15Institutional Analysis Friday hot plate and stocks Quest (of shares)|Institutional Analysis Friday hot plate and stocks Quest (of shares)7

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Institutional Analysis: Friday hot plate and stocks Quest (of shares) in industry and analysis of stocks from the brokerage Research Report, only analysts of the industry and the stocks of the personal views do not represent the views of the card network, not as investors buy or sell stocks on stock market risk, the investment must be cautious. 1, building materials: China’s water industry high degree of prosperity will keep a long-term view of the industry recommended 2 shares: International waterproofing industry more scale, standardization, science and technology: through the study of foreign water market, the following significance: with the expansion of application fields gradually peatlands, renovation of two waterproof materials in buildings the demand in China will further enhance the waterproof market; government supervision of waterproof engineering of waterproof construction is not enough, the training of personnel and a large number of fake and shoddy products is the main cause of China’s construction high leakage rate, this is the future of the industry to focus on solving problems; leading enterprises to improve market share is a big trend the development of the industry; polymer waterproofing materials, waterproofing layer has good prospects for development. China’s water industry high degree of prosperity in China: waterproof asphalt paper industry has been basically bid farewell to the era, with new waterproof materials, future coatings and self-adhesive asphalt coiled material or have more room for development. With the current demand side boom (better benefit from the two renovation, construction, underground pipe gallery, consumption upgrade, retail layout etc.), the supply side of backward production capacity, fake and shoddy products exit speed, waterproof market boom will keep for a long time, the industry leading enterprises grow huge space. Investment advice: we are optimistic about the industry strategy of waterproofing industry overall boom (benefit from two decoration, infrastructure, underground pipe gallery, consumption upgrade) will continue higher than the average level of the building materials industry, because of backward production capacity, fake and shoddy products from the market to accelerate the industry competition pattern will be significantly improved. The recommended combination: waterproofing industry we give a "buy" rating, the key recommendation in the industry leading enterprises in the industry: the Oriental Yuhong (as the largest enterprise market share of only about 5%; the capacity of the layout gradually improve the production capacity to ease the bottleneck; the team and the higher decision-making and executive ability has been fully verified the high market vesting conditions; the equity incentive plan shows the development of confidence; 2016-2018 three years EPS were 1.19 yuan, 1.55 yuan, 1.95 yuan). Keshun waterproof (2013-2015 owned by the parent net profit to maintain double growth, 2016H1 growth rate of 143.38%, continue to maintain high growth; development ability is the forefront of the industry; stable management team; the successful completion of a given increase in equity investment will accelerate the release of production capacity; 2016-2018 three year EPS forecast were 1.69 yuan, 1.97 yuan, 2.29 yuan). Risk indicates that the development of underground corridors less than expected; real estate investment fell sharply; raw material prices rose sharply. (state securities He Guowen)

07The three real estate venture capital supply path purchase of property transactions placards|The three real estate venture capital supply path purchase of property transactions placards0

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The three real estate venture capital supply path: purchase of property transactions Sina placards fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Li Zhihong intern reporter Yang Chong Beijing Real Estate Company frequently reported to get high, where the funds come from? Banking, insurance, trust and other financial institutions is an important ammunition supplement. According to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter combing, at present, the Real Estate Company can at least get the funds of an insurance company through four ways, including insurance companies placards, the sale of office property, issuance of asset-backed securities and related transactions. The opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the term is moderate, reasonable income real estate projects to meet the urgent mood of insurance funds for high-quality assets, but on the other hand, we must pay attention to the potential risks, not the insurance company as a financing platform for the Real Estate Company, frequent blood transfusion. Three paths to obtain funds according to the "insurance funds management Interim Measures" and the provisions of the "Interim Measures" real estate investment of insurance funds, the insurance company shall not directly engage in real estate development, investment and development of commercial and residential sales or not. However, this does not mean that the real estate industry does not have access to the insurance company’s ammunition supplement. After the twenty-first Century economic news reporter combing found that there are at least four kinds of Real Estate Company access to insurance funds. Among them, "Bao Wan contest" makes the real estate listed companies were placards insurance funds become the focus of media attention. Indeed, listed companies a quarterly in 2016 and 2015 annual report, the bank and the insurance company placards real estate is the most prominent industry, such as the Ampang insurance placards Vanke A, golden group, offshore real estate, Financial Street; Qianhai life placards Vanke A; China Life shares, Huaxin shares teamson placards placards Beijing intime sunshine insurance. Although Vanke A is one of the most popular Real Estate Company listed, but the insurance company in accordance with the positions of market capitalization, the group has always been at the A shares of the top ten, is the largest insurance company holds a stock market value of the real estate industry, is one of the most popular stock insurance company, life insurance, life insurance, Ampang Fuld Cheonan property insurance have been used money to express love. At present, the golden group’s largest shareholder is Fuld life insurance. The second way is to sell property to the insurance company. For example, in March 8th of this year, SOHO China announced the results of the conference held in Hongkong, said the sale of the Century Square in Shanghai, SOHO, the news was released on the market caused great concern. It is reported that, from the initial purchase of 19 groups of customers to the intention of the second round of the depth of contact with the 5 customers, the final Guohua life to $3 billion 220 million to buy SOHO Century Square. In addition, London’s Canary Wharf building, 10 Upper Bank Street TowerPlace, the London office building New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel and other overseas office properties also have "favors" in life, in Chinese