interview. This will be the third time James’s career as a champion of the identity of the meeting with Obama, but also will be the last time in the term in the White House to meet the NBA team! As we all know, Obama is a fanatical NBA fans, his favorite is the home team – the Chicago bulls. Earlier in an interview, Obama had quipped that he did not rule out the possibility of becoming 1 NBA team boss after retiring. The Cavaliers before the new season 5 games to achieve victory, is currently the only 1 teams since the League unbeaten team. In November 12th, they will visit the wizards, this will be the Cavaliers 16-17 season played third games. (Jim)相关的主题文章:

Dolce& Gabbana flowers dance Beach Sun need your beauty!

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Dolce& Gabbana flowers dance Beach Sun need your beauty! Milan time on September 25th at 2 pm, Dolce & Gabbana 2017 spring fashion show in a real and illusory ocean spray drift and come, have never seen a beautiful wonderland will unfold in front of… After all… The fog dispersed, since the transmission of the doctrine of fantasy projection is quietly will be drawn into this big show the atmosphere! Of course, if the fashion designers do not need to create a coherent linear narrative. The designer is a group of two people can be composed of the fashion system, anti traditional have no relevance of irrelevant elements such as Tropico, Italiano, through this inspiration wall can clearly see the new series is inspired by the free uninhibited, special wild traveler independent female image, a group of free and full of true temperament lonely women. Their fearless exploration to stimulate the corner of the world! This is the invitation: lemon yellow envelope was waving pink flowers but also the distribution map of the silk, I want to show people should not tie it around the waist or neck, but tied in the head! Loose profile and unique colors, even in the hot Mediterranean islands through as in the big city walked freely! Before the show is such: Dolce & Gabbana; the show is definitely not less orthodox Italy men, healthy skin with rich deep eyes and strong body, and they will make you want to dance flamenco couldn’t help! This time they wore a beret haihunshan, so you can feel the sun and sea breeze in Italy in the Mediterranean in the autumn wind howling in September! This guy can not only for handing you a fresh Coconut Juice, can also be used in the self timer! At first it is children’s show: no le Live band, no micro movie playback, LED screen without high-tech style, in the words "Tropico Italiano" slogan on the show, Dolce & Gabbana; the children simply to a "square dance", meaning the moment, tell of exclusive atmosphere fill the whole show, warm gorgeous, this is a country without trouble. Everything "flowers" also captures a China flower: Zhang Huiwen, dressed in white dress Dolce & Gabbana’s yellow stiletto collocation with her, revealing that the innocent maiden in cooked fishes. The "flower" at Dolce & Gabbana on the show, she feel everything is so amazing and wonderful. China Hongkong actor and model Jacky Heung VIP to appear in the Dolce & Gabbana, Jacky Heung and Zhang Huiwen soon show up to see the new season how many new things! One point: delicate flowers and rich language gentle pray forever in bloom in the Dolce & Gabbana; filling skirt — girl tender color in luxurious satin!相关的主题文章:

Beijing marathon runner three players in front of China’s leading players eye-catching (video)

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The Beijing marathon, the top three players Chinese lead players embrace the eye-catching 2016 Beijing marathon champion baked Ethiopia players swept the top three sports Tencent in Beijing in September 17th September 17th in the morning, the 2016 Beijing International Marathon in Tiananmen square to start firing, more than 30 thousand runners participated in the run altar feast. After more than 2 hours of fighting, 3 Ethiopia players won the men’s first three. Gebulei · Niuwu Ndiaye in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 09 seconds won the men’s championship, his fellow Daddi Jermaine – up to 2 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds won the runner up, beckler · Mei Sifen in 2 hours 11 minutes 56 seconds third. The women’s top two were Ethiopia’s sweep, Perugia – map to 2 hours 25 minutes during 55 seconds to win the women’s championship, her fellow Torah · Wu Giza in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 10 seconds won the runner up, two of them ran 10 years women’s best results. The 2016 Beijing international marathon at 7:30 in the morning to start running shots, 30 thousand athletes from 33 countries and regions to participate in the competition. The starting point of the game is located in Tiananmen square, the end of the Olympic Center in the celebration square. In the night before the rain washed the capital, the temperature dropped significantly. This temperature is also easy to run friends play. The organizing committee set up along the hundreds of healthcare workers and more than 3000 volunteers, for the contestants to escort. After the starting gun, players such as the runaway horse rushed out, the front is invited players. They quickly formed the first group, in the first 20 kilometers, the first group is relatively stable, it is worth noting that, as well as the presence of Chinese players. Shortly after the run, called half horse prince Chinese with star Li Shaozhuang in the first group, and briefly led. This scene reminds you of last year’s World Championships in Beijing track and field 10 km when the crowd ran. At that time, China’s Li Wei was the first group in the lead, in the black players to see the faces of Asians is also quite exciting Chinese audience. The Li Zicheng ran in the first group, Li Shaozhuang in the first group also rushed to the front of the short run, but after he was away. Only in 2015, the Wuxi international marathon champion Li Zicheng is still walking alongside the black players. The first 15 kilometers, plum Chengdu maintained such an advantage, keep up with the footsteps of international players. However, after Li Zicheng was to throw off opponents. Arrived at the half point, only the first black player left in the leading group. Eventually, the 25 year old Ethiopia player Gebre to score around 2 hours or so to win the title of 11. In the more than 3 people in the team, accounting for the vast majority of the public run friends. Running friends from all walks of life, as well as international friends. There are dressed in outlandish costume, "Na Zha", "two brothers", "Captain America", "Xiongben", "savage" etc.. Running friends in the country’s largest marathon to enjoy the display of their personality, attracted attention.相关的主题文章:

Lu You rushuji respected more than Xu Xiake travel-sichen

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Lu You "rushuji" respected [Abstract] in 1170 more than "Xu Xiake travel", Lu You sent by the court to sentence kuizhou. During the five months to Kuizhou from his hometown of Shaoxing prefecture (now Chongqing Fengjie county), along the way to write a "rushuji". This is a journey to reproduce more than and 800 years ago in the middle and lower Yangtze River on both sides of the local customs and practices for us. This is the Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu You Zhejiang people, he advocated the anti Jin was dismissed from office, in the Southern Song Dynasty dry for six years (AD 1170), by the court sent to the governor – kuizhou. He left his hometown of Shaoxing Prefecture, traveled more than 5 thousand miles, which lasted five months before reaching the Kuizhou (now Chongqing Fengjie county), along the way to write a "rushuji". This is a journey to reproduce more than and 800 years ago in the middle and lower Yangtze River on both sides of the local customs and practices for us. Lu You "Chengdu" (verse ten in the Imperial Palace Museum) Lu You spent 10 years in Sichuan, Sichuan’s life experience to life, "the heart has not had a day to forget Sichuan is solid". Now in the possession of the Museum of the Imperial Palace Lu cursive "with Chengdu verse ten volume", is a poet at the age of 54 by the book, the book of old friends hand in the seven poems, the author describes the living situation of an official in Chengdu. Lu You every one to almost every scene will travel hundreds of miles, sometimes abandon the landing, not hardships, do not avoid the cold and heat, as is sometimes must personally visit; not waves, rain night. For example, in included into the PEP language textbooks "Dagushan" Xiaogushan, "rushuji" is a chapter of the record of the lunar calendar in August 1st (the following month average Lunar New Year), the boat has been Xiaogushan, he still feel not enough, "Bo Sha late clip, from the little orphan in a. Light rain, by boat tour temple in South Pengze, Duchang mountains, amidst the empty Mongolia, gulls perish, polar board victory, Xiyi for a long time and return ", say he night stopping sand with, heavy rain, and the boat ride to the Xiaogushan temple to play. Looking to the south, Pengze, Duchang area of mountains, misty rain, the gull and egrets lost trail. On a whim, reach the peak of perfection, Lu You lingered for a long time to go back. Braved the heat so southwest five roads of the Southern Song (1169 December 6th), the court has to work for four years Lu You, Ren – Kuizhou, director and advised that farming, so Lu You brought his wife from upstream shanyin. According to the "Fang Yu Sheng Lan" records: Song Zhenzong Hampyeong four years (1102) in Yizhou Road (Chengdu RD), Azusa Road (Fu Lu, Li Tong Chuan) State Road, Kuizhou Road, called the road four, referred to as "Sichuan road". Lu You is going to Kuizhou office, although now the Kuizhou does not belong to the boundary of Sichuan, but still left us long sung "rushuji". The beginning of "rushuji" write clearly: "dry for five years in December 6th, have reported poor sentence kuizhou. Long illness, not worthy of toyaku, seeking to leave in the summer." Because of physical weakness after illness or go-slow or him until next May 18th to leave. "Long" is obviously a pretext to post the main reason, Lu Kuizhou is "-" the civilian cannot achieve the ideal of life, his political ambitions. However, because of the hard life he had to go to his post. Just as he was in the poetry of "cast the beam to participate in politics"相关的主题文章:

Changzhi pharmaceutical industry volume and price rise – Shanxi Channel – People’s

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Changzhi pharmaceutical industry volume and price – Shanxi channel — (commissioning editor: Qiao Hui, Wang Jian)相关的主题文章:

Mother compulsory newborn umbilical cord daily cleaning – Sohu

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Mom: compulsory newborn umbilical cord daily cleaning – Sohu healthy new life comes more than joy, every mother has a bunch of nursing lessons to learn, was discharged from the hospital, a nurse will usually umbilical care in particular, this is a compulsory course for mothers, we must learn, if the baby umbilical nursing well, may also affect the baby’s health, a point not to be careless. Why is the baby’s umbilical care so important? Improper nursing light heavy life-threatening infection and hemorrhage in the umbilical cord is connected between the fetal and placental cord tissue, is an important channel of maternal and fetal gas exchange, supply of nutrients and metabolites excreted. After the baby is born, the first thing is to cut the umbilical cord, umbilical cord after the broken end is an open wound, is a special portal of invading pathogens, such as improper handling, it can cause local infection and bleeding, severe cases can be life-threatening. Therefore, newborn umbilical care is a very important content of nursing, it is directly related to the health of infants, new mothers must learn the required courses. The umbilical cord is not recommended to use alcohol and talcum powder of some of the mothers, although know the importance of nursing methods, but not properly, or the results of infection caused by the baby. As the baby underwear in diapers, underwear is that urine soaked, the navel is in a moist environment; not to press down the penis to male baby diapers, urine soaked up the umbilicus; also some new mothers to the outside to the inside in diapers, diapers because the outer layer is not breathable, so is not conducive to the navel dry; also some new mothers to powder foreign bodies such as scattered in the umbilicus, in fact, this is not the correct way, is the result of local bacteria infections caused by potential factors. And now it has been proved that such as alcohol and antibiotic ointment to the nursing of umbilical cord, umbilical cord from the longer time, the daily care of the baby’s umbilical cord, recommend the use of water to clean dry, do not use powder coating and disinfectant. After 3 weeks, the umbilical cord has not yet fallen off naturally, it should be noted that after the birth of the baby, the time of umbilical cord shedding is 5-15 days. The umbilicus is a traditional nursing method after umbilical umbilical cord stump after disinfection treatment, gradually dry harden until fall off naturally, in this process, the umbilical secretion will increase, leading to the umbilicus is wet, provides conditions for bacterial growth, increase the probability of umbilical infection, nursing improper words causes of Neonatal Omphalitis, more serious even can cause septicemia. It is necessary to keep the umbilical cord and its surroundings clean and dry until it falls off. The nursing methods of concrete in accordance with the following steps: give the baby bath, observe the navel have red, umbilical cord blood, and no abnormal discharge is off, fully exposed the umbilicus, with a cotton swab dipped in water to gently wipe the umbilical stump and the navel, from umbilical cord root to the skin around the umbilical cord to order to wipe, let the cord exposed to dry naturally, but if the baby’s navel is damp and is wrapped in gauze or umbilical bag to prevent infection. When the bag is lower than the umbilical cord, umbilical exposure to the air or clean, loose clothes. If there is urine, fecal pollution, clean with water, so that 9相关的主题文章:

Let’s play football! Quzhou public football stadium opened in January next

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Let’s play football! Quzhou public football stadium in January next year to open from the beginning of this year in mid July, Quzhou officially started the construction of the football field, the current more than a month’s time, the progress of the construction of the public football field? The people of Quzhou football field is located in the West Road to the north, between the five Lotus Road south of the park and South Park land.. Reporters saw the construction site, two excavators are working, gravel truck unloading at the side of the roof, on the ground, the workers are in a tense and orderly construction. Municipal government deputy chief engineer construction center investment project office Wang Fuyan told reporters, the public football field covers an area of 23110.3 square meters, a standard football field around the stadium, also set up a fitness runway, simple stands set up along the western Zhejiang Avenue, public toilet and other ancillary buildings. The football field uses permeable pavement, the whole site into the "sponge city" concept, the next will be paved with gravel, concrete, asphalt, and finally plastic. In addition, in order to facilitate the public to stop, they also set up 137 ground parking spaces, the entire public football stadium will be completed in January next year, after acceptance, open to the public.相关的主题文章:

The sound form praised new Beijing Arni could create a new high at the box office-govos

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The "sound form" praised "new Beijing Arni could create a new high at the box office? Is scheduled to be released in September 17, 2016 of the Beijing Arni animation "sound form" at present does not reflect the first heat, many people have to pay attention to the movie, it can now look forward to following the new film "your name". "After", become another popular movie. Today (September 8th) "sound form" was seen in the film in the "Twitter praised unceasingly. "Tweet said:" I see "sound form" preview, this is one of the best works. Everywhere is full of serious and meticulous ideas, painting and color as well as emotions are very beautiful. The elegant and correct performance is what others want to copy and imitate. There are voices of the members are also very good, I was personally into the wild free performance scared. I like it very much." For Shinkai praise, Japanese users have also sought a way: "as long as it is that I feel sure it is, good works, are looking forward to seeing this movie." "So Makoto Shinkai said, it seems that I have to pay to go to the movies." "Since it is praised the works I am optimistic about it," "the sound shape of the box office can 6 billion." Since your name. "After the fire, in addition to the film being sought after, I also became the object of many" Japanese fans blitz, a twitter reached excellent advertising effect. And has always been known for the high quality of Arni’s new work, "the shape of the sound" can create a box office miracle? Let’s wait and see!相关的主题文章:

After watching the movie Mekong River, take you into the hinterland of Golden Triangle – Sohu travel-tokyo hot n0476

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After watching the movie "Mekong River action", take you into the hinterland of Golden Triangle – Sohu travel from the famous highway thirteen to the Highway No. three, which is the northern part of laos. In the evening we reached the clear. Qing Sheng, because it is located in Thailand, Burma, the junction of the old three points, so in the past is a poppy distribution center, Golden Triangle is a variety of drugs from here to Thailand, and then shipped around the world. Now, Qing Sheng has become a famous tourist area, local residents have abandoned the poppy plant other crops. That night, we stayed in Golden Triangle Inn, the environment is very beautiful, the hotel side of the Mekong River, shocked the Mekong River tragedy from the hotel is less than two kilometers, it is hard to imagine that such a beautiful place, had shocked the world of the tragedy, perhaps, is the coexistence of beauty and evil. The origin of the Golden Triangle River, is named from the river, we stand here is Thailand, the bank is on the right side of the front of Laos, Burma, the middle of the triangle, who do not belong to who under the jurisdiction of the region. The other side is the "Golden Triangle special zone" founded by Chinese, here is the foreign propaganda words: beautiful Laos Golden Triangle special economic zone is located in the territory of Eastroc boqiao Province, Laos County, adjacent to the Mekong River, and Thailand, Burma Tachilek kingsone across the river, is worthy of the name of Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle special economic zone is approved by the government of Laos, was formally established in September 9, 2009, the Golden Triangle special economic zone is a high degree of autonomy in addition to defense and foreign affairs, the judicial power of the SAR, as the world’s first "foreign enterprises", this beautiful natural scenery, has a unique geographical location and geographical advantages, with dusty humanistic ecology the ancient environment. If the northern Thailand where the story is the most gorgeous. We are from the Qing Sheng by the sun, Thailand and Burma levels, empress palace, in the winding and steep mountain road on the way out. After a big hill in front of a small village suddenly open, peaceful and appear in the eyes, around the tea fruit trees, this is the meisile. This is located in the mountains south of Himalaya, about 1100 meters above sea level, four seasons pleasant climate. This Thailand was originally Chinese blood Maesalong Kuomintang ninety-third division headquarters, they fled from Burma in 1949 after the defeat of Chinese. In 1961, the Yangon government decided not to allow the remnants of residence in northern Burma, these veterans and their families were forced to leave Burma, across the northern border of Thailand, finally settled in the mountain village, and converted it into his home in Yunnan. You don’t need to turn on the air at night. Breathing the fresh air, cool breeze blowing, looking around the beautiful scenery, listening ear sound of insects and birds, really can feel a heartfelt long wandering alone in here when the soldiers finally die: "beauty!" This sentence has become the origin of this amazing name. These are all the Kuomintang army 93 division to meisile decades after has past sages, is their lives and blood for meisile this piece of everyday living…相关的主题文章:

Want to do a Meng Meng Da in Kuranda koala (remember Kuranda tour) – tourism

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Want to do a Meng Meng Da in Kuranda koala (remember Kuranda tour) – Sohu (Kuranda Village) the tourist town of Kuranda is located in the northeast of the city of Keynes, is a town of less than 2000 people, here is located in the primitive tropical forests, beautiful natural scenery, unique humanities building, "the first Australian rainforest village" the good reputation. The town is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, in addition to the quiet and leisure Tim air, there is a strong artistic atmosphere. There are many Australian Aboriginal artists handmade works of craft shop, and the Australian Koala zoo town (Kuranda Koala Garden), Kiwi (Bird World), park Butterfly Garden (Australian Butterfly Sanctuary). We chose to go back to the cable car on a seven day trip to Kuranda. The car from the hotel to the train station to meet us, and then take a 120 years long history of the Kuranda tourist train to Kuranda. Keynes to Kuranda car winding in the mountains, the whole will be through the world heritage protected tropical rainforest, via number of beautiful and unique waterfalls, spectacular Barron Canyon, as if the clock back journey experience. Through the magnificent Barron falls (Barron Falls), Stoney Gai (Stoney Creek) and steep valleys, enjoy the enchanting beauty of refreshing, arrived at is known as "tropical rainforest in the town of Kuranda. Arrived in Kuranda town after we visited the butterfly garden (Australian Butterfly Sanctuary), there are more than one hundred butterflies to fly, can feel the wonderful butterfly around, including representatives of "lucky and happy" urith beautiful blue butterfly, in native legends, saw a blue butterfly urith lucky, two on behalf of a lifetime of happiness. Even when they fall on you, you just have to say what you wish for, and it will come true for you! The park can enjoy the largest butterfly, Birdwing butterfly, visit the most advanced laboratories in the southern hemisphere, witnessed the transformation of the beautiful butterfly, taking pictures in the Herbarium, keep the most beautiful memories. After visiting the butterfly park our car to shuttle to the tropical rainforest nature park (Rainforestation Nature Park), here after dinner ride amphibious amphibious military vehicles during World War II (Army Duck) through the rainforest hinterland, visit tropical orchard, visit the Aboriginal Cultural Park, learning the javelin throw and fly back to the koala hug Meng Da the wild animal Koala museum. Around four p.m. at the gate of the park on the rainforest rainforest shuttle to Kuranda Skyrail cable station (Kuranda), after the arrival of the transfer Skyrail rainforest tram back Keynes. Cable car 7.5 km, about the whole tour takes about 90 minutes. Return in red peak station and Byron station falls under the cable car tour, at the Byron falls station up to相关的主题文章:

The Carling Cup – MS +2 3-1 Manchester United midfielder broke League one team losing streak end-jcuv是什么车

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The Carling Cup – MS +2 3-1 team Manchester United midfielder broke one end losing streak (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on September 22nd morning, the 1617 season England League Cup third round game continues, as Manchester United Heath Fels Stadium against the League Championship Bei’an hampton. The first half Carrick scored, Bei’an Hampton on penalties once the equaliser, but the second half rely on Herrera and rush at goal, Manchester United finally 3-1 victory, the end of the recent 3 losing streak. [[] all small premier Liga predicted 5 League Round grab bag of Bei’an Hampton is this season’s League Championship, currently ranked eleventh in the League one. In the past two teams only 4 times, Manchester United maintained a record of 3 wins and 1 draws unbeaten. It is also worth mentioning that Manchester United and Bei’an is the first time in the Carling Cup clash. Manchester United have suffered 3 consecutive defeats and will also face Leicester in the Premier League on Saturday. First, Mourinho made a big rotation, Romero, Schneider, Lin Rojo, Mensa, Carrick, Depe et al First, Captain Rooney as a lone striker up front. Mourinho has been sought after Manchester United coach Mourinho once again proved his high popularity, before he gave a number of Bei’an City fans signed and cordial photo. Manchester United after the opening quickly occupy the initiative, only 1 and a half, left pres create opportunities to help Rooney in his cross road closed finish kick hit the door, but by Bei’an goalkeeper Smith confiscated hampton. 5 minutes later, and left pres continuous breakthrough into the box on the left back Herrera, the top of the arc back to do, Carrick shots after each other on refraction, Ashley young in the right pass, Rooney in the middle unguarded, left foot will hit. Carrick broke fifteenth minutes, Manchester United first break. Bei’an goalkeeper Smith Hampton Box Hand teammate Taylor back pass was sentenced to an indirect free kick in the penalty area, Rooney directly hit the door by the wall, Carrick outside the restricted line stopped to break 1-0 lead Manchester united. After the first goal, Manchester United began to control the rhythm and continue to occupy the initiative. Thirtieth minutes, Manchester United once again won the opportunity, Schneider Lin left pick, before inserting Mensa header hit the crossbar area right before, Lunimen bushe goal, but was whistled for offside. Bei’an Hampton has since made a break for thirty-eighth minutes, Bei’an Hampton front right-wing corner kick opportunities, Diamond after the header over the crossbar. Bei’an pudun penalty after 3 minutes, Manchester United defense as careless and paid the price, Bei’an Hampton left wing attack, the United defence continuous rescue ineffective blinder box upended Hoskins was sentenced to a penalty kick, Rayville fool Romero into the bottom right corner, Bei’an equalised hampton. Herrera shot easy side battles, Mourinho in fifty-fourth minutes to take the initiative to change, for Rush Forde and Ibrahimovic, replaced the Mensa and pres to strengthen the attack. Fifty-eighth minutes, Herrera restricted area arc top front shot shot in the right side of the column. Since then the scene was deadlocked, the key moment for Manchester United came out is Herrera. Competition)相关的主题文章:

Ask the car Internet plus travel service forum debut-vstart

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Ask the car Internet plus travel service forum debut in September 28th, directed by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, jointly organized by the people’s daily, High German map, Sina micro-blog 2016 (first) "Internet plus travel service" forum held in Beijing. Ask the general assembly as a driving intelligent was invited to attend the rearview mirror brand, the interpretation of the wisdom of the city open up a fresh outlook feast, bring Internet plus travel experience, by the leaders at all levels, media and peers alike. It is reported that the forum of smart city, integration and innovation as the theme, aims to share innovative services and technological achievements, promote traffic management of large data and new media Internet plus means of application, to further enhance the ability of the government departments of the decision-making level and social service. The definition of intelligent transportation technology as the drive vane drive ask advocate: ask ask drive is not only intelligent vehicle manufacturing equipment in R & D, more will give car users safe driving pleasure and pride, which is the driving direction always ask. Drive to ask, as a brand of intelligent wind mirror after Wei shite’s, in addition to meet with the owners of the hands, intelligent voice interaction is the driving safety, and city traffic network interconnection, redefining the future of smart city traffic. When the accident, illegal, congestion, traffic facilities damage owners in the driving process, direct drive voice control ask capture. Say "I want to report illegal material" or "I want to report illegal driving, ask for traffic violations can be automatically continuous capture 8 photos, and automatically save and upload to the traffic control department to report back. At any time instant voice capture, upload, drive and ask for the general public in the driving process, easy in the national traffic safety supervision, so that everyone is mobile sentry, reduce efficiency and cost functions of public service government. "Internet plus travel", intelligent rearview mirror wisdom to lead the new mode of travel experts pointed out that the future with the intelligent rearview mirror of the car is not only efficient, environmentally friendly, intelligent, but also can enjoy the traffic safety hitherto unknown, and even the probability of traffic accidents is greatly reduced. The future of science and technology to subvert the whole life, cultivate people’s intelligence habits, the future more and more cities into the wisdom of the city 4 times. Drive ask, since its launch in May, is committed to providing high quality products and efficient service of science and technology content, laying the path of wisdom for each owner, defining the new era of intelligent human-computer interaction. Ask the car equipped with genuine high professional vehicle navigation, provide accurate and comprehensive information for the owners, real-time traffic information, intelligent recognition of complex traffic, effectively avoid the congested road, to provide more high-quality, convenient, efficient and comfortable travel environment. At the same time, ask the car is also equipped with ADAS and OBD high technique system, can be carried out immediately before the lane departure warning system and anti collision warning, so that owners of real-time control around him, away from all the security risks, to prevent accidents. In addition, the car can be real-time monitoring of engine operating conditions, fuel consumption, exhaust gas treatment system operating state. Once an abnormality is detected, the driver will immediately issue a voice warning.相关的主题文章:

World Amateur Group Australia four cup Eisenhower Cup China T41-visualboyadvance

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The World Amateur Team Championship held in Australia four Eisenhower cup Chinese T41 Australia win won the fourth World Amateur Team Championship sina sports news Beijing on September 25th news, Mexico time on Saturday, the Australian team won the Eisenhower Cup fourth times in Mexico. The last round, they played 136 shots to the four round of the (135-132-131-136), lower than the standard pole of 38, leading the team won the world championships in the thirtieth amateur team. The United States Amateur Championship (Curtis Luck) – Curtis Clark and teammate Cameron – Davies (Cameron Davis) both over 68 bar, and third members of Harrison Endicott (Harrison Endycott) of the 73 bar is not calculated. This is Australia’s first win since 1996. "It must be great for the country’s golf," said Matt, Australia’s captain, "it started two years ago when the woman won the Trophy (Espirito Santo). We have tasted the taste of victory in the world cup. This week, they did a good job. They are determined to do it." The Australian team also in 1958 and 1966 won this Tournament Championship, the 534 bar, par 38, tying the record number in 2014 the United States team to create the bar. At the same time, the 19 shot is also the history of third victory over the difference. The silver medal was won by England, which was the best place in the game. Alfie Plante (Alfie Plant) shot 66, Jamie – Bauer (Jamie Bower) shot 70, England team to help in the last day to hand over 136, while the fourth round score of 553 bar, par 19. Austria and Ireland with 554 bars, below par par 18, tied for bronze. Austria is the first time to win medals. Chinese team for four consecutive days without a person to break the 70 pole. The last round of Zhang Zihong 74 and 72 points of the team into the team score, for a total of 146, while the results of the four round of the (146-147-148-146), higher than the standard pole of 15, tied for the position of the forty-first. Chen Yilong the last round to hand over 77 shots. Australia’s Cameron – Davies is the only cast a four round with six prefix players. Although the weather was hot, he handed over his personal lowest lever: 269 strokes, below the par of 17 strokes. He caught 3 birds in the latter nine holes, and caught the whole day only 6. "This is me in such a big game playing the best time in the Asia Pacific and Australian amateur championship in the amateur championship runner up Cameron Davies said," first of all, I am honored to represent their country, to participate in the tournament, the final victory is very special." (wind)相关的主题文章:

From the age of 2 did not do this, be careful with your child into a child adolescent – Sohu

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From the age of 2, did not do this thing, be careful with your adolescent children as passers – [children] maternal Sohu original, reproduced please mark the source there is such a thing, start from the children, to their youth rebellion, many problems can be easily resolved, otherwise the parents may not. A mother said, her daughter with a 13 year old recently have soured, because she always feel the child what to conceal her, sometimes saw her mysterious bag to ask what she did not say, come home every time, always put the bag locked in the cupboard, often not on time after school she was afraid to go home, kids out of trouble or make bad friends. That once she worried geology asks the child, the child had a fierce quarrel with her, not angry with her mother for several days to say a word. She found that the child is too big to listen to the tube, there is a sense of helplessness will be out of control. Remember the 6 children into Harvard and Yale, South Korea’s chief hughstar mother said, the child in their home a lot, so every Saturday after breakfast, they always do one thing, the family is called a family meeting, because the child is too much, can not do communication whenever and wherever possible. On the one hand, through such a form to communicate with the children in a timely manner, as well as exercise their leadership skills. Before the family meeting, it is up to the child who is in charge of the meeting to discuss the subject, and to ensure that the meeting will be held and maintained in a meeting, and that each meeting will result. They often communicate in the meeting who is responsible for closing the door, garbage, who encountered any problems, problems, who need to help the exam. Of course, some are not suitable for public communication, the full Hui star will be looking for opportunities to talk with the child alone. This is actually a good form of communication, but for those of us who are not a lot of families, there is no need to copy their practice, but the essence can learn. Children do not love "deliberate" communication of parent-child communication should be small with the children to develop the habit, like the air, everywhere, it should be natural but indispensable move home. If parents didn’t tell children often develop the habit of communication, to develop when the children grow up, their independent consciousness, you attempt to pry the child’s heart, will become not so easy. Because at this time they are easy to communicate your privacy as a spy, rather than express concern. With the children to develop the habit of communicating with each other, it is sooner rather than later. Why many parents feel that every day with their children to communicate, but in fact it is "no communication"? Some parents from the birth of a child, in order to help the child to speak, something always with yiyaxueyu baby "communication", but such a move to their 5, 6 or even 7 years old, after the age of 8, it seems that this communication is not naturally or half unconsciously, a lot of time into a "command" type of communication, such as the children doing their homework, let the children wash the quilt and so on, interactive message without. That is because many families do not have a sense of communication with their children, in view of this, it may be a fixed time every day, and as a family of communication time". .相关的主题文章:

Self testing fertility, from the five aspects of the whole! Sohu –mcncc

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Self testing fertility, from the five aspects of the whole! Sohu baby as we all know, there is the concept of fertility is the golden period, but with the changes of body state, age and other problems or change our fertility are constantly changing. We are now carrying out eugenic ideas in a better state of natural growth period of pregnancy gave birth to the baby will naturally have a higher chance of better. However, in the end how to do to judge their fertility? Under normal circumstances, self testing fertility, we recommend the following several aspects: 1 age, objectively speaking, the best women of childbearing age is 24-29 years old, when the age is too small, the reproductive system is not fully mature, and for women to have babies that there may be some hidden dangers. And wait until the age is too big to be pregnant, then, the quality of the female ovary and egg will drop, easy to cause abortion and abnormal appearance. Male, best child-bearing age was 25-35 years old, the female is different from the number of eggs has been fixed, male fertility theory, but the most vigorous, the best sperm quality was this time. 2, BMI index, BMI index, body mass index, is obtained by weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared figures for the pregnant mother, this is the ideal state in the range of 18-25. 3, menstrual cycle menstruation is a direct reflection of the degree of reproductive health of women, the normal period of 28-35 days for women. Occasionally irregular menstruation is not a problem. But often the oligomenorrhea, delayed menstruation or amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, in advance we need to check out, ovary, pituitary and luteal and other possible problems. 4, the history of contraception is now daily oral contraceptives is still relatively safe, but the emergency contraceptives or eat less wonderful. Women who choose to place the contraceptive device should pay attention to the occurrence of pelvic infection and fallopian tube adhesion. For pregnant women who do not have a plan, we must do a good job of contraception, abortion will cause irreversible damage to the female body, serious may lead to infertility. 5, the physical condition of all pregnancy preparation conditions are based on physical health, whether pregnancy or pregnancy in October, is a great challenge to prepare pregnant mothers physical quality, physical strength and energy only enough, in order to ensure the normal fetal growth and development. Therefore, regular physical examination, develop good eating habits, exercise is very important. Life is a great and hard things, blessing every pregnant mother can quickly prepare pregnant eugenic, enjoy the joy of motherhood ~ more prepared pregnant, please add micro signal: bjtlbyby2 (public number search bjtlbyby2 long press copy).相关的主题文章:

The province’s entrance examination hot Chengdu test has been full of Ya’an, Zigong,

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The hot   Chengdu test section; full   Ya’an, Zigong add thousands of candidates – Sichuan channel — original title: the province of Chengdu to test the position is full of hot section of Ya’an, Zigong add thousands of test bit hard to review a year, Sichuan University student Feng Ke (a pseudonym) in preparation for this year to participate in the postgraduate examination. But in October 10th, when he began to sign up, found in Chengdu to test the position has been filled, in desperation, he had to the test center in Panzhihua to take a test. In October 10th, the national postgraduate exam online registration officially began in Sichuan this year, the number of candidates dramatically increased, people of Sichuan province Examination Yuan said, "the official registration only three days, the number is close to January last year the number of applicants." The test center in Chengdu second days after the start of registration in already booked. Yesterday, after the full test center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the Examination Yuan said, has been in Ya’an, Zigong up thousands of candidates, and coordinate the relevant departments in the province within the scope of research, solve the test problems, to ensure that every one has admitted to participate in the examination of candidates. Chengdu has a full examination candidates to go to the field examination according to the "Regulations of Sichuan province in 2017 master recruit online registration notice", from September 24, 2016 to 27, every 9 points to 22 points, is the prediction time of graduates, Feng Ke missed this time. October 10th to October 31st, is the online registration time for all candidates, and when Feng Ke in the online registration in Chengdu, found that the test has been full of. "It’s a pity that I have not been able to take the exam for a year." In desperation, Feng Ke query except Chengdu test center, Sichuan Province, the original, 22 sites in the province, to test the position in There is not much left. state, in order to reference, he reported a test in a test center in Panzhihua. Chengdu Daily reporter contacted by Feng Ke Sichuan University another 3 to graduate students, they are not able to report in Chengdu, "to go so far, tiring journey, more or less will bring some impact to the exam. To solve the problem of Zigong, Ya’an, the number of thousands of test sites, according to understand, in 2016 the province’s total number of graduate students in the test on the basis of 59 thousand people continued to grow in 2015, breaking the 60 thousand mark. According to data released by the Ministry of Education: in 2016 the number of candidates for the national entrance examination for graduate students reached 1 million 770 thousand, an increase of more than in 2015 of 7%. This is the second consecutive decline in 2014 and 2015, the number of postgraduate entrance examination for the first time a significant rebound. As of now, Sichuan province graduate exam registration is carried out like a raging fire, Chengdu city has full registration sites, how to solve the test problem? People of Sichuan province examination reply said, a substantial increase in 2017 the number of "section force" "although in our province this year, three new standard for test, it is still difficult to meet the candidates the demand. At present, is actively cooperate with the adjustment, has been in Ya’an, Zigong, an increase of thousands of tests, to ensure that each candidate has an exam to take the exam". In addition, for the postgraduate examination of the province registration sites full, provincial education examination 1)相关的主题文章:

2016 China’s most happy city TOP10 your

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2016 China’s most happy city TOP10 your list? Original title: "the 2016 happiest cities in the country TOP list of your city happiness? ") Intro:" happiness city "refers to the public identity of the city, a sense of belonging, sense of stability, satisfaction, and external people yearning, recognition, for the vast majority of people, have adequate savings is the prerequisite of happiness, but happiness is not just money form. Happiness is good health, happiness is a good treat yourself, happiness is a good time to get together with friends and family. Today we take a look at the most happy city rankings, your city list? (source: StyleMode Chinese network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! TOP10 Zhaoqing here is a pure sky, pure air, pure mountain, pure water, here is Zhaoqing, here is the most beautiful scenery, here you can enjoy a deep breath, and enjoy the feeling of the city bring you enjoy, you will forget all the worldly troubles, here the feeling of quiet life. There is so much beauty, Deqin Panlong Gorge, Fengkai white Shiyan, Fengkai thousand layer peak, large plaque stone, Huaiji Yan, Guangning, Zhuhai, Dinghu Sihui Zhen Shan Yanzhou island is unique, here is a process, a process of water, eyeful is full of scenery, is moved. TOP9 how many people in Ji’nan know about Ji’nan, because they read Lao She’s prose "winter in Ji’nan"? In Lao She’s works, Ji’nan is a romantic city, is a city full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting here because, many springs, so called "Spring City", known as the "Lotus surrounded on three sides Liu, a city with hills and lakes in the world. Ji’nan is a romantic city, everyone will love the life here, no one will love this city, its charm will have been attracting attention, and it will become the most miss you in the memory of the place. Xinyang TOP8 Xinyang, Henan province is located in the south of Xinyang, the upper reaches of Huaihe, picturesque scenery, pleasant climate, the reputation of "south north, North Jiangnan", the green vegetation coverage is very wide, is a natural oxygen bar, Xinyang has eight consecutive years become the most livable city for Chinese. Each piece of land here in Xinyang is a painting, every mountain is a poem, every landscape has a beautiful legend, the beauty of it always put people, people is a cherished place. TOP7 Harbin of Harbin in the big city, dawn is the first summer, three o’clock, other people in the city is still a dream, here the East has now greenish white, ice in the morning quiet and peaceful, beautiful, warm "Swan under the" Oriental Pearl ", Moss" and "music", "xiadou city" is the best praise for Harbin. TOP6 Chengdu, everyone has their own memory for each city, said the Chengdu first thought is always slow life its leisure, leisure is.相关的主题文章:

The birth control pill pregnant baby can not stay Sohu –synnex

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The birth control pill pregnant baby can not stay? Sohu maternal and child received a message today: Kobayashi said he was pregnant, but before the birth control pills, ah, very tangled in the end do not want to leave the baby? After all, this is a life ah! But in a lot of information, say eat medicine baby afraid of deformity, if this is not as good as earlier surgery lost, so for adults and children of the damage will be smaller." There are many people who have seen this kind of problem, and most of them are not advised to encounter such problems. Many people, including some of the medical staff (it may be in order to avoid responsibility, after all, medical trouble too much) are not aware of: a large number of foreign clinical evidence shows that early pregnancy (the beginning of next few 28 days from the first day of the last menstrual period) unknowingly eat the drug, there may be only two results: emergency contraception can make fetal malformation? A study of the city of Shanghai will be taking emergency contraception drug failed to continue pregnancy, compared with not taking emergency contraceptive pills during pregnancy, the results showed that the two groups the incidence of spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation rate had no significant difference in the incidence of serious complications of pregnancy had no significant difference between the sex ratio of newborn no statistically significant. The study concluded that emergency contraceptive levonorgestrel does not increase the incidence of malformed fetuses, does not significantly increase the occurrence of adverse pregnancy outcomes. This kind of medicine is not a contraceptive success rate 100%, emergency contraception and regular contraceptive effective rate of emergency contraception is a lot of difference, efficiency is only 70% to 85%, while the conventional oral contraceptive efficiency can reach 99%. Therefore, women in the use of emergency contraceptives such drugs, there is still a 20% probability of pregnancy. Wing Lian Mei teacher once said: in the early stages of pregnancy (i.e. before 4 weeks gestation), sperm and eggs just combined, is busy in the uterine pitch camp. This time, the fertilized eggs just carried on the simple cell division, can increase the same cell number, but also did not differentiate into different cells, did not differentiate into tissues and organs, since not differentiated organs, nor the formation of organ malformation, so the birth of people worried about the baby deformity. In addition, the embryo in the process of cell division, there is a self correction function, if the cell division is smooth, the fetus will grow up healthy, if the cell division is not smooth, the baby will be naturally eliminated. Finally: Muzi Lee commune, if you take the pill or pregnant, suggest to stay, do pregnancy check during pregnancy, Down’s screening in pregnant 14-19 weeks, 22-26 weeks pregnant four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound prenatal abnormal row, if it is necessary to analyze the amniotic fluid puncture and umbilical blood of 16-20 weeks, it can clear the baby in the development of intrauterine fetal development. If check out what problems there, go to the termination of pregnancy is not too late, do not easily to a life sentence of death. We are all pregnant and parenting Zhanpai, "the" depth of bleeding during pregnancy: Muzi Li Gongshe joined the public number (MZLGS8866) can learn more!相关的主题文章:

Ho throw 1 billion 200 million pounds this is the first sports league – –

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Ho throw 1 billion 200 million pounds   this is the first sports league — original title: Ho throw 1 billion 200 million pounds this is the first league yesterday morning, the five major European League summer transfer window closed, the five major league transfer input data also will be released. In the summer window in the past, the Premiership investment reached a staggering 1 billion 200 million pounds, once again set a football league record in summer! The Premier League is also used to buy and buy this way to tell the world, what is called the world’s first league. According to official disclosure of the transfer data show that the premier summer transfer expenditure reached 1 billion 197 million pounds, they set a record at the same time, once again showed the highest Premier League football money. Serie A is 595 million pounds transfer fee, ranked in the league’s spending list of the top second. The Spanish investment is 400 million pounds, 460 million pounds for the bundesliga. Second, add up to as much as the first third, the Premier League in the transfer market purchasing power, there is no opponent. The premier dare so wasteful spending, the main reason is because the Earn: a new TV deal officially came into force in the next three seasons, even the bottom of the Barclays Premier League team, also can dividends more than one hundred million pounds, so the income generating capacity, let Premier League teams spend unashamedly. Another point must be mentioned, that is the premier competition unprecedented fierce championship season: Leicester City, let the giants so thoroughly discredited, before the start of this season, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea three giants all replace the coach, Mourinho, Guardiola and Conti to the team, is bound to rebuild, it let them become the main force in the Premier League this summer transfer window shopping, put all three teams of more than one hundred million pounds, has been able to explain the problem. But last season when Liverpool took over, has missed the team signings, until this summer the same transformation. Seeing other opponents have to make big money, has been saving Wenger can not sit, when the Arsenal spent nearly one hundred million of the time in the summer, you can understand how crazy this summer." England media this time did not forget to take a joke. Another point must be pointed out, that is, the recent end of the European Cup, to some extent, also contributed to the price of the transfer market, Pogba more than one hundred million of the transfer fee, how much the European Cup of water. But the Premier League in the transfer market investment is still staggering, so the purchasing power, shows that the Premier League indeed back so the world’s first league title. (commissioning editor Yang Lei and Hu Xuerong)相关的主题文章:

The two adorable baby love pet dog popular network – Shaanxi Channel –海思k3v2

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The two adorable baby love pet dog popular network – Shaanxi Channel – original title: the two adorable baby love pet dog popular network according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that recently, the United States of San Francisco City Andy Shannon? Green (Shannon Green) on the network to share a video. In the video, her 2 year old daughter Kennedy (Kennedy) is their pet dog Tahlulabelle loud confession, naive cute, Meng turned friends. In the video, Kennedy, dressed in a pink Nightgown, with a golden braid, nestled in a pet dog, said to his mother, "Tahlulabelle is my best friend." According to Ms. Shannon, her daughter will wake up every morning and Tahlulabelle tired of a crooked. Although, at home there is another two Pugs, but Kennedy of Tahlulabelle "soft spot". It is reported that Ms. Shannon often share photos with her daughter playing with her pet dog on the Internet, and she also plays the circus owner teased the dog from time to time. (internship compilation: Deng Jingjing reviewer: Zhu Yingku (Wang Li), commissioning editor: Li Jing)相关的主题文章:

The agricultural heart cup Fan Tingyu beat Zhang Xu to help Chinese team scored three game winning s-seaway

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The agricultural heart cup Fan Tingyu beat Zhang Xu to help Chinese team scored three consecutive wins Fan Tingyu Zhang Xu sina sports watch action figure chess   click here to watch live in Beijing on September 30th, the eighteenth session of the agricultural heart Cup fourth Bureau in Changbai Mountain two Baihe rural credit company white landscape production base of laozi. China pioneer Fan Tingyu 204 white hands to defeat Zhang Xu, the end of the first phase of the agricultural heart cup race to three wins, and won 10 million won winning streak bonus. South Korea will send Jiang Dongrun to play in the second stage. Prior to the game, Chinese pioneer Fan Tingyu caught the Korean players Li Dongxun the second half turnovers, beat the opponent in one fell swoop, two wins. South Korea and the seventeenth session of the agricultural heart cup, in 4 games without a win in the first stage. The current round of Fan Tingyu hit three winning streak, against the Japanese veteran Zhang Xu, the former had not played the record of the two, is a complete encounter. After first guess, Fan Tingyu the white again. The virtual disk Zhang Xu third hands directly linked to the upper left corner, don’t walk routine type layout, in order to put the game into the pace of fan is not familiar with the rhythm. Then the two sides in the upper left corner of fighting, Fan Tingyu a sharp prick at the black point, Zhang Xu can’t bear to be a combination of boxing opponents play chess, simply discard 5 bar conversion, but the result of the deficit is obviously black. When the Zhang Xu in the lower left corner of a piece of black but quicker maneuvers, periphery is too thin, do not make the whole. Then the black at the bottom and force, but was Fan Tingyu’s "Tai Chi" resolved. Fan Tingyu grabbed the first mobile phone will be above 4 even after the middle back, Zhang Xu field has been far behind. The advantage of Fan Tingyu in the lower right corner provoked an unnecessary Ko, the two sides converted white lead, but from the field or Fan Tingyu white card superiority. Fan Tingyu was not satisfied with a smooth win. But out of the lower right corner of the hands of robbery, robbery material with the advantage of forcing Zhang Xu compromise, white sunspot kill above 4, and make a pen. Zhang Xu saw the situation far, dices in 204 admits defeat. In this way, Fan Tingyu to help the Chinese team to a wave of three winning streak ended the first phase of the agricultural heart cup race, while winning a winning streak of 10 million won. The Chinese team of five players all in South Korea, Jiang Dongrun, Jin Zhixi and Pu Tinghuan have left. The Japanese team has left the river, Murakawa Daisuke and Iyama Yuta. The second phase of the agricultural heart cup will be launched on November 25-29 in Busan, South Korea, the South Korean team will send Jiang Dongrun played in the second stage, please pay attention to the relevant report on Sina’s heart cup. (Wen Xuan)相关的主题文章:

Greentown Hong Mingfu fate unknown ten years of relegation in future way – Sports Sohu-tonya mitchell

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Greentown Hong Mingfu fate unknown ten years of relegation in future where sports Sohu – Xinhua News Agency reporter Xia Liang "one of four" Echelon melee, there are a variety of possible though before, but all are on the premise of music in the home court to take all three points. However, ending the war 2:2 Yanbian flight, win the competitors situation, Greentown did not even to secure their respite. 3:0 home court victory over Suning, Greentown echelon situation was good. After the away defeat bodied, a sudden turn for the worse team avoid relegation situation, after a draw with Shenhua and China happiness, Greentown is Yatai overtake in the standings, completely lost the initiative in the relegation before ending the war, the fate of submissively. Hangzhou football atmosphere is not strong, the impression that can accommodate forty thousand or fifty thousand people of the Huanglong Sports Center has never been filled, even "Mack Daddy" Beckham to the stadium for the 2013 season of super endorsement. Most of the time when the stands are sparse, only the south stand faithful "green soul" Greentown every game will spare no effort to cry. The attendance has been ranked the Huanglong Sports Center in the super teams, in the sudden drop in temperature at the end of 10, but brought together from fans from all sides. Defend the dragon! Before the fans shouted out the slogan. "Buy a ticket for 13" and "8 students", "no matter or in a super, I will stick to each home court support, Greentown Greentown, a go with you" and "what is not said, Sunday to see a dragon, the whole family, old and young". In ten years, Greentown in almost every year to avoid relegation. On the final round of the season against relegation home court has been ahead of Shen Xin, draw the final relegation situation Greentown did not let the opportunity slip away, but this time, Greentown will no longer have the right to determine its own destiny. Without Gu Chao, members of the old Wang Song Bryant, Greentown young players seemed confused in the face of pressure. Home court against Shenhua, away against Huaxia happiness, the team completely lost in the attack end. Although the team in the "93 generation" has last year’s relegation experience, but really need them alone play the leading role, the players still feel great pressure. Ramon thirtieth minutes when the goal was to make the fans see the relegation hope. In Ibiza garland scored, "green soul" and did not give up, under their leadership, the fans chanting "green gas", touching scene. Nicola free kick to kill the game. The final whistle, this should be done, but the fans are reluctant to leave, many fans shed tears. In the crowd, someone holding a "start from scratch" slogan for the team morale, and in the distance, all the way from Yanbian fans, also sent a "green city gas" blessing. From the success of the super to the demotion, Greentown just passed ten years. Ten years, Greentown experienced the 2009 "downgrade" and the miracle of the resurrection, but also tasted the 2011 League victory over the Japanese team AFC Champions League joy, but more often, taste or bitter struggling to avoid relegation. In the big influx of foreign aid, in the "dollar" power today,?相关的主题文章:

Lanzhou Jincheng forum invited Mo Yan and other famous guest tickets to the public free of charge – -1926年属相�

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Lanzhou Jincheng forum invited Mo Yan and other famous guest tickets to the public free of charge – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Xuemei) Yu Hua, Yu Qiuyu, Mo Yan three has the cultural influence in the cultural circles of the China culture masters, will soon be to visit Lanzhou Jincheng "forum". On the afternoon of 25, "the culture of Lanzhou, the first silk road sharing" national (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo press conference held a series of activities, Lanzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Zhu Jianjun said, more than three "Jincheng forum" the highlight for the public free tickets. In March of this year, Lanzhou city planning launched the "cultural Lanzhou, universal sharing" public welfare projects. Jia Pingwa, Wang Meng, have invited Wang Liqun, Chen Duo, Su Tong, Li Jingze, Ouyang Jianghe, Zhai Yongming, Hong Chong, Zhang Qinghua and many other famous culture into Lanzhou, organized by the "Jincheng forum" held, readings and other forms of teaching, literary creation and dissemination of cultural knowledge, reading classics and interact with the public seal. Zhu Jianjun said, held "Jincheng forum" is a new measure to enhance the soft power of the city, to strengthen the humanistic support force. Allows the public to enjoy the cultural feast in the process of perception of culture, enhance their own, and through the activities to improve the degree of urban civilization, highlighting the charm of Lanzhou City, Lanzhou. Zhu Jianjun, August 27th, writer Yu Hua in Jincheng theater for the love of literature brought to the public in the theme of "writing" the hypocrisy and reality speech; September 1st, scholar Yu Qiuyu for everyone to do "the road" context and silk China theme report in the Lanzhou music hall; in September 17th, the first China won the Nobel prize for literature. Mo Yan is also in the Lanzhou music hall, do "about Chinese and dialogue in the world" theme of the report for you. (end)相关的主题文章:

Changsha Metro Line 4, the first section of the line has been through the first shield will be the

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Changsha Metro Line 4, the first section of the line has been through the first shield will be the first line of the Changsha evening news (reporter Chen Huanming) during the National Day holiday, subway construction does not stop at 5. Reporters yesterday from the city rail transit group learned that National Day before and after each in the construction of the MTR, Changsha ushered in a number of major nodes: 3 line multiple section of shield excavation, the 4 line of the first shield successfully through line 5 ChaoYang Railway Station 33 days ahead of schedule to achieve all the first "100 m cap". Line 3: the 9 shield has been completed after the end of September the first shield section of Xingsha Sports Center – Hunan Songya double hole completed after the interval, line No. 3 sparrow Lake Station Changsha University station interval Right Line Ocean Lake Metro – Ocean Lake Wetland interval respectively realize the left line of shield excavation. Currently, 3 line project completed a total of 9 sets of shield originating. The sparrow Lake Station Changsha University station interval right line length of about 1622 meters, the shield originating from the west station of Changsha University, will wear the Liuyang River in the excavation after about 350 meters, the minimum distance to river tunnel is about 10 meters, it will be difficult in the section of shield construction. To shield the sparrow Lake Station out of two transitions, originating from the station of Changsha University, Changsha University Lake Park station to station driving range, is expected to be completed in the section of all excavation work in September 2017. Ocean Lake City – Ocean Lake Wetland shield interval left line length 1481 meters, the shield beneath the Ocean Lake Wetland Park, Jin Jianghe and many other karst area. Construction side said it would strengthen the geological survey and early warning, to take effective measures to ensure smooth tunneling shield. The project is expected to be completed in April 2017. Line 4: the first shield successfully through the rush in the National Day before, in the Metro Line 4 Changsha train station underground, "Steelers cavalry, shield machine slowly emerged, this is the 4 line of the first through the shield interval. Through the Pingyang Station – Changsha train station interval left line length 573 meters. During the national day, Metro Line 4 more than the same period in the west side of the shield. It is reported that the project across the board No. 4 line 25 station, Fu River port station for line 3 station construction, simultaneous construction of the Shawan Park Station, Changsha train station have been in the construction of Metro Line 2; the remaining 22 stations, Pingyang station has completed the main structure of the station, the ongoing demolition work station Chigang Ling moved Teng, the rest are the main structure of the construction site. Line 5: 17 stations all started the reporter learned yesterday, Metro Line 5 ChaoYang Railway Station has been implemented at the southern end of the main structure of the cap shield, marking the 5 line of the first "100 meters cap" 33 days in advance to victory, Changsha shares in construction of Metro Line 5 to achieve a solid foundation for the first shield lay. During the construction of the station to overcome the influence of complex geological conditions and the traffic caused by the obstacle to the schedule. At present, a period of the civil engineering of Metro Line 5 17 stations have all started construction, of which 5 sites have been completed or started excavation retaining structure, the main structure of the construction site, the other 12 are in construction of retaining structure.相关的主题文章:

Senior Black Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong to send five Jen moon for Cavani – Sohu sports shooter-tsumori chisato

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Senior Black: Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong to send five Jen moon for Sohu   sports shooter Cavani; good morning!! A new phase of the senior black party. Recently, six year old daughter anorexia, no matter how I coax, is not to eat. So I picked up the phone pretending to alarm her: Hello, are you the public security bureau? I’ve got a kid here who doesn’t want to eat. Come and take her away. My daughter stared at me and told me: Dad, you haven’t dialed yet.  , on the way to work, I met an old man who was sitting on a park bench, and he was alone. I went up to him and asked him what had happened. The old man cried and said: " I am 75 years old, a million houses, and a beautiful wife, 25 year old me at home. " " such a happy life, why are you crying? " " I can’t remember where I live! "   AFC Champions League 14 finals, Jeonbuk Hyundai 5-0 Shanghai port, the port AFC Champions League missed the semi-finals… I remember the last time I saw the foot of the Republic of Korea, 3-0, when the computer turned off the toilet, came back to the two ball. This time 3-0 I didn’t pee, but I went to the bathroom. Come back, also really into the two ball   match analysis as fierce as a tiger, zero to five Hong Kong utterly routed: eat mooncakes myself, five jen!   C Champions League group first round, by the Barcelona home court against the Celtics, Messi scored a hat trick, Neymar free kick and four assists, Suarez two shot, have to say, dyed-ha’rd horse and boss on the court really easier to find an eye, why the horse and Messi calls I believe, because the hair for Suarez certainly not far distance Hair Coloring   Paris Saint Germain 1-1 Arsenal, Uruguay Wu Lei’s name Cavani is a well deserved reputation, a game lost 4 pole two Kongmen, comparable to the difficulty of pawelek Mo penalty into the hat trick……   after the gun enthusiasts award the player of the game: Cavani Arsenal fans not to kill the thigh: Thank Cavani en   Peake in the past often because of their controversial remarks on Real Madrid, Real Madrid defender Pepe participate in the program, appreciate Peake, although he sometimes lost his mind, I like a few years on the pitch as before. He thinks Peake can avoid these problems.   a real calm Pepe is a nightmare for all European strikers. Pepe in the past few years is really 6. Was a hot tempered monk, are now practicing a master.   since the case since 2013, Miro joined Real Madrid, has twice with the team to taste the taste of the Champions league. He also said it was a privilege to put on a Real Madrid shirt and never thought about leaving. In contrast to Harvey, I think the Real Madrid players feel a kind of art… Tell the truth, look at the face, to tell the truth did not expect EQ so high……   Juventus and Chelsea are vying for Manchester United’s Damian, both of whom want to play in the winter of January!相关的主题文章:

Media exposure rocket is scheduled to retire during the Chinese New Year Yao Ming Jersey-barcarolle

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The rocket is due to media exposure during the Spring Festival China retired Jersey Yao Ming Yao Ming No. 11 Rockets will be retired sina sports news Beijing time on September 12th, according to the basketball pioneer micro-blog claimed that a Rockets senior said, the Rockets have agreed to retire Jersey and Yao Ming Yao Ming in the next year China during the Spring Festival, in recognition of his contribution on the rockets. 2002 NBA draft conference, Yao Ming was selected in the first round of the first round by the Rockets, from the beginning of the NBA career. Nine years of NBA career, Yao Ming has been for the rockets. Due to serious injuries, Yao Ming retired in 2011. During the effectiveness of the Rockets, Yao Ming has been selected for the NBA all star game, the 8 best team in the selection of the two team, the team selected the best lineup of the three team of the 2 time in the last 3 years. The entire NBA career, Yao Ming averaged 19 points and 9.2 rebounds, plus a block of 1.9. Last week, Yao Ming officially entered the basketball hall of fame. In a speech at the hall of fame, Yao Ming said he was a lifelong rocket player. So his jersey retirement in the Rockets should be expected. According to a senior rocket team revealed that the Rockets have agreed with Yao Ming will retire next year during the Chinese new year, Yao Ming’s Jersey, in recognition of his contribution to the rockets. So far, the Rockets have retired 5 numbers, respectively is: No. 22, No. 23 (Drexler) (Kelvin Murphy), No. 24 (Mose Malone), No. 34 (Olajuwon) and No. 45 (Tomjanovich). (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

The participants were only chimpanzees Our Halloween orangutan offering 2016-misao

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The participants were only chimpanzees? Our Halloween orangutan offering 20169 month 26 days, according to Japanese media reports: a worldwide popularity of the "silver soul" in Tokyo theme park "J-WORLD TOKYO’s" limited activities held during the "foreign festival Halloween orangutan 2016", from October 1, 2016 until November 3rd. During the national day to travel to Japan, the small partners can be listed as a travel plan yo. During the event will be decorated with banana lights in J-WORLD Park, before the existence of the lottery box will change into the lottery box gorilla theme, and added a series of new foreign related prizes. "Silver soul" is a Japanese manga created by Solachi Eiaki young comics, began serialization in 2004 2, the "weekly Shonen JUMP". In April 4, 2006, adapted by sunrise animation animation TV broadcasting began in Tokyo TV station. As of November 2015, "silver soul" booklet issued a total volume exceeded 48 million copies. Summary: during the activities defined lottery box: screen will show fighting style video, will the ghost evil gorilla orangutan will hit, according to the results of the battle, to obtain a variety of prizes. Cost: 1 to 300 yen (about 20 yuan) part of the prize list: 54mm badge all 6 theme belt all 4 activities during the various banana menu: [source: Tencent] animation相关的主题文章:

F1 Brazil station on Digital Vista Pam with 17 laps after 11-魔界骑士イングリッド

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F1 Brazil station on Digital: Vista Pam with 17 laps after 11 games this time more than 3 hours of sina sports news of the game is the forty-fourth F1 Brazil Grand Prix champion Hamilton number is 44. Hamilton’s title means that he has won the championship in 24 different races. He has not yet conquered the current calendar in Baku only track, the track this year to join F1. At the same time, fifty-second career races also let Hamilton ahead of Prost, became the win for the more than and 2 drivers, Schumacher ranked first for the 91 time. Hamilton won three consecutive championships, this season has won 9 races, tied with teammate Rosberg. Rosberg let the team runner up Mebon for three consecutive years won the Brazil top two station. 3 hours, 1 minutes and 1.335 seconds to let the game become the longest in the history of the Brazil station. Rosberg is currently in the driver’s standings leading 12 points, as long as he is on the podium in Abu Dhabi will become the annual championship. After second stops to replace full rain tyres, Vista Pam took only 17 laps up 11 places, from fourteenth to third, the seventh time this season on the podium, only in a number of others. Vista Pam became the best driver of the fans voted this year, he has already won 8 best, while other drivers only won two times. Vista Pam at the age of 19 to become the youngest driver to make the fastest lap. Vista Pam’s former teammate, Sainz, scored sixth and finished his best. The Spaniard, who has won 3 games this season for the first time in the past sixth games, has won the two place in the last 4 games. Nussle scored for his team and scoring their last score before or 24 races of the 2015 season of American station. The two points also let the Sauber team surpassed Ma Lo’s points, ranked tenth in the team standings. Sauber also scored for every team in the paddock have scores, this situation last season dates back to 2009, then at the bottom of the small Red Bull won a total of 8 points. Go back to force India team points, both get consolidated their position in the team fourth in the standings. This is the eleventh time this season, two of the force India obtained points, and their opponent Williams is the third time this year could not get. Red Bull ensure its annual second position, third of their 71 points ahead of Ferrari, and Abu Dhabi station only 43 minutes to recover enough. Alonso had 4 points in 6 games this season, the 8 in the top ten, more than teammate Barton. Karen is currently ranked sixth in the team points. After the Brazil station, Karen became Ferrari after second games to reach the ranks of the 800 games. Ferrari had 5 consecutive stages of the podium at the beginning of the season, but now has not been able to enter the top 6 stations in the top three. Since Raikkonen joined F1 in 2001 for the first time in the Bad Ragaz failed to finish the race, it is worth mentioning that this is he took part in the 250th F1 grand prix. )相关的主题文章:

Qujiang City patrol patrol farewell to the history of the bicycle patrol open-coinwatch

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Qujiang City patrol farewell to patrol the history of bicycle patrols to open the bicycle and electric car distribution site perennial patrol on foot, not only the efficiency is not high, the legs are suffering from varicose veins and other occupational diseases. Now with the bike, not only relaxed, law enforcement patrol efficiency has improved." Yesterday morning, electric cars Xi’an City Management Bureau Qujiang branch directly under the battalion Tian Donghong branch just equipped with clenched hands excitedly said. Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the Qujiang branch of the urban management, yard parking 20 new electric cars and the new bike of the 60. Electric bicycle head, body, the trunk of a unified white, body and trunk marked with urban management law enforcement, the end of the erection of an alarm. Bicycle body for the black uniform, protect the chain plate is brown, marked on the beam "Qujiang urban management" words. Hold the electric cars of the Bureau directly under a battalion Tian Donghong said excitedly: "today to the issue of Environmental Law Enforcement Bureau patrol vehicle, was very happy, years of foot patrols, not only the working efficiency is not high, some players are suffering from leg varicose veins and occupation disease. With electric cars and bicycles, we patrol the area in the future even more convenient, especially some of the motor vehicles can not go back to the street, before walking on foot, and now quickly rushed to the scene." The three battalion of the bureau chief Yue Zhenghong told reporters, the procurement branch of the 20 electric cars and 60 bicycles are ordered directly from the manufacturer, to adopt a uniform color, unified logo, uniform number, unified patrol equipment, electric vehicles and bicycles are also equipped with a work package. The enforcement of electric cars and bicycles can save energy and green travel, especially on the back streets of the city patrol played fast, flexible and convenient, expanding the coverage of city governance, so that the inspectors were officially bid farewell to the past to carry out routine inspections on history, improve work efficiency. Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Qujiang branch secretary Wei Yinshuan said, urban patrol vehicles is the basic equipment of urban management and law enforcement officers, but also to improve the management of the urban environment is a fundamental guarantee. They will give full play to the role of patrol vehicles, make good use of the allotment of law enforcement equipment, make it to be of service to the community "civilized car", "love of the car". Wen Zhang, chief reporter Zhao Lili reporter Tao Ying相关的主题文章:

12 kinds of loneliness in China at present – Sohu Culture Channel-aapt.exe

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The Chinese 12 lonely – Sohu culture channel of digital devices every day with us, the Internet is full of the images of a person says he is resplendent with variegated coloration, leave the computer to sleep, often to lying in bed to see mobile phone. The Sun Linlin is very difficult to forget @ go meal, when she is playing with words on micro-blog, who did not think she was determined to die. When the dinner on the stranger smiling delivery to the name card, who would not think of depression has become the world’s fourth major diseases. Science and technology are updated every day, all kinds of digital equipment every day with us, to fill the empty, boring, originally used in a daze all the time, and even invaded the original should be used to work, talking, sleeping time. A virtual girlfriend sexy online, micro-blog attracted tens of thousands of people attention, video website television does not insert ads, online store for 24 hours without closing…… Video on the Internet is full of people do not see the resplendent with variegated coloration, not fast, one person said he left the computer to sleep, often to lying in bed to see mobile phone. As Shirley, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States of America, wrote in "loneliness", we seem to be a stranger in a strange world, and we all know that we are all alone in the world. We are like a stranger in the world. "How do you feel, how do you feel? When you are one, homeless. And like an outsider, and like a rolling stone." Bob Dylan in the past? "Like a rolling stone" in the song, like the eyes staring at the screen for us today. However, the noisy, but we feel more and more lonely: every few minutes to look at the mobile phone, constantly refresh micro-blog friends to see what is going on, the mail is not immediately reply feel upset…… The code in the wind around our emotions, the table, everyone bow down to play with the phone or tablet, the topic is often around the social networking site is the voice of the people and what is happening. Bob? Dylan sings the loneliness of this age. Why do we feel more and more lonely? Because we rely on technology rather than each other, the envy of others and underestimate yourself, because the elderly helpless, lonely child grow up, because there are people who leave the hometown emotion without, because of our lack of social trust, lack of recognition of the city, because a man’s reputation for the creation of tired, isolated, because children suffering from autism. Because there are always people choose to stay. Although we are facing today’s benefits and troubles are all hitherto unknown, the emotional needs of human has never changed, these twelve kinds of loneliness confirmed this Chinese anxiety, they are running the pursuit of newer and better way of life, but in a strange way in the noisy lonely. Hera Barr novels too loud "solitude" is a lonely junkyard packer monologue, he worked alone in the dirty basement for 35 years, with those discarded paper will own armed mind the most abundant people. The 20 year old story, in fact, is Hrabal’s solution to the hustle and bustle of loneliness — "not on the garbage heap, but in chaos and panic". "Because I had the privilege of being alone, I was never alone.相关的主题文章:

Jiangxi online release of real estate agents are required to use real name content must be true-bree daniels

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Jiangxi: published online listings real estate intermediary must use real name contents to be true Nanchang news network   recently, the provincial housing department, the NDRC, Local Taxation Bureau and other departments forwarded departments such as the Ministry of housing "on the strengthening of the real estate intermediary management to promote the healthy development of the industry views", which proposed that agency published listings should be true comprehensive and accurate, real estate listings published on the website and other channels should be real name.   real estate intermediary published online listings shall be made with the real name of the "opinions", the intermediary of foreign listings published before, should check the housing property information and the client identity materials, listing verification information with the consent of the principal to the real estate departments, the housing situation and the preparation of instructions. Information released by the agency should be real, comprehensive and accurate content, in the stores, websites and other channels should be consistent with the release of information. Real estate practitioners should be real name on the website and other channels to publish listings information. Intermediary agencies shall not release the property without the written authorization of the housing information. An intermediary shall identify all service items, service contents, billing methods and charging standards in the eye-catching position of the business premises, and the services shall be separately priced. To provide agency property transfer, loans and other services, shall be subject to voluntary choice by the client, and in the real estate intermediary service contract agreement. Housing loan intermediary institutions to provide agency services, should be commissioned by the person to choose the financial institutions, and to provide the local loan conditions, the minimum Shoufu ratio and interest rates to the real estate credit policy for the client reference. The intermediary shall not force the client to choose the designated financial institutions, financial services and other services will be bundled, providing down payment loan and other illegal financial products and services may not be offered or cooperation with other agencies, shall not be charged to financial institutions or a disguised Fee Rebate and other expenses. Housing prices and rents regularly publish the full implementation of the system of net signed contract, filing agency for Cunliangfangjiaoyi online contract signing. City and county real estate departments should strengthen the monitoring in conjunction with the price departments of housing prices and rental housing transaction analysis, guiding mechanism, price monitoring institutions establish a sub regional housing prices and rents a regular release system. The intermediary institutions and their branches shall be filed with the competent department in charge of real estate in accordance with the relevant provisions. In the case of the record, it shall provide all the information of the personnel engaged in the brokerage business. The illegal intermediaries and practitioners, the relevant departments should be based on according to the law of dishonesty to the handling and evaluation, through information sharing, joint disciplinary measures for serious acts of dishonesty, dishonesty will seriously subject as a key regulatory target, limiting its engaged in various types of real estate intermediary services. (reporter Wu Yueqiang)相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu University freshmen will carry out physical fitness test items containing 800 meters run-peepsamurai

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Jiangsu University freshmen will carry out physical fitness test items containing 800 meters run Jiangsu college freshmen physique status of how to do? 2016 Provincial Department of education official WeChat 28 evening news release said: October 15th to 16, the province will be the Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing University of Technology, Southeast University and other 20 universities into a part of the college freshman, physical quality test. The test results will be reported to the provincial government, and statistics, post feedback to the relevant municipal government. In the freshman physical fitness test and questionnaire survey in Colleges and universities, to strengthen the physical health of students around the school has strong guidance and targeted promotion work. 20 university physical test subjects were freshmen from Jiangsu University (2016 non professional sports students and non high level athletes), in the new list of all colleges and universities have admitted, according to sources of information, randomly selected from each city, 15 boys and 15 girls. Organized by the Provincial Education Department of the test, will be based on the national standard set of test items and related requirements. The test items include: height and weight, vital capacity, 50 meter running, standing long jump, sit and reach, pull-up (male), sit ups (female), male and female 1000 meter run 800 meters. Provincial Education Commission and Discipline Inspection Commission will be sent to the whole process of supervision. (Jiang Tingyu)相关的主题文章:

National Swimming Championships Li Guangyuan adds a gold Zhang Xinyu 200 frogs called after – China -k-boxing

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The National Swimming Championships, Li Guangyuan added a gold Zhang Xinyu 200 frog said after – Beijing Beijing in September 12 Mount Huangshan Xinhua (reporter Wu Lan) 12, the contest to enter the fourth day of the National Swimming Championships, a total of 8 gold medals. Rio Olympic athletes Li Guangyuan, Zhang Xinyu won the men’s 100 meters backstroke and women’s 200 meters breaststroke gold medal. On the night of the men’s 100 meter backstroke finals, Li Guangyuan added one gold, with 54 seconds 49 results won the title of the project. Previously, he has won the men’s 200 meter backstroke gold medal. Cheng Tianyu and Wang Peng were 99 to 55 seconds and 56 seconds 12 won the runner up and second runner up. Li Guangyuan said after the game, the game has four consecutive match day every morning, afternoon, the body a bit too much, but the game can have two gold medals for Houston, is the biggest harvest". In the women’s 200 meters breaststroke final, Zhang Xinyu maintained a certain advantage in the first 100 meters, but in the subsequent 50 meters race, 14 year-old Zheng Muyan worked hard, once more than Zhang Xinyu, and in the 150 meters at the first turn, but in the end Zhang Xinyu play with stable, with 2 minutes 27 seconds 81 won, Zheng Muyan in 0.16 a second runner up. In the women’s 100 meter backstroke final, the Rio Olympic athletes Wang Xueer and Liu Xiang, was only third and fourth. The championship of the project was Chen Jie and Cheng Haihua won. Wang Xueer said after the game, the Olympic Games are a bit tired, is still not fully adjusted, this game is not optimal, but the performance is acceptable. That night, Shi Weijia, Lin Yongqing, Zhou Jiawei, Bi Wenxin respectively won the men’s 50 m breaststroke, men’s 100 meter freestyle, men’s 100 meter butterfly and the women’s 400 meter freestyle champion. Beijing won the women’s 4× 100 meter freestyle relay champion. The 2016 National Swimming Championships held in Anhui, Huangshan City province from September 9th to 13, a total of 27 teams from 549 athletes, this is the Rio Olympics after the end of the first Chinese athletes to participate in high level swimming competitions, the swimming athletes attract China class. (end)相关的主题文章:

Cixi Shanglinhu selected national special planning site protection-shishangqiyi

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Cixi Shanglinhu selected national relics protection special planning of Ling’an city site is located in the southern Lantau Peak city of Hangzhou City, the plane was a square, a total area of about 10000 square meters, with three gates, city hall, hall, pavilion building, about more than 130 seats. The main palace area is buried at a distance of 3 meters below the surface of the base, very well preserved. Ling’an city site for research in political, economic and cultural studies, Southern Song Dynasty imperial layout, are of great significance to explore the ancient capital of the system Chinese development and change. The ruins of the ancient city of Anji Anji Longshan Longshan Longshan site of ancient tombs and ancient Yue Yue from the city, is the State Council merged in 2013 announced a national seventh batch of two national security unit. Anji is the ancient city of Longshan Liangzhu, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the Tiaoxi River, known as the Zhejiang first light of civilization. The Grande Canale, the Grande Canale, Hangzhou is a great project created by the working people in ancient China, and it is an important and vital human heritage. The Grande Canale began in the spring and Autumn period, formed in the Sui Dynasty, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty, and eventually became the communication in the Yuan Dynasty the Yellow River, Haihe River, Huaihe, Yangtze River, Qiantang River five river systems, water traffic north-south. Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale shows excellent achievements of China’s ancient water conservancy and transportation engineering technology ahead of the world, gave birth to a bright pearl of a famous ancient town. The Ming and Qing Dynasties of Ming and Qing Dynasty is constructed from Haiphong Haiphong Ming Hongwu years up with "Wei" as the center, and one of the defense system, after 600 years, is still intact, the guardian, Xunjiansi, Guan Zhai, Xiyu and other cultural relics, Goods are available in all varieties. The Ming and Qing Dynasties coastal defense site were distributed in the coastal areas of Zhejiang.相关的主题文章:

Flowers tea Life fly

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Flowers tea: live nowhere not fly Liu Yuedi, Zhao Qiang flowers, tea is not only a kind of aesthetic expression and the life of sustenance, but also opens the possibility of a kind of artistic and holistic aesthetic of daily life. The possibility of a clue, probably can be traced back to the legendary Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns era. Since twentieth Century, a large number of pottery unearthed in the Neolithic cultural sites have been discovered, many of which are painted or carved on the surface of the petals. In addition, some sites, there are flowers and seeds unearthed. This shows that our ancestors thousands of years ago, began to decorate their lives with flowers and trees. Zhu Shaozong "the chrysanthemum Cong butterfly map" (Song Dai) and a seasonal phenology to "Book of Songs" and "Chu Ci" era, people know about flowers and enjoy entering a realm. "The book of rites · order" said, "in the beginning of month, Dongfeng thaw, thoroughfare vibration, fish on the ice, otters sacrifice fish, goose", a good school vitality! In the eyes of the ancients, "the weather this month decline, earth ascend to heaven and earth, vegetation germinating" — the "plant", including natural growth and artificial cultivation of flowers. The "in the month of the beginning of the rain, Shihwa peach (flower), Cang Geng Ming" — a few words, the outline of a birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers of spring. "A month", after the summer solstice, the cicada was singing, pansy (Hibiscus) when wood Rong ", people knew that Yang is weak, Yin rise, to keep records of the season of Jing ju. After a month, "the former of the month, although not in autumn and summer heat fade," warm start to wind, cricket in the wall…… Grass fireflies ", that is to say, the cold autumn will hit a murderous. Wait until the real autumn dew drop, chilling sound, vegetation withered when, if there are flowers, "Zhong Qiuhang spring and autumn fall, grass students flourish", day is a sign of abnormal, but the calamity, we see a dream of Red Mansions "ninety-fourth" feast of Begonia Jia enjoy flower, wrote out through gnosis, Baoyu qihuo "days of the spring Begonia, should have been in March, but in November bloom, Jia thought is the wedding banquet, flowers, all with only the Tanchun inwardly surmises Road: this flower is not good sign. When Shun Chang, the inverse of death. Don’t know trees, sometimes, will be the evildoer. Indeed, looking good on Jia did not come, but he lost the unexpected trouble, Baoyu, Yuan Princess Jia Yuanchun died a sudden illness. A luxurious home and by the rise and fall of Begonia flower day and against showing signs of natural language is a novelist, lack of research, but at least it shows that this kind of natural justice outlook on life, world outlook and outlook on life, lasted for two thousand years. "The book of rites · order" said, "fall month…… Among the guests…… Ju (chrysanthemum) Huang Hua (flower)". Then a dormant trees lie low, so, written by Tang Dynasty peasant army after the defeat of the Early Imperial leader Huang Chao Yong chrysanthemum poem, "energy-saving" language — from "the book of rites · order" concise and poetic description shows that in the pre Qin period, people "相关的主题文章:

The first half of two stolen Qing Dongling why always let thief succeed – new network-e2140

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The first half of two stolen Qing Dongling why always let "thief" succeed? – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang August 31st News Title: half a year two times by the world cultural heritage of Qing Dynasty "why can let Dongling thief succeed? The story of the Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Junyi, Bai Lin 1928 "Dongling thief" widespread, China as the greatest and most complete system, the layout of the most appropriate imperial mausoleum buildings, located in Hebei Zunhua of Qing Dynasty has been a "fat thieves coveted". Since the second half of last year, half a year of Qing Dynasty occurred two consecutive stolen. At present, two cases have been solved, the stolen artifacts recovered successfully. But in it behind the relevant aspects to reflect on why always let the "Qing Dongling Dongling thief succeeded? 3 days to play 3 days water pumping hole, leaving security stole the relics found according to the excavation of Jing Ling Jing Fei Wen Xi imperial tomb garden coffin chamber suspect Zhao explained, after several days of the Capitol, they get a clear idea of the security patrol law Jing Fei garden coffin chamber. Last October 25th, they drove to the scene to start robbing Wen Xi Fei garden coffin chamber, Royal tomb. "The earth was dug up in a bag, and the old man of the earth fell back into the well, not far from the east. Three hours after each security patrol, surveillance with a walkie talkie to inform us in advance, then we 3 people over the wall out, and went in and security. After work, we put a good tool to Tibet, Daodong managed to cover on the surface, a good reading." Zhao hit the 3 day of the hole, and bought a pump pumping water for 3 days, to the early morning of the day of the morning, a few people took the tomb of stolen cultural relics left, was found by security, the 4 fled. The Qing Dynasty reserve in summing up the lessons, Qing tombs stolen is mainly man-made, lack of relevant departments of responsibility. However, if you don’t really learn a lesson, "disaster" is not a one-way street. It seems that anyone who actually are, no matter Disasters pile up on one another. In May 17th this year, a stone head from empress Zhao mausoleum in Xiling found stolen, stolen time has happened three days ago. The level of the Qing Dynasty Empress mausoleum mausoleum in the highest theft case, again for the Qing Dongling relics security alarm. Reporter survey found that behind the Qing Dynasty frequently stolen the management system is not smooth, the government does not attach importance to the protection of cultural relics and dereliction of duty and other issues. The management system is not smooth. The Qing Dynasty is located in Zunhua City, a county-level city of Tangshan City. In 2010, the provincial government decided to set up Tangshan Qing Dongling tourist area, planning to Tangshan City management, in 2012 changed its name to the Eastern Qing tombs reserve, still managed by Tangshan City. Dongling clearance protection zone called Zunhua city hosting, essentially a. Under this system, Tangshan and Zunhua, who are like everyone, no matter, caused the Qing Dongling protection zone of financial chaos, lawlessness and other serious problems. Do not attach importance to cultural relics protection. Qing Dongling protection zone does not attach importance to the protection of cultural relics, the lack of special research, many cultural relics protection work cadre vacancy caused by management is weak, and the guards patrol system is not scientific, normalized too,.相关的主题文章:

Gobel received a bouquet of total No.1 breathtaking reversal for his promotion SembCorp

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Gobel received a bouquet of total NO.1 breathtaking reversal for his promotion of Gobel EVA SembCorp sina sports news Gobel won the tournament director, foreign Farris carefully crafted No.1 shape holding a bouquet of flowers, to pay tribute to a new female sister network, congratulations on her victory in the ascent of No.1 after the first show in the. The French girl, May Radanovic, almost stirred the celebration. She will Gobel surprised out in a cold sweat, in the NO.1 summit after the first show, the first to grab the first set. But tough German girl refused to appear upset, after two after she controlled the tempo of the game, to become the first thrilling first victory in the world after the. After the game, Gobel took the lead, but the two break are tenacious opponent tied, eventually lost the first set to seven. "Yes, it wasn’t easy, because the first round was always very difficult, especially for me. May Radanovic played very well in the first set of 0 to 2, and the ratio of 2 to 4. But I try to find my rhythm, because I didn’t play very well at the beginning. Then I slowly found my hand. Next I try, try to stay in the field, and focus on playing every minute. It’s not easy for me today." Gobel will face the next round of Covey Tova, although the last 3 games she won, but the game is still quite cautious. "It’s going to be a completely different game. We played a lot of times in the past, including a lot of tough matches. It’s always hard to play against Covey Tova, but I’m looking forward to it. I mean, we’re in a new tournament and tomorrow will be another day. I need to be better than I am today. However, this is my second round, it will be easier for me. I will try my best to win the game. But, yeah, I need to play my best game against Covey Tova." Then Gobel also analyzed why the recent several times in the play and the play korva are good. "I think it’s more about me, because when I play with her, I always try to be more focused. It’s also very difficult to play against a left-handed player. I often practice with my left hand players, so maybe this has given me a lot of experience in the last few months or even years." (Sina tennis)相关的主题文章:

Ma run, run the future! ASEAN Mountain Marathon victory – Sohu Sports-super bass

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Ma run, run the future! ASEAN Mountain Marathon victory ended – Sports Sohu Mashan run, run the future — 2016 China ASEAN Mountain Marathon (Mashan station) victory ended, national characteristics and rich experience gained high reputation Ma run, running in the future! Beijing time on November 6th at 9 in the morning, hosted by the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, Chinese Mountaineering Association, China Mountain Marathon series — 2016 Chinese ASEAN Guangxi Cup Mountain Sports Development Limited company to undertake the Marathon (Mashan station) in Nongla eco-tourism area square opening shots. The competition is divided into 42 km, 21 km and 8 km Mountain Marathon stage, 42 km Mountain Marathon men’s title to 2 hours 58 minutes and 39 seconds won outstanding achievements from Qinghai Jia Eren, women’s champion from Yunnan Lu Chun, the score of 3 hours 37 minutes and 36 seconds. 21 km Mountain Marathon men, women’s team champion were Zhu Guiping, Yang Jinfeng. The tournament was first held in Guangxi International Mountain Marathon, attracted from the United States, Germany, China, France, Malaysia, Italy, Kenya, Monaco, Nepal, the Taipei and other 16 countries and regions of high level players, runners a total of 1085 people participating, including Li Yongyuan, You Peiquan, Si Guosong, Ling Hongying etc. the country’s top runners in athletics, is a high specification, professional and strong international mountain marathon competition. Mashan County, known as the "land of the Lijiang River" events organized to ring Nongla eco-tourism area known as the "Karst landform" of Shangri-La, Ma to "man can conquer nature" of the spirit, through 60 years of rocky desertification control stick, and to have a boulder mountains brought change rapidly change, and mountain Marathon advocate the courage to struggle and challenge themselves, to create a miracle with the footprint of the spirit. Events will also beauty, delicacy, folk together, folk cultural activities on the track and to supply characteristics of Montenegro soup drum and three parts of Zhuang folk songs, pole dancing as the representative of the "Ma culture Sambo" wonderful place is more cheer performances and received high praise from players, greatly enriched the tournament experience. During the November 5th event to 8, Mashan County also held a China black goat Town — the tenth Cultural Tourism Festival, delicacy, carry out Mountain Marathon camping party, singing, running wild hi Gala Concert of creative bazaar and a series of rich supporting activities, and carry out the folk tourism activities in Baishan, ancient, zero the ancient village, four villages and towns, all athletes and visitors in Mashan to harvest a blend of natural, ethnic and humanistic panoramic experience. The tournament with a "mountain run future" as the theme, launched the "challenge 40 thousand km, the congregation raised thousands of pairs of shoes" large scale sports poverty alleviation and public action. XTEP (China) Co. Ltd. and well-known sports APP Wyatt laps and Guangxi tourism reports and other media co sponsored athletes and the public from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangxi and other more than ten provinces and autonomous regions through the online community, charity marathon race preparation training camp and the race to participate in love mileage donation charity, every step forward.相关的主题文章:

Help the youth football star Shao Jiayi hope to make you happy football – Beijing-windjview

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Help the youth football star Shao Jiayi: hope to make you happy football – Beijing, new network reporter Wang Muqing photo. " src=" 20160924 201692422439.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" Shao Jiayi interaction with small players, China News Network reporter Wang Muqing photo. " > Shao Jiayi interact with small players, China News Network reporter Wang Muqing photo. Beijing Beijing, September 24 Xinhua (reporter Wang Muqing) today, in the 2016 Changan youth football – Ford future star cup Beijing races at the start of the Beijing Sun Palace sports park. The famous international, Beijing Guoan Football Club Sports Director Shao Jiayi with the primary players intimate interaction, and words of advice: "you have to remember that football is happy, hope to bring you the greatest joy of football, become your dream." Reporters learned that a total of 32 schools from the Beijing area of the 32 teams of the 400 small players participated in the tournament. The game will last for two weeks, and the final winning team will be the end of the national finals, competing for the championship. This morning, Beijing Guoan Football Club Sports Director Shao Jiayi, national security Club Player Lei Tenglong attended the opening ceremony. Then, 32 teams according to the schedule of group competition, as this evening, Xuanwu Hui primary school team, the NPC team A and team beat the opponents in the Ditan primary school in the first round, won the opener. Small players in the game. Washington reporter Wang Muqing photo. As the contest guests, Shao Jiayi and Guoan players Lei Tenglong together for the young players and young players PK demonstration, Dianqiu head technology. Interactive fun game spent in laughter, just 30 seconds, a 9 year old young player’s turnovers were even more than Shao Jiayi and Lei Tenglong less. Shao Jiayi said with a smile, the basic skills of children has exceeded that of 9 year old self. "You have to keep in mind that football is happy, I hope that football can bring you the greatest joy, become your dream." Shao Jiayi message. Race person in charge, from 2014, Changan Ford – Super Star cup youth football tournament will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, Hangzhou, Ji’nan, Jiangsu and other 7 cities. Two years, a total of 258 primary and secondary schools in more than 4700 young players involved in the game, the two game of the selection of the 52 elite players overseas international professional football training. Lei Tenglong interacts with small players. Washington reporter Wang Muqing photo. This year, the size of the star of the future to further expand the scale, to provide the opportunity for more young players to compete. A total of Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua, Guangzhou R & F, Chongqing Lifan, Changchun Yatai, Hangzhou Greentown and Shandong Luneng Taishan Club 7 and the tournament in-depth cooperation, 7 city competition for clubs, involving 300 schools more than 2800 aged 11 to 12)相关的主题文章:

The chairman of the UFC MMA back into the Olympic Games it encompasses all the fighting

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The chairman of the UFC MMA back into the Olympic Games: it encompasses all the fighting Dana white has been advocating MMA movement to join the Olympic Games UFC Chinese hearing MMA movement into the Olympic Games in the years before it was repeatedly mentioned, UFC active players in many people have participated in the Olympic Games, including the Lunda – Rossi (Ronda Rousey), Dan Henderson (Dan Henderson), Daniel (Daniel Cormier), Hector Cormier Lombard (Hector Lombard), Henry cejudo (Henry Cejudo), Yule Romero (Yoel Romero), Mark Coleman (Mark Coleman), Sara Maikeman (Sara McMann) and so on. Even in UFC, there are a lot of MMA players have participated in the Olympic Games, including the Aseken (Ben Askren), Horn (Rick Hawn) – immediately, Ferguson lardy (Rhadi Ferguson), Hector Scher – Walker (Herschel Walker) (Satoshi Ishii) and so on, Satoshi ishii. In an interview FOX sports network in the day before, UFC chairman Bai Dana (Dana White) was asked if he thought the MMA should become an Olympic sport, Dana White said not only think so, but the UFC are trying to advocate for the MMA to join the Olympic movement. "We’ve been working on it for 4 or 5 years, and MMA should be an Olympic sport. Now there are Judo and wrestling Olympic goal, which is to throw and airfight dominated sport, and boxing, completely stand against movement, and a pure test of Taekwondo, kick ability exercise, while the MMA movement encompasses all this action and the match, so it definitely should be an Olympic event." Bai Dana did not disclose what UFC has done, but the International Federation of MMA (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) is likely to have been supported and sponsored by UFC. In May this year, UFC and the International Federation of MMA renewed a new partnership, the next 3 years, UFC will host their events in the international fight week. (UFC Chinese Montana) visit UFC to see more information, video content相关的主题文章:

Evening exposure Hengda has been renewed with Sri Lanka Zhu Chu cut 13 points to win the world champ-noreply

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Evening news: exposure Hengda has been renewed with Sri Lanka Zhu Chu cut 13 points to win the world championships bronze weather forecast sina sports news evening news reports, first to pay attention to the weather tomorrow. The typhoon "hippocampus" effect near the end, East China rainfall will be significantly reduced; in the north, the cold air is still the "home court", is expected tomorrow, most of the temperature in the north will remain depressed, in addition, North Middle East air pollution diffusion condition gradually deteriorated, and there will be fog and haze.   tomorrow important race notice: 02:45 VS 02:45 Paris Saint Germain Marseille legalist Real Madrid VS Bilbao athletics Liga 03:00 race F1 America panoramic live 08:30 Seattle Seahawks VS Arizona Cardinals NFL   and Scolari exposure Hengda has completed the renewal of old Brazil to stay a few handsome   in view of the Guangzhou Hengda arrangement is always the club yesterday a seamless heavenly robe. Can be directly and clearly pointed out that Lippi has been discharged and signed the contract as early as August, perhaps this is for Scolari to win the "gift" — Guangzhou Hengda should have been completed and the contract, so the two sides are satisfied. Although Scolari had previously reported with Shanghai contact news, but now it seems that the mature system of Guangzhou environment and Hengda club for Brazil coach should still be attractive enough.   Lippi appeared to witness the title Liu Yongzhuo accompanied by Tianhe Hengda accompanying | figure in the Super League a key battle in the twenty-eighth round, Guangzhou Hengda in Yanbian flight home court usher in the game, if Hengda only lost to rivals will get ahead of two Super League champions this season, and finished six consecutive albert. Before the start of the game, a constant in the Tianhe stadium old acquaintances, he is a former rival coach incumbent national football coach Lippi, chairman and he was accompanied by former Liu Yongzhuo Hengda club.   Hongyun dissatisfaction with the penalty to the football association and several controversial penalty appeal last lost to rivals, Liaoning fans are very angry, expressed dissatisfaction with the scene. The Liaoning team is the referee black tiger penalty penalty kick expressed dissatisfaction with the end of the game, the Liaoning team in the first time to watch the game video. Liaoning Yatai team believe that aid Bruno although in Pinqiang fell to the ground, but the Liaoning team believes the defender did not foul, the referee penalty is far fetched.   Liaoning football fans after the game to exit stop shouting: match-fixing disgrace Beijing time on October 23rd, the twenty-eighth round of Super League, Liaoning Hongyun home court against Changchun Yatai, in the game both sides squandered chances before the end, Zhang Ye in the area and Bruno have physical contact, Moorello penalty kick hit, 0-1 defeat Yatai Liaozu home court. After the game fans will be reluctant to leave the distant foot, and shouted: stop match-fixing. Then the fan drum and shouted: match-fixing, shame, disgrace, I also liaozu.   Yang Xu: the contract to the end of 2017 after the season and fate of communication and then set Luneng super Shandong Luneng team in china.相关的主题文章:

The people of Xi’an TV tower to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival small sweet confession to his girl-winpm

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The people of Xi’an TV tower to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival small sweet confession to his girlfriend Lee Xi’an people and several friends in the TV Tower restaurant together over the mid autumn festival. The picture shows a small guy in Yunnan with a girlfriend who came to the television tower viewing platform over the mid autumn festival. Figure LED screen TV Tower scrolling a tourist mid autumn blessing and sweet confession. Western network (reporter Peng Fen) Mid Autumn Festival is coming, you watch the moon? Standing on the balcony, overlooking the building was blocked by the moon? Or the whole family in the dining room to eat dinner, it can be more than the moonlight. In September 15th, the evening of 16, some of the people of Xi’an on the Shaanxi radio and TV Tower in Xi’an, the most artistic conception had a memorable place to celebrate the mid autumn festival. Shaanxi TV Tower is located in Xi’an, South Gate Tower axis at the southern end, and the big and small wild goose pagoda river across the entire tower is octagonal tower, like a palace lantern. The revolving restaurant on the eighth floor let visitors inadvertently embrace 360 degrees as Xi’an, 163 meters high glass viewing platform is a panoramic view of the ancient city. "Before the Mid Autumn Festival, it is a dish of fruit, a few pieces of moon cakes, one family chat side of the moon on the balcony. This year, with their parents and daughter boarded the TV Tower, the moon is really a special experience." Xi’an citizen Ms. Dong said, in the viewing platform, breeze blowing face, as if I can touch the moon. Yunnan is the little guy with a girlfriend, "we are foreigners, the Mid Autumn Festival can not go home to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival on the TV Tower is also very meaningful." Careful small that also contacted the staff of the TV Tower in advance, in the TV Tower on the LED screen to his girlfriend. The revolving restaurant is exquisite, the vast night vision, a delicacy, beauty, you have a plethora of friends, Mr Lee said the people of Xi’an, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the mood is simply too.相关的主题文章:

Ningbo has a small wedding room before marriage the woman suddenly to the bride price 680 thousand

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Ningbo has a small wedding room before marriage the woman suddenly to 680 thousand yuan bride love matchmaker very Ningbo friends @ cloud atmosphere in the East Forum: the wedding is set to 680 thousand, the woman suddenly bride, 680 thousand! Do you want to get married yet? The thing is that the mother-in-law see son-in-law very happy last August, there is a younger counterparts, because the working relationship, often to me for advice, I always love the mouth dessert girl, she will be left a good sister, right a beautiful name, a period of time to get along, the relationship between the two individual like sisters as cordial. Sister from Zhejiang, Taizhou, after graduating from the University of Ningbo in two years of work, the age of 26 has not had a boyfriend. Coincidentally, my neighbor aunt’s son was 27 years old and have no girlfriend. So my sister cloud made a good matchmaker. The next day, a romantic hot show, a touch down, two personal feelings grow with each passing day, at the end of 2015, met with both parents, the marriage is a duly completed the titration. At the beginning of the year, the man’s family began a new house decoration, parents busy outside of a natural Le o. Of course I have some little excitement, how great is that bring a romance to a happy ending, cause! In June of this year, house decoration is nearing completion, both parents sat together to discuss the wedding day, the scene there is no shortage of the matchmaker. So, the two sides held the wedding day in December 18th of this year, according to the Ningbo wedding custom to do everything. As the saying goes: mother-in-law see son-in-law more joy, apparently satisfied with the mother-in-law is the ten thousand son, banquet forthright expressed the intention to give his daughter to buy a car of around 200 thousand as a dowry, the banquet by the man for others such as bedding, supplies are made by the mother-in-law fix. (PS:’s acquisition of a price of about 1 million 200 thousand of commercial housing in Jiangbei Wanda near the decoration, all kinds of electrical appliances spent about 500 thousand, in the first time to the girl’s gift of 16800, 16 years of the Spring Festival mother-in-law and sent 5 gold and a jade bracelet. Of course, not so exaggerated) 680 thousand bride, selling his daughter? It should be perfect to carry on, but never thought, this National Day the man to the woman’s home, quasi father-in-law suddenly said to the 680 thousand bride, said that this is their maritime customs. The last time that I will meet both parents, is also present, her parents did not mention the word bride thing. I once spoke privately with the girl, then what the meaning of what gifts to take in the past, it was going to take a 6-8 million. As the saying goes: do pro poor (marriage), rich life (birthday), the woman’s family is what Ann heart? Well, the problem came out, the woman let the man sing such a play house too much to handle. Things are really in front of us, always to solve. So I have to find a separate girls talk to communicate, see if you can talk with their parents to communicate about, this is 680 thousand of the dowry’s family do not have the economic ability. The boy was in front of the girl, because of the decoration of what,.相关的主题文章:

St Petersburg tournament victory to strive to save Wahlin card inventory of season fifth crown-segotep

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St Petersburg race victory for the local power save count Stanislas Wawrinka in the time of season fifth crown game Saturday in St Petersburg, Wawrinka open men’s singles semi-final by 7-6 (8), 6-2 victory over Spain’s Agut, the fifth time this season, the twenty-fifth career promotion tour finals. If he can gain another victory on Sunday, will be the first career in the same season by taking five crown. The Swiss in the 1 hours and 51 minutes in the semi-final, in the first save the 2 inventory, then the hard won played a total of 18 points just grab seven victory. He had a break at the start of the second set, when 4-2 broke again, made the last 10 game winning streak. Valinka also maintains the 8-0 number of outcome records in St Petersburg.   two players are remarkable in the grasp of the key points. Wawrinka saved all 3 break points, and Agute saved 9 break points in the 7.   last season, Wawrinka also achieved four tournaments, but there has been no opportunity to qualify for the fifth finals. He’s going to hit the championship with confidence on Sunday. He in 2014 from Chennai station (beat Waselin), keep 11 wins in the past 11 finals. The last time in the final defeat Wawrinka dates back to 3 years ago, it was June 2013 denbosch support final defeat by French Mahut in heer. Stan’s final opponent will be the German teenager Zvi Lev. He is 6 feet and 6 inches tall, and he is not in St Petersburg. At the age of 19, he is the third time to break into the finals, and strive to achieve the first crown. Two players will be the first duel.相关的主题文章:

Kissrun Chengdu woman half horse – teacher’s Day special gift – Sports – People’s

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KISSRUN Chengdu women’s half marathon — teachers’ Day special gift – Sports – September 10th is the thirty-second teachers’ day, this day, is also the Chengdu women’s half marathon run opening day hot music. Sichuan Mianyang Nanshan Middle School Bilingual School Teacher Li Furong, will run in the music scene hot give yourself a special teacher’s Day gift — for a woman to run a half marathon challenge. Li Furong is a junior high school geography teacher, engaged in teaching profession for 26 years. 4 years ago, like outdoor sports, especially for running and hiking. The movement has become an important way for her to relieve work pressure. This is the first time to run a marathon way to spend their twenty-sixth teachers’ day, relying on the accumulation of ordinary sports, challenging the first half of life, which has a special commemorative significance." She said. Chengdu women’s half marathon is not only a special gift for teachers, but also all female runners participate in the women’s event memorable station. The tournament scene not only let the runners immersed in the romantic pink, can also enjoy the beautiful dress music service metrosexual man, hot run, professional safety protection running experience "a queen for a day" the intimate event services. It is reported that Chengdu women’s half marathon is KISSRUN second station landing events. Event sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People’s government China Shuangliu District Athletics Association, Chengdu Shuangliu District, cultural tourism and the press and Publication Bureau, Chengdu daily marketing planning limited company, Beijing Track Sports Management Limited company to undertake. (: static, commissioning editor Yang Lei)相关的主题文章:

In a – Demon star shot shot Zhang two ball super war and 1-3 right health – Sohu Sports-x3210

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In a – MS shot Zhang to fix the two ball Chongchao war and 1-3 the right to health – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 11th, the 2016 season in the League twenty-sixth round of a focus on war in Beijing and Tianjin launched the contest between the right to health. Results with the grid UVA a one shot and Mourinho Zhang repaired the plum to open two degrees, right to health in Tianjin finally on the road 3 to 1 victory over Beijing and Jelavich in the second half stoppage time by direct free kick for home saves a face. This season in the League before the 25 Harding Park, Tianjin 14 wins 5 flat to the right to health 6 negative score of 47 to third in the standings, the last round of league team 1 to 0 victory over Wuhan zall home court. The Beijing and then made 14 wins 3 flat 8 negative score of 45, currently temporarily in fourth place, the last round of league team on the road 3 to 1 victory over the Dalian party. The two teams this season first round hand, the right to health in Tianjin and Beijing and 0 home court than 0 goalless. Seventh minutes of the game, Wang Gang left along the high-speed plug ball bottom return, Yang Yihu forbidden area front, the ball slightly higher. Fifteenth minutes of the game, the right breakthrough was Mourinho lattice UVA light down history, then Judson free kick formed inside the box was the other melee player siege, Zhang Cheng forbidden area ball shot higher. Game twenty-first minutes, Zhang Xiuwei right pass, Fabiano restricted area after the header hit the door. Twenty-third minutes of the game, Jelavich frontier area after the ball turned low shot, the ball will be confiscated by Zhang Lu. Twenty-fourth minutes of the game, Chen Jie stepped from behind the heel Judson was booked. Thirty-first minutes of the game, Yuan Chang in the restricted area on the right side of the inverted triangle pass, the ball shot turned off mullins. Thirty-third minutes of the game, Judson zhisai torn each other the whole backline, inserted into the box in front of the sun can be in a side of the goalkeeper case shot missed, but the ball was whistled for offside. Forty-first minutes of the game, the current reservoir from the rear side of the foul tackle was booked. At the end of the first half of 0 than the 0 sides goalless. The second half both sides easy side battles. Forty-ninth minutes of the game, Wang Chieh nodded over shots from outside the area. Fifty-first minutes of the game, Mullins free kick into the box, Jelavich turned to the chest after stopping volley slightly higher. Fifty-second minutes of the game, right along the lattice UVA Neo ball into the box after a low shot into the corner near the door, right to health in Tianjin 1 to 0 lead. Fifty-fourth minutes of the game, Mourinho lattice UVA right back, Judson edge of the area shot higher after stopping. Fifty-eighth minutes of the game, Mourinho left speed ball along the lattice UVA attack face goalkeeper Zhang Lie attack out of the cross, Zhang Xiuwei ball push Kongmen network, Tianjin 2 to 0 lead right to health. Sixty-fifth minutes of the game, Yuan Chang shot near the penalty points higher. Game 68 minutes, Fabiano sun can be divided into ball ball into the box in a low shot was Zhang Lie closed out of the bottom line. Seventy-first minutes of the game, Jelavich in the restricted area shakes Leipzig out slightly. Seventy-sixth minutes of the game, Feng Renliang corner kick threat, Han Peng’s header was on the line from Fabiano. Seventy-ninth minutes of the game, Yang Yihu kick right up front.相关的主题文章:

O’neal This was the strongest in the history of the four recommenders is an exception (video)-queer as folk

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O’neal: This was the strongest in the history of the four recommenders is an exception: O’neal asking for his four awards Yao Ming is the most difficult one of the rival Tencent sports news in 2016 September 8th, Smith Basketball Hall of fame ceremony is about to begin, the four time champion, "the shark" O’neal will bring Iverson, Yao Ming selected. Unlike many other players, O’neal chose the four legend as references, they are Isiah – Thomas, Julius – Erwin, Bill – Russell and Alonzo mourning. O’neal chose four players as a referee Smith Nye Hall of fame is to make outstanding contributions to the cause of Memorial Basketball players or coaches and honor, the players retired for four years after the nomination, after two times of the audit committee can be selected. This honor is full of gold, can be called in addition to NBA Championship players can get the most heavyweight honor. In the guest ESPN programs, the host asked O’neal introducer problem. O’neal said, in the hall of fame referrals generally only one, but he pleaded they gained four places. Dr. J is the reason why I choose to play basketball, but also my idol, we are also very good friends. He is also a good friend, we are just the beginning of the competition, we are full of confrontation, but he let me get fourth championship rings. Russell is the best big man in history, and Thomas taught me how to be a leader and deal with everything in the field, including the business, with the magician, "Johnson.". That’s why I chose the four of them." O’neal also said that he and the four legendary players very close relationship. Although they did not compete with Russell, Dr. J and Thomas, they are still good friends. O’neal also believes that this session of the hall of fame is the most outstanding player in history, Allen Iverson is one of the greatest smaller players, but Yao Ming was hailed as the best center in the NBA after O’neal, and finally a traditional center. "Ai Fosen is a great player and a cultural icon. He’s always on his own. Yao Ming is perhaps the removal of Olajuwon, Ewing and David Robinson, I met the most difficult opponent. This is a great time. Don’t forget, this session of the candidates and Sherrie Siwupusi, she made a great contribution to the Houston comets basketball. I love the most and college basketball coach Tom IZZO (Michigan State University basketball coach), this is perhaps the best ever annual celebrity Douno Ichi." O’neal said. Perhaps in the eyes of O’neal, together with Yao Ming before the hall of fame so special. After two people have bid farewell to the NBA stadium, NBA also officially bid farewell to the traditional center era, ushered in the rule of the ball. (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

Guide to the four seasons for children’s nutrition-sexinse

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Guidelines for the four seasons of a child’s nutritional diet [Abstract] each season, the weather is different. The election of the season of baby nutrition for babies, but no harm oh. Let’s take a look at the baby to eat what good seasons! Spring spring is the main diet, growing season, Everything looks fresh and gay. For the booming, rapid growth in the spring, we should pay more attention to diet, to ensure their healthy growth. In early spring, the temperature is still relatively cold, the human body in order to keep out the cold to consume some energy to maintain body temperature. Therefore, the nutritional composition of the early spring should be based on high calorie, in addition to soy products, but also should be selected sesame, peanuts, walnuts and other food, so as to replenish energy. Due to the cold stimulation can cause the body to accelerate the decomposition of protein, resulting in lower body resistance and pathogenicity, therefore, also need to pay attention to children in early spring to add high-quality protein food such as egg, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, rabbit meat and bean products. These foods are rich in methionine to enhance the function of human cold. Changes in temperature in the spring, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms began to multiply, increased activity, easy to invade the human body. Therefore, in the diet should be adequate intake of vitamins and inorganic salts. Chinese cabbage, rape, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh lotus root, bean sprouts and other fresh vegetables and citrus, lemon, strawberry, hawthorn fruit contains vitamin C, has antiviral effect; carrots, amaranth, rape, budding, tomatoes, leeks, snow peas and other vegetables and animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cheese, Cod Liver Oil etc. animal foods are rich in vitamin A, with the protection and enhancement of the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane and respiratory epithelial cell function, which can resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors. Can also eat vitamin E sesame seeds cabbagecauliflower and other foods, in order to improve the body’s immune function, enhance the body’s resistance to disease. Spring is ill or recovering from illness in children, can be cool, quiet, fresh and delicious, easy to digest food. Edible rice porridge, sugar barley porridge, red bean porridge, lotus porridge, vegetables, dried meat floss, mud Soybean Milk etc.. Summer diet hot summer, is the largest energy consumption season. At this time, the body of protein, water, inorganic salts, vitamins and trace elements increased demand for the growth and development of children is more intense. The first is to increase the amount of protein, protein metabolism and accelerate the decomposition of summer, sweat can make a lot of trace elements and vitamin loss, reduce the body’s resistance. In the diet, we should pay attention to food color, smell, taste, cooking skills in more efforts to increase the appetite of children. Can eat some salad, soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.. Summer can give the child to eat some of the heat Qushu foods, such as amaranth, Chuncai Ma Lan head, eggplant, lotus root, bean sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, gourd, melon, melon, watermelon, etc.. Especially tomatoes and watermelon, can Shengjinzhike, and nourishing, also optional fresh millet, beans, lean pork, animal liver, eggs, milk, meat, red dates, letinous edodes, seaweed, etc., to supplement the loss of vitamin. Every quarter, the weather is different. Selected.相关的主题文章:

Point like the Football Association active public relations! 150 thousand + chartered to impress Syr-roselip

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Point like the Football Association active public relations! 150 thousand U.S. dollars + charter Syria foot can we seize this opportunity? [] information Orangemen 12 match list: Hu Rentian Zhang Yuning in seven Hengda listed in August 23rd, the Syria Football Association officially announced: Syria national team five game home court during the Russian World Cup qualifier 12 finals will be arranged in Macao. In order to choose from Beirut, Lebanon to unilaterally announced the selection of Iran Tehran Institute, and finally announced in Macao, war-torn Syria team some frustration, but the Football Association Chinese in this invisible smoke of the battle fought a good fight! Have to make people feel: not only the National Football Association, the Chinese Football Association in order to really match the 12 game, to the Football Association’s OTC PR point praise". Reporter Ma Dexing reported in the house where? The Syrian people say time in accordance with the relevant provisions of FIFA, in the top 12 teams in three months in advance to the AFC home court, will send investigation team full investigation of all aspects of the venue, transportation and so on, at the end of a month before each game final strike home court home court. Syria will play their first home game on September 6th against South korea. However, due to the war, the Syria team can not be put in their home court, although much earlier legend, the team will race in Beirut and Lebanon, and after the provisions of FIFA and AFC, the AFC official website early in the match place written on Beirut’s Sports City Stadium". To June 10th, the official push Syria’s Football Association says, this game will be conducted in the Sports City stadium in Beirut September 6th, kick-off for 16. Ordinarily, the problem of Syria’s home court even settled. But until late July, reporters suddenly from China obtained FA such a message, which is July 28th, the newspaper "Chinese intends to bid for the Syria team as the home court", specifically for the Chinese Football Association to prepare five bid for the 12 finals Syria team home court News reported, saying "this is an invisible smoke the battlefield, show is the wisdom and strength of the football China." This also means that the Syria team home changes. And after that, a variety of news has come from Syria. The newspaper in August 8th to "Chinese regret missing Syria" home court title, reported the Syria unilaterally announced the news, said all 12 of the race during the home court in Tehran. This is not a myth, but Syria has launched the domestic media reports. And, in August 5th, Syria’s official twitter again announced, said: Syria team in September 6th and South Korea team will be arranged at Tehran’s Takhki stadium, and is scheduled for 19 local time. The Football Association of Syria was ousted in August 5th before the press conference was held on the 5 day, after sending twitter, FIFA and AFC is in accordance with the relevant regulations, must be in before a month to finalize the home court site. Football Federation attack! Initiative to bid to return to the AFC Asian Football Association in late July to bid for the home team in Syria. Chinese football association!相关的主题文章:

[reading] common parenting problems Dr. Lara to give you the answer – Sohu maternal-9c8921

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[reading] common parenting problems to you Dr. Lara Dr. Lara answers – Sohu maternal parenting problems common to give you the answer read "Dr. Lara answer — fix parents ask 72 issues" the most by 1980 before a wide expanse of mist-covered waters and have no contact with Dr. Lara about parenting book, before the special love Sears series of children’s book. It is love, Sears’s book let me raise a child uncertain heart stabilized, give me a lot of knowledge in all aspects. Make me from a mother without foundation, slowly in the heart of the bottom. Later, I have access to a number of information found that the gentle parenting law and intimate parenting are positive education, the difference in the focus of different. I love these two parenting methods, but also more suitable for me. When the two book "I met Dr. Lara, Dr. Lara — who asked parents fix 72 questions" and "the most peaceful upbringing method (children articles)", especially love Dr. Lara, her book is practical, a thick book is not heavy, and easy to understand can get the solution, benefit. Lara? (Dr. Laura Markham) Dr. Markham, a major advocate of the prevailing "and" the theory of American parents and children, the influential parenting website AhaParenting founder and editor in chief, the website provides a full range of children from birth to teenage parenting guidance for parents. Lara has a doctorate in clinical psychology at Columbia University, has worked as a child care guide for countless families. She was the mother of two children and the aunt of the nine. She works, "parents and children", "happy Ping Ping and upbringing method (children articles)", "Dr. Lara answer: parents ask 72 questions to fix up", and published hundreds of articles in the nursery at a number of sites, also served as the Mothering and Pregnancy net station experts. A child is a character temper, corresponding to one of the parents of a temper, coupled with grandparents, is the key area of parental conflict. Coupled with the opening of the national policy, the birth of two children, face up to more than two or more children, the problem is still to be resolved, followed by the question of two. 72 of Dr. Lara’s parents knew, mainly from the cultivation of good habits, parents, EQ challenges and the home has two treasure five aspects, make a detailed answer: from the different stages of psychological and physiological aspects of children development, from parents should know and can control problems, and gives the professional answer. The 72 questions that I began to study. My reading preference is to start from the simple, answer type book give me a dictionary to feel, to find answers to problems. Although my first child is over nine years old, there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered in the process of parenting. A lot of questions even got the answer is scanty. Would also like to see some of the answers are right, and feel specious, not suitable for their children. In short, it is so confused, while feeling the stones.相关的主题文章:

Hanging mianzhanpai! Jeremy Lin with a hamstring pull out for at least two weeks – Sports Sohu-innawoods

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Hanging mianzhanpai! Jeremy Lin with a hamstring pull out for at least two weeks – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive articles is forbidden) November 4th Beijing time news, for the nets, this is a bad news, because they attack the brain injuries trapped. Today, the team officially announced that the team’s starting point guard Jeremy Lin because of hamstring injury, will be out for at least two weeks. The team also said that for Jeremy Lin’s injury was checked in two weeks. Jeremy Lin is over Detroit on Thursday in the nets home court 109-101 game shot back, when he played 16 minutes, 6 points and 4 assists in 4 for 10 with 2 rebounds. This summer, Jeremy Lin and the team signed 3 contracts worth a total of $36 million for a. Coach Kenny Atkinson’s, Jeremy Lin is the core of the team. The new season, Jeremy Lin’s performance was really good, averaging 26.8 minutes, 15 points and 6.2 assists over 3.8 rebounds and 1.4 steals. Jeremy Lin is one of the important signings nets during the offseason, his injury will make the team a potential crisis. At the same time, Jeremy Lin will have a contest with two absent old club, are against the Hornets and the home court Saturday, next Thursday at the Nicks team. The good news is that Randy Foye is expected to return with the Hornets; as for 50, Vasquez, will continue to hurt. This is the 28 year old Jeremy Lin in the League for seventh years, total played in 374 regular season games, including 188 starts, averaging 26.8 minutes, scored 11.7 points, 4.4 assists and 2.8 rebounds and 1.2 steals. So far this season, the team’s record is 2 wins and 3 losses, the eastern eleventh. (Sohu sports exclusive manuscript is prohibited Reprint)相关的主题文章:

The eighteenth agon cup kija win again at the end of and the Japanese player — Shaanxi — pe-stanley博士的家2

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The eighteenth agon cup kija win again at the end of   and the Japanese player vs. – Shaanxi Channel – original title: the eighteenth session of the agon cup kija win again at the end of Japan’s blows and kija trophy show. reporter Yang Lei photo September 28 Shijiazhuang Xinhua (reporter Yang Lei) in September 28th, eighteenth contained? KIRIYAMA cup China go fast open final battle, Ke Jie white in 2 and 14 defeating Chen Yaoye, won the championship second times. This is the two person within ten days of the third meetings this month, 20, 22, the world cup Braun Open final five Fanqi, Chen Yaoye two time defeats kija, leading 2-0 to get the match point. Guess he has Chen Yaoye zhihei first, get the first three corners of the field, is a massive kija appearance in the chessboard below. White 30 into the first wave of fighting, to black Chen Yaoye 57 good situation. 58 white fire invasion, Chen Yaoye did not face the enemy, the black 59 point conversion to fourth corners on the field, however, from a global point of view seems to be gaining the upper hand of the Ke The loss outweighs the gain., 82 went to the two sides and white appearance, white than black field potential. A small group of conversion, the white field leader, Chen Yaoye decided to open 133 black death, black 141 hit into white space test kija, if white with black, will produce more than one robbery, white could not win ko. After a fierce battle 30 hand, black won only a small profit in the lower right corner, and into the army was wiped out, Chen Yaoye licked. Under the more than and 100 hand end single officer, kija won by 2 and 14, two years later, once again won the agon cup. After the game, Ke Jie said he was very happy to get the championship. "This is my first title of the year, today’s chess very close, I was also lucky to win." Kija will be the end of the year in Kyoto, Japan this year and the agon cup champion in the championship match day. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章:

Calm yet masculine in autumn-cashmere mafia

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Calm yet masculine to fall into lead: flannel shirt and comfortable wear color of denim jacket, brown and striped short sleeved sheepskin casual backpack, without losing a soft touch at the same time, also ensure the masculine man. (from GQ) in numerous kinds of pattern design, the market It is often seen. "stripe" is perhaps the only one who can make clothing researchers frequently write a Book of 148 pages devoted to delve further into the history – it’s all in the middle ages, but "the devil’s striped fabric cloth (Devil" s "Cloth). This refers to our, cheap, obscene in thirteenth Century, and the pattern of low status of artists and servants, as long as the textile machine to and fro activities can be woven, cheap and easy to get, but just put on it is very likely to be sent to the gallows. But also because of cheap and easy to get, then almost every aristocratic family, let people put on a unified identification, striped clothing, both for the show of wealth, convenient management and governance. The modern design of the stripes, until seventeenth Century was invented. Wage earners in the French Revolution fell in love with red, blue and white stripes, the revolutionary Robespierre as early as 1789 before wearing a striped suit. Calm yet masculine into fall thanks to these revolutionaries, stripe washed "devil" charges, has become synonymous with freedom and fashion, and Queen Victoria in 1846 for his 4 year old son for striped sailor suit, which has 170 years later in the fringe of fashion status. Sparse Pinstripe Pinstripe more closely than the sense of relaxation, loosen the top button easily sense, buckle up all the buttons have serious solemn sense; the fringe density of different pockets becomes a focus. Givenchy striped short sleeved shirt made in all kinds of fabric shirts, flannel shirts are soft, and was dubbed the "old man" in the name of. This kind of fabric made of short wool, including the number of Welsh, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Ireland’s most famous best. These areas flannel other area more soft touch, better quality. At that time no flannel dye, color to white, entirely by the textile blue, brown and black wool in different proportions. The small plum to this demonstration inside downy, soft and comfortable and warm fabrics not only made suits, shirts to appear more often. Although the hand lines add softness with fabric and velvet, so that the majority of young people criticized the "country", but in fact, as long as the collocation is proper, even over Mike’s face, flannel shirt can also be functional and fashionable degree of integration. Get rid of all stripes and different colors, and even buttons decoration, Berluti deep blue gray flannel shirt and a smooth and clean, tough, with denim shirt effect. Oversize style in addition to it as a close fitting inside, but also inside a white t-shirt. Berluti Oversized Yves Saint Laurent flat collar lining flannel mouth "the most practical, leisure bag相关的主题文章:

Baby zone picture + tigers detective team – Sohu released a baby-cancam

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Baby zone picture + "tigers detective team" – Sohu released a child in November 9th, baby picture zone + released "tigers" detective team free trial activities. The probation issued by picture books, children’s fun Publishing Co. Ltd. provides special sponsorship. This set of books is "Little Tigers" the father of Thomas? Bureqina classic works, tells the story of three cubs Global Adventure, detective journey, very suitable for the independent reading of children aged 9-12, culture analysis observation, children. Baby zone since March 7, 2011, began to formally organized website picture book free home delivery trial activities, it has been sixth years. From the line since the baby zone advocate picture parent-child reading, has always been to "let every child become lovers" as the goal, in this business philosophy, creating a picture book baby zone free home delivery activities probation standard mode, maintain good cooperation with hundreds of books read press, become lead the industry benchmark platform. The major platform to imitate. So far, the platform has a total payment of more than 2 volumes of books, and hundreds of books on a weekly free delivery frequency to continue to carry out activities, covering millions of books like family. If the majority of parents still worry about the children choose children’s books, picture books a baby zone may wish to participate in activities, and millions of families to share the fun parent-child reading picture books. — — more parenting knowledge, parent-child topic, award interactive login baby zone website access相关的主题文章:

U.S. media Nicks borrowed defense to belittle Jeremy Lin former players – Sports Sohu to discredit t-下北glory days

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U.S. media: Nicks borrowed defense to belittle Jeremy Lin former players – Sports Sohu to discredit the poor Beijing time on September 19th, the Nicks team recently put down Jeremy Lin defense, it attracted many American media. CBS sports reporter Matt Moore wrote that Jeremy defense is not bad in the Nicks team, but by the defense belittle ahao. During 2012, Jeremy Lin in the middle of the team when he was on the team defense efficiency of 96.7, the presence of the book when the team’s overall defensive efficiency of 99, the book is not present in the absence of the Nicks team lost more points on the team, but more than. He doesn’t score on defense, but it doesn’t hurt the team. Last season, Jeremy Lin defense team made great progress in the yellow team, coach Clifford, under different circumstances are sure to have a good book defense in the book of the. Jeremy was nearly three points, the Hornets win. Individual Defense per round Efficiency Alliance fiftieth, every one hundred round pick and roll Defense Efficiency Alliance Seventy-eighth, he is able to control the ball under pressure, can also help his teammates. Jeremy although not that top suffocating defense, but he remained stable play on both ends of the court. Statistics on individual defense data on the season of ESPN (DRPM), Jeremy Lin in the list of all 81 PG, ranked twentieth, including a row in the small Payton, Rondo and Della Vedova to defend the famous guard. Before the Hornets teammate Kemba Walker, former nets guard Garrett – Jack, last season Nicks guard Calderon and Grant are ranked in the book after hao. Nicks team this summer, the introduction of the Jennings and the two – point guard of the guardian of the defense is not as good as some of the defense of the, the heavy attack on the light of Shou Shou, after the recovery of the body after a big injury, the state of the body is not as good as before the treatment of the situation, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, Japan and the United States and the united. Jeremy Lin is not a great player, but the ability to shoot and pass. The Nicks team was not predicted by Lin crazy, don’t love the real cause of Jeremy Lin Nicks this summer, I’m afraid that when he and Anthony is not a core team of Carmelo – Mike – DAntoni, this also with the tactics have relations. Nicks, the rise of any young star, should take into account the ability to coexist with Anthony, such as last season’s, the two sides also spent some effort to run in. Nicks, former member of the team to discredit the controversial practice. ESPN radio reporter Robin Rod Berg in personal twitter which said, "Jeremy Lin can throw off the Nicks team’s best defensive player of a mile." , "Nicks treated the team who had worked for the team, it was the worst team in the sport." (CHE)相关的主题文章:

Broad net Janko save inventory star Peng Shuai into the title again over the women’s doubles final-foldercure

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Broad net Janko save inventory star Peng Shuai into the title again over the women’s doubles final Jankovic sina sports news Beijing on September 23rd news total prize money of $250000 for the WTA tour of the Guangzhou International Women’s Open women’s singles semi-finals in today’s competition, the defending champion, the No. 2 seed Jankovic to 7-5 7-6 (7) beat Croatia star kangniu, following the Hongkong last year after WTA and then into the women’s singles final. The women’s doubles semi-finals, Peng Shuai Mohamed to 6-3 6-4 combination of Sino US victory over Liu Changlu for the first time better, a partner in the finals, they will be with the combination of Belarus Fagafaga Wall Sowa Rapp C title, who knocked out Hingis Jankovic. For the first time this season scored hard Jankovic in the women’s singles semi-finals today to meet soon before the quarter finals of the Croatia star net kangniu, both sides had a match in Mallorca this year, the grass fight, Janko two win. Today, Jankovic will show the good state, the first break to lead 4-1. But gradually into the state in the subsequent kangniu made back breaking, tenacious will tie the score. Next, kangniu saved three inventory difficult Baofa, leveled the score 5 to 5 level. But the key moment, or Jankovic. She beat four points for a break in the twelfth inning, the first set 7-5. The start of the second set, kangniu launched a fierce counterattack, Lianpo Janko two game, made the 4-1 lead. Serbia girl did not give up, back breaking after 4-5 broke the opponent the ball wins disk Bureau, will level the score. Next, the two security service, the game into the grab seven. Snatches in seven games, Jankovic in the lead 3-0 lost 5 points, and was 4-6 behind the encounter of two inventory, but before the first in the world did not surrender, culminating in the second match points to seize the opportunity to 7-6 (7) to the next round, following last year’s Shenzhen after the game and then into the WTA women’s singles final, she and Ukraine the special beauty of Su renco crown, the latter by 6-4 6-2 to win Estonia teenager Cantat Witt. (double)相关的主题文章:

Walton afraid of rocket attacking force German commander from the Lakers never to coach – Sports Soh-matlab 等高线�

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Walton afraid of rocket attacking force German commander: from the Lakers never to coach – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 26th, according to U.S. media reports, in an interview, the Rockets coach DAntoni said, then choose to leave the Lakers, thought he will not be returning to the coaching position. The Rockets will be in the new season regular season opener in the game to challenge the Lakers, for this site, DAntoni is clearly not strange. He has previously served as coach of the Lakers, but during his coaching achievement is not ideal, which in the 2013-2014 season, he led the team made only 27 wins and 55 negative results, after that he chose to leave the lakers. "When I left the Lakers, I didn’t think I would go back to the coach," DAntoni said. "But I don’t think it’s a problem. I’m old enough to do anything else." In reviewing the Lakers career, DAntoni said that he was not a lot of players and the concept of unity. "I’ve been thinking about how we should fight, but the rest of us have another idea. "We are not at the same pace," said de Anthony. "When I came here, it was a hostile environment." This offseason, DAntoni in the Rockets coach. In the face of the old master, DAntoni said, hoping to win. "I’ll do my best," said DAntoni. "Try my best to finish it." It is worth noting that the Lakers and Rockets this summer to adjust lineup, the Lakers in Kobe after retirement has now become a youth oriented team player, and the Rockets after Anderson and Gordon and other players, the team offensive firepower to further enhance. In this regard, Lakers coach Walton expressed his views. "The team faces a lot of challenges," said Walton, "with DAntoni’s tactical system. Signed Anderson and Gordon. They have enough offensive firepower." (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章:

French recommendation before the war, Monaco to press forward to the enemy’s capital – Sohu preheati-gigolos

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French recommendation: before the war, Monaco to warm-up game time: 2016 – press forward to the enemy’s capital Sohu 11.19          Saturday   02:00: 0.66    asian handicap   Lorient           0.75  Monaco       1.18 European index: 3.50      3.40      1.88 match Preview: with the end of international competition, the European League this weekend continue to be renewed, the French Saturday morning schedule two games staged. Which Monaco will visit the bottom of the table Lorient, both strength and rankings are far from. Although Monaco is the Champions League Task in itself, but in view of the international tournament team sidelined for more than a week, the players also absolutely sufficient physical strength to cope with the dual combat next, tonight in the face of the vice monitor, Monaco must firepower. Lineup, striker Falco has just finished the national team, it is estimated that will not appear in the first list, the center will serve as a single arrow role Gillman. As for Lorient, this season to play a league zhanba 12 greatly disappointed, only 2 wins 1 flat 9 negative poor record, and averaging number up to 1.67, the team ranked bottom is perfectly logical and reasonable. The pursuit of handicap index for Monaco 0.5-0.75 to make the Asian plate, mainstream institutions are 0.75 high water on disk, with 1.88 wins in Europe, the Asian plate is obviously super disk operating data, there is no reason for Monaco to participate in the European institutions, and the weakness in plate potential. Lorient recently 6 games 1 flat 5 negative, the plate a piece of black, I think its not bo rebound, which continue to support a strong side of Monaco. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:3, 1:2 (+1) Lorient Beijing single game ball, SMG recommended: 01 let the ball Shengping Fu Lorient (+1) recommended: 01 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0相关的主题文章:

Argument for Yang Mi whether or not acting two high school boys line under frame-invictus gaming

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To argue that Yang Mi has no acting two high school boys line around the shelf now, many students are some of the star’s fans". Sometimes, because of different views, but also on the Internet opened the war of words". This does not, Fucheng two high school boys to evaluate popular actor Yang Mi different, on the Internet to finish, the line about frame. A small wooden and is the high school students Fucheng different schools, we don’t know each other. In 25, actor Yang Mi Post Bar on text message said: "in addition to her face a little beauty, not acting, is really a social see yan." As it happens, also around a wooden Post Bar, saw such an evaluation of their idols, does not want to reply, said: "when the acting good and beautiful, you are jealous." Xiaowen not convinced, and this little started "slobber war". Think small wooden also give him a message, won’t listen to reason, let him leave the address, two people face-to-face talk. See the message, Xiaowen name, will fly into a rage, home address and telephone number for the whole wooden. 27, Xiaowen and wooden met in a square Yingdong district. Not to say a few words, two people tore up the clothes. Seeing this, passers-by the police. Area police station rushed to the scene, the two sides back to the police station. Considering the small wooden and underage police they carried out criticism of education and persuasion. In the end, the two admitted the error, said the future will not be used to solve the problem of violence. (the characters are a pseudonym)相关的主题文章:

[network] Kennedy CLS Shuangseqiu 16119th red special point-avbox

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[network] Kennedy CLS Shuangseqiu 16119th red special point double color red number principal value rate analysis of           key value rate number 09 out of 09 principal value rate code, is a warm point state out of the ball, this period gradually to each section respectively extends across, note Italy point respectively extension, while two area segment should pick up lead to attention, focus on the three regional hot code ball: 01040507 in this period the main rate of this period on the sidelines tips: 01040507 value rates suggest that 09 color red even the code analysis of             serial number: 2223 the number of balls are optimistic about the three area, in contrast to the strong coherence, suggested that the dispersion of the ball in the three regions, the number of attention after impact to continue in two areas, so the number of center still to the two area as the center Rate analysis of   high value of the period even prompted 10112425 double color code flagship red;             high rate value number: 3133 high rate codes in recent high stress distribution area three, rising to high-end, mainly in three areas of force, this force is expected to by the point of extension spread to the surrounding area, as the focus of attention on the number 2627282930313233, the ball 31 points as the center of a circle number of high value number prompt 26303132 color red cold code analysis of                 cold: no cold code without an orientation for the period cold code along with the two district number is gradually warming up to the surrounding areas, the cold temperature code is expected to continue to a halt in two areas, the focal point of a cold code ball number 05142930 but the two areas still need to strengthen the cold code Defense cold tip 1324 double color code red exclusion selection number analysis sublimation         (on the comprehensive selection scheme, for reference only, the draft is only for the CLS telepresence brand, without permission, do not reprint excerpts) featured basic number 15: 0104050709101314 ball 24252629303132 ball: 0105132425303132 select the key 8 code in many respects, this number is higher, the hit rate, suggestions and special tips in number value self combination rate相关的主题文章:

International Tourism Internet Conference held in Hangzhou focused on intelligent

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International Tourism Internet Conference held in Hangzhou, focusing on intelligent travel network Hangzhou October 23 (by Kong Yanting) on October 23rd, the 2016 International Tourism Internet Conference opened in Hangzhou. The general assembly to the "new Internet, new supply, new experience" as the theme, through the "multi dialogue on international tourism industry big coffee + + expert industry well-known tourism industry, government officials, and invited leading experts from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and other places, to discuss the era of tourism industry hot topics, new chapter in the development of industry collusion. With the development of information technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the global Internet has entered a new era of development". At the beginning of this year, the National Tourism Administration issued a "515 strategy", "strategy is mentioned, to actively integrate into the Internet era, armed with information technology China tourism", which is injected a shot in the arm for development direction of "Travel + Internet". It is reported that the general assembly is held in China high-level tourism + Internet Conference, this year for the second session. According to the president of the general assembly, Song Haiyan, vice president of the school of hotel and tourism management, Hong Kong Polytech University Professor, compared to last year, this year’s guests invited to consider more guests own professional. Vice president, Asia Pacific Tourism Association Special Advisor CEO JohnKoldowski based on the participants last year more deepen the wisdom of tourism subject, he said, the public needs to re-examine the current tourism industry from different angles, also need more wisdom to better understand the tourism industry index. JohnKoldowski takes a large number of Swedish tourists to Thailand as an example, pointing out that the average number of days of his stay is equivalent to 5 Malaysia tourists, 2.5 Chinese tourists, the 2 Saudi tourists. So he suggested that in the development of relevant strategies to determine the target market, the need to analyze whether it can bring the most tourists indicators, and concerned about its growth rate is the fastest. Conference site, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang to the Imperial Palace as an example, shows the application of Internet technology and digital technology in the key Cultural Relics Tourism in China. From the opening of the network channel slow ticket pressure, digital museum renovation end, to the "the Imperial Palace" produced daily, show in the Imperial Palace in the wave of the Internet to move forward with determination. "The the Imperial Palace museum website every day now are 1 million hits more than last year, we conducted three revision, Shan Jixiang said proudly," last year we made a series of APP, APP in the Imperial Palace after 8, we get an evaluation of "the Imperial Palace produced, will be fine."." In addition, the former party secretary of Hangzhou Wang Guoping with the wisdom of chess, painting, etc. in the field of news writing examples show 1 times (the Internet search engine, e-commerce, instant messaging, online games and other four Internet formats) to 2 times (networking, artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology and other three new Internet formats change). He said, I hope you see more of the rise of the three new formats, and make full use of the economic development, tourism has become a sharp sword. It is understood that the general assembly by the Zhejiang Tourism相关的主题文章:

Wuhan next three days, the temperature of 15 DEG C or an invigorating autumn climate in autumn this -winflash

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Wuhan next three days, the temperature of 15 DEG C or an invigorating autumn climate in autumn this week "empty chamber autumn long long, cold dew into the twilight worry about clothing, cold air, two days in Wuhan in the early morning and evening, some more autumn means that, despite the recent daytime temperatures will still return to more than 20 DEG C, but sooner or later go out if wearing unlined garment, most people will feel chilly. City Meteorological Observatory is expected, 3 north wind blowing temperatures continue to decline. The next 5 days, the lowest temperature in Wuhan fell to 15 degrees, the highest temperature is only 20 degrees out, perhaps in the autumn Wuhan this week. City Meteorological meteorological experts, and the general -11 months of September as autumn, and the climate defined on the daily average temperature between 10 DEG -22 DEG between the climate of the autumn, the sliding average temperature stability for 5 consecutive days to 22 DEG C, it means that autumn, and this in 5 days on the first day is in autumn. According to the municipal meteorological data show that the average annual Wuhan autumn time is before and after September 22nd. However, in recent years in Wuhan in the summer quietly grow shorter in spring and autumn, autumn time is postponed to early October. Since 2000, Wuhan more than and 10 years of autumn, late last year and the year before the city autumn day is in September 30th and September 29th respectively. The data also show that the fall of Hubei in the short short, the average 10 days per year to reduce the number of days, which is equivalent to nearly 55 years, the province’s fall in the fall of about 3 days. The central meteorological station said, entering the dew solar term, affected by cold air, the more windy cool weather. The next two days, with the cold air southward, the lowest temperature in the central and eastern parts of the region in the second half to record lows, the Jiangnan area may fall or early winter, the northeast. Our city is the cloudy weather during the day yesterday, yesterday the minimum temperature of 16.6 degrees, the highest temperature of 24.2 degrees, people have to truly feel the autumn has come. The most afraid of the rain season. The good news is that from today to Friday is cloudy, and the temperature of these 5 days is very similar, the maximum temperature at -24 C / C,, the lowest temperature at 15 -17. These four words are "an invigorating autumn climate.". Many people look forward to the season of the year is autumn, although has been very short, in the past 60 years, the average length of the autumn in Wuhan is 57 days, this fall is likely to be shorter than this. But in Mancheng fragrance, whether you are in a hurry to depart or stroll, and my heart will be in a "floating fragrance" happy. Specific forecast: during the day, cloudy, temperature of 15 DEG -23 DEG, pianbeifeng Level 3; this evening to tomorrow daytime, cloudy, temperature 16 degrees -23 degrees, 2-3 the north wind; tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, cloudy to cloudy, temperature 17 degrees -23 degrees, 2-3 the North wind. Related news Wuhan autumn相关的主题文章:

Entanglement and transformation of migrant workers – Real Estate – People’s

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Tangled and change — real estate — original title: migrant workers and the change of tangled migrant workers in September 20th, the Beijing urban construction group, migrant workers are pouring the main terminal of Beijing new airport underground structure engineering in the last plate. Newspaper reporter He Yong photo September 28th, Chen Da Wan Cun, Guangshan County of Henan Province sun tie Pu Zhen migrant workers Wu Jiyin to feed the sheep in farming cooperatives in. Photo by Xie Wanbai (people’s vision) "eleven" National Day holiday, the Beijing morning temperatures, but the West Branch Factory Bridge police station Hukou hall lined up to come to consult and apply for a residence permit of the people. The migrant workers from Hebei Shijiazhuang Zhang at the end of the line, while holding temporary residence permits, identity cards and other documents of a lot of hands red with cold, but his face full of smiles: "there is a residence permit, I can buy a house in Beijing, the children can not go to school in Beijing, with her daughter Hui Lao’s house." Statistics show that in 2015, the national total of 280 million migrant workers, an increase of 1.3% over the previous year. With the introduction of household registration reform programs in most provinces in the country, some migrant workers saw the hope of leaving the city, some migrant workers are choosing to return home entrepreneurship. Stay or go home? Migrant workers are struggling to adapt…… The household registration reform let migrant workers at ease to stay in the city to work in Beijing has been 10 years old, he worked part-time now have a monthly income of nearly 5000 yuan, previously, he always feel old do not move will have nothing, so hard to live. In the past, to work in Beijing, the villagers told me that want to stay in Beijing is too difficult, the house, the children are not going to go to school Hom Hom; now, I see the hope." Zhang said the residence permit, no small role. According to Beijing city in September 19th issued "on further reform of the household registration system implementation opinions", meet the conditions of migrant workers in Beijing, can apply for "Beijing residence permit". The residence permit holders enjoy employment, social insurance, housing provident fund deposit extraction and use rights according to law, in accordance with the provisions of compulsory education, basic public employment, basic public health and family planning, public cultural and sports, legal aid and other basic public service. Since October 1st, Beijing formal implementation of the residence permit system, 346 household registration police station began to accept Laijingrenyuan to apply for a residence permit in Beijing city; October 8th, residence registration card business started to handle by the floating population management station, marking the Beijing implementation of the 31 years of temporary residence permit system to completely withdraw from the stage of history. The "eleven" period, to apply for a residence permit to Beijing personnel up to 22 thousand and 900 people. Not only is Beijing, as of now, the country’s 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have been introduced to change the user program, and the abolition of all agricultural accounts, marks in the Chinese are more than half a century of "city people" and "country folk" two yuan of household registration system from the stage of history, a series of policy dividends are release. Let the children go to school in the city, is an important reason for many migrant workers rooted in the city. National Development and Reform Commission released data show that last year, migrant workers Suiqian children up to 13 million 670 thousand. Long selling sweet potatoes on the streets of Wuhan相关的主题文章:

The moral model of Xu Hui’s moral dedication experience sharing forum-holle树先生�����

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Xu Hui moral model of moral lecture share dedication experience the morning of September 20, 2016, on the occasion of the arrival of "citizen morals day" on the occasion, Huadong company "dedication of honest and friendly" moral lecture into the Anhui Provincial Hospital district project, the national moral models, national labor medal winner Xu Hui with a personal experience of a vivid speech. Anhui Provincial Hospital, Hefei area project project staff workers, labor force, on behalf of the local community representatives of more than and 60 people attended the moral lecture activities. The "dedication of honest and friendly" moral lecture moral lecture according to "sing the song — Learning Model — the classic chant — for example — talk about the perception of" 5 links step by step, let us feel the moral strength of multi dimension. Along with the "citizen moral song" music sounded, the presence of personnel all rise, moral lecture started. "Moral" every song "run to and fro tired say that is a lie, but, as long as a thought for everyone to solve his hard work would be as pressing danger, not what." In moral lecture, Xu Hui talked about. Xu Hui has been determined to do the little things in the end, the service to do the home of faith. Over the years the undivided attention of serving the people, "Xu Hui holiday squad" regardless of winter in summer, the initiative into the community, schools, compulsory service for the masses, this spirit that we admire. Then the project on behalf of the "moral" reading "the Analects of Confucius" to listen to the staff and workers attending church fathers, also shared moral feelings and listen to. Finally, in the construction of three two company of Huadong company said party secretary Ding Jie, attended the event by education, in the moral model Xu Hui felt the spirit of dedication, feel a member of the Communist Party of the spirit of love.相关的主题文章:

Qatar announced the list of 27 best Warring States foot injury made boss worried-2828创业网

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Qatar announced the list of 27 best Warring States foot injury made enough training for the coach about special correspondent Yang Mengshu reported for the national football debut against Qatar Lippi described as "the most familiar stranger". That familiar, because it is the two teams within the past 13 months of the third meetings; that strange, it is due to a series of adjustment and change from rival fossati after taking office. Although in March 29th this year that the victory of the battle of Xi’an adds a bit of confidence in the foot, but it is certain that the game was not as a mere formality of the Qatar team in the battle of Kunming in reservations, although recently been suspended and other things blow. Only a suspended four main Beijing time on November 4th, Qatar coach fossati announced team’s 27 man squad for China. A few hours before the release of the list, the Qatar Football Association suddenly received a ban from fifa. Due to the occurrence of large-scale conflict with the home team in September 1st 12 to play the first away game against Iran, Qatar’s 4 generals Hassan, Meshall, Hector meftah and Yasir was suspended for FIFA, no chance to play Chinese team. The 4, the longest sentence left back Hassan, he will be suspended for 3 games. Knife guard the fitness world, wing assists sharp was Gao Hongbo fear most players, he was at the beginning of this year’s Asian Cup. Chinese U23 Olympic team defense, one person scored twice to help the Qatar Olympic 3 1 comeback win over China team; and in March 29th at the battle of Xi’an, Gao Hongbo even the left defender Li Xuepeng moved to the right, in order to curb Hassan assists, but Hassan did not debut in the game. It is worth noting that, when Fossati arrived, the recent downturn of the state of Hassan has begun to gradually fell out of favor. In a game against Syria, Fossati will Hassan pressed on the bench, but as he enters is Fossati once Mr Majid, the latter in the game even wearing the captain’s armband. Therefore, even if Hassan is not suspended, against the national football competition, he is also very difficult to shake Majid’s starting position. The other three were two game players, Muftah, Meshall and Yasir respectively. Short left back Muftah was Hassan on the bench, he was in 2013 in AFC Champions League on behalf of Lech Via and Lippi led Hengda had a fight, but in the national team, he does not have much opportunity; similarly, Meshall is also in Qatar’s iron bench, Xi’an in March this year because of a war, Sebastian suspended, Meshall won the first opportunity, but mediocre. For 4 people, only is the main, only defender Yasir. In the past two years, Yasir is the guard Qatar National team’s first choice, but in March the battle of Xi’an, a minor wound in the body of Yasir did not come to the team China. Therefore, although there are 4 players suspended, but the impact strength of the Qatar team in fact extremely limited. Coach took the "Sade Gang" in the top 12 race start host suffered after two defeats, Qatar fire Huanshuai, fossati had hold the pointer. But)相关的主题文章:

Heilongjiang three medical institutions to stop the outpatient department of Pediatrics-plants war

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Heilongjiang three medical institutions to stop the intravenous drip pediatric except for the Chinese people, infusion is the preferred method for many people to see a doctor. Caught a cold to infusion, cough to infusion, anyway, as long as the good fast". However, little is known about the unreasonable use of intravenous infusion will bring a series of problems of medical risk in patients with increased medical costs, improve, prolonged medical treatment, but also the "difficulty" and "expensive" is one of the important reasons. The day before the Wei Planning Commission of Heilongjiang Province, provincial administration of traditional Chinese medicine, jointly issued a "notice" requirements: the abolition of the province’s outpatient infusion of each of the three hospitals (including general hospital, Chinese medicine hospital, hospital, maternal and child health hospital) the clinical departments since October 8th should be full stop outpatient intravenous infusion. The children’s Hospital, the hospital outpatient department of Pediatrics may retain the venous transfusion, but should take effective measures to gradually reduce until the cessation of outpatient intravenous antibiotic. The emergency and ambulatory surgery patients in the strict control to use intravenous infusion treatment in the case. The retention of medical institutions and departments of venous transfusion, according to the World Health Organization advocated "can not be injected oral, intramuscular injection can not intravenous injection drug use principle. No serious implementation of the thorough investigation of levels of health administrative departments of health regulations to ensure the three hospitals to stop outpatient intravenous infusion implement, supervise the area three hospitals to implement the notification requirements, and organize the medical institutions management supervision and inspection work of intravenous infusion. The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine will not regularly checks the management of intravenous infusion of each of the three hospitals, such as the discovery of medical institutions to carry out illegal outpatient infusion will be informed of the province, and included in the assessment of each hospital target assessment system, the implementation of one vote veto. At the same time, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission will continue to organize the clinical application of antibiotics for medical institutions at all levels of the province’s inspection, evaluation and assessment. The medical institutions should be drug clinical application management from the stage activities gradually shifted to a standardized system, realize the drug clinical application ability and the continuous improvement of the management level, to provide better medical services for the masses. So the question is, is it necessary to do a high fever after the hospital to be treated? Unused. Emergency department hospital stay quiet in January 30th this year, the city in the province to stop the hospital outpatient intravenous infusion. City hospital president Meng Qinggang told reporters that the outpatient stop infusion refers to most patients with infusion to stop diarrhea and other diseases have a fever cold or mild to moderate infection, because they can be treated. However, if the patient really need transfusion treatment, outpatient patients may be advised to go to the emergency department stay static point; if the disease is particularly serious recommended hospitalization, remission and then to the community to continue treatment, during treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with the norms of infusion therapy. Community hospital infusion than hospital cheap Harbin Medical University Hospital in early August of this year has stopped short of outpatient infusion. "In August, the hospital issued a notice to the doctor: doctor visits are not allowed to issue the static point相关的主题文章:

The young guy or abducted twenty years after the family reunion.-高达08ms小队

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The young guy or abducted twenty years after the family reunion shortly before the end of the police station, suddenly found in Suzhou Zhangjiagang people working Li said that he is abducted by 20 years ago. Now he wants the police to help him collect DNA information to find family. Li recalled, in 1996 new year’s day, because relatives wedding, parents to help, the 7 year old Li and the other three children alone at home. Then suddenly came a strange woman. Li said, when the woman told himself, grandpa in the market to sell fruit, Xiao Li followed each other. After leaving, Mike sat on the other side of the car. Until they were pulled to a strange place, young Li was found wrong. Over the next few months, he and the woman went to a lot of places, eventually, he was sold to a family in Fujian, Putian. Xiao Li said, at that time is relatively small, do not remember how to go home, but also very good for their parents, so has not been looking for biological parents. Until the last two years, they have the economic ability to listen to others say that you can find relatives through the acquisition of DNA. So he went to the police station to collect the DNA information, I did not expect the news came soon. Comparison results found that Li’s DNA information and a couple of Guizhou match. Zhangjiagang Suzhou City Public Security Bureau DNA laboratory police Li Zhongjie said, DNA matching degree of more than 99.99%, thus further verification, which is consistent with the biological relationship between the three. Li said that he has been particularly eager to find their own parents, did not expect so soon realized. In September 14th, the old father in Guizhou flew to Zhangjiagang overnight. Mid autumn festival day, respectively, 20 years, the family finally reunited. Although parents recognize, but Li said, parents upbringing, he won’t forget. He will take care of both parents in the future. The police said, this is the history of Suzhou City, the first through the DNA detection by police to turn the case of family reunion. Also remind the general public, usually do not send their children to stay at home alone or let the children go out to play alone, to prevent criminals loophole.相关的主题文章:

Beijing vocational school for the first time and professional talent training for the Winter Olympic-superrecovery

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Beijing vocational school for the first time for the Winter Olympics ice professional talent training [Abstract] Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau Sun Xuecai and won the gold medal in the Olympic Games in Rio Lin Yue and other outstanding players to participate in the opening ceremony. This means that Beijing is preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics and the rapid development of the industry to accelerate the training of ice and snow. The interview with Yang Yang: "at the" Beijing Olympic Games Sochi Olympics Chinese delegation has returned to Beijing (map) newspaper news (reporter Li Mengting Dong Xin) yesterday, Beijing sports of Career Academy, the first batch of 43 students and the official opening of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, bureau of science and sun won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio Lin Yue other outstanding players to participate in the opening ceremony. This means that Beijing is preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics and the rapid development of the industry to accelerate the training of ice and snow. It is understood that for the implementation of the "Beijing Municipal People’s Government on accelerating the development of winter sports (2016-2022)" snow sports talent team task and the relevant supporting documents to the college culture in Beijing City Sports Bureau under the guidance of Beijing sports Career Academy began to organize professional ice since 2015, in February this year to start enrollment. School of ice and snow for Beijing and Hebei to recruit students, plans to 2022, each year to recruit students. This year, the school admitted 43 people, including Beijing candidates, Hebei, a total of 17 candidates, Beijing candidates with retired athletes of the 14 people in the world. Sun Xuecai said at the opening ceremony, the Beijing sports Career Academy opened a new professional ice is one of the important measures for Beijing to accelerate the development of winter sports, in order to meet the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic venues for ice and snow service and management personnel needs. The establishment of a professional and brewing for several years, in the teaching of the ice and snow will be related to the backbone of the enterprise cooperation, in addition to the system to learn the theory of ice and snow sports services and promotion of knowledge, but also pay more attention to exercise practical ability. Zhang Zhang, director of the office of the school, students learn to master the preliminary skating skills, and to learn the knowledge of ice and snow services and management. In the training of teachers, the school will make teachers and enterprise training, will invite the enterprise personnel, the school teachers into the school class. In view of the employment prospects, the school said it was optimistic, we will send students to cooperate with us in the snow and ice enterprises training, outstanding students can stay." Beijing bid for the Winter Olympics after the success of the ice fever. According to the forecast, to 2025 the snow field number will reach 1500, and professional talent gap will reach one hundred thousand people, among them, skiing, skating sports coaches, the demand is expected to nearly 10000 people; ice machine operation, the need to increase the professional engineering and technical personnel more than 350 people every year at least; snow place industry operation. Need equipment maintenance, equipment management and other aspects of the talent hall. Faced with so many talents, colleges and universities have begun to focus on the cultivation of snow and ice professionals and snow and ice talents. Beijing Sport University was established in April this year, snow sports school, to cultivate the Winter Olympics to reserve sports talents, professional teachers, social sports instructors and training, scientific research, industry, media, volunteers and other professionals.相关的主题文章:

The Liujiang River, China International Sailing Competition of the start of the multinational player-dnf商人吧

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Chinese International River Regatta start multinational players in the Liujiang River – the new competitive network game for Lin Xin photo Beijing, Liuzhou, October 14, (Lin Xin) 2016 session of the sixth Liuzhou international Chinese River Regatta in Guangxi on 14 in Liuzhou city in the Liujiang River start. From Chinese, the United States, Holland and Japan and other countries a total of 22 fleet in the Liujiang River sailing competition. In the morning heats, because of smaller wind sailing to cause river running, add some influence to the game. Captain jimjohnstone from the Sailingin sailing team, said: "the upper reaches of the river swing is not fixed, sailing and the sea is different, more challenging." Jimjohnstone is the second time to come to Liuzhou to participate in the game, he hopes to lead the team into the top five. For the first time to Liuzhou to participate in the game of the Xiamen dragon female team captain Liu Hongyan said, the Liujiang River River and pleasant scenery, the pleasant sailing competition. According to reports, the game uses the venue route race and long distance race two modes, the establishment of a unified design level J80 sailing competition level. The team is divided into A, B group, through the preliminary selected each top 7 enter the gold group, the remaining team entered the silver group. In October 16th, the 14 teams entered the gold group, the final title race. According to reports, beginning in 2011, Liuzhou, held annually in the scenic rivers and rivers on the famous Boat Invitational tournament". Since 2013, many well-known international sailing team to participate in the event, the upgrade to the Chinese international inland Regatta, the event will fill the blank of China inland Regatta held formally.相关的主题文章:

Modern Peking Opera Yantai liberation staged reproduction of Yantai red history-p8400

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The modern opera "Yantai liberation" staged reproduction new network new network in Yantai in August 26, the red in history – "you from the people, belongs to the people, for the people, the people will never forget you, hero of the Jiaodong children’s English forever in the history of the Republic monument." With the white, Modern Peking Opera "Yantai" creation of the liberation of Yantai on the evening of 24 successfully staged in Yantai grand theater. The opera tells the story of the Japanese government in 1945 announced the unconditional surrender of the Japanese in Yantai, entrenched ditch, Jiaodong military region, the Eight Route Army dispatched Zhang Huilan to infiltrate the enemy the devil jiyaoyuan identity, access to the Yantai military Chengfang figure, and sister Zhang Huijiao will cover the Eight Route Army headquarters of the Yugoslav capital chart to outside help, the Eight Route Army successfully for the liberation of Yantai the story, the plot ups and downs, P. Modern Peking Opera "liberation of Yantai" in the background of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan, with the Beijing opera art reproduction of Yantai red history. The main characters, Zhang Huilan bold, firm and indomitable, heroic brave image is left a deep impression on the audience. Little is known about the character Zhang Huilan is Chinese first industrial production enterprises Wine Changyu company founder, Zhang Bishi’s granddaughter Zhang Shilu patriotic overseas chinese. The drama creation also referred to Zhang Shilu as the Communist Party underground workers, risked his life to the Eight Route Army siege units transfer the historical facts and information. 1942, 16 year old Zhang Shilu came to the Anti Japanese base. In 1945, Zhang Shilu joined the Communist Party of China, began to engage in intelligence work. In order to win the final liberation of Yantai, the party decided to let Zhang Shilu take advantage of Yantai’s pseudo police recruit female police inside the machine, puppet intelligence. In August 15, 1945, Japan announced its unconditional surrender, and entrenched in Yantai, Japanese troops still held out. In August 22nd eight, the eastern army troops for a final assault, the complete liberation of Yantai. 7 o’clock that night, Zhang Shilu found a large number of Japanese troops are quietly to the sea rush, ready for boarding flight. Zhang Shilu and her sister Zhang Shiqing to go home at once together information is sent to the Eight Route Army battlefield command. The sisters of the intelligence for the Eight Route Army siege units to determine the time for the general offensive and aim to provide accurate basis for. After a fierce battle, the Japanese occupation of Yantai for several years was successfully liberated. The modern opera "Yantai liberation" screenwriter Zhang Shengyun said, Mr. Zhang Bishi’s granddaughter Zhang Shilu and her mother’s story is the source of his creation, the underground Communist hero, mother and daughter, a heroine these words inspired his inspiration. The Modern Peking Opera "the liberation of Yantai" has been selected as "the revitalization of local operas in Shandong province and the protection of Peking opera". In recent years, Yantai City, Jiaodong extensive collection of revolutionary historical materials, organizing a large number of revolution in Jiaodong relevant documents, pictures, objects, and to the many old generals, the old party and witness the image retention, the creation of a number of revolutionary history ", and" documentary and nurse "Party member registration form" and "yangko dance soul", "landminebattle", "Yantai liberation" in history as the theme of large-scale opera red. Shandong, located in Jiaodong, is one of the birthplaces of the red revolution in Yantai.相关的主题文章:

Vs worm worm away for home court, Yongchang Guoan comeback for points (video)-1256789

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VS worm worm away for home court, Yongchang Guoan to come back for [] they divided Beijing Guoan away 2-0 Liaoning Hongyun Zimei Ma IL two Ma IL we could continue the momentum of the goal of sports Tencent in September 18th 19:35 tonight, Beijing Guoan will be based in the super twenty-fifth round match against Shijiazhuang Yongchang home court vice monitor. The last round victory over Liaozu stopped 4 war greatly decline, the team in the future 3 league games all at home court against the enemy, look forward to a home court record at the bottom of the dilemma. As for Yongchang, the distance third from 6 points behind the relegation, the situation is extremely serious, the future of every war must not be lost. One point: the national security state look forward to continued in September the first 2 games, continuous in Hong Kong Guoan face away and the distant foot, and the Hong Kong Games regret and rival 2-2 draw, it is easy to face Liaozu to win 2-0. Xie Feng’s team is also a downturn in August, with Yilmaz’s recovery, the attack is no longer weak, and Yongchang showdown, and Hong Kong, the hope that the continuation of the good state against liaozu. Aspect two: embarrassment, home court record bottom with Yatai home court Guoan 3-1 victory over R & F, Guoan become the home court record bottom team, 10 home court only made the score of 4 wins 2 flat 4 negative, and before the 2 season won the title of King home court is a world of difference. In the basic qualification for AFC Champions League hopeless situation, the national security is also looking forward to reproduce the first 2 seasons at the end of the season the match in the style of home court. Three things: compared to the bottom VS worm worm away home court record home court and Yongchang Guoan, not on the road more combat capability of a compliment. 12 away from home, 4 flat and negative, becoming the only team in the league has not gone through the team to win the experience of 8. If the end of the season 3 away cannot change previous dilemma, Yongchang wants to avoid relegation difficulty as can be imagined. The home court of worm and worm away duel, who can change the tide? Aspect four: 6 bridge, Yongchang only won 6 points after a gap between the bottom third Greentown, which makes Yongchang the current situation is extremely severe relegation. With 6 games remaining, Yongchang’s future must match with a victory after another relegation to chase points, or just wishful thinking. Against the national security of the game, Yongchang in the last round 1-6 defeat to Suning, the situation can be adjusted in time? Aspect five: interim coach Xie Feng and Li Jinyu is the only 2 identity is acting coach coach, and the interim coach showdown, has become one of the highlights of the game. Xie Feng became the interim coach in addition to Guoan, 0-1 not enemy Jia Xiuquan Jianye, followed by a continuous beat when Jimmy Li Tie coached the Hebei round, and in command of the Marin liaozu. But after Li Jinyu took office, only a handsome and soil showdown, is getting a 1-1 draw when Li Tie came in Hebei. Aspect six: King continued to erupt? From the beginning of the game against Lifan, Yilmaz 4 consecutive games scoring goals, but the 4 game while Yilmaz scored 5 goals, which in addition to the 3 penalty, and a goal thanks to Suning’s goalkeeper and defender Kongmen sent gift. Meet with Yongchang, Yilmaz also need to continue to use performance to prove himself 8 million)相关的主题文章:

Did you miss the hot news during the National Day – Shaanxi Channel – People’s network-pigeon blood

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Did you miss the hot news during the National Day? – Shaanxi Channel – People’s original title: during the national day of those hot news you missed it? The National Day holiday is coming to an end, this is your holiday travel, relax, or stay at home watching the huge crowds of people outside? Go out to play a circle, come back to find housing policy and adjustment; the Orangemen lost again; "deliver the goods" Macao baby panda "hundred days"…… Did you know that? Xiaobian take you to see the fun of the seven days of the holiday, fun, eye sucking hot spots. Property policy change! 19 city issued new regulation in October 3rd, the purchase of housing in a table view Henan Zhengzhou sales center. Xinhua News Agency reporters Feng Dapeng and photo of the National Day holiday property market is still increasing the number of cities. Since the evening of September 30th to October 6th, just seven days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, Nanjing, Shenzhen and many other city has released a new market regulation policy, coupled with Zhuhai, Dongguan and Fuzhou three city to restart the purchase credit limit, Huizhou property market and strict management, makes the current round the country to join the regulation the ranks of the city reached 19. After a holiday, the property market policy has changed days. Strict restriction of some of the city’s policy, exceeding market expectations, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei, Suzhou and other cities of the purchase has been restored to 2014 9, before. The ID card is lost or stolen will lapse into the blacklist will use in the future, the ID card is lost and stolen will fail, can no longer be used. 6, the Ministry of public security vice minister Huang Ming and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, in the bank outlets staff meeting revealed that the Ministry of public security has been completed and failure of resident identity card information system and the on-line test run recently, provide various social credit departments will be in the bank after the pilot, for the network check and Citizenhood existing information system. The information system has the function of maintaining data updated in real time and dynamic, through various social credit departments and units of the network check, all lost or stolen identity card instant failure, unable to continue to use in the society. Africa’s first electrified railway construction (China Achish railway) officially opened by Chinese enterprises using a full set of China standards and Chinese construction equipment of modern Africa’s first electrified railway – Ethiopia capital Addisababa to Djibouti (capital of Djibouti railway and railway) officially opened on October 5th. If in 70s the last century the Tanzania Zambia railway is a road of friendship, it is not only the way of friendship in twenty-first Century China to build a railway, or the road of win-win cooperation and prosperity and development of the road. The construction of the railway has been China across Africa and. This is in September 20, 2015 in Ethiopia, capital of Addisababa, the light rail train photos. Addisababa city light rail line length of 34 km, started construction by China Railway Group Limited in January 2012, was officially opened in September 2015. The modern city light rail as the continent’s first officially put into operation, the opening of the light rail will greatly enhance Addisababa residents travel efficiency zone)相关的主题文章:

Lippi fox considered China coach back return card constant or national football coach-xhero

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Lippi fox considered China coach back return card constant or national football coach? Foreign media sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, the next season who will in charge of the Guangzhou Hengda coach? After the resignation of Gao Hongbo, who is the national football coach? These are the issues of common concern to fans. According to Italy media reported "the market", the former Guangzhou Evergrande coach Marcello – Lippi the son of David Lippi recently in an interview in Italy talked about the whereabouts of the "silver fox", David Lippi said that although the father’s age, but he is still eager to work. As for the next step is to coach the national team or club or return to China to teach, we are still considering, did not make the final decision. David – Lippi’s position confirmed from the side of the Marcello – recently received an invitation from the coach of China, but did not make it to the next stop of the. When talking about his father, David Lippi said: "he really wanted to go out. Although he is old, he still has a strong desire to work. Whether it is to coach the national team or club, or return to China, let us wait and see, we are still considering, this matter has not yet started, has not made a decision." Marcello and Lippi coaching, David Lippi is a football manager, who operates the El Eriksson, Gilardino, Diamante and other players joined Guangzhou Evergrande, El Eriksson also operate a move to Shanghai port, have a certain understanding of Chinese football. Marcello Lippi was close to returning to the Italy national team, as technical director, but because of his own son engaged in football management, does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Italy Football Association, led to the "silver fox" to return to the Italy national team failed. For those who want to re engage in the work of the coach Marcello – Lippi, the invitation from China is an option. Although Lippi has repeatedly said that he would not return to the club, but in recent interviews, Lippi also admitted that he was considering returning to China, "yes, it is true, I am considering returning to china. I had a good time in china. I cherish the beautiful memories. I live in a beautiful city, we often win, where there is an exciting experience. I can go to different restaurants every night. This is an exciting challenge." Recently, Marcello Lippi may return to the China coaching news spread. Lippi came out of the scandal, in addition to the national coach of the post, as well as Guangzhou Hengda, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other super club. Italy media, Rome Sports News reported that Lippi will replace Scolari, becoming the new coach of Guangzhou evergrande. Lippi and Guangzhou Evergrande’s new contract details by the media exposure, Guangzhou Hengda and Lippi will sign a contract for three years, the annual salary of the rival Guangzhou Hengda will be up to Euro 20 million. Lippi will be more than Manchester City boss Guardiola marshal, to become the world’s highest paid football coach. If Marcello Lippi decided to return to the China coach, then he will again as the national team coach of Guangzhou Evergrande or Chinese football coach? Let’s wait and see. (Li Zhe)相关的主题文章:

Rosberg accept the second he can be crowned champion-douke

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Rosberg accept the second he can be crowned champion? Rosberg ran faster and detained Rosberg holding sina sports match, but Hamilton did not give him any opportunity to advance the king. Brazil runner up finish, means Rosberg must wait for ending the war in order to win the final victory. In fact, if not Red Bull team last stop playing up, Rosberg is difficult to parry this seems to have been so verstappen, runner up is beyond the normal. "I didn’t come back with a plan today, Lewis did a great job," Rosberg said after the game. "Of course, it was a tough game. Of course I can accept second." Rosberg ran a very competitive game, the second time after the start he had a small mistake led to the loss of the position, there is also a mid slip out of control fortunately no crash. "Yes, it’s good for me to stay on track," admitted Rosberg. The tournament also the last remaining station of Abu Dhabi station, Rosberg holds a 12 point lead, as long as he is in the last station of P3 can be crowned world champion, and his main rival Vista Pam seems to become a hot state. (sina sports racing channel Swift)相关的主题文章:

Marni interview nursery rhymes I most often buy bags!-嘿嘿taxi

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Marni interview: nursery rhymes I most often buy bags! Nursery rhymes: Hello, the Tencent are all good friends, I am nursery rhymes, I was in Italy Milan now, just watching the Marni show. Tencent are: Marni show a ballad ballad to see what feelings? Nursery rhymes: I think Marni still continues its style, is the kind of handsome, tough, color saturation is not very high, do not grab people style, this is the design of some fold, drawstring, Suihua, some hollow, I very love, but they are my favorite shirt. This year there are beautiful earrings, their big flower earrings, as well as high-heeled shoes. Tencent fashion: this year you will recommend the explosive products, what do you think of the explosive Marni? Nursery rhymes: I think it is their high-heeled shoes and bags, because they are a lot of small this year, mini size package, then the color is very bright, very good, is a. Tencent fashion: you are also very Style today’s Marni, can you share it? Rhyme: today is a geometric pattern of the skirt, is also very Marni, so today we chose this one. Tencent fashion: what do you usually like to buy a single product? For example, shoes, clothes, bags, or jewelry. The nursery rhymes: single product are very often buy, I think the most often buy bags. Tencent fashion: usually shopping crazy? Where do you want to go to Milan? Nursery rhymes: Yes, they introduced me to a home buyers shop called Corso Como, that is also good, you must visit. Tencent are: recently in the film "such as Yi biography", that when shooting what fun things? And I know it’s hard to remember how to make a costume. Do you have any painful experience in this field? Nursery rhymes: actually lines is a hurdle to all of us, because they often can not remember the words you laugh, you call a lot, for example: chenqie, this house, I, how often, in the face of high or low seniority seniority, and the emperor will often change the call, so often the call that chaos. Tencent fashion: it was the first time to try this kind of Qing Dynasty costume drama, wear that kind of pot bottom shoes will not fit? Nursery rhymes: I already fell several times at the scene, because the flower shoes walking on the ground line, as long as the carpet, when very astringent, very easy to stumble, the most important thing is that we see everyone to salute, as long as a squat down completely up, will stepped on the skirt, because the skirt is very long, many layers, then often when together we stand, I feel better than wearing high-heeled shoes. Tencent fashion: in order to better experience the story, the crew of the actor shaved his head, then you face all day, "big light bulb" how do you feel? Rhyme: is bright ah, I think the boys shaved his head but also very good, because the facial features more clearly. Are you from the Tencent: before play some role, and wayward Meng Xizi to the funny forced Zhou Xiaobei, which do you think is more consistent with the image of character in your life? Nursery rhymes: I think probably is more like my week Xiaobei myself. I had a very funny place, goddess.相关的主题文章:

Cheap to buy low-end machine freshmen cheated-mia farrow

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High prices to buy low-end machine freshmen shop cheated Online quoted 2600 yuan laptop actually sold nearly $4900 in the store. September 22nd morning, the reporters follow the Jiangxi university freshman Yuan Chao arrived at the New Bayi Avenue two computer city Department 117, No. 119 days Lenovo stores, found that all the computer store to sell no price tag. Freshman to buy a computer to be fooled according to Yuan Chao, he came to Nanchang in September 18th the original Xindadi computer city, already bought a $3000 ASUS notebook computer, the clerk was removed, the requirement to pay 400 yuan fee or buy other types of disassemble, in the shop of notebook computer. Then the clerk recommended a Lenovo notebook computer, said this is the latest game, and opened by the store to pay fees. When Yuan Chao ready to buy, the clerk asked him to pay 1000 yuan difference. Later, the clerk for the computer to update the system, also known as the market introduction of the new policy, the Windows10 system of this computer is the seven day trial, days after normal use to buy genuine system, but also its pay 900 yuan fee system. Eventually, Yuan Chao to the total price of 4899 yuan to get the computer. High price to buy the low-end machine back to the bedroom, Yuan Chao silly eye, the eyes of the laptop is not the model he was buying. This computer in Jingdong offer only 2600 yuan, and the clerk and a variety of reasons that I spent nearly 4900 yuan, which allow consumers to dare to buy anything?" Yuan Chao said a sad face. Yuan Chao to find the city of the city’s marketing department asked to return, but the market has been sold to the computer, no return refused. September 22nd, the reporter came to the store with him to understand the situation. The reporters found that the store mainly to sales of Lenovo, ASUS, DELL computer, the entire store is 60 square meters, all placed in the computer on the counter no price tag. For Yuan Chao’s rights, businesses start arrogant attitude, emotion, told reporters in an interview to ignore heap curses on it. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the relevant staff of the Xihu District trade and Industry Bureau, to see the staff of the trade and Industry Bureau revealed the face, the store manager surnamed Xiong came forward to explain the matter, and discuss the solution with Yuan Chao. Merchants agreed to change the old machine in the reporter and the coordination of the staff of the trade and Industry Bureau, the two sides reached a settlement, the store agreed to Yuan Chao for a value of about 4000 yuan laptop. September 23rd, Yuan Chao once again call the reporter said, the store to give him a laptop may be a second-hand computer. Yuan Chao said, I went back to the bedroom to open the computer and found that the packaging instructions are dilapidated, as well as scratches. The computer CD-ROM are dust, not new." "The hand computer striking one snag after another, or old, just did not expect the college was business lesson." Yuan chao. In September 25th, the reporter again contacted the Lenovo Yang days in store communication consultations, Yuan Chao finally in the store to a notebook computer basic satisfaction. Trade and Industry Bureau staff to remind consumers, shopping must be prepared to collect good information. For goods that do not understand, especially.相关的主题文章:

Guangzhou game Peng Shuai 2-1 reversal of nearly half a year to win the first WTA (video)-纪元1701

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Peng Shuai Zheng Saisai Guangzhou match 2-1 reversed nearly half WTA the first win Peng Shuai took nearly half WTA the first victory (map) sports Tencent September 20th WTA International Women’s tennis tournament in Guangzhou today continue to open women’s singles first round of competition, China Jinhua Peng Shuai in Derby in the fierce battle of three by 4-6, 6-2 and 6-3 beat compatriot Zheng Saisai. After half a year and finally achieved victory again in the game WTA, successfully advanced to the second round. Zheng Saisai in this month’s match in the second round of the medal, the world ranking of seventieth, this race with her No. 8 seed identity play. Peng Shuai recently state is not very good, at the Rio Olympics and the US Open Singles are out in the first round, she once won the WTA tournament singles victory dates back to the March tournament in Miami, currently ranked only 248th in the world. The two players had 1 Games in the tournament, Peng Shuai in Nanchang in 2014 three to defeat opponents in the fierce battle game. Today’s first game, first serve Peng Shuai, Zheng Saisai in the first game he scored 4 points in the Love score of game to complete the break and followed to keep his serve to obtain bureau leading 2-0. The third game of Zheng Saisai again to complete the break bureau points is extended to 3-0, Peng Shuai in the fourth inning against a rapid break and followed to keep his serve bureau at 2-3, Zheng Saisai in the seventh inning complete break again to lead 5-2 into their own service bureau set victory, but strong Peng Shuai then even broken belt Security Bureau pursues 4-5, Zheng Saisai in the second disc in the serving dish bureau did not waste the opportunity, after Paul made a successful 6-4 to win the first set. The second game, Peng Shuai after the start was reversing the field situation, the opponent’s first serve to successfully complete break made bureau leading 2-0. Although Zheng Saisai in the third inning to quickly break back 1 times, but Peng Shuai after the fourth inning game 40-40 complete break again made bureau 3-1 lead, then Peng Shuai and even Paul with a broken 5-1 lead into their serving dish Bureau, Zheng Saisai in the seventh inning after Peng Shuai’s strong anti resolve inventory succeeded to break Bureau Chase 2-5, but Peng Shuai in the eighth inning of the rival disc non insurance can not serve in a complete break again, to regain a 6-2. The decider, Peng Shuai with a beautiful Love game start, two players start their own security 1 times, Peng Shuai in the fourth inning to complete the first break made bureau 3-1 lead, although Zheng Saisai in the fifth inning break back quickly succeeded, but Peng Shuai in the sixth inning break again successfully and followed to keep his serve to obtain Bureau of leading 5-2, then two players issued their own security, after Peng Shuai successfully keep his ball game to clinch a 6-3, with a total score of 2 to 1 to reverse the competitors advancing to the second round. The game takes 2 hours and 16 minutes. Peng Shuai in the second round of the opponent will be the winner of the Chinese Taipei player Xie Shuwei and Germany’s winner, the winner of the match between the winner of the game, the winner of the game, the winner of the game, the winner will be the winner of the match between China and. (Li Tianyou) returned to the poor state of Peng Shuai in the first round out of regret (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading)相关的主题文章:

Is it really so divine that baking soda starve cancer cells and brush up the circle of friends – Soh-puritans pride

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Is it really so divine that "baking soda" starve cancer cells and brush up the circle of friends? Sohu – health over the weekend, we had gone? I do not know whether we are a large number of Zhejiang doctors with more than a dozen dollars to starve cancer cells, or similar words for the title of the article brush burst circle of friends? The article said: cancer cells to eat to survive, deprived of its food, cancer cells will die. Zhejiang University doctors to this principle, the development of a new cancer treatment methods, with more than a dozen dollars of baking soda starved cancer cells, made a major breakthrough in cancer treatment. News out, instantly aroused heated debate on the network, it was touted, it was sprayed, and cancer patients as life-saving straw, and even patients flew directly from Sichuan to Hangzhou. Then, the network selling soda water factory cheers, slip to launch "soda healthy", "soda water can be anti-cancer" big marketing gimmick…… This is a very good thing, but the party was very embarrassed. First of all, we must be clear that, behind this news, in fact, is a regular clinical research for liver cancer, published in the very good research magazine eLIFE above, definitely not big flicker. Next, six Jun with some questions with you analysis: Q1: baking soda "hungry" to die of cancer cells is not equal to drink soda can prevent cancer? A1: is recognized as the drinking alkaline water is good for health, but for the "soda anti-cancer effect" this problem, there is no accurate scientific basis. This therapy research team, Professor Hu Xun, is directly to the tumor’s blood vessels to nourish, intratumoral injection of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), change the pH value of tumor. With alkali such as sodium bicarbonate to remove hydrogen ions within the tumor, the synergistic effect can destroy lactate and hydrogen ions, so as to effectively kill in glucose starvation or lack of tumor cells. Too long do not look at the version: the program, baking soda is the premise of the conventional arterial catheterization chemotherapy embolization, the key to the operation, is the price of intubation chemotherapy embolization surgery. Not to spend more than a few dollars to buy baking soda to drink just fine, oral baking soda can not fight cancer. The soda water manufacturers can…… Q2:TILA – TACE is effective in the treatment of primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), in addition to liver cancer, is it effective for other malignancies? A2: is currently a study of primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), but this principle is of general significance for most solid tumors, but further studies are needed. Tumor growth in different locations, it’s blood supply conditions, whether the embolism should be considered, such as brain tumors are not suitable for cTACE (traditional arterial chemoembolization), embolization will cause serious complications. Not too long to see the version: new therapy developed by Professor Hu Xun, only for primary hepatocellular carcinoma patients, the treatment to determine the object of narrow, temporarily, also failed to treat many cancer. Q3: not all HCC patients can accept TILATACE treatment? A3: said Professor Luo Xun Hu相关的主题文章:

For the first time out of the palace Yangxin Temple relics exhibition a total of 268 sets of artifac-imjpmig

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For the first time out of the palace Yangxin Temple relics exhibition a total of 268 new network pieces in the newspaper news (reporter Zhao Tingting) 268 precious cultural relics set deep in Yangxin temple for the first time for hundreds of years in the outside of the forbidden city. For a period of 5 months "into" Yangxin Temple exhibition today officially unveiled the capital museum, the audience can close look at these precious cultural relics. In August this year, Yangxin hall opened the first overhaul of 100 years, 1890 pieces of interior furnishings completed the first "in the history of the great migration". The Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang introduced, during the 4 year overhaul, Yangxin Hall of cultural relics will be held four to five times special tour. The first station of the first Bo "into" Yangxin Temple exhibition is Yangxin Temple artifacts out of the forbidden city. It is reported that the entire exhibition area of 1400 square meters, more than Yangxin temple itself nearly 300 square meters. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition was restored to Yangxin hall, at the same time, the exhibition also uses VR technology. "The exhibition in the production of a few Kang were Qian Long had used them." The history of the Qing Dynasty, the capital museum experts Associate Research Department Zhang Wenyong introduced deep in Yangxin temple after four temple in the cultural relics have appeared together in the exhibition. It is understood that the special exhibition will last 5 months, today began to open to the public. The exhibition will take the form of an appointment to visit, open daily quota of 2600 places, of which the number of places allocated to the network to make an appointment, the amount of the 600 places on the phone to make an appointment for the appointment of 2000. No more than 3 tickets per person (including Internet and telephone booking). Tickets must be at least one day in advance, up to seven days in advance booking. Photo reporter Wei Tong相关的主题文章:

Jingxian County, a hospital handwriting fraud risk warning was sentenced to compensate 8 yuan-winlinez

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A hospital in Jingxian County on risk warning   handwriting fraud; was sentenced to compensate 8 yuan – Anhui channel — an online news according to the Anhui daily news in patients with right leg popliteal cyst surgery in hospital, informed consent before the resection, the "risk category" and "complications" column unexpectedly not to write clearly the potential risks and there may be complications, so that patients directly sign. Postoperative complications, leading to disability, the hospital to court. Temporary hospital fraud, in addition to fill in the notice of risk. The day before, the Jingxian County hospital "acting" is found in the court, the trial was sentenced to compensation for economic losses were 8 yuan. "Risk" column blank will allow patients to sign Dong Jiakang (a pseudonym) is Jingxian County people, in recent years, a mass of right knee length. In November 4, 2014, Dong Jiakang went to a hospital in Jingxian County for treatment, the doctor diagnosis was right popliteal cyst. The hospital let Dong Ieyasu surgery signed informed consent, the implementation of the right popliteal cyst resection. Dong Jiakang introduced, in the preoperative informed consentform, he felt strange, risk of "bar" and "complications bar" this book, are almost blank, only a few paintings of chinese". "I thought it was a minor operation. There was no risk."." Dong Jiakang said. Unexpectedly, after the operation of right lower extremity swelling Dong Ieyasu more serious. In November 21st, he again came to the hospital for examination, the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis of the right lower extremity. After identification, he lost more than 10% of the right lower limb function, constitute a level of disability of ten. Dong Jiakang removed at least a hospital, spent 4 yuan of medical expenses. After leaving the patient found that the notification was tampered with in January 2015, Dong Jiakang before surgery to inform the risk is not sufficient and so on the grounds of the fault, the hospital to court. This time, he was surprised to find that, informed consent was signed on their surgical treatment, the original almost blank "risk category" and "complication bar" more than just a lot of words, is about the operation risk and possible complications. The hospital was blatantly false informed consent on the preoperative." Dong Jiakang was shocked, but the hospital insisted that these words written in the signature before the Dong Dong, not late fill in. Both Dong Jiakang apply to the court, each one sticks to his argument, the formation time of identification of handwriting writing. Jingxian County court to entrust professional institutions to handwriting writing formation time were identified, the result is striking: add in other handwriting handwriting writing and Dongmou signature form. After the report came out, the hospital did not say, approved the report." Jingxian County court judge Qi Junshi told reporters. The hospital did not inform obligation was sentenced to pay 8 yuan Dong Jiakang asked the court for compensation for their medical expenses and hospital economic losses more than 33 yuan. The court held that someone’s Hospital let Dong Ieyasu signed informed consent, did not explicitly write clearly the risks and possible complications, informed consent part of the book "risk" and "complications" bar bar, line add after writing with Dong Jiakang signature, should be regarded as someone fails to perform the corresponding hospital patients the risk disclosure obligations, damage to the patient’s right to know. Patient Dong Jiakang)相关的主题文章:

Country foot almost what Media lack of deeper, more surprising cold – China

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Country foot almost what? New network media: lack of more depth, more surprisingly cold – – Wei Ruotao from 0 to 2 than 3 than 3, last night’s people see the Yin and Yang, for the first 2 to 3 loss to South Korea’s results for the national football fans regret more than disappointed, because the country foot distance away draw with rivals just a little, but the country foot is the lack of more depth, more surprisingly cold. Because the country foot strength and South Korea have obvious difference before, almost everyone knows, if the game according to the normal development process, the Orangemen lose even defeat is certain, the Orangemen to retreat from Seoul, and no Jones style all their own, can not be achieved. Last night, we saw the national football coach Gao Hongbo took pains to see all the international efforts, which is embodied in 0 points behind more than 3 large, the Orangemen did not collapse, did not give up, in just a few minutes, the Orangemen received a stroke with odd effect, Yu Hai, Hao Junmin break, you know, the South Korean team in the top 40: the door has not been compromised, the Orangemen can enter the South Korean team two goals, it is not easy. In the last few minutes, South Korea also showed a panic, the Orangemen had a chance to tie the score, but unfortunately, whether it is Gao Hongbo’s spot in the final moments of the international, or tactical execution, are a bit less deadly cold, eventually the Orangemen did not break the fate, still trapped alive preliminaries on the Korean losing circle. In fact, the Orangemen lack of cold, is far away from the World Cup finals 12 (10 finals) for 15 years, is also the domestic occupation league players is underdeveloped results. The Orangemen last night although lost, but a lot of harvest, two away goals, valuable experience and never dare to sword, the courage of the top 12 teams race give up faith, it may become a sharp sword in September 6th against the Iran team in Shenyang.相关的主题文章:

22 cities significantly reduced after adjustment-zhuxianduowan

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22 cities after the high price of a significant reduction in the research center statistics show that the regulatory policy continues to deepen, 8-9 month high prices around the frequent phenomenon in October significantly reduced. In the 22 city after the introduction of regulatory policies around the property, marked fever phenomenon. As of October 24th, the country has a total of more than 1 billion of the land transaction volume of more than 15 plots of land, more than 500 million of the land mass of 37. Compared to the market before the regulation of the most negative 8-9 months, the number of high prices began to decrease. October, as of now, more than 1 billion of the total land mass, the premium rate of more than 100% of the land is only about 11 cases, mainly in Tianjin, Changsha, Nanning, Shanghai, Foshan, Shenyang. Overall, most of the city’s land transactions compared to pre cooling. Regulation, the 22 cities in the past 9 months, the total land premium reached 1 trillion and 290 billion, an increase of the same period in 2015, up to 63.3% of the number of cities have exceeded the sum of the past year. Centaline analyst Zhang Dawei analysts believe that the overall look, although the regulatory policy to curb short-term market panic panic, but housing prices are still ample funds, high prices will still appear in some cities. Housing prices are the main reason for the emergence of high prices, some cities began to tighten housing prices can get cheap funding approach is conducive to the smooth return of the land market.相关的主题文章:

Harbin City Housing Authority to respond to the net transfer from November purchase of restricted Lo-驯龙高手dm456

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Harbin City Housing Authority to respond to the network transmission from the November purchase of restricted Loans: purely rumors eleven holiday, a number of cities in the country issued a housing purchase information. A few days later the network began to rumors: Harbin city will also start the purchase of the policy regulation of the real estate market, in addition to the purchase of the first set of buyers, Shoufu increase to 45%. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Harbin housing authority made it clear that this news is not true, purely rumors. It is understood that in recent days circulated on the implementation of the purchase of housing policy related matters notice wrote: in a certain period of time the implementation of housing purchase restrictions. On the principle of the housing has 1 sets of city residence households, providing more than a year the city tax certificate or social insurance contributions that non city residence households, the purchase of 1 sets of housing (including new housing and second-hand housing); has 2 or more housing city residence households, have 1 or more housing units and non city residence households can not provide more than one year in the city tax certificate or social insurance contributions that non city residence households, to be suspended in the city area (excluding Hulan District, A Cheng District) to its houses. New housing and second-hand housing transaction contract time respectively to register the transfer network to sign the record time and time. Record time and network signed a contract to accept the transfer of registration time before November 1, 2016, the property purchase restrictions policy restrictions. The first set of buyers down payment from 20% to 45%, the first non residential purchase Shoufu from 30% to 50%, the benchmark interest rate unchanged." In this regard, the Harbin City Housing Bureau responsible person responded in an interview: "eleven" during many national city has issued new market regulation policies, to restart the purchase credit limit, but the city of Harbin recently has not introduced any new policy on the purchase of the property market credit limit, the purchase Shoufu ratio is also no change.相关的主题文章:

Weight loss women pay attention to waist to hip

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Weight loss women should pay attention to waist hip ratio can see a lot of clinical performance of the normal body weight of female friends, when measuring the body fat content appears excessive situation. We call this kind of artificial obesity. The measurement of waist to hip ratio and waist circumference can effectively screen the obese people. Please pay attention to women lose weight WHR waist and hip circumference can be measured at home. Method of measuring waist circumference is upright, feet apart 30 cm ~40 cm, with a minimum scale of 1 mm tape on the midpoint of right axillary midline hip margin and twelfth rib connection, which is usually the most natural waist narrow positions along the horizontal direction around the abdomen for a week, but not close to the pressure on the skin in the normal breath, waist circumference measurement length, accurate readings to 1 mm. Which is the biggest hip hip size measurement. Waist to hip ratio is numerical readings by hip waist readings. Female friends reasonable waist to hip ratio should be less than 0.8. Waist hip ratio is the scope of the distribution of fat, waist to hip ratio greater than 0.8, suggesting that the waist fat distribution more than the hip, while the waist to hip ratio of less than 0.8, suggesting that the hip fat than the waist fat. Waist to hip ratio is only a reflection of the distribution of fat, you need to lose weight still need to integrate a variety of indicators to determine the overall. But if you already are obese or hidden obese population, the ratio of waist to hip ratio is greater than 0.8, then that is: you belong to central obesity, than those obesity or obesity is also hidden, but the waist hip ratio is less than 0.8 of the population, are more likely to suffer from diabetes, such as hyperlipidemia and other metabolic your disease, obesity is more harmful to health.相关的主题文章:

Washing water so precious Taomi Shui beauty _ Acacia Sina health _

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Rice water is so precious | Taomi Shui | beauty | _ Sina health _ Acacia people now have various brands of soap, shower bath, and even specifically for infants and women use toiletries. But in ancient times, what are the ancestors of the removal of pollution? Washing water is very precious in pre Qin period Taomi Shui pan was a senior detergent from historical records that used in pre Qin period Chinese bath cleaning supplies, is called a "pan" activities. Records of the pre Qin era institutions "book of Rites", documented at the time of bathing requirements. "The book of Rites" in "jade algae" in the article such as saying: "on the five one, and Hui Mu Ji liang." Here the "Mu" is to wash your hair, "Mu Ji", namely millet with the washing water to wash the hair; "Hui" face, "Hui Liang" is to wash your face with water wash liang. Even with the whole sentence understanding, is the day and wash hands five times, with the washing water to wash shampoo Ji liang. Washing water is actually millet Liang, said today the "rice water", the water was also known as the "rhythm of water meters". As a kind of bath supplies, the ancients specifically referred to as "pan" or "pan juice". Han Xu Shen "Shuowen Jiezi" records "pan, rhythm of water meters". "And Hui Liang Mu Ji", is the pre Qin period the identity of people daily bathing of "gentleman" requirements. We can see that the "pan" the rice water is a kind of advanced washing supplies. At that time, with the pan to the elderly bathing party can show filial piety to the elderly. "In the" book of Rites "in" the text records: to improve health for the elderly parents, "five, three, please heat up the soup bath, with mu. In the scale pan, heat up Qinghui. Please wash the foot scale, heat up the soup." Means, five days to burn a hot water for parents to bathe, wash their parents for the first time on the three day. During this period, if the parents face dirty, to burn hot water, wash with pan; if the feet dirty, but also to help clean up their parents with hot water. Grain washing water is decontamination effect. By modern science and technology analysis confirmed that this advanced washing supplies in the pre Qin period with "water soluble vitamins" and "minerals", is not only a kind of nutrition green washing supplies, but also it antipruritics. According to the special function of washing with Taomi Shui, the ancients also invented a variety of toiletries in grains, such as starch bath "starch bath", "bath bath with bran bran". Modern people are still "wash rice water" as the secret of the skin, long-term use Taomi Shui hands can make hands become white and tender. The northern and Southern Dynasties popular Acacia bath with "rice water" to do the washing supplies, the cost is not low, the grain is not rich in ancient times, "rice water" of ordinary people is a luxury. Then, the ancients to find a more cheap washing material — acacia. Acacia, is endemic to China Caesalpinia acacia trees, the fruit juice containing soap, it has strong decontamination ability. Tang Cheng "Youyangzazu · there is such a saying:" ghost "in the grass of Acacia, born in Jiangnan, Ze one or two feet high, such as Acacia, Mu long hair, leaves to clothing scale." A living under the pen of the "ghost of Acacia Acacia is six.相关的主题文章:

He Tianju wound two times wounded fear missed in the NBA season (video)

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He Tianju wound two times wounded fear missed in the NBA season he Tianju fear missed pre-season [collection] China upset loss to Iraq he injured in the accident was carried out Tianju Tencent sports news September 20th not long ago, he Chinese players Tianju accidentally injured in the 2016 Asian challenge against Iraq in the game, and from the current situation, he Tianju injury although not heavy, but it is just before have hurt parts, so the injury may cause a great impact on his NBA preseason tour, and probably missed the final. This summer, He Tianju once went to the United States for training, but in the training process, he had accidentally left ankle sprain. This time the Asian challenge match, He Tianju in the attack on the opponent’s feet again sprain my ankle, two injured area is almost exactly the same, but this also gives his recovery cast a shadow. According to the Royal Tianju before the plan, he will be in the end of the game directly from Iran to the United States, NBA preseason preparations and pelicans will merge and. Today’s sudden injury, so he changed the itinerary. He will follow the Olympic team back together, then went to Shenyang to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Because this time it belongs to two injured, so He Tianju had to be more cautious, and give yourself a training and recovery time, will not rush back. Not long ago, he Tianju will represent the pelican in the NBA preseason news just released, many fans are looking forward to seeing the new Tianju figure in the Chinese match. But from the current situation, he Tianju need time to recover, and when he can play the game, He Tianju will likely miss the pelican’s pre-season training camp and preseason, so he can play Tianju the possibility of NBA season, has become vanishingly small.相关的主题文章:

Guo Jingming issued a document angrily many people respond to music infringement hate

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Guo Jingming issued a document angrily: many people respond to music infringement hate your original title: Guo Jingming angrily: I’m on film music as infringement does not respect the Guo Jingming micro-blog Sina entertainment news 29 am, Guo Jingming [micro-blog] micro Bo said: LETV pictures Distribution Department, you without my consent, without authorization will be issued under the grand track movie poster the title to the national cinema "director Guo Jingming works" all removed to erase, this is my signature right infringement and to my great respect. And said that this practice is unfair, very bully. Netizens commented: support rights." "How could this be?" "Is it hype?!" Guo Jingming: the micro-blog pictures release music as your department, without my consent, without authorization will be issued under the title to the grand track Movie Poster national cinema "director Guo Jingming works" all removed to erase, this is my signature right infringement and to my great respect. I call you to ask the reason, your explanation is to weaken the label film Guo Jingming, there are many people who dislike me, so it will affect the box office, I heard the explanation is very sad, I really really hate by many people, many people hear the words "director Guo Jingming" will sniff at, but in any case, is my grand track for two years countless efforts, all through the night of struggle, hard work, maybe I really want a good shot, maybe my director level is limited, but anyway, it can not be denied me as the film director in reason, I have the right to sign in the movie poster, I have the right to tell others. This is my movie poster, has been in the courtyard line area elaborate exhibition series, I look at my name is so cruel to erase, I think it is very unfair , very bully people. (commissioning editor: Lolo) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

Yan Lianke literature can exist outside of real life and imagination-icesword

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Yan Lianke: literature can exist in real life and imagined – China News Agency in Hongkong in September 23 Beijing Xinhua: Yan Lianke: literature can exist in real life and imagination beyond the China News Agency reporter Ceng Ping mainland writer Yan Lianke with the novel "Japan" quenching was the sixth "dream of Red Mansions award first prize. He recently accepted an interview with China News Agency reporters in Hongkong, said that in writing the "day out" this novel is very clear that the literature can exist in real life and imagination. One of the main themes of the day out is that some people in the village are suffering from sleepwalking. Yan Lianke will be the first story of the real life of the story, the imagination is the second space, and the way of storytelling is not the first space, nor is it the second space. He described it as sleepwalking in his own eyes: it is imagined, but all put into action, have taken place in life, but it is not like we talk about the reality of space, perhaps third, fourth space. "Literature does not always happen in life, in imagination, there are many places can be the existence of literature." This is a reflection of Yan Lianke’s literary writing of "the day out". Start with the idea for the novel from Yan Lianke six years ago in a country experiencing the crematorium. Relatives told him to give the crematorium sent cigarette point to send wine, otherwise it will be burned or not clean will be delayed. This let him feeling "original crematorium so complex". And heard about the crematorium "gory details", Yan Lianke is thought by a clue as the story in the crematorium, and then in the past novels written in no big space as a storytelling method. Have the two, then the characters in the story under the inner world, to describe the state of the soul. Yan Lianke nearly half the time to complete the film about 18 words of the novel. The next step is to modify the local plot. "This is the most frequently changed in all my novels." Yan Lianke said that the novel from the background of the history of the grand narrative, not as dramatic as the previous works, there is no great contradiction between people, it is quite challenging to write". The writers, publishers, friends and himself of the creative writing class in Renmin University of China participated in the revision of the novel, and even the novel was changed five or six times after it was published in Taiwan. "I think if you look at it now, I want to change it." He said. "Dream of Red Mansions award judges committee chairman Zhong Ling said to Yan Lianke the word, the structure of the novel complete and rigorous, precise processing time and creative (the story of the time less than 24 hours), the dark side of human nature not only write, write the bright side of human nature. It is also the place where the novel fascinates Yan Lianke: the best, the most instinctive, and the most humanitarian. Multiple modifications also focus on the details. He said that the characters became more complex, each character has a very small, good, beautiful, simple side. Employed by Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Yan Lianke now has six months to teach in Hongkong. He revealed相关的主题文章:

The defeat of Xi’an! In the wake up need not worry – down utilitarian sports Sohu-hamimelon

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The defeat of Xi’an! In the "wake up" need not worry – down utility Sohu sports return to the "Orangemen failed luckplace" the continuation of the previous good luck, lost 0:1 ranked as their Syria team, because the difference is pulled, China team into the world cup in Russia there is little hope. "Everyone knows the importance of this game to enter the world cup," said China coach Gao Hongbo before the game, after a draw only 1 points of the China team must not be lost, but under pressure, this one aimed at the World Cup team scored again, lost a good board. In the face of the Syria striker Mai Mahmoud, guarding China after the defense team of Zhang Lin, Feng Xiaoting and Gu Chao? Mistake, opponents attack succeeded, the team will directly face to the impasse; the Syria team’s defensive, offensive line China team of Yu Hai, Zhang Yu, Gao Lin, Ning et al., to pose a threat to the opponent by the impact force; in the face of the Syria team play unsatisfactory midfield, Huang Bowen and Zhang Xizhe also failed to show the proper technology and overall view, the game China team played clueless, more people do not see any hope of winning. Especially the front line has been heavily criticized in the last few games, the collective lost, before the high hopes for Zhang Yuning is not a decent shot, early on and was replaced by Gao Hongbo Yang Xu; although the high center for play, but failed to make China offensive has been changed, becoming more and more weak front the previous two highlights; because their chances and criticized Wu Lei, stepped in after failing to play breakthrough ability, "shortage of goals has become the super best local shooter" nightmare". Not only that, Gao Hongbo’s command is no longer magic. In the "best soil Shuai" back in full pointer led the impact after the world cup, his people become more conservative than in the past, whether Paibingbuzhen, or spot command, is too stylized, and the lack of previous smart. In this field, for example, in the first half has not open the situation, Gao Hongbo in the second half with fullback Jiang Zhipeng for midfielder Huang Bowen, this is puzzling; after throwing the ball, Gao Hongbo has replaced Yang Xu, Wu Lei intended to strengthen the attack, but because of too late, but lead to China team turnaround time and the space is greatly compressed. Home defeat against the group’s weakest opponent, Syria, the Chinese team morale will have a devastating blow. Six days later, China team traveled to Tashkent, against the previous two games unbeaten in Uzbekistan, want to cash away three points of the rhetoric, the difficulty is not small. For the China team, hoping to "land" in Xi’an last year scored twelve of the race of magic, only rely on luck and home court advantage is clearly not enough, more important is to ensure their own strength as. At present the team, whether in whole or in the technology, tactics, have obvious gap with other competitors in the group, especially the lack of finishing ability, it is early foreshadowing for the team’s prospects. "Frankly speaking, in the twelve race we are a team," Gao Hongbo admitted, compared with other competitors, the Orangemen did)相关的主题文章:

Bilingual self crashed eighteenth Century statue whether super bad luck-ghost observer

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Bilingual: self crashed eighteenth Century statue whether super bad luck? An 18th century was down and by a who walked backwards to take a selfie smashed with it tourist knocked statue. A statue of the eighteenth Century was knocked down by a self timer back to the self breaking tourists smashed. The incident took at National Museum Ancient Art of in place the Lisbon. The accident happened at the Rees Museum of ancient art. The Brazilian tourist to a selfie staggered into the sculpture Saint Michael that was on a of pedestal in one of the backwards chambers of the tried take museum. The Brazil tourists to self but stumbled back into the Saint Michel statue, the statue was placed in a museum room on a pedestal. It fell the floor shattered into several to and pieces. Then, the statue fell to the floor, was broken into several pieces. Nuno Miguel Rodrigues, who was the when the incident picture, took a of the statue and posted it chamber on Facebook smashed happened. When the accident happened, Nuno Miguel and Rod Gus was in the room, he put the broken statue shot down, sent to facebook. He said: ‘It’ s price to paid free entrances the first Sunday of every month on the for be. "He said:" this is the first Sunday of every month to pay the cost of free admission." Jose Alberto Seabra Carvalho, a deputy director of the National Museum of Ancient Art told local media "I" ve been wor Chun相关的主题文章:

Preoperative Manual of bariatric surgery for weight loss surgery (four) – Sohu

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The practical handbook of bariatric surgery in the four column of bariatric surgery (Part I) – Department of general surgery, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, the introduction of weight loss surgery (Sohu) has gone through a process of questioning, adherence to recognition. Nowadays, more and more people begin to pay close attention to and choose the way to reduce weight to achieve the purpose of weight loss. So, in reality, weight loss surgery, you need to know what knowledge and information? Please read in detail our weight loss column for your introduction to the preoperative Handbook of bariatric surgery. "Weight loss column" of the four bariatric surgery preoperative manual (on) weight loss surgery what kind of operation? How to play a role? The main surgical methods for the treatment of obesity are gastric sleeve resection and gastric bypass surgery. A surgical sleeve gastrectomy surgery method and principle: the direction along the greater curvature of the stomach antrum pylorus preserving 2-6cm above, along the long axis of the stomach gastric resection, resection of all gastric fundus, so that the residual stomach was the "banana shaped", the volume is about 60-80ml. The operation by reducing the size of the stomach to reduce hunger stimulates the production of hormones to achieve weight loss of wood. Sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery is widely used by clinical. The advantage is that it does not need to be implanted in the body, and the weight loss of surgery is significant. Because the operation will take off 8 into the stomach volume, besides reducing food intake, will reduce the appetite stimulating hormone Ghrelin secretion, it will also reduce the appetite. About two years minus 10-15 BMI or 70% extra weight after surgery. For those with higher BMI (more than 40) and those who are unable to reduce food intake, sleeve gastrectomy can achieve ideal weight loss. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery between gastric bypass and gastric banding, safety is also in between, it is quite a "mean" operation. If compared with the gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy is not a bowel reconstruction, so there will be no long-term lack of vitamin deficiency anemia, osteoporosis and other sequelae. In addition, the incidence of gastric cancer in Asians is higher, after accepting sleeve gastrectomy, can still receive regular gastroscopy stomach. Compared with gastric banding, both are the same as limits on the type of surgery, but the sleeve gastrectomy surgery without placing any objects in the human body, so don’t worry about potential problems may lead to internal objects. However, this procedure involves the removal of a portion of the stomach and is not reducible after resection. Therefore, the patient must be considered for surgery. In addition, there is also a metabolic effect of gastric surgery. Although surgery can help patients greatly reduce appetite, but after surgery is not necessarily a natural decline in weight, after surgery if you do not control diet, food intake can also be picked up, the patient also has the opportunity to regain weight. Therefore, no matter what kind of weight loss surgery, patients still have to pay attention to diet and exercise, in order to have an ideal therapeutic effect of obesity. Because of the cutting of the stomach, the sleeve gastrectomy should be performed in a gradual manner. The basic principles are the same as those after gastric bypass surgery. As for high calorie beverages also need to completely avoid. In order to avoid weight loss is not ideal!相关的主题文章:

Because the two late bid Ningbo auction for a stalemate of 6

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Because of the two late bids Ningbo auction deadlocked for about an hour yesterday, a land auction in Ningbo, a dramatic scene. When the auction in the eighty-second round, Xuhui and almost 50000 "check" submit quotation, the highest bid in the eighty-first round therefore objected that the two overtime. Several parties dispute, the scene of the auction and therefore interrupted 6.5 hours. As of today, 30 points, the transferor came forward to confirm Vanke and Xu Hui to submit a timeout, the land was competing for the sea. This auction, shooting from 2 pm yesterday began; and this interrupt start from 6 in the evening, as of today zero 30 points to break the deadlock. According to the rules of the land auction, the buyer needs to submit a quotation within one minute. In general, ready to fight a protracted war of all housing prices, solemnly with psychological warfare, try to delay the time to submit quotations. The eighty-first round of the auction, the highest bid in the sea. To the eighty-second round of bidding links, Xuhui and Vanke "check" submitted quotations, sea scene questioned that timeout. The transferor and the bidder thus continued to dispute. Today, 30 points, things have finally come to the end. Transferor once again come forward, said repeatedly watched the video, confirmed Vanke and Xu Hui to submit a timeout, the land was competing for the sea. Vanke and Xu Hui said on the spot, will take legal means. In 6.5 hours of waiting for, only to see the scene of the staff in and out; participate in the auction of the various housing prices many people choose to stick to, people go after dinner, also bought the supper, someone sleeping in the field, some developers simply exit. According to the Municipal Bureau of land and resources of the announcement, the shot is five pieces of soil packed auction location are concentrated in Jiangdong District Ning Feng Binjiang block, which is located in the north to Ning Feng Cun, Taoyuan street, southeast to the northwest to defile planning Wang, Jiangdong Road, to sell an area of 116 thousand square, including the use of urban housing, commerce and finance wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering, the starting price of 8600 yuan per square meter, the total price of nearly 2 billion 200 million yuan. Have to mention, the land is the important position of Ningbo Sanjiang six shore development, will create a new landmark in the city of business and leisure for Changfeng block, expand the city night CBD functions play a huge role as key areas to Sanjiang six shore face lifting, eating fragrant remarkable degree. Yesterday, the site has attracted 12 enterprises, including the sea, Vanke, Rong An, Longhu, Xu Hui, Jing Rui, Silver billion, Biguiyuan, SUNAC, South Building, housing, and Jinmao Huarun (United), the squad is also unprecedented. Obviously, to swallow this one-time meat, or gold master boss level, or simply megamerger. Before the auction, the highest bid from the mainland, the floor price of 17540 yuan per square meter, the total price has been broken by 4 billion 400 million. This price not only refresh the floor price of Ningbo in 6 years, the total price is also the history of the most. The next year compared to last year shoot Ning Feng 2-1# plots, Fangxing, Vanke, China three enterprises through 76 auction, the final Fangxing to 8860 square meters, a total of 2 billion 74 million yuan scored, block the project is now selling Jiangdong Jinmao Mansion, the current price of 250 million square meters in the left.相关的主题文章:

Can you feel the breath of autumn Sohu –htc802w

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Can you feel the breath of autumn? Sohu mother and child autumn breath, you caught it? Whether you live in the South or north of China, what do you think of autumn? Have you ever seen the big trees in autumn? Find a time to watch a big tree with your children and create a tree that belongs to you! In this paper, some materials for your reference. I wish you a happy holiday! Pumpkin seed pumpkin seed tree with edible pigment dyeing, the taste of autumn harvest. Paper tube to rubbing rubbing trees lush leaves, rich colors. Stereo tube health tube made three-dimensional trees leaves, effects are great pasta tree shell pasta stain, fruit trees. The foil painting tree free foil is the autumn squeezed rub brush. Finger painting trees in autumn, north wind, this is the kind of scene. Is it an apple tree? There are a lot of ripe apples fall down. 3D paper tree trunk to restore the tree, like a piece of paper leaves withered. Leaves stickers to collect nature autumn leaves, a simulated autumn sticker. Bubble painting tree packaging foam waste utilization, choose your favorite autumn colors. Cauliflower tree kitchen also has created a strange enough brush, cauliflower! The tree puzzle pieces of waste dyeing, this tree is very handsome oh! Kraft paper bag tree felt as complicated and difficult to deal with. Plush ball tree baby must like the plush practice. Paper tree red, yellow, brown, rubbing the paper to paste the lush big canopy. The trees outside the window out of the window of the autumn gave the fundus, want to take it in? At the same time the alphabet tree do manual alphabet, learn and play the autumn. The autumn leaves mottled mottled leaves, geometric modeling unique taste. Knitting wool yarn head to create a soft tree. Grain cereals create four seasons trees trees, autumn and the winter, and also changing its beauty of nature. "If there is a next life, to be a tree, stand in the eternal, there is no sad posture: half in the dust in the air, half in the air, half of the shade, half of the sun. Very quiet very proud, never rely on never looking for." Autumn fairy tale is golden, can also be colored. The beauty of autumn leaves rustle when touching the ground, is when the fruit is ripe light gas, is the accumulation of the harvest. I hope you fall in love, love in the autumn of every tree and bush.相关的主题文章: