Note 7 delisting after HUAWEI intends to enter the South Korean P9 digital-瀬名アスカ

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Note 7 after delisting HUAWEI intends to use the P9 to enter the South Korean Sohu [news] digital mobile phone China as everyone knows very strong national consciousness, Koreans, they use the mobile phone, clothes and car etc. tend to domestic brands. This year, however, a little aggrieved users in Korea, due to the delisting of Samsung Note 7, it is difficult to have a better choice of local brands in the high-end market models. According to South Korean media reports, I was aiming for Dahua Note 7 gaps in the market, intends to launch high-end mobile phone in Korea for the first time. From the current Korean market, LG V20 and iPhone 7 series models are more ideal for local users of high-end machine selection. But observers said that Chinese brands of mobile phones have a higher price, so the market is becoming more popular in South Korea, HUAWEI launched a high-end model at this time is a wise move. According to the recently released South Korean online Gmarket market data, to the end of September this year, HUAWEI and millet and other brands of smart mobile phone in Korea Chinese sales over the same period last year more than doubled. As for which HUAWEI will use the models as astepping-stone to success, HUAWEI branch in South Korea on Monday confirmed that HUAWEI P9 and P9 Plus have been South Korea Radio Research Institute in October 23rd and No. 30 (National Radio ResearchAgency) approval, is expected to launch in December by HUAWEI in the local partners, two mobile phone priced about 700 thousand won to 800 thousand won (about 4156 yuan to 4750 yuan). Are you happy to see the price?相关的主题文章:

Audi Q5 drop nearly 110 thousand and 35 luxury SUV Inventory (video)

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Audi Q5 Pujiang nearly 110 thousand and 35 million luxury SUV inventory lead: now that the SUV market, SUV models have received extensive attention. Compared with other brands, luxury SUV in appearance and configuration is more competitive, manufacturers in the face of fiery market competition has also given a discount. Today, we will take a look at the recent luxury SUV offers relatively good. [Tencent] Zhuhai Railway Station car recently, editors from Zhuhai Li Heng Audi automobile Sales Service Co learned Q5, some models can enjoy the highest cash offer 107 thousand and 700 yuan, car enough. See table below: (Note: if that is Car Buying Tencent car users, will be able to enjoy more preferential 4S shop offers Q5 (Audi) ginseng, pictures, inquiry) guidance price straight down the price inquiry 2016 40 car TFSI aggressive 383 thousand and 400 72 thousand and 800: 310 thousand and 600 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 40 TFSI type 427 thousand and 600: 81 thousand and 200 346 thousand and 400 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 40 TFSI comfort 479 thousand 91 thousand: 388 thousand cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 40 TFSI 541 thousand 102 thousand and 800: 438 thousand and 200 dynamic type vehicle sufficient inquiry 2016 40 TFSI luxury 567 thousand 107 thousand and 700: 459 thousand and 300 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 40 TFSI plus50.90 96 thousand and 700: 412 thousand and 300 000 dynamic type vehicle sufficient inquiry 2016 paragraph 40 TFSI luxury plus53.40 million 102 thousand and 500 down 431 thousand and 500 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 40 TFSI special edition 437 thousand and 800 0: 437 thousand and 800 cars are plentiful The inquiry 2017 40 TFSI aggressive 400 thousand and 400 48 thousand: 352 thousand and 400 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 40 TFSI 427 thousand and 600 51 thousand and 300: type 376 thousand and 300 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 40 TFSI comfort 469 thousand and 500 56 thousand and 300: 413 thousand and 200 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 40 TFSI 489 thousand and 300 58 thousand and 700: 430 thousand and 600 dynamic type vehicle sufficient inquiry 2017 40 TFSI luxury 525 thousand and 300 63 thousand: 462 thousand and 300 car adequate inquiry promotion time: 2016.10.25-2016.10.31 car prices on the > tab to view the Tencent for more information; > price column home 2016 foreign media evaluation: a new generation to drive the popular SUV Audi Q5 configuration | models Pictures

riders comment Audi Q5 the lowest fuel consumption price: 286 thousand and 900 about the new Audi Q5 continued the family type design, logo of mouth network, two unique xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights up head The lamp assembly to show the elegant (with reference to the picture, the inquiry) of the sports temperament and tension相关的主题文章:

The TOYOTA Prius hybrid car repair recall about 300000 parking brake problems-mentalist

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The TOYOTA Prius hybrid car recall about 300000 parking brake car repair hidden Tencent news Beijing standard time on October 14th message, according to MotorTrend website reported that due to the existence of hidden dangers of car parking brake, TOYOTA will recall the new Prius (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) hybrid models. TOYOTA released a statement saying: "part of the 2016 and 2017 Prius hybrid car parking brake failure. In the end, it may be that if the driver leaves the car when the car starts and the stop is not in the stop, the car may slip away. The solution to this problem: TOYOTA dealers will be installed in the upper part of the brake wire clip, to prevent the failure of the wire, to solve this problem, of course, the owners will not spend a sum of money. TOYOTA will begin in November to notify the owner of the letter by mail to implement the recall." Prior to the number of vehicles affected by the problem, it is reported that the recall of vehicles in about 92 thousand from the U.S. market, including the 2016 and 2017 models. Japan is about 210 thousand affected, a total of more than 300 thousand vehicles. According to Reuters, TOYOTA will recall more cars in other markets, including Europe and australia. A TOYOTA spokesman confirmed that the car production risks from Japan Aichi factory; however, other models of the factory production was not affected by. The spokesman also said that after the review of some of the existing data, the company in October 3, 2016 and was not aware of any of the problems caused by the collision, casualty report. However, once the parts are in place, the company has been urging owners to repair the hidden danger as soon as possible. Just last month, TOYOTA announced that the United States recalled 7600 Prius is located in the front passenger airbag in an assembly may be improper. If an accident occurs, the stored gas may escape and cause the airbag to inflate. On the issue, TOYOTA will also notify the owners in November to recall.相关的主题文章:

NASA will be invited to the private sector in the international space station built on the commercia-3edyy

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NASA will be invited to the private station built on the commercial segment of Xinhua news agency in Washington in October 12, in the international space (Reporter Lin Xiaochun) NASA is gradually to the international space station to private enterprises to open the door, and an important step of the plan will be invited to the private enterprises in the construction of commercial space laboratory module. The director of the White House Office of science and technology policy director John · Holdren and NASA Charles · Bolden said in a blog post this week, NASA recently on the space station on a docking port uses consultation with private enterprises, these enterprises have the warm response, "strong will" build commercial cabin for the space station. Holdren and Bolden wrote: "based on these reactions, NASA will launch the program in the fall, provide potential opportunities to build their own cabin and other capabilities in the international space station for private enterprises." The two also stressed that NASA is also supporting the development of relevant scientists and entrepreneurs, because a dynamic user groups to ensure the vital vitality of the future space station. The international space station construction began in 1998, away from the surface of the earth is about 400 km altitude operation, the main function is as a research laboratory in the microgravity environment at present, including a total of 15 by the United States, Russia, Japan and the European Space Agency Construction section. The international space station had a design life of only 15 years before the parties agreed to extend until 2020, and then to 2024, the original plan in 2024 after it plunged into the pacific. But in August this year, NASA officials said that by the time of the year, the agency considered the transfer of the international space station to the private sector will continue to operate by the time of 2024. To maintain the space station operation, NASA paid about $4 billion annually, accounting for about $20% of NASA’s total budget. NASA has now put the space station cargo mission to the two private companies, the next step would be to send manned missions to the space station to the private sector, with the focus of our work to Mars, its goal is to achieve a manned landing on Mars in 30s this century. "Heston" fun earth delicious dining space相关的主题文章:

Giant black holes destroy stars to send out a signal the energy of the explosion illuminates the

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Giant black holes destroy stars and send out a signal that the energy of the planet has been illuminated by astronomers, and astronomers have detected the echoes of stars destroyed by supermassive black holes. The picture above depicts the flow of material from a supermassive black hole. At the same time the star is destroyed, it will produce high energy ultraviolet light and X ray flash, will destroy the black hole around too close to the dust. The rest of the dust forms a disk like "shell" (shell) surrounding the black hole. Supermassive black holes are located at the center of all known galaxies, providing the necessary gravitational force to sustain the galaxy. They generate dense gas jets in the direction perpendicular to the disk of the galaxy. Sina Technology News Beijing on September 19th news, according to foreign media reports, supermassive black hole is the highest density of objects in the universe, they provide the gravitational force to maintain the entire galaxy as a whole. However, supermassive black holes are also common in the presence of monsters that can tear and tear up the stars that are too close. Now astronomers have detected the echoes of stars destroyed by these giant black holes. Astronomers call these devastating events "disruption tidal" (stellar), the event of a huge amount of energy generated by the bright light to illuminate the surrounding objects. The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the wide field infrared survey satellite (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, referred to as WISE) to obtain data, astronomers revealed a stellar tidal tear occurs around the dust absorption flash energy, and like an echo to release the energy of the process. The measurement of the energy released by these events is much more accurate than before. The study found three such events, and the results will help astronomers learn more about the size of supermassive black holes and how they affect the surrounding space. "This is the first time we’ve seen the infrared light echo from a number of tidal tearing events," said Sjoert van, an astronomer at the Johns Hopkins University and first author of the study." His research was published in the recent Astrophysical Journal (Astrophysical Journal). In this study, 5 possible tidal tearing events were analyzed, and infrared light was detected in the three events. According to reports, in another independent study, researchers at the University of Science & Technology China found fourth possible cases of infrared light. These findings will help astronomers to make a new estimate of dust in the center of the galaxy, around the supermassive black hole, to provide critical information about the size of the black hole and its impact on the galaxy. When stars are pulled into supermassive black holes, they stretch and stretch, a process known as spaghettification. At the same time the star is destroyed, it will produce a flash of high energy ultraviolet rays and X rays相关的主题文章:

Bank of four funds into real estate, or over $10 trillion in table loans and off balance sheet loans-running man 20130908

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Four of bank funds into the real estate, or over 10 trillion yuan loans in the table and table of entrusted loans slowdown, bank financing increased blood transfusion (Figure) – Sohu securities reporter Yang Xiaoyan reported in Shanghai real estate where the money comes from the recent real estate companies continue to get high, where the money comes from? Twenty-first Century economic news reporter from the bank, corporate bonds, foreign debt, trust, financial institutions and other aspects of the financing of real estate companies. The first launch of the three survey results: banks in the first half of this year to provide more than 10 trillion funds, four Bingfen Road, in the form of loans and entrusted loans outside the table gradually cooling; self investment and bank financing are increase in the volume of blood transfusion. Corporate bonds this year by leaps and bounds, last May to August this year, the bond market to provide more than 1 trillion and 200 billion of the funds for real estate companies. At the same time, Real Estate Company’s financing costs continue to decline, the issue rate as low as 3%. Rainbow Night. Domestic circulation continues to rise, while the number and size of the territory of Real Estate Company overseas bonds are falling sharply, the size of the first 8 months of this year, the issue was only $4 billion 760 million, compared with the same period last year fell by 63%. In the future we will continue to launch the trust and financial institutions for real estate financing, please look forward to. (Ceng Fang) to "land financing credit road is a dead end, and now the head office approval form of credit, to complete four certificates." There are shares in North China Information Management said. How much money is flowing into the real estate bank, before answering this question, first of all to find out what is the channel of bank funds into the relevant areas. The table is the loan and self investment; outside the table is bank financing and entrusted loans, that is, the principal entrusted the bank to the borrower loan. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter finishing public data and micro research, as a whole, the table of real estate loans will undoubtedly contribute a large scale. As of the end of 2015, the data was 5 trillion and 630 billion yuan. But this year, the scale of growth slowed, the size of individual banks and regions have negative growth. Followed by self investment and financial management. Public data show that the size of the financial inflows increased significantly, as of the first half of this year amounted to 2 trillion and 90 billion yuan. In addition, although in accordance with the relevant regulations, refer to the table in the loan management method of entrusted loans, but because banks do not bear the credit risk, the relative execution is relatively loose, the actual route through entrusted loans into real estate scale can not be underestimated. Due to the scale of investment in real estate is likely to be greater than the real estate finance, the Bank of the four funds into the real estate addition, as of the first half of this year, the bank provides funds for real estate or over $10 trillion. Table loans and off balance sheet loans can be seen from the regulatory statistics and the report of listed banks. According to the China Banking Regulatory Commission statistics, in 2015 the real estate loans for 5 trillion and 630 billion yuan. 2014 and 2013 data were 5 trillion and 380 billion and $4 trillion and 540 billion, respectively. Visible, the scale of growth in 2015 than in 2014 declined. This trend is particularly evident in Shanghai. From the second half of last year, Shanghai real estate development loans table相关的主题文章:

8 month old baby eating this thing can’t speak mother – Sohu-ppbox

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8 month old baby eating this "something" couldn’t speak mother lying on the bed to see – Sohu is only 8 months old son no longer speak, Yang mother kept wiping tears. It was a moment of carelessness, and now the baby has been in the pediatric intensive care unit because he swallowed it. Yang mother was found that some of the baby runny nose and mild symptoms of asthma, while the doctor was diagnosed with bronchiolitis caused by respiratory infection, is a common disease. However, the baby’s condition began to increase, sent to the hospital immediately after shooting X light, the results show that a battery stuck in the esophagus. The electrochemical reaction of the cell with saliva and gastric juice, resulting in rapid corrosion and burns to the esophagus, respiratory tract, and other soft tissues. It takes years of healing, but it’s still possible that you’ll never breathe again, and you’ll never talk again. Remind parents beware of small items button battery light weight and small volume, widely used in a variety of micro electronic products, this battery most of the use of children’s toys, children eating frequent incidents. The battery ingestion have damage to the patients with digestive tract perforation, can cause severe, life-threatening. To remind parents, please dispose of all kinds of electronic products in the family in the battery, and take good care of children, avoid eating children battery happening again. Mom and dad please share this story to her friends, let them know the risk of small items may bring to baby, we must pay attention to! There is a sick baby, we must promptly seek medical treatment, do not believe too much on the network approach to self treatment, so as not to delay the disease. Is to go to the regular large children’s Hospital, avoid quack misdiagnosis, don’t be afraid to spend money, afraid of X rays bring bad effects to the baby, the above is an example! Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

A raid connection checks – Sichuan Channel – People’s network-ravbin

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A "surprise" connection checks – Sichuan Channel – original title: a "surprise" connection checks – reporter Li Miao "as long as the open platform, click on the map were yellow, red dog, you can view the regulatory information, real-time command." The early morning of October 22nd, the A group visiting delegation came to Dujiangyan first station — Dujiangyan Agricultural Service Center, listened with interest to the staff of Dujiangyan agriculture and Forestry Bureau Wu Hong introduced Dujiangyan grid management system. Wu Hong select module, open the grid administrator information for everyone to demonstrate. "According to my choice, choose a supervisor on the spot, I understand the situation?" A senior representative from the Ministry of agriculture suddenly asked. This requirement makes Wu red one Leng, but she readily agrees: "no problem, please choose." In accordance with the requirements on behalf of Wu Hong, point to open a "little red" pop out of the box to display the information, regulators called Zhou Jing, in charge of the Dujiangyan hall tribute tea company’s agricultural products quality and safety supervision, and shows her phone. Wu Hong quickly dialed the phone as the representative of Zhou Jing, rang more than and 10 seconds still no answer, just when we are worried about the phone finally pass. "Hello, I’m nonglinju, ask you to detect tribute tea company monthly hall several times?" "…… Two times the phone, Zhou Jing apparently also hesitated to call for one or two seconds, but immediately answered truthfully. Reporters call the evening of 22 Zhou Jing learned that when she thought the market is routine checks, until she told reporters, just know is the delegate calls, no prior for this will deliberately say hello or training. Hang up the phone, on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture very gratified very satisfied. "We didn’t come to the show." Delegates said that with a good system, the key is to use. (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

Do you know what the driverless technology has-tonya mitchell

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Do you know what the driverless technology has? Last week, Uber launched a driverless car passenger service, and the trial run on the road in Pittsburgh, so that the hot unmanned technology has been more widespread concern. Over the past two years, the major technology companies driverless car experiments carried out in full swing. In fact, from the complex automatic cruise to a number of vehicles installed on the semi automatic driving system, and then completely self driving cars, unmanned technology has been in many forms. Adaptive cruise control system adaptive cruise control system (Adaptive Cruise Control) is a kind of intelligent automatic control system, which is developed on the basis of cruise control technology has already been on, now in many ordinary cars and luxury cars can see. In the course of the vehicle, the vehicle’s radar, camera and other sensors can detect the distance with other vehicles. If the spacing is too small, the system will allow the wheels to brake properly, and to reduce the engine output power, so that the vehicle and the vehicle in front to maintain a safe distance. The cost varies from vehicle to vehicle, and the vehicle price range is very large. Tesla Autopilot (visual images from Chinese) last October, Tesla launched Autopilot, the Tesla owners on the highway can be handed over to the car driving system, realize the adaptive cruise control, lane change, emergency brake and automatic steering vehicle. But at the end of June this year, the disclosure of the U.S. national highway traffic safety administration, a Tesla Model S May 7th running in the Autopilot mode on the way the accident caused the pilot’s death. Earlier this month, Tesla said it is Autopilot to upgrade, this system can be upgraded to better perceive the surrounding circumstances, and brake control. At the same time, another important improvement is that if the driver in a certain period of time without walking the steering wheel, the system will send the alarm, but if the driver repeatedly ignored warning system, automatic steering software will automatically stop, until the parking. Last October Autopilot debut, the price is only $2500, but now buy Tesla if with the system, the price has risen to $3000. If you buy a car and then loaded, Tesla is asking a price of $3500. Google driverless car (pictures from the visual Chinese) the earliest Google driverless car is the automatic driving system of Lexus SUV installed on the roof, the vehicle is Google independent design and development called Koala models, the body integrates a large number of laser radar, cameras and other types of sensors and the integration of Google map technology. For the sake of safety and keep driving habits, Koala car retains the steering wheel, brake, throttle and other basic configuration, to prevent some cases to driver’s manual intervention, but these configurations are removable. Google driverless car is still in the experimental stage, consumption.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – Guizhou Xingren held skiing competition ‘joke-tamiflu

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Beijing – VIDEO – Guizhou Xingren held "skiing competition ‘joke [comment] in September 23rd, in Guizhou Province, Qianxi Prefecture in 2016 international mountain outdoor sports tourism and convention venue in Xingren, a popular skiing contest start in Ma Ping grand scenic area. The game attracted thousands of skiing enthusiasts to experience racing in the alpine grass slope on the fun. The competition is divided into the group phase, semi finals and finals in three stages, by knockout and ultimately selected the 20 winners. The day of the opening ceremony after the end of the first stage skiing contest group phase game players in each group of 10 people, from top to bottom by skiing car down the grassy slope, open the speed competition exciting "". [scene] [] sound over player Ms. Chen to sit when I was a bit nervous, moderator password when suddenly feel hard to start, go ahead, feel like to take the first. The same period [] player Mr. Gou when it is inclined, because it is fast, can not grasp the direction, if my feet in the grass again, certainly will either roll, or slow down, so I will make it a little oblique. [comment] national team players during the game, an endless enjoyment, all kinds of funny drama staged from time to time, the scene full of humor. In skiing finals competition, this is a "master" showdown between the players, but the ultimate battle is to let the audience happy day…… [scene] [Mr. Liu, the same period] (how do you get to the tire? Slide down is, why I do not know, it should be a little light there, not sitting right. [comment] on the same day, the national skiing contest ended in a happy atmosphere, the 20 finalists selected according to the final results and ranking for the award. The event was sponsored by the Qianxi Prefecture People’s government, the development of tourism in Qianxi Prefecture Committee, Qianxi Prefecture sports radio, press and Publication Bureau, Xingren County People’s government. It is understood that the 2016 International Mountain Tourism and outdoor sports meeting held on September 22nd to 23 in Guizhou Province, Qianxi Prefecture, the main venue in Xingyi City, 8 counties in Xingren County, Zhenfeng County, Qinglong County, Anlong county, Yilong test area (area) is set at the venue, a total of 69 activities. Xingren venue 23 days respectively held a skiing contest and professional Shenu competitions. (Pu Wensi Luo Zhenfei southwest Guizhou report)相关的主题文章:

Du Jia presided over the Provincial Standing Committee meeting strive to build the network in the fo-coreldraw快捷键大全

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Du cents chaired the Provincial Standing Committee meeting: strive for the construction of the network power at the forefront – Hunan channel — Du cents chaired the Standing Committee meeting to further implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and strive in the construction of the network power in the forefront in the morning of October 13th, the Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du Jiahao chaired the Standing Committee meeting to convey the spirit of the important speech learning general secretary Xi Jinping in the thirty-sixth Politburo collective study, study the province to promote the implementation of the network information technology innovation, the construction of the network power b.. Li Weiwei, provincial leaders Xu Dazhe, Guo Kailang, Xu Yousheng, Chen Xiangqun, Yi Lianhong, Zhang Wenxiong, Fu Kui, Huang Guanchun, Huang Lanxiang, Huang Yue Jin, Liu Lianyu, Xiang attended the meeting. The meeting pointed out that the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the thirty-sixth collective study, general secretary Xi Jinping in promoting national governance systems and governance capacity modernization level, the implementation of network strategy made an important speech. Provincial departments at all levels should put the ideological action to the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech and the central deployment requirements, give full play to the advantages of Hunan, accelerate the network technology innovation, and strive to take the lead in power network construction. The meeting stressed the need to conform to the new trend of Internet and information technology, and constantly improve the level of network management. At present, the network information technology is hitherto unknown to the depth and breadth of promoting economic and social development and change people’s production and life, the world economy is to accelerate the transformation of industrial network information technology as an important part of economic activities. Leading cadres at all levels should take the initiative to grasp the new trend of active learning, knowledge of the big data, cloud computing, networking and other Internet, truly learning network, to understand the network, with the network, and continuously improve the grasp of the law of Internet, control the development of information technology, network public opinion, safeguard network security "four kind of abilities". The meeting pointed out that Hunan has a comparative advantage in accelerating the development of network information technology, human resources, science and technology strength, good industrial base. To adhere to innovation and lead to new energy to cultivate information technology, new momentum to promote new development, and strive to seize the commanding heights of Internet development. To take the initiative as a service innovation, efforts to increase decentralization, support for Internet companies to accelerate the development of policy, to create a good environment, efforts to create a national Changsha mobile Internet entrepreneurs new heights. To respect knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation, increase the support of venture capital, improve the incentive mechanism, strengthen the introduction of professionals. To promote the integration of culture and the Internet, the Internet and the depth of the real economy, speed up the creative Malan mountain area construction, and strive to form a new pattern of network information industry in North Zhongguancun, south of Malan mountain "development. To seize the country to accelerate the domestic self controlled alternative plan opportunities, speed up the core technology research, accelerate the formation of a set of computer chip design and development, system integration, machine manufacturing, and promote the use of network information technology and the related upstream and downstream industry chain. The meeting stressed the need to further integrate information technology resources to promote interoperability, sharing and integration. In the construction of new smart city, "Internet plus government)相关的主题文章:

Citigroup HSBC fell to neutral rating target price rose to 62 yuan-synnex

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Citigroup HSBC fell to neutral rating target price to 62 yuan Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Citigroup issued a research report, the HSBC (00005.HK) so far this year the stock price and earnings divergence over the past three months, more obvious, has increased space consumption. HSBC price is equivalent to forecast PBR 0.84 times and 0.97 times per share of tangible assets, and estimate the rate of return on equity increased from 7% in 2017 to 8.7% in 2020. The bank to control the target price from 60.8 yuan rose to 62 yuan, but the rating from "buy" down to "neutral". It pointed out that "to drive off Europe ‘panic, U.S. interest rates over the past few months, Chinese vision capital inflows and the $2 billion repurchase program and other factors, since June 23rd the British and European referendum, HSBC shares rose 15% in dollar terms, outperforming the British local banks in 38%, European banks 18% and Asia Bank 7%, but profit fell. Citi said HSBC dividend rate is particularly attractive in comparison with their peers, Citigroup payout rate of 6.7%, the market is estimated to less than 6.5%. The other Citibank, HSBC North America and Asia subsidiary support its dividend and repurchase plan. If North America and Asia business common equity capital adequacy ratio (CET1 ratio) were adjusted to 12.5% and 13.5%, HSBC will have more than $6 billion of surplus capital in North America, Asia has nearly $4 billion. However, HSBC business in Europe (mainly English) has nearly $10 billion shortfall, HSBC material through the British Retail Banking earnings generated, and in the wholesale bank on balance sheet optimization, to improve the level of capital business in europe. In summary, HSBC capital is still quite complicated. (both) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Big data fraud analysis of financial investment income _ sina finance _创业网

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Big data analysis of financial investment | liar

return _ sina finance _ Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Big data fraud analysis year spent similar, each year is different. Every year after the start of the season after the sound of loud noise will eventually calm. However, this year the beginning of the season the atmosphere is particularly heavy, that one is not in full bloom of life, those in the ivory tower bloom of youth, just because of telecommunications fraud and never stopped. One after another appeared in the fraud case, once again torture the soul of the people. Grief, perhaps to think from a deeper level, to improve everyone’s awareness of fraud prevention is the best way to comfort the dead. If the evil cannot be completely eradicated, so we need to have at least a pair of "piercing eye", in order to allow yourself to become more powerful. According to the 360 companies released the "2016 China Telecom form of fraud analysis report", August 2016, 360 mobile phone guards for the user to intercept all kinds of telephone harassment 3 billion 430 million times, a daily average of about 111 million times to intercept telephone harassment. Among them, a total of 445 million times to intercept telephone fraud, accounting for the total number of harassing phone calls to intercept the month of 13%, an average of about a day to intercept telephone fraud. In a number of telephone fraud, false financial fraud, accounting for 43.2%; followed by identity fraud, accounting for 25.2%. Users across the country received a phone call up to 20 cities, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou ranked first in the top three. Received a lot of phone fraud, the ability to identify natural fraud will become stronger. Shanghai and Beijing mobile phone users on average only about 18 seconds to see through a telephone fraud, the consumption of the least time. Ranked third in the Hongkong area to users, at an average of 19 seconds of time through telephone fraud. Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and Fujian mobile phone users, to identify and hang up a fraud call takes an average of 20 seconds ~25 seconds. And users in the western region than the eastern region is more likely to be fooled. The overall ability to identify fraud from southeast to northwest decline trend. Fraud in addition to our familiar false winning fraud, as well as the promotion of fake health care products, prepaid fraud, selling fake and shoddy goods, selling illegal business fraud and other basic types. In the report released by the 360 companies, the fraud time is also a statistical analysis. The main working time for ordinary people is from Monday to Friday, but the working time of the cheater is from Friday to Monday, which is between two weeks. However, if the time limit within the scope of a day to consider, then the time of the liar and ordinary people are the same. In addition, according to the report, the peak of the fraud call is 8 to 11 in the morning, from the early morning to the point of 5 is the low point of the phone fraud, this is not difficult to understand, after all, the liar is also a person, but also need to sleep rest. The so-called "one foot in mind, liar deception is a retrofit, but on相关的主题文章:

Murray met Botero Davis Cup Challenge Croatia and France home court-9c8836

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Murray met Botero Davis Cup Challenge Croatia home court and France Murray Botero sina sports news Murray, Del Botero, and Monfils Hinrich will appear in the September 16th start of the Davis Cup semi-final. The defending champion British team will play against Argentina in Glasgow, and the Croatia team in Zadar against the French team home court. Site type is indoor hard. On behalf of the British team is the world’s second Murray, Edmond and the new force in the game and US Open champion Stanislas Evans won match point. Doubles Jamie – Murray will also appear in the list. Argentina team led by the recent eye-catching performance of Del Botero. Since the former US Open champion left wrist surgery after the return achieved 22-10 record, the world ranking from outside the top 1000 soared to sixty-fifth. In addition, Michael Del Bones, Pella, and L- Meijer will will travel with the team. The Croatia team won the Davis Cup title in 2005, but they never reached the finals. The Croatia team, a new force, including SIRIC Curic doubles world eighth dodig and Della Ganga, and the French team from Monfils, Gasquet, Hu and Herbert. Hu and Herbert is now the world’s first combination. In addition, this weekend will be the 8 Davis Cup World Group playoff, the winner will remain in the world group next year. The Uzbekistan team will play against the lack of Federer and Stan’s Swiss team, led away in Belgium gauffin Bellucci led the Brazil team, J Jerzy Goss, Tomic, Gross and Pearce will represent the Australian team home court against the Slovakia team, the Canadian team will play against the Chilean team in Halifax indoor hard courts, Russia in Moscow against the Kazakhstan team, Nadal the Spanish team led an expedition to India, the German team will play Poland in the capital city of Berlin, on behalf of the Japanese Kei team against Ukraine.相关的主题文章:

Media commentary about the new car network offensive to ignore the trend of the times-e3300

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Network media commentary about car deal: offensive disregard of the trend of the times [solution] Bureau of Guangzhou Shenzhen, please think about the source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition WeChat public number Knight Island winter is coming, sometimes happiness is in the cold winter street hit the car, the lights flash, gallop all the way back home. If the draft issued today is finalized, the journey will be more expensive than last year. Should be prior to the appointment, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen on the same day announced the local rules of the car network. I do not know whether there is an appointment, these rules are pointed out that the network is about to turn into a taxi almost legally on the road. In accordance with these Provisions, we take the past countless times, changed the most China city traffic network ecology about the car, black car is actually. Violation, is so simple. Generally speaking, the policy should not be evaluated at will. This is because most seemingly simple provisions, behind the complex professional problems. Easy lay in modern society most probably it did not actually happen, highly professional division of labor, not only simple in fact a fool to the third degree most probably it did not actually happen. However, the network about car policy, just belong to the class we can evaluate. This is because the network about the car, we will probably be more than a city’s policymakers have more experience, more demand. Also, because of the city’s network about the provisions of the vehicle, and a few months ago, the Ministry of Communications issued two documents compared to the harsh conditions of many, or excessive implementation of suspicion. The introduction of a policy, first of all need to comply with the spirit of the higher level documents. In the Ministry of communications documents, more is to list the negative list, such as not to provide passenger information to third parties, shall not illegal charges. However, in the major cities of the document, then more than the household registration requirements, cultural requirements and even the displacement requirements of the car. I called the Beijing road with very limited knowledge and scanty information, smooth, not near the perennial speed ring, even high-speed road, there is no need to exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T car can run smoothly. We joined the Paris climate agreement but more than a month, energy saving and environmental protection should be the consensus of technical indexes were similar, small cars should be welcomed. You have to admit, this is not a particularly low carbon draft. Fortunately, this is the draft, if the literal meaning is correct, I would like to express their views. Hundreds of times in my passenger network about car experience, and the number of regular taxi experience, whether Beijing, Shanghai household registration, and is not associated with the car experience. The car that will rise just about net, car total free mineral water and chewing gum, is now the capital of the driver to tighten the pocket, there is no such a good day, but the one hundred car, almost without coming to a driver of smoking, rude or abusive. There should be no prejudice, that the quality of the car about the network driver is higher, but because I have a driver’s income, etc.. Compared to regular taxi, the network about car drivers generally do not recognize the road, thanks to the times, mobile navigation has been more sensitive than people’s way. Although the Ministry of transportation to encourage the policy of a city, the country according to their own conditions of the association, but has announced the city policy looks no tricks. Why in Shanghai, only "to achieve the city"相关的主题文章:

Foreign media Chinese rate of progress in the research and development of AI makes us be cast into

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Foreign media: Chinese rate of progress in the research and development of AI makes us be cast into the shade between AI R & D race Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news is, according to foreign media reports, although now on human artificial intelligence (AI) scanty knowledge of machine learning, but (a AI) has been gradually emerging in our intelligent mobile phone and other equipment, the industry also is to speed the technology research. In fact, along with the people of machine learning is more and more deep, there are two countries in the world began to develop competition, they are Chinese and the United States, the two efforts will have on the future of artificial intelligence technology has important influence. Deep learning in Chinese heat high refers to artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have to mention the concept of deep learning, learning from a machine, which uses computer algorithms to perform pattern recognition and analysis. And it is our common personal digital assistant Google Now and Siri behind the brain. Pictured above is the latest report from the U.S. government, the Obama administration is prepared to vigorously promote the development of AI. Although the United States is one of the pilots of artificial intelligence technology, but we can see from the chart, China’s published papers have exceeded the United States, while its growth rate is also far ahead. Artificial intelligence has become one of the important fields of scientific research in china. In addition to the surprising speed, the quality of China’s research on the AI is not down, the chart below shows that China’s AI related papers in the world, the number of citations is also far ahead. The high quality of AI China compared with other countries, China and the United States into the research in the field and no one can, but the White House that American spending on basic research and some weak. The Obama administration’s latest report shows that the existing R & D investment is not enough, want to use AI to promote economic growth, the United States to invest at least doubled." The United States government to vigorously promote the research of AI has its profound meaning: the use of safety regulations become leader in the research and development of AI can take the lead in the establishment of AI in the world, once fell to the China, will hand over the right rules. (compile Lv Jiahui) want to see more interesting and new technology news abroad? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章:

On September count 20 words sum up the focus of the secretary took office in January-zuczug

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On September inventory: 20 word summary of secretary took office January focus on Inventory: September 20 word summary of the focus of the secretary took office in January

source: update: 2016-09-30 14:33:47 classification: key words: City, Du cents, poverty alleviation, secretary general, the development of united front, the masses, poverty, absolute loyalty

Original title: September

on Inventory: 20 words sum up the focus of

secretary took over in January

8 28, Du cents comrade was officially appointed as secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, today (September 30th), took office just 02 days a month. In this month, Du Jia Secretary of the main emphasis on what issues, and what are the main feedback comments? On September net inventory is on the five key words – "city state transition" and "absolute loyalty" and "poverty alleviation" United Front "consensus" "Xiang drama Jin Jing" to sort out the clues.


[City State General

[news: September 9th, Hunan provincial Party Secretary Du Jiahao chaired the city committee secretary of the forum, informed the preceding work, to co-ordinate arrangements for the next phase of work. Du cents stressed the need to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series especially important instructions concerning the general work of the spirit, earnestly implement the general work of the first responsibility of the persons, strictly in accordance with the law to follow the rules, increase the general atmosphere of supervision, to ensure that general a smooth, delicate gas is to ensure that the work of the province, effective and orderly wenzhongqiujin.

[speech "to ensure that general successfully, is the first political task of the current. To change the focus, the main melody of guide to the development and planning for the future, adhere to a blueprint dry in the end, a stick and then a dry stick, and strive to create a new situation in the cause of reform and development." – Du family of

[point of view, the "nine forbidden" and "all the nine" and other disciplines and rules in the front, with iron regulation iron discipline to escort the general work. The relevant personnel, especially leading cadres, should the central and provincial Party Committee on the change of a series of documents and relevant laws and regulations and policy requirements to understand thoroughly, grasp the policy measure, to consciously resist the efforts to create unwholesome tendencies, refreshing cool gay relationships, well behaved relationships and clean friends. – "delicate gas is to select a good team for a good state"

a smooth team, should be a harmonious atmosphere, active thinking, encourage innovation team. In general, some cadres may because of various reasons, resulting in a "disastrous" sense of frustration, and even complain discontent to the organization. These emotions to be straightened out in time, otherwise it will have a negative impact on future work. Municipal Party committee leadership team as the backbone of the leading cadres of Hunan, not only in the general election to do gas Shun model, but also in the daily work to do "gas"


South California study tour in a car accident 1 dead 11 injured driver of dangerous driving-yezimei

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South California study tour in a car accident 1 dead 11 injured driver of dangerous driving around 5:30 in the afternoon local time on September 24th, Nanjing foreign language school OES exchange delegation of 20 people in a car accident in California on highway 41. The local time on September 24, 2016 at about 5:30 p.m., Nanjing foreign language school OES exchange delegation of 20 people, 18 students (12-15 years), 2 teachers, 1 people, the local driver 1 people in a car accident in California on highway 41, resulting in 1 dead 11 injured. The injured have been transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. Cause of the accident is dangerous driving. Yesterday morning, the Nanjing foreign language school issued a notice on the real situation of the matter described. Yangzi Evening News reporter Wang Jingzonghe unexpected trouble back to the hotel bus crashed into a tree on the way off the local time on September 24th at 5:30 in the afternoon, the exchange delegation of 20 people and the local travel agency manager 1 people, 1 local drivers, at the end of the day trip to the hotel in a traffic accident on the way. The local police got the news that the accident happened in the near distance at Yosemite National Park in Oakhurst city in 24 local time around 5:35 in the afternoon, the accident bus rammed into a tree, and then roll. The California Highway Patrol bureau chief Schwab said the accident occurred on highway 41, the students and the adult accompanied by a vehicle, in return from the park and crashed into a roadside tree, and fell along the road, the scene scattered debris and snacks. U.S. media reported that the bus company has not yet responded to media inquiries. California Highway Patrol Bureau revealed that there were 22 people on board. The casualties are all tied the safety belt after the accident occurred, a travel agency manager, led the teacher and two students in 4 people seriously injured due to the arrangement of local police rushed to the hospital; another 7 students were less seriously injured, to check the other hospital and hospital. According to the arrangement of the police, another teacher with 9 other students to go to the hotel, in the arrangement of 9 students after the arrival of the hotel, the teacher immediately rushed to the hospital. 7 of the students were less seriously injured after a medical examination and treatment, no obvious abnormal condition, after the doctor’s advice, to rendezvous with other students hotel; the teacher led by the injured injury hospital treatment after returning to the hotel. At present, confirmed that the more serious injuries of the two students, a student died after rescue, another student through the rescue of vital signs stable, is the observation phase. The rest of the students are stable. Local police said the incident was wearing a seatbelt. The driver is a 53 year old man who lives in Alhambra, only minor injuries, 25 had been discharged home. The emergency response team led by China Deputy Consul General Consulate General in San Francisco rushed to the hospital, to assist in dealing with follow-up. The school issued a notice yesterday morning, the Nanjing foreign language school issued a notice on the real situation of the description. According to the announcement, in September 23rd, 20 teachers and students went to the south to the United States to Oregon"相关的主题文章:

Can you wear running heels Is the United States is metamorphosis (video)-1926年属相�

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Can you wear running heels? Is beauty is abnormal when it was from the university education girls try to wear high-heeled shoes, good temperament (especially for my height…), but I still have to work, with high heels rivalry. In addition to the non-stop bubble broken skin, to find a pair of comfortable high-heeled shoes simply to find a handsome and hurt you the same as the men’s votes. Today, we are open to the experience of blood and tears Butterfly: these brands are good to wear. Thousand yuan Clarks purchase way: counter, official website, Tmall flagship store, the sea Amoy allSoleClarks is a familiar British brand, it belongs to the category of China pit people in Britain, at least hundreds of dollars to the domestic front plus a 1. The sea Amoy hand price of postage is from the half price. Though it is in the domestic selling expensive, there are still a large number of idiotic powder, because comfortable ah! It is said to be the first non global sports shoes brand, but also the first British men and women brand shoes, half of the British people from the first pair of shoes Clarks. With an average of 103 points per minute to sell an impressive performance, cattle break it. In addition, it has a variety of advanced patent: arc insoles, interactive technology flow is the biggest reason, comfortable shoes. Is also the first according to the foot design of shoes, there are still a wide range of options. Clarks shoes design is very simple, is the favorite of office workers. With less than a high fresh 10cm, Sen butterfly love 5.5cm height of the shoes, wearing no sense of fatigue, wear the habit of running, it is not exaggerated yo. But it is not perfect shoes, if you are a fashion fine may be a little disdain for its home, because it looks really not so amazing. But with the same comfort, GEOX and ECCO compared to Hush Puppies, or some western style. Mori butterfly recommended: Aquifer Diva price 1499 yuan after discount 749.5 yuan Chinaberry Fun price 1299 yuan after discount 1039.2 yuan 1399 yuan Aquifer Soda Dinah Keer price 1299 yuan after discount 974.25 yuan Sam Edelman spring 2017 London Fashion Week: TOPSHOP UNIQUE that is to see that buy fashionable and beautiful wear way: buy counters, Tmall flagship store Net-a-Porter, scouring the sea, the sea Amoy Revolve designer Sam Edelman brand name, 30 years has been focused on the design of shoes. He worked in the early Ralph Lauren, Candies and other brands, what Esprit and Kenneth Cole he was founded. In 2004, he was no longer working for others, and his wife founded the Sam Edelman brand. Five years later, Sam Edelman shoes reputation, explosion models have a flip flops Gigi in selling more than 500 thousand double star world, but a pair of feet. It’s a classic and Louie fringed boots and Felicia Ballet Flat element相关的主题文章:

China men defending the road difficult to walk-nlite

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China defending men’s difficult to walk the road Beijing on September 6th morning, the forty-second session of the international chess Olympic team in Baku zhanba fourth. Although the defending champion Chinese men keep winning games in front of the game, but the former world runner up, Britain’s Schott believes that the real test is yet to come, Chinese men defending the road will be very difficult to walk. Schott has repeatedly come to China, the Chinese team is more familiar with the situation. The fourth round of Schott is not on the court, but he stays in the game back and forth, the purpose is to watch the game. When the reporter made an interview request, Schott with its unique British gentleman happily agreed, but the interview would be in the field next to the stadium, because in accordance with the regulations, he this round once out of the arena, would no longer be allowed to enter. So in the quiet side of the stadium, the interview quietly carried out. Schott said, this is the seventeenth time to participate in the Olympic men’s British own representatives, but also participate in 17 consecutive did not interrupt. Because after 17 Olympiad, evaluation of the Baku Olympic organizing work of Schott with strong authority. He said that the organization Orsay work well, field conditions, hotel accommodation is also very good, if only is not good, that is the game rules are too strict, "are not allowed to bring cameras, mobile phone, watch and pen into the stadium is just, is not allowed to enter the stadium spectators, this is too strict," Schott said. Aosai webcast, as long as the open computer network into the live room, you can watch the game all the Olympic, but for the 51 year old generation player Schott, he is more accustomed to watching the game at the stadium. Speaking of the British men’s team in the Olympic movement, Schott said, the British team has won two Olympic runner up on his own behalf, and the best performance of the British team overall strength of the British team declined in recent years, now do not have the medal competitiveness, if can enter the top 10 in this Olympiad is already quite good results. Schott has repeatedly invited to participate China, one of the recent 3 years ago to China Chengdu to attend the international mixed doubles tournament. Due to the Chinese number, Schott is quite concerned about the Chinese team, unlike in the past, he has been concerned by Chinese women to pay more attention to the Chinese. Schott believes that for many people, China men’s champion in the last Olympics is a popular, if you take Chinese men’s team this Olympiad title, it would prove that the China team does have world-class teams. "But Chinese men want to defend it will be very difficult, may be difficult to walk the road, because too many teams, the competition is too fierce, if Chinese men’s team into the top three is very good," Schott said. Compared with 20 years ago, the first time to Chinese, fifty years old Schott is slightly overweight, but still he patted his graceful bearing, slightly protruding belly self quipped, not, my stomach with the increase in the growth of wisdom. The end of the interview, the reporter Schott and farewell, from the tea at the edge of the field with a bottle of mineral water has entered the stadium to watch the game.相关的主题文章:

Taiyuan former Secretary Chen Chuanping yesterday in the Xuzhou trial of bribery caused by loss of s-popkart

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Taiyuan former Secretary Chen Chuanping yesterday in the Xuzhou trial of bribery caused by loss of state-owned assets of 907 million 27, Xuzhou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the original Shanxi Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Committee Chen Chuanping bribery case, state-owned company personnel breach of privilege. The people’s Procuratorate of Xuzhou city of Jiangsu province to appear to support the prosecution, the defendant Chen Chuanping and his defenders to take part in the proceedings. The former party secretary of Taiyuan Chen Chuanping corruption case first instance court Chen Chuanping pleaded guilty in court accused the Xuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate repentance: 2008 to 2013, the defendant Chen Chuanping use as the convenience of the people’s Government of Shanxi Province, vice governor of Shanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC Taiyuan Municipal Committee, Secretary of the office of Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. four units and in the enterprise production management, job promotion and other matters for their interests, directly or through the wife of illegally accepting units and individuals to give the property totaling RMB 910 thousand yuan. From May 2005 to November 2007, Chen Chuanping served in the Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) chairman during the international economic and Trade Co. Ltd., unauthorized decisions and direct subsidiary of Taigang Import & Export (Hongkong) Co., a large number of futures trading in overseas, resulting in the loss of state assets is equivalent to RMB 9.0714983612 yuan. Chen Chuanping’s criminal responsibility should be investigated according to the crime of accepting bribes and abusing the personnel of the state owned company. In the trial, Chen Chuanping made a final statement in court, pleaded guilty to repentance. Finally, the court adjourned the trial, scheduled for sentencing. According to Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章:

Golden shares long investment opportunities

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"Golden shares" long investment opportunity analysis of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Xishou, hot day trip, the amplitude narrowed, between market, which is a characteristic of the market this week, after the general should enlarge the amount of energy, and this week the amount of energy but lower than before the holiday, liangnengweisu hand even after the fall of the reluctant to sell, it also brought the index rebound; on the other hand is long liangnengbuzu, so often ascribed to all fall, index is confined to a narrow interval. Despite the obvious trap specific trend, the Monday market to undertake small holiday period outside the strong, appeared slightly higher, then all the way up, Zhongyang ended before falling, but the amount is pre shrunk nearly 10%, stocks broad repair, while more than 5% stocks fell extinct, declining stocks were strong rebound before the holiday shares, such as the black cattle food, Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares etc.. Tuesday the market did not continue to rebound upward, sideways, all day long range is only 0.4%, the fluctuation of only 11.94 points, compared with lower amplitude, the volume can also remain low, obviously before the withdrawal of funds no obvious return; on Wednesday, the continuation of the shrinkage index of a narrow range of movements, all day long range of only 15 points, hit 60 daily after a slight decline. By Thursday, the Fed does not raise interest rates and global stock index rebound effect, again opened, almost copy the trend on Monday, but the amplitude is still small, only 19 points, stocks broad atmosphere. Not because of Thursday’s rebound Friday market changes, the volume will continue to maintain a low, narrow range. In addition, this week is also characterized by a "tour" phenomenon, from Monday (Chinese nuclear power nuclear construction, nuclear science and Technology), Tuesday’s Chengdu PPP project (Chengdu Luqiao, Sichuan, Chengdu Chongqing) and Wednesday (Angang Steel plate, steel plates, etc.) Thursday (shares of venture capital placards Vanke, Jiakai City, Langfang development, etc.) continued strength is getting worse, persistence is not too strong, and some even are not sealed at day limit, the next day a substantial adjustment. The fed to raise interest and the gold price rally Association National Day holiday approaching, will lead the market long before the previous caution, especially similar spring and National Day holiday, outside the unknown factors, funds must be prevention, especially the recent global financial market is not very peaceful, several large fluctuations. On Thursday, the Fed’s action once again triggered a consistent action in the global market, but this time from 9.12 diving into a rebound of 9.22. Although in September the Fed did not raise interest rates, but also for a hike in the end foreshadowed the Fed’s next meeting (November 1~2) just a week before the election, so action is unlikely, this makes December (13~14 days) the probability of interest rate increases. At present, the Federal Reserve at the end of December interest rate increase will be ripe, which means that two points: first, the economy has been able to withstand the situation of interest rate hike, which is a good sign. Two is for the capital market, this is a bad time to do the best, after all, the probability of continuous interest rate is minimal, but to give the stock market and the theory of相关的主题文章:

[Juyanhai] Swan Lake on reed dancing. Contains Raiders

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[Juyanhai] Swan Lake on reed dancing. Contains Raiders play. If Ejinaqi must not miss this attraction. In addition to shoot the sunrise. The birds on the reeds must spend more time. Juyan lake is located in the north of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Ejinaqi, long and narrow shape bending, as the new moon, the Ejina River empties into the lake, is Juyanhai the main recharge source. Juyan is the Huns, "shuijingzhu" will be translated into water sand, in the Han Dynasty, once called juyanze, Wei called the west, the Tang Dynasty called Juyanhai, now called Swan lake. There have been a number of celebrities here, such as the Han Dynasty Huo, Zhang Qian, Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei, are here to leave footprints. Juyanhai history of large area, is one of the largest lakes in Northwest China, by now the East Juyanhai Lake (also known as Su Bo Nur) and West Juyanhai (also known as gaxun Nur) and other visitors to the lake, now Ju Yanhai, refers to the East Juyanhai (Su Bo Nao er the lake is dry), other (West Juyanhai in recent years through continuous replenishment, has begun to restore water). This oasis in the sand on the water side, there have been many legends, also had many touching stories. According to legend, the Western Han Dynasty cavalry general Huo Qubing, flying general Li Guang, the attack had the Juyan Chak Yin ma. It is said that in the Yuan Dynasty, the Italians had been to Marco Polo juyanhai. The Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei is in the lake had stopped, and wrote the famous "stuffed" as a poem: "Ju Yan outside hunting Tianjiao, white grass not wild fire, when the horse Muyun empty moraine, autumn plain good shooting. Juyan sea area is vast, the birds flying fish swim around, Populus everywhere, lush grass. Reed boat. If the weather is fine, worth using. Feel especially good.相关的主题文章:

Bill details of the introduction of electricity bills will usher in explosive growth-quickchm

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Detailed rules for the issuance of bills will gradually usher in electricity bills or will usher in the explosive growth of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Guangzhou daily news (reporter Lin Xiaoli) the central bank to promote the speed of the ticket is gradually accelerating. The reporter learned yesterday, the day before the central bank issued "on regulating and promoting the development of the electronic commercial draft business notice" (hereinafter referred to as No. 224), since January 1, 2017, the amount should be all through the electric single ticket for more than 3 million yuan in January 1, 2018 on the principles of commercial bills, the amount should be all through the electric single ticket for more than 1 million yuan of commercial bills, tickets will gradually withdraw from the market. Open trade background audit according to the requirements of article 224, the electronic commerce enterprises to apply for electric bill acceptance, financial institutions through the examination of electronic orders or electronic invoices, online review authentic trade relationship and creditor debtor relationship of electric ticket. Enterprises to apply for discount tickets, no need to provide financial institutions, contracts, invoices and other information. The industry believes that this is equal to the original invoice from the endorsement of electric ticket business acceptance requirements. For the audit of business customers through online form, whether there are obligations, whether the bank is also responsible for customers in the business after a quick review, submit the original invoice for endorsement in a certain time period, the subsequent interpretation of the central bank’s need. Public data show that in 2015 the size of the electricity bill in the whole of the commercial draft accounted for only 28.4%. But the industry is expected, with the introduction of electronic bills detailed rules, electronic bills will be explosive growth in the future. To strengthen the power of proxy access ticket system to verify the authenticity in addition, No. 224 also proposed that financial institutions direct access to electricity ticket system provides electronic ticket agent access service, examine the authenticity of the agency is to deal with the basic information and identity, and must be confirmed to be the agency by the large value payment system (query message content at least includes the name, the name of the legal representative, business license number, financial license number, etc.), enquiries should be given by the agency agree or disagree with a clear answer to access access. Since the beginning of this year the bank notes the frequent cases, the cumulative amount exceeded 10 billion yuan. Insiders pointed out that the above provisions to strengthen the power of proxy access ticket system for verifying the authenticity of electronic ticket system, clear access is divided into direct access and proxy access to two, just as the electronic bill supervision marked patch". Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Li in startling step by step tenth ratings increased in second Lee Jun-ki Jiang River that IU-3edyy

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"Li" in startling step by step: tenth ratings increased in second   Lee Jun-ki Jiang River that IU [Photos] – for Henan branch network — news September 27th drama "moon lovers – startling step by step: Li" (hereinafter referred to as the "startling step by step: Li") tenth sets of small rise in the ratings, Mizuki drama ratings ranked second. According to the ratings company Nielsen Korea released data show that the "Li" in startling step by step: tenth rating was 7.1%, representing a set of (6.9%) rose 0.2%. At the same time broadcast of the "cloud painted Moonlight" Eleventh set of ratings of 20.7%, 26, the premiere of the "dragging suitcase woman" rating was 6.9%, temporarily ranked third. In the tenth concentration, Wang Zhao (Lee Jun-ki ornaments) and the river (Jiang River ornaments) are to solve the tree (ornaments) to express love, the tree will be selected for the election of the hard work of the proposal or the marriage of the audience to become the focus of the attention of the people of the world, or the "IU" (). "Li" tells the story of a startling step by step: the court in Korea fiery crown competition, soul crossing to Korea solution tree and princes of the love story, every Monday, Tuesday and broadcast simultaneously. (Ding Xiaofang Tianzi, commissioning editor: Yang) news September 27th drama "moon lovers – startling step by step: Li" (hereinafter referred to as the "startling step by step: Li") tenth sets of ratings rose slightly, in the drama ratings ranked second. According to the ratings company Nielsen Korea released data show that the "Li" in startling step by step: tenth rating was 7.1%, representing a set of (6.9%) rose 0.2%. At the same time broadcast of the "cloud painted Moonlight" Eleventh set of ratings of 20.7%, 26, the premiere of the "dragging suitcase woman" rating was 6.9%, temporarily ranked third. In the tenth concentration, Wang Zhao (Lee Jun-ki ornaments) and the river (Jiang River ornaments) are to solve the tree (ornaments) to express love, the tree will be selected for the election of the hard work of the proposal or the marriage of the audience to become the focus of the attention of the people of the world, or the "IU" (). "Li" tells the story of a startling step by step: the court in Korea fiery crown competition, soul crossing to Korea solution tree and princes of the love story, every Monday, Tuesday and broadcast simultaneously. (Ding Xiaofang Tianzi, commissioning editor: Yang) news September 27th drama "moon lovers – startling step by step: Li" (hereinafter referred to as the "startling step by step: Li") tenth sets of ratings rose slightly, in the drama ratings ranked second. According to the ratings company Nielsen Korea released data show that the "Li" in startling step by step: tenth rating was 7.1%, representing a set of (6.9%) rose 0.2%. At the same time broadcast of the "cloud painted Moonlight" Eleventh set of ratings of 20.7%, 26, the premiere of the "dragging suitcase woman" rating was 6.9%, temporarily ranked third. In the tenth concentration, Wang Zhao (Lee Jun-ki ornaments) and the river (Jiang River ornaments) are to solve the tree (ornaments) to express love, the tree will be selected for the election of the hard work of the proposal or the marriage of the audience to become the focus of the attention of the people of the world, or the "IU" (). "Li" tells the startling step by step:)相关的主题文章:

The first half report James 13 distributed across the 61-57 – Toronto violence buckle Knight sports -cibi

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The first half report: James 13 distributed across the 61-57 – Toronto violence buckle Knight sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 16th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Cleveland sits against the Toronto Raptors home court. Half finished, Knight 61-57 temporarily lead. James leads the 9-0 attack tide first, Norman – Powell three point hit, West Kamm dunks two young, stand up and help the Raptors to break the deadlock. Since then, Deluozan angry, his 3 consecutive jumper, stop playing the game. After a pause, the knight offensive rebound, Erwin released Thompson lob dunks, and help the team to stop bleeding. In the middle of this section, under the leadership of James, the knight will gradually reverse the passive situation, after a wave of 9-0 climax, the home team to achieve the success of super. Next, the knight increasingly obvious advantages, Thompson cut from sweet Alpert pass, once again to complete the dunk, single finished, the home team 30-25 lead. James 13 points every time the violence buckle day, James forced isolation buckle into 2+1, and the jumper accounted for scores, when most of the knights, has 9 points ahead. But after that, both ends of the offensive and defensive efficiency has declined. This section, Terrence Ross, Powell has three branch network, Toronto 9-0 wave of attacks hit, the success of poor will be smooth. Since then, the two teams caught in a tug of war, the Raptors also once counter ultra score. But in the last 2 minute, the first is the incense Alpert very penetrating pass, help Thompson layup, followed by Le Fu three network, to help regain the advantage of knight. Le Fuzao foul free throws, half finished, Knight 61-57 lead. The Raptors lineup: Norman Kamm, West – Powell, Waland Nath, Lowry, DeRozan Knight starting lineup: James, Tristan, Kevin Thompson, Erwin, Smith (Poirot JR-)相关的主题文章:

The festival is expected to usher in the three quarterly market brokerage 7 concentrated recommendat-ricky lee neely

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The festival is expected to usher in the three quarterly market brokerage 7 China concentrated recommendation Tianying sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money after the holiday is expected to usher in the three quarterly market brokerage 7 Chinese concentrated recommendation Tianying "investor" Yang Bao Wen last week, A shares hit black Monday "heavyweight collective slump, stock index insurance keep 3000 points. As the last week before the National Day holiday, the market sentiment strong, further shrinking turnover. On the news, the company said, the Hongkong market is expected to will do a good job of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the preparations for the implementation in the mid to late 11; with three quarterly disclosure work is about to begin, prediction of nearly 60% pre hi speed; the merger and reorganization of the audit, the company will be at least 27 months. Holiday factor news tends to dull, before the continuation of a narrow range of stock index. After the holiday, investors can focus on the supply side reform targets and three quarterly substantial advance by the quality target. From September 26th to September 30th, the concentrated stocks recommended by four: Chinese Tianying, 1000 technology, Nord shares, sun paper, the four companies belong to Shanghai A shares, A shares in Shenzhen. Chinese Tianying through acquisitions, overseas market expansion; 1000 technology by around 1000 travel "brand, promote the company to comprehensive traffic integration, transformation and upgrading; Nord shares in the demand of automotive lithium new energy driven, the future hope to further improve the market share; sun paper through increase production of chemical pulp in Laos the project, to promote forestry pulp paper integration strategy to enhance the competitiveness. The broker recommended stocks China Tianying – (000035.SZ) 7 firms optimistic about Chinese Tianying, which belongs to the environmental protection concept of PPP. The company’s main business for the construction and operation of municipal solid waste incineration power generation projects, research and development, production and sale of waste incineration power generation and environmental protection equipment. September 1st to September 29th, the company’s share price rose 9.18%, stronger than the Shanghai Composite Index (-2.82%). September 29th the company’s share price closed at 7.73 yuan, earnings ratio of 41 times. The first half of 2016, operating income of 352 million yuan, an increase of 30.01% over the same period last year. This year the company has been expanding overseas as an important development strategy of their own, the acquisition of Spanish Urbaser100% shares, in recent years, the field of environmental protection is one of the few overseas mergers and acquisitions, on behalf of the company overseas mergers and acquisitions have made substantial progress in the company’s future development in the overseas market is worth looking forward to. Target price range: 9.10~9.45 thousand square technology (002373.SZ) there are 6 brokerages promising thousand square technology, is an unmanned concept. The company is a leading technology, with a strong competitive intelligence traffic information products, solutions and operational services of listed companies. September 1st to September 29th, the company’s share price rose 8.27%, stronger than the Shanghai Composite Index (-2.82%). September 29th the company’s share price closed at 16.88 yuan, earnings ratio of 59.4 times. The first half of 2016, operating income of 938 million yuan, representing an increase of 29 over the same period last year相关的主题文章:

A little information governance there is no initiative to express the user’s personalized are

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A little gold information governance: no user personalized active expression are pseudo Personalization – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, September 26th, at a point of information held in the first point + media salon, a vice president of golden rule of "information value change: reading title game" human nature and algorithm make a speech. Kim believes that ignoring the initiative to express the user’s personalized are pseudo personalized. He had time to fire Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong gave a vivid interpretation of the event as an example: "like events last month Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong, some of the so-called personalized products full screen Baoqiang Wang news, beginning users out of curiosity will have this kind of news can meet user gossip, see psychological needs, but too after the algorithm will continue to push the user Baoqiang Wang news, but users really want to continue to focus on the incident of Baoqiang Wang? Not always。 So, this is only based on user clicks behavior, there is no initiative to express the interests of the user’s personalized only pseudo personality." Currently on the market most of the so-called personalized reader, click behavior often just simply rely on the user to push, to allow the machine to guess the user interest in passive, but not in the mechanism and technology of expression to the user left entrance. The lack of active users to express their interest in "pseudo personalized" products, often in the unilateral "speculation" behavior in human weakness trap, which is currently the title of the party, vulgar content to obtain high flow depth, good value has been ignored the crux of the problem. Bad money drives out good money, the entire content of the ecological collapse, the value of the media industry will be disintegrated. Reading and evolution: value pursuit of the same but different definitions of reading after entering the mobile Internet era, information explosion, entertainment to death, the fragmentation of reading, we hope to liberate users from massive content, can be simple, efficient and intelligent information dissemination, there may be a parenting Bible, there may be life, there are may be the flower of knowledge. Also because of the unique features of our products, but also to see some of the non entertainment value of the reading trend of consumer upgrades. Although we may perhaps have found these now new vertical segments content may not be self rule function, but for Puzhong, but is the most valuable information. The standard and is not a panacea: no active users personalized expression is pseudo personalized news client personalized recommendation technology has become a standard. But this is just the click behavior of "guess you love" will appear a lot of problems based on for you to use this APP as a new user, it does not understand your interest, the machine can only give you some most people love to watch entertainment, gossip, hot content, and then click from you to determine your interest, this is undoubtedly one-sided. At the same time, this trailing user behavior in order to read in the next recommendation to please the user’s mechanism, in fact, did not attach importance to the user’s active expression. When it comes to talk about the algorithm and the human love to kill". Humanity has the novelty, inert ingredients, this algorithm provides the opportunity to. The algorithm is based solely on the behavior of the user clicks, it is only based on data survey to this information.相关的主题文章:

October 15th Beijing has not been the real name of the mobile phone will be a one-way stop next

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October 15th Beijing real name mobile phone card will not stop the one-way 30 next month, the "double stop" three operators of mobile phone real name system ultimatum! No longer real name on the stop! Tencent, science and technology news in October 14th, Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom, Beijing Telecom today announced that the October 15th, not the real name system of mobile phone card will be in the one-way stop, not only into the real name authentication of the user can’t play. In addition, in November 30th yet before the real name registration number, it will take neither scored nor hit the "stop" measures. Previously, the three operators responsible person said, in the Beijing area, October 15th onwards will be the implementation of a non real name will stop batch execution, the latest policy, to the end of October, mobile phone users to stop all non real name. The specific provinces shut down policy implementation is not real time, China Mobile (micro-blog) to provide the data show that Ningxia, Inner Mongolia began to implement real stop policy from July, batch execution; Guizhou in August 25th to continue to carry out the relevant policies, batch execution; Heilongjiang from the beginning of September 1st, has batch execution does not stop the real name policy. In addition, it is understood that the three operators have their own business lines and online business hall to provide real name registration services. In addition, some operators also provide mobile phone business hall, WeChat public numbers and other self-help real name registration. Before the completion of the registration of the real name registration, telecom operators will be through publicity, announcements, text messages and telephone notification (call the machine or the system to retain the phone) and other ways to inform the old user real name registration. Promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

Honda offers 18 thousand yuan from Jed dark night-hypersnap-dx

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Honda Jade offers 18 thousand yuan from the dark night promotion time: 2016.9.7-2016.09.30 2014 Honda Jade 1.8L VTi Deluxe 5 seat Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from Beijing all-tour trade limited liability company dealers, the Marjad models have a large number of cars in the sale, Car Buying can offer 18 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. The price in the table below: Jade’s new price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 1.8L automatic Comfort Edition 5 14.98 13.18 inquiry 1.80 cars are plentiful 2016 1.8L automatic comfort elite 5 15.78 13.98 1.80 inquiry sufficient car 2016 1.8L automatic Comfort Edition 6 16.28 14.48 inquiry 1.80 cars are plentiful 2016 1.8L CVT Deluxe Edition 5 16.58 14.78 1.80 2016 1.8L vehicle sufficient inquiry CVT Deluxe exclusive edition 5 17.38 15.58 1.80 2016 1.8L inquiry ample car CVT deluxe edition 6 18.38 16.58 1.80 cars are plentiful more preferential inquiry please contact the dealer for free Tel: 400-068-1313 6752014 Honda Jade 1.8L VTi Deluxe Edition 5: financial policy of insurance, priced at 183 thousand and 800 to 2016 1.8L CVT Luxury version of the 6 models, for example, the first year of the new car insurance costs around $10 thousand. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 80 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 4 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: Honda Jed models enjoy three years or 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 400 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 750 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Jed Honda vehicle maintenance insurance comprehensive information table information maintenance warranty period of three years or 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $400 to replace the oil filter costs about 750 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 10 thousand yuan Shoufu costs 80 thousand yuan to the specific cost information for reference to the store for accounting tab: Phoenix car > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: car)相关的主题文章:

People who like to eat orange! The truth about it, it’s not too late to know-steam_api.dll

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People who like to eat orange! The truth about it, now is not too late to know – Sohu mother in October, orange listed. Orange is full of treasures, orange peel, orange, tangerine, orange kernel flesh all is "natural drugs", an orange equivalent of 5 herbs. Eating 1 oranges a day can help people avoid oral diseases. The whole body is a treasure! Contains a lot of vitamin C and essential oil of orange peel fresh breath of fresh orange peel, has the function of regulating qi, spleen and stomach. After chewing it spit out the residue, repeated several times, the removal of oral odor is more effective. Orange peel tea, taste fragrance, but also refreshing ventilation. Tangerine peel helps digestion tangerine peel dried orange peel, and gets better. Chen P Wei Sin, bitter, warm, spleen, stomach, invigorating spleen appetizer, treat indigestion. Peel and rice can be used for soup or porridge together. White mesh wire winding julao protecting vessel in orange, called "tangerine", because it contains a "rutin" nutrients, so bitter. But this kind of material can make people keep blood vessels elastic and normal density, reduce vascular fragility and permeability, prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage. Tangerine can eat, can also be used to drink water. Orange kernel orange nuclear Qi and relieve dysmenorrhea warm stomach, relieving pain, which can not only keep, and can relieve pain, thus helping women relieve dysmenorrhea. With the orange nuclear tea recommendations, generally 3~5 grams. If the pain is severe, you can use 10 grams. The orange meat Shengjinzhike orange meat with high water content, can shengjinzhike. Studies have shown that oranges are rich in vitamin C, carotene, folic acid and other nutrients, but also contains antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti allergic ingredients, can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, stroke and hypertension. 5 of the advantages of the baby to eat oranges, oranges are rich in nutrients, containing a large number of carotene, vitamin C and sugar, such as more than 1 kinds of nutrients, can provide nutrition for the baby’s growth and development. Effect of 2, orange lungs, cough, phlegm, spleen, Qi, thirst, superiorfruit food is both men and women, old and young. 3, the inside of the thin skinned oranges contain dietary fiber and pectin, can promote defecate, relieve baby constipation, and oranges can also lower cholesterol. In 4, fresh orange juice, there is a strong anti-cancer activity substance "Naomi spirit", it can make the carcinogenic chemical decomposition, inhibition and blocking the growth of cancer cells, can make human body detoxifying enzyme activity is doubled, to prevent carcinogens on nuclear damage, protect the intact gene. 5, orange peel have cough expectorant effect when the baby cough can be appropriate to eat some orange peel. Under what circumstances, the baby should not eat oranges? Although the orange is a good stuff, but it is not the mother to the baby in the The more, the better., when eating oranges, should pay attention to the following matters. Orange and milk should not be the same food milk protein is easy to react with the orange in the acid and vitamin C, solidified into a block, not only affect the digestion and absorption, will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. Therefore, eat oranges before and after 1 hours should not drink milk. !相关的主题文章:

Windows mobile phone market has China system lonely zero – Digital Sohu-pretty rhythm

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Windows mobile phone system has zero – Chinese lonely market Sohu [news] digital mobile phone Chinese present mobile phone market can be said to be the Android iOS and the two camps in the world, earlier is regarded as the third major intelligent mobile phone operating system Windows has basically lost the sense of presence, Microsoft first gave up their Lumia series, just say support partners continue to do Windows 10 Mobile mobile phone, and the future of the Surface Phone also looks to do the main enterprise market. According to the latest data from market research firm Kantar, Windows mobile phone market share in around the globe are shrunk dramatically, especially in the third quarter of this year China, the share is close to zero, while the same period last year and 3%. Several major markets, Windows Phone is currently the highest share of France, as well as 5.2%, but to know the same period last year, there are still 12.3%. The biggest decline was in Italy, down 12.6% from last year’s way to 4.8%. The only "stable" in Japan, but a year later, or just 0.5%.相关的主题文章:

Since the husband eat this dish, every day of my love! – Sohu to eat and

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Since the husband eat this dish, every day of my love! Sohu and this dish is rice oh! An appetite! Since the husband eat this dish, add to me Chongni, put it down! Let’s see how I do it! We caught her husband’s stomach! [introduction] the autumn weather is dry and should therefore be to nourishing yin and moistening thirst tranquilize the food is one of the best tonic in Lotus after the beginning of autumn fresh lotus root become common dishes on the table. This is a hot and sour appetizer can cause increased appetite! [ingredients] for [cooking] lotus shallot Pepper Fried taste [] [] hot and sour taste making time for 10 minutes to 15 minutes [time] 1, lotus chopped to soak in water and soak the viscous substance there is to prevent contact with oxygen after the black 2, add vinegar to finished products with beautiful colors no white vinegar can also be replaced by other vinegar 3, love spicy food can be put in more points? Prepare materials according to their own taste of Kazakhstan, peeled and diced onion lotus lotus root. Pepper cut spare lotus rinse several times to remove the starch out drain backup wok cool oil in rapeseed oil with scallion and pepper and stir fry until fragrant add the drain water of lotus root stir add white vinegar add a little salt half a teaspoon of soy sauce (can not remember or put the color on the good-looking) stir fry to the lotus root then sprinkle with chopped green onion, stir fry pan can sour and spicy delicious for the original author: small fish stomach Sohu. Shall not be reproduced without authorization.相关的主题文章:

Where did the money come from An entrepreneur needs to figure out the

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Where did the money come from? An entrepreneur needs to be aware of the problems reported in August 30th (compilation: hunting cloud network stacks) for start-up enterprises, financing has always been the toil of live. Industry professionals spend a lot of ink to analyze the attention to do when the pitch to attract venture capital, but also countless tips commitment to help entrepreneurs succeed in obtaining financing. However, everyone’s attention on the wind, trying to join to understand exactly how to venture capital, but few people will pay attention to the limited partner. They are the source of funding behind the completion of the financing round. In other words, venture capital comes from limited partners. A limited partner of the form and money can make tens of thousands of dollars to check: every kind of person, can offer more than $100 million and check the sovereign wealth funds, family offices or financial institutions limited partners — insurance, fund, pension, like bank, fund, insurance company or companies such as asset management institutions. For the success of start-ups, attracting the right investors is crucial. The reality is that there is no venture capital, most startups will be stagnant development. There is no limited partner, venture capital does not have to invest in these start-ups. Therefore, although the importance of limited partners is rarely discussed in the science and technology circles, they play an essential role in the process of innovation. Limited partners can bring additional value for the enterprise? Twentieth Century the birth of modern venture capital system thanks to Arthur Rock and Laurance Rockefeller two commercial bull efforts. The two of them are involved in the investment in high-tech circles of young companies. Since then, we have seen the development of venture capital industry and play a new role in the circle of science and technology. Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the emergence of the trend of value added ", namely venture capital is not only to provide funds to expand their network of contacts, they will invest in themselves a enterprises to provide numerous benefits. This trend naturally raises another question: will limited partners do the same? If so, what is their unique value? I believe the answer to this question is yes. In fact, the added value of limited partners has long been on the line". What are the benefits? Many limited partners have recently emphasized the term "partner" in the concept of limited partners. They are not only the creation of financial providers, but also gradually began to serve as a trusted advisor. In addition to providing funds, limited partners can also provide entrepreneurs with the main trends in the circle of science and technology circles and related information. It is very important to introduce, some limited partners can provide business value through referral partners and customers, this can let start-ups enter into a Sand Hill Road (or South Park) different social circle. Take a recent example. Inv Vintage.相关的主题文章:

This Changchun Shen Teng Ma Lido Lu barbecue shop, you can’t make it – Sohu to eat and drink-msvbvm60.dll

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This Changchun Shen Teng Ma Lido Lu barbecue shop, you can’t make it? Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. This program sponsored by United States Jinzhou barbecue restaurant "(reminder: the end of welfare)? Although the cold weather now, but want to string line when the line is on the line I love the weather and barbecue, never mind even Ma Li and Shen Teng are full of praise of the barbecue shop and how can you not to eat a small anyway, today is to go? Let the shop Ma Li Shen Teng addicted to map with the truth in the boss and the crew photos here: Happy twist down down down down once a year" Ma Dongmei Ma Li left last year when the photo is right a few days ago to the store on line photos of Nani? Didn’t come the year before last? No, Because Jinzhou barbecue is opened last year long Shen Teng I found a thing, whether it is with the boss who love the photo on the left, ha ha ^ Happy twist team of other personnel / non "Yan Wulongshan Earl" director of such a comparison, the boss is how so black but Wuli boss was cute, haha Jinzhou barbecue, barbecue barbecue? Style and unique characteristics have a unique style is not the same, do not enjoy the same Jinzhou barbecue unique style, fusion around the seafood barbecue, barbecue, barbecue vegetable characteristics, provided concise fine, formed with the local flavor delicacy. Jinzhou barbecue has baked and cooked baked different, as many as ten kinds of small spices, a lot of baked food is also prepared in Chinese herbal medicine. Barbecue varieties are up to hundreds of species, as long as people are able to eat in daily Chinese food, Jinzhou barbecue can be found. Due to "dip, brush, sprinkle, baking, turn, so strong, pure taste, texture and color in appearance, also let people eat barbecue in Jinzhou but not greasy, food and tire. Cook? And specialty ingredients are from Jinzhou Changchun first by the "Jinzhou barbecue Association certified barbecue shop down down down down down down Jinzhou is the only China established City barbecue Association and his home is the first from the" Jinzhou barbecue Association certified barbecue restaurant dishes here here here – Ma Li’s favorite roast dish head, will come every time before telling the boss to do first, this dish is very particular about, from processing to the table takes about half an hour. "Sole is a deep-sea fish, the taste is really pretty, slippery fish entrance, the meat is very fresh, it is good to burst. White and tender meat, soft, tender, tasty, and no bones, I strongly recommend! After the fish eat a bowl of noodles, and then another long moment with delicacy! Noodles noodles, I came! Down down down "Roast Chicken gristle, elbow joint chicken gristle is chicken, raw ingredients are flown in from Jinzhou to taste gabang gabengcui ah, a bite, do not stop ~ down down down" boutique lamb chop small string, not smell of mutton, fat)相关的主题文章:

At the peak Internet plus annual festival of Guangzhou – Sohu asked the transformation of science an-shdoclc.dll

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At the top? Internet plus the annual festival of Guangzhou – Sohu asked the transformation of science and technology China science and technology information network November 10th news: Hangzhou summit held successfully, not only to show the China soft power to the world, mark Chinese began to gradually master the right to speak in the world economic governance, the economic issues will be discussed at the meeting are also herald a the new economic era has begun to mature, a new blueprint for the beginning the era of the giant screen. The degree reached from the summit of the group of twenty countries of the "innovation" in the importance of the new blueprint for the growth trend of innovation, the new industrial revolution, the digital economy, the road of sustainable development of economy has entered a new stage in the world. On the one hand, between all countries, economies will continue to deepen ties, become more complex; on the other hand, the rapid development of the Internet is constantly impact other industries, no one can stay out. For all enterprises, changing the world economic situation is increasingly grim, change is imminent! Saw the opportunity to grasp the new opportunities for business transformation "Internet plus" and "4 industry" and "intelligent manufacturing", "robot", "big data", "cloud computing" these concepts are considered as the future growth of the world economy the new engine. The new engine has given birth to the enthusiasm of the public entrepreneurship, and is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of the national economy. However, in the face of the impact of these emerging industries, as a pillar of the economy, the development of traditional enterprises has fallen into an awkward position. No doubt the enterprise transformation, escape the fate of being eliminated, but the choice of transformation also means that whether the enterprise’s way of thinking, the business model or business processes are needed to make a huge change, the risk as can be imagined. Some people even believe that the next five years is the best time for traditional enterprises to seize the digital globalization, once missed, companies will face elimination. Read the latest of this year’s government work report, which can be found in the repeatedly mentioned the government will continue to implement the "Internet plus" action plan to accelerate the integration of Internet and support industries, enhance the new driving force for economic development. Comparison of the previous two years, the government work report can be found, the state at the policy level to support the transformation of traditional enterprises is increasing year by year, which is also facing the transformation of traditional enterprises to bring confidence. However, how the transition is still a huge problem in front of the enterprise. No matter in any era, challenges and opportunities always coexist in the development of enterprises with. New problems facing the new situation, urging companies must strive to find new solutions. Under this background, sponsored by the transformation, Canton Tower, CIO, information age, school managers, Hui, President of blueberry Tianying reading jointly organized the 2016 Chinese transformation Internet plus annual festival will be held in Canton Tower from November 24th to 26. The 3 day of the annual festival will focus on "open · insight, innovation in science and technology driven business transformation and upgrading" theme, inviting government officials, corporate executives, investors, experts and scholars, the media on a number of key was Canton Tower, to discuss the topic of today’s economy under normal "]相关的主题文章:

Majiate: self-confidence change to beat the Seoul team Luneng Luneng forward secrecy [AFC Champions League] key to reverse the cut Pelle Majiate Majiate attended the press conference, Shandong Luneng and Seoul sports Tencent in September 13th AFC Champions League before the game, the team coach Felix Magath said, ready to beat Seoul, before the game will not reveal the lineup changes. The conference started, Luneng coach Felix Magath said that the current situation is a little better, "is that we know what is the score now, also need a clear what the score to qualify. As for the Seoul team, they took a good score here, we know that Seoul is a very strong team, their team is very aggressive, though we have to take more risks, we did this week more training in this respect, we will all try to score. Change, if we can score 1 goals, 1 more than 0 leading words, so for us, everything is possible." As for the recent Luneng has been plagued by injuries, whether there will be the debut of the Raiders, coach Felix Magath said, every team has to face the situation, but we have enough players, compared to the first game lineup, has certainly changed, if I tell you now, I’m not a surprise tomorrow. But I am very confident to tell you that tomorrow we will send a team to beat Seoul." Finally, commenting on the recent Luneng competition on the second half performance is always unstable topic, Majiate replies, "in fact, the last two games without much comparability, the first is the warm-up match, the second field is a prerequisite factor, after all, is the national team training camp. For the next game, we have been preparing for the league, on Saturday to Wednesday lineup for the game tomorrow, we are ready, the second half will play well."相关的主题文章:

Fuzhou 15 River remediation plan released in 2017 to start the storm water drainage downstream cofferdam work has been implemented Mei Feng reporter learned yesterday, with "hundred days crucial action, Fuzhou Gulou District launched rectification 15 belonged to the Inland river. At the same time, with the transformation of old housing areas to implement pollutant area, improve the green road construction along the River Trail, gradually improve the water quality of the river, river, river water environment to create a smooth road, and beautiful scene ". Yesterday, the reporter visited the 3 River is under construction. At the same time, Gulou District government lists the 2017 storm water drainage plan, intends to expand Lake transformation to the spa park in the vicinity of the road, 54 Provincial Sports Center to build storage tank. Mei Feng: before the end of next year to eliminate the situation of black odor River: Mei Feng 1430 meters in length, with two part drains and culverts, flows through the north two ring road, Lake Street, Bailong Road, 9 main roads, residential areas, involving more than more than and 70 units and a plurality of shanty towns, is a river Gulou District is heavy to the. Remediation plan: by the end of 2017 to eliminate water black odor. Reporters visited: yesterday morning, reporters came to the plum branch, Fuzhou city water pipe network maintenance Co., Ltd. workers are digging River, a new working well. Cai Lu said the person in charge, Mei Feng black odor remediation project is mainly dredging upstream culvert and tributaries, is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival next year. Due to a number of residential areas and more than and 70 units, especially the culvert river long, to the dredging work difficult. The reporter found along the river walk again, Honor Hotel (Mei Fengdian) before the channel (channel part) has been basically completed and floating sludge removal. Cai Lu said, will also use the high-pressure water cleaning two times, in order to improve the water quality. See in the lower reaches of Lake Street left the sea near the bus station reporter, has completed the river cofferdam. "Mei Feng has completed two weir, the purpose is to prevent upstream interception — construction brings sediment, cause two pollution." Cai Lu said. It is understood that the dredging project after the implementation of plans for the construction of water channels and Mei Feng, plan of municipal sewage interception pipe network transformation of Mei Feng along. I: to be completed before the Spring Festival in the river dredging rivers of Hebei: during the former residence of Lin Zexu, South to Tai River, a total length of about 950 meters. The remediation plan: a comprehensive dredging of the river during the investigation, along the river outfall and sewage interception, is expected before the end of 2017 to eliminate black odor water. Reporters visited: yesterday, reporters in the three lane after the bus station to see the seven, construction workers are digging river. "The river is nearly 1.5 metres deep." Workers master Lin will be in the hands of the pole into the river, pointing to the scale above told reporters. After the change, I almost all covered in River Road, the first step is to find the dredging work buried in the road of the river, and opening new work well. The water pipe network, Chen Chao told reporters that the buried culvert part Wenzao river more than 850 meters long, difficult construction, dredging work for more than 1 months to complete the culvert, then channel dredging, dredging completed before the Spring Festival next year". Pan the Yanghe River: and what river through rivers of the Yanghe River with a total length of 65.相关的主题文章:

The International Paralympic Committee banned the Russian competition Trump: idiot decisions – in the new network [global network Roundup] according to the Russian "newspaper" reported on August 25th, the United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused the court of arbitration for the International Paralympic Committee and sports to prohibit Russian athletes to participate in the 2016 Rio decision. In an interview with BBC, Trump said: "it is entirely idiotic to ban Russian athletes from taking part in the Paralympic Games in 2016. The people who make such decisions are really disabled. How to explain that the doping scandal of the athletes can participate in the Rio Olympics, without doping scandal of the Paralympic athletes can not compete? Will your incompetence anger at the strong willed but physical ability limited Russian disabled athletes body — this is not to mean and having no sense of shame?" Philip, President of the International Paralympic Committee, announced on August 7th that the committee unanimously adopted the decision on the cancellation of Russian athletes to participate in the Paralympic Games in 2016 and the abolition of the membership of the Paralympic Committee of Russia in. Russian Paralympic Committee on August 15 to the International Court of arbitration for sports appeal was dismissed. Internship compile: Li Yuan reviewer: Juppe)相关的主题文章:

Zhao Liying lean into V face, so really beautiful? Also I am a steamed stuffed bun face! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! There is a consensus in the entertainment circle, the thinner the more photogenic, a little bit fat appear larger in a circle, so are desperate to lose weight, thin face, but there are people who can be relied on a popular. But the latest round star Zhao Liying, thin V face…… In July when the "secret Princess" crew released the first batch of stills, the thought is just too P. But at the end of September broadcast of "Venus show" in her, it is surprisingly thin. This leg, it looks like a piece of thin paper Zheng Shuang. It is said that this is because the thin, new roles, but they lost 8 pounds is what concept, only those who didn’t know the man. Remember that Zhao Liying’s official information is 43KG, thin 8 pounds, it is difficult to become now only a total of 78 pounds? This is Zhao Liying in the "secret Princess" crew work class photos, obviously thin buns face a big. It is still in the face at a more full point. Last year, Zhao Liying is still lovely buns face, chin is mellow. But took just two days before Zhao Liying put out as a brand endorsement of live photos, the chin has become awl okay! Although I am not a fan of Zhao Liying Lulu, but do not understand, in the end what is the role of the need to have a few thin thin actress not so thin…… Looks thin, not really to lean at about Zhao Liying before feeling thin, but she adjusted the eyebrow, after leaving white edge on both sides of the face, the visual feel change small, cheek looks relatively thin. The blank face becomes small, there seems a bit thin like immediately! Many of Zhao Liying’s early style does not look good, a lot of time is affected by the influence of eyebrow. For example, the shape of the princess, eyebrows are not in line with her character. And looks not so handsome facial features. Zhao Liying adjusted the eyebrow…… Well, low hairline people really are more easily into the temples long eyebrow…… But even if the eyebrow to short before the appearance, also saved back to the original buns face. Your brother Lulu is your hand residual party, will only use Meitu Xiu Xiu, live together to see about the meaning. On the face of the female star eyebrows into more than one oh Zhao Liying. Ariel Lin Ariel Lin and other early at Zhao Liying’s early style have the same problem. The eyebrows are shorter, more blank face, it would face more visually round meat. Similarly, the eyebrows extend, it will look thin oh. Song Jia at a clothing odd good Song Jia is not a baby face, but V than the mandible outline face, slap in the face, oval face actress who is a lot wider, but nobody thought her face is not well, because a good eyebrow. But her early eyebrows were also the ones with a wide face. Extend the length of the eyebrows, but also significantly smaller. However, eyebrows can not save together, before we also use zhao"相关的主题文章:

Chen Danyan was the first writer, was appointed to the Serbia tourism ambassador – Sohu reading November 15th at two o’clock in the afternoon, Serbia National Tourism Bureau held a news conference in Shanghai Sinan literature home. Serbia National Tourism Bureau announced a new China visa policy, and held the appointment due to the creation of dreamland "and" catching lasting bonds with Serbia famous writer Chen Danyan as ambassador to the country’s tourism image of the ceremony. Chen Danyan is also the first of its kind, Chinese became history as the first writer was appointed as tourism ambassador. Chen Danyan, the spokesman of the press conference, is the spokesman of the contemporary urban culture, and also an important cooperative writer signed by Zhejiang literature and Art Publishing house. According to Zhejiang media publicity for art Tian He introduced in recent years, they not only Chen Danyan’s effort to launch the "Travel Exchange" series of best-selling, and Chen Danyan also plans to start "the Jiangnan" travel micro documentary strategic cooperation in 2017, to be in the time of the next three years from Jiangnan 100 most representative place to shoot 300-500 micro documentary. At the ceremony, Chen Danyan’s new book, "the land of dreams," is the latest work of the travel agency, and it is this book that makes her the ultimate ambassador to Serbia tourism. The press conference, the Serbia National Tourism Bureau Chief Executive, Ms. Maria announced that the government of Serbia will be in China next year to implement the visa policy, Chinese tourists holding ordinary passport for 30 days in Serbia, Serbia has become the first to China citizens visa free travel destination in europe. The Consul General of Serbia in Shanghai, Mr Dai said at the meeting that Serbia as a gateway to Europe, is pleased to be able to open to china. And said that after the visa policy, hoping to achieve China direct flights to Serbia, also hope to have more cooperation between the two countries. "A dream". (Chen Danyan Xiang Zhejiang literature and Art Publishing House) finally, Chen Danyan tells the story of her creation in Serbia "dreamland" fishing experience, and played her shooting film writer. In order to really understand the world famous book "Hazar dictionary", she incarnation reader came to the hometown of novels, began a legendary, mysterious journey of literature and art. This trip has opened her back and thinking about religion, war, ethnic and other areas of the Balkans and Asia minor. Sharing her story, she returned to the vast number of Chinese tourists who are about to travel to Serbia to recommend a cultural route she personally designed. At the same time to encourage young people to go to Serbia, such a culture of foreign countries to achieve the "go on a journey" dream. Throughout the press conference, Chen Danyan are very excited and excited, because this is the first time a writer has been appointed as a national tourism ambassador.相关的主题文章:

Bushen Huoxue   recommended tofu crab soup – Health Channel – original title: Tofu crab soup recommended: the main effect of Clinical Nutrition Department of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital: Bushen and Huoxue recommended groups: Autumn festive form, the general population available. Material: Crab 2, 10 shrimp, tofu 300 grams, 1 zucchini, onion, ginger the amount (3~4 persons). Approach: the crab (such as crabs, Hardshell Crab etc) clean, put into a day to support a long time in the water, with the back of the crab weight to knock dizzy, then brush scrub, open shell, remove the crab viscera, cut into 4 pieces; will wash shrimp, remove the back of catgut preparation; chiehqua peel and pulp excavated after flushing slightly tofu and cut into pieces. Boil the pan (less oil), scallion, ginger, under the crab, shrimp and stir fry for a moment (you can add a small amount of liquor flavor), add the tofu, zucchini and 2000 ml of water, boil Simmer for about 30~45 minutes, from time to time with a spoon stirring to avoid sticking to the pot, seasoning ingredients to be cooked soup, eat soup. Comment: Autumn crab soup is rich, delicious. Crab is cold salty, generally think that it has the role of stasis, learn that the diet can clear away heat, blood stasis, detumescence and detoxification. Shrimp and crab on the contrary, it is warm, has the role of kidney impotence for kidney yang, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms. Crab, shrimp meat is high protein, low-fat foods, and meat containing vitamin A and calcium rich, shrimp meat contains calcium, phosphorus rich. The crab, shrimp, cooked with tofu soup, taste delicious, animal and plant protein mutual collocation, more conducive to improving the utilization and the nutritional value of protein. Tip: this soup for high purine foods, gout and hyperuricemia were not; shrimp and crab is high protein food, easily lead to allergies, allergic caution; crab, crab paste, shrimp seed is rich in cholesterol, gallstones, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease should not eat. Crab is cold, very easy to diarrhea, stomach spleen deficiency should not eat. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章:

The National Day golden week Jiangsu tourists purchase for playing " " eat; enjoy the holidays — Jiangsu window — original title: review of golden week, eat for purchase different tourists watching the Ming Dynasty Fine pondering Tibetan style pagoda Su Yang Gaochun City Golden Week tourists with photo photo by Gao Xiaoping parents with children playing in the toy store song Qiao Photo 6, railroad ushered in the peak passenger flow return Su Yang Nanjing a new photo business cartoon Nigerian Park children become a sea of joy. Ge hearing Cathay Pacific peace, prosperity and harmony. The National Day golden week, people rushed out of the house, feeling beautiful autumn, brilliant flying mood. The evolution of traffic flow, flow, turbulent stirring of the streams of people busily coming and going to flow, merged into a unique holiday scenery. For high speed rail traffic hot spring after the National Day holiday, the wind and rain fog flow cart on add. Although the highway has entered the fifth national bus free passage of the national day, but constantly refresh the flow of traffic so many motorists encounter trouble traffic jam. 7 days holiday, the province’s high-speed road network export flow of 16 million 483 thousand and 300, representing an increase of about 5% over the same period last year. The first day of the holiday traffic volumes, South of Jiangsu high-speed, local road traffic Su is saturated, from south to north direction of Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge, Nanjing bridge, G2 Yangzhou section of Beijing Shanghai Expressway and Guangjing Xicheng paragraph G15, Shen Hai high-speed Yancheng section, Suzhou section, Nanjing long deep high speed G25 section; the direction from east to West G40 Shanghai and Shaanxi Expressway in Taizhou, G2 in Wuxi section of Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Suzhou section, by the large flow and rainfall, minor accidents, local sections of vehicles amble phenomenon, some sections of the implementation of traffic control. G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Jing Guang section, Sutong Bridge from September 30th to October 1st in the evening at midnight has maintained a larger flow. Only in October 1st, the province’s high-speed road network to implement traffic control 14, which due to bad weather control from the beginning of 2, due to traffic accident control from the beginning of 1, due to traffic control of the big 11. With Ning and Zheng Xu high wire operation, especially during the national day of railway high-speed rail travel is full every day, the Shanghai Railway Bureau sent 7 days exceeded 20 million passengers, a new record high, of which nearly 70% by high speed rail transmission. During the national day of tension capacity more than the Spring Festival, almost every passenger volume reached the Spring Festival peak number. October 6th, 7, 2009, the Shanghai Railway Bureau passenger traffic continued to maintain high operating posture, the daily volume of more than 2 million 300 thousand passengers. Shanghai Railway Bureau, Shanghai, Hongqiao respectively added to Hefei, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Quzhou, Beijing and Mount Huangshan to Hefei direction 127 bus and 135 columns. During the national day, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, Xuanwu Lake and other attractions in Nanjing attracted nearly 500 thousand visitors to play by train. National Day holiday, the number of long-distance travel routes air travel increased significantly. Nanjing Lukou Airport security landing flight 3618 sorties, inbound and outbound visitors exceeded 400 thousand. October 1st is the peak, inbound and outbound flights 568 sorties. Nanjing fly to Japan, Singapore, Frankfurt, Losangeles, Sydney and other international routes, the occupancy rate were more than 90%. Purchase)相关的主题文章:

Fu Tingxu | traditional calligraphy and painting more ancient Yuxin _ contemporary art collection _ Sina _ China and Western painting, Western painting exquisite color, rich colors, have very high technology to achieve. China lines, ink painting stresses, takes a deep skill to paint. The skill and technique are related but different, is the accumulation of experience, mainly in the hands of time, of course, commonly known as the high points in the eye and vision, cognitive ability, understanding, and also an important force, so, in more than and 20 to forty years old peak Western painter painting, too the forty year old painting, not only have less progress, and most of them are backward. Kung Fu is the sublimation of traditional martial arts, is a reflection of the culture, China painting skill, with China foundation of traditional culture is the key, and must go to practice at a fixed routine. In other words, there must be a strict and systematic training and a combination of skill and cultural interaction. For example, China martial arts, must be just right according to the fixed routine practice, can have the skill, otherwise, you according to their own imagination to blind practice, life will not have the skill training. Maybe you do not follow the traditional practice of the so-called martial arts routines will look better than the real skill of martial arts, but a fight you will fall down, and at a glance you are swatting, no skill, only a layman will you applaud. So also China painting skill, you do not follow the traditional method to practice, draw a lifetime will not have the skill, you may use the brush brush, red dot dot left right, it seems pretty layman for you good, called the beauty of form, but experts see that you don’t have the skill. Your painting is not China painting, at least not good Chinese painting. So, Chinese Chinese martial arts, calligraphy and painting, pay attention to teachers, must start from copying, must attach great importance to the traditional, "Liufa theory" is one of the "moxie shift". Don Zhang Yanyuan said repeatedly in the "art history": "to draw the shape of the backbone, the backbone is in the shape, conception and return between pen, so the painting were more good books." This "pen" must have the skill, "good books" will start from them, but also must have the traditional. Zhang Yanyuan also wrote "Syria North era" teachers to teach a section on painting the teachers. In a word, Chinese painting and calligraphy, there is no tradition is not good, there must be a routine practice to practice. Fu Tingxu’s painting is genuine traditional. When I first saw his paintings, I thought he was a collection of ancient paintings, read the title, only to know that he painted. He is honest in the traditional routines to practice, to create. He began to learn from Ni Yunlin, before Ming Dynasty, Wang Meng’s work very much. He later learned Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Dong Qichang, Shi Tao, learn to learn, learn, learn Badashanren hongin Shi Xi, to draw as seriously like calligraphy copybook. Learn the use of pen and ink, hook, cracked, and stained, not like the ancients, not only have the pen of the law, the more ancient charm. Thus, his paintings, the atmosphere is the ancients. In the impetuous world today, painting, to pioneer, avant-garde, novelty, Bibi ocean, Fu Tingxu Bibi, and the ancient painting, sincere commendable. Series相关的主题文章:

BT webmaster manga subtitle group heaven was arrested: what do these two news what yesterday: – BT and magnetic illegal downloads "BT paradise" site for Yuan Moufei by the Jiangsu Huaian police arrested in Suzhou; two – Chinese Ji "clear sky academy" subtitles group members by the Japanese police on suspicion of illegal the dissemination of infringing animation works in Kyoto arrested. In fact, have since been "reform" more than two. The idea of the network from the "Chinese largest digital HD portal website" to become "China’s first network copyright crime"; from the content sharing platform to broadcast free Wang Xin "the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials"; blueshin network sharing site to close, transition to film from the media from the P2P film; 3DM from pirated games started to crack the founder of host Fifi announced it will no longer stand-alone game hack work… The work of genuine national… Group has a comprehensive on-line, including members of the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the second half of this year will continue to force. What are the sites that are actually doing BT resources? The first news about the above, according to the police investigation, BT paradise since June 2015, the person in charge Yuan Moufei without authorization, will be collected from the Internet more than ten thousand domestic and international film and television works involving BT seeds and magnetic storage link, placed in its own responsible for operation and maintenance of the "BT paradise", "thunder" or "thunder Gang" 3 movie download on the website for users to download free player. During the peak period, the site’s daily IP visits reached 600 thousand, the average daily PV browsing reached 3 million. According to Yuan Moufei said, the website profit model through advertising alliance registered account and bind the domain name and bank card, advertising, within a year profit ninety million yuan. According to Chinese law, Yuan Moufei suspected of copyright infringement. And the "BT paradise" as many movies download sites use BT download protocol (BitTorrent), a P2P (peer to peer) technology, compared with the commonly used HTTP, FTP, PUB protocol BT protocol to download, Download faster. When multiple users download files from the BT server at the same time, BT technology allows users to download content from other users’ machines according to the actual situation. For example, ABC in the download file, A has downloaded the first part, the second part B download, C can be downloaded from the A at the first part, the second part download from B, reduce the pressure on the server, so BT protocol is very popular resource download site blitz. So people who download resources are also resource providers. Whether the human operator or the server costs, provide free download resources of the site itself is in need of funds to survive, which also have their different profit models, such as advertising, bundled with downloads, membership fee etc.. Used resource download site all know, sites tend to be large game, vulgar advertisement screen, a website I have seen the most "clean" also has the following contents: (a BT advertising resources website) and lots of PT (Private T)相关的主题文章:

"Illegal query message" please point   360 experts to crack after fraud new tricks – Heilongjiang channel: original title: "illegal query message" please 360 experts to crack after fraud new tricks eleven holiday, many people choose to travel by car. It was a long journey, is a violation of the possible cheats is look to allow this opportunity, seize every opportunity, the implementation of crime through the virus link. You take your wife, out of the city, eating hot pot also sang songs, suddenly on the violation. You ordered the illegal search links, and then the money is gone. This is not a movie, but the recent long after the end of what happened in the telecommunications fraud cases around. Figure: criminals send text messages to the implantation of the virus link according to the police, the owner of the vehicle information fraud, disguised as the traffic department to send "illegal notice", and with the virus link. Once the point is open, the virus will be stolen by payment verification code, fraudulent phone banking deposits. Because the car journey Road complex and long, after the car returned after the owners are very difficult to determine whether the violation, crooks seize the psychological state, then the probability is very big. Recently, 360 companies issued a telecommunications fraud big data during the eleven. Data show that: during the eleven holiday period this year, a total of 360 mobile guards for the user to intercept harassment fraud messages up to 16 million, the average daily intercept harassing fraud SMS 2 million 300 thousand. And the eleven period is the emergence of a line with some characteristics of SMS fraud: during the holidays such as flight cancellations, provide a refund, change service name, via SMS to remind the user, usually with Trojan links in SMS fraud. 360 security experts advise users: special unknown links do not point to the money, not letter, meet customer service, law enforcement agencies, claiming to be relatives and friends on the phone, to stay an eye more confirmation. Meanwhile, the installation of mobile phones, such as 360 mobile guards security management software is one of the effective means to prevent fraud. As a means of telecommunications fraud has become more complicated, users also want to improve their level of vigilance and anti fraud knowledge, supporting all types of security products and. In order to establish a telecommunications fraud prevention mechanism to protect their privacy and property security. (commissioning editor Han Tingpeng and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章:

The future will have robot swarm intelligence may understand the intent of Ding Han Chinese robot academy will have a group of intelligent may understand the intent of "intelligent manufacturing, has a very important role is the robot." Ding Han, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the invention of human robot has three purposes. The first is to replace people, people do not move the robot to do; slowly is the service, the old, may need to care for the robot; the future may be extended to the human mind control robot can move up. "The robot will naturally interact with the operating environment, the operator and other robots in the future." Ding Han said that in the future there may be a lot of freedom of the robot may be a ubiquitous concept of the robot, the robot may be ubiquitous. For example, automatic driving, it is also a robot to drive, the rotor is also a robot technology, there are many robots to do surgery, the future of robotics should be a ubiquitous concept." On the other hand, the robot will have swarm intelligence – each individual robot is not very powerful, but it is important to gather together. In the view of Ding Han, future robots will be among individuals with independent ability, independent observation, judgment, decision-making and action, at the same time with the characteristics of perception, cognition, and the game can power between groups, "swarm intelligence involves artificial intelligence and many other technologies. The most important robots are robots that work with people. The future robot can understand people’s intentions, think that the." Chinese Academy of Engineering Luo An new energy vehicle battery life will gradually improve the trend of the future, with technological advances, new energy vehicles battery life will gradually improve." Luo An, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, intelligent manufacturing will change all aspects of people’s lives, such as robots may enter the home of ordinary people, new energy vehicles will become the future trend. As an expert in the field of power conversion and control engineering, Luo brought about the latest technical achievements in the field of high power electric energy conversion — how to improve the quality of high quality special steel. Luo an introduction of high-quality special steel is the key material of China’s military ships, energy, construction, aerospace, electrical transformers, automobiles, steel and shipbuilding, high-speed rail industry backbone. "Is the key process of steel smelting continuous casting, continuous casting is composed of electromagnetic heating system, electromagnetic stirring system, electromagnetic stirring of molten steel in blast furnace system is mainly inside insulation and continuous casting." Luo an introduction, a large power supply by electromagnetic stirring and mixing system of electromagnetic stirring roller, it can greatly improve the quality of special steel. According to reports, the current domestic and foreign electromagnetic stirring system 70% is used China technology and equipment, technology and equipment are also exported to Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and other countries, the mixing technology and equipment system in Tundish for electromagnetic heating and electromagnetic breakthrough, make electronic metallurgy abroad. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Ye Yan photo reporter Wang Wang, Zhang Jian相关的主题文章:

Lippi card formation finalized 433 Mei fang was injured last practice in the last train back foot Haigen toot Mei fang absent Lippi put training equipment yesterday afternoon, China team in Haigeng base final training, the total of more than two hours of training to drill the 433 war as the main content. From tomorrow Russia World Cup Asian zone 12 race card, "the battle of life and death" only more than 2 days of time, Lippi led the team to make the expression to enter the World Cup finals marvel, but judging from the current situation, China team for the aspects of work to do in his charge. With the card, the game is approaching, China team recently training content is also quietly changing. Different from the first phase of training, Lippi recently told the players, we do not have in accordance with the unified time breakfast, this is good news for the internationals to different biological clock. It is understood that Lippi this is largely because when Hengda coaching, he knows the players rest time is different, some of the players used to get up late, and relax the players get up time, also helps the players according to their physical and mental conditions of reasonable arrangements for the day schedule. When the game was approaching, Lippi also no arrangements for the two day training, in his opinion, any one may have super strength training before the game team to bring unexpected injuries, such as in the afternoon before the training, Defender Mei fang will foot twisted, thus missed training yesterday afternoon. But it is also because of "imminent" because of the team’s recent day only training content is very compact. Although open to the media 15 minutes of training, oral instruction players either accept Lippi, or the body stretch or through the ball to get to know the ball, but until after the departure of the media, most of the contents are focused on the training of technical and tactical exercises. The 433 is Lippi advocated in the previous Italy team coach and the constant brigade systems, and China took over the team, he will not hesitate to transplant this war to the team. On the 8 day with Thatcher’s warm-up match, the team Chinese drills for the first time this play in actual combat, although the 5 ball to win a team in the reference value is limited, but the actual effect, the Hengda team for the Orangemen of the formation of the adaptation is still in place. But not at the Lippi kick up a cloud of dust in the squad did not hesitate to discharge the relative love in his mind starting 11 combination. Except in front may be facing position fine-tuning, starting 8 days in the game most players should appear in the starting lineup tomorrow night. Before 10 days, a general impression of Lippi to the media and work team members transfer is that all his work led deployments are very organized, the premise is not easily changed plans for each work step chain. In the training stage, Lippi pays more attention to deepen mutual understanding and trust between the players and the players, "psychological counseling" has become an important content for this, but it is also because the game is not by triggered at any moment, he led the focus to strengthen the technical and tactical drills in hand. From yesterday, the coaches have began to combine with the Russian team Qatar team warm-up match image at相关的主题文章:

Conspiracy! The pig returned to the first team in the exposure of Mourinho wanted to sell a good price – Sports Sohu   exposure pig returned to the first team only Yinmu handsome to sell a good price once a year western Halloween, the biggest news is Schweinsteiger’s return to Manchester United first team at Carrington training base, again with Rooney, Ibrahimovic and Pogba and other players training. For this day, Schweinsteiger waited a couple of months at united. This summer, Mourinho replaced Van Gaal, become a new Manchester United coach pig was scored limbo, and forced him to leave Manchester, even dropped into the reserve team, even clean up the German star in the first team. Mourinho’s behavior, causing the famous German football legend has media air play bickering, Schweinsteiger said, he is united in Europe last station, will never leave. The new season so far, Schweinsteiger has been training in the reserve team, followed by the reserve team to play, last week, inter square rumors, piglets were banned from the reserve team’s game. Surprisingly, Schweinsteiger in Manchester "treatment" suddenly returned to the first team, The path winds along mountain ridges., but also follow the big forces in the United charity dinner, the pig with his new wife Ivanovic attended the grand party. Photo, Mourinho and Schweinsteiger side by side, the two stood together, it seems that the relationship between a lot of ease. Due to return to the first team, Schweinsteiger described on the social network as a great day, the base friends, Podolsky also feel happy, congratulations to the pig. Treat all the people feel happy for the pig, the British media, Manchester evening news is poured a pot of cold water, Schweinsteiger return to the first team the truth is cruel! According to the report, the pig’s return to the first team to be able to let him have a good competitive state, if he long-term training in the reserve team, you will certainly make his physical function and athletic state are affected, so it cannot sell Schweinsteiger united, can only choose a a termination, at present the club cannot accept this option, after all, Manchester spent 6 million 500 thousand pounds from Bayern to Munich to sign him, but the salary is not low, termination, pay full salary. Under such circumstances, united in order to let Schweinsteiger leave smoothly, only to let him return to the first team, and then sell a good price. Of course, because Herrera is booked in the United war Burnley in the Premier League, and bogeba players such as shape, Mourinho wants Schweinsteiger to rescue a midfield crisis. (little care)相关的主题文章:

The Champions League draw announced: Real Madrid in Dortmund Bayern to revenge Atletico Beijing newspaper news (reporter Liu Dawei) Beijing time this morning, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA group phase draw European player of the year awards ceremony was held at the Grimaldi Convention Center in Monte carlo. The European Cup team win C Ronaldo undoubtedly won the best player in europe. The new season in the Champions League, Manchester City and Barcelona group phase with Borussia group, Guardiola and goalkeeper Bravo will just move against old club; Real Madrid and Dortmund nearly 5 season fourth meeting, last season’s semi-final against Bayern and Atletico Madrid are also quitting. Paris and A Senna in the same group, the Premier League champion Leicester pumped out of Rome’s Oporto. The European Champions League and European Cup champion Baer and C Ronaldo pressure Gregory Saltzman last season, was elected the best player in europe. He also became after Messi, who won the award twice second players. UEFA in 2011 to create the best player in Europe award. The selection range is under the football league players in European football players, according to the past 1 seasons in all competitions, including the national team and club events, from 55 European football journalists vote. The award was founded 6 years ago, C Lo is the only finalist in the top three players. The end of the Champions League this week added, "10 teams to enter the group phase, with 22 finalists directly team to participate in the lottery. The top 32 in La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga each have 4 teams, while in Rome out, only Serie A Juventus and Naples two teams of finalists. Premier League champion Leicester city and the elimination of Ajax’s Russian super runner up for the first time to enter the Champions League in the top 32. From the beginning of last season, the Champions League top 32 grade rules change, 7 champions and UEFA Champion directly into first gear, the other club in accordance with European integration over the past 5 seasons, divided into three grades. This also makes the top 32 in the top three of the Premier League champion in the first tranche of the city of Leicester. And they have the same grade of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Benfica, Paris Saint Germain and CSKA moscow. Draw a team from each file to form a group, a total of eight teams, with the league team can not be the same group. Seedorf, Henry, Ruud, and Roberto took part in the draw as a guest of honor, as well as the guests. The new round of the Champions League group stage in the first round will be held on September 13th 14, after the first round of the time were on the 28 day of the year, on the day of October 18th, 19, November 1st, 2, on the day of November 22nd, 23, December 6th, 7, September 27th. The top two teams in the top 16 tournament in December 12th, held in Nyon draw for the knockout stage. Group third into the UEFA Cup top 32. The final will be held next June 3rd at the Millennium Stadium in Welsh, Cardiff. J190 specific ballot results are as follows: -A group: Paris Saint Germain, A Senna, Drogo Meret, Lu Basel -B group: Benfica, Naples, Dinamo Kiev, Beixikedasi group -C: Barcelona, Manchester City, Monchengladbach, Kelmo相关的主题文章:

Truck fire insurance company: tire fire is not in the scope of spontaneous combustion insurance does not lose my family of trucks to pay strong insurance and commercial insurance are paid, and can be found on the highway fire insurance companies do not give claims?" Just because of this thing, the public has been stuck to Mr. Cao from 2013 this year. However, the reason is not afraid to speak. That Mr. Cao was pleased that the day before the District People’s court accepted the case, and shall protect the rights and interests of the insured. The truck on fire insurance claims promise and then deny in succession 3:30 on May 25, 2013, Mr. Cao driving a truck traveling to Beijing Shenyang high-speed direction from Beijing Tashan service area 2 kilometers when suddenly a fire caused by trucks and cargo and road property damage. Because he had a strong insurance company in the insurance and insurance, and the insurance company negotiated settlement, the insurance company also agreed to compensate. However, in October 30, 2013, the insurance company is not responsible for the accident on the scope of the insurance liability, refused to compensate. Mr. Cao was very puzzled, then the insurance company to Luyuan District People’s court, asked the defendant to fulfill the obligation to pay the insurance compensation and reasonable expenses 88986 yuan. The insurance company that is not in the range of tires on fire risk of spontaneous combustion in the trial the defendant insurance company argued that: according to the Huludao city of Liaoning Province even issued by mountain fire brigade accident can clear the fire area and the fire point is located on the left side of the car left in the truck trailer rear axle side wheel tire, the cause of the Fire Department of the left side of the tire and wheel brake in rear axle shoe friction, high temperature, fire ignited tires. The defendant insurance company according to the insurance contract clause "of" spontaneous combustion spontaneous combustion spontaneous combustion risk definition: no external fire insurance, vehicle collision, no case of capsizing, the car insurance car due to leakage or electrical wires, fuel supply system, carrying the goods such as their own problems caused by fire. The accident is caused by the friction between the tire and the brake shoe friction, not a spontaneous combustion risk, so the insurance company is not liable for damages. The two sides live debate court clear accident claims scope Luyuan District People’s court found that: 3:30 on May 25, 2013, the plaintiff Mr. Cao driving the truck because the left side of the tire in the rear axle wheel and the brake shoe friction, high temperature, fire ignited tires, the car, causing the loss of 66086 yuan and 18000 yuan fee, rescue road property loss of 2450 yuan. The plaintiff’s vehicle is covered by a strong and commercial insurance, commercial insurance, including fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion loss risk. In the trial, the plaintiff and defendant both after proof, cross examination and debate, were recognized by the accident belongs to spontaneous combustion, does not apply "business with car damage insurance clause", should apply the "additional clauses" in the fire, explosion, spontaneous loss of insurance clauses. Obey the verdict of the plaintiff ultimately awarded 69718.80 Yuan District People’s court after hearing that: "the provisions of Article 1 of additional clauses" in the fire, explosion, spontaneous loss of insurance clauses, the responsibility of insurance cases include fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion caused by the insured motor vehicle losses. Second security相关的主题文章:

The patriotic feelings become "great temperament"   conservation more atmosphere of "national consciousness" — Fujian channel — original title: national consciousness conservation more atmosphere "(people’s Forum) — the occasion of national day if the national holiday is approaching, many people have packed out bags. Indulge in the magnificent mountains and rivers, infiltration in the splendid history and culture, witnessing the development achievements, when we use the foot measurement, the heart, may also be in this country, this piece of land, this time, have more sense of identity, sense of belonging, inspire more "national consciousness" national consciousness "". Indeed, in the Temple No. two would be on the launch track, in the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and again raised the flag, during the G20 summit in Hangzhou dazzling light in the sea, we can see the development of the motherland "continue to open up space". When this is the case, how to be a qualified "big national", is what every Chinese can think about. A "history of China", we need to protect. The day before the National Day in September 30th, has been established as a martyr’s day. This is a symbol: the founding and development of the new China, can not be separated from the dedication and sacrifice of martyrs. Czech writer Fuchik in "the report under the gallows", urged people not to forget the hero, because every faithful to the future, in order to better future at the expense of the people is a stone statue ". Common history is the country’s dome, how can we let this disgraceful shining stars in the sky? The occasion of national day, let us together to defend the dignity of the hero, historical memory. Whether to visit red spots, listen to the voices echoed in the history; or enter the "online memorial", for those victims selfless and fearless devotees offer sincere wish; or read a Book praising the heroes books, watch a show can look back in history, in the spirit of the flames cleanse our hearts the dust, the answer of "who we are" the problem better. A culture of China, we need to inherit. Not long ago, to see such a scene in the Shaanxi Museum of history: the opening distance and nearly an hour, the ticket team has become a dragon. This scene reflects the warmth of the millennium history, respect for traditional culture. "Standing in a vast land of five thousand years of history, everyone is the traditional culture of" enlightening "," the words, vividly tells a great national culture mentality more self-reliance. National Day, let us feel the charm of culture, thinking about the value of culture. Whether it is natural scenery, or cultural attractions, do not just take them as a photo background. Taste which contains the spirit factor, which shows the cultural understanding of philosophy, to our knowledge, feelings, frames into a "picture of the mind thinking a thousand years", in order to dialogue and culture, answer "where we come from" the problem better. A world of China, we need to show. From Zimbabwe overseas Chinese "can’t not love the mother group, China to coach Mexico diving team won the Pan American Games diving gold medal, President Xi Jinping in many countries of the speech, speak)相关的主题文章:

C Ronaldo: Real Madrid and I renew the 10 years in good condition without rotation [5-2] like Real Madrid Osasuna C Ronaldo Ramos Jiangong flute world wave C Ronaldo comeback scoring Tencent sports news September 11th (DERMOT CORRIGAN, ESPN author) (data) in the Real Madrid home court against Osasuna Na La Liga, C Ronaldo the new season debut and scored the final, he helped the Milky Way home court 5-2 gain a complete victory. After the game, C Luo told Real Madrid president, chairman of the island, suggested that the galaxy warships should give themselves a new contract for 10 years. At the beginning of July, C Ronaldo in the European Cup final in a knee injury, he is therefore absent from Real Madrid in the pre-season warm-up match and training for all new La Liga season; the first two rounds, the Portuguese national team captain also sidelined. However, against Osasuna on Saturday local time for the third round of the Spanish Real Madrid home court game in the new season debut C Ronaldo in the opening soon after he scored the final, the Milky Way warships made a victory at the Bernabeu stadium field fully and delightfully. C, currently signed with Real Madrid’s contract expires at the end of June 2018, after the news, his agent George Mendes plan and club president Florentino to discuss the renewal of the Portuguese superstar. In June this year, C Ronaldo once in a media interview made it clear that he wants to renew the contract with Real Madrid, and look forward to at the Bernabeu stadium has kicked 40. After the victory over Osasuna in Real Madrid home court ended, C Ronaldo at the Bernabeu stadium mixed media reporters accepted. Asked about the progress of the renewal negotiations, C said: "I don’t know, maybe you should go to the president to find the answer. Of course, all progress is very smooth, in fact, many media have been carried out in-depth reports, it seems that you know more than I do. However, if I were president of Real Madrid, I would like to open a new contract for C Lo for more than 10 years." "Apart from Real Madrid, I don’t see any other team in my career and I want to stay at Bernabeu stadium. Real Madrid is the biggest football club in the world, and the galaxy is supposed to have the best players." In recent seasons, every 4 to May, C Ronaldo’s physical condition there will always be some problems, he will also be absent from some key games. There are local media reports in Spain, Real Madrid want C Ronaldo in the season to be able to accept the appropriate rotation. After the victory over Osasuna in the home court end, Real Madrid coach Zidane made it clear that he and C Luo did not play time problem in the new season to carry on the exchange. In the next 22 days, Real Madrid will play even more than 7 games, Zidane hinted that he would try to give C Ronaldo decompression, so as to help him as long as possible to maintain a healthy state of the body. Asked if he was going to take a rotation system, C Luo replied: "I have rested for a while, and now I need the most." After just 6 minutes of the game, C scored a goal, when he received Baer相关的主题文章:

True colors – Liaoning Channel – original title torn on the market selling eggs, egg baby mother: 328th: open market selling eggs, egg mother baby face at present a few days to see a TV show unintentionally, there are businesses in order to sell eggs, egg, and mother baby egg banner and that is especially suitable for the nutritional needs of the mother or baby. Of course, this special feature of the egg price is not cheap, to a few dollars a. Mother egg? Baby egg? What is this egg? We know that in order to maintain the normal growth and development of children and the health of adults, the human body needs more than 40 kinds of nutrients, these nutrients can not be synthesized by the human body, can only be obtained from a variety of foods. There is no natural food to meet all the nutritional needs of the human body, therefore, the diet should be diversified. Egg contains many kinds of nutrients, including protein, fat and carbohydrate in addition to the three major nutrients, such as vitamin A also contains 5 kinds of vitamins, potassium, sodium and other 10 kinds of minerals, can be said to be the nutrient types and contents are very rich, high nutritional value of food. 100 grams of eggs in the energy and nutrient content of egg protein amino acid composition and the human body needs the most close, the most easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the human body, superior to other animal proteins. It is a good source of protein for children and adolescents who are at the stage of physical development, as well as for adults. Rumor has it that the nutritional value of eggs is higher. In fact, from the nutritional analysis, different varieties of eggs, the nutritional components are roughly the same. All kinds of eggs per 100 grams of an average of 74.1 grams of water, protein, 13.3 grams, fat, 8.8 grams, carbohydrates, 2.8 grams. Every 100 grams of wood egg water containing 72.6 grams of protein, 14.4 grams, fat, 6.4 grams, carbohydrates, 5.6 grams. Regardless of mother, or baby, need more than 40 kinds of nutrients. Just pregnant, lactating women need more nutrients, because, in addition to meet their nutritional needs, but also to provide nutrition for their children. Within 6 months of the baby, breast milk can meet all its nutritional needs. Eggs, was originally an ordinary food, usually live a low-key life. Due to various reasons, has been speculation. Mother eggs, baby eggs are a gimmick, blindly believe, irrational purchase, spend money, does not bring any magical effect. Author: Ma Guansheng, Ph.D., Professor of nutrition and food hygiene, School of public health, Peking University, doctoral tutor, Chinese Association chief science communications experts, engaged in the study of nutrition and health for 27 years. The current members of the national food and nutrition advisory committee, the State Council Working Committee on women and children of women and children, experts, the national rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan for members of the Committee of experts, poor areas to improve child nutrition group pilot project Chinese nutrition experts, deputy director of the society. 2013 of the sixth annual health China billboard health communication fashion figures, 2012 was the first Science Communication Awards awarded "science communication" person of the year award, the people’s daily health times "health Chinese 2012 ten year)?相关的主题文章:

The right to health within 3 years to build the new scientific and technological content of domestic leading home court 50 years – with the Tianjin sports Sohu the right to health Chongchao success, use of the new stadium has become a priority among priorities in the work place in front of the club. Since the super stadium admittance standards higher than the medium, so the right to use the health education has been unable to meet the needs of the Haihe River Park stadium. At present, the right to health has begun to build a world-class thermostat stadium, and plans to put into use within three years. However, before the completion of the new stadium, the right to health or to consider the first super season home court use. Last year, when the right to continue to campaign in the league, the club general manager Shu Yuhui said in an exclusive interview, we have the right to build the future of the stadium, is the best in the world. It is a constant temperature field, when it rains and winter can be closed. We are in accordance with the standards of the stadium to do FIFA, so that after the FIFA final acceptance. The future of our national game, as well as all kinds of top events, not to come here?" It is reported that the new stadium right to health team known as the "right Jianmeng stadium". The stadium by world-renowned Design Team USA HKS International Design Co. Ltd. himself design. Previously, only the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates three countries with thermostatic stadium. When the "right Jianmeng Stadium" is completed, it will become the world’s fourth seat stadium thermostat. "The overall design concept of the right Jianmeng Stadium" "dragon", the name of the project as a dragon plaza. Compared with the ordinary courts, Panlong square and affiliated business functions, including supporting the senior office. Square on the ground floor area of 200 thousand square meters, underground construction area of 50 thousand square meters. On the outside of the stadium, there are 4 standard outdoor training ground, can fully meet the needs of the team’s daily training, and even have the ability to undertake training and competition at all levels of the national team. After the completion of this super luxury new stadium, will be at least 50 years ahead of the current domestic stadium design, called a future stadium". According to the current progress of the project, the new stadium will be put into use within three years. But in the new stadium before use, the right to use Jianxin season home court has become the focus of attention of the fans. Unlike foreign clubs, city clubs in China rarely use the same court. In the current Super League Derby, both Evergrande and R & F "Guangzhou Derby", or Hong Kong Shenhua and the "Shanghai Derby", both sides are using their stadium. The relationship between the right to health and TEDA, both with the Tianjin Olympic Stadium (water) is almost impossible. Seen in this light, the right to health this season will continue to be the home of the Haihe River Education Park Stadium as the most likely. However, subject to the super stadium access standards, the stadium hardware must be completed upgrade. Including the media seats, VIP boxes, these have not been transferred before the opening of the stadium, and even the stadium and the team’s locker room lights have to be re transformation. After the end of the transformation, the stadium will accept the acceptance of the Chinese Football Association, only the acceptance of qualified, only to fight the new season super league. After all, the transformation of the stadium needs to be based on the original conditions,相关的主题文章:

Fall in love with a person’s logo, will not be touched, but will be concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the premise in the words of love is to choose their love of the river, wading through, life is difficult, and the teeth support, the fate of the robbery, zhaodanquanshou. Life is not a circuitous journey is a single line, no return journey, hurry slowly, deep and shallow, stumbled, not myself around. Wrong is wrong, that is not appropriate, decisive you do not leave, to hurt yourself. Many people know when to start love, but do not know when to end. Not every love to go in the end, the right to insist on the wrong to give up. Therefore, the premise of love is to choose the right person. If wrong, it is as early as possible. Is not a person in love, will be able to be together, not together, they really love deeply. Sometimes at night long missing, is also a kind of mellow love. Time is so precious, how many people are willing to spend time with or miss? Everyone is willing to accompany you through the night, or love you, or you want to. And miss, is not sure love. Like a person, is two people together very happy; and love a person, even if not happy also want to be with him. Love is an inequality, no one can predict which end of the emotional balance will be heavier, which will be lighter. But love is like this, if you don’t have the courage to try, it’s doomed to be with your lonely soul. When you worry about a person’s well-being, worried about a person’s safety, regardless of what the other party, are worried about him anywhere. Fall in love with a person, is to break his heart broken, every little bit, are loaded with his care. You are not his world, and your world, it is his. (pictures from the canopy net) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

Sad! Kompani injured a few weeks Guardiola he completely healed Kompani suggested the ill fated sina sports the champions Manchester City will go to Germany, away if they can beat Borussia Moenchengladbach, that they will be able to advance to the knockout round. However, there is a bad news for Manchester City’s defense, the old captain Kompani missed the game due to injury, pre game press conference coach hinted that the Belgian may be absent for several weeks in the. On Saturday, Manchester City 2-1 guest game at Crystal Palace, Kompani in the first half opening soon because goalkeeper Bravo collided and damaged sight after being substituted. A few days after cultivation, the expedition team Borussia before the public training courses on Kompani is still absent, so he did not make a list of the German expedition. After arriving in Germany at the press conference, Guardiola talked about Kompani, said the Belgian knee also suffered injuries. "He is being treated at a medical facility in Spain, and Kompani is frustrated that he is injured again, but the club will do his best to help him recover until he is able to return to the game." Kompani, now 30 years old in 2016 injury, leg, groin and thigh were injured, the national team missed the European Cup, the club in the league this season, only played a two. (Ben Xin)相关的主题文章:

Julian Cheung son celebrate ten years old birthday attend international school in November 12th, Yan Zhigao is the birthday of the devil, don’t know who is the devil? Speaking of his parents, we all know! The children’s parents is the entertainment model couple Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen, two people fall in love 20 years, married for 15 years, now, son imps have 10 years old, two from the couple into the entertainment model parents! Julian Cheung and the magic name Zhang Mutong, Tong Tong, son apparently inherited good genes of parents, although the age is like a handsome appearance, big eyes, long eyelashes, and a pair of iconic dimples, this is simply a replica of Anita. Before Julian Cheung micro-blog video broadcast, the children’s surprise appearance, handsome boy wearing sunglasses also hair cool, although the time is not long, but gain a lot of aunt powder oh. Julian Cheung, a family of three birthday, fans are also early to the devil’s birthday theme pushed to the popular micro-blog, a lot of fans in the topic of the message, said: Little Devil happy birthday! The elder brother good birthday, after all, is a ten year old birthday, the first ten years, the time passed quickly. Since you started playing INS, blame sister really feel Wuli magic brother grew up! Indeed, before the child opened INS, the children lapdance is quite precious, early online on the imps news and pictures less and less, it is because Anita Yuen has always been very protective magic children’s privacy, so he like the other children to enjoy the calm and happy childhood. A family of three is not only to protect privacy, Julian Cheung couple of children’s education also care for small children devils. Anita Yuen even once left the entertainment, is well intentioned! According to Xiao Bian understand, magic child was enrolled in the famous international children’s kindergarten, the kindergarten was established in the United States, Florida, has become one of the largest u.s.. Hongkong is the first successful implementation of bilingual (English and Mandarin) as the teaching language of American pre-school education center, a school year tuition of about 200 thousand yuan. Parents and school education is clearly a success, and now the child has become a responsible young man. He will help her mother do the dishes, share the housework, in addition to do practical things, play romantic, mother’s day, he made a greeting card, the card also wrote a bunch of words! It’s almost sweet! Long Shuai is also so good, magic child, I want to make friends with you ah! Well, it’s a little hard to be friends… Not in the past to do international school students can have ah, through the international school APP you can learn more about the stars of the two generations of the international school! Scan two-dimensional code, download the international school APP this article for Sina Education International School column original article, unauthorized reprint prohibited. Sina education parents class!! The classroom curriculum: August 2nd "parents apply for U.S. schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, new SAT A Philippines相关的主题文章:

Duchang, a stone bridge guardrail was destroyed   many students every day through the Jiangxi Channel – – scraped recently, some people reflect to the newspaper, the Duchang County town of Xu an old bridge suffered due to floods, disrepair, the bridge on both sides of the fence collapsed, but there are still students and the elderly from the bridge after, there is a big security risk. The old bridge is located in the town of Xu people reflect, the old block, a summer floods this year the bridge guardrail fence all washed away, down on the deck, the deck seriously affect the residents travel, the narrowest place is only ten centimeters. Now the flood already receded, the broken bridge did not repair. "Such a dangerous bridge, there are still a lot of people every day." Xunyang evening news reporter on the scene, there is indeed an old bridge Xu Bu Zhen, the guardrail on both sides of the local government established the basic collapse hazard warning signs in the bridge, but the bridge did not seal. In spite of this, many residents still choose to walk across the bridge, some students also walk in bold on the stone fence collapsed. Reporters to the scene, it is noon time, there are 9 students on the bridge, there is a transfer of parents. A 3 year old student said that she and the students living in the bridge every day is to take the bridge, most of the students did not send parents. Over the bridge 30 meters there is a new bridge, bridge traffic. In this regard, the office of the Secretary Xu Bu Zhen Tan said, in front of the old bridge has put warning signs, has 200 years of history, so it does not belong to the traffic administrative department of local management, now can only be repaired as soon as possible. He said that at present, the county has been submitted to the "one thing one discussion" funding applications, funds can be repaired in place. In the old bridge before restoration, residents can choose to walk around the bridge bridge. (reporter Zhang Xinhongwen photo) people walking on the stone bridge no fence. (Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

Man with a knife hacked mother   stimulation – Shandong Channel – MLM organization in September 9th, 27 year old Zhao Kaikai at home, holding a kitchen knife to 61 year old mother hacked to death after the escape. After the incident, Jiyuan police quickly set up a task force, after a month of investigation in October 8th after the detection of cases, arrested the suspect Zhao Kaikai, the mother of murder confessed to the crime. [event] Jiyuan man with a knife hacked mother in September 9th, the murder occurred in Jiyuan city Jade Spring office building a house in the village, 61 year old Li Xiaoran (a pseudonym) suffered multiple stab wounds down in a pool of blood, was discovered by my neighbor, was not breathing. Li Xiaoran 88 year old mother who was also cut off a lot, but still conscious, repeated his mouth: "little dye is not, it is Kaikai." 27 years ago, 2 month old Zhao Kaikai was Mrs. Li Xiaoran from home near a farmhouse to adopt a child, spoiled in the knees. Neighbors said, slack, Li Xiaoran also take the time to work, earn 50 yuan a day of hard money, earn money to his son spent. Some time ago, Li Xiaoran also asked neighbors to help his son find a wife, I did not expect her to die in the hands of the son." In the eyes of the villagers in the village, Zhao Kaikai previously sensible obedient, but since a few years ago cheated into MLM organization, a big change in temperament. "The stimulation in the MLM organization, with their father died of cancer, and that the system may be adopted, psychological problems." Li Xiaoran, a relative said, Li Xiaoran also spent a few million will be sent to a psychiatric hospital in Xinxiang. Captured a month after the escape was arrested in Jiyuan after the incident, the villagers on the village of Zhao Kaikai mother killed most of them do not want to mention the matter, there are different reasons. In October 8th, the Jiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau informed that the suspect Zhao Kaikai was arrested in Jiyuan on the five mouth, killing mother confessed to the crime. And why matricidal not provided notification. Informed that, after receiving the alarm, Jiyuan City Public Security Bureau immediately launched the murder of the rapid reaction mechanism, quickly deployed more than 60 police set up a task force to carry out the work, and by WeChat, micro-blog and other new media to mobilize the masses to award. Nearly a month to track the activities of the police task force around Zhao Kaikai’s work, the range of 5 kilometers on the scene may be hidden inside the park, wells, abandoned housing search, and the surrounding villages masses by investigation, visit, post xiechatongbao. In combination with the Internet working situation, the task force of the city’s Internet cafes were dispatched, and sent multiple police investigation, surveillance of the surrounding counties of Jiyuan and Zhao Kaikai before the work place. In October 8th 14, the masses found the suspect Zhao Kaikai in the vicinity of Jiyuan Wulong town village. Li Jingming led the Police Bureau police quickly arrived at the scene, Zhang Wei Li Shuoyi will suspect Zhao Kaikai arrested." The notice said, after investigation, the suspect Zhao Kaikai, to kill mother confessed to the crime. 9 am, the Jiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Propaganda Department staff, the case is under further investigation, there are new exhibitions timely notice. (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

Nanjing for the first time the racquet land 5 plots on the spot transactions in Nanjing for the first time online soil shoot residential plots was berserk "fuse" in September 19, 2016, Nanjing ushered in the history of the first network to shoot soil. After the end of the shoot, the intersection of reporters on the situation of the soil shot, the future trend of land market demand, interviewed industry experts. At noon today, Nanjing City Land Resources Bureau released the online transaction results show that the online transactions total turnover of 5 plots, of which 1 residential plots need Yaohao after determine bidder, the total starting price of 7 billion 890 million yuan, the total turnover of 12 billion 363 million yuan, a premium of 4 billion 473 million. NO.2016G40 (Qinhuai Hongqi wireless power plant) plots the starting price of 400 million yuan, after 17 rounds of bidding by Liu Wuren Thai asset management company limited to 560 million yuan competing; NO.2016G41 (Jianye metro area Yunjin Road Station property) plots starting price of 20 million yuan, after 26 rounds of bidding by Nanjing metro resources development Co., Ltd. to 33 million yuan competing; NO.2016G42 (Yanjiang high tech Industrial Development Zone, Pukou District Park on the south side) plots the starting price of 230 million yuan, after 64 rounds of bidding by Mingfa group Nanjing Pukou real estate development company limited to 550 million yuan competing; NO.2016G43 (Hunan Road Gulou District 04, 05 plots) plots starting price of 5 billion 900 million yuan, after 109 the auction by the Nanjing Green International Business Center Co., competing with 8 billion 60 million yuan; NO.2016G44 (Jiangning district west of the airport expressway, Affirmative avenue to the South Block) plots the starting price of 1 billion 950 million yuan, After 182 rounds of bidding to achieve the highest price to the scene yaohao. According to the trading rules of the Internet, more than competing units shall be subject to verification by the field data before the transaction confirmed. In Yaohao unit by the field data verified and approved by Yaohao determine the ultimate transferee. Experts believe that today’s online trading site, 3 pieces of pure commercial office for the 2 sites for a large commercial office area of mixed commercial and residential land, whether it is the registration number of enterprises or online auction, are relatively normal, the market reaction is relatively rational, in line with market expectations. 3 pieces of commercial office block and Hunan Road block location is superior, block supporting the commercial office space will become a hot spot in the region, so the intention of enterprises than before the transfer of commercial land is slightly higher, produced a certain degree of competition. Although be built a large area of commercial office, but the online trading still has 1 residential mixed land due to the highest price still has a number of housing prices through auction, Yaohao determine bidder, which plots the location is more, that real estate development enterprises have the high real estate market in Nanjing the future market expectations, the market demand is still strong in the land, after three days of online transactions will not rule out the possibility of large area Yaohao plots.相关的主题文章:

Beautiful quiet German village small family hotel – Sohu – tourism in southern England, self driving travel to the twenty-four day Dartmouth Town, we live in a small hotel and the German village is also very worthy. It is a small town of Dartmouth distance only 5 minutes away from the small village of Devon, his wife said, called the German village! The small village is as small as a small restaurant, a small shop, a small church. But we stay in a small family hotel but can not see here is the rural. Of course, the English countryside is very different from what we understand. All the villages here to see a chicken duck pig, but do not see a house with garden. A farmer in the small hotel we stayed in was a small village, in front of the house is the parking lot, after the room is a small garden, painted red sun room gives people a warm feeling. Continue to experience a night in the English countryside, which naturally adds a lot of fun to travel. Where we are. Here is a group of photos of Devon village hotel. It was 6:30 in the evening when we got to the hotel. The owner of the small hotel told us that the village’s small restaurant is next to the church and it opens at 7:30 in the evening. My wife and I settled down and started running towards the tallest building in the village. To the small hotel is only 7, so, I began to understand the history of a small restaurant, of course, is the translation of the wife. This is an old house built in 1170, more than 840 years ago. At that time, the construction of the house just to build a church on the masons and craftsmen for living and dining, who would not think, 800 years after it was still alive, and became the only German village restaurant. More surprising is that the underground passage is a two mile long beach, leading to the small restaurant underground. It is said that many years ago, people here through this underground passage for smuggling, and naturally will soon make the small village rich. Across from the small restaurant is a small church in the village, people in the restaurant told us that the church has a history from 1066. Hear this year, I immediately thought of "William the Conqueror", is also in that year, he led the British defeated the French army, and in 1066 Christmas day, Westminster Cathedral in London, give yourself sealed to the king of England, since then, opened a very famous British history of the Norman dynasty. In a small, not so small village, there was a little church near 1000, and a small restaurant, which looked very simple, but with a history of more than 840 years. England, it’s amazing. Self driving travel, always make people harvest surprise!相关的主题文章:

Opener 50+! Jordan steals par score eyebrows break record in team history – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 27th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, New Orleans pelicans team sits in the Denver Nuggets home court challenge. Kick the audience, the pelican 102-107 against denver. Although, the pelican eventually lost the game, but this night, the core of Anthony Davies’s play the pelican is shine. The campaign, he played 41 minutes, 34 to 17, 17 free throws in 16, scored 50 points and 16 rebounds and 5 assists, 7 steals and 4 blocks. Look at the entire history of the NBA, from the 1983-84 season, the eyebrows is the first play such data player in the regular season. In fact, from the beginning of the game, the state of the eyebrows brother extremely well, and because the pelican has always been suppressed, further stimulate his scoring potential. Just over half, eyebrows, sudden foreign investment of 28 points, creating a Pelican (before the Hornets) opener scoring record in team history. You know, before the pelican opener record by scoring only 26 points, is held by Chris Paul. In addition, the score is over, the night eyebrows also sent 7 steals per game, which is also a new record of the Pelican History opener, the previous record, by Byron Davies to maintain the 5 times. This is not the end, the ball is heavy career score eighth times 40+, and his second career high (a career high 59 points), but also the history of the first high Pelican home court (before 43). Finally, since the 1963-64 season, can get more than 50 points in the opener, only Michael – Jordan 1 (2 times), today, the eyebrows brother became the second player to complete this miracle. (Poirot)相关的主题文章:

After the purchase can not buy a house seller shall refund the deposit paid to each other after the purchase can not buy a house down payment should be returned to Pan Jiayong [case] Jiang at the end of September saw a set of Hefei city commercial housing, then signed the "real estate sale agreement", and pay 70 thousand yuan deposit to the seller. The two sides agreed on the agreement, since the date of signing this agreement signed for formalities within 30 days. Unexpectedly, during the national day, Hefei began to purchase. Restriction order: to suspend the purchase of 1 sets of housing and more than the urban residents of the household registration of new commodity housing and housing stock. As a result of outsiders, but also in Hefei has a set of commercial housing, according to the above provisions, he can not buy a house, so that the lifting of the agreement, the deposit refund. Sellers that Jiang no longer purchase, constitute a breach of contract, but also to create a certain loss of their own, do not agree to refund the deposit. So, the seller should refund the deposit? [analysis] sellers shall be refunded the deposit. Although China’s "contract law" 115th stipulates that: the parties can be agreed to pay a deposit to the other party as a guarantee of the creditor’s rights. After the debtor has performed the obligation, the deposit shall be paid for the price or recovered. If the party that pays the deposit fails to perform the agreed debt, it has no right to demand the return of the deposit; if the party accepting the deposit fails to perform the agreed debt, the deposit shall be paid twice." However, the "contract law" article ninety-fourth also stipulates that, due to force majeure can not achieve the purpose of the contract, the parties can terminate the contract. Article 117th provides: "because of force majeure can not perform the contract, in accordance with the impact of force majeure, part or all of the exemption, except as otherwise provided by law. If an event of force majeure occurs after the party delays performance, it shall not be exempted from liability." Accordingly, Jiang no longer constitute a breach of the purchase, the key is to see whether the purchase of housing is a force majeure. "Force majeure" means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions, such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, wars, government bans, strikes, etc.. "Restriction order" is for specific groups of buyers "government ban", and the buyers and sellers in the contract can not be foreseen, can not be avoided and can not overcome the objective situation. The house belongs to the real property, the real right law stipulates that the establishment, alteration, transfer and elimination of the real right of the real property shall be effective only after being registered according to law. All purchase orders are provided, in violation of the provisions of the purchase, not for real estate registration. In this case, Jiang belongs to the "restrictions" of the object, if the housing sale agreement signed between the two sides continue to perform, will lead to real estate registration shall not handle the fruit, between the two sides of the housing sales contracts clearly the purpose can not be achieved, the house sale and purchase agreement shall terminate. As a result of the termination of the agreement is due to the government ban this force majeure situation, rather than a breach of Jiang, both parties are liable. Therefore, Jiang asked to lift the sale and purchase agreement and the request to return 70 thousand yuan deposit. Jiang can be issued to the housing authority to prove their purchase, and then ask the seller to refund the deposit. If the other party refused to refund the deposit, Jiang can be resolved through litigation.相关的主题文章:

He Tianju confirmed the distant basket only playing preseason NBA new season is still in the CBA he Tianju represents only the pelican pre-season is expected to visit NBA? He invited the pelican day pre-season sports Tencent cited the war September 15th news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on September 15th morning, the media broke the news that the Liaoning team players in He Tianju will represent the New Orleans pelicans team in the NBA season this year. In an interview, Liaoning’s deputy general manager of the machine also confirmed the authenticity of the news. In an interview he said the machine, the Tianju received the pelican’s invitation to participate in the preseason NBA. But he does not like "join the pelican as some media reports, but only in the game and China preseason game. Actually, in the NBA after the end of the preseason, he Tianju will return to the Liaoning team, and the new season to continue playing for Liaoning. The Liaoning men’s basketball team officially confirmed in later, the Liaoning men’s basketball team official micro-blog also announced the news, "NBA New Orleans pelicans team invited Liaoning Feibao team player He Tianju will be represented at the Olympic team to participate in the Asian Challenge Race, to the United States to participate in the pelican’s new season training camp, training with the team in a team then, two preseason games in October 1st and 4, respectively, against the Dallas Mavericks and Indiana pacers. And then set off for China to take part in two NBA China Games in Beijing against Houston rockets in Shanghai on October 9th and 12." Now he is Tianju following the Olympic men’s basketball team in Iran, Tehran in the 2016 Asian challenge. At the end of the game, he Tianju plan will be 24 this month left for the United States and the pelican. It is worth mentioning that this will be the new Tianju occupation career, the first team in the preseason on behalf of NBA. Last year, he has represented the pelican team in the NBA Summer League games. In 6 games and averaged 3.7 points and 1.2 rebounds.相关的主题文章:

Li Jiacheng went back to the domestic hunters? HK $1 billion 900 million with the Hongkong Lands Department September 14th news release, Li Jiacheng Cheung Kong real estate subsidiary Yu Hui Investment Limited company beat 17 Consortium for HK $1 billion 953 million won nine belly Sha Tin plots, significantly higher than the market valuation of 1 billion 220 million to HK $1 billion 460 million. Over the past few years, Li Jiacheng has been selling property in Hongkong and Mainland China, and has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in Europe, especially in britain. Now Li Jiacheng is back, it means that the weak property market in Hongkong has been to the Chinese bargain hunting opportunity? After a lapse of 4 years, Li Jiacheng in Hongkong to take reporters noted that with the highest floor area calculation, the land investment Yu Hui scored per square foot of floor price of approximately HK $8001, the price is higher than the market expected limit of 33%, which is long 4 years apart again successfully competing residential land. Sha Tin Town Lot No. 614th of the land area of about 6299 square meters, designated for private residential use. The lowest and highest floor area of 13606 square meters and a total of 22676 square meters. In September 15th, after the announcement, Cheung Kong real estate Hongkong stock exchange shares rose 2.34%, up close, all day long or 1.35%. The news that Li Jiacheng bought the land in Hongkong was remarkable because it was the first time since 2012 that had bought land in Hongkong. According to the Hongkong land and resources administration statistics, in 2011, Li Jiacheng bought 37% of the government to sell the land, in 2012 photographed a total of 6%. A long time competing government land, is the end of 2012, to more than HK $2 billion 900 million per square foot of floor price of HK $5160 for Ma’anshan white sand land Shicai street. But since then, from the Hongkong real estate market "retreat". "From 2011 to 2016, Li Jiacheng bought in Hongkong (Orange: Cheung Kong; blue: other developers. Source: Hongkong Department of land: Source: Peng Bo) return to, the Hongkong real estate market is an inspiration. With the decline in housing prices in Hongkong, sales slowed, many large developers do not want to shoot a high price. However, in addition to Li Jiacheng, in the last month, Hongkong’s largest Real Estate Company SHKP at HK $2 billion 400 million to take another land in Sha tin. This is after June 2015, Sun Hung Kai first piece of residential land auction in Hongkong. Missed a rally, hunters come back now? Analysts believe that Li Jiacheng get high or with the current Hongkong property market rebound. According to Midland property data show that from August last year, the Hongkong property market began to appear downward trend, to this year the average price of the construction area of 8740 yuan in August from last year’s HK $7665 fell to HK $. However, in August this year, Hongkong, the average price of the construction area of the average price has risen to HK $7939. Click on the picture to the next page, according to the Central Plains real estate statistics, Hongkong real estate prices in September last year, the highest point between this year in March, down 13%. However, then Hongkong prices and turnover began to pick up, in August this year, trading volume also hit a new high of 14 months. But house prices are 6% lower than in September last year. After a period of about half a year, Li Jiacheng returns相关的主题文章:

Chongqing City, 2020 employment target: graduate employment rate of not less than 90%– Chongqing channel —       October 12th, Chongqing People Club bureau announced the "13th Five-Year plan". "Planning" clear "the main task of human social security work in 13th Five-Year" period, including promoting the realization of comparatively full and higher quality of employment, the establishment of a more equitable and sustainable social security system, promote the construction of high qualified personnel in the western region, perfecting the system of personnel management system of the rule of the norms of science, and gradually form a reasonable and orderly pattern of income distribution perfect, standardized, convenient and effective public service system and guarantee system etc..           to build more than 10 intelligent public human resource market         the reporter understands, "13th Five-Year" period, the city will introduce a number of human resource service enterprise has influence, and strive to build a number of professional services brand, and strive to operating income Industrial Park 3 years to reach 10 billion yuan, 5 years to reach 30 billion yuan, the human resource service industry has become a new economic growth point.         in addition, the city will build more than 10 intelligent public human resources market, and strive to introduce more than 1 million 200 thousand successful people. Give full play to the role of key industry human resources services company, intermediary industry, optimization of normal feeding "reservoir" to send security industry, preparation work three security mechanism to send out, strengthen labor security dispatching ability. "13th Five-Year" period, and strive to assist key enterprises to hire more than 1 million 600 thousand people. The development of human resources service alliance, and strive to "13th Five-Year" at the end, covering all of the above scale enterprises and county (Autonomous County) key enterprises in the park.         introduction of simple labor contract model text   for small and medium sized enterprises;       at the same time, the "13th Five-Year" period, the city labor relations will effectively improve the labor contract signing rate and performance quality, and strive to maintain the rate above 90%. Focus on non-public small and medium enterprises to promote the model text of the simple labor contract. For non full time, labor contracts, labor outsourcing and corporate layoffs, the implementation of 100% employment record. In addition, the city will launch a simple labor contract model text for smes.         it is reported that the city will be the full implementation of the enterprise to recruit migrant workers the responsibility for the payment of wages, the implementation of corporate wage payment deferred payment of the daily supervision and reporting system, establish and improve on the early warning system, improve the integrity of law-abiding enterprises management system, the establishment of wage arrears enterprise "blacklist" system, vigorously promote the migrant workers the real name system management, wages and projects in the field of construction bank account management, payroll and other measures.         college graduates employment rate is not low by 2020相关的主题文章:

Liverpool also has MSN! 11 ball 7 help! The British sports Sohu – Trident strangling at Anfield tonight, Liverpool 2-1 victory over Si Brown Vecchi, seven consecutive unbeaten, in the standings in second place. One year time, let " > Cyclops; HD picture: Liverpool winger to cheer his fist tonight the Titans West Brom at Anfield, Liverpool 2-1 victory over Si Brown Vecchi, seven consecutive unbeaten, in the standings in second place. One year, klopp let Liverpool reborn, the Red Army has now compete for potential champion of the premier league. According to statistics, in Liverpool’s Premier League, and scored 75 goals, the team the most goals in the same period. It is necessary to point out that since the new season, Liverpool also maintained that the momentum of the Premier League before the 9 Harding Park, the Reds scored 20 goals, averaging more than 2 goals, Manchester City in the case of a game, scored in the standings in the first place. The reason why Liverpool attack fire alarming, completely rely on the Trident attack. Messi, Neymar and Suarez MSN are combined in the world today praised Barcelona has the trident attack, called the most sharp. However, Liverpool has its own trident attack, in 35 million after the introduction of MANET, klopp has found the best three people army group, in addition to the horse home and abroad, as well as Coutinho and Phil Mino, called MFC. Tonight 2-1 beat West Brom game, Liverpool is relying on this combination to win by Phil Mino, the first ball in ball assists the second by horse mane break, break Coutinho assists the MFC trident attack to finish two goals, the final victory for Liverpool. This season, in the non injury condition, MFC combination has become Liverpool’s conventional configuration, either mane, or Firmino and Coutinho, have amazing play, they teamed up to make a classic battle; as the Premier League before the 9 round, he scored 4 goals in 8 games, Coutinho 2 assists in 9 games also scored 4 goals and 2 assists in 8 games, Firmino scored 3 goals and 3 assists, in Liverpool today’s 20 Premier League goals, MFC scored 11 goals and 7 assists. The Liverpool striker Trident also sharp, many users will be dubbed MFC low version of MSN, but this combination enough to set off a storm in england. Of course, Liverpool MFC combination is also inadequate, wasted opportunity is criticized, the second half times have the opportunity to continue to expand the lead, but one miss, let the fans in Liverpool last time again with the roller coaster. After the game, Liverpool coach klopp said, if the 2-2 draw a 2-0 lead in the case, it would be laughable, I am very satisfied with the performance of the team, with Si Brown Vecchi in the game is not always easy, high ball too much. And each set a threat. If today we are equalized, it would be laughable, this is really incredible. Faced with such a team, we did well. Si Brown Vecchi came here hoping to take away the score, but we相关的主题文章:

Quanzhou city hospital for the elderly by Industrial and Commercial Bureau office building into 99 Chung Yeung Festival is approaching, Quanzhou City: city to jasion elderly hospital project started. The municipal government has decided to be located in the city center of the city in the middle of Citong road Industrial and Commercial Bureau office building, the whole city hospital as a business premises, the hospital will according to the three level of hospital construction standards, with 300 beds, and appropriate extension set 200 – 300 Zhang family bed, focus on the development of elderly medical care, cardiovascular, geriatric rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine, health care and other related business. Health care is an important part of promoting the healthy China construction, the municipal government attaches great importance to health care included in the "five Quanzhou" "happy Quanzhou" construction, and will be included in our hospital for the elderly "13th Five-Year" health key construction projects, to provide continuous health management services and medical services for the elderly. The hospital is located in the golden section of the urban area, suitable location, convenient transportation, convenient for the masses to seek medical treatment and the future development of family bed service. The old city hospital preparatory work has already started, the first hospital is responsible for the construction and management of the day before, the first hospital has set up a preparatory work mechanism, related work, is expected to put into use in 2018. City Planning Commission Wei Wei said that the city’s old hospital is a major livelihood projects in our city, after the completion of the effective integration and expansion of the elderly medical resources in the city, to solve the problem of the city without a specialist hospital. It is understood that the "12th Five-Year" period, I increased the investment in elderly health, is to adjust and expand the elderly rehabilitation beds 490, two of the city’s 28 hospitals have set up the old service window, and carry out the reservation service. Among them, a hospital, a Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital of Fu geriatric ward, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine with the elderly rehabilitation department, provide more professional medical services for the elderly. At the same time, the city encourages the needs and conditions of pension institutions and medical institutions to open a green channel, improve and perfect the medical support integration mechanism to achieve resource sharing. (reporter correspondent Guo Yaying Zhang Weiming)相关的主题文章:

The dog bites the pregnant woman is pregnant with a second child begging dog owners away slow two days 14:07 yesterday, Mr. Zhou calls: Hangzhou Zhaohui two districts of the rabies vaccine in place to a pregnant woman, 7 months pregnant, was bitten by a dog, there is blood on the leg. 2:30 yesterday afternoon, Zhaohui two districts of Hangzhou occupation disease prevention and control center door, a tall girl, wearing hair coat of hand carry bag in security: she asked home last night was bitten by a dog, hand draw hole, how to do? The emergency room door waiting in a long team, at least three or four people. The emergency room chair, a pregnant woman hung his head, breathing great. She pulled the pants right knee, foot board has two pieces of blood. Her husband squatting on the side, hands down her throat to touch, let her breathe easier. Ms. Chen, 35, is pregnant for about 7 months, and this is her baby of the year second. Ms. Chen said, just an hour ago, she came out from home, wandering around the neighborhood, a dog suddenly ran out to her mad. He is frightened and cried, the dog seems to be more manic, rushed over towards her, bite her right foot. Do you want to make a vaccine? For adults and children have no effect? Ms. Chen and her husband for a long time, sometimes unable to decide. More than and 10 minutes later, the two decided to follow the doctor’s advice to injection of rabies vaccine, first shot, every week to play, a total of six needles. 3 pm, Ms. Chen limped out of the hospital, a taxi stopped at the door. Taxi is a more than and 50 year old teacher called, he is the owner of the dog. Master to help Chen opened the back door and sent her home. "I’m sorry! We’ll take care of it!" The master said. Just gave birth to two puppies just 3 days still in lactation mood upset sister suddenly rushed out to bite pregnant women, according to understand, Ms. Chen and the master live in the same area. Community in the vicinity of the gem two road, built along the mountain, Ms. Chen lived in the mountains, went down the stairs to the stone road, go out before going to his house, but two meters away from the 300 meters. Yesterday, I came to the door of the dog’s owner. Here a lot of bonsai, like a small garden, from here 50 meters to hear the dog bark, on and off, the closer, the louder the sound. I knocked on the door twice, barking continued, harsh. The hostess surnamed Shen, she poked his head out of the window, waved his hand toward us. "Excuse me."! I will not open the door, afraid that the dog hurt you, or in the window." She picked up a white dog, white dog I see is suddenly a cry, tongue onto the chest, revealing two canine teeth. "I’m sorry." Ms. Shen voice did not fall, the white dog suddenly called. Ms. Shen hand pretending to fight. "Sister! Don’t call you in trouble, do you know? And then call you off oh." Ms. Shen said, there are two dogs in the house now, the only white called "sister" is their support, and only curly, is her neighbors. "I have nothing to do at home after retirement, my friend’s house just a puppy, give me one, the poodle and other breeds of hybrid dogs, now 3 years old, and a total of 12 pounds." She talked about the reasons for raising her sister. Three days ago, sister gave birth to two puppies, a bit irritable mood. Ms. Shen said that day, Ms. Chen went to the front yard, home"相关的主题文章:

Yue Sun: Beijing gave each other opportunities too high hit rate 81 Yue Sun (data plan) JINGWAH Times News (reporter Liu Xuhui) yesterday, the Beijing team 99 to 87 victory over Bayi home court, harvest two game winning streak, the Bayi team start to the season with 3 game losing streak. The Yue Sun comeback, although not scoring, but sent 3 blocks. The two sides played 53 times in history, although the total record of Beijing team is only 17 wins and 36 losses, at a disadvantage, but the last 4 seasons since the Beijing team against Bayi team has achieved a winning streak. Beijing team Yue Sun comeback this game, Bayi team side because of the injury to continue the truce. Yue Sun said: "the win also can not conceal some bad things we do, is mainly on the defensive, gave each other too many open shots, which are connected with each other by shooting very high, they scored too much, so we need to do better on defense." He did not play much time in the game, only 13 minutes, there is no shooting and no score, but still sent out 2 rebounds and 3 blocks. In a limited number of appearances, Yue Sun still proved his defensive value. After the game, Yue Sun is very happy, he confidently said, I came back basically defense will not be too bad." The other players of the Beijing team in full bloom, Ji zhe scored 20 points and 9 rebounds and 3 blocks, Zhang Qingpeng 18 points, Marbury 17 points and 4 rebounds and 3 assists, Zhai Xiaochuan 14 points and 9 rebounds, Maurice 12 points and 4 rebounds, Zhu Yanxi 10 points.相关的主题文章:

Anderson was recognized by German rocket attack executives worried that the new aid a handsome weakness – Sohu sports   November 4th Beijing time, according to media reports, in an interview, Anderson said the rocket new aid, his shooting now feel good, but his performance in the offensive has also been recognized by the Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. But in the coach DAntoni, Anderson’s defensive ability still need to improve. This summer, Anderson chose to leave the Rockets. In the eyes of many people in the industry, good at shooting outside the Anderson, can play a better role in the offensive tactical system of DAntoni. From the current point of view, the fact is also in accordance with the expectations of the development of. So far this season, Anderson averaged 30.2 minutes to play, can send 12.2 points and 7 rebounds. In Anderson’s view, he is now enjoying the environment. "I feel like I can shoot 9 shots this season," Anderson said with a smile. "I’m confident that I am confident. I just have to shoot and try to get the job done. In my opinion, no matter how you feel, you can help the team." As a rocket this summer, a major operation, Anderson is now gradually into the rocket system. For Anderson, Morey gave full recognition. "We all know that Anderson is the perfect four players, can make the space to attack," Morey said, "not just because he is a good shooter, but he can still do a lot of things. In my opinion, he is an attacking player." Although Anderson’s performance has been the management of praise, but this does not mean that he does not lack, such as transition defense in the round he apparently still needs to be improved, in the process, he will often face a smaller player speed faster, which is more worried about the DAntoni Be. In this regard, Anderson expressed his views. "I don’t think most of the big players in the League want to go after a small one," said Anderson. "But I also understand that this is what you need to do. You need to help your team mate in the round turn defense. On the defensive side, we need to do better in attack and defense and defense. For me, I’m going to accept this challenge. I want to improve my defensive ability and keep aggressive at the offensive end." (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章:

Wenzhou three villagers beating demolition workers get the dish holder neck to the police crackdown thorough investigation of illegal rental housing as the starting point, power "big demolition action". As of yesterday, Wenzhou Lucheng Public Security Bureau has 3 suspects in criminal detention, a fine of 652 people. The afternoon of October 19th, rattan town government and Light Industrial Park Administrative Committee for illegal work of rattan Town Mountain shore village villagers have been besieged, illegal building staff immediately alarm. In the disposal process, the villagers Panmou of police abuse shoving, after throwing stones smashed police. Police immediately stepped forward to stop, in the fight against the police caused a finger injury. In October 24th, the staff of Shuangyu street in Huanglong Xia Ao Road No. 94 knife mold factory was found, the knife mold factory seal was torn, the hidden parts were not rectification, after the police station will be handed over to the factory owner Wang Huanglong disposal. In accordance with the law in the course of questioning, Wang will be the right arm of the police bite, after being subdued on the spot. The evening of October 27th, the police station and the police station in the grid area of the joint staff to carry out fire safety inspections of rental housing area, found a high road rental housing is illegal construction. In the process of law enforcement, the parties Zhang picked up the home kitchen knife rack in the neck of the police, and threatened to cut the police. After being police uniforms on the spot. Panmou 3 people are currently on suspicion of obstructing jingfangxingju. As of now, Lucheng Public Security Bureau of investigation of the rental housing 23664 households, check 278702 migrant workers, more than illegal object administrative detention, thorough investigation of illegal rental housing effect stage the city ranked first; investigation industry places 1077, banned trade places 21.相关的主题文章:

Goku to be assassinated? "Dragon Ball" super will open a new chapter of now there are many anime fans in ridicule: with the "weekly Shonen JUMP" under the banner of the works more suck, officials can only rely on the "Dragon Ball" continued. At present, the "super dragon" broadcast, is the best evidence? According to the news: Recently unleashed picture works will enter a new chapter. From the picture, the monkey will encounter the threat of assassination. A familiar killer will accept the Commission, seventh to the universe to kill goku. As from the official position, the killer is definitely out of action before, so it is certainly Hitler will once again return to the. But many people Tucao said: "certainly not alone, even if successful, can also use the resurrection dragon Wukong ah." "Hitler can play again, this is quite expected, however, the assassination of goku…… It’s a little funny. "Dragon Ball" dead inside what ah?" In addition, the picture also revealed two news: in December 4th, there will be a showdown with Arale monkey story. And in December 11th, the work of the most bitter man Leping will become the protagonist, I do not know what the story will be staged. And on the subsequent performance of "super dragon", Tencent will continue to focus on animation! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

The movie "passing from your world" Deng Chao Yang Yang Yue Yunpeng xiangjianhenwan (Photos) — Guizhou Channel – original screenplay by Zhang Jiajia, directed by Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe Yang Yang, guest starred in Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, Zhang Tian’ai cuckoo, lead actor, the annual blockbuster IP, the strongest emotional strongest cast together to create. The movie "passing from your world is coming". Following the "three brothers" trailer and posters, the film side also released the "good brothers" behind the scenes. In the play, Deng Chao Yang Yang, Yue Yunpeng is "the world" three brothers, but they are they good brothers, three people in the cast full understanding and laughter again and again. This piece of Deng Chao Yue Yunpeng exposed the incarnation of Yang Yang ha party bluntly "belt deviation" in the movie "passing from your world", played by Deng Chao Chen at the end of two brothers took their played by Yang Yang’s cousin Mao eighteen and played by Yue Yunpeng college buddies pighead. At the end of eighteen cousin Chen Mao is a technical Indoorsman, will own a lifetime in love iq. Chen at the end of the university has a crush on buddy PigHead, campus Belle swallow, wanted to give her a home. As the three brothers only a stable work of big brother, Chen on the one hand they dislike, waiting for them to move out; but on the other hand, as long as the brothers need help, stand up immediately. Three people in the play is the film "funny play, giggly, each other funny, but the brother to must support each other, never abandon. Three people off screen is more brotherhood, Peigemoqi, a chat is off the reel, in the studio to bring you a lot of laughter. Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng’s "two old driver" love joking with each other, but also always flirts with Yang Yang, the brothers sent the message to "heart" link, Deng Chao with a serious face: "see Yue Yue so tired, so many nights, I often alone in the room cry." "Yang Yang, how could you let my brother so miss you still bangs, would be a crime." Yue Yunpeng is a face of sincerity: super brother hope you take care of the body, the body is the most important, Yang Yang is I have seen the most lovely little boy, I was a boy I was drunk." And then can not help but laugh: "hypocrisy". Yang Yang has always been a good laugh, very happy to know truth two "hand piece" brother, with them on a piece of a "Ha party", laughter infected the entire crew. "The whole world" three "chowhound" brief encounter emotional blockbuster aggressively constantly praise talk to the "common world" of the three brothers, Deng Chao pointed out: "we are all chowhound." Filming intermittent time, three people eat Chongqing delicacy to eat did not stop, has been in the exclamation "delicious", "how can you be so delicious". When three people are working is very dedicated, in order to pursue the real effect, eat small eat to maintain. Three brothers in the group, Deng Chao frankly very happy can accept two such a good brother, is really wrong. Yang Yang felt that Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng were as happy as they were with two big brothers. Yue Yunpeng felt that the Brotherhood was rare and rare相关的主题文章:

Smart appliances popular consumer appliances tend to high-end segment dishwashers, dryers, air purifiers, beauty instrument, sweeping robot, juice machine, broken machines…… In recent years, the tide of household appliances consumption is gradually spread to the field of small household electrical appliances, more and more high-end, intelligent, health appliances began to enter the homes of ordinary people. Adapt to 80, 90 and other new generation of consumer demand changes, home appliance manufacturers are accelerating the transfer of positions. In September 14th, Haier group and one of the world’s largest Jahwa company Reckitt group announced a strategic cooperation, open up Chinese dishwasher market. And last month, millet has just released the first sweeping robot. New consumer groups bring new consumption structure. With the advent of a comprehensive upgrade of consumption and intelligence, to meet the quality, health, green consumption of small household appliances and smart appliances interconnection of all things will become the main battlefield of the industry competition. "The big four" home appliance saturation, small household electrical appliances A new force suddenly rises. over the past 30 years, with color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine four pieces mainly in the development of Chinese family appliance popularization, the achievements of the global rise of China appliance manufacturers. With the saturation of the market and changes in consumer habits, improve and improve the quality of life of the "non essential" small household electrical appliances began to be popular. Aimed at the new appliance category market segments, new applications emerging, high-end, intelligent, healthy product market share continues to improve, becoming the main driving force for the growth of the home appliance market. Health is a popular type of small appliances. Juicer, juice machine, broken machines, grinding machines, really Soybean Milk alcohol pulp machine, electric cooker, toaster, electric oven…… Kitchen cookware is not only a wide variety, but also increased the number of intelligent and fashion factors. Behind the appliance in function retrofit, is the pursuit of health, fine, diverse diet. The two is "lazy" economy first, accelerate the upgrading of small kitchen appliances. With the growth of the new generation of consumer groups, more emphasis on the value of time. The dishwasher, sweeping robot, cooking machine, new products such as hands free also started to enter the market China. In the dishwasher, for example, at present, the domestic dishwasher penetration rate of only 1%, the penetration rate of developed countries in Europe and America is 60%-70%. According to the brokerage research report analysis, with a substantial improvement in product features, consumer awareness gradually deepened, many companies have introduced new products, the Chinese dishwasher market is about to erupt. According to estimates, the next 5 years the dishwasher industry CAGR is expected to reach 59.5%, after 5 years to achieve annual sales of more than 2 million, is expected to become the standard kitchen. Today, Haier, Midea, Vatti, boss and other domestic manufacturers have introduced dishwasher products. Three is a kind of beauty fitness appliances gradually accepted by the public. In recent years, "Yan economic value" on the upgrade, cleansing instrument, beauty instrument, facial massage, liposuction machine, eyelash curler and other beauty small appliances will be selling sea Amoy purchasing circle, frequently hit the nanotechnology and ion technology, pulse technology and other high-tech brand. According to the China beauty care market depth research and investment prospects research report shows that China’s current demand for personal beauty has exceeded Japan and South Korea, ranking first in asia. As China’s population, demand, according to the per capita demand, China’s beauty care market is also 15-18 times the growth of empty.相关的主题文章:

Lipin had donated millions of thanksgiving to his alma mater   encourage students to "gentleman" — Health Channel – September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Sheng Yue) 9, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine School of traditional Chinese "Tianxin Building" "floor" donation ceremony held at the Liangxiang campus of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, school leaders, School Alumni Association Leadership Yunnan, founded the general manager Ceng Lipin, chairman of Limited by Share Ltd Pharmaceutical Group Beijing tcmages Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Wu Bin School of traditional Chinese representatives, representatives of the teachers and students attended the event. Colleges of traditional Chinese medicine as the earliest established after the founding of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in September 10th to celebrate its 60 anniversary. In the practice of running a school in North Chinese long-term, "Rucker Shuren, people with culture" for the purpose, to cultivate a batch of high-level innovative talents of Chinese medicine. The event, Lipin has expressed gratitude to his alma mater, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and expressed the hope that all students can "goods, Khalid, determined, Lixin, down-to-earth efforts to learn, contribute to the development of Chinese medicine industry China. "Li Lou had Lipin donor speak speech it is reported that in the 60 anniversary of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine as honorary alumni have Lipin donated 10 million yuan for the construction of Chinese north. Of which 3 million yuan for the teachers’ teaching award 7 million yuan for the school of Chinese medicine, North Building B building, the construction area of 4677 square meters, the school was named "Li Ming building", to the situation, interpretation of education "teaching, reading activities, inspire students to" Pengcheng Chi, a gentleman de". Talking about this action in mind, Lipin once said: "first of all, is the source of drinking water, I graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1990, laid the foundation for his alma mater, five years of education for my whole life career, but really here learned knowledge, and establish their own outlook on life. Enterprises in the past few years in the Chinese medicine industry has made some achievements, so I would like to give back to his alma mater." Lipin had admitted that the Chinese medicine industry overall research funding is still insufficient, "as the social resources, I hope to help supplement the Chinese medicine education, especially university education, in the development of enterprises, also hope to strengthen research and school cooperation, so this is the most donations, for the construction of the teaching building and the building, mainly to the construction of the experimental platform is better." (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

Ross angry ex girlfriend unlimited exposure has been asked to cancel the "superstar discredit anonymous face to face interview with Ross:" to New York Nicks Tencent sports news September 20th Title Ross and his girlfriend’s soap opera, is still in fermentation. According to "TMZ" reported that Ross is tired of his ex girlfriend for his endless allegations, and asked her to cancel anonymity. Ross and his girlfriend’s soap opera is still fermenting insider revealed that the party has filed a document to the court, asked his ex girlfriend to cancel anonymity. The reason is that once the former girlfriend of anonymity will be endless discredit yourself, it is worth mentioning that. In the past week, Ross’s former girlfriend Shangcuanxiatiao, even held a 90 minute telephone interview meeting, has become the focus of the media. According to Ross’s ex girlfriend revealed that Ross and his two friends raped her, but also the use of sex toys, but this is a total denial of the president of the United States, but this is not the case. Ross’s lawyer pointed out, this is not the case of rape, but pure extortion, hoping to rely on anonymity, to make a lot of money by selling privacy." "As a result of this incident has caused a great disturbance in the media, so we must ask her to cancel the anonymous, even in front of the media." Ross’s lawyers continue to file in the document. However, the current requirements of the party Ross has not been recognized by the court, so before making the ruling, Ross’s ex girlfriend can continue to use anonymous. And Ross, it is necessary to continue to bear the allegations from former girlfriend. This is the idea that the pile case will be officially in October 4th trial, US media is expected, the trial will protracted, is likely to last for years. (Yang Weili) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

8 6 15 points! James dunks second pass show a master hand’s first small display all didn’t try won the sina sports news Beijing time on October 9th, Cleveland sits fast loan center ushered in the 76 challenge, with Meckel Brown and Mccrea finally joined the four points, the final team to 108-105 victory over the opponent, ushered in the season two game winning streak. As a team leader, Lebron – James played 17 minutes in 8 to 6, the hit rate as high as 75% cases scored 15 points and 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals a perfect performance, once again showing the first league supremacy. The first section of the game James completed a 2+1, no play, with the potential to see how Erwin overseers of the team will be connected into a whole, successive check digit newcomers who may be in the final 15 man squad with jones. But seeing the team by 76 people gradually forced to the passive situation, James in the second quarter began to shake out offensive skills, resorted to the following screen respectively. The team behind the 28-35, James is a sound in the distance, then seckill rookie Saric, following the air connecting wire fried king and Erwin after the completion of the show, the moment James scored 6 points, the score to 34-37. Erwin two a penalty of intermittent blocking performance of James, then 76 people in front of the whole defensive line, James once again staged a single pound Huanglong rolling; and a basket of air rod circle; with the transition once again made an offensive foul two penalty two, James again sent a personal attack 6 stream field trend has been completely reversed, and the knight has to lead the score 41-40 lead. Three times in the next transition, James faced 76 people formed the double potential of the first hit for Anderson sent assists will expand the score; then again forced to assault the basket, with no strong rival to complete the game’s final performance. When the fans look again when the data in the first section, only 3 points recorded James festival only scored 12 points, single handedly has assisted the team finished half reversed, lay the main tone for the team to the final victory. This is the first alliance of real value, as long as the team crisis when required, he instantly incarnation of Power Rangers, to save the team from the mire. In today’s game in the second quarter performance, as long as James wants to do, to tackle in the league today almost no one. (Shui Qingqing) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章:

26 days 0 when the Champions League group phase draw Barcelona or Real Madrid suffered Manchester City [collection] Manchester score 6-0 promotion Titans Hart scored for the Tencent sports news August 25th Toure Beijing time on August 26th at 0 am (Central European time in late August 25th 18), the draw for the 2016-17 season in the Champions League group phase will be held at the Grimaldi Conference Center in Monaco. Decide the final 10 teams in this week, 32 into four files according to the rules, each team will fall in a lottery. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Munich, Juventus (website data) Matus, Leicester City, Paris Saint Germain, Benfica and CSKA Moscow to be seeded after qualifying playoff the end of the second round, a total of 10 teams qualify for the Champions League final group phase, they are Oporto, Monaco, Boston, Lu Drogo Meret Warsaw corps, Dinamo Zagreb, Rostov, Copenhagen, Manchester City and Monchengladbach (data). According to UEFA rules, 32 will be divided into 4 grades, each grade 8 teams, each team will have a different grade team. Among them, UEFA points ranked in the top seven of the league championship team and the Champions League last season will automatically be seeded into first gear, they are in Spain with Real Madrid, Spain Barcelona, England Leicester City, Bayern Munich, Germany Italy, Benfica, Juventus and Paris in France and Russia, Saint Germain the CSKA moscow. The remaining 24 teams will be ranked according to their UEFA Champions League points to second to grade fourth. In the draw, the same league ball will be automatically avoided in the group stage, because of the well-known reasons, Russia and Ukraine club will not be divided into the same group. In the four grades of the team after the dust settles, draw the results will determine the ultimate fate of the 32. In the group stage, it is also possible that the super death group. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Munich and Arsenal may have such powers (data) and Manchester City at the same time in a group. The third grades of Tottenham, Monaco is also the first class of the grade fourth giants unwilling to encounter opponents. What kind of grouping will happen? Let us wait for the arrival of the draw ceremony. Attached: 2016-17 Champions League group phase grade first grade: Real Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Leicester city (England), Bayern Munich (Germany), Juventus (Italy), Benfica (Portugal), Paris Saint Germain (France), CSKA Moscow (Russia) second grades: Atletico Madrid (Spain), Dortmund (Germany), A Senna (England), Manchester City (England), Seville (Spain), Oporto (Portugal), Naples (Italy), Leverkusen (Germany) third grades: Basel (Switzerland), Tottenham (England), Dinamo Kiev (Ukraine), Lyon (France), Eindhoven (Holland), Lisbon (Portugal) and Bruges athletics (Billy When), Monchengladbach)相关的主题文章:

Shanghai the 7 parks in Chongming can buy citrus autumn delicacy not to be missed in addition to crabs, and sweet listed local citrus! The City Greening Management Bureau said on November 10th -30, from Chongming citrus will direct in Zhongshan Park, Yangpu Park, peace park, Zhabei Park, Changfeng Park, Lu Xun Park and the Shanghai Botanical Garden 7 Park, priced at 1.5 yuan catty. Small partners will soon be able to buy fresh and affordable at home in Chongming citrus! Citrus marketing time and place [time] on November 10th -30 (end time provisional, according to product sales may be appropriate to extend the time) daily Park began sales, sold so far [place] Shanghai botanical garden gate 3 address: Xuhui District Baise road 940, Yangpu park gate 1 address: Yangpu District Shuangyang Road No. 399 Lu Xun address: Hongkou District North Sichuan Road Park South Gate No. 2288 Zhongshan Park gate 3 address: Changning District Wanhangdu Road 1562 near Changfeng Park Gate 2 (November 14th) address: Putuo District Jujube Road No. 525 (Note: Changfeng Park and sports events because of direct conflict, citrus postponed to November 14th start time) address: Jingan District Zhabei Park East Pingxingguan road 368 the peace park gate 4 address: No. 168 of the seven Park in Hongkou District Xingang Road Sales citrus from Chongming LvHua Town, long Xing Zhen, Hengsha Township and Pudong citrus planting cooperatives, the day before, citrus picking from the tree after the classification, the morning of the second day will be sent directly to the seven Park, to ensure the freshness of orange fruit. Broadcast to Tencent micro-blog scan left two-dimensional code: concern Shanghai play (lvyouSH) weekend to play hi! Reply to "around the island": around seven islands, blue sky go! Reply: "long legs" beauty Xiaobian teach you to shoot long legs! There are occasional free tour group welfare, in Shanghai play Oh ~ ~ ~相关的主题文章:

Not all people are suitable for climbing! The Double Ninth Festival offbeat regimen, a lot of good… – Sohu health year Chongyang, this double ninth, today is China traditional festival festival. The Double Ninth Festival is also called "the festival", many places have the foresight of "autumn riding" customs, that not only edify sentiment, you can also exercise. However, not all are suitable for the elderly to climb. The old man climbing do have heart disease, lung disease of the elderly is not suitable for mountain climbing. Because climbing physical consumption, blood circulation, will increase the burden on the heart, easy to induce angina, myocardial infarction. If the old man a very enthusiastic, insisted on climbing, the best in the family accompany. In addition, arthritis and lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and intermittent claudication were not climbing. Because people need to go up and down the knee flexion and extension of the mountains, steep mountain road will be greater wear of the knee joint, a lot of elderly people suffer from knee pain after climbing. From a medical point of view, do not advocate for patients with osteoarthritis. Patients with severe osteoporosis, nor suitable for mountain climbing. Intermittent claudication is caused by atherosclerotic plaque in patients with lower extremity arteriosclerosis, walking on the ground some distance (several hundred meters to 1 kilometers), feel heavy legs, pain, numbness and weakness, limp, must rest to walk, is not suitable for climbing. In addition, the elderly before climbing as were headache, dizziness, headache, inattention and other cerebrovascular diseases symptoms but also try not to climb. "Cried" health is not suitable for climbing the elderly, try "yangtianchangxiao". "Cried" is in high spirits, or over expression in high and vigorous spirits, depressed, or express their emotions to ming. Three in the period of Cao Zhi’s "beauty" is "look left light, long Qiruo Xiao lan." Yue Fei "Azolla" is also "eyes, sky chosho, zhuanghuai fierce." The famous, with shouts to express emotion. The study found that the sky chosho benefits. From the perspective of medical care, regular exercise is vital for the roar. Chosho can adjust breath, anger, luck, qi. Persevere, can increase strength, strengthen the viscera especially for old people, the deficiency frail health care effect. Health experts believe that Akita Keno is suitable for fresh air, Chen xiao. A little cold discomfort, roar roar several to several spit sputum, sometimes not healing medicine. To roar roar back, arms raised, enough to make people relax, and, try to extend the end, in order to spit bad net. 9-11 am, 2-4 PM is the best time for exercise in the elderly. At this time the temperature is rising, the phenomenon of reverse flow layer disappeared, the deposition of harmful gases in the air layer gradually dispersed, clean air. Select the outskirts of the wilderness, forest, river and static dilute Park, a place with chosho, shout out five foul air. Expert: Associate Professor and deputy director of the PLA 305 hospital pharmacists Pang Haolong Pu Zhaohe of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition, climbing!相关的主题文章:

Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 basically finalized a total of 24 stations along the line [Abstract] Zhengzhou metro line connecting Xingyang has been basically determined along the line. Metro Line 10 began at the airport station, the end of the Zhengzhou Railway Station, a total of 24 stations across the board. Look at your doorstep? Recently, the reporter learned from the Xingyang municipal planning center, Zhengzhou connect Xingyang subway line 10 has been basically determined along. The original planning line along the road to the road to the Central Plains city Zheng Road, planning new line along the Central Plains Road, Beijing Road, Zheng road first block. On the basis of the concept of "new Zheng" overall planning, Zhengzhou-Xi’an high-speed rail station in the future will rely on the Xingze road form comprehensive service center of commercial, business, leisure and entertainment in one of the. The No. 10 subway line along the Central Plains road to Zhengzhou west station, Zhengzhou station will build a comprehensive transportation hub of high-speed rail, rail transportation, bus, bus, taxi functions, the realization of various types of traffic zero transfer, forming a perfect transportation system, to create more convenient conditions for people to travel. East Road, east of the region’s future use of Metro Line 8, line 21, bus rapid transit and other areas to achieve convergence. Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 starts at the airport station, the end of the Zhengzhou Railway Station, the line length of 43.5 km, a total of a total of 24 stations across the station, the station spacing of 1.8 km, the function is located in Zhengzhou Metro line. The site includes: Zhengzhou Railway Station, School of medicine, Greentown square, Luozhuang, Lvdongcun, apricot Bay, one in Zhengzhou, the public plaza, Xintian Avenue, Li Shangyin, Yu Long, WA Wu sun, Xingyang botanical garden, Xingyang Town, five dragon village, Jinhua Road, East, West Xia Wo Xia wo Street, ShangJie Railway Station, aluminum plant. (Zhengzhou Evening News) according to Zhengzhou Metro news: "Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 phase two project began trial operation" in September 20, 2016 11 in the morning, with the first column of electric bus pulled out Kaixuan Road parking lot, enter the line interval test run, Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 phase two project officially entered the stage of trial operation. From the Spring Festival in 2017 before the opening of trial operation of a step closer. Then, on line 1 of the two phase of the project will have the operation of line 1 of the project through time and space, further shorten the distance west of the city is more convenient, high tech Zone, Zheng Dong New District Longzihu regional people travel. Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line 1 runs through the city of East and west development of the main line, the line length of 40.6km, set up station 30, are underground stations. Among them, the first phase project of line 1 in the west of the station Xiliu Lake Xiliu Lake, west of the city to the east city of Victoria sports center station, the line length of 25.6km, 20 station, on December 28, 2013 opening of trial operation. On line 1 of the two phase of the project in a project based on the westward and northward extension, the line length of about 15.0km, 10 stations, the western part of the line by the station 7 station Xiliu Lake extends westward, the eastern section of the line from the city sports center station north 3 stations. 1 line two engineering commissioning is a transitional stage of trial operation, is the preview of trial operation, is city rail traffic must pass through the opening of trial operation before the link. The so-called trial run, is in the city.相关的主题文章:

Suzhou hundred years of residence were burned as champion Dai Wangshu "Rain Lane" prototype – Beijing "Pan Zhai just ordinary houses, not registered Wenbao building, lane and narrow, fire engines can not enter." Central broadcasting network Suzhou October 9th, according to voice of China News reported that this is a street in Suzhou, a local official in Pingjiang. Recently, Suzhou City, Pingjiang Road lilac Lane A has hundred years history of the "champion" residence suffered a fire, after the fire, because the narrow lane, fire engines can not enter, such as firefighters to extinguish the fire hose, the house has been completely burned, but fortunately no casualties. A local official said in response to pan Zhai is not registered security architecture. It is said that Dai Wangshu is in lilac lane as the prototype, wrote the famous poem "Rain Lane". Aspect comments: 100 years old, "the former champion" as a unique historical and cultural relics, has irreplaceable cultural value and historical significance, it carries a lot of real historical and cultural information, records the cultural symbol of the rich, just because it is non registered security building, on the lack of management. Non renewable cultural relics and cultural relics once damaged, we can not explain to future generations.相关的主题文章:

The two girls encounter with a man groping man said a joke on the Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuanding reporter Tao Weizhou Xiaomeng) more than and 10 year old Nanjing girl Madeleine (a pseudonym) two encounter with a man groping hit the chest, no matter she told Grandpa, and report to the police the grandfather accompanied. Because of the physical characteristics of Madeleine remember the suspect, the police quickly arrested the lady-killer. Police suspect man figure for October 14th, an elderly man with a granddaughter to Nanjing Confucius Temple police station alarm. Modern Express reporter learned that the same day around 6 in the morning, as usual, Xiao Ping carrying a bag to school. Is fast to the school gate, suddenly, a strange man riding a bicycle in front of her, touch her chest. Although the city’s main road, the road was also a lot of people, but because of the man’s chest is very short, no one noticed. Xiaoping stimulated, the school did not dare to go home crying. Grandpa found Xiaoping abnormal, ask under just know what was going on, so with the children came to the police station to alarm. Let the police surprise, Xiaoping said, this is the second time she encountered the man groping". Originally, just a month ago on the way to school, Xiaoping has a similar encounter, when she did not dare to say with his family. However, this time Xiaoping wrote down the suspect’s physical characteristics, "about 75 meters tall, plump, wearing a blue T-shirt, riding a 80% new mountain bike". According to this clue, the police quickly locked the suspect. The police tracked him down to the suspect. Modern Express reporter learned that the suspect surnamed Wu, 22 years old this year. In the face of the police, he also said that at the beginning of Xiaoping and just a joke, go to school that time is not a joke". When the police told him that his behavior has been suspected of molesting women and children, to bear criminal responsibility, he realized the seriousness of the problem. Eventually, Wu explained that in recent months, he followed a number of female students to implement indecency. Currently, Wu has been under criminal detention by the police according to law, the case is still under investigation. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) more than sixty female employees year-round by male executives groping after the intolerable alarm相关的主题文章:

Female police officers and arrested a fugitive fugitive meet is known in "notorious" emotional frustration intended to commit suicide female policewoman caught more than 2 years ago, a farmer from Henan project in Jinzhou committed intentional injury case at large. Jinzhou station police station recently to Master Cheng use mobile phone number, a young female officer was appointed by WeChat’s "WeChat become a function of friends", think there is a affair with the process of a police officer to meet in Xi’an on September 24th, the Jinzhou police was immediately captured. In 2014 July, Jinzhou New Station Street in a hotel two diners dispute due to competition leads to a female toilet, hands after injury, people fled the scene. Police identified a large number of suspects for migrant workers through a certain way, Cheng is a Henan people, 34 years old. A police investigation, since after the incident has not been back home, without hearing a word about, police have not given up on the way to a catch. In September this year, the police was informed that a certain way and in a worker in Jinzhou had a telephone contact, the police have used a mobile phone number to yinshechudong, police leaders let policewoman Zhao to use the mobile phone number is related to the use of a micro signal, and then use WeChat to add friends obtained a trust, two through WeChat just chatted for a long time, Cheng bluntly "opinion of female netizen". Even so, Cheng has been wary, he said he only in WeChat in Xi’an contracted projects, make millions of years, but did not mention the relevant identity. The police investigation found a secret, he was in Xi’an. Between the two sides of the WeChat, the way a police officer invited to meet Zhao Xi’an. In September 24th, the former police station line four police arrest team schedule an appointment". Late 7 little Zhao police undercover appeared in XiAn Railway Station rendezvous, Cheng arrived on time, just before being plainclothes police arrested. The trial, Cheng admitted that he did not "make millions of years", but after committing crimes in many places has been hiding, recently went to Xi’an, because life distress have odd jobs at the site. And Zhao officer for WeChat friends and meet in Xi’an, he thinks he will have an affair, did not expect the "WeChat girl" turned out to be a policeman, has been under criminal detention.相关的主题文章:

In order to improve the efficiency of attacking Ross Kobe to learn flash point? Heritage sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 28th, according to U.S. media reports, although Kobe Bryant has officially retired, but he still have influence on NBA. New York Nicks star Derek – said that in order to improve the efficiency of his offensive, he has been studying the game of the game of the – – – – -. Although Kobe is a great scorer, but his offensive efficiency, especially shot selection has been questioned by the outside world. So curious to know why Ross wanted to imitate Kobe to improve the efficiency of attack. "To keep high efficiency, every time you dribble must be meaningful. When you see a player to play, I always said that Kobe, his every dribble can let him get a great mobile phone, or let him in a mobile phone will have a great position." "You rarely see other players to cover his shooting, and even interfere with his shooting." Ross continued, "if so, he can also find a way to swing the defender or hit the ball. This is what I’m trying to do. Of course, I’m not Kobe. But if I am in a bad position on the court, I would like to add that Kobe is rarely in a bad position on the court, which is what I am trying to achieve." It must be admitted that, although Kobe’s offensive efficiency has been questioned, but he is definitely one of the best offensive players in the history of NBA technology. This is where Ross really needs to learn. In addition, Ross averaged 16.4 points per game last season, shooting and shooting percentage of only 43% and 29%, which makes his true shooting percentage of only 47.9%. So his offensive efficiency needs to be strengthened. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

Star: C Ronaldo missing Messi boo him extraordinary injustice he will face Fran Messi’s extraordinary comments C Luo lack of sina sports news recently, Uruguay star Diego Fran in his column in the comments C Luo two people with Messi, he praised the performance of C lo, but he also said C Ronaldo who lack a little what Messi has this. Fran, who played alongside C at the club, said: "part of his game, I hope he will never change. When I played with him, and in his first few years at Real Madrid, he used to play defensive players for fun, just like Messi did. Now, he acts as a front end, the killer. Messi is the same, but he still has the ability to play 2-3 players, change the game." The report raised about C Luo teammates to score offside, Fran said is groundless statement "when morata, winner, C Ronaldo? I smiled. He looks like protest raised his arm a goal was offside, Catalonia radio said after scoring his team exaggeration, he is not happy. It looks bad. He’s been criticized for it. It’s not fair. I think he’s celebrating." Fran behind C Ronaldo Fran also said that Real Madrid fans booed C Ronaldo is not fair, he will prove the doubters wrong. (flat)相关的主题文章:

2016 Haizhu division seven soccer system start in 22 division competition [Abstract] Guangdong province Football Association held the 2016 Guangdong · guide; seven people made the UEFA Cup football match Guangzhou Haizhu division draw ceremony on the morning of September 24th officially launched. Nanjing Youth Olympic men’s seven Rugby highlight sports Tencent in Guangdong province in September 26th 2016 organized by the Guangdong Football Association to guide · seven UEFA Cup football match Guangzhou Haizhu division draw ceremony on the morning of September 24th officially launched. Guangdong · seven people made the UEFA Cup football match Guangzhou Haizhu division draw it is reported that the 2016 Guangdong · Guangzhou Haizhu Division League Cup football match will begin in October 15th, the whole lasted 1 months. 32 teams participated in the first four Amoy will represent Haizhu division played in UEFA Cup 2016 Guangdong · Guangzhou region tournament, and have the opportunity to compete for the championship on behalf of the Guangzhou division. Guangdong seven UEFA Cup football game in Guangdong province is the largest amateur football matches, the division reached 22, joining the team of more than 1000, a large number of participants, in Guangdong province football lovers heart is one of the most heavily weighted amateur competition.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – Museum of cultural and creative products fair debut to "national treasure" entered public life Museum of cultural and creative products fair debut to "national treasure" into public life [comment] from October 27th to 30, the eleventh session of the Chinese Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo will be held in Beijing, located in the main China international exhibition the exhibition center "of cultural relics and Museum of cultural and creative products exhibition, attracting many tourists come to visit. More than 20 cultural units with their outstanding cultural and creative products exhibition. Relevant responsible person said, would like to take this opportunity to let the museum culture, into the public life. [comment] Fair set up a "national cultural creative products exhibition and the national ten cultural technology products exhibition" and "Museum Gallery Exhibition" two forum, showcasing the cultural relics and Museum of cultural and creative products. Recently, the State Administration of cultural heritage issued a number of opinions on promoting the rational use of cultural relics, on the rational use of cultural relics work guidance. It also promotes museums around the world, creating their own creative products. [] the same period: the capital museum design room of cultural industry Su Rong the creative products from our multi pastel turquoise green pot, from its color, it developed into some travel packages, stationery, daily necessities and furniture of these. This fair is listed for the first time. []: the period of Western Zhou Dynasty ruins Museum of cultural and creative products for Diao Yifei we are according to the capital museum artifacts BOT, according to the image features of it, give it some character. Of course will be consistent with the characteristics of the times, we will give a series of expression, a series of cultural and creative, we will apply to the exhibition for the future, some social chat software []: the same expression, director of education and Information Department of Beijing ancient architecture museum Guan Xin these products are ancient elements, pattern, line is that with every exhibition, a number of books, a product approval record. [comment] the reporter on the scene saw the launch of the museums of cultural and creative products, there are Home Furnishing elegant living supplies, including pillows, goggles, and U disk, keychain and other small objects, the design is very clever. "Poyi car models", "Mongolian Doll", "Yan Master" and so on, are very attractive to the eye. The pricing of the market, so that these cultural derivatives, more attractive. [the same period]: the capital museum, the Ministry of culture industry design room Su Rong a lot of people come to see, like. Just want to put the museum’s culture into life, into the public life, so that we can take it out, this is one of our ideas. []: the period of Western Zhou Dynasty ruins Museum of cultural and creative products for Diao Yifei if the two museums have this, can promote mutual development, these derivatives for some interaction about the treasure behind something, in a new form to show. [] this period: Director of the Information Department of Beijing ancient architecture museum and the new museum can improve the visibility and level, explore the cultural connotation, let people understand some knowledge, carry forward the traditional culture. Tao相关的主题文章:

A number of new regulations will be implemented in November, the people’s livelihood network about cars into the regulatory network in China’s first car about the implementation of the administrative measures, strict net about car drivers and platform access "threshold"; the national health and Family Planning Commission required to improve the medical safety management, clear responsibility of medical quality management; 800 km short haul passenger travel fare set is expected to usher in a more "special offer tickets"…… This November, a number of new regulations will soon be implemented, so that the rule of law is increasingly perfect, so that life is more secure. A violent crime record is not allowed to drive the car about the net since November 1st, the concern of the "online booking taxi management service management Interim Measures" formally implemented, which means "network about cars" this new way to travel has entered the orbit of the rule of law. According to the way of network about car drivers must obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years driving experience, no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no driving record and the record of violence after drinking, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle has no record of 12 points in the record. Way clear, network platform company shall record about the car driver, about car in its service platform to release the information content, user registration information, authentication information, order log, log on the Internet, online transaction log, log data and backup running track, and through the service platform in a significant manner, about car driver the passengers and other personal information collection and use of the purpose and scope of the way to inform. Without the express consent of the main body of the information, the network about car platform company shall not use these personal information for other businesses. The relevant departments should establish a network platform about the car and the driver of credit records, and included in the national credit information sharing platform; rental organization of auto industry association shall establish network platform about the car and the driver record list system, strengthen self-discipline. Medical quality management responsibility to further clarify the national health and Family Planning Commission issued the "medical quality management approach" from November 1st. Approach requires the establishment of medical institutions, medical safety and risk management system to further standardize the behavior of medical services to ensure the quality of medical care and medical safety. Way to clear the implementation of medical quality management, science and technology two level responsibility system. Medical institutions are mainly responsible for the first responsibility of the medical quality management institutions; clinical departments and pharmacy, nursing and medical technology department is mainly responsible for the first responsibility of medical quality management in the department. A medical institution shall set up a special department of medical quality management, which is responsible for the medical quality management of the institution. Two or more hospitals, maternal and child health hospital and specialist disease control institutions shall set up medical quality management committee, responsible for the organization to carry out the medical quality monitoring and early warning, analysis, assessment, evaluation and feedback, regularly publish information the quality management mechanism etc.. A medical institution shall establish medical security and risk management system, improve the medical safety management work system, emergency plan and work flow, strengthening the safety and risk management of medical quality in key sectors and key links, the implementation of patient safety goals. At the same time, the use of medical liability insurance, medical accident insurance and other risk points.相关的主题文章:

Sichuan short-term travel outing near heating   around the theme of the show hot – Sichuan channel — original title: Sichuan short tour around the theme of the show last outing warming hot October 6th, the reporter learned from the province to the tourism sector, as tourists continue to return, the province’s major scenic tourist accommodation began to decline, but the peak travel to suburban travel, short-term travel warming. At the same time, a variety of wonderful performances attracted a large number of visitors. Short trips, suburban travel, rural tourism continued fiery. 6, Guang’an tourists are still self driving tourists, self-help tourists, in addition to local tourists, the surrounding Dazhou, Nanchong has become the main source of tourists. On the same day, Deng Xiaoping’s hometown tourist area, Huayingshan tourist area, Huayingshan Providence valley area, dragon hill Stone City, Ba Bai Ping – Dragon rural tourism resort, a treasure plug tourist area a total of 67 thousand and 565 tourists trips; Wenjiang Park tourists 30 thousand passengers, an increase of 28.21%. Sancha Lake scenic area, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Zhaojue temple, Dongli Juyuan scenic tourists were 10 thousand passengers, 20 thousand passengers. In the city of Deyang’s major attractions crowded and Stone Park, East Lake mountain park to attract tourists to visit the city and surrounding counties. Performances around the theme to attract tourists. On the evening of 6, Langzhong nanjinguan town The Strip, an "Wonderland" large mobile virtual performances take visitors back to thousands of years ago a great deal. "The roar, flags fluttering, too shocked." And friends came from Chengdu tourists Zheng Jun said. It is understood that during the golden week, nanjinguan town night held two "Wonderland" timing rose large mobile virtual performances, but for large quantities to meet the needs of tourists, the 2 day, 5 days every night that A. (reporter Zhao Shuangchen Zhu Li) original title: a short tour around the theme of the show last outing warming (hot commissioning editor: Luo Juan, Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

Fifteen moon seventeen round tomorrow at three in the morning the night of the mid autumn Mid Autumn Moon tours, Wuhan sky thick clouds, some places are floating point showers, you have missed the moon? It doesn’t matter if you miss the morning, we have the chance to appreciate the most full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival this year "". The first day of a small holiday, Wuhan to cloudy weather, the morning sun also came to meet with everyone in the afternoon, the weather gradually become cloudy. Last night, a little rain this morning, the moon hiding behind the clouds, a little "Yun Zheyue, rain hit the moon," the taste. As the saying goes, "fifteen of the moon, the sixteen round," but this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is the most round of the moon. The moon around the earth in an elliptical orbit, when the moon and the earth and the sun in a straight line position, see the full moon from earth, generally speaking, the lunar fourteen to seventeen at night morning may appear "the circle", and the probability of fifteen or sixteen month "the larger circle". The full moon in the 17th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar the Mid Autumn Festival this year, September 17th is 3 a.m. 05 minutes. Now three days, my city is cloudy or sunny, the moon may have better than last night, or the moon helps you enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival this year. But experts also said that without the help of professional tools, the public is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye in fifteen and seventeen of the moon moon between the 14th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar to seventeen, the moon can be said to be the moon. Wuhan is expected to cloudy day today, temperature of 23 DEG -30 DEG 50-95%, humidity, north wind 3 to 4 levels; tonight to tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 22 DEG -31 DEG, northerly winds 3 to 4, tomorrow the day after tomorrow cloudy to sunny, the temperature of 22 DEG -31 DEG, pianbeifeng level 3. (reporter Fu Ying) 9.15 weather our Mid Autumn Festival this year, not because the moon "fifteen moon seventeen round"相关的主题文章:

The doctor said | Wei feet, you may not choose the right shoes – Sohu Sohu Ganding bamboo paper health experts interviewed: Tan Dong, rehabilitation therapists, American Heart Association AHA tutor, two public nutritionist and senior masseur, accepted the international physical training treatment clinical guidelines for American Ford Jonas rehabilitation center movement held by University of Southern California the "". Bachelor of Science in sport rehabilitation and health, Beijing Sport University. Former national speed skating team rehabilitation division for the Sochi Winter Olympics, the National Women’s handball team rehabilitation division, the Danish National Youth Basketball Tournament China physical therapist, 2014 was a basketball star Marbury rehabilitation for the CBA finals. There are rich clinical experience in rehabilitation after sports injury, joint replacement and ligament reconstruction. Now at the Singapore Parkway medical. Repeatedly turn, depends on who? The doctor told the Sohu health reporter, first of all, the body itself some structural characteristics determine the people get cramps: from the bony structure, the ankle joint plane us is unstable, easily inverted. In addition, the medial ligament foot stubby, lateral ligament is long and thin, easy to fall down. In addition, with the ankle muscle strength is concerned, a lateral foot muscle is relatively weak and lax like rubber, the bearing capacity will decline. Finally, easy turn is also affected by the proprioceptor. Proprioception is located in the nerve, bones, muscles and ligaments, and so on, we feel the speed, direction and space in the process of movement, so as to control the adjustment of muscles. This kind of sensor is used in the waste, its function will be more sensitive in adolescence, with age, gradually reduced. Proprioceptors can also be acquired through training to improve, such as: proprioceptor, an athlete is certainly more than the number of Indoorsman age, it’s not easy to turn. If repeated misalignment, there may be a pathological change of foot with tough tear injury, but did not get enough healing and recovery. For example, today sprain foot, no matter when, two days may be good, but there is a little old has been hurt, then a movement is particularly easy to ankle which is actually caused by trauma, chronic ankle instability, may be relative to the tibia talus a forward translation level. In this case, it is necessary to correct some of the joint loosening by the therapist, and then strengthen the foot strength through the corresponding exercise. If there is pain and swelling in the local area, it is necessary to do physical therapy to promote healing. In addition, a great relationship easy turn and shoes. The contact between the sole and the vamp affects the stability of the ankle. Compared with sports shoes, sandals, high heels are more likely to fall down. In addition, the sole and the ground of the two contact surface is also very important, the sole is too thick or high-heeled shoes are likely to lose control of the joints of the body. Don’t want to turn, how to pick shoes? Unless it is necessary to work, doctors recommend wearing sports shoes. To choose a good pair of shoes, first look at the shoes inside carbon plate arch, carbon plate should be larger, and should be a little hard. The carbon plate is a connecting device for front and back, to maintain consistency and increase the stability of sports shoes,.相关的主题文章:

No longer as men’s basketball coach Gong Luming Pro Cheng will return to the BasketballAdministration   recently, China men’s basketball coach Gong Luming said his contract at the end of the Rio Olympics, he will no longer run China basketball coach. Gong Luming said he would continue to go back to the basket tube center, and he also China basketball future development direction put forward their own high perspicacity. 2013 men’s Basketball Championships, the poor performance of the Chinese team, only to get fifth results, ultimately missed the world cup in the 2014 men’s basketball. Then, as men’s basketball coach Gong Luming China, in the 2014 Inchon Asian Games started, he began a large number of younger players, help China team to complete the new old alternate work. The final Chinese team in the 2015 championship, a win over South Korea, Iran and Philippines and other rivals won the championship, won the Asian only a Rio Olympic tickets. However, the Rio Olympics, the young Chinese men’s basketball team revealed a huge gap between the top teams, and ultimately suffered a total defeat of the 5 war. Talked about his future Gong Luming place, "after the Olympic Games, my job has ended, then I will go to the basket tube center to work, continue to do the work of sports team management. When I retire, I will go to work on the management of youth basketball." Gong Luming for the future development of Chinese men’s basketball team, also made the pertinent comments, "I hope in the next three years, China team can keep stable, hoping to Europe or the United States for a month of training camp each year, with teams to improve their. (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章:

Wu Lei: Thank you for encouraging Iran! [news] is to win 3 minutes 2 ball Orangemen 2-3 Korea Yu Hai Hao Junmin broke the Tencent in September 2nd 12 strong Asian sports match in the first round, the Orangemen 2-3 away to the South Korean team lost regret. After the game, Wu Lei also updated micro-blog, failed to win the South Korea expressed a sense of regret and regret, said the second round of the war in Iraq to go all out. China and South Korea in the war, Wu Lei played very active in the field, creating a number of offensive threats, but also to the South Korean team’s goal created a huge threat. One of Hao Junmin’s free kick scored directly, is the Wu Lei free kick ball break creation. Unfortunately, Wu Lei because of poor ability to grasp the opportunity, many wasted opportunity, with the break up. Wu Lei is a top scorer in the league, but in the national team or wasted too much time off kanghan adverse, also makes Wu Lei quite upset, he after micro-blog also expressed to mood, "last night though the game has ended, but now the heart still has a lot of unwilling, also have a lot of regret! Everyone is playing, all the fans are cheering for us… Thanks to all the friends who pay attention to the Chinese football, thanks to all the voices, criticism, and encouragement. Next, Shenyang! Iran! Is fight! Is to win! China team effort!" Wu Lei micro-blog. The fans have a message for Wu Lei cheer, "I hope you shot will be more calm, do not worry, the more the more anxious can’t enter, refueling, refueling China team Wu Lei." It is difficult to play against the single striker, you have the opportunity to spell out, it is not easy! See you lost the opportunity to see the coach, not too much blame, I feel at ease! The star is responsible for his attack!" (drop)相关的主题文章:

Yichang tailings hazards supervise the handling of a year and a half marathon in January 2015, such as rectification, Jinchang tailings graphite mine is located in Yichang Yiling district town of Zhangshu City in great danger occurs, the local forest inspectors found that the tailings appears at the top few collapse, forming a pit. The dam at the bottom of the drainage pipe was broken, there are a lot of water and sediment, a serious threat to the dam and downstream people’s life and property safety. Safety supervision departments quickly carry out emergency treatment, to control the danger. In April of the same year, the risks by the provincial supervise the handling, after the rectification period extended to the end of 2016. More than a year ago, the tailings dam hidden rectification how? October 18th, the reporter went to visit the tailings site again. 18 afternoon, reporters came to the area, accompanied by the mine staff under the foot along the mountain road boarded the tailings, in the top three last year saw the collapse of the pit has been filled, several bulldozers is the dam, to prepare for the post of vegetation restoration. Base on both sides of the drainage ditch cement has been basically completed, the past earth rolled dam replaced rockfill dam, dam slope retaining wall under construction. "Quarry ink mine needs after" mining "" choose "two steps, was left to concentrate, waste slag through steel pipes to the factory near the tailings Curitiba accumulation. Each 1 tons of concentrate, resulting in a total of 9 tons of tailings. 20 years of accumulation, the dam was built higher, the former steel pipeline corrosion, leakage occurs." Deputy general manager of the company, security director He Dexin introduction, the tailings pond valley surrounded by mountains on three sides, a dangerous "head" library, this library occurs once, slag discharged will cause a huge loss of personnel and property. In the downstream of the tailings, 34 villagers, mine staff of more than and 100 people, also near the scenic spots, once the accident, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Pointing to the newly built retaining wall mining area, He Dexin told reporters, after more than a year of twists and turns, the rectification scheme finally closed at the end of August this year officially finalized in early September, the company has organized personnel construction, management of tailings hazards, a total investment of about 4000000 yuan, is expected to be completed in December after the implementation of the end of May, the permanent closure of dam. Why one is supervision of the security risks of 2 years can not solve? From April 2015 by the provincial supervise the handling, Jinchang graphite tailings began the implementation of the rectification, but the process is not easy. Has experienced a shortage of funds, the rectification of the design change, the three major difficulties in restructuring the enterprise again. Review of the rectification process, with before and after one year and five months, and as a "striking one snag after another, marathon". The first is the shortage of funds for rectification. Hidden rectification responsibility unit, Hengda graphite Limited by Share Ltd, is composed of the old state-owned enterprises into private enterprises. The company fails to pay wages because of hidden trouble. Although the company do everything possible to raise part of the funds, but there is still a big gap, too much rain and flood, dam engineering geological condition is very complex, every step forward is very difficult. To this end, the local government held a special meeting of the two levels, respectively, to solve the hidden rectification funds of $1 million 500 thousand. After a year of 2015, the tailings dam has been completed, the old drainage pipe of the tailings dam is blocked, the dam surface subsidence area is backfilled, the dam body drainage system, the dam!相关的主题文章:

Data show China hot city property market fever   policy effect previews — real estate — original title: data show China hot city property market fever policy effect previews from more than and 20 city issued market regulation deal only half a month, the market began to cool overheating. This shows that the problem oriented, highly targeted regulatory policies are having a positive effect. But due to the intensity of each city policy, implementation effect, part of the implementation of intensity, the effect is not obvious the city should follow the strong efforts, in place of the city, and further intensify efforts to implement the policy, to ensure the smooth development of October 21st — the real estate market, the national Bureau of statistics released in September 70 city price index, October the first half of the 15 hot city price index. Data show that the first and second tier city in the hot part of the introduction of regulatory policies after a period of time, the positive changes in the real estate market, housing prices rose too high to be curbed, the trend began to stabilize. Hot city fell to reflect the rapid changes in the real estate market in recent years, the National Bureau of statistics released the first month residential sales price data. Data show that in the first half of October, after the introduction of 15 hot cities and the implementation of the new regulation, the new commodity housing price index have been reduced, or significantly lower. "Among them, compared with September, Shenzhen and Chengdu, the chain price index has declined by 0.3% and 0.1%; other city rose also dropped significantly, the rate of decline between 1 and 3.8 percentage points." National Bureau of statistics city division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei said. At the end of September this year to the National Day period, the rapid rise in prices, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other 22 city have issued market regulation and control policies, strict credit limit restriction. Market cooling first performance in a sharp decline in volume. From the "new residential net signed volume, part of the hot line and the second city in the first half of October, the second half of the 9 volume ratio decreased significantly. Among them, the volume fell 80% to 60% of the city has a total of 4, down from 60% to 40% of the city has 3, down from 40% to 20% of the city has." Liu Jianwei said. Central Plains real estate research center statistics show that as of October 20th, the introduction of regulatory policies in 22 cities in October the average market turnover fell by about 40%. "From the Beijing purchase qualification examination situation, October 1st to 16 to 17 thousand and 400, compared to September an increase of 50 percentage points down." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei said that the property market will reduce the volume of housing prices fall. From the market price, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places have been second-hand housing prices phenomenon. Regional differentiation is still noticeable, the real estate market is still obvious regional differentiation. "In September, 70 large and medium cities, the first and second tier cities and other hot spots in other cities have significant differences in house prices." Liu Jianwei said, from the chain, the first line and some hot second tier cities, new commercial housing prices in more than 2% of the city has 14; the rest of the city, the new相关的主题文章:

Fangcun: Chinese soccer coach is "hanging from the southeast branch China football has been playing the collective" hanging from the southeast branch of the game, although it is a tragedy, but has a lot of spectators. Tragedy is often better than comedy". The fans are in the southeast". The country foot every time the impact of the world cup, China fans put their heart into the outlet of the "southeast branch hang ups and downs, finally hung up," branches "suddenly broken, heart broken, TA vowed that day, never hang up, can wait until the country the next time the impact of the World Cup, and started looking upward. Media in the "hanging Southeast branch". It knows, do not flicker off, it can not change the words of the more eyeballs, earn more money; it is clear that the line is to hang their own words in the southeast branch on the set of. However, the media IQ or the moment better than others, it can always fall in the foot in the country on the line, with a coach or the Football Association head of the "neck" his speech replaced from "set". Therefore, the media, from the southeast branch of the magic of the general magic. The football association is "hanging from the Southeast branch". Who do not want to admit that the country does not have the short-term strength of the game in the short term, the fact that only voluntary or involuntary to put their future on the line of the southeast branch, to bet on their luck. Unfortunately, no matter what they seem to have luck, ending only two: expired or James is a unlucky. National coach is from the southeast branch hanging". Excluding Japan and South Korea because of the host country does not account for the Asian index of the world cup, the country has never been successful line. This shows that Chinese football does not have the strength to qualify. However, the national coach if you do not put yourself in the first line of the southeast branch, he will not be on the throne of the national coach. But the "hanging from the southeast branch," the outcome, but also where to go! Chinese football was originally a child, can we have in the name of love, let the children to play with adult children, "the game of life and death" heroic sacrifice, they are accused of this child is not the ability is too bad too spineless. We like this offering spirits, kill the child, the next time to send another child. Always use the children to participate in the adult game, full of hope to wait for the child to win back. Truly love football friends, please act together, to create a suitable environment for children to grow up the Chinese football! Do not force the dolls, "hang up the southeast branch" good? Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章:

We heard about art: Western painting "like" China painting "ideographic" – Sohu culture channel Professor Fang Wen first, Chinese characters itself is the image, so Chinese "consubstantiality" said. In 1300 BC, was cast with bronze inscriptions, smooth straight, like the badge pattern. Henan unearthed from Anyang tomb No. 5 of the Ding, the inner wall of the inscription "stepmother Xin" three characters, is the name given to the tomb made good housewife after the death of Xingyi (with pictograph "mother" like knees woman, knowing the word "Xin" is the eighth day of dry, good ranking), beautiful structure. [Figure 2-1] to ritual inscription writing brush, and then carved on the pottery moulds, finally cast bronze. The style of inscription is divided into two types: "square" and "circle". The display font pen were neatly symmetrical geometric patterns [figure 2-2], the circle reflects the "center" at the natural home [2-3] gesture. From the pen and wrote a knife, carved calligraphy and complement each other, and strive to mimic each other expertise, ultimately achieve accurate strokes without losing personal style. From the ancient calligraphy seal, Xiaozhuan font gradually evolved to the official script, founder of the rules. Glyph of either copper, stone, brick [figure 2-4], India Yuxi, [2-5] and the lute figure woodcut, engraving method can be divided into intaglio (concave), Yang Wen (convex) two. The pen knife by calligraphers [map 2-6] any aspect, as image symbols, yin and Yang, a calligrapher body extends all blend into one harmonious whole, four degrees space with tracks. The brush brush is not simple, must pass through the body, hands, heart and eyes with each other. Because the structure of calligraphy from the physical and mental view, so the ancients believed that a calligraphy art, both shape and meaning; image charm is not in the image itself, and in the performance of calligraphers personal movements.相关的主题文章:

Ji’nan invested 191 billion 200 million to build the "four centers" to promote Zile regional cooperation as the economic circle of capital city group development of the main engine of Ji’nan, in the other 6 radiation at the same time, and comprehensively promote the construction of "four centers, modern city" work, and constantly improve their own "hard power". The "four centers" in Ji’nan to promote the smooth, from the Olympic road to the west, and now is a just demolition area. Soon after, the total area of about 3.2 square kilometers of land will be built on the central business district (CBD), construction area of 10 million square meters. "The momentum of a year, two years to see, a breakthrough in three years." This is the Ji’nan build around the platform for action four center "and the modern springs schedule for three years. To the central business district as a major breakthrough, the current, Ji’nan work in full swing, the rapid development. It is understood that Ji’nan will invest 191 billion 200 million yuan to promote the construction of regional economic center, regional financial center, regional logistics center, regional science and technology innovation center ", and strive to 3 years new industrial enterprises above Designated Size 300, services more than 200 enterprises. To promote the construction of regional economic center in Ji’nan to build a national, provincial key development carrier to strengthen regional strategic fulcrum, the focus of Qilu pharmaceutical biomedical industry park, Shanxi coal clean coal gasification technology transformation and upgrading of enterprises and other industrial projects 71, plans to invest 33 billion 600 million yuan this year. January – July, the growth rate of most of the economic indicators in Ji’nan reached or exceeded the provincial level, and showed an upward trend. The GDP growth rate and the province’s flat, above scale industrial added value growth rate for the first time exceeded the level of the province in recent years, the general public budget income, fixed assets investment, import and export value of three indicators of growth rate ranks second in the province. To promote the construction of regional financial center, urged the Han Yu Valley dislocation interaction development. The focus of the calendar under the financial and business service center, China life building 6 financial projects, to promote Shandong’s new financial center, Han Yu Valley dislocation interaction development. 2016 plans to invest 1 billion 300 million yuan. To promote the construction of regional logistics center, as of now, 21 municipal key logistics projects have been started in 16, of which the completion of the project put into use in 8, rookie logistics projects signed landing. Promote the construction of regional science and technology innovation center, the high standard to create two city valley two". Focus on the construction of intelligent Valley Information Software Industrial Park, innovation Valley accelerator and other 14 projects, plans to invest 5 billion 400 million yuan in 2016. Cultivate a new carrier of urban economy this year, Ji’nan efforts to cultivate new industries. Vigorously promote the technology and industry of quantum communication and big data and other cutting-edge fusion, the success of the second China Smart City Innovation Conference, the introduction of relevant views, promote the informationization development of related industries, and strive to create a national demonstration zone "Internet plus". Develop and implement < China made 2025> Ji’nan action plan. In the development of modern service industry, Ji’nan increase the introduction of financial institutions to promote the healthy development of the financial sector, to create a comprehensive financial management center, financial institutions, financial settlement center, financial.相关的主题文章:

We invite you to put in "folk songs dating" by in Arts and culture Communications Limited host, put pictures (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and the arts from network technology (Beijing) Company Limited the "cup and folk songs dating" will be staged in Beijing grand Poly Theater on November 1, 2016 night at 19:30. The "date", put cup folk fusion of classical tradition, approached the masses, echoing the elements of the times, the old with the new folk song transfer, promote national culture spirit, sing folk music forte. This will not only a singer star studded, collocation and Cenozoic, combines the strength and idol type, also let the folk artists and enthusiasts have the same chance. The concert organizers, put in culture based on respect for tradition, we always keep the background, follow the laws of art, adhere to the historical, innovation, change from time to time, to explore the creation, from the perspective of reality, contemporary service, to folk songs and music as the focal point, boost social development, cultivate the spirit of the times and the new era. We are promoting the creative transformation of traditional culture and innovative development, combined with the cultural art + Internet gives it a new connotation and modern forms, in order to realize the modernization of Chinese culture, to better help the construction of new cultural ecosystem, better sing the new chapter of cultural self-confidence! The folk songs reflect the core value of the party in the arts and culture Communications Limited View: to provide useful spiritual food for the society, build a platform for friendly communication and artists and people exchanges and mutual learning, make people’s life more and more rich and colorful art! In the content, "the cup and the date of the folk song" in the past based on folk songs on the basis of inheritance and innovation. The old age collocation show less the style, and the use of interactive large Folk Song Concert chorus creation, from solo to the team, from the host introduced to the audience in a novel interaction enhance the audience’s cultural experience. "Dating" is put in the cup, folk songs in different times folk arts as the carrier, will allow the audiences of all ages with rich and colorful folk charm taste content, sweet. In the form, "dating" in the cup, folk song is a down to earth. First of all, not only to abandon the brand platform, highbrow luxury party, with a date of interaction between the audience and the China culture, Chinese folk songs, to deduce our national memory of the most classic and representative works, listen to the sound from the earth. Secondly, not only the form of folk songs is "art from the people and serve for the people", "date" in the cup, the folk songs of the scenery is as simple and nearly flat, only to eliminate the extravagant vanity so that the audience can have a strong sense of substitution, to feel more deeply behind the emotion and folk cultural connotation. In a sense, in the arts and Culture Communication Co., organised the "cup and folk songs dating", show to the audience and the society is not only a folk music party, or a party and culture, it is a let the audience listening to self. This "me to date" and folk practices in order to let the audience familiar with.相关的主题文章:

Sui university teachers and students cheated 5466 yuan a day, students have been cheated summer vacation school fraud occurred frequently, in the face of tricks scam, the students how to protect themselves? Reporter recently learned from the Guangzhou police, in recent years, the joint police through various "Beijing" will do to the campus security work. From January to August this year, Panyu District branch Xiaoguwei fraud police intelligence police station over the same period last year plummeted to 30%, while the district has 9 colleges in the Conghua police also revealed that the first half of this year compared with the same period last year, the fraud police intelligence fell 15.2%. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Danyang   correspondent Cen Baihan, Liu Yan, Cai Siming read the number of fraud before April this year of the university teachers and students daily Pai cheated 5466 yuan   according to the Tianhe District branch of Shipai community police station wearing police reports, this year 1 to April, a University of Telecommunications fraud cases 26, an increase of 36.8%. The total economic losses of more than 65.6 yuan, and the average daily cheated 5466 yuan, equivalent to 182 students cheated meals every day. The victims, women are in the majority, there are 17 people, 9 men; cheated personnel of 21 students, 2 teachers, 3 people (other workers). The methods of crime are: posing as online shopping customer service, posing as public security officers, 13 cases; 5 cases; posing as relatives or leader, 4 cases; the credit card stolen, 2 cases; 1 cases; the sale of marriage fraud, examination questions and answers of fraud, 1 cases.   Taobao customer service, posing as bank brush reputation cheated up to     according to the Conghua police, Conghua District, a total of 9 colleges, more than 100 thousand students and teachers, in the non contact fraud police intelligence, Internet fraud and telephone fraud accounted for 56.3% and 43.7%. In the Internet fraud police sentiment, brush credibility, online shopping, posing as the three categories of people related to the situation before the police figure in the top three, accounting for the proportion of 39.4%, respectively, and 9.2%. In the telephone fraud alert, posing as bank Taobao customer service, posing as the relationship between man and the false identity (such as public security, post office) three police intelligence mostly, accounted for 52.4%, 21%, 14.3%.   one case: micro-blog summer working water draw prospective students cheated light "feel very shameful, all students must also be cheated, so, he was very angry." Guangzhou, a college sophomore daughter West (a pseudonym) tells her story of being cheated. After the college entrance examination to get the admission notice, she began to play summer jobs. One day playing micro-blog, Xiao Xi received a private letter, sent to the official system, to fill out a personal information table in the draw, name, bank card, mobile phone number, home address should be written."   after filling, Xiao Xi didn’t take it seriously, feel that they could not be drawn. Who knows the next day, she received a private letter, told her she was pumped in the first prize. In addition to 8000 yuan in cash, there are substantial physical prizes, add up to the value of several million. But when you see the need to pay taxes, small 2相关的主题文章:

Yin Tiesheng: can attack the best left a must win in the relegation two still have a slim chance of survival sina sports news Beijing standard time on the afternoon of September 25th, the 2016 season in the League twenty-eighth round continues, in Qingdao at the home court against Hunan Xiang tao. The final by virtue of winning goal for young Wang Ziming, in the home court to take all three points in the two league wins harvest. After the game press conference, Hunan Tao coach Huang Xiangdong commented on the game. "Congratulations to guide led Yin win the game, we also know that they must lose the game in advance out of class, both sides know this thing. As our team, this task has been completed, mainly in training young people, today we young people still play a level, but the ability is limited, the outcome of the game has not much meaning for us, is mainly to prepare for next year." To coach Yin said, "I think this game from the team’s offense, is playing the best game, it should be said that in the game also created more scoring opportunities, but the ability to grasp the opportunity, it still lacks a lot, but this is our hope, because there are two balls, we must have a chance to win, so we will use the intermittent period of this period of time, to strengthen some of the problems, to be put after two games good. Thanks to the fans here, in this case, the team can still be able to do their best to support, I am really touched." (Teamo)相关的主题文章:

Spend two minutes with the Mid Autumn Festival the return route for you to save a lot of time short holiday congestion always comes slowly, go in a hurry! Suddenly, today is the last day of the holiday! You are sleeping in the past? Play the past? Or ignorant ignorant past? In any case, the afternoon half day to consume on the road also, the road! May be more complicated! How to do? How to do? Kiss, wiped away tears, early return to Zhengzhou! Must remember to avoid the peak return after four o’clock this afternoon! Flashball avoid the afternoon back to the city from the Qingming holiday peak, peak return situation, Qingming holiday the last day Zhengzhou, Xinzheng and Hong Kong and Macao high-speed Putian section and south section of Pingdingshan city Xuchang high speed LAN at 23 PM to return to normal traffic; May Day Dragon Boat Festival holiday in the high-speed traffic police and the media repeatedly warning under the guidance of public management Return, return peak does not appear congestion big. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday Qingming 51 and compared the situation even more severe: high-speed toll free holidays, peak return easily lead to traffic congestion queues, so pay special attention to the afternoon return peak, especially after four pm back to Zheng under station vehicle highly congested, pay attention to early return, return peak. Flashball this arrangement return bypass route more smoothly pass North Lianhuo expressway: Liulin station, cultural road station traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can advance detour East sanhuan north station or Huiji station. To the east of Beijing high-speed, Putian station, navigation road station traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can bypass ahead of Zheng Dong New District station; Southwest Beltway South: Hou Village Station, eighteen River Station, Regulus Hometown Station (the eighteen River Station and hometown Xuanyuan station station with two lanes construction) traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can advance detour Cherry Valley Station Road Station (or university in Hou Village Station and eighteen River Station in the middle of Southwest Beltway 34 kilometers); west of the high-speed and southwest Beltway: high-speed southwest station traffic will be very large, easy to jam the queue, can advance detour Longhai West Road station, Central Plains Road station, Yulong station or science Avenue station. Luoyang station, two high-speed wide Baima Temple Station, Longmen station traffic will be very large, easy to jam, the driver friends pass from the Longmen station can bypass the two high-speed wide reach Guan Lin Railway Station, beltway Luoyang New District station or stations; the driver friends pass from the White Horse Temple station can bypass the Lianhuo highway, Luoyang Railway Station east or Luoyang Mengjin city station or the two high-speed wide Luoyang Chanhe station. It opened to the neighboring station, traveling by car, the driver friends very much, and the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is not free high-speed traffic, even Huo highway, KaiFeng Railway Station Daguang high-speed opening DU Liang station traffic is very large and easy to jam, can advance detour Zheng Min high speed under the station opened the station or Zheng open road traffic. Flashball award. The dense weave "police police micro network" to focus on nine categories of illegal traffic investigation recently, high-speed traffic police corps issued a notice, the implementation of prizes to report on the province highway bus overcrowding, the lane and emergency Lane occupied nine congested traffic violations, police work together to eliminate security risks in a timely manner. Among them, the big lane; in case of traffic congestion, occupying the emergency lane; passengers and passenger vehicles parking on the loading and unloading of the three types of illegal off-site reporting according to.相关的主题文章:

The sea water barrier wetlands stadium general manager take you to see the characteristics of hole tapping difficulties in Taizhou overseas Chinese town sea wetland Golf sina sports news Beijing on September 22nd news, Chinese amateur golf tournament in Jiangsu station in Taizhou overseas Chinese town sea golf club has just ended, players to challenge is the first pure ecological wetland type Chinese Kam table game class golf. The stadium covers an area of 1700 acres, fairway length 7353 yards, river area, is located in Suzhongli under dense water network, lake connected, in East China is only in the real essence and wetland golf match surrounding environment. Based on the above course is the most important feature of wetland water barrier in particular, the entire stadium wide fairways and greens, although the stadium looks relatively simple, but it is the swing, the challenge is very much, the players have to consider many factors — the water barrier is very wide, and many bunkers influenced by wind. The sea wetland golf course manager Tang Jun clouds wetland 18 hole characteristics, then set up at the beginning and accompanied by years of general manager Tang Jun in the sea wetland golf course view, his heart has several is that he thinks the most style of the hole. The devil’s hole hole number 13 "devil hole No. 13 hole 5 hole two water hazard, requiring the player to have a long distance and more accurate placement, the first shot up, left is water, between the water and the fairway and a narrow bunker, you need to consider the strategy at this time, is to far to attack or a safe direction to play. "Hit the bird free single hole 17 hole of the four hole, we have here a provision to catch a single bird, it can be imagined that the hole is not simple." The green "shaped Peninsula No. 9 hole three hole is Peninsula green, and on the right is the bunker, this hole can hit, is a very easy thing." Play strategies: the player should not be underestimated the stadium, playing the best is not too Qiuwen, adventure, today there are a lot of players participating in this hole is a burst, the usual low handicap guest will hit 5, 6 bar in the Toya performance. To have good grades, the most important thing is to understand the entire stadium." (Zheng Yan)相关的主题文章:

Happy school volunteer? They whisper – public – to Guizhou mountains to do public service, as a heart to offer a force, give them a different holiday at the same time were also touched. (University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Tang Chenxi) 1913 km long volunteer journey, blue sky, white clouds, and the pure lovely you, very beautiful. To me like choirboys summer, are lucky to meet, I hope you always pure joy. (Yangzhou University, Fang Jing) an unforgettable feeling between teachers and students, a period of eternal youth, a team of indelible designation, "happy school" and you have experienced growth. (Li Sixu, Dalian Vocational and Technical College) maybe memories will fade, but I will still look forward to, believe that in the future one day, we will see. (East China University of political science Chen Yunyi) and the summer cicadas, floral with grass. This summer, we have an exclusive memory of you and me. (China University of Petroleum Zhang Shaofei School of education life victory) is like a cup of tea, not gorgeous color and mellow taste, faint fragrance can make people lead a person to endless aftertastes. Hunan Institute of Technology (Xiao Jian) 18 days not only let me harvest experience, let me know: the responsibility of teachers is not only to impart knowledge, but also to shape the personality. (University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Chen Xinge) before parting embrace is not the end, but I also believe that ellipsis, again next time, we are still good, such as three like calm, quiet, pure. (Wei Luoliu, Wuzhou University) 10 people and a group of children, because happy school together. Class, game, slapstick. Every bit, is our exclusive exclusive memory. (Jilin University Ye Linhua) away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and dirt, all were all beautiful. Unforgettable eyes innocent smile, my unforgettable sweet voice. I love you, forever! (Shanxi Agricultural University Jing Heping) just 20 days of the end education, in my memory you are smiling. Regardless of your family conditions, regardless of whether your family has been with you, you are optimistic about the life of each day. You are independent, cooking, cooking, playing with a little older brother and sister, you seem to be equal to anything. Thank you dear, wish you good time gentleness. (Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Cai Zhenrong) life needs a period of time to set a good moment to enrich themselves, grow up to have a memorable capital. Childhood has been lingering in our minds, only hope that our actions can bring your vision and longing for tomorrow. Come on, baby! (Shanxi University Wang Chieh) glad that they chose to be happy in school this summer, chose to lead "love dandelion" the volunteer team, let me in 18 days to harvest countless touching and a lifetime friendship. (Hubei Normal University (Wang Jiao) commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章:

How to use the test team to let the football Hengda fox into a big family rather than a one-man show Lippi reporter Cheng Shan reported in October 28th that Lippi took office on the conference, the new national team list, there are two key points: first, Lippi’s expression in the list have been identified, but only after the last round to see if someone hurt again and second, national football club can confirm; the list will be called into the more Guangzhou Hengda players, Hengda team formed the national team. On the second point, Lippi made a lot of explanation: "look at other countries, many of the great national team, all from the same club recruited a team of six or seven players, as the foundation of the national team. As a result of these choices, because the players are playing together for a long time, they are very familiar with the national team. The first game, we have to consider the safety and insurance, and therefore will consider more players called hengda……" Considering the urgency and the familiarity with the international Lippi competition, the national team Lippi first in Hengda team formed, is the most correct choice, such as Lippi mentioned the victory between thinking, but also includes its own strength, Hengda Hengda international striker and Lippi’s double to the familiar, in time to prepare more tense situation next, the other top players to the club collocation of individual Hengda lineup is most easily, the formation of combat. From the national team in the past situation, Lippi’s approach is not fresh, from the beginning of the Camacho era national team, Hengda international has been the main force of the national team, the 11 international, Hengda Hengda international contract line, became the card army norm, it is interesting, since early 2013, with 11 international trip to Spain game Camacho also caused when rival coach Lippi discontent, Camacho on his response: "when I went to Guangzhou China, only four or five players, then they signed with other players, they almost signed our whole team, how can I do? For me, if a team of all international signed, and is not my responsibility. Since last year, Hengda signed 7 players, including Rong Hao, Huang Bowen, was signed after they become international. If the next four, Hengda to sign our international, this is not my control." Because too many international, Hengda also created international monitoring group, the monitoring group in the Perrin cup era still active, because of Perrin’s national team, Hengda international 7 is almost standard, which lasted until the second time Gao Hongbo coached the national football competition in October period, the minimum number of selected constant big feet, has reached five. As Camacho said, Hengda concentrated high level of domestic players, so that any coach can only choose to do this. Lippi served as football coach, constant power reuse scripts in the logical but no ground for blame, Hengda football Xuanshuai process in force, but let all become embarrassed. This is indeed the help and support Hengda, Hengda initiative to lift the original contract with Lippi’s work, and in the communication between the Chinese Football Association and Lippi played a bridge role. From the legal perspective, Hengda club and Lippi, Chinese Football Association and Lippi signed contract, and Lippi Hengda foot school.相关的主题文章:

WEC world Endurance Championship ShangHai Railway Station Chinese local elements first look WEC world Endurance Championship will be held in ShangHai Railway Station sina sports news in November 6th from November 4th to 6, Audi, Porsche, gathered TOYOTA, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford, the world’s top brands of the world Endurance Championship ShangHai Railway Station, the upcoming grand prelude. From the event a week, we will first come for everyone to notice a variety of exciting activities play the tournament scene. This year, the origin of top event in Europe, because of Chinese team debut in Shanghai and full of surprise, Audi International Speedway, let you experience a creative combination of Chinese and Western cultures carnival. The 2015 WEC world Endurance Championship Match for the team Chinese ShangHai Railway Station to cheer for the WEC world Endurance Championship November 6, 2016, only a BAXI DC RACING ALPINE Chinese team will wear the number 35 shirt back to the home court against competitors in the world. The lineup includes the familiar Chinese driver Dong Hebin and team owner and driver Cheng fei. Dong Hebin and Cheng Fei to participate in the world Endurance Championship has been more than three years, so the team can be described as full of tacit understanding. Last year, two people in the team, in the ShangHai Railway Station to get a good result of the LMP2 group of fifth. This year in addition to the driver’s own experience is more abundant, the car has become faster, the high-profile Chinese team will also be more powerful, in Shanghai home to a higher honor to launch the impact. BAXI DC RACING ALPINE Chinese team will wear the number 35 shirt back to the home court against competitors in the world is BAXI DC RACING ALPINE team will also invite famous movie stars, the team who build big brother Jackie Chan to attend, then the audience can see Jackie Chan is brother start waving flag at the start. Jackie Chan also invited his friends to come to play in the film and television industry to see and experience the race, star studded field, absolutely not to be missed. A China type in addition to the opening of the drama team will meet with Chinese in home court Chinese fans, good performance impact, this year’s world Endurance Championship ShangHai Railway Station, will also integrate more Chinese elements and Shanghai city elements, to create a truly unique China Le Mans festive atmosphere. It is reported that events in the opening ceremony, Shanghai city promotional concert combination "power" sound of the singing of the national anthem, as well as students of Wushu and lion dance competition campaign, let all the teams, drivers and spectators, feel the most authentic Chinese culture charm. Not only that, during the event, Shanghai International Auto City and the Jiading Tourism Bureau jointly build the Jiading Tourism Festival, Anting racing season theme park, but also this year’s main street WEC business district, a major bright spot. The event will be through the electric car sharing rental car museum, antique car show, the game experience, Jiading folk delicacy show a series of audience interactive experience of the project, focused on the promotion of Jiading’s rich resources, let the tourists and visitors a more vivid understanding of Jiading, Jiading. Get up with the music相关的主题文章:

Beijing to promote universal reading will open scholarly Beijing subway train – Beijing, September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) in order to better promote the national reading, Beijing will set up primary and secondary schools of Beijing reading alliance in this month, and the opening of Metro Line 4 "quiet subway train". This reporter learned from the 8 conference. In September 8th, the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s government and the Beijing City Press and Publication Bureau jointly organized "the sixth book I read +" China Beijing reading season press conference?. Relevant person in charge at the meeting details the promotion of reading and reading in Beijing, Beijing reading season, the overall arrangements for the event. According to the Beijing news publishing SARFT deputy director Hu Dong introduction, the first half of this year, Beijing city to carry out various reading activities nearly 10 thousand screenings, the audience of more than 10 million. After more than half a year’s time and promotion, effectively stimulate the whole society to read good books, good reading, good reading, the internal driving force to form a good habit of universal reading. He said that this year, the implementation of the reading + I action plan, advocacy of individuals and organizations from all walks of life, I promise to read and share no less than 12 books. Yan Chongnian, Ye Jiaying, Wen Wei, Le Daiyun, Tu An, Ye Guangcen and so on have become the "reading + I" action plan in 2016. The first half of this year, Beijing reading season has accumulated held "reading + I" series of reading activities more than 6 thousand sessions, to attract more people to participate in and promote reading. At the same time, as one of the Beijing reading season’s signature column, "read scholarly masters face-to-face activities this year has invited Wang Shuzeng, Zhou Daxin, Liu Cixin, Cao Wenxuan, Jia Pingwa, Jing Yidan, Pu Cunxin and other hundreds of celebrities in the community, streets, schools, barracks, reading promotion, covering literature, history, science and art in different areas, and a wide range of knowledge about the diversification. According to incomplete statistics, the first half of the "read book" famous face activities over 1820 games, attracted more than 20 spectators to participate in. According to the relevant person in charge, in order to promote scholarly campus construction, continue to cultivate children’s reading, reading will be established in Beijing primary and secondary schools of Beijing Union in September 28th. After the completion of the alliance, the introduction of the famous campus, send books into the campus, and the primary and secondary schools to bring the reader to carry out training in the school and other schools to promote reading. In addition, Beijing also plans to set up a story for parent-child reading mother group. Now many mothers will give their children to tell the story, the future or will be the integration of these mothers, to become the readers, they will regularly go to kindergarten, community, library for more children to tell stories. It is noteworthy, as "a book with me for a series of activities, Beijing will also create scholarly subway, bus, train and other scholarly" theme line, leading to fast reading, let people share at any time in the walk in reading. According to the relevant person in charge, the subway line 4 a train will be the overall package, the outside is to read public service ads, the train is a good book recommended by experts and the promotion of the concept of reading. Under the actual conditions of the subway, there will be no entity相关的主题文章:

To reverse the old warrior activated Tang God will make extraordinary move to the fall of Jinzhou sports insurance Sohu – > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on November 14th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Jinzhou warriors home court against Feinikesi in the sun. The warriors finished, 133-120 victory over the sun, to celebrate the 4 game winning streak. This night, warriors difficult to win the sun, there are insufficient, but also a surprise. As everyone knows, the start of the season so far, warriors inside it, Its loopholes appeared one after another., has become the focus of other teams in the League against the game today is no exception. After the opening, the sun had grabbed this vulnerability on an inside storm killer manufacturing. Originally, the warriors are the best in the League cut, anti running team. How, the sun is, frequent use of it just hit the warriors. Inside defense emptiness, nature also affects the warrior’s perimeter marking. The ball, the sun has 6 outside players score on double. First, scoring Brad cable, TJ- Warren, Booker, once let the warriors lost; while on the bench, Barbosa, knight and others around, is to let the home team be caught off guard. In particular, the old Barbosa, due to the characteristics of the warriors are particularly familiar with him from the debut after playing handy. The second quarter and fourth quarter, the sun has twice the warrior forced into the woods, during this period, his climax is Brazil lightning. His three pointer, Tupofenqiu, continuously penetrated the warriors defense. But the defense, it can be used for the warriors attack. Fortunately, this night, the big four all inspired a very high level of competition. Play Durant and curry is still stable, the game most of the time, when the two singles opportunities, they are very efficient to complete the task. And in their side, Green also played a good role in the organization of the series, the game, Green scored 14 points, do a good job of defense, but also a full sent out a second aid, fully revitalize the team. Of course, the most exciting, the key point is to win the champion, is clay Thompson’s outburst. After the opening season, Tang was lost, three hit rate dropped to less than 3. But the campaign, including Durant’s teammates, but in the initiative to Tang God create opportunities, but he is also very good, in the sudden foreign investment boom under the highest scoring 30 points, scoring record at the same time, it also created the open season so far the soup of god. There is no denying the fact that it is a game of shortcomings and highlights. But after twists and turns, the warriors finally achieved a reversal to win down. And Thompson was timely activation, but also for the future of the brave brought new hope. (Poirot)相关的主题文章:

Front Watch: Ross was troubled sexual assault case wave God add new skills to a team of NBA film Nicks: Anthony spent a long time sports Tencent cannot clap with one hand in September 27th New York news (reporter Dan Wenqiang) "LAPD confirms it continues to investigate Derrick Rose in alleged sexual assault case." (Losangeles police investigation Ross sexual assault case) the United States on September 26th at noon, an hour before the start of the NBA season in the media, this is not some of the time, the news for the upcoming New York Nicks media day brought a glimmer of the unknown. The focus of the entire media day in addition to basketball itself, mainly in two topics: the recent outbreak of protests in the United States, as well as Ross pending case. Pohl Zingis, Anthony and Ross Nicks of New York, continue to maintain the personal independence of conduct style, and unlike most other teams, the media day on their own training hall, but in the luxurious The Ritz Carlton Washington D C Hotel. The conference hall early gathered for various media, Nicks is also in a variety of actions There were many discussions. The offseason, most reporters when the question is also frequently mentioned, Nicks now has the highest lineup in recent years "talent". But the most conspicuous, or ESPN NY, the chief correspondent Ian Begley live connection, and the content is referred to as the Ross incident". As early as a few days ago, Phil – Jackson said in an interview with the media, said the situation will not affect us, Ross". Today, the official filing of the police in Losangeles, Nicks and I myself, is a new round of "shock" in". Throughout the media day, the status of the players, but also indirectly show the impact of this event on different players. "Melon" joy Anthony media day announced that each NBA team officially ready, put into the new season of the campaign, the majority of players and coaches in this day are excited mood. Melon Anthony as the team’s number one star, the first out of the dialogue media. Anthony before the impression of the media in New York is not very good, often criticized for being late because of the public. Today, the summer Olympic Games experience the baptism of Anthony which, on time, and very friendly to and the media are playing greeting, "first, very happy after a summer to see you again, and I was very happy that everyone can enjoy the game." Anthony in the face of all kinds of questions, always with a smile, endless, you ask, he answered ten. Especially mentioned Olympic gold medal experience, and led the friends to go to Puerto Rico private gathering process, "Muskmelon" is dedicated to share the joy. Anthony believes the offseason guys who could get together, is a kind of relationship between the players are willing to actively promote, I can have more similar opportunities. "Rose" Ross and Anthony show in front of the media in front of the cheerful side, more or less affected by the impact of their own private affairs of the United States of America, the impact of the "Rose" is more or less affected by the impact of personal affairs. Came to the conference site.相关的主题文章:

China Syria war September Beijing Beijing sought after tickets for the first time in half an hour in the pre-sale robbed – 25, October 6th, Russia 2018 World Cup Asian Zone twelve finals will be started in a crucial battle in Xi’an, Chinese will face the challenge to Syria’s soccer team. The country foot platform "Chinese official football team issued a document that this Friday, tickets for the first time on the day of the pre-sale, sale amount was sold out in half an hour. The next few days, the organizing committee will be a fixed amount of daily sales tickets, until sold out, the organizing committee will promptly publish a notice. The original text is as follows: 2018 of Russia’s World Cup twelve strong Asian tournament Xi’an division ticket sales announcement in 2018 Russia World Cup Asian Zone twelve finals Chinese national team and Syria games would be held in Xi’an in October 6th. The game gets unprecedented attention of the majority of fans, ticket sales are booming, the first day of the pre-sale tickets, the sale amount within half an hour were out of space. In order to guarantee the normal demand of spectators fans, avoid disrupting ball Market, damage the interests of the majority of fans, after study, the organizing committee ticketing department hereby make the following announcement. As of September 24th, the organizing committee will be in the day the official ticketing platform (1, WeChat sports window service number irenafwpt Tel: 400-617-3003 2, Yongle ticketing Tel: 4006-228-228) provide different grades for fans to buy tickets, the daily morning 9:00 start booking, when the day the amount sold out that check. Two, in order to repay the Chinese dragon fans and Shaanxi local Datong Qinhuangdao and other fans will for many years on the national team China never abandon support, the organizing committee decided to be 14 to 20 stadium stand area designated for Chinese dragon team, Shaanxi fans Association, Datong Qinhuangdao three Legion fans organization, set up the largest organized Forza square for the Chinese national team cheer, to create a home court tournament atmosphere. The whole area seats after discount ticket price 390 yuan, shared by the three fans, please specify how to apply for tickets by member fans more than the fans organization. Three, once the tickets sold out, the organizing committee will be announced in a timely manner, please the majority of fans will notice. ? in order to protect the vital interests of the concept of race fans, hope fans ordering tickets through the official ticketing platform designated by the organizing committee, do not buy in other ways, in order to avoid unnecessary loss. We will work together to resist and fight against selling fake tickets, ticket, ticket to shill seriously disrupt the market behavior, establish a good environment and atmosphere of the ticket together, thank the fans for supporting Chinese national team and the care, let us together for the national team on Chinese! Organizing committee ticket September 23, 2016相关的主题文章:

"In July and still" Beijing specimen   Peter Chan: I do not have the training of Derek Tsang Culture — original title: Peter Chan: I don’t have to tune Derek Tsang film about Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun played the role of a lifetime story. Director Derek Tsang and producer Peter Chan paoding entertainment solutions yesterday, adapted from Anne’s novel of the same name baby movie "in July and she" held in Beijing media specimen. In an interview after the video, film producer Peter Chan admitted that the novel IP adaptation is not easy, but the film did not from the original temperament, but also enriched a lot of details. Director Derek Tsang revealed that the original author of the baby after watching the movie crying, let him work on the effect of the rest assured that the effect of the. The film will be released on September 14th. Talking about why the next project, Peter Chan said he saw the play in the triangle love drama: like the things I like when I was young, it is very comprehensive to write the collective memories after 80. Secondly, the novel has only 20 pages, but it gives us a lot of space for adaptation and addition." Despite this love story, but Peter Chan was admitted to this age to take this kind of film is not easy: "I think making female subjects particularly difficult, my own movie is from a male perspective." Therefore, he found a young director, but also a friend of Eric Tsang’s son, directed by Derek Tsang. Peter Chan said, "in July and she became popular in the 20 years" as a novel IP pressure fan can be adapted by big: "how do you change the matter will have fans unhappy, now the audience may not be recognized 20 years ago things, but if you adapted too, when read novels the audience is not satisfied." But for the young director Derek Tsang finally surrendered the "test", but Peter Chan is very satisfied: "this show the greatest success is not out of the original temperament, if I feel the author of the novel, this is my work." Derek Tsang also revealed that the original author of the baby Anne has seen the film: she looked at the cry, it should be more satisfied with the film, to see her at ease, we rest assured." About two people in the mode of cooperation, Peter Chan said he never set Derek Tsang as a producer: "if you need pointing at the scene, is that your work is not good enough, only need to save the scene. This time I’m only part of the script. As long as the film producer to defend business failure on the line, unless the director insist to the destruction of the road business, you need to pull him back." Derek Tsang said, a lot of movies when watching the father feel very hate, until Eric Tsang starred in Peter Chan’s "Shuangcheng story", was the first time that his father had also played so hard film. And he grew up in Peter Chan’s company, this time with Chen cooperation, as if to go home. The film tells the story of "July" and "she" two different character of the girls forever but very bumpy story. Dongyu Zhou and the role of accurate grasp of the role of Ma Sichun, acting a lot of affirmation. When asked how to schedule the actor, Derek Tsang said: "the election of the actor’s film on the success of the half, we try to write the script with their own character to write." Chen)相关的主题文章: