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Penguin media platform as long as you have the material I will help you push! If you are interested in joining the penguin media platform, please click here to sign up, the staff will contact you in time! Stunt people from the media have a great dream, a dream that dominate the media arena, fans flocked. However, the reality is that we racked our brains, trying to do the content of the old life, do promotion, fans are few, the dream of the boat said turn over. In order to save people from the media dream boat, Penguin media platform came into being, so that you are no longer alone, no longer to flow, users and revenue and trouble, make your content more valuable! Then, a penguin media platform which measures to help you hold the dream boat? Traffic support: since the media contents of a distributed to Tencent platform in this era everyone is from the media, good content blowout, however to extreme scarcity of high-quality platform wide reach the user, but also makes the content from the media can see for more people. However, if you add the penguin media platform, your content will be a key distribution to the Tencent news client, daily express, WeChat news, QQ news, mobile phone plug-in plug-in QQ public number, mobile phone, QQ browser and other Tencent platform, quality content will get massive exposure, or your personal brand will with the flow of rub! Rub! Rub! Go up! Multi channel distribution mechanism, so that each settled from the media, the flow of revenue maximization, the content of each style can find their own readers here! Commercial realization: advertising revenue is divided into 100% from the media flow worry free, since the media is often the next step in the flow of cash, and this is precisely the advantages of Tencent over the years. Tencent has tens of thousands of brand advertisers, more than one hundred thousand of small and medium advertisers, through the penguin media platform, since the media will be connected with the advertisers Tencent, thus obtaining a strong commercial liquidity. In the divided into specific strategies, all settled since the media released to the Tencent news and letters of the article, the article page to generate advertising revenue, will be divided into 100% from the media to the Tencent, do not charge a penny. Mom no longer have to worry about traffic can not be converted into real gold. Cash subsidies: 200 million yuan a year to support the original media for those who adhere to the original, deep quality content from the media, the Tencent will also give special annual total of 200 million yuan of original subsidies. According to the media from the original degree, activity, interaction, unique degree of latitude and other assessments, the country will have 1000-1500 settled Penguin media platform from the media can share this 200 million yuan. Under the line Salon: Penguin media platform with the person in charge of the face of the network will be held on the eve of the Soviet Union, the network will be held on the eve of the forum, invited to share their experience in the operation of the media. At the same time, the person in charge of the penguin media platform will also work with people from the media face to face communication, answering questions.相关的主题文章:

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