Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the quiet State (usually lie motionless State) the minimum heat consumption. Other activities people are established on the basis of this.

1. do not cool reduce heat

The diet is very low in calories, is not an effective way to lose weight. Because the human body has a automatic procedures for maintaining normal weight, so if you suddenly lose 1 million cards from the diet calories, your body’s basic metabolic rate (basic physiological functions of the body, such as breathing and heartbeat needs the thermal value) will automatically slow down, because the body thinks you are now in a State of hunger.

2. be sure to eat breakfast

Breakfast is three square meals and most closely related to metabolism and weight loss meal. Several studies show that breakfast is much more easily than those who do not eat breakfast to lose weight. Because of the person during sleep, a low metabolic rate, only to recover increased during the meal. Therefore, if you omit breakfast, physically impossible before lunch as always burning fat. 300~400 kcal intake that is why breakfast calorie diet can be a wise move causes, because breakfast is the initiator of metabolism.

3. eat more protein

Studies have shown that taking adequate levels of protein can increase the body’s metabolism, the body heat of combustion 150~200 kcal per day. Proteins are mainly made up of amino acids, the body digest these foods more time-consuming than digesting fats and carbohydrates. So, to break them out you need to burn more calories.

Of course, this does not mean that people must be based on high protein food. However, you should ensure that the 10%~35% of the daily intake of total calories from proteins (such as fish, chicken, low fat cheese, yogurt, beans), such as to a balanced diet.

4. increase the number of eating

Eating four or five small meals a day to more than 3 meal can maintain high levels of metabolism. To try to keep the time between meals in 2-3 hours, and make sure every meal must have a protein food, because it is a metabolic Enhancer. For example, if you eat high fibre cereal for breakfast with fruit, snacks should be eaten between breakfast and lunch of yogurt and fruit. At lunch to eat 100 grams of chicken (or fish) plus a vegetable salad. Afternoon snack you can eat a banana and a low-fat cheese. During dinner to try to eat less, 1 100~150 kilograms of Turkey meat, fish, or protein food is 1 plus 1 servings of vegetables.

5. eat more “good” carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates, such as bread, white bread, can bring about dramatic swings in insulin levels, which promotes fat storage in the body, which will reduce the rate of body metabolism. Therefore, when you add carbohydrates should be high in cellulose is preferred, such as vegetables, fruits and whole-grain cereals, they belong to the “good” carbs, these food and minimal impact on insulin levels.

6. cut out alcohol addiction

Pre-dinner drink a cocktail or other harsh wine? Then when you took the glasses to think twice. Recently, several studies show that pre-dinner drinking makes people more than 200,000 calories intake. Another study found that when body metabolic function in play, is the first burn of the alcohol contained in the heat. In other words, the additional calories in the diet may be stored as fat from under the skin. If you really drinking the intolerable, and may wish to drink a little wine, wine contains only 80,000 calories per Cup, and also contains a lot of healthy antioxidants.

7. don’t be weaned

Dairy products must be every day. January 2003 United States published according to a study by the journal of nutrition: daily drinking (potable) 3~4 times with milk, yogurt and cheese of the females as compared to those who do not eat dairy products, fat will reduce more than 70%. Milk lipid weight loss causes are: interaction between the calcium in the milk and other ingredients, enhances the body’s metabolism levels, increase the speed of the body burn excess fat. Woman’s day in eaten dairy products at the same time, a second supplementary calcium 1200 mg, best fat burning results.

8. drink hot soup

Studies have shown that when making soup or cooking lunch or dinner, a little pepper, will temporarily increase body resting metabolic rate, the reason for this is the capsaicin stimulates the body to release adrenaline, which accelerate the metabolism level, thereby improving the body’s ability to burn calories. In addition, the researchers also found that chilli can suppress appetite, one not easy to feel hungry after the meal.

9. strengthen muscle power training

Experts point out that strength training is the best way to increase basal metabolism rate of the body. With increasing age, body basal metabolism rate will decrease, but strength training can make it rejuvenated, it is because 1 pound of muscle burns calories is 1 pound of fat by 9 times. Regular strength training, increased the basal metabolism rate 6.8%~7.8% anywhere, anytime. In other words, if you weigh 120 pounds, you will burn about 100,000 calories a day, even when you are watching TV too.

You have no time to go to the gym to exercise are also okay, only 2 times a week (every 15 minutes) strength training, good fitness results as available. When doing strength training, as long as the muscles feel tired, even with 1 group (exercise 10 times), will also get a plastic muscle effects. In addition, strength training can also temporarily increase the body’s metabolism levels. When women did strength training, their bodies active metabolic activity can continue to finish the last two hours of push-ups. In this way, they will heat expended 100,000 cards.

10. physical exercise “snack”

Gap in the exercise to add some high intensity movements, can greatly enhance the body’s metabolism levels. Many studies have shown that week in between “snack” on two occasions, the number of weight loss is usually only do endurance exercise twice. You can either run every 5 minutes and 30 seconds of running, or you can quickly run 1 minute on the treadmill. Fitness experts have pointed out that because of improved body strength exercise, so you’ll burn more calories.

11. the sporadic fitness benefit

In may, subject to each training project can be divided into two paragraphs. For example, strength exercises for 15 minutes in the morning, after lunch or dinner to do 30 minutes of walking movements, more 100~200 kcal of calories a day. If you don’t have time to exercise, climb several times in one day the stairs or take a walk, a health benefit. Because even during the brief campaign can increase metabolism levels. This exercise is called ‘ mini burn fat ‘, even take 5 minutes to an hour, to stretch muscles and bones, or walking around in the Office how many rounds, thousands cards can also burn more calories every day.

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