The hot city intensive four plan first-tier cities no – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network hot city intensive land supply plan four first-tier cities no reporter Ye Kai in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of land for the land, some of the real estate market hot city recently issued 2019 2017~ three years of residential land supply plan, in order to stabilize market expectations. The Ministry of land regulation and monitoring department also said recently, should adhere to the principle of "from the city facilities strategy, classification regulation, and actively cooperate with the local government and relevant departments of the real estate market regulation, supervision and guidance throughout the full respect for the laws of the market operation, take timely macro-control, by closely tracking market trends, timely analysis; reasonable compiled and published for the program, the market is expected to stabilize. How to make the plan for the next three years in November 1st, Hefei City Land Resources Bureau announced that, according to the Department of homeland, the bureau established the city 2017~2019 residential land supply plan three years rolling, the total supply of residential land about 32500 acres. Specific annual residential land supply plan, in accordance with the annual real estate market conditions, supply and demand is expected to determine the implementation of dynamic management. Tianjin City Land Bureau recently released 2017~2019 residential land supply for three years rolling plan, specifically for 2017, a total of 560 hectares, in 2018, a total of 550 hectares in 2019, a total of 540 hectares of land in the year of 1650 hectares. The Bureau said that for the next three years, the supply of residential land market to provide more adequate land, but also for the future of the city’s commercial housing continued to lay the foundation for listing. November 1st, the Ji’nan Municipal Land Bureau announced the next 3 years of residential land supply plan announcement, 2017~2019, the city of Ji’nan plans to supply an annual average of about 7000 acres of residential land. At the end of October, Wuhan City Land Bureau official website also released the 2016 annual fourth quarter residential land supply plan and 2017~2019 three years rolling plan. November 4th, Zhengzhou City Land Bureau announced that in 2017 plans to supply 840 hectares of residential land, in 2018 plans to supply a total of 780 hectares, in 2019 plans to supply a total of 780 hectares, a total of 2400 hectares in. Specific annual residential land supply plan, in accordance with the annual real estate market conditions, market demand for the preparation of residential land market supply sufficient land supply. According to the first financial reporter, as of now, the Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen four cities have not yet released a similar plan for. This year, some of the hot city land supply is insufficient, while housing prices ample funds, the situation of high price of competing land. The Ministry of land, land Chinese land surveying and Planning Institute Zhao Song said, the third quarter of this year, the main city in the national monitoring, residential land prices rose city number reached 90% QoQ, up more than 80%; report the number of abnormal trading block, the average premium rate and the average bid rounds were significantly increased, some city "price" frequency. In the three quarter of 2016, the number of abnormal land transactions reported in all cases (including the first tier cities reported a total of 10 cases, two), with a total of about $176.相关的主题文章:

Chongqing city is the lock "mysterious dreamland" next week may be particularly cold morning fog Lock City autumn afternoon in sunny yesterday morning, heavy fog lock city. Until 10 in the morning, the sun will penetrate the white mist, on earth. The fog orange signal warning sounded yesterday morning, 17 counties including the city, there are fog. At 6:30, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau released the first autumn fog orange signal warning signal. According to the live monitoring shows that Tongnan, Hechuan, yesterday morning, Tongliang, Dazu, Rongchang, Qijiang, Nanchuan 13 counties appeared fog visibility less than 200 meters, the main city of Shapingba district also appeared the minimum visibility of 700 meters of fog. Brilliant autumn Yang arrived at about 10 in the morning, the main city of the fog gradually dispersed, replaced by a bright autumn sun. Under the help of the sun, the temperature rise further. As of 4 p.m., the highest temperature in the vicinity of the temperature between -25 degrees C,, a total of 29 districts and counties are the highest temperature more than 20 degrees C. The city’s highest temperature in Pengshui, 25.7 degrees centigrade, the main city is slightly lower, the maximum temperature of 22 degrees C. Because of the strong and persistent fog yesterday, nearly noon, some people worry about the "haze" will not affect. Weather experts said yesterday is not fog haze. Fog and haze are two completely different weather conditions, although will have an impact on the visibility, but the fog is the surface layer air condensation product, while the haze is the dust in the air, sulfuric acid and some organic hydrocarbon particles so that the atmospheric turbidity phenomenon, there is essential difference. 7-9 may be particularly cold city meteorological observatory is expected, 6 to the night of the 9 day of the day, the city has a continuous cooling rain weather process, the average daily temperature will drop 6~9. Some parts of the eastern part of the heavy rain, altitude 1500 meters above sea level will occur in the snow. Cooling rainfall, the central Chongqing, southeastern and northeastern parts of the rainfall will reach 30~70 mm, the rest of the area 15~30 mm. The most obvious temperature 7 night to the night of 9, the lowest temperature in most areas will fall to 8~11. In the next three days weather forecast 4 to 5 at night during the day: cloudy with scattered light rain in the south, the rest cloudy to cloudy. Temperatures in most areas 12~25 C. Main city: cloudy, 16~21. 5 to the night of the 6 day of the day: the Midwest, Southeast cloudy or light drizzle. Northeast cloudy cloudy, sporadic light rain. Temperatures in most areas 14~24 C. Main city: cloudy to intermittent drizzle, 16~19 C. 6 to 7 at night during the day: Central and Southeast heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas, the rest of the rain. Temperatures in most areas 9~18 C. City: rain, 12~17 degrees. Reporter Shi Heng – please remind the visibility of less than 50 meters from the nearest exit exit the highway as of 8:00 yesterday, Chongqing high speed because of the fog control sections are: S0101 ring high speed long Fu section of longevity toll station to the direction of Fuling entrance, but the ferry, Fuling toll station entrance, Duan Xu copper alloy相关的主题文章:

The exposure has been delineated 3-4 Xuanshuai Guoan Coach – Sohu   range sports in the winter; spent 2016 season Guoan frustrated for the 2017 season, the preparation has entered the agenda. According to the "football" reported that the choice of coach is imperative. It is reported that the national security has identified the 3-4 coach range, the marshal will come from Europe, but also a world-class coach. The national security will be concentrated in early December, went to Haikou and Spain for the winter. The executives said the coach will also produce in before winter training. The 2016 season, known as "the trench" in the history of the national security, performance and achievement is not satisfactory. Italy Marshal Zaccheroni is also responsible for the bad record, which also led to him sadly class. Xie Feng took office after the fifth rate of national security. But the 2017 season as a fireman Xie Feng, but it is difficult to continue to serve as guards coach. It is reported that the national security Xuanshuai has been for some time. Shao Jiayi will be responsible for pre screening work, has now identified a small range of 3-4 people, the new season will still choose the European coach. Which are the world class coach, as well as the economic and practical coach, and the super old faces. As for the outside world before rumors of South Korea marshal Cui Kangxi, national security aspects have been rejected. After Zaccheroni failure, Guoan will no longer blindly choose the marshal, but will choose more suitable for their coach. (Ariel)相关的主题文章:

James Los Angeles broker to buy luxury business transfer LBJ in the future or westbound? – Sohu   sports; Beijing time on September 13th, "Cleveland honest people" reported that Lebron James’s agent Ricci Paul in Losangeles to purchase a $3 million mansion, this is the recent second close friends in the James team in Losangeles home, does this imply that James will westbound. Ricci – Paul is a broker and many years of friends in Losangeles, near the villa to buy luxury villa in the vicinity of the. James in Losangeles last year spent $21 million home, James is responsible for handling personal affairs of friends – Carter maverick in the vicinity of the Hollywood to spend 3 million 700 thousand dollars to buy a house. According to internal sources, Paul is to expand the potential customer market players, because in addition to James, Paul in more and more players union agent, many west coast players, because more and more players choose to spend the summer in Losangeles. Paul will continue to work in his hometown of Cleveland, but Losangeles will be an important place for his work. Ricci – Paul was born in Cleveland, in 2002 and met with Mr. James, when he was still buying Vintage NFL and NBA jerseys. Since 2003, the relationship between Paul and James has become very close, he began in 2012 as the agent of the James. James spent most of the summer of July and most of the time in the city of Brent, at the time of the year at the end of the year at the end of the year at the time of the. Paul’s agent Cory Joseph, raptors player – Wizards John wall, there are 76 Teams show champion Ben Simmons is spending the summer in southern California, over the past few years summer Lebron will be personal training in Losangeles, James in September when he and Wade and Simmons in Losangeles to practice this month James the training camp in Losangeles and Cleveland teammates. James is responsible for private affairs and handling all business maverick Carter most of the time since James settled in Losangeles, more and more activities in Losangeles. James and Carter, the new media entertainment company, are located in the office area of Warner Brothers in Losangeles. James this summer and the Cavaliers 3 year extension of $100 million, the player has a choice of third years. Will James bring his talent to the West in the future? Lebron has played in the Eastern League occupation career, many fans hope that he can to the Western alliance of fierce competition, increasing the number of players played between the Losangeles Lakers this summer and Lebron heard rumors, the future occupation career advanced, James will consider whether the west? (CHE)相关的主题文章:

Xi Jinping meets with Olympic delegation: china! Go China! Chinese Olympic delegation Beijing on August 25th news, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping in the afternoon in Beijing Great Hall of the people China sports meeting all the members of the delegation of thirty-first Olympic Games, Chinese athletes welcome Kai Xuan, expressed sincere sympathy and warm congratulations on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to Chinese the sports delegation of all athletes, coaches, staff, cordial greetings to the national sports front Comrades. Xi Jinping stressed that the Chinese athletes excelled at the Rio Olympics, vivid interpretation of the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sports spirit, for our country, gas dispute for the nation, increase the brightness for the Olympic Games, add color to life, proud to stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of people across the country and the world of the Chinese people the national feeling, enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, the centripetal force, self-confidence, is an important manifestation of the spirit of the China. Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, to attend the meeting of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, and so on, and so on. The Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the people, full of laughter, filled with a festive atmosphere. At 3:30 pm, Xi nearly equal party and state leaders came to the middle of the delegation, shook hands with everyone, and posed for a photo. In the warm applause, Xi Jinping published ebullience speech. He said that in the just concluded Olympic Games in Rio, your hard work, courageously, excellent completion of the competition, won 26 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 26 bronze medals of honors, ranked the forefront of medals, the sports achievements and the spirit of the double harvest, writing China brilliant new sports. Xi Jinping pointed out that during the Olympic Games in Rio, the people of the whole country are always worried about you, and the world is paying close attention to you. You dare to challenge and surpass themselves, showing a high morale, tenacious style, superb skills. You have carried out extensive exchanges with athletes and international organizations from all over the world and become a friendly envoy of the Chinese people. In the game, you abide by the rules, respect for opponents, respect for the referee, respect for the audience, showing good sportsmanship and cultural accomplishment. You in the arena, in the field of heroic style, to show the contemporary Chinese especially contemporary young people China style. These achievements are the result of the party, the country and the people, and the result of the unity and struggle of the national sports front. Xi Jinping stressed that we talk about road confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence. We are not heroes at the same time the outcome, the hero must first fight, the first to dare to dare. In such a high level of competition in the Olympic Games, for the first, gold medal is not easy to get the gold medal, it is worthy of respect and praise. At the same time, as long as the courage to overcome the self, beyond the self, even if they did not get the gold medal, the same respect and praise. So I want to say, this took the gold medal team and athletes are good. I didn’t get a gold medal this time, but I did my best in the game;相关的主题文章:

British Yuzhong is the 82 football players in Gansu teenager teach skills (Figure) – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Lanzhou on 3 September, (Zhang Hong) at the start of season, Lanzhou football stadium in Gansu Wencheng primary school in Yuzhong County, the three foreign friends blonde, their trip in Beijing "love for only you" the foundation sponsors Mr. Xie Jianhua’s invitation, made a special trip to the 82 local football teenager football skills teaching. The three foreign friends, Beijing’s "love for you" foundation, Patrick British consultant British players Daniel and Sam. The reporter saw at the event, Daniel, Sam and the players dribbling, passing, group confrontation…… Under the guidance of the small ball, they are full of love, in the study of technology, but also experience the fun of football. Daniel and Sam often clap to encourage small players, making them unlimited vitality, confidence. "Two days of contact, I feel that the small players in Yuzhong are very fond of football, they are very hard on the football field, very investment, but also enjoy the joy of football, but also enjoy the joy of success and victory." Daniel said. For foreign friends and talk to young football. Zhang Hong photo "foreign coach into the campus can let the children accept high quality football guide, accept foreign advanced football concept, let the children fully feel the joy of football, so as to improve the physical quality, promote the comprehensive development of children." Yuzhong County Board of education official said. After two days of football of communication and teaching, Beijing "love for only you" foundation will pick a number of football prospects from these participate in the training of the football teenager, continuous observation during the winter training, one of the best to the Premier League club for a half a month of the study, learning back to these small players for the team, set up Lanzhou’s first county primary and middle school students to form students at all levels of football team, football team, on behalf of the Yuzhong County outside the province to participate in competition, play football brand in Yuzhong county. (end)相关的主题文章:

New York coach DAntoni. He had this innuendo faded aura [collection] 88-117 Nicks Knight James scored three double axe split button Tencent frequently dedicated November 3rd sports news today at New York rockets ushered in a victory on the road. It is worth noting that the current Rockets coach DAntoni also coached New York, but also just caught up with the "Crazy" fire throughout the United states. Perhaps to see his successor after leaving one after another fall, de Anthony’s words hidden in a teasing taste. Nicks boss DAntoni innuendo "it’s tough." DAntoni said, "in the city of New York when the coach is indeed the case, we are looking forward to winning every day. But the NBA coach’s position is really hot. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes bad luck will find you, these often happen. And now, this situation not only in New York, but the entire alliance are facing such a situation. Every coach is like this, many teams have been replaced by a large number of coaches." "This line is not really good, and now the alliance has completely changed. Even if you become the best coach, even if you lead a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs for the first time, you’ll get fired." DAntoni sigh. Mike de Anthony has achieved great success in the Suns, led the team in the Western Conference finals two times. The 2008-2009 season with his "cannon Godfather" aura Nicks picked up the pointer, but before the two season Nicks did not make the playoffs. Since then, New York has ushered in Stoudemire and Anthony two superstars, but in the playoffs is just the first round of travel. But in the 2011-2012 season, Jeremy Lin was born in New York indirectly saved DAntoni’s fate, Jeremy Lin will undoubtedly become the Savior of DAntoni ‘s instability. With the "linsanity" burn a stop, DAntoni will become the third season from the original class and coach, has become one of the focus of national attention coach NBA. But in the end because of the management layer and the team in all aspects of coordination, coupled with Lin in the late season injuries, the first round of the playoffs will stop Nicks team. In the 2011-2012 season, de Anthony led the team to obtain 18 wins and 24 losses after resigning. (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

More than 30% network commodity quality sampling unqualified — Inner Mongolia channel — newspaper Beijing on 9 October,     (reporter Lin Lili) the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the 9 2016 network commodity quality special sampling results: Taobao, Tmall, Yi Xun network, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Gome online,, Amazon and other China, domestic market main business platform commodity trading, substandard goods overall detection rate was 34.6%, the quality of unqualified accounts for about 93%, only signs and instructions substandard accounting for about 7%. According to reports, inspection of goods involved in the electromagnetic oven, mobile phone, power adapter, children’s products, adult clothing and other daily consumer goods, sampling a total of 503 batches of goods, the effective sample of 497 batches, 172 batches of substandard goods were found. Consumers can be found in the official website of the industrial and commercial administration of the sampling of substandard goods specifications and operators. For these substandard goods, SAIC has instructed relevant departments to strictly investigate and punish. "People’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 10 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章:

The Raptors win warriors hero will do operation out of the opener return [] Lin Jie, undecided dunk confidence hit Huo Fude from CIC dunks with both hands back in October 24th (the Tencent sports news Jeff Goodman, ESPN writer) according to ESPN reports, the Raptors announced today that their striker Jared Sullinger will accept the foot surgery tomorrow on the left, the fifth metatarsal bone screw implant. Sa Linjie will be absent from the regular season opener for the new season, and the specific truce will be confirmed after surgery. Sa Linjie, Lin Jie operation will be done in October 2nd and the warriors pre-season injury in the opener, when he stepped on to the opponent, the game he played 23 minutes, scored 7 points and 10 rebounds, helping the Raptors to a 97-93 victory over the warriors. He missed all of the preseason games, but has been training in the shooting. Sa Linjie will be in New York for surgery, the surgeon is Dr. OMalley Martin. OMalley from New York hospital for special surgery, he is also a team of 76 people to show champion Ben Simmons’s surgery surgeon. Toronto said implant screws are a kind of preventive measures to alleviate the symptoms of stress reaction. As for Sa Linjie’s specific truce, it will be confirmed after surgery, according to sources, he will not go back to the stadium at least next month. On Saturday, the Raptors coach German – Casey said: "SA Lin Jie may take some time to return." Sa Linjie, 24 years old, his height of 2.06 meters, weighing about 127 kg, from Ohio State University. In the 2012 draft, Sa Linjie pick by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the twenty-first election, the four season with the Celtics, he played a total of 258 games (171 starts), the games are played 23.6 minutes, can get 11.1 points, 7.7 rebounds and 1.8 assists, shooting the rate is 43.9%. In July 15th this year, Sa Linjie joined the Raptors as a free agent, has agreed a one-year contract worth $6 million. Originally Casey is planning to let Sa Linjie as the starting power forward, and now he may be enabled – – – Paterson – Patrick. (Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章:

Italy women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping will be invited to provide paid + three month holiday resort Lang Ping Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 14th, according to Italy media reports, Italy Association consider again invited Lang Ping coached the Italy women’s volleyball team, and willing to pay high salaries. In fact, as early as the end of August, came the Italy women’s volleyball team trying to "hire" Lang Ping, but did not have the actual action. The Rio Olympics team, old, small, hit by more than 3-4 of the Olympic Games 30 years old veteran mix first played in the world contest at the age of 20 new arrays, resulting in Italy women’s volleyball team was eliminated in the group phase, the coach was Italy fans criticized by bonita. Lang Ping is very popular in Italy, because she is not only in Modena, but also coached the Italy League 3 teams, but also led Modena won the Italy League title and the Champions League trophy. More importantly, Lang Ping in the training of young players and coaching ability won. In the eyes of Italy Association, and Brazil women’s volleyball team has since guimaraens contract, and not with the China protocol the renewal of Lang Ping became the "fit" for the best choice, and are willing to pay higher salaries, more importantly, each year nearly 3 months of vacation with his family to Lang Ping.相关的主题文章:

6 and 11 balls! KUN god 2 shots all break to break Messi C Ronaldo hegemony – Sohu since the start of the new season of sports, Aguero state ushered in a blowout, with the game against Swansea officially lifted back, the Argentina striker is to open a new round of runaway die " > gaoqingtu: since a KUN break glide wing running push shot cut 10 straight start of the new season, Aguero state ushered in a blowout, with the game against Swansea officially lifted back, the Argentina striker is to open a new round of runaway mode, in the propaganda incentive coach Guardiola, scored two to continue writing their own legendary season. The 6 game wanton 11 ball, now a KUN becomes a goal machine! Due to alleged acts of violence in the Premier League third round match against West Ham United in the FA, Aguero was banned for 3 matches, he missed the Manchester derby at Old Trafford, missed the Premiership game against Bournemouth, also missed the midweek Carling Cup tournament with Swansea. In the new season of the two Champions League matches, Argentina has a series of two hat trick, but in England in the domestic arena because of suspension of "long war", a lot of people not only for its concern: the goal machine will not be equal to anything rusty? But it turns out that everyone is worried. The game down, just as the "mirror", KUN said, this goal machine did not show any signs of rust, instead more light and more gun fire violent! According to OPTA statistics show that Aguero completed a total of 4 shots, including the 2 hit in the door frame range, and have become a goal. The opening is only 9 minutes, the Argentine for Manchester City made a dream start, when Fernandez Godinho houchangchangzhuan, Ruth Sarnia front right after the ball cross knock, Aguero had the ball into the box right again in a low shot, the ball went straight to the left side of the goal into the net. "For the striker, the main task is to score, I am very satisfied with the state of Aguero, but I want more, more, more. I hope he can score more goals, "Guardiola said in an interview before the game. But no one expected completion rate was Argentina so fast, but also once again finished two! When Swansea equalised when the team is in trouble, Aguero once again killed out! Sixty-fourth minutes into the game, de Blau Hei in the restricted area of lateral the ball was elbowed by Vander Horan knocked to the ground, referee decisive penalty, Argentina calmly walk 12 yards, with outstanding performance Fabianski, played an unbelievable spoon penalty. In the Swan sea frequently put pressure and the team one after another opportunities when a KUN this goal is like a timely rain! This is the last 27 games in the Premier League with twenty-seventh goals! He is also the season’s eleventh games into the ball! Data show that in the new season so far, Aguero played only 6 games for Manchester City, the high scoring rate is really staggering! For Aguero)相关的主题文章:

Five years started to invest billions of Shaanxi low-income housing projects suspected unfinished "for more than 2 years I go to the site to see numerous times, see every time, deepen a disappointment!" As Weinan City, Shaanxi economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Weinan Economic Development Zone) a private one office worker, Lee Xiao Jing (a pseudonym) in 2014 began to apply for public rental. The "riverside city public rental project from work units near, she is in favor of object. Seeing the 29 storey high-rise buildings going up, she felt very happy, finally can live in the dream of building unit circle". However, from the beginning of the second half of 2014, she found the site no longer construction, the workers are sitting in the shed smoking cards, then even these workers are gone. I am anxious people do not worry, this should have been built public rental, people will dare to work for several years, said Li Xiaojing helpless. "Beijing time" queries the official website of Weinan municipal government was informed that the project estimates a total investment of 138 million (appended to 186 million), 972 housing units, in June 29, 2011 held a groundbreaking ceremony, originally planned to put into use in June 2013. Through the open area of Weinan Housing Construction Bureau official told the "Beijing time" project "work" thing is true, the main reason relates to the Development Zone promise failed to honor, and lead to the construction side conflict. CMC will actively coordinate, strive for an early resumption of work. The "riverside Metro" low-income housing project started uncompleted project time map of Beijing for more than 5 years before the lockout workers often play mahjong together since the submission of public rental application, Li Xiaojing began xinyousuoshu, "it can be said that all my life I hope in this house". Because the work unit distance "riverside Metro" is near, she once went to the construction site to see. 3 storey building, 500 sets of public rental housing, low-cost housing, the construction area of about 60 square meters per household, the estimated total investment of 138 million, plans to be completed and put into use in June 2013, in." In June 29, 2011, the "riverside Metro" held a grand groundbreaking ceremony, the above information in all media. But according to Li Xiaojing’s argument, in the second half of 2014, she found no longer on the construction site. "I have been looking for several times through the opening of the CMC, they said to me, etc.." Li Xiaojing said, she is waiting for more than 2 years, I would like to ask them in the end when the house can cover, who can tell me?" In November 12, 2016, the "Beijing time" field of view that the "riverside Metro" is still in the state of the main part of the project completed. Nearby villagers told the Beijing time, the site before the completion of the work has repeatedly occurred when the time to stop the phenomenon of construction, when a encounter downtime, their workers came to our village to play mahjong". Many villagers confirmed that about from the beginning of 2015, the site was completely shut down production, "workers go through". The "riverside Metro" shed the seals, the display time is 2014. Beijing time construction: a serious shortage of funds irretrievable "Beijing time" in the Weinan area by opening the official website found that the "riverside Metro" called "riverside town of affordable housing projects, a total investment of 186 million. Xiangzhao相关的主题文章:

Yili Jinwei: won the 2016 China real estate brand value TOP10 award in September 6th, the State Council Development Research Center Enterprise Institute, Real Estate Institute of Tsinghua University and Chinese Index Research Institute of the three research institutions jointly organized the "2016 China brand value of the real estate research conference and the thirteenth session of the China real estate brand development forum held successfully in Yanqi Beijing International Conference center. The results of the study showed that Yili Jinwei Yili resources group adhering to "green ecological" concept, around 3 ecological (Elife+) platform, committed to become service providers to eco city, industry platform, grafting financial instruments, the use of the Internet means, the formation of industry and finance integration network ecosystem, won the unanimous approval and the customer, topped the 2016 China comprehensive real estate development leading brand value TOP10 – Green list, brand value 1 billion 650 million, and the development of the Yili Group in Tianjin International Ecological Island (real estate information) project won the "2016 China synchronous residential real estate project brand value TOP10" title. The unique ecological development of the road when the weakening of the overall profitability of real estate enterprises, the concept of city services began to be constantly up — "transition Vanke City supporting service providers, green transformation" city operators "," City Huayuan transformation integrated service providers"…… Many in this easy to let people confuse the "service provider", Yili Jinwei is a special: to become a "service provider" ecological city, and put forward the unique development mode of ecological restoration and ecological industry development and ecological community ", the goal is to provide green, colorful life style for customers. To improve the city’s ecological living environment. The new start Elife+, build green lifestyle Yili Jinwei belonging to the United Nations global leader and won the title Yili resources group, adhering to the concept of ecological Yili resources group, aiming at the problem of air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, neighbourhood apathy, R & D created "Yili Jinwei Elife+ eco 3" comprehensive solution plan. Its core is to rely on "E eco home" product system, through a variety of solutions to customer pain points of high value added services for customers to create a green, colorful lifestyle. Elife+ around Yili Jinwei "ecological health" as the core concept, to meet the needs of city residents in ecological, green and healthy life and spiritual life for the development goals, through the two aspects of product + service, customer daily habits and the high cost of various value-added services in connection with the mobile Internet tools, interactive online and online, in a multidimensional space and create a unique community culture and life atmosphere, harmonious neighborhood relations and the healthy and upward life from dream into reality! Products include: "E eco home" six product system, the air, water, noise, intelligent, humane and community life and custom six systems, to solve the urban diseases, city residents to meet the ecological needs of life. Services: including four service sectors: customized soft, hard service, Internet banking, financial services, smart community service platform, community ecological civilization construction, etc., in the 360.相关的主题文章:

17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in the evening of 29 October, including 4 German students, 17 students from Shanghai in Zhejiang Suichang Baima Mountain Tour pal, Forest Park lost in the mountains, the local police immediately organized personnel into the rescue, after several hours of searching, found the already troubled tour pal and their safe, escorted to the station. According to the police, 19:26 on October 29th, Suichang county area, 110 command center received a "Phoenix Villa" boss alarm, said 17 Shanghai tour pal entered the Suichang Baima Mountain Forest Park in the mountains, not according to the agreed return, have been lost. The police was informed, walked into the mountains is from Shanghai to Suichang to experience outdoor mountaineering tour pal, including 4 foreign tourists. Early in the morning into the mountains, originally scheduled to go down the mountain after the white horse, 16 lost contact. Suichang Baima Mountain peak elevation of 1621 meters, a radius of 160 km, in the deep mountains and forests lush vegetation, few people tread, even more precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, familiar with the local terrain of the village and the villagers did not dare to climb the mountain at night, and the temperature has dropped to 5 degrees Celsius, and mountain road walking tour pal, slippery road, if cannot get a rapid and effective rescue, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Suichang County Public Security Bureau immediately launched an emergency contingency plan, public security, militia and other rescue forces have rushed to the scene from all directions. At 21:10, the earliest in the mountain search and rescue police report: Zhao Chenjun has found 8 lost 4 foreigners tour pal, among them, the number of tour pal said they had completely unable to distinguish the direction, but in the gully edge place rest, save energy, waiting for rescue. Rescuers found 9 other lost tour pal including people, injured and sick. At 22:50 PM, rescuers escorted tour pal all arrived safely rescue headquarters. The doctor in the inspection of all personnel lost contact condition, ordered the full withdrawal of the command, the police will be sent to arrange the tour pal place to stay. 4 German students continue to express their gratitude. Police remind, hobby Adventure Tour pal in outdoor activities, it must be in the local guide, to arrange a reasonable time and with plenty of food, water and basic rescue tools to prevent possible period of want or need.相关的主题文章:

A data row was the end of a knight off defeat regret [collection] the eagle knight of the 110-106 big three empty cut 76 points streak news November 9th Knight sports Tencent cracked home court 106-110 enemy eagle knight six, streak end suffered the first defeat of the season. The knight of the game shooting only 37.4% hit a season low, compared with the eagle knight, do not win for their streak ends is purely self inflicted". The eagle knight Hanfu first to be sure, the eagle ball played really well and win in reason. Howard under the basket guarding, effectively destroying the knight’s sudden tactics, James and Erwin are no longer as did the last few games easily attract attack and then find the perimeter teammates. Surely we must remember that last season the Eastern Conference semifinals, the knight three points breakdown rain eagle, the fundamental reason is the eagle could not control James and Erwin breakthrough, now Howard can rely on personal ability to delay the knight two giants starting block, the eagle does not need frequent bag, Knight open three chance to reduce natural. The three is the 42 voted 11. In addition to limiting the break James and Erwin, the field is also completely suppressed by the Tristan – Thompson, so that in 25 minutes of playing time in the game of 0 points and 2 rebounds in the time of minutes. Millsap and Kevin form an explosion, and the eagle spear Schroder and Baez Moore together to cut 53 points, to take over the game at the crucial moment, prevailed and giant eagle Knights attack, will win. Eagle play is good, but the Cavaliers lost or lost to himself. Can be seen from the game scene, the eagle had more careful preparation, but the knight is maintaining the status quo, or more precisely, they did not see what is the name for. When the hawks in the second quarter opened the score difference when the Cavs coach tyronn Lue is not suspended, but let the player shoot the three wave. Lu as winner of natural ability is very strong, but he the game "Inaction" can only be said to be not ready. The Knights of the big three to over 76 points, three points to 20+, but this is only a false fig leaf. Three big offensive efficiency is not good, James in the first half of the cast of only 1 of the vote to get only 2 points, which dragged a lot of the hind legs of the knight of the 5. Erwin the ball to get the highest 29 points, but the shot is cast 16 iron, the ball in the three points of 7 in 1. Le Fu 17 cast iron, three points in the ball 4 of the 0, the efficiency is also general. Do not deny the big three in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, there is no lack of flash time, almost completed the reversal, but from the whole game, their shooting performance is not ideal. The knight is shooting only 37.4%, this is the first time this season in their hit rate lower than 40%. In the last game of the 76 games, shooting 40.7% knights, they are in the first six games of the season is the worst shooting performance, the knight was almost 76 lore, eventually edged 1 points. Knight apparently did not learn from the game against the 76 person, the field is still cool to the eagle, losing reasonable. It’s a long season, losing a game. Regular season for the Cavaliers was originally found to solve the problem, the preparation process for the playoffs, lose.相关的主题文章:

When the nail surface has a vertical line to darling — Health Channel – original title: the nail surface has vertical to when darling some people find their nails appeared on the ridge, but the danger signal may be emitted by the body line. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine professor He Juan said, the nail appears on the ridge could be a sign of stagnation of liver qi. Usually the spirit of female sensitive and fragile, easily lead to liver qi stagnation, emotional irritability, irritability, chest fullness, breast hyperplasia, thyroid nodules, menstrual disorders, and symptoms such as nails on the ridge. He Juan said that the prevention of stagnation of liver Qi should be warm, happy, carefree". That is warm, warm yang, eat cold, let oneself warm up, such as the morning to drink a bowl of ginger water, can treat depression, spleen deficiency etc.. Note that leisure time, rest time, liver and blood, to make up their own america. Do not sleep at night. Kill Yang, Yang ban can not afford in the morning. He Juan said, to cause the disorder of immune function, light to cause complexion, menstrual disorders, easy to cold, fatigue, heavy lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors. To do music, Shugan Qi, let the music up. Morning, through exercise can improve the mood; also can be improved from the diet, eat whole wheat, lily, lily, ginger, mint, malt, lotus seeds, bergamot, kumquat, rose tea etc.. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章:

The prevention and treatment of postoperative eyelid scar – Sohu healthy double eyelid forming operation is the most widely used plastic surgery, no matter in what way, the operation scheme has very mature operation although small, but there is risk of leaving scar, and once formed scar, not only affect the appearance, and the eyelid the shape will be greatly affected. So how to prevent the formation of scar after double eyelid surgery, is a problem of great concern to everyone! In general, no matter what way do doubleeyelid, including incision, embedding, minimally invasive method or the so-called "Korean" or "Japanese" eyelid, after surgery will not leave obvious scars. Why eyelid surgery is not easy and obvious scar? This is mainly related to the small incision surgery, the operation is more subtle and less damage, skin incision and its texture is basically the same for. Of course, the facial blood supply is rich, not easy to infection, wound healing is also fast, after a period of 2 months after the hyperplasia of scar gradually fades lighter, longer and skin less the difference is not obvious, if the choice is a small incision or embedding, postoperative scar is not obvious the. Incision eyelid surgery, no obvious scar at the original, but there will also be a scars, some people showed partial black blot, some white blot, these are normal, after 3-6 months will gradually resume or close to normal skin color. If there is a bit of red, it may not have been fully recovered, or special treatment. The obvious scar is due to poor wound healing after surgery, hemorrhage and hematoma, wound infection, wound dehiscence or needle etc.. How to avoid the eyelid postoperative scar on the skin suture 1 not dislocation, hanging off the sides to find advice, excess skin spread. Unless the muscle hypertrophy, or to retain most of the muscles, suture muscle layer with the skin suture, but also more full. 2 don’t go to the pretarsal fascia vascular network is also very clean, rich in the pretarsal, go deep bleeding, suture hanging aponeurosis fascia or in a buffer, so, scar pulling is weak, some experts report to open the orbital suture back, muscular layer of skin suture alone, this lighter is more natural. 3 as a result of swelling in the operation, the skin has been extended, if hanging too high, eyelashes Alice will be good, more charming, but after the retraction of the big, so do not pursue excessive, harmonious and beautiful. The principle of double eyelid scar repair after 1, a careful analysis of the causes of previous operation failed. Re design of double eyelid incision line as far as possible, the original incision scar resection. 2, to make the pretarsal scar, fully separating adhesion muscle and tarsus aponeurosis. Suture arc smooth, tarsus aponeurosis fixation. 3, the previous surgical removal of orbital fat excessive release of fat inside, or free transplantation of lower eyelid orbital fat, or injection of autologous fat. Surgery to care for the organization, soft minimally invasive, shorten the recovery period and reduce scar hyperplasia. How to prevent and cure scar after double eyelid operation?.相关的主题文章:

Chengdu, the national day to play here Sahuan wild! Avoid people crowded! Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention ~ ~) a National Day holiday a year, although the peak travel, but good scenery always attracts a lot of people, a sister this time for everyone to find the point of loading capacity of large step step, even if people many people are not afraid of the picture! The national trust is a part of Ejinaqi travel ~ "hero", let Ejinaqi poplar famous throughout the world, ten days after the National Day every year is the best time to travel, become a lot of buddy said national day first stop and go! Only once a year the beautiful bloom, there are beautiful poplar forest and the fourth in the world, the ancient Badan Jilin desert on the Silk Road, the most complete grand Blackwater City, a road through Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Qinghai, etc., half a Chinese after playing together! Beautiful sand of Oz Juyanhai, annual autumn season, the sky was clear, reeds swaying, the moment when the sun set, you really will feel the infinite spectacular Gobi haizi! Of course, fourth of the world’s Badan Jilin desert can not be missed, compared to other desert, Badain Jilin more of a tender, annual rainfall of less than 40 mm, but the lake in the desert more than and 100! Desert straight down the long river of the yen, run free in the Badan Jilin desert, in the sunset, feel the outside of customs! In this escape the shackles of the city, just roll Sahuan, camel riding, slippery sand, sandy desert sunset, go kart, complete the release of your nature! TIPS 8 day car route: DAY1: Chengdu – Hanzhoung (proposal No. 30 on the afternoon, about 5 hours or so) DAY2: Hanzhoung – Yinchuan (over Qinling Mountains, via Xi’an, the Loess Plateau, Yinchuan tour, Yinchuan Night Live) DAY3: Yinchuan – Inner Mongolia – Alashan – Gobi – Ejinaqi DAY4 Uligi Su desert Ejinaqi: all day long visit (Populus euphratica forest, black city ruins, hongchengzi) DAY5 Ejina: Blackwater city and strange forest — Juyanhai – DAY6: Badan Badan Jilin desert Jilin desert wild delight (all day long desert, Badain lake, Badan Jilin desert world) DAY7: Badan Jilin desert Sunrise – Alashan – Linxia cooperation banner DAY8: Linxia – Chengdu Lugu Lake Yunnan to play not cut Lugu Lake, are not willing to Lugu Lake, quietly hiding in the mountains, waiting for you to discover! At present, the beautiful Ge Sanghua also opened, very comfortable! National day to cut this more people, playing sister suggested a day ahead of departure! To enjoy the tranquility of the Lugu Lake folk characteristics and Mosuo people, in the morning sit Zhu Caochuan, breathe the fresh air of Lugu Lake! And then go to some bridge, Valentine’s beach, Los water, and so on ~ cut many Caohai Lugu Lake buddy said, the most beautiful scenery in Lugu Lake is the most beautiful Rigby, Rigby Peninsula, because the grid in the peninsula straight into the lake, surrounded by water on three sides, make you more comfortable feeling of the scenery here! In addition to tscherrig)相关的主题文章:

Professor He Xiaosheng "(sagittal sinus – falx meningioma treatment) -" the Sohu healthy patients, female, age. The first half of the right limb numbness headache, ougan. CT: the top left cerebral falx slightly high density occupying the top left: MRI falx slightly long T1 and slightly long T2 signal, clear boundary, obvious enhancement, peripheral edema, apparent mass effect. The relationship between the lesion and the sagittal sinus and falx closely, wide base. Diagnosis: (sagittal sinus – falx meningioma surgery): the left parietal craniotomy after tumor resection surgery: left precentral gyrus pressed forward, the tumor and the sagittal sinus wall, left falx adhesion, total resection of the tumor. Postoperative situation: patients recovered well, no special sequelae. Analysis: benign meningioma, in the middle-aged and older women multiple, slow growth, resulting in a large number of symptoms (such as limb numbness, paralysis, epilepsy, etc.) was found. Intracranial primary site: convex meninges, Dou Pang, tuberculum sellae, olfactory sulcus, cerebellopontine angle, choroid plexus and sphenoid ridge. Surgical resection is the main treatment. Individual important functional areas can be treated with caution, such as stereotactic radiotherapy to control the growth rate of tumor growth. Most of them have malignant tendency, which can be manifested as multiple or even skull invasion.相关的主题文章:

Beijing media: undefeated myth no longer stands empty fans enthusiasm back to diehard fans Guoan scores down last night, Beijing Guoan sits, usher in the Shijiazhuang Yongchang, after 90 minutes of the contest, the two sides goalless. No matter for just relegation ashore Guoan, or for the bottom of the table Shijiazhuang Yongchang, everything is useless as a result. This season, in the national security, could not take the underdog, win more teams, once the "undefeated" myth has been lopsided. Light – field transmission control is not the goal to lose an opportunity to grab points in one week after the win Liaozu game, Guoan integral promotion game to 32 points. Along with the Chinese happiness, decimating the other teams have won the national defeat, you can come to the table fifth. The rival Yongchang, nearly 11 round 1 wins have been at the bottom of the standings, the direct competitor Changchun victory for Yongchang Yatai is one disaster after another. Before the game, Beijing Guoan coach group leader stressed that this is the three game in Shijiazhuang home court in Yongchang is very important, one of the three opponents in efforts to avoid relegation, two is three if the country can take home court, may be another situation". In fact, the national security in theory and have not lost the qualification for AFC Champions League, after all, before the game, Guoan match two less than Shanghai Shenhua, only 10 points. But in the face of super deputy squad leader, but did not seize the opportunity to seize the national security. Although the field Guoan possession of more than 60%, Augusto, Zhang Chiming, Ma IL Rhodes, Yu Dabao et al. Many formed the threat of attack in Yongchang in front of the door, especially in the first few "put a big move, Yilmaz, this field is also very active, but we are in the suppression of opponents under the condition of no into goals. Eventually the two sides goalless 90 minutes. – handsome of Xie Feng: dilute zhe sidelined because of a calf injury "home court did not win a great pity, Guoan or old problems, need to strengthen the defences, we start well, but it is difficult to break the flank. Many times the second half pass, but the sense of difference outflanks. This game is drawn, feel some pity." Unable to get a goal, Xie Feng is also very helpless. The reporter got the first list, found Zhang Xizhe was not in the list of 18 people, and the game of "zero" also let the outside feel, Zhang Xizhe’s absence that national security attacks even more single, Zhang Xizhe did not sign up for reasons, Xie Feng explained: "dilute zhe calf strain on round to face Liaoning team before the game against some of the reactions, training would not let him in. Today, I went to the hospital to see, for the sake of insurance, so he did not sign up for the field." Embarrassing is that the national security of the season on the road to get the score than the home court more, after also will usher in the two home court, Xie Feng believes that the team must be improved, "Yongchang defended very well, from the whole 90 minutes, we did not create an absolute scoring opportunities, and this is our post a key problem." Li Jinyu: to play less than 20 people in Shijiazhuang, Yongchang, get a Nan相关的主题文章:

The green orange is not yet listed   counterfeit goods in Haikou Market — Hainan channel — original title: Qiongzhong green orange is not yet listed in the Haikou market selling counterfeit goods north and south of Haikou fruit market in the sale of counterfeit Qiongzhong green orange every year 10 months late is Qiongzhong green orange market time. In recent years, in support of the local government, the green orange with its unique quality has gradually become a major brand of tropical fruits in Hainan. Days ago, some people found on the market in Haikou has the green orange sales, and the price is much cheaper than in previous years, this year is the green orange listed in advance? In this regard, the agricultural technology extension and service center responsible person said, at present the green orange is not listed, green orange on the market is not a real Qiongzhong green orange. The green orange is not yet listed, there is a stall in Haikou openly selling fake products recently, some people reflect to the newspaper, in the north and south of the Haikou fruit market has Qiongzhong green orange to sell, but the price is much cheaper than in previous years, the taste is not the same, suspected to be fake. Yesterday, the reporter went to the north and South Haikou fruit market interview. First of all, the reporters came to a fruit stand, the fruit stand in front of a box of green orange, a reporter asked whether the green orange, vendors said, "6 dollars a pound." According to the usual price, Qiongzhong green orange should at least 8 yuan jin. Let the reporter cut a taste, found the green orange taste is not sweet, but also slightly sour. The owner told reporters that this is indeed the Qiongzhong green orange. Subsequently, the reporter went to another fruit stand interview, the table was filled with mango and other fruits, and no green orange. The reporter asked whether the Qiongzhong green orange, the owner of a bit hesitant, but eventually told reporters there. The reporter asked how much money a pound, stall not sold by catty, press box to sell, a box of 90 yuan. When a reporter asked to see what the owner, said: "the goods are not in the scene, you sure I will bring you." This year the picking time is expected in October 25th about "the authentic Qiongzhong green orange are less than picking time, so it is not listed, sold on the market are not really Qiongzhong green orange." Yesterday, the agricultural technology extension and service center director Liu Zhifeng said, currently on the market to sell green orange mainly has several kinds of supply channels, either Hainan produced in other places, or other provinces shipped over, or some kind of small orchard in qiongzhong. Liu Zhifeng said, the real Qiongzhong green orange must satisfy three conditions: first, planting and harvesting in Qiongzhong County; second, must be picked from the registration of orchards in government; thirdly, there must be a national geographic mark. "Authentic Qiongzhong green orange has unique packing box, the box has a two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code can display the orange orchard." Liu Zhifeng said that the mature period of Qiongzhong green orange to late in mid October, "to maturity, we have sweet and sour orange and amount of pesticide residues were detected with standard can be listed." Liu Zhifeng introduced this year, Qiongzhong green orange picking time is expected in October 25th or so, the specific time to market will be released through the media. Professionals teach you how to tell the Qiongzhong green orange Qiongzhong Liu Zhifeng, can be distinguished from the following points)相关的主题文章:

Premier Bora Siennaa reminded: after joining Everton for the first time in the face of the old lord [premier] prediction analysis of football: Everton vs Crystal Palace start time: 2016-10-01 03:00 injury summary: Everton injured Besic (defensive midfielder), Browning (right guard), Pennington (guard), Macarthur (midfielder) against a doubt: Gibson (midfielder), Bynes (left back, left midfield)? Bynes missed the accident last week’s defeat to Bournemouth, and can catch this weekend’s game against Crystal Palace in doubt, if it misses Austria Victoria will continue to serve as a left back. Gibson, Macarthur, Bloomberg, Browning and Besic are expected to miss the weekend. May consider? Comin to replace Clavet Leigh or Dew Lo Faye U at Mira las. But Clavet Leigh is also one of the candidates, may be scheduled to appear on the wing. Crystal Palace injured Dan (back), ray Sawyer (left back), Remy (midfield) against a doubt: Zaha (attacking midfielder)? The main defender Dan Sawyer, ray and Remy were missed Sunday league. Zhahayin? A slight hamstring injury and missed last week against Sunderland this week, the unknown can play. Analysis: Everton hunt ball? The Premier League after 6 rounds, Everton has accumulated 13 points ranked fifth, with third and fourth with the Liverpool Arsenal, only inferior goal difference came in behind them, the upper visible table is very competitive, game scores are very important. Everton? Performance opening stage is very good, first to shake hands with Tottenham and, after the 4 round of league victories, has defeated West Brom, Storck City, Sunderland and middlesbrough. ? nevertheless, Everton recently blocked the good momentum in the last week, following the League Cup Home Court 0-2 after losing to Norwich in the Premier League, the sixth weekend in them on the road to 0-1 lost to Bournemouth, suffered two defeats in all competitions. Coach Koeman wants to get back on track in the weekend league. ? one of the part of this game is Bora Siennaa since the summer transfer window to 30 million pounds transfer fee to Everton for the first time to face old club Crystal Palace, the winger recently during the Toffees in doing well, he hopes to be able to come up with a color in the face of Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace is currently ranked 10 in the top seventh, behind the opponent Everton, the score of 3 points. Crystal Palace? Although opening stage encounter with the League 3 rounds extremely, but the recent state Huiyong, won the three game winning streak, Middlesbrough, Storck city and has over the last round of League 3-2 away defeat to Sunderland, morale Masamori present. ? but worrying is that Crystal Palace has not been a league season to zero closure opponents, the defensive line, there are worries. ? but the good news is that Crystal Palace had 3 trip to Goodison Park Stadium, all unbeaten, and the last 6 times with Everton war which only have a loss, as far as possible)相关的主题文章:

Jeremy Lin Wade: prospective leaders war nets out bull – Sohu trying to take advantage of home court sports in Beijing on October 31st news, NBA regular season continues, the following is part of events tomorrow ahead: Bull (2-0) VS nets (1-2) (07:30) at home court against the nets tomorrow public cattle, this is also the season for the first time. Last season, the big score 1-2 defeat the bulls, in addition, the nets in the home court has been lost to the Bulls 3 times, on a home court in beat bulls in March 4, 2014. A game against the Bucks, because it is back in second, Lopez is still hanging mianzhanpai inside the core, so the nets start playing very difficult, but they also play very tenacious, the last moment once tied the score, but Henson was shot at the buzzer lore. Despite losing the game, but they also use their own efforts to win the praise of the fans and coach. "Playing the way that I admire, we played very tenacious, and Jeremy said, One principle runs through it all.," "I know we messed up the game, but I know, if you really want to come together and reach a certain height, it is the first step." Coach Atkinson also said after the game, the team has made a contribution to all people, to see the students have this play and really fight again, his mood is very beautiful. In Milwaukee, Jeremy Lin feel bad, only 16 to 4, but dished out 10 assists and 3 steals contribution, to assume the responsibility of a leader. Jeremy Lin is going to be more efficient in the face of bulls tomorrow, and he has to control the error. Lopez was arranged rested against the Bucks game, with the Bulls a war he should be back. "We’re going to increase his playing time as the season goes on, we have to think about it in the long run, and soon he will get a normal playing time." Coach Atkinson said. It is worth mentioning that, if Lopez back, then Lopez will meet his brother Robin in the paint will, the brothers war will also be a major part of the game, it will be two people fourteenth brothers in war, brothers war, Robin’s team won 7 times, Robin averaged 9.8 points, Brook is averaging 21 points. In addition to Jeremy Lin, Lopez, the team also need other people can stand up to contribute. Bogdanovic, Scola, Hamilton et al., Booker should strive to help the team to guard home court advantage. In contrast, the bulls, the team on a home 118-101 beat the Pacers, has now won the two game winning streak. It was a happy start for the Bulls who had added 9 new players, and it was clear that Wade and Rondo had joined the bulls. "The energy level of this team is completely different from that of last year. Everybody’s trying to play." Gibson – the current bulls. It is worth mentioning that the Bulls last season to start the 2 game winning streak, they are made of the top 12 and negative start, but the next 48 games, they lost the game in which the 28相关的主题文章:

Jia Yinghua "Lecture Room" Puyi life secret: why nervous? Beijing – Chen Huiwen Puyi’s mother why Dutch act? Why should treasure Puyi selling "kushu" and Jinbianzhong? PuYi and even the late Qing Dynasty, the six generation of Han nationality? PuYi side really Japanese undercover? The old toffee is how from "Taiwan" to calculate the imperial end…… PuYi is a legendary figure in history, three times in his life called "emperor", was eventually transformed into ordinary citizens. However, there are still many secrets not disclosed in his life. In the late Qing Dynasty, Jia Yinghua, a scholar of the late Qing Dynasty, interviewed more than and 300 parties of Pu Yi in the late Qing Dynasty, and had a personal contact with puyi. Some respondents not only signature, but also with photos of the respondents. Even for some important characters, such as PuYi, PuYi’s younger brother Pu Jie Yun and his sister?, PuYi four brothers run Qi Pu Ren, PuYi, Yu Yu nephew?     other royal representatives and the last eunuch Sun Yaoting and other historical parties, for audio and video. Audio and video recording hundreds of hours now, keep extremely precious historical data. In addition, Jia Yinghua collected over the years and a collection of cultural relics and a large number of photos of Pu yi. Artifacts can speak, and more accurate. For example, Pu Yi wrote nine letters (letters and stamps and stamp envelopes containing handwriting etc.) and medical records, glasses and Pu Yi Pu Yi’s Aixinjueluo, Pu Yi’s original genealogy, personally used mirror, Pu Yi "throne" issued stamps, as well as the year of the Chinese Li Fan Printed Mongolian original edict of Xuantong sequestered. Jia Yinghua collected all the medical records of Pu Yi and a variety of versions of the "half of my life" by the. This provides reliable first-hand data for the Jia Yinghua comb Puyi life. The evolution of the various versions, also reflect the changes before and after Puyi knowledge about history and its. Again, Jia Yinghua is also a collection of relevant books of the Republic of China since the late Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi and the domestic and foreign magazines and newspapers, and a collection of hundreds of hundred years of the late Qing Dynasty and the characters of the foreigners write Puyi foreign language books. These factors add up to is the heavy "you don’t know" poyi. The book is the last year in the CCTV "Lecture Room" broadcast and making higher ratings "you don’t know," Pu Yi text, supplemented four episodes, recorded from birth, to the throne Puyi palace to escape from Tianjin during the real secret. "Now you don’t know" the second part, Puyi once again into the "Lecture Room", this time, Jia Yinghua will tell us what the new historical details? Why PuYi’s neurotic last emperor PuYi’s life, ups and downs, the legendary. He became three years old, a lifetime of three times called "emperor", after the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the northern warlords, the puppet Manchuria government, stranded in the Soviet Union, and returned after the transformation, become ordinary citizens themselves in the new China. His record of a "unprecedented" and amazing miracles in history, it is the epitome of the evolution history of one hundred years since the late Qing dynasty. How to evaluate the Poyi? It can be said that he is a legend, but also the text相关的主题文章:

Female students were involved in the photo shoot photographer indecency Xingju Express News, many girls love the photo shoot, retain their youth. Not long ago, Zhou Tongxue, a female student at the University of Nanjing, went to a studio where she planned to shoot a sexy photo. Let her unexpected is that the photographer is actually a satyr, in the photo shoot her obscene. In September 18th, the week you find Hubu street a photographic studio at a friend’s introduction to the photo shoot. Because there are students in this studio shot, the effect is good, the students will be assured to be bold to prepare a sexy photo shoot. The beginning of a very smooth, photographer Zhang first make-up artist to make up for the week students, and then discuss the style of her photos, and then began to take photos. In the second week after makeup, Zhang classmate said she is not released when shooting the film out of the effect is not good enough. How to do it? Zhang guidance week the students off safety pants, and let them put a variety of positions. Just weeks after the students put the back of the photographer’s posture, Zhang actually reached out to the week in the student’s underwear touch. Zhou students were scared to open Zhang, immediately put on clothes to leave the studio. Because of the fear of excessive, Zhou students second things to tell friends. Accompanied the students to students, Zhou Hongwu Road police station. Chow said, at that time the studio only she and Zhang, makeup downstairs. Police will be brought back to the police station Zhang, Zhang admitted touching the plot of the week. The police investigation found that Zhang had molested misdeeds. Currently, Zhang suspicion of indecent women have been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (Modern Express) Note: video only for extended reading. Female models 2000 yuan per hour to go to the hotel to take pictures by photographer rape相关的主题文章:

Bye bye business pay promotion advertising events hidden malignant areas frequently exposed in the face of the Internet, regulators finally determined to: "Internet advertising management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") this month formally implemented. The search for advertising, electricity providers, social networking sites and other Internet advertising new rules allow a large number of paid advertising surfaced. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter survey found that the current number of enterprises in the field of electronic business platform, O2O platform and other companies have paid search advertising marked advertising words. This means that in the past in a prominent position to promote the project, may no longer be the first choice for consumers. In the case of weakening the effectiveness of the transformation of advertising, the advertising operator will be more marketing capabilities. Hidden advertising advertising surfaced after the implementation of new regulations, pay for goods will be difficult to push then removed from the general merchandise business platform. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter survey found that in Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other electronic business platform, natural search products have been distributed with the brand of goods are distributed. Among them, the general merchandise mainly in the core position of the page presentation, promotion of goods, advertising and other columns are located in the side or bottom of the page. A case study of Jingdong, through the search "outdoor clothing" keywords, general search results can, in accordance with the sales price, the number of comments and sorting options, and the left side of the page advertising goods only in accordance with the order page browsing. In the Amazon App, in order to search for fitness gloves, for example, although the general merchandise and advertising did not distinguish between the placement of goods, but can be seen in a variety of goods marked with the word advertising label. Not only is a comprehensive class of electronic business platform to make distinction between advertising products, a lot of vertical class electronic business platform, as well as O2O platform to deal with the cost of advertising to make a clear logo. In the U.S. for example, in the U.S. App, the online catering enterprise information has been the same, now be arranged play on the label, including brand, store and advertising etc.. In order to search information in Hepingli restaurant near West Street as an example, in the "dumpling house builders Boiled dumplings", "source Wei Ju", "Fu more snacks" business information before adding advertising words. This month, the implementation of the Interim Measures on the Internet has made clear the provisions of the field. Among them, seventh article, Internet advertisement shall be distinguishable, marked "advertisement", so that consumers can identify it as advertising; search advertising and natural search results should be distinguished. This means that, since the beginning of September 1st, the Internet advertising needs it can be identified, marked "advertisement", to enable consumers to identify it is an advertisement, otherwise it will bear some legal responsibility. The effect of the promotion will be weakened to pay promotional information to add advertising label, such as the promotion of the project ID card placed in front of consumers. The past and the natural search project parallel display, even in the top position of the promotion of the project, then may no longer be the first choice of consumers. Mr. Li often by ordering takeaway platform said, in the past, hungry U.S. platform order, in accordance with the platform recommended, with taste and ranking businesses. Now many businesses before the map相关的主题文章:

The U.S. seed list: Djokovic Serena led Nadal No. 4 seed [Abstract]2016 us open today for the race draw. Single seed order men and women have been released, Serbia singer Djokovic and American champion Serena were led by single men and women, and the Spanish king Nadal ranked men’s singles No. 4 seed. Tencent sports in August 27th 2016 U.S. open today for the race draw. Single seed order men and women have been released, Serbia singer Djokovic and American champion Serena were led by single men and women, and the Spanish king Nadal ranked men’s singles No. 4 seed. Number of men’s singles Women’s singles de Jouko Vecchi Silvia Pepo Williams Murray British nationality nationality United States Germany Switzerland mugulazha Korbel Stanislas Nadal of Spain Spain A- Ladd Vansk Polan Rao Niki Canada Romania Japan America West Williams halep Kei Ricci Croatia Vinci Italy Tim Austria Keith America France Russia Monfils Kuznetsova Tsonga Pulis K- of France Czech Spain Spain Navarro gauffin Ferrell korva cibulkova Slovakia Belgium France Richard Gauss Australia Covey Tova kayinni konta UK Czech Agute Spain Pakistan Shinseki – Lopez Stosur of Spain Switzerland Philippines Tomic Australia Australia puff Liuqin Kova Russia Uruguay Czech Johannsen Vesnina Stree Kurkovva Cuevas America Russia The United States of Holland’s Islamic Nell Beiertengsi Carlo Croatia Romania Dimitrov bedgood Bulgaria J Vito Nina Ukraine Anderson Cassatt of South Africa Russia Jinna pul France Bencic Swiss C Hirschi Leiber Garcia of Germany France Italy Germany America Scott Mond DeGuo Zvi Lev Ailani swarc klizan Slovakia Ludwig van der America America Ivanovic Serbia Simon Querrey France Misaki DOI Ramos Japan Spain France Hungary Pere puyg Puerto Rico babos相关的主题文章:

The eleven day, don’t come to Wuyuan shopping. Sohu travel eleven national day seven days long holiday, to go on the trip, said it sounds good, but not blind ah! If you wander, it is submerged in a crowd, see is people, not the scenery. How do I say this? You are not familiar with a place, a season, some characteristics. Early autumn, traveling to Wuyuan, whether you are driving, family travel, your tour, please look at the watch, don’t regret, don’t spit. What do you see in Wuyuan? North and South are different, the season of October in the south is only in early autumn. This time no cenglinjinran red maple, no colorful leaves of ginkgo. But the original natural scenery in Wuyuan, there are ancient and ancient villages of Huizhou, a poem picturesque scenery of the countryside, there is a folk spectacular autumn harvest. A look: the poem picturesque idyllic scenery, large tracts of yellow ripe rice. October is the garden of rice mature period, in the countryside of Wuyuan there is a piece of golden rice, such scenery without any modification of the completely, from nature, from the most primitive nature of the country. It is the only country in early autumn can see the unique scenery. Viewing time: mid September – early October, especially morning and sunset sunrise or sunset, in the backdrop of the more picturesque garden. (for the public to play, more suitable for self driving tourists, tourists ride) ornamental location: Wuyuan north line of thought – Xi Yan Tian – Rainbow Bridge along the line, Zhejiang source (ridge foot), east of Jiangwan to Jiangwan to the river ridge line, along the Huang ling. Two see: "autumn rape" over the village as a Phi gold, Xiaoqi village everywhere yellow. Spring rape yellow buildings, many people should be unable to forget very longing. From the village in the autumn of dawn, the same yellow flowers everywhere, everywhere fragrance, yellow chrysanthemums bloom, the fields with a ridge of a ridge. The autumn of each year, a large area of the village from the yellow chrysanthemums bloom, so strong color is not inferior to the spring rape landscape, it has become the most spectacular scenery in the fall. Viewing time: late September – late October. (for public play) viewing sites: Wuyuan East Xiaoqi area (upper and lower Xiaoqi) three: dry crops scenery (also known as the autumn sun) in Wuyuan, the harvest season, people will have a harvest of fruit, it is a folk custom, the expression of joy. In the front of the house, the people of Wuyuan family farm roof, all kinds of harvest fruit, corn, pumpkin, dogwood, pepper, persimmon lanterns will dry stage, paved a colorful palette, form the most warm and charming scenery in this season. The custom of people’s home crops, also known as sun autumn, more common in rural areas. But it is more prevalent in the Huizhou region, Wuyuan, Yang Shi Tan estate Tulou, Hongcun, Bagua village, high ink Chengkan etc.. Sunshine farmers to harvest the fruits of their clothes in front of the house behind the house,.相关的主题文章:

Low education, poor ability, no connections to a big company in low or no elite halo, self perception ability are not prominent, for those of us ordinary people, large companies really far fetched? And be not so。 A lot of jobs, need is the most appropriate, rather than the "best" employees sometimes have to ‘under the concept of HR is not entirely representative of the candidate for the needs of the department. At the beginning of the year, our department is a marketing assistant class, position, and a new HR not what experience, selected all the graduates resume, not easy to recruit a boy, an old employee brought him one day, he finished the first day of classes will not come and completely not contact…… We don’t charge directly to HR please post this interview to the elite, then finally got a just graduated from a normal two little sister, steadfast, diligent, good character, good attitude, won the public favor, we are very willing to teach her, she is also quite good, fast progress. Suggestion: carefully study the JD, don’t be deterred by the "985211 schools first" words like the (perhaps just HR out of bluffing), not as long as you can do consciously improperly belittle oneself, described responsibilities bold to resume! Two, Quxianjiuguo: within the recommended in some position in a large company, hanging out in the recruitment website is not the real demand is likely to be the recruitment website free space, even recruit people but still hang in there when the right brand advertising, so that your resume will not be too disappointed after no echo the existing staff recommended; can make you more targeted to apply real recruitment positions. Recommendation: if you really want to go to large companies, do not think they are not enough to mention the grid, or other people will not think of the opportunity to push you ah! Be good at getting information and making good use of the resources provided by others. Three, the curve save the nation: labor dispatch some people may not understand the dispatch and conflict, in fact, this kind of talent outsourcing is still very common. For businesses, can reduce labor costs, avoid the risk of employment, according to the business needs to flexibly; for candidates, in this way the threshold to a low point, although the salary and welfare maybe with regular employees there is a gap, but endure one or two years during, or pay attention to internal positive places, or gradually after the jump to other better Feng enterprise. Recommendation: some companies specifically for 500 companies to provide outsourcing services, such as FESCO Adecco and so on, the recruitment website often have their release of information, interested can pay more attention to. Four, Quxianjiuguo: trainee from our company every season will please many interns, the work is very simple, nothing more than a copy of scanning and sorting out the data such as hiring, is only one or two days a week full-time! It is such a monotonous repetition of the work, our department in recent years has been excavated from the 2 reserve talents, graduated from a formal staff. That practice not only for extra money or credit, observe, active, your efforts of many older workers have a look in the eyes, immediately wanted to headcount!相关的主题文章:

Quanzhou landslides mud rushed into the house the old man was asleep pressure could not move the old man "was eventually rescued Herald News (reporter correspondent Guo Bingde Xu Zhenta Chen Zhenjie Ventura) in October 8th, about 23:43, Anxi County of Quanzhou City, a village of cloudland landslides, mud rushed into the house on the sleeping owner Wang old man. Yesterday morning, in Quanzhou, Anxi police, fire, 120 emergency center joint operations, the old man was finally rescued. It is reported that after the incident, Quanzhou Anxi public security, fire, 120 emergency centers and other departments to catch up with the past. At the scene of the accident, I saw the mess in the house, furniture was rushed to the ground. The old man and the lower half is landslide stone and down the bed down, could not move. Rescue space can only accommodate one person into the rescue scene, a fireman with a spade handle a little digging. As a stone on his feet, and the stone is the only support behind the fulcrum of landslide, firefighters did not dare to act rashly. After consultations, firefighters decided to support the old man trapped on the foot of the stone jack. Taking into account the owner of king of the old man is sixty or seventy years old, long time trapped tired, the ambulance used glucose added strength. Finally, after 90 minutes the fire brigade and rescue the owner, the king of the old man was rescued and rushed to hospital. It is reported that at the time of mud into the house, the house is only one person in the king of the old man, his sister-in-law found after trying to rescue unarmed dig soil, see no rushed to the police for help. Herald reporter learned from the hospital, the king of the old man right foot fracture, and is currently receiving treatment in hospital.相关的主题文章:

41 points and 19 boards in Guangdong have nearly killed him! What Sichuan dare to think of sina sports news today broke Smith once and win only one step away, Sichuan PISEN team but ultimately failed to block Guangdong back to 93 to 100 lost. Even so, Josh Smith was still in the game, he reveals, dropped into 7 three points, scoring 41 points and 19 rebounds, while also offering 5 shots to get the Yi Jianlian half had 5 points. So Josh, really terrible, impossible to guard against. Although Sichuan lost the ball, but Josh is not a loser. After the adjustment of the time lag Josh how terrible? Ask a couplet will know, section third of the attack is that — then Yi is at the top of the ball, this is his best position in this area, a couplet can choose half basket ball, but if the storm, they double, he can easily choose the ball. All in all, once the Arab League appears in this area, any opponents have to be careful. But this time, the Arab League hit the state recovery Josh. I saw him at first pretended to break, then half turn back, action at one go, did not think Josh is unmoved. When a jump at the same time, suddenly saw a big eyes out, so have to adjust the angle, the ball just across the front of the rim, with nearly three. "Josh’s athletic ability is too strong, two years ago it was the first five players League cap, only recently two years of decline," the guest commentator believes that Yi Jianlian and Josh this is not a wise head. Under Josh’s restrictions, the United Arab Emirates had only 5 minutes, although the outbreak of the fourth quarter, but at this time, Josh is not present. Not only restrict the Arab Israeli alliance, Josh Bryant also sent 5 shots with guest commentary words, every one of his shots "like an eagle fly". Defense as Dinghaishenzhen, Josh’s attack is picturesque. The first three leading sides alternately, key the start of the fourth quarter, Josh immediately open the attack mode, first hit the CIC, followed by two second attack succeeded, then even in the two three pointers. In less than 2 minutes, Josh incredibly scored a score of 10 minutes, instantly opened the difference. At that moment, Josh and his Sichuan team, with the victory is so close. But after all, only second CBA games, after all, had just arrived, Josh also need time to adjust. 5 minutes later, he was replaced by Hadadi. It is also caught Josh left open, Yi led Guangdong to a strong counter attack, finally turn the tide. In the last 5 minutes of Josh once again go into battle, but the market situation has been eight time winner of control, even desperate, Josh still powerless. Sichuan PISEN team lost the ball, but Josh made the performance has shocked the entire CBA. He has strong lethality, the basket comprehensive technology, who were made 11 fouls, 11 times on the free throw line; he also has three shooting ability, although occasionally bad shots too, but this game after all he scored 7, with shooting ability, even in the outside. The opponent dare not have the slightest slack on Josh; athletic level NBA have him, he at any opponent)相关的主题文章:

The little hero Iverson he is a millennium anti traditional hero [subtitled] great "is Iverson Hall of fame speech integrity record incomparable sincere thanks touch one deeply in the heart doubt, one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA." When you let a person use a word to evaluate Allen · Iverson, this is undoubtedly the highest frequency. The Georgetown University, height 1.83 m weight of 73 kilograms of players, in the history of the NBA scoring can be ranked to the field of the game is the only height of not more than 1.83 meters, the average score of more than 20 players. While his games played all the time is the highest in fourth, just behind the three "ancient animal" Wilt · Chamberlain, Bill · and Oscar · Russell; Robertson. Although O’neal and Jordan, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. His achievements, his technology is impressive, but even more impressive is his spirit; it transcends the game beyond the fearless spirit of basketball, he is able to reach the capital. Iverson Hall of fame award ceremony speech to the small idol of the small size, the speed of the young guard was sent to the hope of hope. Doc – · Rivers watch Iverson play, you will soon ignore his emaciated body, that there is life beyond the fighting spirit of the diminutive guard inspired a generation of Bulldog style. The boat headed guard Chris · Paul in February this year to accept an interview with the club’s official website said: "I love to see him (Iverson) Renzhaoshangtong still fighting scene, I also hope to be able to like him so great." The boat fully agree with coach Rivers said: "Allen favorite to those skinny young defender, amazing speed to hope. I mean, especially for similar Ismail · Smith (1.83 meters tall and weighing 79 kilograms, this summer for 3 years and 18 million pistons signed this kind of player I have is a normal size of the guard, but they still want to much bigger and stronger." Iverson officially announced his retirement after about 1 months, from Philadelphia clippers guard ·, Wayans (height of 1.88 meters, weighing about 91 kg), said: "I think he changed the sport of basketball.". I am a small, fast and flexible player, Iverson is my template in NBA, he is the one who inspired me to move forward." Before Iverson, who have no height and weight advantage of the power of defender is usually cast or cast over the attack with COSCO, but Iverson rushed into the lane and the opponent muscle collision seems fond of, even if he is a mountain of a hard opponent down, a bear hard wood floor bump. Fall and climb, until the opponent can not get up, this is the answer to the same creed. "AI is the unstoppable guy." Iverson and the same period in the hall of fame of the big shark, O’neal, the 2001 finals against 76 people impressed, I have tried several times相关的主题文章:

Suning VS TEDA first: Matt Xie Hong war Lamy R out – just substitute sports Sohu Beijing time on September 17th, the 2016 season of Super League twenty-fifth round of focus of a battle between Jiangsu Suning and Tianjin TEDA contest. Before the game, the two sides announced the first list of the game. Jiangsu Suning 1- Gu 12- Zhang Xiaobin, 5-; Zhou Yun, 6- 28- 22-, Sainsbury’s Yang Xiaotian; Wu Xi, 7- Ramirez, 11- Xie Pengfei, 24- Ji Xiang, 10- Teixeira; 38- Martinez. Subs: 30- Zhang Sipeng, 8- Liu Jianye, 13- Zhang Xinlin, 21- 20-, Taoyuan, Li Zhichao 26-, Hong Zhenghao 40-, Nishioka t. Tianjin TEDA: 29- Yang Qipeng; 19- Bai Yuefeng, 3- Xan Nadine, 4- Pan Ximing, 5- Jovanovic and 31- Li Yuan; 22- Guo Hao, 8- 17-, 2011 barbarian days; 10- 18-, Malik montero. Subs: 24- Dujia, 6- Zhou Haibin, 9- 13-, 16- Diyanie, Wang Qiuming Guo Yi, 26- Cao Yang, 33- week.相关的主题文章:

A Changchun Jiayuan area of October 3rd to October 9th of October 3rd to October 9th gas security, Changchun gas Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Changchun gas) will begin to enter the thirty-second week of 2016, security. Security area: wide south road, West Street, East Street to the east along the regional engineering college, golden homes, Fuchun dormitory, Song Hui District, school dormitory, water conservancy and hydropower machinery Research Institute of post and Telecommunication Engineering Bureau dormitory, dormitory, Huaxia garden, Regal Garden District, small provincial hospital dormitory, cancer hospital dormitory, Huadian district the beast, big dormitory, dormitory 3504, Environmental Protection Bureau dormitory, dormitory, dormitory water shirt factory. Security area: free road to the South and east of Yitong River area of the scenic area, long Linhe district court, wind World Building, twelve square, dormitory, dormitory long electronic Bureau dormitory, dormitory, repair Airplus sunshine District, Hongji commercial Yijing dormitory, school campus, the Linhe District seven, after opening, after five open area four. Security area: free road to the south, the Yitong River west of the region’s Economic Development Zone, Changjiang real estate dormitory, tax, the residential district, the two district, gaipu pharmaceutical dormitory, a garden. Security area: South Road, Dongrong free road to the north and east of Yitong River area, Gog Island District Fire Brigade dormitory, Ji Sheng Xiao Qu. Security area: Liberation Road, North building, Xi’an South Road, East Street, Renmin Street, west of the region’s installation company dormitory, Zhongshan garden, Annwa century, Hongyuan apartments, Xinhua district. [1] reminder, in the security, screeners will be free for the residents of gas users manual, please pay attention to the residents to the gas user manual, carefully read the relevant content, keep the Handbook for daily check. 2, screeners in the security process, but also to explain and demonstrate how to use the correct gas, you can learn and operate together, remember the operating process and attention. 3, Changchun gas inspector is a professional training, there is the formation of the security process, uniform tooling, wearing a work permit, with professional security tools and equipment into the home for free security. But at present, the social part of fraudulent use of Changchun gas name, security checks, took the opportunity to sell energy-saving valve cover, energy saving, alarm and other products, in order to profit. Notice the majority of residents pay attention to screening, beware of being fooled. Participate in a wide range of gas safety needs of customers, Changchun gas gas to remind the majority of customers, in order to gas safety, please timely attention to information security, and home security work, if you have any questions, please call Changchun gas 24 hours service hotline 96660.相关的主题文章:

The Harbin international marathon run – Sports – scan two-dimensional code to see more content in Harbin on 28 August,   (reporter Yuan Quan, Fangyuan) 2016 Harbin International Marathon on the morning of 28 shots to start running, event attracted a total of more than and 30 countries and regions, more than 30 thousand fans to participate, "ice" Harbin set off the city of Ma marathon craze. Kyrgyzstan Kenya player Louis in 2 hours 14 minutes 28 seconds won the men’s marathon champion, China player Sun Lamei in 3 hours, 20 seconds 2 won the women’s marathon champion group. The tournament is divided into full marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.0975 km), mini Marathon (5 km). Event co sponsored by the Chinese Athletic Association, Heilongjiang Province Sports Bureau, Harbin Municipal People’s government, the Harbin Municipal Sports Bureau, Harbin HAMA sports culture development limited company to undertake the Bank of Harbin, Limited by Share Ltd named support. The race route scenery, starting point is located in the central street of Harbin City, the entire track through the flood control monument, music Park, yangmingtan bridge, Golden Bay Wetland botanical garden, Harbin Grand Theatre and other landmarks, highlighting the Harbin River and both sides of a road, a bridge, two street houses, an island of two city features. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 23 Edition)     (extended reading; commissioning editor: Zhang Fan, Yang Lei)相关的主题文章:

Marriage is the grave of love? Selina: don’t ask me I didn’t succeed in]Selina [abstract identity who said that two people together for a long time will be more dull, try to find a point close to, but this part asked her not too accurate, "because I was not successful". Selina (information) Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on September 17th, the women’s team member S.H.E Selina recently accepted the mainland media interview, she said her ex husband Zhang Chengzhong (a) occupy a very important time in her life, is the "great fate", asked whether she considered marriage the tomb of love? Selina is the identity of the people to show that the two people get along for a long time will tend to dull, to strive to find a tight point to continue, but this part asked her not very accurate, because I did not succeed". Selina recently accepted the "Nandu Entertainment Weekly" interview, after the divorce, Selina future still want to believe in love, "or do you want to be a very romantic girl", asked her if she felt that marriage is the tomb of love? Selina said: "it is very easy, but do not let it", and said that two people together for a long time will be a lot less passion, but from many places to find love or is the same part of the soul, so that both sides maintain close relations, and the truth is not her success. Previously, Selina was invited to go to Rio to see the Olympic Games, the process of actually took place Selina unforgettable embarrassment, she exposes a day with the people on the train, she did not think the morning bloating, suddenly sit to fart, plus the chairs are made of plastic, have sound large, let Selina so embarrassed, had to open apologize to the whole car, laughed and said if this happened in the past she will feel ashamed not live, "but now I feel completely OK!"相关的主题文章:

Federer is not afraid of the injury recovery training season return [Abstract] Australia Repan has confirmed the season Federer is facing an injury with a positive attitude, return to the training field of the Swiss people expect in January next year the Australian season strong return. Federer will return to the court next year in Australia August 25th Tencent sports season ranked fourth in the world of Federer is recovering from knee surgery, although certainly absent the rest of the season this year, but Federer has set back in early 2017, will debut at the Hopman Cup and the Australian open. Have a history of up to 17 Grand Slam singles champion Federer rarely heard injured in the occupation career; this year at the Australian open ended in the semi-finals, he said on social media, to carry out knee joint surgery, make many fans surprise. Federer underwent knee surgery in Australia after the end, then he is ready at the Miami masters comeback has encountered gastroenteritis problems, so he missed most of the game of the claycourt season. After Wimbledon had good performance because of a knee injury, Federer announced its withdrawal from the Rio Olympics, at the same time ahead of the end of his 2016 season. Miss the rest of the season, Federer has had a comeback for schedule, he plans to return to the court in January next year when the Hopman Cup and the Australian open. Federer said he was a positive attitude to face injuries. "I don’t think this is the end of the matter, but a new beginning, I’m going to come back at the Hopman Cup, then the Australian Open tennis tournament…… This is my job." On Monday, Federer in their own social media drying out their own training photos and videos, which has made milk powder are very pleased. Now, nearly a month later, the Swiss are back on the training ground, which is a positive signal. On twitter, Federer wrote: "today I had a good training session." Seems to feel that the photos are not enough to show their determination, Federer in Instagram upload a video service practice. He is such a text: "Practice makes perfect." For the 35 year old Federer, the road to recovery is still long, but let the fans optimistic is number one as in the past, maintained a positive attitude. Let’s look forward to Roger’s return in the 2017 season. (winter wheat) forever king Federer 35 years old happy birthday (this video has nothing to do with the original content, only extended reading)相关的主题文章:

National protected animal takin strangled surrounding many sets of wire – public channel one wire head was strangled takin. China Daily reported in November 15th November 13th, has found a mountain tour pal head wire strangled takin. There are many kind of the tour pal said that the steel sleeve mountain, illegal hunters estimate is set. Currently, Shaanxi Forest Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation. Also near the wire hunting tour pal: November 13th, Xi’an citizens Ms. meters with friends together to Qinling Mountains, on the morning of 10 pm, they went to the nearby small Wang Jian reserve, found a head was set to death by takin. Meters, a path of takin died in the mountains on both sides of the road is blocked, the middle of only one person through space. The wire should be strangled takin ‘pre arranged, hunting for animal, because there are a few near the road also set up a set of wire. Ms. meters from here through speculation, takin, locked in the neck, it is struggling to wire set more tightly, eventually strangled. Because there was no signal on the mountain, Ms. MI and friends did not immediately report to the police, they did not destroy the scene, only took a few photos and left. According to Ms. meters provide pictures of a head neck Le takin with a wire lying on the ground, it was a mess, as is caused by the struggle. Ms. meter said Sunday her friends through this route was not takin ‘body, so that she is a few days before the death of takin. "The living animal was strangled, too cruel, the harm of wild animal behavior should be condemned." Forest Public Security: preliminary judgement is takin reportedly, takin and Zhu?, panda, and golden monkey called "Qinling Mountains Sibao", is the national animal protection. According to a report on the official website of the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Department, by the end of 2015 the number of takin population in Shaanxi nature reserves are more than 5 thousand and 700. November 14th, Ms. Rice to the Shaanxi Forest Public Security Bureau reported the police, and the police to provide photos and coordinates of the location of the incident. In the afternoon, Shaanxi Forest Public Security Bureau of the first branch of the police have been investigating the location of the past. The police said, from the public point of view photos provided should be takin, the police have overnight investigation, but because it is far away from the day can not return, second days is expected to return. "Criminal law" the 341st regulation, illegal hunting, killing the state protection of rare and endangered wild animal, or illegal purchase, transportation, sale of state protection of rare and endangered wild animal and its products, five years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, and shall also be fined; if the circumstances are serious, at least five years ten years of fixed-term imprisonment, fined; if the circumstances are especially serious, ten years imprisonment, a fine or confiscation of property. Case link: dismembered, smuggling of wild takin was sentenced to 7 years in December 22, 2014, the China Daily reported "two men dismembered, smuggling of wild budorcastaxicolor jailed for 7 years in the news. In December 16, 2013, Changan District is a forest ranger in the forest in the tour.相关的主题文章:

A teenager Ubu Ray Cut 24 wizards Waldo double overtime victory over 76 people – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 7th, the NBA season continues, Philadelphia 76 people in the home court against the Washington Wizards, eventually after a double overtime battle, winning 76 battle wizards 125-119. The wizards, the second grade teenager urrbrae scored 24 points, Gortat contributed 17 points and 6 rebounds, Maurice 12 points, Bill scored 9 points, the game does not play waldo. 76, Holmes, 20 points and 12 rebounds, Saric scored 14 points, scored a total of 5 points and 3 rebounds, Grant, 17 points and 4 rebounds in. The audience single score (76 people in the first) were: 30-21,24-28, 20-23, 25-27, 11-11, 9-15. The beginning of the game, we de four consecutive insider attack, Saric fast break layup with 76 men to obtain 9-0 and jump start, followed by Gortat and Bill to strengthen the attack, help the Wizards points, a team of 76 people to substitute the second grade player Holmes was very active, continuous insider attack, the first section of the game, 76 people 30-21 leading the wizards. The second section of the game, 76 people continue to strengthen the offensive, Saric and Holmes are playing, wizards gradually find offensive, the end of the first half of 76 leading 54-49 wizards game in the second half, the score continued stalemate, third half, 76 61-59 two points ahead, after two consecutive attack, Sean – ragne lines after the shooting, Gortat also succeeded in the inside layup, helped the Wizards 65-64 first counter ultra score. End of the third quarter of the 76 74-72 a little lead. The fourth section of the game, the Wizards continuous attack succeeded, the success of the score, Brandon – Paul eye-catching performance, grabbed the rebound after a long shot into 2+1, then hit the ultra far three points, helping 76 people to 80. The final 28 seconds, 76 Luwawu break the basket after Webb two free throws, 76 people left in the game 11 seconds ahead of 99-98. Mcclellan then hit a free throw, two sides battle into 99 levels, the Wizards not in the last attack, the two sides into overtime. Overtime, basket Holmes off Bulan, Mcconaughey hit four free throws, 76 people took the lead, but in the game with 28 seconds left, urrbrae hit wizards cast beyond the score again. The last 8 seconds, Thompson hit three points, 110 flat sides into the second overtime. Second overtime, just jump in, Holmes landed on to the foot sprain ankle, 76 people attack also stalled, eventually the Wizards 125-119 victory over 76 people. A team of 76 people: Mcconaughey, Henderson, the first, Winton, Saric, de embid wizards first: Burke, Bill, Potter, Maurice, markieff – Gortat (A Ke)相关的主题文章:

Such a woman to let a man closely? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: women learn this scheming woman more attractive 1, become his friend, do not have restrictions on his freedom, don’t cut off his hobby. The man’s interest is very extensive, don’t let him for you to get rid of the old habits and ways, then he is not himself. Sometimes, accompany him to watch the game, and he played games, exchange of experience, so that the life of two people are relaxed. 2, understand his difficulties, not force, do not put themselves as his boss. Men have their own careers and pressure, they have their own dreams and paths, not from the earth that you are the only one, the summer to thin healthy and beautiful natural don’t let you talk to him all the time, the key is to understand him, let him feel intimate, it will never leave you. 3, to help him become a more successful person, imperceptibly, find the location of both sides. Preaching is the way of failure, only sincere conversation can make both sides more trust each other, more understanding. When a man’s problems gradually, don’t order him in life, teach him slowly, so he used to give up their sense of wrong, so Why not?. 4, who have in the past, do not always hard to ask, you are not a person who has a story? Men have their own past, there is a former girlfriend, but you do not have time to compare themselves with her past. Man has chosen you, you are the one in your life. Why hard not to put it? Besides, everyone has the past, relax the heart, he only hurt you. 5, if you love him, don’t need time to say it, why do you for a little comfort and forced him to say a few words "love you" every day. Women need comfort. But women do not always remind the person, "I love you" is not a form of words, but the natural feelings of both sides, do not force him to have this task every day, who will be tired. 6, to avoid a little bit of vanity and comparisons, let him buy this for you, you need love, he also needs. Men sometimes do not understand the idea of women, why would fight for a chain or skirt. If you love luxury, live with them forever. A man needs a woman’s pain, but how much do you give back to him when he spends money on you?! 7, learn to be independent, rely on him is a must, but do not waste a man’s energy and time to let him serve you at all times. Whether you are a big woman or a small woman, have their own careers and thinking, to be able to think independently, so that men will value you, to be able to communicate with you equal status. Two people at the same time to solve the problem in order to enhance feelings. Especially now, under the financial crisis, hand in hand in the past, no longer afraid of the wind after the wolf. 8, allow him to make friends with the opposite sex, let him have their own circle, of course, you have to learn to communicate, become a part of the two sides can not lose. A normal person, must be相关的主题文章:

Manchester refused earlier replay requirements to Borussia luxury hotels do Manchester internal compensation training center four star hotel sina sports an unexpected heavy rain, the city once again catch up with two months ago in the nest like "because of the weather, the match was postponed for" bad luck, but the place changed their stronghold — Manchester. This can be from the visitors to the germans! To make the match has been put off until Wednesday morning Beijing time 2:45’s decision, and the two sides discussed Borussia Manchester for 2.5 hours at the Etihad stadium office! The Germans want the game at 3 p.m. local time (Beijing time Tuesday evening at 10) kick-off, however Manchester city insists to at 7:45 p.m. local time. Manchester City made free in their team at Borussia training base of the four star luxury hotel as compensation, the Germans were rebuffed, they said: "where there is no problem, we just want to go home early!" Local time on September 13th, the two sides Borussia club spokesman discloses emergency consultations, Manchester City Club Borussia for delay of game process was frustration and dissatisfaction. "We hope to get the game as early as possible so that we can get back to Germany on Wednesday night," Marcus, the spokesman said. It’s important for us, but Manchester City just can’t satisfy us. We feel very unhappy on the night 7:45’s decision, but this is the fact that only. "Manchester City is hoping to give us a chance to stay at their training base, but it’s no use for us, because the hotel is not a problem at all. We just want to go home tomorrow. In my opinion, it takes us more time than expected to make us lose." Insisting on a game on Wednesday night, the reason for the city is that they can’t have enough staff on Wednesday afternoon. Borussia spokesman also said that he believes Manchester City to do so is "out of consideration of security forces". In fact, Manchester City offers 4-star hotel free service is quite good, the suites are equipped with double bed (king-sized beds) and President (en suite bathrooms) – bathroom. Pellegrini period, he will bring his players here to spend the night before the game. However, such methods can not make up for Germany team appreciate. By the way, the current city manager Guardiola has not let the players stay in this hotel, but let them go back home, together with the rest of Europe Guanxin meet late season. In addition, Borussia also to compensate reservation for Tuesday night’s game tickets for the Manchester expedition Borussia fans, the official twitter said: regardless of whether the fans will watch the expedition one on Wednesday night in the UK, the club Borussia will refund the ticket fare away. The daily mail predicts that only a small percentage of the 1600 German fans coming into play on Tuesday night will appear on the Edie Harder Stadium on Wednesday, most of them on Wednesday morning.相关的主题文章:

I choose! What women can be men eat too tightly if the animation works, we can see many themes which are harem girl, have taken the initiative to lose, very anxious to immediately exchange ancestral chromosomes. However, in reality, if you want to eat a man’s death, I am afraid it is very skilled, right? To this end, the Japanese media recently wrote an analysis. – expressive female male special hope they can make women happy, and can get pleasure from. In this way, the positive response, can be more popular than deadpan. Therefore, the face of the expression to be rich and colorful, and sometimes pleasantly surprised, sometimes happy, so that he would feel with you is a very happy thing. The other side of the true love – women many women after falling in love with a person, often gives him a lot of requests or suggestions. For example, "it is better to do so". But if we always emphasize these things, then the other party will have a kind of "she is not in the present I" feeling, so sad. So, will take the other women, tend to peer attitude stood beside him, and he can identify a true. In this case, the man will never run away. – good at listening to women speaking some girls are especially good at smiling, side looked carefully to talk to each other. This can listen to the voice of the other party’s performance, will definitely give a man a "chat with her special happiness" feeling. It’s fun to date. Once something happens, the man will think of you first. "Like-minded" very happy!" "Good fun!" This positive emotional resonance, will make men feel very happy. They are easy to form in the mind, "happy to find you," the idea, so I would like to see each other often. Even if there is no common interest, you can enjoy the fun of each other. How about this? All in all, as long as there is a time when there is a positive state of mind, then you can often be tied to his side. Read this article, you do not hurry to try it? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

The boss to buy antique old houses illegally built urban shut down "a boss Changzhou Zejia will own old house demolition reconstruction, the original area is several times, very luxurious appearance." Recently, some people reflect, in September this year to the Yangtze Evening News Hotline, a local boss from Zhejiang bought a antique "old house", built illegally shipped to Changzhou. A month ago, the town of urban management department has ordered the owner shut down, but for the first time in the face of the demolition of illegally built, they dare not rashly. According to reports, the illegally built before the start really handle the relevant approval procedures, but the actual area is 3 times the approval area, beyond the parts were built illegally. Yangzi Evening News reporter Guo Jingyu Changzhou Zejia Jingxian Anhui villas reflect illegally built from readers, Yangzi Evening News reporter rushed to Jiangsu in Changzhou, under the guidance of the complainant, soon found the "villa located in the golden section of the Wuhan Lujiaze fast". From afar, the reporter saw a very impressive start, and a two storey building under construction. Reporter noted. Building construction is nearing completion, external scaffolding has not been removed. At a glance, the door and the building grand scale, a stylish, Huizhou style. A local villagers told reporters, here is Jia Ze Cun Wei Hou Xiang Zhuang Cun Zhen Nan Zhuang, "villa" is the predecessor of the old house with two floors, a little time, "this is a new boss after the village, not only the building, the middle of a La Villa Nova next to the hotel is his home." A reporter asked, this villa is not illegal? He smiled to smile, "I can’t say this". Reporters to enter the villa inside, and did not see someone in the construction, there is a patio inside. In the interior of the house, the reporter met a man, he said, the whole house exterior is brick structure, interior girders and pillars are the old house, the owner spent a lot of money, bought from Zhejiang to Fenghua, after the demolition shipped over." Owner: have been approved. The area is a little over a point of the house in the end is not illegal? Reporters with this problem, try to contact the owner of the house. After a search, the reporter a villa in the courtyard of the see in the owner’s son Mr. xi. He told reporters down from the bitter water, according to the introduction, his old house built houses for decades, there have been serious security problems, so the father just considering renovation. Mr. Xi said that they had already done before the renovation, housing security identification, identified as dangerous. He will be sent to the local village and town government Justo appraisal report, obtain approval procedures, the procedures have been started, "or we will not start." Reporters asked whether the housing is strictly in accordance with the original size, the original size, the original appearance, whether the existence of super area? Mr. Xi said, "a little over a little bit." Where the house from demolition and reconstruction, the total cost of the number, Mr. Xi are unwilling to talk about. Construction and management: the actual area is three times the area of examination and approval in order to understand the real situation of this house, the reporter came to the District of Wujin Jiaze town construction management department. After viewing the photos provided by the reporter, a staff member.相关的主题文章:

31 years old! The best signings in this he is the Almighty King + tutor Luol Deng’s media seems to be the Lakers do a good signings sina sports news Beijing time on September 2nd, this summer, the Losangeles Lakers team [micro-blog] introduced universal small forward Luol deng. For the signings, American media are given a high evaluation, and that can bring Deng purple and gold his maturity and fortitude. Although the 31 year old Deng is no longer young, but he can bring the Lakers much-needed external technology, and fill a huge vacancy. It must be admitted that Deng is one of the best locker players in the league, and many of the Lakers’ young players are in great need of Deng’s guidance. This summer’s NBA draft, the Lakers got the potential striker Blanton Ingram, in this case, you need to add more at his side a veteran, and teach him the correct habits and build team culture. It’s hard for you to find a better man than deng. Perhaps to Luol Deng (4 year contract that $72 million) is too high, after all, Deng’s competitive state may have started to go downhill, but the Lakers are not attracted to Kevin – Durant [micro-blog] this level of players. In addition, in addition to Deng and Motz Gove, the Lakers currently no other contract, which makes them have enough salary in the summer of next year to sign a top paid player. The new season, Deng will undoubtedly become a squad player in the Lakers very valuable, he can quickly become the Lakers’ best perimeter defenders. Offensive side, Deng’s all-around is a wealth for the lakers. Last season, the Lakers didn’t shoot very well. Deng is a stable shooter, he will help the Lakers play open space. In addition, he can be in the low offensive against the smaller than his defensive players. As the Lakers try to make a real NBA attack in the new season, as well as to upgrade their defense, Deng can help them at both ends of the offense. Although he is not the kind of special skills of a particular player, but by virtue of the overall, Deng became a two all star player. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

[quote] China lottery winning color 16128 period nine: Lecce city to take the first 01 wins Chelsea VS Burnley Chelsea recently play sound, Huanshuai effect is very obvious. His index is about 1.29. Home court face newly promoted Burnley, Chelsea should get three points smoothly. Recommendation: 303 Everton VS Storck Everton sebro beat on the road wheel, the first two rounds without fail. His index is about 1.73, toffee should grab points potter. Recommendation: 3104 Lecce city VS Swansea Leicester City home court last round draw with Arsenal haven’t won the new season. His index is about 1.74, the defending champion in this field should be ushered in the first victory. Recommendation: 306 Waterford VS A Senna Waterford round home court to Chelsea, before the new season two no victories. The guest index is about 1.71, the shooter is more optimistic. Recommended: 1007 Hull city VS Manchester United teams are very good performance in the new season, scored a total of two. The guest index is about 1.49, as more data support at the United to win. Recommendation: 008 Damm VS in Cologne the weekend in the German Cup win, were swept through to the next round. His index is about 1.75, relatively low, is expected to grab points in Cologne home court. Recommendation: 3110 before frank VS Schalk of Frankfurt in the German Cup promotion difficult, Schalk easily won the victory. The guest index is about 2.19, is more optimistic about the visit of Schalk. Recommendation: 012 Hamburg VS because Gore both teams last weekend in the German Cup, but the game played very hard. His index is about 2.20, slightly worried about the accident hit Hamburg, careful. Recommendation: 3013 "the weekend VS Borussia in the German Cup win, but Borussia midweek Champions League qualifier. His index is about 2.51, the home team may be. Recommended: 31 (Pan Jiayuan)相关的主题文章:

Chengdu enterprise wage guidelines issued in 2016 8% on line 12% line Chengdu daily news (reporter Wang Yao) in Chengdu 2016 wage guidelines before the official release, workers currency average baseline wage growth was 8%; the line 12% line of 3%. According to the "notice" on the wage guidelines issued in 2016 in Chengdu City, enterprise content, rapid economic growth, strong capacity to pay wages, the average wage of workers is lower than the average wage in Chengdu city in 2015 of all urban employment 57480 yuan enterprises in the reference line for more than 8%, on line 12% below determine the level of wage growth. Production and operation of normal, economic growth of enterprises, you can refer to the benchmark 8% to determine the level of wage growth. Economic benefits did not improve, but the production and operation of the basic normal business, you can refer to the offline 3% to determine the level of wage growth. Production and management difficulties, the continued loss of enterprises, can be below the line 3% determine the level of wage growth, also can temporarily increase wages, but the company pays to provide normal labor wages not lower than the local minimum wage standard. But for the state-owned enterprises, the scope of regulation of total wages should be approved in the state owned assets supervision and administration departments and wage guidelines in collective wage negotiations by other means, adjust and determine the enterprise wage growth. First, last year the average wage of workers is higher than the average wage in Chengdu city in 2015 Urban Non private units of workers 2 times (138246 yuan), more than 2.5 times (172808 yuan) following the state-owned enterprises, the wage increase shall not be higher than the wage growth line (3%); the average wage of employees more than 172808 yuan higher than the state-owned enterprises should not be a wage increase. The economic benefits of more than two consecutive years, a larger increase, last year the average wage is lower than the average wage of workers in Chengdu city in 2015 the urban non private sector workers 69123 yuan of state-owned enterprises, such as labor costs have the capacity, the consent of the audit of state-owned assets supervision and administration department, and at the same level of social departments for the record, the wage increase may be appropriate to break through wage growth on the line. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading benchmark wage cuts have gone up?相关的主题文章:

The couple picked up a good experience for you winning the lottery to its origin owner the gifts of life – the public channel when you do good, always, even if it is in the form of different — a man living in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, Kul Gil, is a living example. Mel and his wife Rosalynn, in a store and picked up a winning ticket, they spent a lot of time to find the owner, and the tickets to its origin owner. It wasn’t long before Mel got the good news that he could have a lung transplant! This is life to Mel’s "grand prize"". In April this year, she found a ticket in a shop. "I saw a lottery ticket lying on the side of the road. I picked it up and decided to take it home to my husband." Said the. When she returned home, she and her husband found out that it was not an ordinary lottery, but a $500 lottery. Recalled the situation, she said: "my husband bought the lottery for many years but never before, and now he can use this ticket to accept the award. As you can imagine, this is a great temptation for him!" However, the couple has made another decision, they decided to go to find the owner. So Mel went to nearly more than and 10 convenience stores and gas station, trying to find the owner. "I only went to several local convenience stores, also went to several stores in frackville." Mel said. Finally, Mel found that the lottery may come from the shop next to it was found, because he heard the owner mentioned that a person lost the lottery. So Mel asked the Lord, lottery number is not 108". Get the confirmation, Mel asked the owner of the information, and finally contacted the owner of the lottery. "I never thought someone would come and tell me that he had found the lottery," said the owner, John. I’m really happy with the winner." And for Mel, do a good deed, maybe there will be a return. After picking up the lottery 3 months later, on July 4th, at about 2 in the morning, Mel received a phone call to inform him of lung transplantation. And Mel’s operation went very well. In addition, the story of Mel also reached the Pennsylvania lottery commission. Then, the lottery staff decided to invite Mel and Rosalynn at month 25 and 26 on the two day, to the site to witness the lottery. Rosalind happily said: "I am delighted that Mel has always wanted to personally to visit the scene of the lottery." It is understood that the winning lottery winners gave the couple $100 as thanks. Source: Xinhua相关的主题文章:

Greentown emergency! The last 5 rounds of top5 relegation play 32 opponents have super power Greentown not enemy source: the Hong Kong Football newspaper special correspondent Xu Yi reported on eighty-second minutes, Hong Mingfu Yang Zhao Yuhao replaced by Hong Kong, defense, 4 forward impact but in the end, they are 1 than 2 lost the very desire won the game, at present, and their relegation zone only 3 points, avoid relegation really serious. After the intermission, Greentown away 0 2 lost to Hongyun, Hong Mingfu clear that after the intermission, Greentown total play is not good, so last week he has been adjusted, in fact, in Hong Kong, the players are very confident in the first half, but also created a lot of chances to score, even after the match Erickson admitted: "the first half of the music played very well, they played aggressive, which I had not found." In fact, Greentown has a good chance to win points, because of injuries, the port of El Eriksson and Hulk starting only two foreign aid, Greentown Ramon, gabbioneta and Samir attack group. But compared to the Hong Kong International and has more than big, Greentown is still lack of experience, Evra after scoring, Greentown suffered some loss of confidence. "The first half we played very well, after throwing the ball becomes passive, the game was still a pity." Hong Mingfu said. Yesterday was working day, but there are still more than 10 thousand fans came to the huanglong. This is the first home court after returning to Hangzhou Greentown, Greentown fans expect to win just out of Hong Kong in AFC Champions League fiasco, but when Hong Kong scored second goals in eighty-second minutes, some fans chose to leave, they probably thought that music has given up. But Moyes, gabbioneta won the penalty, Ramon penalty kick hit, behind, in fact, Greentown has been trying to talk about Yang appearance, also let the Hong Kong feel threatened. "The whole team went all out and played well." This is Hong Mingfu’s assessment, but he also knows that the pressure is getting closer. If this week Yatai beat TEDA, so integral to Greentown tie. For Greentown, the disadvantage is the devil race, with 3 opponents in the top 5 in the next 5 games, Suning will compete for the league, Shenhua will impact AFC Champions League, in addition to the strength they have strong power. In this regard, Hong Mingfu ready to tell the players is to have confidence: no matter what the opponent team, we have to play with confidence. Technique and tactics is very important, but the spirit is also very important, the next game every game we need to fight opponents." As for the future, he said: "it is difficult to predict, we want to do is not to give up, do not regret, which requires us to do our best in training and competition, to achieve the goal."相关的主题文章:

The Millennium health to eat what? Drink soup and eat pear   seasonal fruits to dry – Culture – original title: Millennium health to eat what? Drink soup to eat fruit pear spleen to dry data figure: the body is not exposed dew "Beijing Street" mix "travel. In new network reporter Jin Shuo photo "Bai Luqiu cool night split night night". Dew is the twenty-four solar term in fifteenth solar term, first solar term in September. Vice chairman, Beijing Folk Artists Association, famous writer Liu Yida told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter said, now people can feel the hot summer, cool autumn has come, "in terms of health, people will drink Qiu Tang Jianpi, or eat some fruit to dry. In addition, also can drink some light porridge to the stomach". For Lu, "on seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" said: "August festival…… Yin gradually heavy, Lu Ning and white." The weather turns cold, will be found in the early morning on the ground and leaves a lot of dew, which is due to the night water vapor condensation on the top, so named. The ancients to four hours with the line, autumn is gold, gold white, so the "white" to describe the dew of the five. Liu Yida said, in fact the dew is the characterization of the weather has been cooler, "here is just a cold period". Data figure: "White Dew" busy farming season in Guangxi. Photo by Tan Kaixing according to public information, Jiangsu Taihu folk sacrificial customs in the dew season of yu. Also known as the "worship ritual Yuwang water Buddha, Qingming, dew two offering a larger scale, each of which lasted a week. By then, people will go to the fair, playing drums, dancing, very lively. In addition, the old Nanjing people love to drink dew tea". There is "spring and summer tea bitter, astringent, like tea, autumn dew dew season", the tea after the hot summer, this is the best period of growth. However, according to Gao Wei, Secretary General of the Beijing folk association, on this tea, there are also said to boil some water, when the drink. Dew comes, the air humidity is reduced, dry weather in autumn is more obvious, prone to dry mouth, dry lips and other symptoms, at the same time, great temperature difference between day and night at this time, such as heart, lung, stomach easily uncomfortable people need to pay attention to health." Liu Yida said. Data figure: located near the dew solar term, barley and wheat fields in Minle County of Zhangye under the Qilian Mountains in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu province have been mature, a harvest scene. Chen Li is precisely because of this, in order to fully adapt to such changes, the diet has a temperature supplement, to remove the effect of wet dry food has become a favorite food. In some parts of the south, people in the dew collected before and after the "ten kind of white, silky white chicken to simmer, that food can be nourishing the body. Gao Wei explained that the "ten white", is generally 10 name with "white" herbs, with corresponding "Bailu" literally. "Beijing does not have the custom of drinking tea dew. But pay attention to in this solar term drink soup or edible mouth Qiu autumn Li Gao, the spleen Runzao effect." Liu Yida explained, at the same time, people can drink some moisture to dry porridge to the stomach, "some seasonal fruits of autumn, like all kinds of pears, grapes and other continual)相关的主题文章:

Argentina: a list of 24 people led by Messi Gonzalo Higuain, KUN regression – Sohu sports Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Aguero three people to return to the national team   Beijing on September 17th morning, the Argentina team announced a new national team coach Bauza, selected 24 players, Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Aguero three people to return to the national team veteran. Demichelis also received a call, no one was in. In October, Argentina will continue to tour the preliminaries to set foot on the WTO in October 6th, Argentina will play against Peru, October 11th, their opponent is the Paraguay. In September, Argentina beat Uruguay 1-0 alive preliminaries, but in the absence of Messi, they lose their 2-2 draw with Venezuela, South American world cup. The preparations for the world cup, Bawusa recruited almost all big, visible Argentina hope for success in the October games. A list of 24 people: Argentina goalkeeper: Guzman (Mexico Tigers), Sergio Romero (Manchester United): Defender Roncaglia (CELTA), Musacchio (Villarreal), Murray (Everton), Rojo (Manchester United), Demichelis (Hispanics), Mercado (Seville), Otamendi (Manchester City), Saba Laeta (Manchester midfield: Banega (Milan) International), Lamela (Tottenham), Gaitan (Atletico Madrid), Crane Witt (Seville), Mascherano (Barcelona), bigeliya (Lazio), Hernandez (Atletico Madrid), Di Maria (Paris Saint Germain) striker: Messi (Barcelona), Correa (Ma Jing), Lucas Prato (Mineiro athletic), Aguero (Manchester City), Baala (Juventus), Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus) (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章:

Intensified! Southgate after the positive rectification revocation captain Rooney – Sohu sports coach Rooney exposure three lions captain   will be removed; in England 3-0 victory over Scotland after the game, coach Southgate decided to temporarily put players a day off, some players chose to go home with the family, and some players choose throughout the night, including the captain Rooney, he at a wedding drink until half past four in the morning to completely drunken, returned to the team, then the Internet came with his beautiful girl all explicit self photo, instantly once again pushed to the opinion of the fat peak. According to the "sun", the latest news, because this has angered Southgate, he is likely to be in a positive, Rooney removed three lions captain position. Although Rooney commissioned his team made a statement of apology, but the football association or condemned the behavior of the Rooney, and or issued a new order. It is reported that the FA will re evaluate the national team management policies, formulate new regulations during the training time. In fact, the impact of this matter has not only stay at the national team level, including Rooney’s Manchester United club has also been implicated. According to the "Daily Mail" revealed that the Red Devils coach Mourinho believes the FA staff presence allowed Rooney to drink and also completely drunken is photographed upload network, all of this is the problem of ineffective supervision, rather than blame Rooney. Of course, a natural intolerance of his disciples to have such behavior, even if this weekend is already battling against Arsenal, but the Portuguese refused to start at this crucial battle in Rooney, Mourinho seems to prefer to let’s rush to lead the team’s offensive line. This season, Rooney in Manchester United has lost the main position, in the last 6 games, only 3-1 win over Swansea’s game was the first. A game as a substitute for Rooney, perhaps worth mentioning, alcoholism scandal is far from harm is not over, because he knew that England team has expressly provided, but still to sit idly by, so I only walk alone attitude is unfit to continue as skipper, "sun" on the front page today broke the news, after the Southgate positive, the first thing to do is to coach the England national team captain Rooney removed! It is reported that the South Gaitt most likely in the end of the month signed a 4 year contract with the FA, and his annual salary will reach 1 million 500 thousand pounds. England has served as acting coach Southgate, the team made two wins and a draw good results in the 3 World Cup, currently their team ranked first, qualifying the situation is excellent. In addition, Southgate deliberately ousted Rooney’s message on Glen FA CEO Martin also seems to have been confirmed, he said in an interview: "Rooney’s behavior is very disappointing, as the captain of the England team which is really not appropriate. We have started on the evening the presence of people for questioning, if there are other staff involved in the England team, we will handle it." (GD)相关的主题文章:

Inverted corner electricity supplier outbreak intelligent warehouse storage innovation capital coveted Chen Shanshan [whether domestic or foreign, automatic warehouse is the trend of the future eleven] before and after the Shanghai Songjiang District block covers an area of 20 thousand square meters warehouse is still brightly lit, here, the bags of food, a piece of clothing in the automatic transmission belt transfer, they are cut the hand of the party who took the "double 11" promotional merchandise. A few days ago, Shanghai Wynwood Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "sku360") founder Shengda in Song double 11 to make preparations, "one day is expected to handle 1 million to 2 million pieces, is usually several times daily processing volume." Shengda Song told reporters, but is also at this time, fully automated intelligent warehouse advantage was more prominent. Not the same as a warehouse warehouse, the dogs, a dozen forklift plus hundreds of sorting, handling, packing workers, this is a true portrayal of the traditional warehouse, automatic intelligent warehouse is completely different, in a warehouse in Songjiang, the shelf partitions according to the timeliness of goods shipped, one is rotating the shelf, mainly used for immediate delivery, the second is the storage shelf, comprising a feed box and tray, mainly used for temporary storage of continuous replenishment of goods, third is the open shelves, for a single product or other promotional explosion when the artificial selection. Which areas are the different products in? This is determined by the computer software based on the inventory of goods in the storage area to determine the inventory situation. Need to choose distribution, the software will automatically trigger the corresponding goods storage and transfer, in accordance with the order selection logic for different orders designed transmission path fixed, these goods will eventually converge to the front of the personnel responsible for picking. This is the so-called "sorting" goods "in 2012, Amazon’s $775 million acquisition of Kiva robotic company, in fact represents from the traditional" people find goods "change to" cash "picking, can significantly improve the sorting efficiency, and improve the accuracy of single per hour can reach 1000 time picking operation, is 10 times the traditional warehouse." Shengda Song told reporters, which is particularly suitable for attention of electricity sales channels of the company, these companies do not lack front-end sales, but the executive order delivery back but can not keep up, especially when the goods before the big promotion, rent a warehouse or warehouse, keep a few dogs, storage and distribution patterns of ten have begun to hire 35 become stretched, each of which is to double eleven big promotion day, spread all kinds of goods warehouse warehouse explosion causes even wrong consumer goods. It sounds easy, but the new intelligent warehouse to make such a massive order have elastic work and daily circulation of 200 thousand order processing ability, need is a series of hardware and software support. "First of all hardware devices need to be advanced, can only be imported from abroad, because of high complexity, there is no precedent in the domestic installation, the installation of the equipment are imported from abroad, the relevant standards are not reference hydro power in china." Song Shengda said, more complex is the design of software system, and not turnkey engineering.相关的主题文章:

Go to the southern hemisphere to see the Pink Lake, in November opened direct flights to Hangzhou as long as the 3000- Sohu travel since November, Hangzhou is about to open direct flights to Sydney by the Eastern Airlines Airbus 330-220 fly, the focus is! The price is very suitable! From tax only $3000+! (to 12.13) real-time screenshot, MU711 flight 23:45 from Hangzhou (return 12.21), real-time screenshot MU712 flight 22:15 from Sydney this non-stop flight time of only 10 hours, compared to Guangzhou, Hongkong, the flight to 3~12 hours. Other noteworthy is that direct flights from Hangzhou to Sydney only three classes a week (Tuesday, four, six nights, second days of 23:45, 13:30, and arrive at) starting from Sydney’s return is weekly five, only three. (micro-blog @2QueensIsland) but if it comes to Australia, do you think it’s just Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast? However, Australia and a few Chinese to virgin – WA, if Sydney is equivalent to China Beijing, then the equivalent of Xinjiang Chinese wa. It is the largest state in Australia, an area equivalent to the whole of Western europe. Although with much land and few people rich tourist resources, but rich, completely subvert the impression of you in australia! Such as painting like Shark Bay, salt flats harvest high-altitude visual girl heart pink paradise – Hutt lagoon in Cable Beach, watch the sunset beach camel team here, just one shot is blue, there is intoxicating beauty to the top of the Wine manor suffocation, known as the "Australia Bordeaux" here there are a variety of healing a small animal, a small piece of bread you can buy self sector net red and your photo some market open only three days a week, but still can not stop the thick smell of just now is the southern spring street, the blue Jacaranda is under a romantic flower rain…. some people say that in this the colorful piece of magic land, before they can enjoy the real Australia style! So, today let Feekr take you to recognize the next – Western Australia. With more than 12 thousand km of coastline all kinds of beach morphology to stunning charming in the first half of this year, the network map wa coastline a group of aerial called "Salty Wings" without PS, attracted the crowd exclaimed "this is beyond the earth beauty", let a person to focus on Western Australia coastline. The light is on all kinds of beach morphology, even spend a few weeks in coastal car may not be collected in the bag will be beauty. || simple abstract drawing – blue hue from Shark Bay salt @Simon Butterworth @Simon Butterworth in Australia map from the westernmost point of Shark Bay is very famous, because have four significant geological features are included in the world heritage. There was a photographer who shot the Shark Bay high salt flats, the blue crystal reflects the color of the sky, salt mining相关的主题文章:

Sanya is the most can not miss the Sanya Bay sunset – Sanya Bay Tourism Sohu east of Sanya port, West to Tianya Bay, twenty miles of Binhai Road in the Gulf stretches, palm forest, in which the body like a painting. Sanya Bay Resort next to Sanya City, the city road through the sea. The background and the Gulf of Sanya landmarks, the Phoenix Island surrounded by the sea of Sanya Bay sunset and sunset is very spectacular, watching the sun go down nature put the sky as drawing board, paint a picture of a sunset wonderful picture is the nature of the God of the pen, in a good painter cannot describe. When the sun gradually sank, it emits a more gorgeous color, the color of the sky changes fast, sometimes yellow and red, and dark blue with purple afterglow, seems to be hard to break through the clouds, not resigned to playing second fiddle, gorgeous light mingled in the cloud, the sky is colorful. With countless changes on the surface of the sea. The boat is very rapid friction coordination into this spectacular picture. Tickets are completely free. [experience] because the Sanya Bay by the urban area so a little serious pollution of seawater, not suitable for swimming. The beach palm lined, through which the sun even more spicy also do not feel hot, not the Kui is ah Coconut Dream corridor. Of course, most can manifest the beauty of the Gulf of Sanya, is in the evening, the sky is red, sunset red whole sea. So the sunset in Sanya Bay is highly recommended.相关的主题文章:

Beijing commercial housing sales fell two months – Property – People’s original title: Beijing commercial housing sales fell two months in July and August, Beijing commodity residential market continued to cool for two months. Statistics from a number of agencies show that in July of this year, Beijing commodity housing (excluding affordable housing, since housing) turnover of 10 million units, a decline of 23%; into the year of August, Beijing commercial housing turnover continued to decline. It is noteworthy that, during the same period, the average price of commercial housing turnover in Beijing rose also narrowed. Commercial housing market return to reason according to the Asian high statistics and the Central Plains real estate market research shows that by July this year, Beijing commercial housing turnover exceeded million units, up to 11902 units, a decline of 23%. As of August 17th this year, Beijing commodity residential turnover of 4247 units, a decline of 27%. The house agency marketing director Guo Yi said, "this year compared with June, July Beijing commercial housing turnover fell, mainly due to the July Beijing commercial housing turnover decline. With the purchase of commercial housing in Beijing rumors break, in July Beijing commercial housing transactions did not continue to rise, but gradually return to normal." In addition to commercial and residential, villa turnover also fell more than 30%. June Beijing villa market has several large volume of real estate focused on signing, resulting in Beijing villa volume in July fell sharply." Beijing Zhongyuan market research department director Kang said. The reason for the August commodity housing turnover continued to decline, Guo Yi analysis, "this year, Beijing commercial housing turnover had reached the highest week more than 6000 sets, but after entering in August, weekly volume of commercial housing rapid decline, continued for three consecutive weeks in 2000 sets to the low level. Due to the recent no new favorable policies to stimulate the property market, Beijing commercial housing supply has declined, resulting in commercial housing turnover difficult to continue." It is worth noting that, from the various administrative district turnover situation, in July of this year, Shunyi District, Fangshan District, Daxing District commercial housing turnover ranked three, respectively, is a set of 2347, the set of 1616 sets. As of August 17th, this month, Fangshan District commercial housing turnover jumped to the first place, followed by Shunyi District, Daxing District, three areas of commercial housing turnover were 607 sets, the set of 564 sets. August Beijing new home prices rose narrowed in Beijing commercial housing turnover fell for two consecutive months at the same time, the average price of commercial housing turnover rose also narrowed. From the house agency and the Central Plains real estate market research department statistics show that in July this year, Beijing commercial housing transaction price of 35298 yuan / square meters, up 13%; as of August 17th this year, this month in Beijing commercial housing transaction price of 34273 yuan per square meter, up 1.33%. Zhang Ling, deputy director of the Beijing property market research department, said, compared with June, the average price of commercial housing turnover in Beijing in July rose, mainly due to the impact of changes in the structure of the transaction. Beijing commercial housing transactions in July to reduce the proportion of ordinary residential transactions to enhance the proportion of ordinary residential transactions than the average price相关的主题文章:

Club ranking: constant fell second Asian super 4 team in Asia TOP50 Evergrande ranked second in Asia sina sports news Beijing on November 1st news, football statistics website footballdatabase released the latest rankings of the world’s football club. In the Asian Club, Guangzhou Hengda to 1616 points ranked second in Asia, after a lapse of 77 days once again lost first in Asia, in the world ranked seventy-seventh, ahead of Andre Hurt, Milan and other European club international. A total of 4 Chinese clubs rank among the Asian clubs TOP50. Shanghai ranked twenty-seventh in Hong Kong, Beijing Guoan ranked thirty-second, Shandong Luneng ranked forty-eighth. Shandong Luneng, Jiangsu Suning, Shanghai Shenhua and other Super League teams ranked below some of the India team. The ranking statistics as of October 30th. In Asia, the top 10 are Guangzhou, Saudi al Ahli China Hengda, South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi al Hilal Al Ain, Japanese Urawa Red Diamonds and Seoul of South Korea FC, Japan Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Thailand Mongolia communications and Kawasaki striker. The latest Guangzhou Hengda points to 1616 points, ranked second in Asia, but only less than Al Ahli next two points, there is still hope to regain the Asia first. Guangzhou Hengda lost the club last season ranked first place in Asia in August 16th of this year, that is, Guangzhou Hengda after a lapse of 77 days, once again ranked Asia’s top second. In the world, Guangzhou Hengda is the only access to the TOP100 super team, ranked seventy-seventh in the world, before Delay Hurt, Milan international, and the world famous club corinthians. In addition, there are three super teams into the Asian rankings TOP50. Shanghai Hong Kong ranked 1469 in Asia in the top twenty-seventh, ranking TOP30 in Asia, the world’s top 347th. 1459 points of the Beijing national security Asia ranked in the top thirty-second. Beijing Guoan latest world ranking is 377th. Shandong Luneng ranked forty-eighth in Asia with 1411 points, ranking the world’s top 564th. Shandong Luneng ranked lower than Bo (forty-first in Asia), Churchill brothers (Asia’s No. forty-third), East Bengal (Asia’s forty-seventh) and other clubs in India. In the top 100 clubs in Asia, there are more than 7 Chinese clubs, this season are super league. In addition to Guangzhou Hengda, Beijing Guoan, Shandong Luneng and Shanghai on Hong Kong, there are 3 super teams into the Asian Club ranking TOP100. Jiangsu Suning ranked sixtieth, Shanghai Shenhua ranked seventy-fifth, Guangzhou ranked ninety-third in Jiangsu R & F, Su Ning, Shanghai Shenhua, Guangzhou bodied super team ranked Be Mahellondra United (Asia fifty-first), Mohan Bagen (Asia fifty-fourth) India team low. Yanbian Fude ranked 107th in Asia, Hebei Huaxia happiness ranked 108th in Asia, Tianjin TEDA ranked 117th in Asia, Asia’s 126th ranked Liaoning hongyun. Changchun Yatai ranked Asian 132nd. Hangzhou Greentown ranked first in Asia相关的主题文章:

Vienna to "kiss" Klimt’s "the kiss", 12016 years of Venice Architecture Biennale with Google to launch a digital tour of Venice Biennale organizers extended the partnership with Google, together for the Fifteenth International Biennale of architecture design and launch of online exhibition platform of digital. Art and Culture Department of the platform by Google college culture under the (Google Arts and Culture, Google Cultural Institute) is responsible for the biennial home court on more than 3700 works, along with 3 special projects, 43 pavilions and 11 related activities officially in October 13th on the line, people can visit the Biennale site check. – "Art Forum" (Artforum) 2 Palace of Versailles found 5 "ghost" to the audience to sell fake tickets on October 9th, police arrested 5 staff selling fake tickets to tourist of Palace of Versailles (aged 26 to 34 years old). The 5 officers for the Palace of Versailles hiring season "temporary", they secretly organized a system to cover each other: a window of the conductor to unsuspecting tourists to sell fake tickets, cash purchase and other partners in the entrance ticket office ticket into the scenic tourist control. These 5 temporary workers in the past two months has sold thousands of tickets at least, the value may be around 250 thousand euros. – "Art News" (The Art Newspaper) 3 major British Museum Visitors declined due to security risks according to the British Ministry of culture (The UK s Department for Culture ", Media & Sport) released last month, the British Museum and art gallery visitors visitors report, compared with the same period last year a decrease of 100 thousand people. The number of visitors to the museum include severely reduced Tate (Tate) and the Museum of natural history (The Nature History Museum). London Travel Tourism Association (The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions) believes that this is mainly attributed to the decline in the number of potential terrorist threats had occurred in Paris and the Brussels terrorist attacks make people jittery. Artnet News — 4 Damien · Damien · Hearst will exhibit the mysterious new works at the Venice Biennale in 2017; Hearst (Damien  Hirst) will begin on April 9, 2017 in Pino private collections (Pinault  Collection) exhibited cross field art, is one of the projects of the Venice Biennale in 2017 the most anticipated. According to legend, Damien spent 10 years preparing Edition相关的主题文章:

"Low-income housing fraud" to the rectification of more accountability — real estate — original title: "low-income housing fraud" to the rectification of more accountability since the Central Committee has arranged special funds to the relevant policies and measures in place. The Audit Commission, the Ministry of housing, land department and other ministries to urge local governments to complete hundred-percent low-income housing construction and supply tasks, taking, misappropriation of funds for low-income housing, can not stay in the exposure, rectification, and clear penalties, start accountability procedures, the punishment is punishment, the punishment is punishment, violated state law also, start the judicial procedure. According to the Central People’s broadcasting station reported that during 12th Five-Year, Heilongjiang shantytowns 1 million 730 thousand units, the total amount of change in the forefront of the country shed. In the province of Bei’an city as an example, from 2009 to 2012 of four years, the government declared penggai number more than 13 thousand, but the four years of Bei’an city penggai data, nearly half of the water. The local in the studio to change the process, multiple violations or illegal operation, suspected of taking the central and provincial special funds shed tens of millions of yuan. Shantytowns in the central city in order to transform the old houses, improve the housing conditions of poor families and the introduction of a popular project. From the statistical data, Heilongjiang penggai total in the country, but the statistics bright does not stand the test of national and provincial towns housing renovation funds missing, ordinary people did not improve the living conditions, this is obviously not a small problem. For the majority of the housing difficulties of the masses of the special funds by some local units taking, misappropriation, even by people who own national low-income housing policy was greatly reduced in some places, where to put the public housing dignity? Heilongjiang Bei’an alleged taking funds shantytowns, such problems in the country is far from the individual. Audit released in 2013, the town of affordable housing project tracking audit results show that some localities and units misappropriated and defrauding the project funds 9 billion 370 million yuan. 2014 urban affordable housing project tracking audit results show that, by taking or misappropriation of funds more than 9 billion 800 million yuan. 2015 affordable housing project tracking audit results to the end of 2015, there are 190 thousand sets of affordable housing due to supporting infrastructure construction lags behind and other reasons can not be delivered in time. Much of the audit results revealed three major problems of security housing construction: hundreds of thousands of units built affordable housing "vacant", tens of billions of yuan of construction funds are idle, tens of thousands of personnel for low-income housing eligibility. Some places do not take special funds to cover low-income housing, even for low-income housing funds, where the government housing security responsibility for the masses? Although the housing consumption has entered the era of market, but especially the nature of housing affordable housing still has a public or quasi public goods, so that the people of "home ownership", the responsibility of the government. To provide affordable housing to the needy, is the responsibility of the government to play. Although the government construction of low-income housing, increase the financial burden, reduce the land revenue, but to the difficulties of the masses to provide excellent housing security service, let the people enjoy the basic living dignity, is the government’s duty. Local government has no reason to avoid the responsibility of ensuring housing supply. Government in the protection of housing construction相关的主题文章:

Why did Chen Kun play Spy Drama "escape" idol +   Acting exciting – Shaanxi channel — original title: Why did Chen Kun play Spy Drama "get out" on the evening of 11, Chen Kun released on micro-blog: "don’t nine years to ten." And equipped with a spy film "escape" black-and-white poster stills. Previously, there are a lot of drama starring Chen Kun to publicize the "escape", now is the Chen Kun screen after an absence of 9 years after the return of the first show. Over the years show heavy weight, to pick the play "capricious" famous Chen Kun, from the big screen to return to the small screen, select the original Spy Drama, he admitted that he is drawn to "the writers for a 9 year original screenplay". In addition, now paralysis little meat filled Spy Drama, attracted a lot of controversy, the return of Chen Kun, and the first shock spy film, netizens expressed great expectations. Color values of the Spy Drama harvest controversy if youth, costume, idol and fantasy theme character as non high Yan value young actor, spy drama was once considered to be the exclusive domain of Mesozoic strength, because this type of play role requires careful thought, to show a variety of high IQ in particular the environment, as well as the face of all kinds of people, situations show a variety of complex psychological activities, the acting requirements are particularly high, so at that time, Honglei Sun, Wu Xiubo, Zhang Jiayi, uncle level actor can harvest a very high popularity. However, since the hit show "the pretender" form a demonstration effect, the spy drama began to go this route idol, a previously considered acting at the end of the plots, has gradually been the new generation idol starring occupy the position, but the angle change is scanty harvest. Before the "decryption", Chen Xuedong has been criticized, many viewers said he had a mathematical genius play a mentally retarded, "often to roll his silly way, how can the naive actor assume the arduous task agent?" But the recent hit "sparrow", Li Yifeng’s double agent was "only posing her sister, always acting the action, rolling his eyes, smile, frown, although there is progress than" Qingyun Zhi "already, but still not convincing". In addition, Dongyu Zhou also because of low IQ, drag and questioned, not only that, her appearance is also accused of not good-looking. "Escape" in Chen Kun not only play a role while Chen Kun is undoubtedly one of the Mesozoic strength of the actors, he since his debut, creating many classic screen image, such as "like a fog like rain and like the wind" in Chen Zikun, "Jinfenshijia" in Jin Yanxi, made Chen Kun a popular actor. After 2008, Chen Kun moved to the big screen, works include "the knot", "Mask", "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate", "dragon tactic" etc.. But it is worth mentioning that, in recent years, Chen Kun focused on the power of walking in the heart of public projects, variety shows, movies are not high, only two years also starred in two film "dragon tactic" and "hero" at the box office and Hot pot, good reputation, the "Dragon tactic" won the 1 billion 600 million box office success).相关的主题文章:

Ten thousand Buddha monk Miao Jiang around the cool wit turn trouble monk "Miao Jiang to heart team" members of the discovery (Photography tone) Miao monk "to heart river crew discovery (Photography Music) – Mount Wutai Buddhist Tencent (bent) the afternoon of October 22, 2016, the Tencent of Buddhism’s" ten thousand Bodhisattvas around the cool "activities have visited the Mount Wutai Bishan temple, temple, and was invited to the vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, Bishan, President of the Buddhist Association of Shanxi Province, bamboo Temple Abbot Abbot monk Miao Jiang" to heart "team player discovery. Bishan temple is the State Council released the "national key Temple", dynasties of monks. Bishan temple was founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty, rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, once called Beishan Puji temple, Huguo temple, temple. The team visited the king hall, hall, and Maitreya temple jietan Leiyin Temple Temple in four major, and in the pious worship Manjusri hall. In the temple jietan, players of the Millennium Huguo jietan common worship. The players together around the Millennium Huguo jietan ceremony (Photography music players) common worship the Millennium Huguo jietan (Photography Music) players together for a thousand years the holy altar (photographic tone) players in the thousands of years before Huguo jietan photo (photo bent) bamboo temple was built in the great Tang Zhenyuan period, is a has more than 1200 years history of the Millennium Temple, as the land of law as the ancestral master, master of law as to the refinement of Buddha Famennian, and create five Dharma, which spread to the country and even overseas. Now after the great monk monk ten years of reconstruction, has restored the old style. The team visited the king hall, main hall, Manjusri hall in turn. The fog under the bamboo temple like fairyland (Photography Music) chikurinji Wonderland (Photography Music) in the bamboo temple, Miao Jiang and the monk "to heart" team member discovery said, very happy and everyone around cool, we all know, around the cool is around Mount Wutai. So, what is’ around ‘? In fact, around is the wisdom of Manjusri bodhisattva. Mount Wutai is also called cool mountain, came here, we are cool, cool heart, body and mind are cool. Mount Wutai is a Buddhist cultural symbol, represents wisdom, through the wisdom to seek the truth, through devotion to probation, so will take the trouble to cool wisdom, trouble is actually not hot hot anger, resentment, naturally cool. The monk said that he lived in Mount Wutai for 40 years, far from enough to live, did not see enough, did not learn enough, because everyone in the Long March, we are in the long march. "Walking the long march", to learn to practice, will repair the man by false comprehension, not repair by genuine fake. To practice, there must be time. "You can think about how much time each person has left for himself." To give yourself some time, if people really do something for themselves, long days of joy. Only to find themselves, there is no worry, why bother? "Trouble is that you can’t find yourself". When it comes to the sanctity of the Mount Wutai temple, the monk said, Mount Wutai is thousands of years, the Millennium ancient temple temple. Come to Mount Wutai, not only to the eyes and ears, but also take the hint. To the temple inside to kowtow, head of steadfast to bow down. This corresponds, "head and.相关的主题文章:

Malone: I won’t hit the 40 year old is Tokyo Olympic Games Malone Air War (map) sina sports news the evening of September 17th, in Chengdu for the 2016 China open table tennis men’s singles 14 finals, the Rio Olympic Games men’s singles champion Malone 4-0 to triumph over Belarus Shinco "evergreen" Samsonov. When asked if he would stick to his 40 year old, he laughed: "I’m going to stick to the age of 40, which means that the Chinese team has gone downhill." The battle for the men’s singles semi-final qualifying duel, Malone win is not easy, and ultimately to 11-9, 11-6, 11-8, 11-8 victory. "The two sides are still relatively normal, because after the Olympic Games, we may have a stage of adjustment, the ball is not necessarily very familiar. He came from Europe to play the game there will be time difference, plus the venue and other venues are also somewhat different." When the backward chase points, Sichuan province stadium fans also put enthusiastic shouts to have forty old hussein. Referred to adhere to mention four years after the Tokyo Olympic Games, Malone admitted that he can learn this spirit, but may not be able to copy such a legend. "Spirit can be learned, but I insist to be less than 40 years old. I want to adhere to the 40 year old, it means that the Chinese team has gone downhill, (laughs) or insist on playing, but can not adhere to the Tokyo is hard to say, it is too intense competition." The Malone game known as the textbook, near the Rio Olympics before the contest to try is four straight sets win. But the young man smiled modestly, said: there should be room for improvement, it is impossible to fight every game is 4-0, then others can not fight." Before the end of his game, the other side of the game between China and the rain in the derby, the latter laugh last. When asked whether there is comfort Fang Bo, Malone bluntly: I have not seen him." Subsequently, but also can not help but laugh, I am not an athlete coach. Table tennis or play their own, in the field who can not help him, the most important is to summarize it." Again the scene warm abnormal fans, Malone also suggested: "this is indeed popular, many athletes have some influence, and people may use a flash, foreigners will think it is not too noisy, with European audiences than there are some differences." As for tomorrow afternoon with Zhang Jike in the semi-final confrontation, Malone replied: "is exactly the same with the families I hope we can give a good match for all audiences." (He Xia from Chengdu)相关的主题文章:

Hebei bulletin 11 from the central eight provisions violate the spirit of the typical problems of Hebei channel, in Shijiazhuang in September 30, today, the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, recently, Hebei Province Commission informed the central eight provisions violate the spirit of the 11 typical problems found in the supervision and inspection. Are: Shexian County 129 division Memorial illegal payment of welfare issues. The memorial to the value of 503 yuan for each cadres and workers of a gift set, with a total value of more than 5 yuan. Curator Yang Guowang given the party warning. Anguo City Bureau of agriculture seed company illegal public consumption problem. The company in the name of food, alcohol and tobacco business reception reimbursement fees totaling 1 yuan, 600 yuan fee reimbursement of personal telephone. Give the Bureau of agriculture seed company manager Ren Min party warning. South County and the Ministry of Commerce and Grain Bureau cadres to receive subsidies for violations of light. Duan Puzhao served as manager of grain and oil company in southern Jinyang and Jinyang, in the county to receive financial wages, while the grain and oil companies in violation of regulations to receive wages and subsidies. Give the party warning. Zhaoxian County land and Resources Bureau Fan Zhuang Zhang Jianhui land and resources, and other violations of the issue of accepting gifts of others, Zhang Liliang. Zhang Jianhui, Zhang Liliang accept an illegal occupation of four boxes of wine and a number of food, worth about $2000. Given Zhang Jianhui, Zhang Liliang party warning. Kaiping District, Kaiping Town, Tangshan City health care subsidies illegal issue. The Secretary of the Party branch of the hospital, Zhou Hongquan, director of the competent accounting for the preparation of the night shift, overtime and other allowances and subsidies, subsidies 13 yuan more than $. Given Zhou Hongquan, Wang Jianhua party warning. Deputy director of the Chengde municipal Shuangluan District City Administration Bureau office Tian Zhichao Gongjusiyong problem. Tian Zhichao drives a bus to a private amusement park near IKEA. Give Tian Zhichao administrative warning. Nine Guyuan County Center Hospital Hospital Yucheng Liancheng pilot illegal reimbursement of telephone fee problem. Ming Yucheng in the unit financial reimbursement personal calls 400 yuan. Give the party warning yucheng. Sanhe first kindergarten Xie Yujie for his son ‘s wedding reception problems. Xie Yujie son Liu married, accepting the unit 49 colleagues and teachers gifts totaling 12 thousand and 500 yuan. Give thanks to the party warning. Huanghua City Bureau of education in Europe to Gongjusiyong problem. Europe to the military by the work of the machine, driving the bus to send their children to school. European military administrative warning. Anping County Hospital Pharmacy Department Director Li Yanxun accepting illegal gifts, shopping card problems. Li Yanxun received a medical device company gifts, gift cards totaling 9000 yuan. Li Yanxun given administrative demerit. Beidaihe District of Qinhuangdao City River Town Station Village Party branch committee Li Jianguo as the daughter’s wedding reception problems. Li Jianguo make arrangements for her daughter wedding dinner table number more than the local regulations, causing adverse effects, to give Li Jianguo party warning. The circular pointed out that, in the province of an inch to correct the four winds of the high-pressure situation, there are still individual party members and cadres, the convergence does not close hand, reflects the "four winds" problem tree’s roots, to grasping the long-term, repeated efforts, continued to force. The majority of Party members and cadres to learn profound lessons from the above cases, do not know fear to know just luck, break the red line)相关的主题文章:

Analysis: the gap between the champions Juventus won easily – Sohu Beijing time at 02:45 on September 28, 2016, 2016-2017 Champions League group phase H group second round one race contest, from dynamo Zagreb in the home court against juventus. The Zagreb dynamo regardless of strength or reputation is far better than Juventus, Juventus this game is worthy of support. The team looks: Dinamo Zagreb is a team in Croatia, the team in the Croatia League, belonging to the upper reaches of the strength, the current team in the league this season to play better, had many game winning streak, but the team recent state some decline, the last 4 games and were defeated in 3 games, lost 8 at the same time the ball, the game face Serie A Juventus team king, I am afraid it is difficult to avoid a fiasco. Juventus in recent years has been dominating the Italy football, and achieved good results in the Champions League, they are one of the important goals of the season this summer, Gonzalo Higuain heavily introduced is to a large extent for the Champions league. Juventus are in great form, nearly 2 games of victory to have zero closure opponents, scored 5 goals, but the game in the face of weaker dynamo Zagreb, Juventus win in perfect condition. Analysis of the ball tank handicap: from a fundamental view of the two teams, Juventus either the strength or state, is far higher than that of dynamo Zagreb, day out at 11.69-5.68-126 after the group will be able to see is a big gap between the two teams, and the disc was the home team the ball half water dish, by injection after the water level rose to super high water. But it also represents the Gambling company is undoubtedly very optimistic about Juventus to big win over rivals Juventus in recent seasons, continued to dominate Serie A, on the strength of the team at Dynamo Zagreb, plus they are leading the championship, the League will not have too much pressure, the game is sought after juventus. Score recommended: 0-3 0-4 SMG recommended: 0 Asian plate recommended: Juventus (let the ball half)相关的主题文章:

Free travel or travel with the group? 80 after 90 selection of internationalization Chinese 2016 "eleven" golden week just past, the comprehensive measure of Chinese National Tourism Bureau data center, during the National Day this year, a total of 593 million tourists trips, tourism revenue totaled 482 billion 200 million yuan. National Tourism team service management system shows that from October 1st to 7, the total number of outbound tourists with the group of about 1 million 399 thousand people, the average daily team outbound tour of 200 thousand people, an increase of 11.9%. According to the China Tourism Research Institute released China outbound tourism development report 2016, in 2015 the number of Chinese outbound tourism reached 117 million passengers, an increase of 9.8%. The next five years, China’s outbound travel market will maintain a steady growth of the new normal, consumer choice is more rational, more focused on the destination of overseas tourists living experience. At present, Chinese tourists, especially the younger generation of consumers are constantly upgrading the concept of tourism. 80 and 90 is no longer simply shopping or shopping spots with the group brush, they pay more attention to the cultural needs and niche experience, thus accelerating the development of the free exercise of overseas. This year, China’s residents during the National Day Golden Week outbound travel demand. China Tourism Research Institute survey data show that during 2016 eleven, there are 298 tourists from the city of, through the website and APP, traveled to the world’s 1230 destinations, the 68 countries. With the growth of China’s younger generation, 80, 90 after becoming the mainstream of China’s overseas tour groups. They are good at using the network and electronic equipment, do a thorough and complete travel raiders. Coupled with the popularity of English to enhance the ability of young people to maximize integration into the local, according to personal preferences to participate in experiential projects. Chinese tourists overseas travel survey report 2015 shows that in 2015, 80% of Chinese outbound tourists through mobile phones, desktop computers and notebook computers booking and planning trip, the proportion in 2014 was only $53%. In addition, due to the young generation from contact for inclusive culture, foreign customs can quickly accept, but also more recognized and welcomed by the local people. Free way does not reduce the Chinese consumption ability, such as Britain, the British "Europe off" the uncertainty caused by the British domestic consumer market impact, many shops to use China "eleven" golden week opportunity to boost domestic consumption market. To this end, many British stores launched the Chinese National Day special discount promotions, in order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of Chinese tourists shopping. The world is so big people want to look at each other compared with China, many countries in the world also have considerable space for tourism development. Free travel or tour, each country has different views. American is famous for its uninhibited personality, compared to the bound tour with the group, they are more willing to choose the free exercise of arbitrary high. Doing your homework ahead of time is a job for every American traveler. On the way to the China before they fully understand the the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, Terracotta Army and other attractions as a sequence of events. Many people in the country to play, because of the mouth相关的主题文章:

China was the Korean media contempt, net red baby fitness – Sohu sports instead of being elsewhere than in the information about presbyopia, here read the headlines 1, the Orangemen set up by the Korean media contempt? 5:0 wins China is South Korea, small target before the game in the South Korean media interview, South Korea’s coach Stielike said at home to win the game no problem. Also said that as early as last July in the East Asian Cup, he coached the South Korean team is only two team, but was still a score of 2 to 0 victory over china. Played in the Premiership club of South Korea’s star sun returned to Seoul from England? Just face the media, said: "we will be able to run in only three days. This is our home court, and is 12 season opener, must play to win this advantage!" Turning to the score prediction, the players Jin Yingquan will think that the South Korean team to win 4:0, Zhang Xiuxian believes that 3:0, and Hong is just boldly predicted score of 5:0. Let’s wait and see. From sina sports (sports_sina) analysis of 2, Liu Jianhong: written in words before the South Korean team complacent enemy? Maybe just not too much fuss. For them, the "qualifying" three words that have been learned by heart, and we are fifteen years back. We are traveling light against a lot of problems. A few players in the eyes of the state of the game is unknown; important players injured, as well as Zheng Zhi, Wu Lei and some other outstanding players how to use, are the test of the problem of Gao Hongbo. How to look at the results of the game. This game is the first game of the Chinese team, so of course, we will be very important, but do not look too much to play the game. We must look at the 12 games as a long process. And we have to believe that the situation will be very complicated and confusing. From the macro sports (HG-Sports), 3 with O’neal, you will stand a big thing!! NBA famous Be ONeil participated in the latest issue of "wilderness survival". Bei ye first teach the shark with leaves stealth, and with the big giant high mountain climbing. But don’t forget this is a "food show.""! This time they’re going to eat fresh deer placenta. This allows the big shark love why…… Go tiger bashing sports watch full version. From ESPN (HUPUtiyu)! 4. Do you have these bad habits when you play football? Have you recently dropped the chain? Been sprayed out?? I don’t know why??? Now close your eyes and think of the two days before the end of the game’s own performance: there is no warm-up, no communication, XJB band, thinking about life, absolutely not back, a word does not play the door…… Poor performance in addition to the strength of the reasons may be turned over in some detail on the boat, get rid of bad habits, from the peak of the career to the stadium. From the ENJOYZ football equipment network (ENJOYZ-com) is not wrong? U相关的主题文章:

National Day 7 day 15 city property control policy introduced [Abstract] decide on what path to follow from September 30th to 6, just 7 days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Hefei, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning, Nanjing, Xiamen, Zhuhai 15 city has issued new market regulation policies yesterday, the National Day holiday city property purchase quantity is increasing. From September 30th to 6, just 7 days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Hefei, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning, Nanjing, Xiamen, Zhuhai city has issued a total of 15 new market regulation policies, to restart credit limit restriction. Why in the eleven focus on the introduction of restriction policy? Director of the center, Chinese City Academy of Social Sciences and Competitiveness Research Department of economic research and real estate city director Ni Pengfei analysis: the rebound in the current round of short period, because the capital power of speculative investment in the core city through a second tier city, leading to the overheated property market intensifies, consider eleven holidays and then purchase hot traditional prime time, at this time around focus on the introduction of regulatory policies, not only can be quickly digested from the market sentiment, actually timely and effectively curb excessive speculation, so as to stabilize the property market, and gradually realize the cooling overheated market, let prices "brake". Ni Pengfei believes that the final effect of the purchase of the policy has yet to be further observed, from the recent introduction of some of the policies of the city’s market reaction, trading volume declined. Analysis of the causes of overheating and past experience in regulation, the policy will play an active role. "Watch this round of market regulation has policies and gradually raise the characteristics, if the target is not in place, the regulation policy will upgrade, in order to achieve the goal of stabilizing the market."相关的主题文章:

NBA China live games: rocket vs Pelican live video address – Sohu sports team: vs game against Houston Pelican properties: 2016-2017NBA season NBA season tournament live address: China game time: on Sunday 09 October 2016 19:30 am channel: NBA Live Online – looking NBA video playback of NBA video highlights 2016NBA Chinese season vs Pelican game Beijing: Harden vs. heavy time 19:30 on October 9th, 2016 NBA China ShangHai Railway Station will be played in the Mercedes Benz cultural center started, Harden led the Rockets with Anthony Davies led the attack against the pelican. Chinese match broke the game to watch: Rocket three Titans war old NBA Chinese rain season again, the Rockets fourth became the tournament lead. The rocket experienced in the lineup and coaching in the preseason after adjustment, showing the new features, the offensive team three points the ball more freely flowing style of writing, torrential rain. Rockets have been carried out in two preseason games, the field averaged 130.5 points, shooting up to a maximum of 52.8%, the ball hit the ball at a rate of 40.5%, the average score of the game into the 17 points scored three points. Two reinforcements to Ryan rocket in the summer signing Anderson and Eric Gordon in pre-season performances, Anderson averaged 19 points on the second, second only to harden, the three pointer hit rate reached 44%. The Rockets victory over Nicks during the war, Anderson three games with 26 points, third hit 5 record three points scored 17 points, he and James Harden conflict pointswith has had a very good chemical reaction. Gordon although the preseason games are 9 points is not high, mainly because of the time is not much, but his offensive efficiency is quite outstanding, shooting percentage of 58.3%, the ball hit the ball at a rate of three. Anderson and Gordon are the old, China tournament is the first time to face old club after they move the rockets. A last season in Houston players Pelican array, Terrence Jones will be in the Chinese match against the old master. The defense is the training camp in the key to solve the problem, they ranked fourth last season in the League last defensive efficiency standings, limiting opponents shooting efficiency performance is very poor, let the opponent a hit rate of 46.8%, less than 76 people at the bottom of the record. The coach Gentry said, their training camp will be 60% of the time for the improvement of defense, this encounter rocket, is a good opportunity to test the quality of the pelican defense. Before the two pre-season games, averaging 107.5 minutes left pelican. 9 live video Chinese game the Rockets vs superstar showdown against the pelican harden eyebrows attention star Showdown: harden war eyebrows in the preseason the Rockets showed a great competitive state, harden is the key driving force. The Rockets star in the offseason training, and organize the team-mates ahead of training, received very good results, not only Harden’s excellent condition, and with the quality team has been improved. In DAntoni’s tactical system相关的主题文章:

Fu Bo: the Iran team is likely to be stronger than Korean scene at a disadvantage – Sohu HD: preparing for the Iran national football sports training relaxed Wu Lei review (Sports Sohu sell adorable Xu Jiang Pei force reported in Shenyang in September 2nd 2) than the 3 South Korean team lost after this morning China team flew from Seoul to Shenyang, and the Iran team preparing for September 6th the game this afternoon Chinese team training is still open to the media for 15 minutes, assistant coach Fu Bo was interviewed by the media. For the national team, Fu Bo said: the team finished the game yesterday, come back today, the Sports Bureau leaders and fans to pick up our national team, very cordial. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Yesterday’s game, we are sure to coach the players fighting style, but also hope to be able to carry out the 12 game. This is what we have been advocating." At the same time, from the scene to the data, we have a big gap with the opponent, we also recognize that. We haven’t been on the highest stage in Asia for a long time. Regardless of the coaching staff or players, from the experience of the game is still a lack of experience. But we have to compete with the big teams to grow. Our coaching staff is also improving in tactical design. Next, the strength of the Iran team stronger, stronger than the South Korean team. They have always been ranked first in asia. We must recognize the strength of the opponent, although we are home court battle, but we still have disadvantage. But we will not change the desire to hit the world cup, so we will fight to the end." When it comes to physical problems, Fu Bo said: physical difficulties we have to face, the Chinese team in the league, players may be more tired. However, we also strive to promote the recovery of players through various means." For the injuries, Fu Bo said: "many of the players have different degrees of players, Hao Junmin yesterday also injured appearances. We are also very grateful to the players adhere to and unremitting efforts." In addition to the game in Iran and Qatar, Fu Bo said the Chinese team also sent a technical staff to the scene to watch the game, the relevant circumstances have to wait until they come back to know."相关的主题文章:

A village Party Secretary of Lantian sent photos to report gambling   denial is willing to accept the survey — Shaanxi channel: original title: a village Party Secretary of Lantian sent photos to report denied gambling is willing to accept the investigation yesterday (October 12th) afternoon, someone reported Xi’an Lantian a village secretary of long-term neglect of gambling "on micro-blog the local people expressed dissatisfaction, and said the new Miaozhen village branch secretary three official photos of people playing mahjong is Xi’an Lantian County on behalf of A. So, the informants reflect the situation is true, the reporter today (October 13th) went to Lantian investigation. The report said the three officer at micro-blog, Lantian County of Xi’an City, the New Town Village branch secretary on behalf of a, as the most grass-roots leadership, all rural idlers gathered rich and powerful gambling. Micro-blog also made a few men sitting around playing mahjong mahjong desk in the picture, some people still holding a one hundred dollar bill, the report said, the black man in the photo is on behalf of a new village branch secretary. October 13th morning, the reporter interviewed several villagers in the village of three houses in Lantian Miao Zhen Guan Xi’an county. Reporter: do you have this person?" Villagers: "this person." Reporter: this man is doing?" The villagers: "secretary." Reporter: "you look at this place is like two doors?" Villager: "no." Reporter: "our village is not in this place?" Villager: "no." Reporter: "is Zancun Secretary?" The villagers: "well, is the party secretary, secretary." After contact, the reporter saw the new generation of Green Village branch secretary, he said the photo of the black man playing mahjong is indeed himself, but he denied gambling. The three officer of Xi’an Lantian County Miaozhen new village branch secretary generation trinkel: "should be on what time should be in July 2015, (Lantian) County mahjong, at noon heat and no place to go, go up in the summer, the amount of a person is one hundred or two hundred yuan, ten yuan (five yuan each). The masses to report this matter, I do not think (true), because it is my own time, the organization (if you want) in the investigation, I actively cooperate, but also I am a clean." The three reporters from Lantian County of Xi’an city government officer Miao Zhen learned that the town discipline inspection departments also noted that micro-blog has launched an investigation and verification. Three, Lantian County Deputy Secretary of Xi’an City Party committee Zhang Yong Miao Zhen: "see public opinion reports online, our town Party Committee attaches great importance to the next step, we asked the town discipline inspection departments timely investigation, make corresponding processing." (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Liu Junpeng Xi (party): Gu Yan, commissioning editor Wang Li)相关的主题文章:

Seven units for rural tourism and tourism poverty alleviation speech — Henan channel — original title: to exchange experiences and seek common development to create a "global travel" to bring about "global poverty" – Songxian county Party Secretary Xu Xin known as half half Ling Chuan "known as Songxian, in accordance with the principle of" Travel + poverty ", the formation of the development of the situation, to speed up the tourism driven out of poverty", so that the county poverty population decreased from 84 thousand and 600 in 2011 to 51 thousand and 200 in 2015. Songxian mainly take four models to promote tourism Poverty Alleviation: Scenic + village mode, driven by local people to get rid of poverty. Songxian plans to invest 1 billion 600 million yuan to implement the tourism development projects, promote the national tourist resort Baiyun Mountain, Tianchi mountain Zagreb ridge Ecological Tourism Zone Six tourism scenic area, enhance the radiation effect, to achieve employment Huimin min, entrepreneurship and development. The "company + farmers" model, from the "blood transfusion" to "hematopoietic help" change. In addition to the establishment of Songxian tourism development company, let the poor households possession of the company shares, promote enterprise poverty alleviation, but also the implementation of the "leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers" mode, on behalf of the interests of farmers set up cooperatives and cooperate with the relevant enterprises to drive people out of poverty. To travel + social welfare model, bringing together help poverty alleviation. Helping a poor family, Songxian landscape you travel precise poverty relief charity launched a large public love activities, led by the love and love of voluntary help enterprises. The "Travel + beautiful countryside" mode, to create "global travel" drives "global poverty". Vigorously implement the "572510" project, the overall drive to eat live line travel, shopping and entertainment and other related industries, to achieve global poverty". To promote poverty alleviation of rural tourism to accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation. Accurate Lushi County Deputy Secretary Qiao Jianhou in the "Central Plains" Emerald "Chinese Baijia Town deep breath" said Lushi County, rural tourism has become an important starting point for stimulating people become rich "happiness engine" and get rid of poverty. At present, Lushi County Rural Tourism operators reached more than 2 thousand households, driven by the employment population of more than 16 thousand people, of which more than 1/3 of the poor, the annual per capita income of more than 15 thousand yuan. In the process of speeding up the process of poverty alleviation, Lushi efforts to achieve the five belt, adhere to the four focus". The details are as follows: "five zones" are: planning guide, adhere to the layout of the tourism industry and the precise combination of poverty; with the scenic village, adhere to the development of tourist attractions and farmers and local employment combination; hotshots with households, enterprises adhere to the mass demonstration and poverty in the combine; industry zone, adhere to industry support and participation of the masses the combination of multi drive, to promote high; combined with the sectoral linkage. Finally, through the above tourism poverty alleviation new ways to accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation. At the same time, strengthen policy support, financial support, financial support and project support, do a good job in tackling the poverty alleviation. "Four focus" are: pay attention to the protection of ecological culture, focus on improving the rural environment, focusing on the development of industrial integration, focus on poverty alleviation, Zhi Zhi相关的主题文章:

A new ten A old 3 day battle of Shanghai Guangzhou sun god team expedition – Sohu a A will be opened in Guangzhou sports team training will be the style bujiandangnian Beijing October 31st afternoon in Guangzhou, yanzigang youth training agency news release hall, Guangzhou sun god team at the old A star Invitational ceremony. Xie Zhiguang, President of the Guangzhou Football Association, deputy general manager of Guangdong Sun God Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou sun god captain, Guangzhou, the sun god, all the members of the team attended the press conference on the. 2016 China occupation football league after the end of the season, another traditional domestic football event will pull the curtain in 2016 — the fifth Le powder cup a A star Invitational (commonly known as: old A game) will be staged in the Shanghai passion. The tournament from November 3rd to November 9th, the scale of the expansion to 10 teams, is expected to have more than 300 old A players debut. In the Guangdong sun god group support, Guangzhou taiyangshen team for fifth consecutive years in the tournament, the team they play in Shanghai on November 2nd. Since 2012 Peng Weiguo launched the first old a A match, after four years of hard training, the tournament has become a major event in China football at the end of the year. The old A game only 6 teams, from the beginning of the second session was expanded to 8 teams. After four years of development and exploration, a A system and constantly improve the old. Due to a variety of objective reasons, a A era of Dalian Wanda and Shandong Luneng two representatives are absent in the first four games. In Dalian and Shandong two efforts of many a A legend initiative, this year Dalian and Shandong finally took part in the success of the team. In this way, the old A game will be the first time the team expanded to 10, called an alternative, the top ten". Of course, the expansion of the scale of the event, the system must be changed. And with the increasing age of the players, the game can be both scientific and safe, and can take into account the fairness, become a major problem organizers. This year’s event host is Shanghai, Shanghai old Paul team leader Fan Zhiyi this and several other sponsors held a number of meetings, the final decision: 10 teams divided into two groups, each group of 5 teams play a single cycle, each round of a team bye. Every game each half 30 minutes, each round each have a team to bye. After 5 consecutive group match days, the rest of the day, and then the same team between the two teams to catch the final. To rank in the group phase: if two or more teams with specific first is the outcome of the relationship between each other, and then draw, not the total goal difference, this is also to a greater extent to ensure the fairness of the game. This year’s old A game players age is still defined as more than 40 years of age, each game allows the young players between the ages of 36 to the age of 3 to fight in battle. Foreign players and players in each game shall not be more than 3, foreign players must be over the age of 40. Where once in a local club participated in a A game when the earth does not account for the number of places. After the draw, the final two teams of the respective groups dropped. From the strength, the two groups are the average strength, there is no相关的主题文章:

O’neal had to admit that disappointed with James Jordan for par trophy – Sports Sohu         September 7th Beijing time, according to the U.S. YAHOO sports reported, in an interview, O’neal said, was in effect during the period of disappointing Knight teamed up with James did not win the championship. The following is the main content of the interview: Q: how do you see yourself in the alliance? O’neal: when I first joined the league, I found my place. Not only do I want to be the best player, but I also want to be the most dominant player. Many people say they want to be the best, but few people say they want to be the most dominant. That’s my goal. I want to change the league like Jordan and Chamberlain. Q: your last season was played by the Celtics, are you sorry to end up that way? O’neal: I was thinking about keeping fit, 10 points per game, so I could score more than Chamberlain in the overall standings. In the end, I won more than Chamberlain in the championship, but Russell got 11, and Jabbar got the 6, and the, I got the 5, and for me, that’s enough for me to get the 4. Q: have you ever played for the Cavaliers and the Celtics, and which of the two teams has been more regrettable? O’neal: when I was in Cleveland, we were number one. Glen – Davies hurt my hand. I had five weeks off in that season. I returned in the first round of the playoffs, but in the second round we lost to the celtics. I’m not happy, if I can stay healthy, then we could win the championship. After a season I joined the Celtics, then the team with Garnett, ray Allen and Pearce of the big three, my task is rebounding and sealing and so on, there are more than long attack. I really liked the team and the chances we had. (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章:

O’neal had to admit that disappointed with James Jordan for par trophy – Sports Sohu-纪元1701

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O’neal had to admit that disappointed with James Jordan for par trophy – Sports Sohu         September 7th Beijing time, according to the U.S. YAHOO sports reported, in an interview, O’neal said, was in effect during the period of disappointing Knight teamed up with James did not win the championship. The following is the main content of the interview: Q: how do you see yourself in the alliance? O’neal: when I first joined the league, I found my place. Not only do I want to be the best player, but I also want to be the most dominant player. Many people say they want to be the best, but few people say they want to be the most dominant. That’s my goal. I want to change the league like Jordan and Chamberlain. Q: your last season was played by the Celtics, are you sorry to end up that way? O’neal: I was thinking about keeping fit, 10 points per game, so I could score more than Chamberlain in the overall standings. In the end, I won more than Chamberlain in the championship, but Russell got 11, and Jabbar got the 6, and the, I got the 5, and for me, that’s enough for me to get the 4. Q: have you ever played for the Cavaliers and the Celtics, and which of the two teams has been more regrettable? O’neal: when I was in Cleveland, we were number one. Glen – Davies hurt my hand. I had five weeks off in that season. I returned in the first round of the playoffs, but in the second round we lost to the celtics. I’m not happy, if I can stay healthy, then we could win the championship. After a season I joined the Celtics, then the team with Garnett, ray Allen and Pearce of the big three, my task is rebounding and sealing and so on, there are more than long attack. I really liked the team and the chances we had. (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章:

” triangular relationship ” – hCG, progesterone and abortion – maternal and child Sohu-三色网

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" " triangle; — HCG, progesterone and abortion – many Sohu maternal pregnant mother encounter these problems with a "low progesterone" or "abortion" tendency to start up in the report but anxious and fearful pregnancy inspection when you really understand, HCG, progesterone and abortion? HCG double poor or low progesterone, is the problem of maternal or fetal problem? The answer is possible. Regardless of the maternal or fetal problems are likely to lead to abortion. Here we will discuss the relationship between the three. What is HCG, progesterone first about HCG, HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG body in sixth days after fertilization began to produce (according to the change of HCG to determine whether pregnant women), this time is the fertilized egg implantation for HCG days, will stimulate the body to produce progesterone, progesterone to maintain pregnancy early eight weeks of embryonic development, if estrogen can germinate and fertilized eggs to a hotbed of words, so is to ensure the supply of nutrients to the embryo progesterone. Why should HCG 1 early blood beta -hCG rapid growth of normal pregnancy, the doubling time was 1.7 ~ 2 days, close to the level of hCG in blood and urine, and the diurnal fluctuation of mild, often used in the first morning urine or blood samples were measured. Through the detection of HCG, you can understand the development of the embryo, with or without the possibility of abortion, to determine whether there is ectopic pregnancy. 2 is the multiple pregnancy, hydatidiform mole, chorionic epithelioma, RH blood group incompatibility in patients with blood hCG concentrations are higher than normal pregnant women. Such as the mole, the blood concentration of hCG was higher than the corresponding normal gestational weeks, and continued to rise in 8 to 10 weeks after menopause. HCG can more directly reflect the development of the embryo, HCG is generally doubled in 48 hours or so, if doubled is not ideal, you need to consider ectopic pregnancy or embryo dysplasia, etc.. In fact, HCG doubled the progesterone is very good to show that the embryo is in normal development, but the function of HCG progesterone is not. If this is conditional on the rest, try to lie, as long as the progesterone is not particularly low, no supplement is also can defend. Situation two, progesterone normal HCG double progesterone is not normal, but HCG doubled bad, this situation is very small. Because HCG promotes progesterone production, HCG is not good, progesterone is generally not good. We from two cases to specify the following: 1, progesterone normal, HCG doubled relative is not good. What do you mean, you go to the test, but no numerical up to multiples, so it is relatively bad 100 200. If your HCG has tens of thousands, and then began to appear doubled not so fast, the speed will come down, are normal. 2, progesterone normal, HCG doubled absolute is not good. Absolutely bad, that is, the value in an interval, for example, 8 days, only doubled, this situation is not very good. First go to the exclusion of.相关的主题文章:

Hangzhou mobile phone control men often finger pain or suffering from tenosynovitis due to playing

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Hangzhou mobile phone control men often finger pain or suffering from tenosynovitis due to playing snake (Figure) Hangzhou mobile phone control often finger pain or because playing snake play "lit" recently, a man named "snake big battle" mobile phone games quickly fire up. Circle of friends often someone out of the game score, with their friends to compete. However, there are people playing games are playing out a tenosynovitis. The doctor pointed out that in the game, frequent stretch bend thumb tendon, tendon sheath will make local inflammation. The snake is fire, lit the nearest WeChat thumb circle of friends, many people are "snake fighting game scraper, this familiar game after attracting a large number of fans. The rules of the game are very familiar to everyone, snake eat a bite will be able to get some points, and the body will be more and more long, can not touch the wall and hit other players, but can not bite his tail. Players need to use fingers to manipulate, click on the touch screen, the snake will crawl the direction of change, the rules of the game is to control the direction of the snake up and down. Most mobile gamers use the thumb to click on the screen when they play the game. For a long time, the thumb movement, so that the muscles of the thumb is always in a state of high tension. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw the clues provided by Mr. hu. He told reporters, just started to play this game, the fingers and no discomfort, but playing for a long time, the thumb of the left hand is always intermittent pain, but also can not make up. Until a few days ago, the thumb pain really can not stand, went to the hospital for an examination. The inspection results made him really nervous one, his thumb suffered early tenosynovitis. Play the game of tendon overuse, prone to cause tenosynovitis yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the hospital because of playing mobile phone games explore outpatient cases induced tenosynovitis. Hangzhou Xiasha street community health center doctor Tang Weihua said, although the specific case information of the outpatient department has not received the "snake war" of the disease, "but because playing games get tenosynovitis case was a lot of outpatient number a lot." Tang Weihua said that in recent years, in the outpatient records, because playing games cause tenosynovitis case showed increasing trend, "playing the game due to tenosynovitis of the majority, age from the middle-aged people, gradually changing to groups of young people." Doctors, finger activities involving tendon tension, finger game activity frequency fast, long time repeated movement, or excessive force, will cause a hamstring strain, the slightest mistake will lead to inflammation of the tendons, tendon pain swelling, long past, will suffer from tenosynovitis. Expert advice, how to prevent and treat tenosynovitis "in the structure of the human body, the same as the tendon sheath, the tendon wrapped up, the protection and lubrication effect of tendon." Tang Weihua introduced, in addition to the crowd outside the game easy to get tenosynovitis of keyboard, office workers, a large number of year-round housework crowd, manual workers, due to the nature of the work, the finger muscles and tendons in the stretched state, if not pay attention to rest, may be suffering from tenosynovitis." How to prevent tenosynovitis.相关的主题文章:

Tianjin second installment of the first day of the commuter express operating on the first 18 passen-beef怎么读�

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Tianjin’s second installment of the first day of the trial operation of the commuter express passenger flow of 18 passengers over the first batch of second batches of commuter express trial operation on the first day of yesterday’s experience, the opening of the second batch of 4 commuter express line start trial operation. In the early peak hours, commuter express 13 Road, road, road, road, a total of 51 stations, a total of more than 14 passengers transported more than 18 passengers, a total of more than 1000 passengers. Reporters on the commuter express 14 road ride experience. 6:35 street, Xinyuan bus station has 18 passengers waiting for the bus, and passengers were walking distance. 6:40, the first 14 commuter express road departure, passengers up to 23 people. From the second station Han Ditch Station, the vehicle load rate of about 80%. Then Chai Lou new homes, new homes Double Street station, there are 7 to 8 passengers, the vehicle load rate of about 90%. Due to the ninety-two, the chemical building and other stations have schools and classes of stations, the passenger volume is very large, but the vehicle load rate has remained at around 90%. To the commuter express 14 terminal Liu park bus station, the car more than 60 passengers get off together, more than 80% passengers are going to the subway station to continue to change the subway. According to statistics, the first 14 commuter express road to meet the travel needs of passengers more than 100 people. At the same time, the second installment of the 4 commuter express line average load rate of around 70%. With the highest rate for commuter express line 14 Road, 50 road commuter express the lowest load ratio is more than 50%. From the acceleration effect, the average speed of 30% 4 lines, one of the fastest commuter express 14 speed all the way up to 38%, the rest of the line was above 20%, the lines were lower than conventional bus line is not less than 20 minutes faster. In the opening of the first 11 commuter express line on the basis of the second batch of the opening of the line in the existing commuter express network formed on the basis of "one network, three shot, a connected line network pattern, namely in the urban commuter express network on the basis of the opening of the new 3 commuter express line radiation Jinnan, Beichen and other four districts around the city. The other 1 connected to the Hangu Binhai New Area and Tanggu commuter links meet the travel needs of more people. (reporter correspondent Su Xiaomei Zhu Wenqing)相关的主题文章:

The emperor bestowed on pension card witness the Qing Dynasty dinner banquet – Painting – peo-zhuxianduowan

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The emperor bestowed on pension card   witness the dinner banquet – Painting – original title: Secret of the Qing Dynasty emperor bestowed on pension card dinner banquet of the Qing Dynasty witnessed the original title: "father emperor Yuci" secret endowment Capital Museum has a collection of cards China given the silver pension card in Qing dynasty. This pension card witnessed the history of the Qing dynasty grand dinner banquet. This gold Yuci pension card, 13.5 cm long, 8.3 cm wide, Beijing Chaoyang District City, Gaobeidian Xiang Rong Lu (Rong Lu, minister in the late Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi’s grandfather) unearthed from the tomb. This card is made of silver alloy, oval, with Ruyi auspicious clouds like the card first, on both sides of each ear shaped hole, can be used for hanging. Card body positive decoration is divided into two layers, the outer layer on both sides of the high relief groups, as long as the longevity, Ipomoea, mouth tongue, momentum vivid, body scales engraved and carved Seiko is strict in demands. The inscription "the emperor bestowed on cast endowment", the back engraved with the inscription "Bingchen in Tai Chi Temple dinner banquet twelve". The 60 year of the reign of emperor Qian Long, he inherited the song and Ming era began the official retirement system, the retired official preferential treatment, in favor of the emperor Qian Long regarded, do the "dinner banquet" is leading the national respect for fashion. Dinner banquet begins with Kangxi, Sheng in the Qianlong period, Qing Dynasty is the largest, and most of the grand royal banquet feast. According to the Convention, every fifty years to hold a dinner banquet. According to historical records, Qian Longdi said the "Imperial Grand", had held a dinner banquet in the palace of heavenly purity. Banquet scene is unprecedented. The old man was invited about three thousand, there is a kinsman of the emperor in these people, a former veteran, who has the folk Beijing old man. During the meeting, Qian Long with the participants and their poetry, playing the "dinner banquet movement" etc.. This is the first year of Jiaqing silver medal by the system, so there is a "title on the emperor". The silver medal by the house craftsmen with silver skin on die making a "Yuci endowment," four words by the then Chancellor of the exchequer and scholar Agui writing. Silver medal was awarded to the feast from the age of 70 to more than 90 years of age, to commemorate the event. The old man every five years of age, the silver medal for a grade, respectively, reward of 10 two, 15 two, 20 two, 25 two, two pension silver side. It is said that, by this token can be located in its government withdraw pension costs. The Qing Dynasty has expressly provided preferential treatment for the elderly, such as elderly students give full pay retirement Juren, officials. There are cases of "Qing Hui Dian" "kept" statutes, regulations: where should be convicted, if the family of grandparents, parents are over the age of seventy, or a widowed mother feast has been more than twenty years, and no adult male and juvenile boy at home, can apply for not sentenced to death, not to try to avoid an exile, no offspring care for parents or offspring from the vast old man. But if the victim is elderly parents or suffering from a disease, just like criminals sentenced to sin, not let the elderly victims feel unfair. (Li Xungang) source: Xi’an evening news (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong and Lu Jing)相关的主题文章:

Two child era nursery shortage 2021 gap of nearly 110 thousand (video)

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Two children age – "kindergarten shortage": 2021 – the gap of nearly 110 thousand from the beginning of 2019, the demand of preschool education resources began to increase in 2021 to become the future running pressure of preschool education in China the largest year – in the long term, "two children" policy is still unable to reverse the declining trend of preschool education of school-age children at present, there is a huge gap – the preschool teacher, and teacher shortage compared to preschool education kindergarten is not enough and not enough funding and other issues become more prominent. During the period of 2021 ~2035, "two children" policy effect began to weaken, preschool education should focus to improve the quality of education in January 1st this year, the full implementation of a couple can have two children the policy of "(hereinafter referred to as" comprehensive two child policy officially implemented). However, in the hope that "two children" policy to alleviate China’s low birth rate, low birth rate and aging problems at the same time, the basic and overall influence on the educational field of our country changes we have to pay attention to "two children" policy caused by population. Therefore, after a full two child policy implementation, were studied in the field of education is the urgent need in the field of education, the school changes section of students scale for prediction and analysis, advance education resource planning, actively respond to the impact of "two children" policy. Among them, pre-school education as a starting point in the field of education, can guarantee a comprehensive two child policy to increase the school children start together? In the comprehensive two child policy under the influence of pre-school education existing school buildings, teachers, funding and other resources are sufficient to bear the pressure of school-age children enrolled? If you can not clarify the comprehensive two child policy brought about by the above problems, preschool education planning and rational allocation of educational resources is a huge obstacle. Therefore, the education sector and decision-making departments are committed to solve these problems as soon as possible. In this regard, we are in the key program of the National Social Science Foundation funded system based on the system of the integration of urban and rural education and social support, to the methods of population forecast based on "preschool education comprehensive two children under the policy of" Kindergarten Teachers’ scale, scale and cost burden to predict and compare the educational resources of preschool education in China’s existing. Analysis of the contradictions of education supply and demand, and puts forward specific measures to deal with the "preschool education comprehensive two children" policy, in order to provide some reference for preschool education resource planning. In 2021, after the two child era will usher in the peak years of admission due to 2016 the formal implementation of "comprehensive two children" policy, the first born as a result of "comprehensive two child policy for children will be in 3 years later in 2019 reached the age of admission to preschool education. The prediction of "comprehensive two child policy will start to affect the preschool education stage school-age children from 2019, 2019 to 2021 for" comprehensive two children "policy and the new preschool education of school-age children increased rapidly after growth began to fall. Among them, in 2021, "two children" policy impact on preschool education stage school-age children to expand the scale of the largest year preschool education of school-age children will be "full two child policy to increase about 15 million people. Specifically, the pre-school education in 2019 will be due to "all?相关的主题文章:

The country’s largest scholarship ceremony held in Ningxia – public welfare – People’s

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The country’s largest scholarship ceremony held in Ningxia – public welfare – People’s network on September 6th, the country’s largest scholarship ceremony held in Ningxia, Baofeng group. Autonomous Region Party committee, organization minister Fu Xingguo on behalf of the regional party committee attended the ceremony and delivered speeches, and so on, and so on, He Xueqing, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the leaders of the autonomous region of the people’s Republic of China, such as the leaders of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, such as the leaders of the autonomous region of the people’s Republic of china. Fu Xingguo of Yan Bao fund and good deeds sponsor Dang Yanbao couple made fully affirmed, he said, Yan Bao charitable foundation to help the family economic difficulties students complete their studies, promoting the development of education, ecological migration area and promote our region’s education fair made a positive contribution to the funding of students, benefit a wide range of long duration, the new student, have created a new record of our social charity donations. At the donation ceremony, Baofeng group? Ningxia Yanbao Charitable Foundation Award 92 thousand students scholarships, 264 million yuan, 26 thousand new students. At present, the fund will donate items number has reached 117 thousand people, has graduated 25 thousand people go to work. Since 2011, has donated a total of $1 billion 653 million for student, donated immigration area schools and hospitals and other public welfare charity. On January 19, 2011, chairman Dang Yanbao and Mrs. Ningxia Baofeng group set up a family edge Haiyan non-public funds — Ningxia Yanbao charitable foundation. The spirit of "benevolence, good foundation, use money from start to finish" the purpose of education as the focus of public welfare, from 2011 to 2016, a total funding of 117 thousand college students, help 117 thousand families, this is not only a beginning is a new starting point. Next year the stock funded students remained at about 92 thousand, 26 thousand students graduated from -2.8 million people each year, is expected after the annual increase of 26 thousand -2.8 million students, nearly 100 thousand families each year to help reduce spending each year to help nearly 30 thousand families have a new economic growth point, set up the opportunity to change their destiny, transfer barrier poverty fundamentally. In recent years, the continued downward of international and domestic economic environment, to ensure the normal development of the enterprise at the same time, Thanksgiving society, return to society, Baofeng group to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, to help the children of poor families to change the fate, is the practice of social responsibility, help Ningxia poverty alleviation strategy charity innovation. The children in poverty alleviation the dignity of the high lift Yan Bao charitable foundation continues to steadily donate while continuing exploration of the mode of scientific and accurate educational poverty alleviation. Funding early, the foundation found that some children do not receive grants, in-depth investigation into the poor areas, these children, although poor family conditions, but not willing to let people look around, would rather give up. The fund will be aware of children’s self-esteem, from the beginning of 2013, the southern mountainous areas of 9 counties, 5 villages and towns admitted to two and above college kids take comprehensive coverage of no difference in the way of rewards, and "Yan Bao grants" was renamed "Yan Bao scholarship", funded by the variable for reward, encourage this. A change has achieved good results, not only solved these)相关的主题文章:

The unique two Buddha and Yungang

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Yungang Grottoes unique "two Buddha" and "two Buddha and is in a circular arch niche, and sit around two statues in numerous Grottoes has very few records like the Yungang Grottoes" and two Buddha image, Mogao Grottoes, the Maijishan grottoes, the Longmen Grottoes were not seen similar scenes. The niche shape for the round niches, carved kannei two Buddha sit, thin eyebrow, is benevolent nose. The flame in the sky and sitting Buddha carved back. Between two Buddha, under the carving of the two sides of the Buddha, on the carving of the flying and the support of the two days of the two. Niche lintel trim flying. According to statistics, in the room of about 385 "two Buddhas and" niche, almost every cave have this image. Or placed in the wall, or two wall or the south wall, also some carved arches or out the window, it can be said that it is a typical Yungang Grottoes statues. "Two Buddha statues and the technique as an accepted language symbol, convey the spirit trend at this time in history and art level. In other grottoes of Buddhist statues is a statue of Lord Buddha and two Bodhisattvas, two gods in the left and right, then feed people. Look at every Mountain Grottoes, statues show the majesty of noble consecration rhyme has a palace layout including grand beauty, rich have absolutely clear powers of the state, and the feudal hierarchy in Vicenza, if the concept of shadow. "Two Buddha and Buddhist scriptures in the" to "Lotus Sutra" as the basis, this sutra is the last 50 years that Shakya Muni was teaching very early in the China spread, but the main contents are rarely adopted early Buddhist art forms, including eleventh "goods" in the early pagoda, cave temple is the common "Lotus Sutra" content, form "two Buddha sit". It explains why many contents of real meaning of the "two Buddhas and" in Buddhist art performance. As a kind of religious art form, "two Buddhas and non is purely physical object, pay more attention to the Dharma, Buddhism believers worship Buddha to promote, guide, to generate ideas from the bottom of my heart. "The other one on the basis of the two Buddha sitting together", is associated with the political situation. According to the records of "Wei Shu", the emperor Wencheng died in 465 BC, Emperor Xiaowen of the throne, the Empress Dowager Feng court hearing, after years in the Empress Dowager "centralize power on major issues" situation. In the special political situation of the royal family, qingui said Feng and Emperor Xiaowen "two st.". The double cave of Yungang Grottoes is a typical symbol of this regime. Two Buddha and niche in the "two Buddha" and "two saints" of the show, has a unique political meaning. Early Yungang Grottoes, such as tanyao five caves, cave East, West and south wall generally carved this "two Buddha and" niche, on the whole, the Buddha decoration is simple and is simple and clean.相关的主题文章:

Thailand’s king died without sleep because his Jia Zheng Macao champion Tribute-cibi

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Thailand’s king died without sleep because his Jia Zheng Macao champion tribute Thailand players immersed in grief among sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, Thailand has been loved by the people of Thailand’s King Bhumibhol Adu died Thursday evening news, make for the Asian Tour – Venice Macao Open Golf Tournament golfers in Thailand heavy sorrow. Today all the participating players wore black ribbons, 29 year old Thailand player Stirling Jia – conay Sean (Sutijet Kooratanapisan) at the skin also rushed to the second round hall tied for the lead, with the hope to win the king of Thailand – Bhumibhol Adud tribute. In order to commemorate the death of King Bhumibhol of Thailand yesterday – Adud, Macao Golf Club hall all decreased the flag, golfers in the hat tied with black ribbon, 12 noon is the audience for a minute of silence on the expression of Bhumibhol Adud’s grief. In sorrow atmosphere, the 29 year old Thailand player conay Tana leather Sean caught 6 birdie, only swallow 1 bogeys, in the second round of the Macao open in shot 66 (-5), to catch up with India Arni – Rasiri class hutch (Anirban Lahiri, 68 bar) and chekanovskogo Langepa (Chikkarangappa S, 65 bar), Australian golfer Richardson kalem (Kalem Richardson, 67 bar), Zimbabwe’s Scott – Vincent (Scott Vincent, 64 bar) together with 134 lever (-8) the total score tied for second round of temporary hall leading. Conay Tana skin Sean said after the game: "my happy all day, but I feel very sad, because we just lost the king in Thailand. He was the best king. When I played, I was very sad. I’m trying to focus on every shot and try to get good grades. I think about him all day. I miss him very much. I was aiming at the fairways and greens, I really did not think too much of the golf ball. A lot of Thailand players couldn’t sleep last night, and we all felt very sad." Another Thailand player Paviter (Pavit Thangkamolpreasert) in over 67 bar (-4), also rushed to the top ten, behind the current conay skin Sean Tana two bar. "The death of the king was quite a shock. I couldn’t sleep last night. I keep thinking about the king, all I can do is pray for him. I think he helped me today, and I got some luck in the game. All Thailand players are dressed in black." Paviter said. (Luo Yi)相关的主题文章:

Understanding the causes and treatment of leg cramps during pregnancy –

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During pregnancy to understand the causes and treatment of leg cramps, leading to a Sohu – maternal pregnancy causes, leg cramps, poor circulation of pregnancy makes it difficult for you to move in the same way as usual and get enough exercise, if you are sedentary, will make you more sensitive and leg cramps. As your baby grows, your belly expands, which can cause nerve and blood pressure in your legs. Because of the lack of minerals when you lack the necessary minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, you will be particularly prone to leg cramps. When you are pregnant, the baby will get the nutrition of the body, so you will not be able to get enough nutrients, resulting in a lack of nutrients. Pregnant women are prone to cramps. During pregnancy, the body changes during pregnancy belly will continue to uplift, which will lead to the transfer of the center of your body, change the walking posture, and put pressure on the pelvic muscles, back and abdomen, indirectly lead to leg cramps. Two, how to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy? Support, you can use your pelvic girdle, help support your pelvis. Girdle is not only helpful for leg and back pain, can also help prevent because of abdominal stretch forming stretch marks, this is also a common problem during pregnancy. Note that low levels of magnesium and potassium in your diet can cause leg cramps, so be sure to get adequate nutrition. Eat more foods containing calcium and magnesium, such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, tofu. Walking regularly and walking properly can help prevent leg cramps. Walking is a great start, because not only can your blood flow, but also allows you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sit down to avoid the feet of some pregnant women may have feet habit, but this will lead to leg blood circulation, resulting in muscle tension, prone to cramps. In addition, the feet will lead to bad posture, affecting the spine. Lying down, stretching sometimes when you’re in bed, may not consciously want to stretch your feet, relieve tired legs. However, while doing so, your leg muscles will tighten, easily lead to cramps. Wear comfortable shoes, your feet may be edema during pregnancy, and the size of the larger, if you do not wear comfortable shoes, it may cause your leg muscles tighten, causing cramps.相关的主题文章:

Beijing Tianzhu Golf Course renovation completed the Dark Knight Pryor site acceptance-9c8921

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Beijing Tianzhu Golf Course renovation completed "the Dark Knight" Pryor Gary field acceptance – Mr. Pryor fourth visit to the scene Club sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 28th message, accompanied by 3 years of construction, the stadium renovation project of Beijing Tianzhu Black Knight Golf Club 27 hole completion. Tianzhu Golf Club deputy general manager Yu Peng said, hope for the future stadium will host the intercontinental golf tournament. In 2014, Nanjing sanpower group entered the Tianzhu club, hired one of the three giants of the high altar, the world-renowned South Africa "the Dark Knight" Gary – Mr. Pryor, surgeon of stadium comprehensive renovation work personally. In the implementation of the renovation project, the owners also set up a first-class professional golf team, construction, project supervision, Belco& company staff from China sports; Nicole, landscape design, so as to ensure the construction quality of the foundation course. Tianzhu Golf Club deputy general manager Yu Peng in the lawn, and hired from Australia Cameron Thompson as director of the venue, stadium maintenance. The 82 year old designer Gary – Mr. Pryor visited the venue for the fourth time, and the completion of the project for a full range of acceptance. It is understood that the stadium transformation, based on the future of the industry in the field of golf course design and management trends, will build a 18 hole full length of 7300 yards of the championship course, as well as a standard hole of the 9 hole. The design style of inland Park, the site of the natural lakes and streams drains, formed by the combination of nature and humanity; the wilderness exquisite shape and abandoned bunker bunker set, formed on the vision and all the special grass fairways mix. In order to better enhance the value of the project, lead the maintenance concept in the industry of environmental protection and energy saving, all irrigation water from the water treatment, at the same time in the fairway between links, planting large areas of lawn, the maximum saving water resources and future maintenance in the process of pesticides and fertilizers. The completion of the transformation of Pryor stadium early experience, according to Yu Peng, after the completion of the Tianzhu Golf will be re positioning in the "private custom" exclusive club, also rely on domestic and foreign outstanding professional management, provide a China with "top ten club" quality comprehensive membership business club for the old and new members, including the newly built catering management, club membership system SPA and fitness center, high-end training field, professional golf management school and youth training system. In addition to Peng also said that the Black Knight Tianzhu Golf Club hope to be able to host the high level in three years of the Intercontinental tournament. "Beijing region lacks type name card golf tournament, our field density but the games are not many, so we are talking about cooperation with IMG management consultant, I hope that within three years of implementation, hold an intercontinental tournament." (Li Xin)相关的主题文章:

90.8% of respondents worried about the small table safety and health – Ningxia Channel – People’s

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90.8% of respondents were worried about the "small table" safety and health – Ningxia Channel – cartoon: Zhu Huiqing today, primary and secondary schools near the "small table" custodian business is more and more popular. These "small table" provides dining, rest services. But many of the "small table" is a place of business in the building facade or real school nearby residents, the dining environment is poor, employees without health certificate and training certificates, food storage, processing and cross pollution, to a certain extent affected the children’s physical and mental health. According to a survey Chinese youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire of 2000 people, 77.5% of respondents felt now managed class schools around the little table ", 90.8% of respondents worry about safety and health situation of small table". In the school time in primary and middle schools in early cases, to "double workers" parents to lift menace from the rear 61.6% of respondents suggested that the government purchase service, joint office of student canteen, 57% of respondents want the conditional specification of the "small table run community". Of the respondents, 68% of respondents were parents of primary school students, and 32% of respondents were not. 90.8% of respondents were worried about the investigation of "small table" safety and health situation, 77.5% of the respondents felt now managed class schools around the little table ", 25.5% of the respondents felt very much, 18.9% of respondents feel in general, only 3% of respondents think less. 35% of respondents will send their children to a small table and the like of the hosting class, no more than 38.9% of respondents, 26.1% of respondents are not sure. Qin Yangyang (a pseudonym) is a secondary school students in Shanxi province. As the home is far away from the school, in order to save time, she entered the middle school, every day at noon in the vicinity of a school, a small dinner, lunch break. "There are a lot of students who have the same situation with me. After lunch, they can exchange their lessons". Survey, 90.8% of respondents worried about the safety and health of the small table. Working in a construction company in Ji’nan parents Liu Yuan (a pseudonym), to the "small table" managed a few days ago is primary school son, "appeared before the children eat diarrhea in the" small table ", did not want to let the children go to the" small table ". But my mother-in-law two days walking, no one at home to pick up the child, only to find the custodian help shuttle". Liu Yuan is very careful in the selection of "small table", "I have a family study environment, including meals, rest environment and the surrounding environment, choose a various facilities, although expensive, but we do the parents can rest assured". About the school hosting classes "small table", 62.4% of the respondents pointed out that the existence of practitioners is not standardized, no training certificates, 58.3% of respondents found utensils disinfection difficult to guarantee, 49.3% of respondents think the food storage and processing of cross pollution. Liu Yuan said that the entire "small table" industry regulation相关的主题文章:

There are 12 international exposure to strong competition force left for the World Cup dream

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There are 12 international exposure to strong competition force left for the World Cup dream [Planning] at desperately waizhao "master" hanguoguo foot to be alert to speak with their feet China team (ranked Seventy-eighth) and South Korea (ranked forty-eighth), Iran (ranked thirty-ninth), Syria (ranked 105th), Uzbekistan (ranked fifty-fifth) and Qatar (ranked ninetieth) in group A in 12 of the race. South Korea and Iran are the top 12 teams in the world, the country has undoubtedly entered the group of death". However, the charm of sports, it is not improbable, constantly surprises. To be sure, no matter what the national team play, the players fighting attitude should be no doubt that the game, no one dare to walk. "Chinese players high income for the country," do not contribute labor ", which seems to have become the people’s impression of China soccer. The 12 game came quietly, this team is changing people’s views. Chinese Football Association July will race super tight compression, fatigue, and many clubs disabled full camp, even some of the main international. According to informed sources, many players in the first month after the injury, in the league with 12 strong match, chose the latter, in order to save power, for the country, for the World Cup dream desperately. Chinese soccer team has been 15 years since I had to go with the world cup so close". For international, the 12 race is likely to become their occupation career only a "ultimate challenge". As for the next opportunity, only heaven knows. "The 12 season as the World Cup", this is not only the players’ heart. For every Chinese football people, the journey has a different meaning, including the Chinese football association. The German team to dominate the world in Rio, in the last session after the world cup, Chinese Football Association and the Ford company began to learn advanced preparation and logistical support to germany. This time the top 12 games, the country has a sound security system, whether it is charter, diet, golf courses and other aspects have been carefully arranged to prepare for the World Cup finals mentality of the top 12 games. 15 years ago led China soccer team into the world cup the exploits of Marshal Milutinovic said, attitude is everything. The Chinese soccer team, is the positive attitude to meet the challenges of the race 12.相关的主题文章:

Deb Law Hei Katari and Jose Mourinho did not understand why I was so young (video)-bree daniels

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Deb Law Hei Katari and Mourinho: Why did I think about the past young Guardiola ace de bruyne new season goal assists show de bruyne laugh Manchester (data) bright future sports news from Tencent in October 25th to 10 wins in 5 matches, the new city of Guardiola recently state declined significantly, the new play the Spanish coach with the it has been questioned, while accepting the "Daily Post" interview, Manchester City Star Deb Law Hei Ley is Guardiola, saying it will bring success to Manchester city. In the last round of League 1-1 draw with Southampton, Guardiola after the game the players off the lecture training in the locker room for more than and 40 minutes, de Blau Hei disclosed Guardiola said that at the time: "he just told us to keep the faith, he didn’t want us to doubt their own way of playing, he wanted to make sure that we know we play now right, that’s what he wanted to convey the contents. Of course, it’s a big risk to play like this, and we know that." "This is not a world full of patience, but we are trying new things, the process will have ups and downs, the other team will come to meet us, but in the end everything will be okay, we know that we must make good use of the new tactics in order to completely digest. Not all of the team can play this way, you have to make great efforts and hard training, some people may not love it, but the best team in the world will be able to do so, and will not lose many goals, that would be great." De Blau Hei also pointed out that now the game is too frequent, leading to Manchester City players don’t have much time to drill new play: "we always have a game, so we have almost no real training course, it will be very difficult, our goal is to make fewer mistakes as soon as possible. If the coach changes his style now, he will fail." "Why does he want to change? Just because he came to England? It is his belief that he is right, he has made many successful on this play, so I can understand why he would insist, if we lose, criticism will be more and more, but in addition to draw with Southampton and Tottenham, other games we played is not wrong. In football, there are always new challenges, only to adapt in order to survive, otherwise you will fall behind, you just have to leave." Replace the Joe – Hart Bravo recently also frequently criticized because of mistakes, de Blau Hei said: "now for Bravo is very difficult, because his style is very different with Joe, everyone knows that a large number of love coach to participate in the competition of the goalkeeper, so if Bravo’s mistake, people will say no his footwork special. Why did he buy? But he and Joe Hart did not leave any contact, obviously, he is still a good goalkeeper, mistakes can hardly be avoided, we still believe in him." For with Mourinho news, de Blau Hei again explained and insists he no grudges and Madman: "if he had said at a news conference on what people will believe, because that is the only source of information, I did not publish my idea, but I don’t think I like he says, I have been I want to play, playing in Chelsea (data) has played hundreds of games, I am now 25 years old, so I think I)相关的主题文章:

2016 Paris auto show new Nissan GT-R NISMO debut-freelander2

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The 2016 Paris auto show: the new Nissan GT-R NISMO unveiled the Phoenix Automotive News held in the days before the 2016 Paris auto show, Nissan officially released a new version of GT-R NISMO. The new car is based on the new GT-R to build, but apparently the new car is more combat. Nissan GT-R NISMO at this year’s New York auto show, Nissan released the new GT-R models, the new car in appearance, interior and power on the car in front of the upgraded models. The launch of the NISMO version is based on the new GT-R upgrade. The new GT-R NISMO with more aerodynamic, especially the front spoiler details design using carbon fiber components, lightweight building and provide better performance at the same time in the success, also bring stronger visual impact. Interior, NISMO version of the continuation of the new GT-R changes, the new car with a black theme color style, while the seat and other places to highlight the dynamic elements of red decoration. The top of the console using the Alcantara material looks very upscale, the control of the operation button reduced from 27 to 11, and the introduction of a 8 inch display, a substantial increase in technology. NISMO exclusive Recaro seat also illustrates the distinctive new car. In addition, the NISMO version of the suspension system for the transformation, which uses an upgraded shock absorber system and stabilizer bar, while the body steel has also been improved. Power, the new car is equipped with a 3.8T engine, a continuation of the previous power output of the NISMO model (600 horsepower 652 nm), transmission system, the matching between engine and 6 speed dual clutch transmission, and a 4WD system.相关的主题文章:

How does the Mars colonization plan play This article will help you.-shishangqiyi

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How does the Mars colonization plan play? This article will help you catch musk plans quite bold colonization of Mars Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 28th news, according to foreign media reports, said today’s headlines, musk announced his plan is absolutely one of the colonization of mars. At the press conference, he spoke for a long time a copious and fluent, the audience’s reaction is even less than the apple press conference. Here we come to the common sort of shocking super plan: Interplanetary transport system in the musk stage before the speech, SpaceX first put a video, unveiled their mysterious interstellar transportation system. The system consists of two key components, namely BFR – Super rocket and BFS – Super spacecraft. Stand on the launcher, this system than the existing Falcon 9 is much larger, the height of up to 122 meters, is almost two times the Falcon 9. BFR thrust up to 28 million 730 thousand pounds, the Raptor engine single thrust only 500 thousand pounds, so the system of the rocket will reach 50-60. The BFS sent to earth, the whole BFR system will return to earth as the Falcon 9, and then wait for fuel spacecraft in outer space. BFS is also the key to the system, in the process of flying to Mars, it will expand the solar panel to generate a steady stream of 200kW power. At close to Mars, BFS speeds up to 62 thousand miles an hour, the spacecraft surface temperature will rise to 1650 degrees. Then BFS will open a super recoil engine, landed on the surface of Mars, the completion of the Mars landing mission. Mars only $100 thousand musk believe, as the technology matures, Mars will greatly reduce the cost, maintain at about $200 thousand. If the traditional way to Mars, the price is Arabian Nights, because some statistics, the traditional way of sending people to Mars, everyone should spend at least $10 billion. In addition, if landing Mars can form a scale effect, such as a 100-200 person, then the next $100 thousand will be able to travel to mars. Make money in order to colonize Mars is the goal of human musk become more planet species, while Mars colony is just the beginning. This is an extremely complex task, a lifetime may not get musk. However, he believes that the only reason for his efforts to make money is to achieve this goal. Therefore, electric vehicles, solar energy and return to the Rockets is a stepping stone to his goal. Spend 40-100 years to establish a self-sufficient community of Mars musk believes that Mars to Mars to complete the human community, takes 40-100 years. Speaking of the capacity of the Martian community or the city of Mars, musk is also very bold, he will set the upper limit of around 1 million. If you ship 100 people per flight, the SpaceX spacecraft will perform at least 10000 missions. It takes only 80 days to fly to Mars and the time it takes to fly to Mars, Mask said to look at the technical level, ranging from 80-150 days, and in the future, this time may be shortened to 30 days. During the flight, musk prepared rich entertainment for the crew, you can)相关的主题文章:

The baby’s delicate stomach, need to take care of the heart!

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The baby’s delicate stomach, you need to care! – maternal baby’s digestive function of Sohu is very delicate stomach not development special needs I have taken care of millet is rich in B vitamins containing dietary fiber properties of soft, easy to digest this bowl of porridge yam with millet as spleen and stomach Aochu with their spleen and stomach. Very suitable for gastrointestinal function is weak baby food Oh hard to do the cooking, you are afraid of the baby does not love to drink? With two red dates, natural sweet taste, make rice more sweet baby easily drink a bowl of red dates to 1 tips for making skin? The method used is usually full of mother, pour boiling water to soak for 20 minutes of red dates, red dates bubble open, skin and flesh will leave, then it is very easy. 2 when congee, easily on pot, in addition to pay attention to use small fire to cook, don’t forget to put a small spoon in the pot, it is not easy on the spot. Small menu highlights 1 love mother collocation this bowl of red dates yam xiaomizhou, there are a lot of ingenuity in it. Yangwei yam, millet, oats contain beta glucan, boiled porridge, add a little on the inside, can let the porridge taste thick, Bang Bang Da ~ 2 month old baby for relatively small, if not drink porridge, can transform into paste, is very simple and convenient, taste super good. Yam congee recipe: yam red dates 50g, 30g, 12g, millet and Oat 3 red dates, 470ml water seasoning: no cooking methods: Cooking reference month: 8 months or more difficult: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * * * * * * * * * * 1 ready ingredients: yam 50g, millet 30g, oat 12g, red dates 3, clear water 470ml. PS: in the selection of porridge ingredients for your baby, we must pay attention to whether the baby allergic to food ingredients. To ensure that the food is not allergic, and then used together with porridge Oh ~ 2 oats, millet soaked in advance for 30 minutes. PS: oats are not easy to cook, so it is best to soak 30 minutes in advance. Millet soaked in advance, will allow millet to absorb more water, save the time to cook, stirring in a direction to turn. 3 red dates soak in boiling water for 20 minutes. PS: soak red dates with boiling water, not only can remove the dust is not easy to clean, but also allows dates to absorb water, so that the skin and pulp separation, peeling easier. I am in a bowl of red dates above again, the purpose is to let red dates floating in the water, soaking effect will be better. 4 red dates, peeled. 5 to go nuclear, dice. 6 yam peeled. PS: when the skin is covered with gloves to prevent skin and yam contact caused by allergies. If you feel itchy, can be hand washed with vinegar, then in the hand, while the itching will gradually disappear. 7 bar相关的主题文章:

Chinese medicine regimen fall by more than a life point – People’s Health Channel – People’s network-msvbvm60.dll

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TCM: Autumn according to a "life insurance point" — Health Channel – original title: TCM: Autumn according to a "life insurance point" in the palm to palm, thumb, skin color white, thenar muscles bulge, called thumb and wrist, root the midpoint is, thenar points. Don’t underestimate this point, it can have a "life insurance point", especially in the dry autumn weather, multi massage thenar acupoint is conducive to good health. This is because, pay attention to autumn Yangfeihuoxue, while Chinese medicine of wet lung thenar points, with spleen heat, can alleviate respiratory illnesses, such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, etc.. The old man often appear in water deficient conditions, can also be of thenar acupoint percussion. In addition, massage thenar points, due to the excessive use of electronic products caused by the "mouse" has very good curative effect. At the same time, with the other massage point can treat cough, sore throat, mouth parched and tongue scorched. Massage, can promote with the other hand thumb hole near the thenar on, or hands each other percussion of thenar point to the palm side of the heat. The number of massage according to the physical condition, generally 1 to 2 times a day, time control in about 10 minutes. Jiubingtixu and suffering from chronic diseases, can increase the number of appropriate massage, massage strength should be moderate, not anxious. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章:

A midsize car battle Passat MAGOTAN; Lacrosse comparison — car —法拉利599gto

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A midsize car battle   Passat MAGOTAN; Lacrosse comparison — car — original title: Car Passat MAGOTAN a brother battle Lacrosse is a joint venture car who contrast brother? First look at the data, last year car sales charts in 206 thousand car Passat MAGOTAN car to 156 thousand way ahead, followed by. But to some changes in 2016, MAGOTAN surpassed the monthly catch up from behind, Passat, the two brothers look so much like, secretly rivalry for many years, has not been able to win. The new MAGOTAN listed, let the balance of power of two car tilt, MAGOTAN upgrade is worth affirmation. While Buick Lacrosse as flagship model, positioning is slightly higher than the joint venture car common market. But the new LaCrosse active weakness, the introduction of 1.5T models, also want to end on the market in the car come along, so the new MAGOTAN launched, more and more people compare lacrosse and magotan. Three cars were put together for this reason, to make a comprehensive comparison. – who is more decent decent? There are two meanings, one is looking at a feel good, others feel good, they have a face. With regard to the question of what kind of car is more decent, I think it involves the understanding of the brand and design, so everyone may have different answers. For these three public business car, I feel good is important, but others feel good, their face is more important. So anyway, we have to break the decent thing to eat clear, who is more decent? Design step 2017 380TSI DSG flagship of the three car all followed the family design language, MAGOTAN and Passat though not the same generation, but also looks quite like the new MAGOTAN only in the details of the deal has improved, looks better than the old MAGOTAN dynamic young, but for a the new generation models, the design of the upgrade is somewhat conservative, so did not achieve stunning results, not even feel much better than the Passat strong. Lacrosse is a new generation of models, body length of more than 5 meters, the wheelbase is more than 2.9 meters beyond the other two cars a lot. Compared with the old models, the new LaCrosse design promotion is quite obvious, the net shape, headlights tail have obvious difference, Bimaiteng and Passat upgrade easier to see. The design style of the vehicle tends to be younger, the front and rear of the vehicle is not so heavy, the momentum does not seem old enough, but still feel the aura than the other two Taiwan Volkswagen stronger. Look at the configuration of the lighting, the test of the three cars are the top models, using LED far and near light, are equipped with LED daytime driving lights. On line lamp effect should be said MAGOTAN and Passat slightly better, more obvious personality, more recognition. MAGOTAN LED headlight lamp dynamic auxiliary system (Dynamic Light Assist), a city, country and high-speed three lighting mode, the range can be adjusted automatically according to the road lighting conditions; Passat headlights are not so complicated, but the functionality is not bad, the steering assist and adaptive distance light there is)相关的主题文章:

Pacquiao left the Senate back Boxing Ticket sales dismal rookie War (video)-7470d

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Pacquiao left the Senate back Boxing Ticket sales dismal rookie war [Abstract] until last week, Philippines champion Manny Pacquiao is still trying to restore the death penalty in their government, and now he has to re focus on boxing, held in Las Vegas in November 5th to prepare for the battle back. Pacquiao admitted that a drug addict voice support for Philippines comprehensive anti drug Tencent until October 25th last week, Philippines champion Manny Pacquiao is still trying to restore the death penalty in their government, and now he has to re focus on boxing, held in Las Vegas in November 5th to prepare for the battle back. Pacquiao, as the new senator in Philippines, said that while training in the Senate is not easy to work, you have to manage time, this is what I need to do when preparing for war." This time the Philippines Senate is in recess, so Pacquiao does not need to complete two jobs in turn. Pacquiao arrived in Losangeles over the weekend, hoping for a return to the war. Pacquiao’s rival Jesse Vargas was a little-known boxer, winning is not difficult. How much enthusiasm are there for the audience? However, the game promoter Bob Arum replied: "you can say what you want from Pacquiao and Vargas in the race. I think the game is competitive, but others don’t think so. That’s their point of view." On Monday, Pacquiao and Arum on a conference call, around the two topics on politics and boxing. As a new member, Pacquiao’s two biggest goal is to set up a boxing Commission in Philippines, as well as the abolition of the abolition of the death penalty system was abolished 30 years ago. He said, I like to work hard in the Senate, on the other hand, I continue my boxing career. I like the two jobs." At the beginning of this year, Pacquiao was abandoned by Nike, a sponsor of a series of anti gay remarks, and he didn’t seem to be worried that the comments would make him lose his. Because Pacquiao has to participate in political activities every day, most of the training courses are arranged in the evening. His coach Freddy – Roach said, Pacquiao is all very well, he is still fresh on it in April of this year’s "retired" battle with Timothy Bradley contest the third round match on the court, Philippines occupied the initiative. He also revealed that Pacquiao has spent weeks in Philippines preparing for the game against Vargas. "This is the best Pacquiao I’ve seen in a long time. Pacquiao was back." Since the lost and Mayweather’s World War, Pacquiao’s stardom seems to have faded. And he and Vargas’s ticket sales are not optimistic. Arum has increased three Championship Boxing match, according to the number of spectators trying to sell pay way. He said that if Pacquiao beat Vargas, and he will also be junior welterweight champion Terrence Crawford in the spring of next year to play another game. (winter wheat)相关的主题文章:

15 square meters of garret frozen nearly 20 thousand pieces of treasures (video)-t6670

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15 square meters of garret "frozen" nearly 20 thousand pieces of "treasures" of the game player is often on Xiao geography, knowledge of history and culture, from trifles, proficient in calligraphy and painting, have a certain economic strength and professional experience of the. Should be rich, there is room, exhibition hall, the strength of names". However, there was a private collection in a narrow garret Shanghai Beijing road in the "shiraai people", 15 square meters in the garret "frozen" nearly 20 thousand pieces of "treasures", is a collection of all kinds of collectibles, a superb collection of beautiful things, Tingzijian "shiraai people" You Jianrong. "Small" is the typical structure of Shanghai old residential alley, is the master before the reception room "auxiliary" room towards the north, the area is relatively small. To Tingzijian "Collection House" to enter from the alley door, walk across the floor of the public kitchen, set foot on the narrow dark wooden stairs on both sides of the corridor piled up and hanging plastic packages are not commonly used for miscellaneous items, accidentally hit the head hanging. Narrow stairs can only accommodate one person walking, two people meet in turn can only avoid. The two floor of the garret "Collection House" surprising, 15 square meters of the room is occupied by various collections, a small space to accommodate 3 people at the same time standing. On one side of the wall of the rosewood showcase inside and on top of the "full" teapot, ceramics, jade carving, old wine and all kinds of ornaments. The other wall hanging shelf filled with different shapes, ceramic, stone, gourd, walnut shaped miniature bonsai ornaments, paintings, bronzes and so on, the little garret is dazzling, as will be a superb collection of beautiful things, all of them are spread out to accommodate a medium-sized museum. In numerous collections teapot "enjoy" a "citizen" treatment, he is also the most proficient and favorite "baby", the teapot is basically "home" in the rosewood cupboard. The teapot has a red clay teapot pot is not very conspicuous, but delicate, the kettle body is provided with a row of copper nails, like a "fence" through the ups and downs of the pot body and the pot body all blend into one harmonious whole. The original is the teapot is broken, please repair the ceramic craftsmen "hit the copper nail repair, not only restore teapot function, and make the teapot with a history of more old and distinctive. In the garret "treasure house", You Jianrong not only "playing" all kinds of collectibles, kept 2 can mimic human speech mynah and 1 cats, 1 dogs, the roof of the "terrace" planting a variety of flowers and bonsai, can be regarded as the authentic Shanghai "shiraai people". Every morning, he watered the flowers, bonsai after with the bird cage to the park in the terrace to liuniao song and laughter, and "bird mimic human Gracula" words, make him out. Incredibly, the narrow garret also adopted a cat and dog, they never noisy, and the cat and the dog never jump to the collection shelf, nor break a collection of treasures. The cat was a stray cat in which he had been taken, and he had 6 children who had no difficulty with the master, who seemed to know the master’s love, without destroying the master’s favorite collection. Decades ago, You Jianrong joined the field of a strange combination of circumstances, therefore, he quit smoking and wine for investment)相关的主题文章:

Nanjing real estate North Sea Fu Shang city fined 400 thousand – Jiangsu windows —

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Nanjing real estate North Sea Fu Shang city fined 400 thousand – Jiangsu window – original title for illegal sales: North Nanjing developers illegal sales fined 400 thousand Nanjing City Housing Authority yesterday informed the punishment of market chaos, real estate North sea power construction is still the city for illegal sale of Fu, punished by authorities 400 thousand yuan. The notice said, Nanjing City Real Estate Bureau received the masses, the development and construction of Nanjing bay water Star Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. the sea Fu Shang city project, in the sets of commercial housing did not terminate the contract for the sale, illegal resale to others. After receiving the report, the housing department immediately launched an investigation, after investigation and verification, the violation of the "measures" sales of commercial property management thirty-ninth "before the lifting of commercial housing sales contracts, will serve as the subject matter of the contract re sale of commercial housing to others, a warning, and ordered rectification, in addition to the 20 thousand yuan fine of 30 thousand yuan". Housing management department said that in the case of conclusive evidence, the company made an administrative penalty, given a warning, ordered deadline for rectification, and impose a fine of 400 thousand yuan. In the future, the Housing Authority will continue to increase the intensity of the investigation and punishment of illegal activities, standardize the market order, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the market. (reporter Ma Zuobo) (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen in the construction of 56 buildings assembled – Shenzhen Channel – People’s network-htc802w

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Shenzhen in the construction of prefabricated construction reached 56 – Shenzhen channel — original title: Shenzhen in the construction of prefabricated construction reached 56 yesterday, the guests visited the Shenzhen construction technology with prefabricated construction of low-income housing projects in the fifteenth "China Housing Fair". After the balcony, the outer wall after the industrial prefabrication, on-site assembly can be made into a building…… Today in Beijing, the opening of the fifteenth China Expo, the exhibition hall of Shenzhen assembly construction technology to attract the public eye". Chen Yiming, chief engineer of the State Ministry of housing, visited the exhibition hall in Shenzhen, and gave full recognition to the development of Shenzhen’s development of prefabricated buildings. Shenzhen Pavilion is the twelfth consecutive Exhibition "China international housing industry and the industrialization of construction products and equipment exhibition, this exhibition is the theme of" assembly building, green livable, showcase in Shenzhen to accelerate affordable housing, prefabricated construction, green construction and other aspects of the results. The city built in prefabricated construction projects amounted to 56 as the first national housing industry comprehensive pilot city, in recent years, Shenzhen adhere to the "Shenzhen quality" and the concept of sustainable development, the development of prefabricated construction, promote the industrialization of residential building as the important work of the Shenzhen standard, create Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen to forge the brand "to promote a strong, continuous innovation in policy support, standard construction, demonstration and other aspects, and achieved positive results. 2016, the introduction of the development of Shenzhen to accelerate the development of prefabricated building support policies, clearly on the use of prefabricated construction of residential projects to be given in advance and 3% of the construction area of pre-sale incentives. What is the current situation of the city building, the city has completed prefabricated concrete structure building a total of 13 projects, total construction area of 1 million 40 thousand square meters has been completed; assembled steel structure construction area of over 10 million square meters. In the construction of the assembled concrete structure of a total of 39 projects, with a total construction area of more than 4 million square meters; in the construction of the steel structure of a total of 17 projects, with a total construction area of 2 million 660 thousand square meters. Prefabricated construction technology can effectively eliminate the quality problem of the reporter saw, Shenzhen Pavilion crowded, Pingshan a low-income housing project due to the construction of the industrialization, attracted the attention of the guests. Construction units through the project to build a model of the industry, to show the guests how to prefabricated walls, laminated plywood like building blocks will build the house. The affordable housing project for the country’s first EPC general contracting mode of residential industrialization pilot project, the rate of up to 50%, the assembly rate of up to 70%. Also on display in the construction of the science and technology Yu Jing happy homes, sea deer Dan Ming Yuan, Yuncheng Vanke, Pengcheng construction projects are built using prefabricated construction technology, become a major highlight of the show. Shenzhen Vanke Yuncheng prefabricated building landmark projects. This project adopts the new assembly technology system, exterior wall precast, inner wall adopts lightweight concrete precast wall panels, PC wall combined with aluminum mold construction, new attachment type integral lifting frame, greatly accelerate the construction schedule, shorten the construction period. Assembly construction technology, effectively eliminate the traditional相关的主题文章:

China upset Muhammad Saihou humility captain Liu Wei against tough prairie negative – Sohu Sports-super bass

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China upset Muhammad Saihou humility captain Liu Wei against tough prairie negative – Sohu sports   the evening of October 30, 2016, the top China boxing tournament "Chinese boxing match second games to continue fighting in Guangdong city of Zhongshan stadium, intense competition events climax, constantly exciting, and there are four grades of" China. "The main title. Compared with the first day of competition, four battle scenes on the evening of the 30 is more intense, more than the old rivals in the ring again to start again and gave birth to a popular showdown. Finally, Shi Guojun, Mou Haipeng and Wang Hong Hu Bi Li GREE checked on their opponents "China top champion", the first game is a game between brothers of the same master dialogue, 64 kg and 19 year old Hu’s humble Nova Wanggang from police Tigongdadui boxing team, two fighters on the flat together the training is very understanding of each other, so the more famous Hu did not win the grasp of humility. After the match began Wanggang with a sharp jab before hand open, fast convergence straight right clear hit, showing his young mature. Hu Qianxun punches very suddenly, a shot right abdominal counter effect is good, the overall view of the round Wanggang play a more active. The second leg of Hu humility to strengthen the attack, the King Kong to play on the counter attack, including a left uppercut and blew the boiling point. But Hu modest immediately to the color, the left uppercut also hit the King Kong chin. The last ten seconds, Wang Gang combined pursuit of success. The third round of the scene stalemate, the two sides had hit. Wang seems to be more active, and Hu modest does not seem to achieve the best excitement. The fourth round after the start of King Kong actively Chuquan, close the hook combo, attack the opponent after the combined counter attack has achieved a certain effect. A minute ago Hu humble almost didn’t blow completely at a disadvantage. The fifth round of Wanggang to start strong, a round and round, even for modest Hu chasing. Hu modesty is not in the state, out of the punches, defense also has loopholes. The last round of Wanggang Yuezhanyueyong, humility is slightly negative all walk hu. After the six round of the game, Hu modest right eye has been completely swollen, the height of his arms in the game did not play the advantages of long. The final three referees given 60-54, 59-55, 58-56 score, consistent with the king of Hong Kong win. As the youngest of the participating fighter, Wanggang performance themselves, this year has just become the new national champion, the Olympic victory and humble eight players Hu, the 19 year old rookie of the future is limitless. The second game was a repeat of 81 kg class final national championship last year, young veteran Shi Guojun Huang Jiabin battles. The first round of military application continuous play before the hand swings, shows the strong desire to attack. Huang Jiabin in the fast-paced attack take time for his punches, good continuity and placement is changeable, hand fist repeatedly hit back. The second round punches Huang Jiabin to speed up the frequency of application of military repeatedly made substantial power in both hands, both offense and defense conversion speed is very fast, the scene is very wonderful. The next two rounds, the application continues to onslaught, straight left several clear hit each other head. Yellow.相关的主题文章:

James said Slide Show publicly behind Jr contract we all support

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James? Slide Show open behind JR contract: we all support you no Knight JR sina sports news Beijing time on September 23rd, the Cavaliers star Lebron – James in IG drying out of a knight players in training after the end of the photo, he also did not forget to open behind and has not completed the renewal of the Cavaliers good brother JR. Yesterday, the Knights of the mini camp officially started in California, which has been held for third consecutive years James similar training camp. The free agent JR was absent from the mini camp because he had yet to sign a contract with the Cavaliers, but his brothers were obviously missing him. "Hard training! Play hard! #Swish (JR’s nickname) we all support you, brother James drying out on IG with the Cavs, and wrote. In addition, Tristan – Thompson also in the social media, said the lack of JR to make the Cavaliers become incomplete. In addition to JR, veteran guard Mo – Williams also missed the training camp, but little Mo has announced that it will continue to play a season for the cavaliers. Since July of this year, the negotiations between the JR and the Cavaliers have reached an impasse. Earlier this week, JR said in an interview that he hopes to renew his contract with the Cavaliers as soon as possible. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

The wonders of the pool! 200 meters from the horse won the remaining 7 is full of progenitor Chinese-webquest

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The wonders of the pool! 200 meters since Hoss won the remaining 7 is the progenitor Chinese Joe Hoss Phoenix sports news Beijing standard time on the evening of September 30th, Beijing Railway Station for short course swimming world cup, in the women’s 200 metres freestyle, staged 7 player PK Chinese Hungarian player of the war, eventually, Hungary’s win, of course, the Hungarian people can not in general, she is about 3 gold medalist Hoss progenitor. The 7 Chinese players against 1 foreign players, this game is very rare in the finals, today’s short course swimming world cup women’s 200 appeared since the Beijing Railway Station in this scene, in the final, AI Yan Shen Duo led 7, containing Chinese players battle, the only foreigner is Hungary people horse progenitor. 2-8 are Chinese players of course, horse progenitor of the superior strength, even staged 1V7, Hoth eventually won easily in the progenitor, since the 200 finals, Hosszu scored 1 points 53 seconds 89, Ai Yanhan won the runner up, the result is 1 minutes and 55 seconds 18, than a second slower than horse progenitor. He won progenitor is also reasonable, in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Hosszu won the women’s 400 meters individual medley, the 100 meter backstroke, 200 meter individual medley champion three, and broke the 400 metres individual medley world record and 200 meter individual medley Olympic record. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章:

The car parked the bus station one thousand yuan police rumor bus station 30 meters Road parking fin-3344111

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The car parked the bus station one thousand yuan police rumor: bus station 30 meters Road parking 200 yuan fine morning news recently, a "reminder" spread rapidly in the Hefei people’s WeChat circle of friends said: "from tomorrow, after all the bus station 50 meters from the social vehicle stops, including upper and lower off and go, was shot once the maximum penalty 1000 yuan." Such severe punishment triggered a lot of discussion. The news also said that the automatic monitoring machine installed on the windscreen of the bus, can carry out real-time traffic illegal catch, continuous capture 3, synthesized encryption for wireless transmission to the traffic control department, after artificial entry verification of illegal system. Reporters combed the information found on the Internet, the source of this news is not in Hefei, but in Shenzhen. According to a notice issued by the traffic police in Shenzhen, Shenzhen bus station 30 meters before and after a private car parked fined $1000. It is understood that the illegal occupation of bus lanes in Shenzhen, but also a fine of 1000 yuan. Yesterday, Hefei Police Department official responded: Hefei has not yet issued such regulations. "These days it was a matter of consultation. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the city bus station does not allow other vehicles, a video capture is really part of the bus, but a fine of 1000 yuan is Weakness lends wings to rumours.." Hefei police responsible person, according to the "Regulations" the implementation of the People’s Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law: bus station, first-aid station, gas station, fire hydrants and other locations, within 30 meters of the road, in addition to some special vehicles, are not allowed to stop, the punishment standard for 200 yuan. At the same time, the traffic police department also reminded, often on punishment standards, new standards and new points of drunk driving and other news spread on the Internet or circle of friends, I hope you see this information, do not blindly believe, from the online search related news can identify the information true and false, to avoid the spread of false information. Morning news reporter Li Wenjing editor: Yin Ru相关的主题文章:

50 of the most influential philosophers in the world, how many do you know-winlinez

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50 of the most influential philosophers in the world, how many do you know? When you hear the word "philosopher", people immediately think of Socrates, Platon, Confucius, Descartes these sages. How many do you know, living philosophers? Recently, the United States Education website TheBestSchools named the world’s 50 most influential philosophers alive. Although all foreigners, but many of the works of philosophers have simplified Chinese version. 1 step Kui Anthony · · (Kwame Anthony Appiah) Apia Kui Mai · Anthony ·; born in London at Apia, Ghana via tema. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from University of Cambridge and is currently a professor of philosophy and law at New York University. In 2010 he was named "foreign policy" magazine, the world’s top thinkers list, 2012 by the United States President Obama awarded the National Humanities medal. The representative "code of Honor: moral revolution is how it happened" (The Honor Code How Moral Revolutions: Happen) Chinese version compiled by the Central Press, "identity" (The Ethics of Identity Ethics) Chinese version by Yilin press. 2 Alan · DIO (Alain Badiou), French philosophy thinker Alan · Pakistan DIO is Paris college professor emeritus, one of the left thinkers is today’s Europe and the United States the theory of the most representative, the ideological works have been translated into Chinese publishing, such as "St Paul", "Declaration", "little Pantheon philosophy" and so on. 3 Simon · (Simon Blackburn) Simon · in 1970, he received a doctorate in philosophy from the school of philosophy, Professor Emeritus of philosophy at the University of Cambridge (). In philosophy, he is most interested in meta ethics. 4 Robert · (Robert Brandom) representative: Making it Explicit · Blanton in 1977 to obtain a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University, currently a professor of philosophy at University of Pittsburgh. He is a pragmatist of philosophy, including the philosophy of language, philosophy and logic. 5 Taylor (Tyler Burge) Pakki · Taylor · 1971, Pakki graduated in Princeton University, University of California distinguished professor of philosophy at Losangeles. He was famous for his research in the field of philosophy of mind, and he also made great achievements in the fields of logic, epistemology and philosophy. 6 Judith · Butler (Judith Butler) Judith · Butler was born on 1956 in the United States, in 1984 received his Ph.D. from Yale University, University of California at Berkeley and the current rhetoric.相关的主题文章:

Red is 4 even Shuangseqiu 8 note 7 million 840 thousand and 2 note 12 million 840 thousand prize-easeljs

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Red is 4 even Shuangseqiu 8 note 7 million 840 thousand and 2 note 12 million 840 thousand prize ball lottery Beijing time on November 15, 2016, the double chromosphere 16134th lottery lottery, the following is a detailed process: 21:15  Shuangseqiu lottery prize number 21:18  began; all produced, this period award number: 111213141833 red blue 13. 21:30  the current red number size is 4:2, three is 1:4:1, the parity ratio is 3:3. Current red ball out of a repeat number 33; a group of four numbers 11, 12, 13, 14; a slant even 14; a group with tail number 13, 33. Basketball is out of 13. 22:20  double chromosphere current open prize 8 note, 6 note for multiple bets, not to participate in the awards, single note bonus of 7 million 840 thousand yuan, the 6 note first prize 3 non double bet flowers, among them, 3 in Shanghai, 2 in Guangdong, 1 in Sichuan, 6. Another 2 notes for the double bets, single note bonus of more than $12 million 840 thousand (including bonus plus $5 million), including Jilin, the 1 note, Zhejiang, a total of 2 notes. The double chromosphere current six prize out of more than 7 million 710 thousand note, more than 3 million 80 thousand note for multiple bets, participate in the awards, the prize money for each note 10 yuan (including 5 yuan prize). The current two prize out of the 107 note, a single injection amount of more than 260 thousand yuan. The double chromosphere 2016134th national sales volume is 356 million yuan. Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen) period Shuangseqiu sales of 30 million 960 thousand yuan, ranking first in Zhejiang, 27 million 950 thousand yuan to 21 million 510 thousand yuan sales ranked second, Jiangsu ranked third, Shandong ranked fourth in 20 million 470 thousand yuan, 17 million 110 thousand yuan in Sichuan, ranked fifth. Total prize, the prize pool of 1 billion 57 million yuan. This period special award 45 million yuan prize prize sent 10 million yuan, the remaining 35 million yuan, according to the rules of School Awards, the remaining prize money to send to the automatic roll into the 2016135th period, the double bet was the first prize by winning note sharing 55 million yuan. After the end of this award, the first prize special award surplus award amount of $215 million, six prize special award surplus award amount of more than 247 million yuan. Due to the single injection of prize money to send up to a maximum of 5 million, the lottery friends will have the opportunity to get 15 million yuan in 4 yuan. Lottery friends remember, can participate in multiple betting Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan awards. The double chromosphere winning 2016134th provincial sales and sales provinces (yuan) winning note (note six) prize five prize four prize third-prize award first prize two prize six double double bet betting Beijing 12688636 Tianjin 3888974 Hebei 13128280 Shanxi 5839272 Inner Mongolia 6428646 Liaoning 13008056 Jilin 4785338 black)相关的主题文章:

Yancheng, a woman was more than a car rolling driver thought it was a piece of cloth (video)

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A woman in Yancheng was rolling a car driver thought that piece of cloth is 7 points about the morning of November 14th, near a traffic light in the territory of Binhai County, Yancheng City, a woman whose body was found in a van, had suffered multiple car rolling. Modern Express reporter learned from the police department, because the fog can not see clearly, some drivers think the road crossing is a piece of cloth, the result of careless rolling. The site is located in Binhai County, Binhuai dongzeng 226 (Chen Lilu) and G228 traffic light intersection. According to several cars parked on the roadside of the driver, as the morning mist is too big the view is not clear, the car was rolling several times, passing drivers all thought it was a piece of cloth, finally a white van from the 228 national road traveling from east to west to highway 226 right found lying on the ground is a corpse, it car alarm. From the screen shot of the users, the modern express reporter saw a white van parked on the roadside with double jump, many people around the van after a person lying There were many discussions., and various parts of the body can even see the bones, badly mutilated, because the cloth is wearing clothes, so be very careful to see a corpse. It should be at the accident, the fog is not clear, the dead after accidentally knocked by other vehicles rolling, the specific number of cars is not clear. Binhai police said the dead woman, about 50 years old, is the local villagers, the scene has been dried blood, the specific time of death has yet to be investigated. Expand the video has nothing to do with the original old was no help were the four car rolling scene more than onlookers相关的主题文章:

Dinosaur returns, Hollywood blockbusters, or cartoons Sohu –homefront

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Dinosaur returns, Hollywood blockbusters, or cartoons? My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice introduces the dinosaur picture in front of 100 thousand mum here and exchange experience of enlightenment? Do not know what is the mother’s favorite? Honestly, I love most is the If the Dinosaurs Come Back. it was included in Liao Caixing’s list. This picture of magical imagination, let me look at each turn are shocked. At the same time, which contains a sense of humor and makes me smile. This book is suitable for 3-8 years old baby. Let’s take a look at the music! Children who like dinosaurs always want to live in the same world as dinosaurs. Now it’s time to start thinking about what would happen if the dinosaurs came back Will they trample our city? Will they destroy the car? Will not be as easy as blowing off dust to the destruction of human beings? Wake up! If the Come Back By Bernard Most in this book, a little boy with his imaginary world to tell you, and the coexistence of dinosaurs is not so terrible. Don’t play Hollywood blockbuster star wars! People, you need to add a little child! Now with this book, let you know if dinosaurs reproduce, the world will become Meng da!! If they come back, they can carry people to work. So they don’t have to get into the subway or bus! (I really did not expect this benefit (B::)) if the dinosaurs back, paint workers no longer need the ladder. Because when they can Diplodocus ladder. If the dinosaurs back, farmers plow becomes easier! Because the Triangle dragon will help them plow their horns oh! If the dinosaurs come back, the thieves will be scared away. Because we have a ferocious Stegosaurus oh! If the dinosaurs come back, they can help the children to take off the kite in the tree. If the dinosaurs come back, the circus will be much more fun! You see, the actors in the picture can hang on the Dinosaur ‘s neck! If the dinosaurs come back, they will help the librarian to take the books from the shelves. This reduces their troubles! – – – this book has 32 pages, the content is quite rich, every page to tell you: you see, if the dinosaurs back, they will help the world become very beautiful! Many foreign art teachers are using this picture books to the children in class. Because it not only cultivate the child’s imagination, it is very suitable for the line and let the children to draw their own minds and the dinosaur. Let this book let the children take the dinosaurs to modern society! At the end of the book, all the dinosaurs!相关的主题文章:

Faq! Commercial housing and ordinary residential in the end what to buy-9c8947

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Faq! Commercial housing and ordinary residential in the end what to buy? In recent years Beijing scarce land resources, residential land is scarce, affected by this, the less ordinary residential products are on the market, and the purchase of housing demand is more and more, in order to meet the housing needs of the growing, previously overlooked commercial products gradually taken seriously by people, now taking the housing has occupied half of the country’s property market in Beijing. However, in real life to buy a house, we will always be entangled in the end is to buy commercial housing or ordinary residential? How to choose between the two? Xiao Bian today to help you analyze which of the two most suitable for you? Commercial housing advantages: advantages and disadvantages of the general loft products are generally over two floors and room rate; mostly large-sized apartment products, low price; from the purchase of Beijing policy restrictions, the housing threshold is low; the interior design and fashion, apartment layout optional. Disadvantages: Shangshui business electricity, cost of living is higher; only 50 years of property rights, property rights expire follow-up period is unknown; most of the gas can not be connected; the loan period is different, and can not apply for housing provident fund loans. Recommended items: the first page: Taihe Central Plaza (real estate information) project is located in Daxing District Xinghua street and Xinyuan Street Interchange northeast, the main push 30-100 square hardcover loft, 4.5 meters high, 180% high usage rate, equipped with intelligent Home Furnishing, row card to enjoy 70 thousand against 100 thousand discount. Page second: Beijing urban construction · Beijing code (real estate information) project is located in Longjiang Daxing Weishanzhuang Town Road on the north side of 200 meters, the main push 45-80 square hardcover loft, buyers enjoy 30 thousand against 5% off discount, the total price of 1 million sets. Advantages: the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary residential property for 70 years after the expiration of the automatic renewal; civil public water electricity, low cost of living and the gas can be home; can apply for housing provident fund loans; is a large-sized apartment South transparent products, daylighting is good. Disadvantages: mostly large Huxing products, the total price slightly higher; restricted by the purchase of Beijing policy, buy a high threshold; new projects less selective low. Recommended items: third pages: one product Jiayuan (real estate information owners forum) project is located in Daxing South Road on the north side of the main push Weishanzhuang middle school, 140 flat 3 in the elevator house, a staircase two households, the average price of 30000 yuan, the purchase Xianfang buy namely live, enjoy 30 thousand against 150 thousand discount. Page fourth: Yizhuang · Jin Maoyue (real estate information) project is located in Daxing southeast of the South China Sea son Park 1000 meters, only a 190 square hardcover apartment layout in the sale, 2 staircase 2 households, low-density houses, the average price of 54000 yuan. Finally, Xiao Bian to remind everyone, whether it is commercial or ordinary residential housing, should be combined with their own financial resources and their own needs to buy, do not impulse, blind! Taihe Central Plaza Tencent real estate news thaihot Central Plaza (real estate information) is located in Daxing District Central Business District No. 4 subway line Yihezhuang to North 100 meters. Taihe Central Plaza launched the latest upgrade of new products: the new Chinese 30-100 square loft products free purchase, decoration, the height of 4.5 meters, 3.9 meters high ceiling living room, 180% high usage rate, equipped with intelligent Home Furnishing system, PM2.5 monitoring equipment, a comfortable home.相关的主题文章:

Jim Huangzhu Jr Happy birthday every day to you for early fight (video)-mmhouse

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Jim Huangzhu JR Happy birthday: every day to you for early crazy fight! JR combat staged a 360 degree swivel empty dunks Tencent sports news September 11th Lebron James and update their social networking sites, but also for his brother Smith JR-. In JR- Smith 31 years old birthday, James not only publicly congratulated the Happy birthday, but also said he every day, miss JR, can’t wait with him. Happy birthday congratulations congratulations James Wong JR my brother JR- Smith Happy birthday! I don’t miss you one day! I am proud of what you have achieved in the past years. When you first came to Akron, I was a high school student, but since then, I have always trusted you, trust you more than yourself, and never wavered." James wrote on the social networking site, because I know everything about you, loyalty, motivation, love, misunderstanding, passion and trust, etc., the most important thing is true! Enjoy the day that belongs to you, I can’t wait to get back to the field with you, fighting side by side! Refueling!" James is a text to congratulate JR- Smith’s birthday, thus it can be seen that the relationship between them, in fact, this summer, although JR is a free agent, and the knight has yet to renew, but James this summer and JR often training together, not even light, JR James and the Cavaliers, almost everyone think JR will renew and Cleveland, everything is just a matter of time. Because of this, in this case the free player auction, as a knight champion JR has not been looting. However, the Cavaliers have not yet signed a contract with JR, the two sides still have differences in the details of the contract, I hope everything can be settled earlier, after all, the new season will be kicked off next month. It is worth mentioning that the Cavaliers also sent to the JR through social networking sites birthday wishes, congratulations JR happy birthday, you are unique." JR- Smith was traded to Cleveland in the middle of the 2014-15 season and became one of the most trusted players around James. JR last season for the Cavaliers played 77 regular season games, the games are played 30.7 minutes, with 12.4 points and 2.8 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.1 steals. In the playoffs, JR- Smith played 21 games, averaged 34.8 minutes can cut down 11.5 points and 3.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1.2 steals. (Deqing) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章:

Obama’s third visit to the White House, James, the, the Sohu Sports-cosmax

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The knight! Double 11 James third Obama visited the White House meeting –   sports Sohu; Beijing on November 5th news, according to the ESPN, the White House spokesman announced today that President Obama will be on next Friday (November 11th) interview on NBA Championship cleveland. In June this year, the Cavaliers became the first team in the history of NBA in the finals a total score of 1-3 behind the case, eventually winning 3 games to complete the comeback team. The total score 4-3 win 73 regular season win warriors, Cavaliers team won the first in the history of the championship, Cleveland is also the first 52 years occupation sports championship. The Cavs win, Obama had personally called coach tyronn Lue, in addition to send congratulations, also invited him to visit the White House in Cleveland before retiring. It is interesting that Obama met the Cavaliers in the United States after two days of the general election, and the outgoing time is local time in January 20, 2017. According to the practice, each NBA team will go to the White House in the new season, to accept the U.S. president’s interview. This will be the third time James’s career as a champion of the identity of the meeting with Obama, but also will be the last time in the term in the White House to meet the NBA team! As we all know, Obama is a fanatical NBA fans, his favorite is the home team – the Chicago bulls. Earlier in an interview, Obama had quipped that he did not rule out the possibility of becoming 1 NBA team boss after retiring. The Cavaliers before the new season 5 games to achieve victory, is currently the only 1 teams since the League unbeaten team. In November 12th, they will visit the wizards, this will be the Cavaliers 16-17 season played third games. (Jim)相关的主题文章:

Dolce& Gabbana flowers dance Beach Sun need your beauty!

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Dolce& Gabbana flowers dance Beach Sun need your beauty! Milan time on September 25th at 2 pm, Dolce & Gabbana 2017 spring fashion show in a real and illusory ocean spray drift and come, have never seen a beautiful wonderland will unfold in front of… After all… The fog dispersed, since the transmission of the doctrine of fantasy projection is quietly will be drawn into this big show the atmosphere! Of course, if the fashion designers do not need to create a coherent linear narrative. The designer is a group of two people can be composed of the fashion system, anti traditional have no relevance of irrelevant elements such as Tropico, Italiano, through this inspiration wall can clearly see the new series is inspired by the free uninhibited, special wild traveler independent female image, a group of free and full of true temperament lonely women. Their fearless exploration to stimulate the corner of the world! This is the invitation: lemon yellow envelope was waving pink flowers but also the distribution map of the silk, I want to show people should not tie it around the waist or neck, but tied in the head! Loose profile and unique colors, even in the hot Mediterranean islands through as in the big city walked freely! Before the show is such: Dolce & Gabbana; the show is definitely not less orthodox Italy men, healthy skin with rich deep eyes and strong body, and they will make you want to dance flamenco couldn’t help! This time they wore a beret haihunshan, so you can feel the sun and sea breeze in Italy in the Mediterranean in the autumn wind howling in September! This guy can not only for handing you a fresh Coconut Juice, can also be used in the self timer! At first it is children’s show: no le Live band, no micro movie playback, LED screen without high-tech style, in the words "Tropico Italiano" slogan on the show, Dolce & Gabbana; the children simply to a "square dance", meaning the moment, tell of exclusive atmosphere fill the whole show, warm gorgeous, this is a country without trouble. Everything "flowers" also captures a China flower: Zhang Huiwen, dressed in white dress Dolce & Gabbana’s yellow stiletto collocation with her, revealing that the innocent maiden in cooked fishes. The "flower" at Dolce & Gabbana on the show, she feel everything is so amazing and wonderful. China Hongkong actor and model Jacky Heung VIP to appear in the Dolce & Gabbana, Jacky Heung and Zhang Huiwen soon show up to see the new season how many new things! One point: delicate flowers and rich language gentle pray forever in bloom in the Dolce & Gabbana; filling skirt — girl tender color in luxurious satin!相关的主题文章:

Beijing marathon runner three players in front of China’s leading players eye-catching (video)

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The Beijing marathon, the top three players Chinese lead players embrace the eye-catching 2016 Beijing marathon champion baked Ethiopia players swept the top three sports Tencent in Beijing in September 17th September 17th in the morning, the 2016 Beijing International Marathon in Tiananmen square to start firing, more than 30 thousand runners participated in the run altar feast. After more than 2 hours of fighting, 3 Ethiopia players won the men’s first three. Gebulei · Niuwu Ndiaye in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 09 seconds won the men’s championship, his fellow Daddi Jermaine – up to 2 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds won the runner up, beckler · Mei Sifen in 2 hours 11 minutes 56 seconds third. The women’s top two were Ethiopia’s sweep, Perugia – map to 2 hours 25 minutes during 55 seconds to win the women’s championship, her fellow Torah · Wu Giza in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 10 seconds won the runner up, two of them ran 10 years women’s best results. The 2016 Beijing international marathon at 7:30 in the morning to start running shots, 30 thousand athletes from 33 countries and regions to participate in the competition. The starting point of the game is located in Tiananmen square, the end of the Olympic Center in the celebration square. In the night before the rain washed the capital, the temperature dropped significantly. This temperature is also easy to run friends play. The organizing committee set up along the hundreds of healthcare workers and more than 3000 volunteers, for the contestants to escort. After the starting gun, players such as the runaway horse rushed out, the front is invited players. They quickly formed the first group, in the first 20 kilometers, the first group is relatively stable, it is worth noting that, as well as the presence of Chinese players. Shortly after the run, called half horse prince Chinese with star Li Shaozhuang in the first group, and briefly led. This scene reminds you of last year’s World Championships in Beijing track and field 10 km when the crowd ran. At that time, China’s Li Wei was the first group in the lead, in the black players to see the faces of Asians is also quite exciting Chinese audience. The Li Zicheng ran in the first group, Li Shaozhuang in the first group also rushed to the front of the short run, but after he was away. Only in 2015, the Wuxi international marathon champion Li Zicheng is still walking alongside the black players. The first 15 kilometers, plum Chengdu maintained such an advantage, keep up with the footsteps of international players. However, after Li Zicheng was to throw off opponents. Arrived at the half point, only the first black player left in the leading group. Eventually, the 25 year old Ethiopia player Gebre to score around 2 hours or so to win the title of 11. In the more than 3 people in the team, accounting for the vast majority of the public run friends. Running friends from all walks of life, as well as international friends. There are dressed in outlandish costume, "Na Zha", "two brothers", "Captain America", "Xiongben", "savage" etc.. Running friends in the country’s largest marathon to enjoy the display of their personality, attracted attention.相关的主题文章:

Lu You rushuji respected more than Xu Xiake travel-sichen

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Lu You "rushuji" respected [Abstract] in 1170 more than "Xu Xiake travel", Lu You sent by the court to sentence kuizhou. During the five months to Kuizhou from his hometown of Shaoxing prefecture (now Chongqing Fengjie county), along the way to write a "rushuji". This is a journey to reproduce more than and 800 years ago in the middle and lower Yangtze River on both sides of the local customs and practices for us. This is the Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu You Zhejiang people, he advocated the anti Jin was dismissed from office, in the Southern Song Dynasty dry for six years (AD 1170), by the court sent to the governor – kuizhou. He left his hometown of Shaoxing Prefecture, traveled more than 5 thousand miles, which lasted five months before reaching the Kuizhou (now Chongqing Fengjie county), along the way to write a "rushuji". This is a journey to reproduce more than and 800 years ago in the middle and lower Yangtze River on both sides of the local customs and practices for us. Lu You "Chengdu" (verse ten in the Imperial Palace Museum) Lu You spent 10 years in Sichuan, Sichuan’s life experience to life, "the heart has not had a day to forget Sichuan is solid". Now in the possession of the Museum of the Imperial Palace Lu cursive "with Chengdu verse ten volume", is a poet at the age of 54 by the book, the book of old friends hand in the seven poems, the author describes the living situation of an official in Chengdu. Lu You every one to almost every scene will travel hundreds of miles, sometimes abandon the landing, not hardships, do not avoid the cold and heat, as is sometimes must personally visit; not waves, rain night. For example, in included into the PEP language textbooks "Dagushan" Xiaogushan, "rushuji" is a chapter of the record of the lunar calendar in August 1st (the following month average Lunar New Year), the boat has been Xiaogushan, he still feel not enough, "Bo Sha late clip, from the little orphan in a. Light rain, by boat tour temple in South Pengze, Duchang mountains, amidst the empty Mongolia, gulls perish, polar board victory, Xiyi for a long time and return ", say he night stopping sand with, heavy rain, and the boat ride to the Xiaogushan temple to play. Looking to the south, Pengze, Duchang area of mountains, misty rain, the gull and egrets lost trail. On a whim, reach the peak of perfection, Lu You lingered for a long time to go back. Braved the heat so southwest five roads of the Southern Song (1169 December 6th), the court has to work for four years Lu You, Ren – Kuizhou, director and advised that farming, so Lu You brought his wife from upstream shanyin. According to the "Fang Yu Sheng Lan" records: Song Zhenzong Hampyeong four years (1102) in Yizhou Road (Chengdu RD), Azusa Road (Fu Lu, Li Tong Chuan) State Road, Kuizhou Road, called the road four, referred to as "Sichuan road". Lu You is going to Kuizhou office, although now the Kuizhou does not belong to the boundary of Sichuan, but still left us long sung "rushuji". The beginning of "rushuji" write clearly: "dry for five years in December 6th, have reported poor sentence kuizhou. Long illness, not worthy of toyaku, seeking to leave in the summer." Because of physical weakness after illness or go-slow or him until next May 18th to leave. "Long" is obviously a pretext to post the main reason, Lu Kuizhou is "-" the civilian cannot achieve the ideal of life, his political ambitions. However, because of the hard life he had to go to his post. Just as he was in the poetry of "cast the beam to participate in politics"相关的主题文章:

Changzhi pharmaceutical industry volume and price rise – Shanxi Channel – People’s

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Changzhi pharmaceutical industry volume and price – Shanxi channel — (commissioning editor: Qiao Hui, Wang Jian)相关的主题文章:

Mother compulsory newborn umbilical cord daily cleaning – Sohu

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Mom: compulsory newborn umbilical cord daily cleaning – Sohu healthy new life comes more than joy, every mother has a bunch of nursing lessons to learn, was discharged from the hospital, a nurse will usually umbilical care in particular, this is a compulsory course for mothers, we must learn, if the baby umbilical nursing well, may also affect the baby’s health, a point not to be careless. Why is the baby’s umbilical care so important? Improper nursing light heavy life-threatening infection and hemorrhage in the umbilical cord is connected between the fetal and placental cord tissue, is an important channel of maternal and fetal gas exchange, supply of nutrients and metabolites excreted. After the baby is born, the first thing is to cut the umbilical cord, umbilical cord after the broken end is an open wound, is a special portal of invading pathogens, such as improper handling, it can cause local infection and bleeding, severe cases can be life-threatening. Therefore, newborn umbilical care is a very important content of nursing, it is directly related to the health of infants, new mothers must learn the required courses. The umbilical cord is not recommended to use alcohol and talcum powder of some of the mothers, although know the importance of nursing methods, but not properly, or the results of infection caused by the baby. As the baby underwear in diapers, underwear is that urine soaked, the navel is in a moist environment; not to press down the penis to male baby diapers, urine soaked up the umbilicus; also some new mothers to the outside to the inside in diapers, diapers because the outer layer is not breathable, so is not conducive to the navel dry; also some new mothers to powder foreign bodies such as scattered in the umbilicus, in fact, this is not the correct way, is the result of local bacteria infections caused by potential factors. And now it has been proved that such as alcohol and antibiotic ointment to the nursing of umbilical cord, umbilical cord from the longer time, the daily care of the baby’s umbilical cord, recommend the use of water to clean dry, do not use powder coating and disinfectant. After 3 weeks, the umbilical cord has not yet fallen off naturally, it should be noted that after the birth of the baby, the time of umbilical cord shedding is 5-15 days. The umbilicus is a traditional nursing method after umbilical umbilical cord stump after disinfection treatment, gradually dry harden until fall off naturally, in this process, the umbilical secretion will increase, leading to the umbilicus is wet, provides conditions for bacterial growth, increase the probability of umbilical infection, nursing improper words causes of Neonatal Omphalitis, more serious even can cause septicemia. It is necessary to keep the umbilical cord and its surroundings clean and dry until it falls off. The nursing methods of concrete in accordance with the following steps: give the baby bath, observe the navel have red, umbilical cord blood, and no abnormal discharge is off, fully exposed the umbilicus, with a cotton swab dipped in water to gently wipe the umbilical stump and the navel, from umbilical cord root to the skin around the umbilical cord to order to wipe, let the cord exposed to dry naturally, but if the baby’s navel is damp and is wrapped in gauze or umbilical bag to prevent infection. When the bag is lower than the umbilical cord, umbilical exposure to the air or clean, loose clothes. If there is urine, fecal pollution, clean with water, so that 9相关的主题文章:

Let’s play football! Quzhou public football stadium opened in January next

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Let’s play football! Quzhou public football stadium in January next year to open from the beginning of this year in mid July, Quzhou officially started the construction of the football field, the current more than a month’s time, the progress of the construction of the public football field? The people of Quzhou football field is located in the West Road to the north, between the five Lotus Road south of the park and South Park land.. Reporters saw the construction site, two excavators are working, gravel truck unloading at the side of the roof, on the ground, the workers are in a tense and orderly construction. Municipal government deputy chief engineer construction center investment project office Wang Fuyan told reporters, the public football field covers an area of 23110.3 square meters, a standard football field around the stadium, also set up a fitness runway, simple stands set up along the western Zhejiang Avenue, public toilet and other ancillary buildings. The football field uses permeable pavement, the whole site into the "sponge city" concept, the next will be paved with gravel, concrete, asphalt, and finally plastic. In addition, in order to facilitate the public to stop, they also set up 137 ground parking spaces, the entire public football stadium will be completed in January next year, after acceptance, open to the public.相关的主题文章:

The sound form praised new Beijing Arni could create a new high at the box office-govos

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The "sound form" praised "new Beijing Arni could create a new high at the box office? Is scheduled to be released in September 17, 2016 of the Beijing Arni animation "sound form" at present does not reflect the first heat, many people have to pay attention to the movie, it can now look forward to following the new film "your name". "After", become another popular movie. Today (September 8th) "sound form" was seen in the film in the "Twitter praised unceasingly. "Tweet said:" I see "sound form" preview, this is one of the best works. Everywhere is full of serious and meticulous ideas, painting and color as well as emotions are very beautiful. The elegant and correct performance is what others want to copy and imitate. There are voices of the members are also very good, I was personally into the wild free performance scared. I like it very much." For Shinkai praise, Japanese users have also sought a way: "as long as it is that I feel sure it is, good works, are looking forward to seeing this movie." "So Makoto Shinkai said, it seems that I have to pay to go to the movies." "Since it is praised the works I am optimistic about it," "the sound shape of the box office can 6 billion." Since your name. "After the fire, in addition to the film being sought after, I also became the object of many" Japanese fans blitz, a twitter reached excellent advertising effect. And has always been known for the high quality of Arni’s new work, "the shape of the sound" can create a box office miracle? Let’s wait and see!相关的主题文章:

After watching the movie Mekong River, take you into the hinterland of Golden Triangle – Sohu travel-tokyo hot n0476

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After watching the movie "Mekong River action", take you into the hinterland of Golden Triangle – Sohu travel from the famous highway thirteen to the Highway No. three, which is the northern part of laos. In the evening we reached the clear. Qing Sheng, because it is located in Thailand, Burma, the junction of the old three points, so in the past is a poppy distribution center, Golden Triangle is a variety of drugs from here to Thailand, and then shipped around the world. Now, Qing Sheng has become a famous tourist area, local residents have abandoned the poppy plant other crops. That night, we stayed in Golden Triangle Inn, the environment is very beautiful, the hotel side of the Mekong River, shocked the Mekong River tragedy from the hotel is less than two kilometers, it is hard to imagine that such a beautiful place, had shocked the world of the tragedy, perhaps, is the coexistence of beauty and evil. The origin of the Golden Triangle River, is named from the river, we stand here is Thailand, the bank is on the right side of the front of Laos, Burma, the middle of the triangle, who do not belong to who under the jurisdiction of the region. The other side is the "Golden Triangle special zone" founded by Chinese, here is the foreign propaganda words: beautiful Laos Golden Triangle special economic zone is located in the territory of Eastroc boqiao Province, Laos County, adjacent to the Mekong River, and Thailand, Burma Tachilek kingsone across the river, is worthy of the name of Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle special economic zone is approved by the government of Laos, was formally established in September 9, 2009, the Golden Triangle special economic zone is a high degree of autonomy in addition to defense and foreign affairs, the judicial power of the SAR, as the world’s first "foreign enterprises", this beautiful natural scenery, has a unique geographical location and geographical advantages, with dusty humanistic ecology the ancient environment. If the northern Thailand where the story is the most gorgeous. We are from the Qing Sheng by the sun, Thailand and Burma levels, empress palace, in the winding and steep mountain road on the way out. After a big hill in front of a small village suddenly open, peaceful and appear in the eyes, around the tea fruit trees, this is the meisile. This is located in the mountains south of Himalaya, about 1100 meters above sea level, four seasons pleasant climate. This Thailand was originally Chinese blood Maesalong Kuomintang ninety-third division headquarters, they fled from Burma in 1949 after the defeat of Chinese. In 1961, the Yangon government decided not to allow the remnants of residence in northern Burma, these veterans and their families were forced to leave Burma, across the northern border of Thailand, finally settled in the mountain village, and converted it into his home in Yunnan. You don’t need to turn on the air at night. Breathing the fresh air, cool breeze blowing, looking around the beautiful scenery, listening ear sound of insects and birds, really can feel a heartfelt long wandering alone in here when the soldiers finally die: "beauty!" This sentence has become the origin of this amazing name. These are all the Kuomintang army 93 division to meisile decades after has past sages, is their lives and blood for meisile this piece of everyday living…相关的主题文章: