Passengers ride to work every 2 minutes after being ousted by the 1 Penny compensation fee darren hayes

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Passengers ride to work every 2 minutes after being ousted by the 1 Penny compensation fee was out of work. By the Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) about the car to go to work, just two minutes was the driver abandoned roadside, the driver said his things, "do not want to pull you, you quickly go". Get off after Ms. Zhang still frightened, and found that the vehicle is not on display pieces of software models. She will be back to the situation of the company drops, get a penny of the order cancellation fee. Recently, the reporter after the intervention, said Ms. Zhang to give travel drops 20 yuan vouchers as compensation, but Zhang refused. Ms. Zhang told reporters, the day at 8:30 in the morning, she drops about the ride, from Shijingshan to Chaoyang District to work at home. After the owner arrived on time, Ms. Zhang on the car, but the car out of the cell is less than two minutes, the driver is particularly bad attitude and I said ‘you get off’. I asked why, he said he was in a hurry." But Ms. Zhang recalled, from the driver received her order, until she got on the car, the driver has not mentioned anything. And his car, the driver did not receive any phone calls or information, not just been notified of the urgency of the appearance. So she asked the question again, did not want to be the driver of the language threat. "Even if he really has something to do, he or she should talk to me about canceling the order. Instead of suddenly stop the car and I said ‘let you down quickly, I do not want to pull you’." Ms. Zhang is also very angry, but also afraid of the car, but did not take the initiative to cancel the trip. After getting off, she noticed that the car is clearly written on the software is a TOYOTA car, but to pick up their own is a modern car. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang will be informed of this situation drops travel customer service. Didi customer service said the complaint will verify the situation, deducting the driver’s credit score. And deduct the owner of a penny of the cancellation fee, and this penny as a compensation for Ms. Zhang, appeared in her wallet drops account. For such a deal, Ms. Zhang is quite dissatisfied. Ms. Zhang told reporters, travel service drops have informed her new approach, "the driver admitted that their own problems, so the company drops to the driver down authority, in addition to give me two compensation 10 yuan taxi vouchers. But always did not say how the vehicle is inconsistent through the audit." For such a result of treatment, Ms. Zhang is not satisfied, did not accept the call car insurance compensation, but to strengthen the supervision of the driver. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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