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People’s Daily Overseas Edition: go round points settled who dream? – in February 24th, a job seeker in the Southern talent market in Guangzhou. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Xu photo this year, 61 children’s day, the construction of a bureau of Beijing company invited from Shandong, Sichuan and other places of the more than and 20 migrant workers children came to Beijing, with their parents. Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Wen and Zhang last year, the super Shanghai team on the port of players in accordance with the introduction of talent policy to obtain Shanghai accounts. To play football after 12 years, finally settled. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can photo Beijing years Xiaodong (a pseudonym), recently saw a glimmer of hope. 3 years ago, after graduating from graduate school, he went to Shanghai to work, but missed the chance to miss the chance of graduating students. Beijing after the fight, his heart into account. These days, a lot of friends in WeChat in Beijing "," estimate their won the Beijing public admission opportunity. In August 11th, the "Beijing integral settled management measures (Trial)" officially released, let this small winter drift have seen Beijing to get an account of hope. On the Internet, many of the "Beijing integral settled Raiders have also released:" there must be real work to pay social security "and" conditional on the buy, rent more than integral "" don’t live in the city, moved to the suburbs "…… 5 years later, after the social security payment over the threshold of 7 years, there may be a chance." Xiao Dong said. Currently, the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other urban resident population of over ten million mega cities, have been put forward or the implementation of the integral settled index system. Although each city settled the difficulty is not the same, but carries the "big city dream" who opened the door. The settled conditions have different emphases according to the regulations, apply for Beijing integral settled foreigners must meet 4 criteria: hard to hold Beijing residence permit, the statutory retirement age, in Beijing continuous pay social security for 7 years, no criminal record. Horizontal comparison, the residence permit has become a common threshold around the city settled. However, relatively speaking, the higher the threshold of Shanghai, requiring a residence permit for 7 years to get the qualifications of the integral settled. At the same time, the Shanghai residence permit application must also satisfy the integral rules, can be described as difficult. Relative residence permit, the key indicators are settled around the social security contributions. Beijing and Shanghai are required to pay social security for 7 consecutive years, Guangzhou requires a period of 4 years. In this regard, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission official said, the condition of continuous payment of social security reflects the priority to address the requirements of the stock. According to the opinions on the reform of the national household registration system requirements, settled conditions big city to pay social security age not more than 5 years, while Beijing as a large city, the provisions of payment of social security age on the big city to be higher. Wang Yukai, a professor at National School of Administration, believes that Beijing’s population is the most serious in the country, the new system is based on the integration of Beijing positioning proposed. Earlier, there are more settled around the conditions found in the media, Shanghai re education, Beijing re contribution. In this regard, some experts said that the situation is different in each place, put forward settled.相关的主题文章:

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